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How Did We Get Here? Edition

Welcome to VShojo+! A thread to discuss VShojo, and any vtubers frequently associated with them.

It's probably a good thing that managers aren't really a thing in VShojo. Because last night's stream from pink cat was a goddamn fever dream. It was such a simple plan on the schedule. Start a small business, mow some lawns, make boomer jokes, listen to boomer music. Simple as. But then the game didn't work, so a backup plan was launched. Just do some power washing, a popular standby for a simple game that's very relaxing to play. Things were going great until a simple a slip of the tongue changed everything. Accidentally referring to Jim Carrey as Jim Character sent her on a laughing fit that culminated in launching The Sims 4, and going on a mission to breed everyone in VShojo. Luckily Nyan's male sim is an absolute fucking Chad, and effortlessly impregnated Vei, Hime, Melody, Silver, and Mouse before the stream reached its conclusion. Mel gave birth to a boy, while Silver delivered twins named after Todd Howard. And I'm not even going to touch the dungeon that was constructed so that the breeding wouldn't be interrupted by people looking to investigate the strange sounds. It is the kind of stream that shouldn't be missed, and if you were unfortunate enough to do so last night then definitely check out a VOD as soon as possible.

Fun as last night was, we've got a big thing to look forward to tonight! As this thread goes up the collaboration between NijiEN's Selen Tatsuki and Froot + Zen in Apex will be going on. Though the Dragonfroot pair is addicted to the game they're not exactly turning heads with their skill level so it can be expected that Selen will have a very sore back by the end of the stream from carrying them. Beyond that, we've also got the conclusion to Man of Medan with the cat and mouse pair, as well as a collab between Mel and Lumi where they'll be telling scary stories tomorrow!

The following 24 hours are looking pretty interesting, but that also mans we could be facing a lot of bait. So do your part to keep this thread comfy by ignoring any that you come across, and being excellent to each other.

VShojo is:
Nyan - https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Silver - https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale
Froot - https://www.twitch.tv/apricot
Mouse - https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Zen - https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Mel - https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody
Hime - https://www.twitch.tv/hajime
Vei - https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

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taking the cat on a walk

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Mouse complaining about her ears ringing and being reminded she has tinnitus

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>Taiwan, or any other country

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Is Man of Medan is different enough for each perspective to watch both vods?

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how I become cat pregnat?

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Someone actually designed a ring based around Mouse. I don't know if it's a real ring or a render or something but it looks nice. https://twitter.com/restless_comet/status/1427722596376842243

Anyway schedule time. Currently live:
Nyan - Man of Medan collab with Mouse. Sounds like they might be able to finish it tonight. https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Mouse - Hey that line above this one just wrote switch the names around and it still applies. https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Zen - Goddamn still streaming. And going to be streaming for awhile. Selen collab going to be starting very soon. https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Froot - Not live right this second but she's expected to stream the collab which will be starting extremely soon. https://www.twitch.tv/apricot

Too late for Vei. Mel already did CB earlier. Hime's probably dead. Silver still on vacation.

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>Nyan's heart races just streaming with Mousy

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Ohhhh yeah, its wine aunt time.

>> No.8087870

No sign of Froot yet but she should be streaming it. Selen live now so pick a perspective and hope Froot's not having internet problems so she'll actually be able to stream it.

Zen - https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Froot - https://www.twitch.tv/apricot
Selen - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIQT1JLy0-U

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I feel like Nyan might like the Gravity Rush games. The characters are fun and you get to fly around and do odd jobs for people. very comfy.

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>Hime's probably dead.

>> No.8088503

I thought Nyan had a bf years ago, but this conversation with mousey makes me believe Nyan has never seen a dick up close in her life.

>> No.8088593

guys can have girlfriends and still have no idea how a pussy works, anon.

>> No.8088671

The conversation Nyan and Mouse just had is like it was specifically formulated to sound like what every VShojo anti assumes we're always like lmao

>> No.8088673

Stop coping she's too hot to be a femcel

>> No.8088725

is it just me, or does mousey seem extra chaotic tonight?

>> No.8088751

>he doesn't get his dick all tangled up when sleeping in the same bed with your bros
way to out your micropenis

>> No.8088854

You're not a real man if you've never used your dick to lasso a wild stallion.

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Froot is finally live and much as I love Nyan and Mouse I wanna check out a cross company collab live. Post about anything cool that happens during the Man of Mednyan stream so I can live vicariously. Also Selen's icon is funny.

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i'm watching selen collab and selen laughs a lot
can zen laugh?

>> No.8089096

Silently so you'll only know if you're actually watching her but yes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAsR2AYfuxM

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>> No.8089476

Sure, but you typically have to "watch" her laugh because it won't come through as "ha ha has" or anything on TTS.

>> No.8089876

Selen has to restart her stream because for some reason her OBS won't capture Apex even tho this never happens to her ever. Somehow, someone will blame this on Zen.

>> No.8089969

VShojo is cursed baby. That's how we roll here. Good things never happen

>> No.8089973

The dragons did this.

>> No.8090030

What tech level do we need to reach to get rid of these light up jpeg versions during collabs?

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>> No.8090180

You know those are their discord overlays right?

>> No.8090184

>VShojo banned from collabs
Selen is /here/ lmao

>> No.8090318

What if we kissed on the Vshojo motorcycle?

>> No.8090320

>Zentreya declares their trio Jersey Shore
>Zentreya gets declared Snookie by the other two

>> No.8090379

She told viewers to do their archive reps during her first zatsudan, she unironically is /here/

>> No.8090473

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

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I don't see how that's relevant

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Fuck I just got LASIK an hour and a half ago and its making it hard to watch streams and read the thread!

>> No.8090748

Das cute
Correct order too

>> No.8090822

Now we have the triforce of UI's.On Zen's stream Selen is sitting on her head.

>> No.8090848

They'd need to be able to stream their Vstudio capture to each other. I'd have to actually interact with the programs, but I don't think it'd be terribly difficult, but also don't think it'd be worth the time.

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>> No.8091110

They've done it before but it seems like anytime you add more than 2 models on screen at a time framerate or image quality goes to shit. Look at basically every episode of lewdcast for the framerate problems that they all have just being in the same stream together.

>> No.8091122

>It's a warm up until you win.

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>> No.8091651

Well Lewdcast was, at the earliest, 6 months ago. Mouse just went on about her new PC finally showing up, Nyan is thinking about swapping some new parts in, and I'm sure if those two can get it working well it'd spread to the rest of the usual collabs. If it's just a matter of power under the hood, then it's definitely solvable.

>> No.8091868

Wish this was the problem but I'm already wearing sunglasses indoors. It's mostly my eyes burn if I keep them open a lot.
Thanks wiping away my tears though

>> No.8092005

mousey and nyan are the entertainment I've been wanting for days.

>> No.8092089

You just got lasik. You should be resting your eyes. Let the streams be an audio experience for now.

>> No.8092122

Fanartists work fast.

>> No.8092368

More of a matter of bandwidth.

>> No.8092545

Yeah you're probably right

>> No.8092568

5G will make anime real.

>> No.8092705

Business internet package. And while this is all assumption, I believe most of the girls should have access to fiber, if my dumbass is correct on general location.

>> No.8093404

When does EN2 debut?

>> No.8093484

damn Selen is hard carry

>> No.8093506

>How Did We Get Here?
>"Oh right, Sex with the Captain."

>> No.8093553

lol Froot said multiple times that all their practicing wouldn't mean much next to her the gulf in skill is just too wide.

>> No.8093777

I'm more curious how Zen got Gold watching her she doesn't play like Gold. Was she carried by Vei?

>> No.8093883

No idea I don't play the game but she played the game a fucklot for awhile. I think Vei and Zen have played only a handful of times together though.

>> No.8094362

Like anon said, Vei and Zen have not played together much at all. I think Zen's rank is more from persistence and playing a lot, and dropping a rank or two isn't out of the cards either for someone who is hardstuck.

>> No.8094483

Wonder if Vei's years of Overwatch carried over a bit?

>> No.8094548

Having VC with people you can coordinate with basically raises you a few ranks just by itself

>> No.8094749

jesus the gap in skill, the anons weren't kidding

>> No.8094981

I watched Zen watch the VOD where she got like 18 kills and she's fucking incredible lmao. In her unarchived stream last night she talked about how her skill at the game has basically intimidated some people away from collabing with her.

>> No.8095226

poor corpo slave Selen thinks Vshojo girls have managers...

>> No.8095431

Doesn't surprise me that Selen doesn't understand. The VShojo model is not the norm at all, even tho others are trying their route to see if that works better for some talents.

>> No.8095522

I think there's a couple really really fucking tiny companies that also do it but VShojo's the only one that could be considered big.

>> No.8095567

It makes me happy to hear these two laughing at a death like this.

>> No.8095584

I usually don't enjoy Apex streams much but their enthusiasm is genuinely entertaining me
Selen's questions are also kinda eye-opening as a noob

>> No.8095620

To be fair though Nijisanji management is very hands-off

>> No.8095786

She's also really into being as friendly as possible with them and they seem to be getting along really well.

>> No.8095839

Selen is savage wow those roasts she's toxic af

>> No.8095990

Man, Apex looks like it's really shitty and unfun lmao

>> No.8096019

>See if you can't
Shit game

>> No.8096143


>> No.8096194

All battle royales are sweaty.

>> No.8096206

it pains me to say this but if you want to have fun watching then do Selen's perspective.

>> No.8096290

Zen and froot are just ass

>> No.8096328

This has really been true for awhile. Watching insanely high level play makes even a game like Apex fun to watch. Even Vei's a chore while just the innate twitchiness in Selen's movements is interesting to see.

>> No.8096505

>Even Vei's a chore
vei's litteraly better though

>> No.8096509

Yeah I'm watching Nyan but Vei is better than both Zen and Froot and Selen is better than Vei
Bit of a mismatch

>> No.8096590

I want to smell Nyan's sweaty equipment

>> No.8096605

>mouse trying to claim that she wasn't responsible for every death in man of medan

>> No.8096728

Nijibro here, i'm gonna watch the collab with you guys since our thread is full fags and people who reply to them.
Froot has a really cute voice and i like how dorky she is

>> No.8096842

No problem, come hang out with us. Froot is kyoot and Selen seems to be having a hell of a time interacting with her. They're already acting like friends and it makes me wonder how much they've already been interacting off stream.

>> No.8096905

Froot mentioned playing with Selen right after her debut

>> No.8096934

Oof Selen you don't need to excuse yourself so hard

>> No.8096997

Well that's good to hear! These collabs are a shit ton better to watch when they're comfortable with each other.

>> No.8097057

I don't usually watch Apex but it's been a comfy stream so far

>> No.8097067

that's sweaty gamer for ya

>> No.8097079

how new are you to think Vei is better than Selen

>> No.8097129

Yeah boi

>> No.8097156

Selen is really good interacting with people but gets really anxious and it drains a lot of her energy, i hope they get to play more than 2 hours since they're having this much fun

>> No.8097220

Anon I'm a huge VShojo fan and a longtime Vei watcher and you are literally insane lmao

>> No.8097294

Selen just seems like she's really good at breaking the ice for people. She seems like she'd be a good fit for just about anyone like Mouse is for VShojo.

>> No.8097447

pay to win skins
this predator mentality lmao

>> No.8097529

Based. Another nijibro here. Its been comfy so far and I also like froot's voice.

>> No.8097543

Impeccable taste.

>> No.8097577

Yesterday my parents said I could pick dinner tonight if I could watch a whole Snuffy stream without giving her money. Hooray for bratwurst Dorito casserole.

>> No.8097590

It's actually noticeable QoL on certain weapons
The L-star comes to mind

>> No.8097652

I hope we get to see more drunk Froot soon. Just do a straight repeat of the Pummel Party + Halo 3 stream and it'll probably be fucking gold all over again.

>> No.8097672

I thought it was BS at first but Selen is right, there's skins that allow more FOV when in ironsight

>> No.8097699

I want Snuffy to end my life by suffocating me with her fat ass.

>> No.8097701


>> No.8097735

Really wish it was vei instead zentraya.

>> No.8097768

To much sexvoice in 1 colab

>> No.8097783

froot is more comfortable with Zen so wouldn't happen

>> No.8097834

It's called Dragonfroot for a reason.

Still hoping we someday get a Bri'ish as fuck stream with Vei and Froot talking about elves or whatever the fuck goes on in that island.

>> No.8097970

Are you saying froot is unable to do a collab without zentraya?

>> No.8098052

Something cool coming soon for 2D streamers. Plugin for VTube Studio developed by Iron Vertex to automatically play animations when certain things happen on stream. Nyan faved the tweet so at the very least she seems interested and I can't imagine she won't be telling the others. https://twitter.com/iron_vertex/status/1427787739727020035

>> No.8098088

Fuck it, gonna develop hacks and donate the earnings to them

>> No.8098152

Yesterday nyanners says she wants to use a modded version of it.

>> No.8098220

>Iron Vertex babies eligible to participate in the beta
So that means Froot, Nyan, Mouse, and Hime? can use the plugin before it's publicly released. Not 100% on if Hime's done by them and pretty sure Vei was not.

>> No.8098290

Cute Selen giving Froot a kill

>> No.8098372

you are talk about top 500 predator my son

>> No.8098405

DON'T DO it she'll fart

>> No.8098588

I understood that reference.

>> No.8098651


>> No.8098718

Guys, I'm a simp. What the heck do I do?

>> No.8098755

Donate money to me instead.

>> No.8098794

On an old ass season when meta was different and would abuse any tactic to farm RP for that top 500. Those are Selen words.

>> No.8098837

they are not but ok Veifag

>> No.8098886

Her SBMM is so high on her new smurf account she's randomly getting paired with actual pros like Pressly on her streams. She doesn't grind for rank anymore but the skill is still there.

>> No.8098980

Not that different from nowadays then

>> No.8099029

Always happens when it's her and Nyan

>> No.8099045

if people can't tell the difference between how Vei and Selen play Apex then it's on them. The armor swaps, movement and one second descisions puts Selen in a whole other league above Vei.

>> No.8099089

Froot is always very shy in Vshojo collabs without Zen

>> No.8099103

keep simping

>> No.8099167

If their roommates meet, will they have sex?

>> No.8099279

Sex will be on schedule for every hour over the duration of Zen's visit

>> No.8099302

i assume any vshojo meet up would just be an extended orgy.

>> No.8099314

you forgot to mention how Vei gets twice the viewership of Selen and is more entertaining. If your predator so good where is the popularity to back that up?

>> No.8099388

Soooooo Zentraya is definitely a man, right?

>> No.8099392

You better post that pic of your organs here, dude

>> No.8099401

Get a load of this false flag

>> No.8099402

Oh... the holobronie brainrot extends to vshojofags too, disappointing

>> No.8099425

Not 100% confirmed.... but cmon

>> No.8099486

So is that a yes or a no?

>> No.8099500

The sudden and particular reaction to a nutshot in a compilation they were watching earlier was pretty telling.

>> No.8099532

Holobronies just hit the new low

>> No.8099533

zen is a tranny

>> No.8099643

No, she can, but she's not as energetic in those collabs as she is during Dragonfroot streams.

>> No.8099694

got tired of falseflagging in the NijiEN thread, didn't ya?

>> No.8099785

rent free
Veifags are numberfags if you haven't noticed

>> No.8099790

Holy shit a spike in IPs and some asshole is pretending to be a massive Veifag attacking Selen all of a sudden. Who could be possibly responsible for this bullshit that never happens in our threads normally. I wonder who.

To our visiting Nijibros, ignore the shitter. Nobody here believes or CARES whether Vei or Selen is a better Apex player.

>> No.8099854

people did a few dozen threads ago
were those falseflags too?
Honestly Veifans been kinda annoying here

>> No.8099868

I care that Selen's better because Vei streams Apex so much and I find it boring to watch her lmao.

>> No.8099881

>To our visiting Nijibros, ignore the shitter.
They are already acquainted with the shitters unfortunately.

>> No.8099887

Also to people who keep harping on me to stop convincing people to ignore baiting shitters, this is one reason why I do it. It is so fucking easy to spot a false flagging baiting asshole in this thread it isn't funny.

>> No.8099928

In general, VShojo fans don't really care about PvP games because the members of VShojo are usually pretty fucking awful at them.

Veifags are the worst because Vei actually does have some skill and can be a bit of a gremlin who attracts a like-minded audience.

>> No.8099954

Melody abs

>> No.8100016

I actually checked Twitter to see if this is what >>8096143 was about

>> No.8100063

>tfw hitting post too early

Anyway yes. Melody abs.

>> No.8100065

To both of you, "no" is the short answer. A vast majority of us are sick of them playing Apex to begin with. We don't really give a fuck about who is good at it. We know Vei is skilled, and Selen is skilled, and that Froot and Zen are coming along nicely, but NOBODY here is going to start a pointless tribal rivalry war during a collab, especially unprovoked. We don't do that here ever. Just another faggot starting shit to farm (you)s. Ignore them and enjoy the show.

>> No.8100103

Nyanner abs

>> No.8100140

literally zero spike in IPs minus one Niji joiner. You think I wouldn't check? Everybody posting was already here. There are bad apples in every group.

>> No.8100169


>> No.8100201

Keep exposing yourself.

>> No.8100241

jesus man stop being a retard for one second.

>> No.8100320

Yeah, not giving them any (You)s, that's what the niji thread is for

>> No.8100367

how new are some of you to think Vei fans won't start shit here? They are not as bad as holobronies or bunny w/e person but they can be autistic.

>> No.8100449

Just fyi the IP count was 22/33 before the falseflagger, make what you will of that, lol

>> No.8100454

I was really just pointing out that Vei actually wouldn't be a better third for this collab over Zen even if Froot didn't need Zen as a security blanket. I could easily see Vei herself being too proud of what skill she does have to let Selen take a firm lead and coach her, not to mention how much worse Vei stans would be shitting up the thread making excuses for her.

>> No.8100462

yeah cuz Veifags didn't shit on Kiara and Holo like those tribalfags in other threads when collab fel through, right?. I remember that shit.

>> No.8100561

You can leave any time.

>> No.8100623

Everything you said was retarded and wrong. Now shush.

>> No.8100670

I hope Selen and Froot come out of this as good friends and then they make art streams, that'd be cute (Selen might seem like a huge toxic gremlin tomboy but is actually a softie that likes to cook, collects plushies, and likes magical girls)

>> No.8100766

i'm watching her for the first time and getting comfy big sister vibes

>> No.8100767

It'll be nice to see if there are more and more crossovers with Niji-EN in the future. It sure seems like it is "easier" for both sides to do these collabs and have fun.

>> No.8100768

Selen does art? I still want to see Froot do art streams with people other than Melody. Bring Nyan and Mouse in for one sometime.

>> No.8100860

Selen's comfy. Anyone who thinks she's been a toxic gremlin during this stream doesn't play a lot of PvP games. She's just really good and knowledgeable about the game.

>> No.8100928

oh, I get Vshojo thread dynamic now. So everything nice is vshojo and anything bad is falseflags or holofags. Convenient. We have some of that in Anycolor but we mostly own up to our schizos.

>> No.8100945

based snuffy retard

>> No.8100950

I think she's just having fun and she's just talking shit with her friends but not TO them. She seems like she's having a good time and that's what matters.

>> No.8100963

Yea, she has a cute style

>> No.8101034

Cute. I love it.

>> No.8101040

Yeah, exactly. It's a competitive FPS, fuck the red team. It's fine to talk shit about the other guys, but a toxic gremlin would be getting mad at her own team for having to get hard carried. Selen has been confident and encouraging to reassure her teammates, those are traits of a good leader and teacher in video games.

>> No.8101047

She did this cute drawing of every Nijisanji member as their mascot/as a pet on her debut
Really? That's normally Elira but Selen is like your big sis who plays old ass games better than you and beats you at sports but then is a big softie when in private

>> No.8101159

Yeah she's giving good strategic advice which Froot seems to be mostly following but Zen still gotta be Zen and second guess. Selen has been right more times than wrong, but there's always an element of chaos that can't be planned for.

>> No.8101189

don't mind the discordfaggots. they come here from the /aco/ thread sometimes

>> No.8101223

She actually hates those kind of people, she shits hard on tryhards and tells them that she plays better while talking about dumb shit than them gettin sweaty over videogames

>> No.8101242

fish is continuing doki, it seems

>> No.8101255

We have our own schizos, but during collabs with JP companies it's safe to assume some holobronies join in on the thread to sperg out.

>> No.8101267

For a second I thought you were in the wrong thread before realizing you were talking about Bao.

>> No.8101296

i've seen plenty of bao talk in vshojo threads. is there a better place?

>> No.8101318

Whales aren't fish.

>> No.8101320

Also, our schizos are really easy to spot. Which makes the obvious outsiders even easier to spot.

>> No.8101347

yes they are

>> No.8101377


>> No.8101385

No just that there's some Niji visitors and they refer to Finana as fish too. Technically you could also talk about her in /wvt/ but it probably wouldn't get much traction since she's way bigger than most of the ones they talk about.

>> No.8101394

Not sure, she's fine to be talked about here, just doesn't get talked about a lot since she's pretty tertiary to the VShojo+ normal subjects.

Whales are mammals.

>> No.8101452

Oh right Finana. Yeah, easy confusion considering our visiting Nijibros. We usually call her Zoomer Whale to avoid confusion.

>> No.8101461

i dropped $150 on vshojo merch in june and i still haven't gotten any of it yet


>> No.8101463

oh I see, didn't know there was an actual fish vtuber out there. i pretty much only know about vshojo and a handful of collab partners like bunny, lumi, etc

>> No.8101484

Ironic, Finana is called Zoomer Fish in Niji En threads.

>> No.8101512

>if I say they call everyone holofag they won't call me a holofag
How about you go back

>> No.8101701

what did you get?

>> No.8101704

Yeah it's coming out real slow. My first shit is supposed to arrive in the next couple of days and it is actually the SECOND order I made.

>> No.8101708

She's actually a mermaid...but yeah feesh.
I hope they get a win today but it's difficult with all the tryhards trying to climb today

>> No.8101728

>some Niji visitors and they refer to Finana as fish too
For this Vshojofriend, "fish" refers to Luna the Magikarp aka Nemu

>> No.8101732

hehe sucker

>> No.8101733

This collab has been going on for like 3 goddamn hours. I honestly expected it to be 1-2 at most. I know Niji's more open about what their talents are allowed to do but I guess I'm used to the Mori and Kiara collabs that were like strict 1-2 hour time limits.

>> No.8101769

Now that's funny. Bao and Finana were both in the Garrys Mod collab but they should get together and compare Zoomer Ocean Life notes.

>> No.8101792

>i dropped $150 on vshojo merch in june and i still haven't gotten any of it yet
$150 is a reasonable price to pay for an important life lesson

>> No.8101806

i only started calling bao "fish" because nuxtaku does it

>> No.8101811

I bought the Nyan nuggies muggy and it shipped yesterday. Maybe you'll get your stuff before I get it.

>> No.8101846

fuck you I refuse to learn

>> No.8101850

well, more specifically we call Nemu "funny fish"

>> No.8101892

The poor thing having to sing the MagiKarp song every time someone joins. Raids are her doom.

>> No.8101911

her stamina is amazing

>> No.8101943

nyanners mousepad, ironmouse mousepad, nyanners sweater, and ironmouse sweater

>> No.8101952

Uh oh, the Mainlanders will not stand for this.

She brought this on herself. She should never have pandered to Bilibili.

>> No.8101964

I wish they would enforce short colabs too so she could have an excuse to leave and not suffer through this just to be nice

>> No.8102008

buggies gonna freak

>> No.8102020


>> No.8102048

I got the nyanners sweatshirt and the goro hat, the hat came in mid July an the sweatshirt at around the end of July. maybe the sweaters and mousepads are just taking longer. pretty disappointed at the quality of the sweatshirt (gilidan shit) but the hat is actually really nice. hope your stuff comes in soon, anon.

>> No.8102156

the shojos really do ruin collabs with anyone they come in contact with don't they?

>> No.8102206


>> No.8102222


>> No.8102231

Yeah, basically in Niji the liver decides their stream times and length, management just pressured them to have a schedule in time and recommend games but people like Selen still play a lot of debuff old kino games and refuses to play Minecraft and Genshin. Basically this collab could last 10 hours and management wouldn't say shit

>> No.8102241

I'm watching Selen's stream. And what the fuck is up with the robot sounding girl?

>> No.8102306

depends on your point of view. i happen to enjoy your tears and mouth foaming

>> No.8102339

I just want to give some appreciation to how great this form is. I remember really so weird about it at first but man, I really love this form now

>> No.8102380


>> No.8102393

yeah. the only one i really don't care for is succubus mouse. it's good for art but that's it

>> No.8102395


>> No.8102398

How many times is this other girl going to steal loot from zen or froot? I'm starting to see why no one wanted to play with her

>> No.8102402

>finally win a game 3 hours in

>> No.8102414

That's Zentreya who uses a Speech to Text then Text to Speech system. You either get used to it and like it or you don't. Is what it is.

>> No.8102445

yeah its nuts because that form is so well made and great looking, but it just doesn't fit her well.

>> No.8102461

as weird as it sounds, try out Zen's POV for a few minutes. she's very expressive despite the lack of nuance in the voice

>> No.8102476

They're ending on a high note! A fun 3 hour collab ends with a victory. What a lot of fun!

>> No.8102492

she was singing that song for 30mins that time nyanners raided her.

>> No.8102497

Is she the girl that's deaf so she uses the text to speech thing?

>> No.8102531

I don't know about zen's background. some say deaf, others say tranny, or actually man. who cares. she's fun

>> No.8102537

>is she the girl

>> No.8102540

Thank you for receiving me, vshobros, i'm gonna go watch other streams but i liked my time here and might crash in the future for more collabs since it's more comfy

>> No.8102577

It's absurd how fast the NijiEN thread moves at times I've stopped trying to follow it during collabs it picks up a hundred posts in 10 minutes lmao

>> No.8102591

Thanks for coming, hope you had a good time

>> No.8102599

>Is she the girl

>> No.8102606

I heard Zen is good at prop comedy. Are there examples of this?
-t. selen enjoyer

>> No.8102632

She's not deaf, not mute either. She just doesn't like using her real voice. Her stated reason is to avoid doxx, but she's also said she has a stutter, and there's always a legit possibility that Zen is a guy. Like I said, is what it is. As >>8102461
points out, Zen's TTS is a handicap but if you watch her she uses a 3D model and is very good at emoting with arm movements and body motions to go with the text to speech to make it seem a lot more communicative than it is.

>> No.8102658

Still one of my favorite Zen clips ever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dod-8qeZ0k

>> No.8102754

I really like her. She's genuinely smart and strange, the same way Mel is. But I don't think she's really Vshojo+, but she's very close to Haruka.

>> No.8102778

Maybe you're thinking of Quite Shallow? She's the only one I know who fits all of those traits, not a vtuber though.

>> No.8102796

They're usually pretty expressive because the speech to text to speech software doesn't pick up things like laughter and sighing, so they have to mime their speechless reactions with their model tracking.

>> No.8102805

I don't know about "props" but she's got her TTS delay figured out pretty well so that she knows when to emote with 3D movements to go along with them. So, she's closer to a mime in that regard. She also has one of the most fun models with Gecko Zen, which started as an April Fools joke to a very long running gag where her chat often called her a "gecko" instead of a "dragon".

So she's got a very creative sense of humor and her streams are basically a constant war between her and her chat over shitposting supremacy. She also loves to make new outfits for her human and gecko models. One of my favorite Zen moments was her using 5 of her Gecko Zen models to dance to the YMCA while Gawr Gura sings the song:


>> No.8102835

Zentreya is a character. who the person behind Zen is isn't clear, but they aren't deaf or mute or anything like that. most likely zen is either just a guy or a guy and his girl friend switching off; nobody's exactly sure but it's generally understood that the character at least started off with with the guy

>> No.8102885


>> No.8102923

Mousey's getting personal
apparently had steroid-induced diabetes at one point, which i didn't even know was a thing

>> No.8103003

im not a neet anymore so i cant watch her as much as i used to, but shes one of my favourite indies. she has a real chaotic but chilled atmosphere. the more you learn about her the stranger she is.

>> No.8103004

>body motions
also her model is just fucking hot.

>> No.8103005

>Zentreya is a character.
case in point

>> No.8103015 [SPOILER] 

Zen is a tranny, she is saving money for her vocal cord surgery.
When the operation is complete, she can use her girl voice to stream.

>> No.8103053

>Zen is a tranny, she is saving money for her vocal cord surgery.
>When the operation is complete, she can use her girl voice to stream.

that is such horse shit. you are an idiot if you believe that

>> No.8103054

cool joke, junior! run along and tell mom!

>> No.8103431

Well, that was a fun time. Now time to relax with some Mousey screaming!

>> No.8103819

How was the collab? Worth watching the VOD?

>> No.8103891

very fun stream

>> No.8103917

I'd say so. Selen's very positive and loud and drops tips for the other two that helps them learn. Very charming.

>> No.8103927

It was comfy. Not really many laugh out loud moments like VShojo typically creates, but Froot and Selen had good chemistry.

Selen was also giving really good advice for intermediate level players if you care about learning competitive Apex.

>> No.8103961

if you like Apex, then yes. but watch it from Selen's perspective on her youtube VOD to watch a master at work.

>> No.8103964

Sure! Selen got on very well with Zen and Froot and they were all having a good time being competitive and finished strong. Also, just in case you don't mean that one, Mouse and Nyan's collab is always a great time, but it was brief today because they beat the game they were playing early.

>> No.8103975

Id watch whoever you like the most, but also watch Selens POV. super action packed.

>> No.8104184

Yeah, her reputation is well earned. She survived the longest in each game because she's really good at reading a situation and knowing when to cut and run. That's not a knock against her or an insult like calling her a coward. She's just smart and knows when to regroup and try again from another angle. Zen is a bit too headstrong and thinks a situation can be won and Froot is more reactionary than "bigger picture". It kind of makes this a very interesting dynamic of three distinct playstyles and personalities all coming together.

>> No.8104898

Nice. Mousey finally got back in front of ash_on_lol on follower count. Miko and Bahroo next targets.

>> No.8105017

don't be a numbersfag.

>> No.8105148

Fuck off, I'll numberfag as much as I want
Want to see a proper VTuber be the first to hit 1mil on twitch

>> No.8105216

Thanks fags, I'll watch the collab to go to sleep.

>> No.8105429

Numbersfagging or not, it is pretty interesting to see how much Ash on LoL has just plummeted. These are lessons to be looked at to see what NOT to do if the girls want to stay healthy. I don't exactly know what killed Ash's momentum but holy cow:


>> No.8105658

It's funny because follow count is a meaningless number for anything that isn't sponsors, so i don't get why that's what you're numberfagging. The main takeaway is that Ash despite being smaller, is in a better spot in the Twitch ecosystem than ANY of the vshojos because of the connections she's made as opposed to Iron Mouse only just starting to interact with people outside of the vtuber bubble

>> No.8105976

I'm not numberfagging follows. In this case Ash had one of the highest per stream live-viewer count and climbed to half a million followers in a record amount of time. Since that initial surge, tho, she's dropped off a lot. Code Miko has also had the same issue. Yes, they're both "fine" relative to many streamers, but compared to where they were, albeit briefly, it just comes as no surprise to me why all the girls constantly live in fear of coming to Twitch one day and are suddenly abandoned with nobody watching anymore. For at least some streamers, there appears to be a very interesting amount of fleeting fame that I don't quite understand yet.

>> No.8106111


>> No.8106243

Miko blew up because some videos about her tech went viral and she then spent the next several months collabing with huge streamers on Twitch. Once the hype died down people left.
Ash's popularity seems to come from flavor of the month games (among us, rust, gta, etc.) which leaves your popularity dependent on those games remaining popular.

>> No.8106288

Great job, Anonymous! Did your mommy buy you a dictionary for back to school?

>> No.8106694

And Nyan constantly frets about playing games people won't like. Someone needs to tell her that playing the popular ones doesn't mean jack squat. They come to see you and be entertained.

>> No.8106762

Exactly. Vei doesn't give a fuck that she's playing friggin Harvester. she knows she's our little raisin, and THAT's why we watch her.

>> No.8107180

>> No.8108009

SharkRobot is trash. My shit took months and when it arrived it was the wrong shit. I hope they find someone else eventually.

>> No.8108492

Yeah I haven't been particularly impressed so far. My guess is SharkRobot gives their clients a big discount. Maybe VShojo will find a better option later.

>> No.8108630

Miko blew up because of her tech, capitalized on it by collabing with big name streamers who wanted to be interviewed by "the vtuber of the future", and then squandered it by having basically no charisma on her own and not really being able to carry a stream. Ash iirc was part of some big Twitch drops event related to the OTV Rust server. If you tuned into her channel during a specified period of time you would get a special item. Given that hers featured herself (a cute anime girl) she was a popular item to try and get so she experienced a monstrous spike while that was live. Some stuck around, but most naturally drifted away because they were there exclusively for the item and once they got it they could do whatever they wanted with their time.

Basically the VShojo girls shouldn't have anything to worry about. Their growth has come about pretty organically (vtuber boom aside) and they've proven to be able to maintain their audience. If they get a boom for some reason (like Sykkuno fans suddenly decide they want to tune into Mouse every day) then even once that falls off they should still be in a good place. Honestly I could see Snuffy being the one who is scared the most because her growth exploded most heavily after a combination of her new model reveal (and popularizing theartgun as a modeler) and her super fucking emotional voice reveal. Those are 2 lightning-in-a-bottle events that could easily be read as not something she earned. She shouldn't worry though because she's maintained the boost she got from both of them, and hasn't drifted to the wayside like Miko did when they realized there wasn't much to her beyond her tech.

>> No.8109271

>> No.8109303

I wouldn't say that stuffy held on to it, shes been dropping viewers for at least the last 3 months. She used to average around 1k before the double reveal, shot up to 4k after it, and is now nearing 2k average again.

>> No.8109334

Not sure why they dropped and cucked the guy that did it before, I always got my shit on time.


>> No.8109429

Probably because Moso is limited to what they wanted to do. Also probably because Moso blatantly rips off intellectual properties and makes money off it.

>> No.8109556

Mousey's done. VShojo is done for the night unless Vei decides to do a super early stream again. Zoomer Whale still on tho. Bed time for me. Twas a good fun day and this stream will probably not survive the night.

>> No.8111248

Ash also blew up because she was in DisguisedToast's Among Us lobbies like Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Corpse, etc. And played stuff like Minecraft and Rust with them. Also, often enough because she's an Aussie she'd end up with their viewers late at night. As far as I know they don't play games with her anymore so that's probably a big reason she dropped.

>> No.8111676

>> No.8111953

Honestly one of my biggest beefs with Apex is teams just rushing in to fight when a ring is coming in or we're in a bad position, some people need to know it's OK to run sometimes.

>> No.8111987

And the ring is pretty forgiving if you know what you're doing, it seems. Or at least it is early on, I don't know if it gets worse later.

>> No.8113966

She's closer to a 3k average than 2k to be fair, but I suppose it has been trending down since the spike. I don't think it's something that's worrying her though, despite the brain goblins she's doing stuff like getting new outfits done and getting that mocap suit which will power more popularity boosts in future.

>> No.8116131

I don't care if those were shitters but I won't stand for Vei slender. She's good at Apex and got skills to reach pred with the right team and grind if she wanted to.

>> No.8116398

holobronies raiding the thread and then falseflagging everyone as a holobrony and telling them to go back seems to be the new big thing

>> No.8116436

eugh that guy...

>> No.8116665

literally who

>> No.8116813

and absolute treasure trove for rrat makers and speculators with his "journalism"

>> No.8117071

My week feels empty without the monke bullying the rat

>> No.8117121

I dreamed that I met Snuffy at a gamer bar and she was trying to pick up my sister.

>> No.8117533

I actually got used to zentrya's voice pretty quickly then I thought. Sure at first it was annoying but it doesn't bother me anymore. Also like how expressive she is. Might start to watch her

>> No.8117602

They really made me watch niji ID, JP,KR and now vshojo. I don't know how the fuck I got here but thanks nijiEN

>> No.8117634

fuckin' vtubers. You start watching one then a month later you have 12 vod tabs open everyday

>> No.8117870

Zen is the only time chat TTS makes sense, it kind of puts her on more equal footing to chat so the interactions with chat are made stronger

>> No.8118066

I used to hate >her but lately I got really into her too. It might be because of her gecko form.

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