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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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That dragon is so cute...

>> No.8085059

That was fast.

>> No.8085061

I have Oculus CV1 too, this makes me want to play Minecraft in VR too. Will RLcraft work?

Also, is Pomu death postponed? I'm out of the loop.

>> No.8085075

I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.8085079

This game was fun but I remember it being literally impossible to outrun the cops at 5 stars

>> No.8085080

Imagine Pomu falling and pissing herself.

>> No.8085096

Pomu is getting all existential on us now.

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Just use Vivecraft, like Pomu!

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That dragon is incredibly cute and fluffy

>> No.8085115

based bottom left feesh

>> No.8085116

Retards are uppity because the tard shark got back on the wagon and is gonna sing about gay cowbows and dicks again in less than a hour. So they take to ruining other threads to escape the gaping whole that is their poor decisions in life

>> No.8085117

A singing voice so beautiful it shocks listeners like lightning, beauty so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute giggles and radiant smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Elira exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Elira.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Dragon who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Elira.

Eliraaaa!!! I love yoooou! I saaaay, I love yoooou!

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Behave yourselves, pigs!

>> No.8085124

My cock.

>> No.8085131

I love Selen!

>> No.8085137

How small is Pomu’s head that the index keeps falling off?

>> No.8085147

how tiny is Pomu?

>> No.8085154

Did Finana mean to say she needed the bathroom but interrupted herself twice...

>> No.8085156

by fluffly you mean hairy right? God I wanna give Elira's cooch a tongin and floss my teeth with her pubes so much bros...

>> No.8085158

I thought about her talk about being a parent today and realized she'd probably have fun with the latest God of War.

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>> No.8085177

>escape cops
>immediately run over someone in front of the cops again

>> No.8085180

Don't shitpost with my oshi.

>> No.8085184

>huge head manlet
Meanwhile I had to get spacers for mine.

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>> No.8085190

Finana or Pomu, I cant decide which one to watch

>> No.8085199

4'10 by her own admission
she is fun sized

>> No.8085204

Why is Finana such a criminal...

>> No.8085207

Pomu is unarchived

>> No.8085209

She once said that she needs a foot stool when she sits so that legs do not dangle around.

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>> No.8085213

Both. Holodex is a thing.

>> No.8085221

Why did you crop it, fishfriend?

>> No.8085223

being mama is suffering ;-;

>> No.8085227

What are the similarities between maids and creepers that make Pomu think both are cute?

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>> No.8085237

I'm trying to watch both but I'm on my phone so I'm switching every few minutes... ahhhh

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>> No.8085255

>Pomu is unarchived
Are you serious? I'm watching Finana so I can watch Pomu later

>> No.8085257

>I'm not fat! I'm just thick!

>> No.8085262

Excuse me what?

>> No.8085263

>I’m Thicc
She’s definitely a skinny Asian.

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>> No.8085268

"I'm not fat I'm just thicc"
uoooohhhhhh ToT
please sit on my face thiccnana

>> No.8085274

Yes she said it.

>> No.8085275

>I'm just thick
she says as she pokes her tummy

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>> No.8085280

please don't get scared and break your neck you just avoided death flag

>> No.8085282

Didnt know, ty anon

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>> No.8085305

If that's how you want to interpret it.
She probably does have a thick, musty bush

>> No.8085310

But mama, you are also a man(propably)

>> No.8085312

I can't stand Pomu

>> No.8085313

Pomu then, thank you for helping me decide!

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>> No.8085319

>finana loves dogs

>> No.8085323

Go back to Global or be a little less obvious.

>> No.8085324

NijiDex and HoloDex are the same.

>> No.8085325

I'm going to bring it up every thread just because of you

>> No.8085326

np bro.

>> No.8085327

Nta but fuck off you fucking freak, it's a website.

>> No.8085329

Sup thread how's your--
>55 posts
>12 minutes
I'm afraid.

>> No.8085338

only maybe, she had some VR issues

>> No.8085342

whaaaaaat but this is so cute

>> No.8085359

asians eat dogs, meanwhile white girl like pomu do the hanky panky with them

>> No.8085361

Selen should do an Apex VR stream

>> No.8085362

can i uhhhhhhhhh get a neko petra? extra small, thanks.

>> No.8085366

Take your meds, please.

>> No.8085376

Just for you!

>> No.8085377

So Pomu was the one who bailed on Selen, Pomu why? Now >we have to watch the TTS dragon and the whore of /k/...

>> No.8085381

>What's this new Selen yab I keep hearing about?
Selen hit microwave Mac & Cheese levels of Not Fine and held a guerilla zatsudan to talk about it.

>> No.8085388

Pomu is probably ending pretty soon, she said it would be a short stream

>> No.8085393

fuck holodex, use nijimado

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>> No.8085429

Pomu is streaming her suicide!

>> No.8085431

>oppai mousepad
pomu what the fuck...

>> No.8085434

I've heard she almost went full Polka, why is it always the ones who laugh the most?

>> No.8085448

Pomu just wants to end it all...in minecraft of course...

>> No.8085449

>Oppai mouspad
She really is a fucking old man in a woman's body huh?

>> No.8085453

Finana's laugh is a miracle of the universe.

>> No.8085454

Same shit, but holodex allow to watch more than just niji.

>> No.8085459

THey only laugh to keep themselves from crying

>> No.8085465

She did it! And she didn't vomit!

>> No.8085467

>Short fat dog
>Finana loves to eat
you just know she wants to eat that fat fuck

>> No.8085470

>That scream

>> No.8085478

thank you anon

>> No.8085494

No, Selen's stream was going to be earlier, which Pomu would have been able to join. The stream is now later, and is too late for Pomu to join, because she has work in the morning.

>> No.8085499

haha me too (in minecraft)

>> No.8085505

>> No.8085513

this whole thread is on fire atm

>> No.8085517

Typical Selen, not giving a fuck about her fellow talents as usual

>> No.8085518

She’s a stick anon...

>> No.8085519

doesn't know about her tyuko oppai

>> No.8085520

If VR can be this intense for some people, I guess another reason not to do it too often is for the sake of your vocal chords

>> No.8085521

Dog mating scene coming up let’s see if this is another Finana tag.

>> No.8085530

If I had depression that laugh would cure it. Truly a blessing.

>> No.8085534

>They laugh to give (you) the happiness they can't give themselves.

>> No.8085543 [SPOILER] 

Man this HOLOsun HS507C-X2 scope is really nice!

>> No.8085554

Elira is so perfect bros

>> No.8085558

why is the dog so fucking slow

>> No.8085563

ew why are you looking at some shit smear on the bottom screen?

>> No.8085568

Mama is tired of the patriarchy.

>> No.8085569

nah its just people baiting and samefagging, quite transparently

>> No.8085575

hehehehe dragon titties

>> No.8085576

Don't puke, Pomu! You made it this far!

>> No.8085583

God I hope pomu pukes on stream

>> No.8085603

Petra should have been a boy
fucking robbed, beelzechads will never forget this

>> No.8085610

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Does Selen also have a breast mole?

>> No.8085613

shes supposed to control chop but shes retarded

>> No.8085614

Flatlira looks nice too

>> No.8085623

That would be a great way for her to get Sukoya's attention.

>> No.8085631

I like Finana and fuck the haters

>> No.8085635

This is the first time I’ve seen someone stay as the dog while they fuck.

>> No.8085645


>> No.8085649

I fuck Finana and fuck the haters too

>> No.8085653

Give me your bustiest images of Elira

>> No.8085671

Maybe if it gets clipped and Sukoya sees it Pomu can achieve her dream of yuri puke sex with her beloved gero-senpai.

>> No.8085673


>> No.8085678

new pc that can handle vr better fund let's goo

>> No.8085683


>> No.8085688

unfathomably based

>> No.8085689

this picture is too powerful

>> No.8085690

this stream has been one for the Pomu sounds..

>> No.8085693 [SPOILER] 

Go back to /k/

>> No.8085705

did Finana even finish high school

>> No.8085712

man both Pomu and Fina are screamers

>> No.8085715


>> No.8085720

Those guns... sure are cute...

>> No.8085727


>> No.8085738

>sitting on pomu's hips

>> No.8085747

Besides Elira who has finished college? Maybe Selen and Wosemi?

>> No.8085751

they sure can scream alright

>> No.8085754

You okay buddy?

>> No.8085757

ye, she also worked in retail customer service before, helping old people with their phones and shit apparently

>> No.8085760

she high'd fish school

>> No.8085764


>> No.8085769

I want Elira to step on me

>> No.8085771

Probably Pomu as she has an office job.

>> No.8085777

how sweet

>> No.8085778


>> No.8085781

a tran what!?

>> No.8085786

>I've heard she almost went full Polka,
I don't have enough reps to accurately judge that.
> why is it always the ones who laugh the most?
Because those that don't find a coping mechanism in that vein don't survive long enough to become vtubers.

>> No.8085787


>> No.8085806

that's kinda gross anon

>> No.8085808

wft I hate FInana now!

>> No.8085809

Pretty sure Selen is still in college

>> No.8085810

>Pomu dancing because of Elira

>> No.8085816

Pomu definitely did this in high school anime club

>> No.8085817

Pomu and Selen. Wosemi and Petra are still in college

>> No.8085828

Pomu right now probably...

>> No.8085834

God I want to cuddle with this lewd Fish so fucking bad...

>> No.8085835

Look at her go

>> No.8085836

Pomu is so fucking cute!!

>> No.8085852

Why does Finana know about NTR? I thought she was a pure sheltered girl

>> No.8085853


>> No.8085855

What the fuck is Pomu doing?

>> No.8085856

>those little pangs when you hear your name called
It's not even like IRL where someone could be calling me. I know I'm not being called but I part of my mind still responds.

>> No.8085857


>> No.8085859

Pomu would have the dance memorized, I wonder if she was in an anime club

>> No.8085865

Pomu already doing her first 3D concert. that was fast.

>> No.8085869

>Not out of breath after dance number
Is Pomu fit??

>> No.8085879


>> No.8085880

pomu your stitches...

>> No.8085886

>Doesnt know Hare Hare Yukai
Get out please

>> No.8085890

pomu is doing pomu things

>> No.8085897

>I thought she was a pure sheltered girl
you fap a lot when you're lonely and sheltered

>> No.8085898


>> No.8085905

Never ever, maybe it's for the better

>> No.8085910

Pomu is dabbing on her haters.

>> No.8085916


>> No.8085920

>Pomu shitting on zoomers
indirect shot at Elira

>> No.8085927

I hate copyright bullshit.

>> No.8085941

Newfags OUT

>> No.8085942

Yeah ok.
Pomu-sama, I kneel. You made it longer without nausea than I did.
Muting this stream but keeping it up on the off-chance it still counts as a viewer.
Time to sit in a very specific way and take long steady breaths.
Fuck me.

>> No.8085955

Pomu did say she was a talented dancer

>> No.8085961

She was in college more than 4 years ago. Unless she's doing a master...

>> No.8085963

FUCK what did the full tweet say?

>> No.8085964

she has haters? how can weeb OL cancer patient have haters?

>> No.8085969

Mama for fucks sake, get a grip. Aren't you man?

>> No.8085970

Beach episode!

>> No.8085977

You're getting motion sickness from watching the stream?

>> No.8085984

Ahhh the Pomuloni...

>> No.8085991

top stream for pomu noises and faces

>> No.8085993

I think he was complaining that if you use DeepL or Google to translate Japanese to English or vice versa without indicating the gender it always defaults to male pronouns.

>> No.8085994

I'm surprised I remember this boat's name, or that she's a boat.

>> No.8085996

I think he's just frustrated he can't get genders right with machine translations

>> No.8085997

Anon just unmute and keep the tab in the background so you can still listen

>> No.8086008

how to get finana gf

>> No.8086010

just annoyed that translation software always translates japanese shit like san as Mr so they always write Mr. Pom or whatever.

>> No.8086012


>> No.8086013

Feel for you. VR is much better to play than to watch unless the player can set up a fixed third-person camera.

>> No.8086017

do a tra- what mama? a tra- what?

>> No.8086019

Didn't see but I had to guess: Sad about lack of English skills again and then "Does anyone know how to make machine translations not be directed at a man?"

>> No.8086020


>> No.8086022

nta but so am I

>> No.8086023

Finana just said a black man was a pest oh nononono

>> No.8086034


>> No.8086037

I fucking love Beat Saber in fact, I'm playing some tomorrow.

>> No.8086047

Not that guy but watching other people play VR games makes me sicker than playing VR myself too... Something about the erratic head movements that you don't have any control over gets to me

>> No.8086054


>> No.8086057

>inverted nipples
Absolutely delicious

>> No.8086060

Finana based.

>> No.8086061

>kink shamed Finana
>now this
Unhinged fairy

>> No.8086064

>not throatfucking her until she passes out

>> No.8086065

Weird, I never feel motion sickness with games and other stuff. I guess I'm just lucky.

>> No.8086067

Unironically play Ecks Eye Vee

>> No.8086074

I really hope this stream is archived, the first 30 min where pretty damn funny and it was a top stream for pom noises

>> No.8086075

>feminine Selen

>> No.8086078

I do kinda like the brotherhood in GTAV

>> No.8086079

That can come after. Or before.

>> No.8086087

i want to protect ichiso

>> No.8086089

Oh I see, thanks. He's actually doing Eigo reps, right? If so in due time he won't need MTL. Besides I'm sure people will understand in the meantime.

>> No.8086090

>Selen that big

>> No.8086100

Fish drives better than me, IRL too.

>> No.8086102


>> No.8086103

Hey shithead, Selen is already plenty feminine, she's just a tomboy.

>> No.8086104


>> No.8086109

I love this sweet horny mermaid and her feet!

Elira Feet: https://mega.nz/folder/FB10mIyL#6zFjd_qpGiaQJQ7q1VRMpQ

>> No.8086113

Pomu is getting more based everyday.

>> No.8086123

>You're getting motion sickness from watching the stream?
Yes. It's weird I fucking love going on carnival rides but this is too much.
Still have to play but I look forward to trying.
Yeah that game looks fun as fuck.
Yeah exactly. It's just fucks with me bad.

>> No.8086128

(machine) translation

>> No.8086156

>double dragon
>big booba
>inverted nipples
this is heaven.

>> No.8086160

I appreciate you, feet anon. Seeing Elira like that does things to me

>> No.8086163

Selen should be lactating and also pregnant

>> No.8086186

If there was milk, this would be absolute perfection.

>> No.8086189


>> No.8086204

forgot how crazy these gta5 missions are

>> No.8086220

I haven't seen anyone enjoy GTAV this much since miko . It's cool that Finana likes it, if only she could play the older ones....

>> No.8086224

pomu doesn't know VR has a withdrawal sickness. She doesn't feel too nauseas now means she will be fucked 2 hours later

>> No.8086225

Selen ruins it.

>> No.8086226

I will never forgive that creeper for ignoring pomu

>> No.8086234

is it just me or is pomu cute today?

>> No.8086244

Rockstar used to know their shit.

>> No.8086246

Car rides really fuck me up too so I'm probably just very sensitive

>> No.8086257

Finana is the best NijiEN imo

>> No.8086261

Man Finana beat that first time. I generally would fuck that up at least once whenever I did it.

>> No.8086269

it'd be great if it were dripping past the censor

>> No.8086271

There's rumors for GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas remasters...

>> No.8086273


>> No.8086283

Just you, because Pomu is cute every day.

>> No.8086287

Pity the writing and dialogue are shit.

>> No.8086304

She should go into a mine shaft

>> No.8086305

Just you, because Pomu is never cute

>> No.8086306

selen please just lactate on stream a bit

>> No.8086308

>> No.8086323

I need to actually play the story one of these days.

>> No.8086324

Pomu is only for sex.

>> No.8086334

RDR2 playthrough when? Who would be most likely to do it? I'm betting Finana or Elira.

>> No.8086336

true enough, but I feel like that's part of the charm with GTA in general

>> No.8086337

That “but daaaaaaad”
Imagine being Finana’s dad

>> No.8086339

I mean I get that she's a tomboy and I think she's cute. It's just that 99% of the time I see her as a bro that would never make the expression in the above image. That's why I'm so appreciative of art where she blushes and other cute shit,

>> No.8086341

Honestly there's no point in playing the older ones if you've played GTA5

>> No.8086344

She's cute every day, but extra cute today!

>> No.8086364

Does anyone have the full pic?

>> No.8086367

that's one fancy straw

>> No.8086370


>> No.8086372

O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

>> No.8086374

yes, exactly

>> No.8086375

Pomu is cute every day, but today we can see her arm wiggles which is new dimension of cute

>> No.8086376

I wish Pomu would go into my mine shaft

>> No.8086399

Fish's first check must've made Fishdad kneel, I can only imagine the confusion. I wonder if her parents ever watch her streams...

>> No.8086414

I'm looking forward to the stories before I head to bed

>> No.8086422

C'mon Pomu barf! I can't keep this erection for much longer!!!!!

>> No.8086429

I sure hope not

>> No.8086437

I have the soundpost

>> No.8086438

I need that throwing up ASMR

>> No.8086451


>> No.8086461


>> No.8086464

i watched the selen unarchived (dl'd from nyaa) and god she is so good

>> No.8086466

So that's why Fish drives and shoots well: she plays GTAO

>> No.8086475

pomu should not be streaming vr at 1080 60 fps. She will murder her machine

>> No.8086491


>> No.8086497

would be funny and cute if fishdad was secretly one of her biggest fans but had to feign ignorance most of the time because of how embarrassing it would be for them...

>> No.8086504

Are they waiting for Rosemi to reach 100k so they can open memberships or is it something else?

>> No.8086525

first pomu stream, then when pomu is finished theres rosemi stream. one after another and no overlap, between my favorites. am i... am i in heaven?

>> No.8086534

I think i prefer the cropped version....

>> No.8086548

He could be among us in this thread right now...

>> No.8086550


>> No.8086560

I felt Rosemi-levels of wanting reassure her after that. I'm sure she's OK now having a chance to vent.

>> No.8086564

>Not liking pregnancy
You are objectively a faggot

>> No.8086566

Sukoya please calm down...

>> No.8086569

youtube is ass for monetization of new streamers

>> No.8086576

Me too, I hope she's feeling better now

>> No.8086583

careful anon,nijisanji overdoes could cause permanent damage to your body

>> No.8086595

did she reference kpop? sea chads assemble!

>> No.8086608

Pomu is excited for Rosemi's stream!

>> No.8086629

>waiting for Rosemi
That useless bitch.

>> No.8086647

You can never have too much Nijisanji, brother. Trust me.

>> No.8086654

>Finana had multiple jobs before
wasn't she rich?

>> No.8086659

Pomu all up in my earholes

>> No.8086672

Yes Finana everyone starts off having never had a job and then gets a job cute

>> No.8086674

Finana, what?

>> No.8086683

ahhh and pomu will watch rosemi with me!

>> No.8086685

I hate horror stories but I can't miss my Wosemi-sama

>> No.8086688

What was her deal she was venting over? Didn't catch it.

>> No.8086694

she is unironically jimmy, except that she actually got off her ass at some point

>> No.8086703

Wait, did I miss Elira talking about wanting to be a parent stuff earlier, I saw a post

>> No.8086704

perhaps all that money really did come from her sweat. well, some of it

>> No.8086727

Finana getting a GOXLR made her voice just that much clearer and amazing to me... I love this fish aaaaahhhh

>> No.8086728

Pomu's gonna impregnate elira

>> No.8086731

this is weird man, what would you do if Selen made a tweet about "strange drawings of me pregnant" and her desire to stop seeing them
would you actually stop? would you be sad?!

>> No.8086734

Yes, she wants to be my baby's mother

>> No.8086735

How is Finana so good at driving?

>> No.8086737

if you're not a shitty person, you'll want your own money even if parents support you

>> No.8086747

I didn't have time to brace for that ikebo...

>> No.8086755

Finana has taken an entry-level job just to get a sense of humility but not because she needed a job. Then she left after a few months and moved on. That's totally fine. I believe everyone should work an entry-level job such as a cashier at least once in their lives.

>> No.8086787

Sometimes in winter when I can't ride my motorcycle, I rev up GTA and just ride the coast on one.
She just said she plays or played GTA online.

>> No.8086792

See >>8052450
She's feeling the pressure and thinks she isn't doing a good enough job.

>> No.8086809

she sounds older now. I liked her old voice

>> No.8086817

I was just thinking back to when she talked about being a parent and barbecuing stuff while wearing an apron with a funny message

>> No.8086821

>is the best performer
>doesn't feel she is good enough
I don't get it, perfectionist?

>> No.8086841


>> No.8086860

She's just like Ollie

>> No.8086862


>> No.8086884

anxiety fucks up people

>> No.8086893

Asian so yeah

>> No.8086896

I thought this was a bait thread, did she actually say this?

>> No.8086912


>> No.8086915

GTA Online really makes your driving skills improve to another level it's quite something else.

>> No.8086922

I first worked as a Wendy's slave in a shopping center and when i got my first white collar job i was like "wait, i get to go home at the end of my shift, get extra hours paid AND GET WEEKENDS? SIGN ME THE FUCK IN!"

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