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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>8053064

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anyone online?

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Elira LOVE

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Previous thread


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Love Pomu, and that's the truth'

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I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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God gave us weights so that we may lift. And in doing so we become our own Heroes.

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>shouldn't you be working right now?

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she will choke you out and you WILL enjoy it

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When is Elira's cover coming? And when is Pomu's palette coming? Gimme some facking soooooooongs

>> No.8074763

Eyelashes, not eyebrows. You know how Asanagi does giant bushy colored eyelashes that look nothing like real ones? Like that.

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I am looking to get into the vtuber craze. Which one do I watch?

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Now I want to hear Elira sing Lorelei

>> No.8075172

Not Pomu. She's a dangerous convict.

>> No.8075198

She's a smooth criminal

>> No.8075256

Elira if you want someone who can stream for hours without end, make even the most boring or mundane games and tasks interesting, and make you feel warm inside with her cute giggles and lovable nature. Her singing is easily the best in NijiEN and she's so, so sweet.
Selen if you want a tomboyish girl who laughs as much as she speaks and is only good at Apex and shit at just about every other game but makes them all entertaining all the same. She likes to play a lot of older games that she watched her dad play growing up so she's also good for nostalgia purposes. She has a soft, girly side too.
There's 4 others but the two dragons make up the gateway to NijiEN. Dragons are superior.

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I enjoy the dragons, pomu, and finana. I can't remember the two I'm forgetting but I'm sure they're nice too

>> No.8075362

The fairy is nothing but trouble. Go with the wholesome fish Finana.

>> No.8075395

I love this war criminal fish so much...

>> No.8075399

I'd go for Elira for comfy, Selen for some retro stuff and high skill apex or Rosemi/Pomu if you like more chaotic/creative streams. I don't dislike the other 2 but don't watch them often enough to be able to say much about them.

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Has Elira said anything about her cover for the last month? And is it even certain that Pomu is getting to sing on a palette song?

>> No.8075404

Does anyone have the Selen Bane clip? The streamable link is dead https://streamable.com/rgpmym

>> No.8075438

nice fake numbers faggot how about you pull the actual sub counts screenshots and not a dot txt

>> No.8075462

No fucking way they're bringing their faggotry to the new thread

>> No.8075471

I like Pomu's thumbnails

>> No.8075509

>he is a neet

>> No.8075537

what the fuck pomu
not cool dude

>> No.8075564

Was about to say the same thing. Anyway, report and move on

>> No.8075577

She may try, but with her petite body I'd eventually have to pretend she managed to choke me out. But yes, I would enjoy it.

>> No.8075651

Rosemi is awful because her personality is really fakey. Only watch it if you wanna gosling over some girl obviously pretending to be stupid.

>> No.8075692

You're gonna gosling over my dick in your ass

>> No.8075703

>consistent behavior across all 3 channels, including that one where she was just hanging out with friends/building community
>"she's been fake all alooooooong"
just move on tsunderiafag.

>> No.8075714

I love this sweet horny mermaid and her feet!

Elira Feet: https://mega.nz/folder/FB10mIyL#6zFjd_qpGiaQJQ7q1VRMpQ

>> No.8075728

She is the one that is going to move on after she backstabs you, dumb neophyte.

>> No.8075749

Tsunderia is shit

>> No.8075756

I'm gonna back stab you (by which I mean I'm gonna fuck you in the ass)

>> No.8075763

Y-yeah, she's pretending to be retarded

>> No.8075766

Imagine the pain.

>> No.8075792

Pomu, can't you just ask Elira to help you calm down your big PP energy?

>> No.8075809

Sorry for sounding rude, but how do I tell nijisanjis en apart? Some are really similar design wise.
I want to learn more about them.

>> No.8075828

You lost me

>> No.8075833

What's the meaning of that line anyways?

>> No.8075841

How does it feel that Rosemi slapped your ass Manager-San. How does it feel that your company is failing so you come on /vt/ to shit on a talent that decide she would rather be with her friends that your shitty company.

>> No.8075842

Nice bait anon, but how in the hell do you even confuse them, they are nothing alike design wise

>> No.8075844

there it is ladies and gentlemen, the schizo's outburst, remember to send your copypasta in blue supa once you get the stimulus for this month

>> No.8075845

Pomu pls

>> No.8075875

Get better eyes, anon.

>> No.8075898

>Literally acts like the same clumsy idiot for years at this point
>she's fake
Shouldn't you be managing your own girls tsunderiafag?

>> No.8075908

Legit question, but are you colorblind?

>> No.8075912

take p○n○s and an○s and J-J-JAM IT IN

>> No.8075916

don't worry anon, they plan to add a fucking helicopter over elira's head and make selen dual wield keyblades, should be easier to tell them apart.

>> No.8075925

Not bait, worse - a tourist.
I confuse those two dragons a lot.

>> No.8075953

One is purple, one is blue anon

>> No.8075961

>Attack Helicopter Waifu
Can she shoot missiles out of her tits?

>> No.8075967

Let it go manager-san, it has been more than a month already. Your own company is falling apart because you insist on coming to /vt/ to shitpost instead of doing your job.

>> No.8075970

what the fuck? pomu has good taste?

>> No.8076000

don't want to spoil too much but she will during her 3d debut

>> No.8076004

Always has

>> No.8076017

Are you colorblind? One is purple and other one looks, and sounds, like sonic

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>> No.8076030

Which NijiEN would you want to use as a lap pillow? I'm going with either Rosemi or Finana.

>> No.8076037

Pomu is into grandmas...

>> No.8076047

It is canon that Rosemi slapped them on the ass after handing in her resignation from Tsunderia. Manager-san has a hate boner because of it when Rosemi just saw it from a baseball movie and thought it was supposed to be a way of saying good job.

>> No.8076050

Elira would absolutely pamper you.

>> No.8076053

Pomu wants some of that Polish pussy
Too bad she's currently stuck on a toilet. Yes, now you too know it.

>> No.8076065

No that is Pomu with her new and augmented ones

>> No.8076069

Pomu thighs

>> No.8076070


>> No.8076081

They are too similar in color palette
Maybe, maybe just stupid

I know one with down-ears is good at apex and have smug aura - who is the other one, Elira?

>> No.8076083


>> No.8076094

yeah but then you'd have to listen to her talk about fujoshit

>> No.8076101

I am colorblind and the shades are not hard to tell apart. And I do have trouble with certain shades of purple and blue.

>> No.8076108

At least try to make it seem like you watch her when you shitpost.

>> No.8076113

Holy moley

>> No.8076134

LMAO going to reply every time i see that false flagging with this.

>> No.8076144

It's true, I was there I was the ass

>> No.8076171

Finana would give handjob

>> No.8076173

Purple hair w/ black shirt is Selen
Light blue hair w/ white shirt is Elira

>> No.8076179

She WILL talk about fujo shit because I'll tell her to. I'll ask about her ships until she has to gush about them.

>> No.8076187

How did it feel anon?

>> No.8076225

purple+black with dark pet = Selen
blue+white with white pet = Elira
Just think that dark = Selen and light = Elira, since those are literally their themes

>> No.8076227

>people cant tell these two apart

>> No.8076237

Creative idea for a stream.

>> No.8076239

Her powerlevel is really leaking lately

>> No.8076243

Spoopy stories with Rosemi-sama

>> No.8076245


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>> No.8076296

Every physical interaction with Finana would turn into sex

>> No.8076298


>> No.8076299


>> No.8076308

What the fuck, is that fucking Sutr? What does her have to do with anything?

>> No.8076313

ryan gosling is a terrible actor

go back to /tv/

>> No.8076318

Elira ASMR when? or will it be reserved for memberships?

>> No.8076321

I see, if I look at the shirt it is easier. Thank you. What kind of person is Elira? Are they sisters in lore?
Only I, apparently. And yes, I see almost two twins with different shirts.

>> No.8076330

ryan gosling is a great actor

stay in /vt/

>> No.8076341

oh right, she mentioned this some time last week and it kinda slipped my mind

>> No.8076362


>> No.8076368

I don't think that's how ocean law works.

>> No.8076469

>Ya know?

>> No.8076490

Do you want to be added to the list of crimes or something anon?

>> No.8076502

Just like it should be. Her trying to be professional is only holding her back. Mint's best streams always were when she was showing her autism the most.

>> No.8076509

>What kind of person is Elira? Are they sisters in lore?
Elira is super sweet, but she has a massive hardon for fujo stuff. Selen is a certified gamer gremlim that can't stop laughing. Also yes they are sisters.

>> No.8076513

The new Hitman looks neat but it kinda bothers me how much it spells shit out for you with the quest markers and everything

>> No.8076526

I can't believe Pomu has shit taste...

>> No.8076536

that thumbnail artttt

>> No.8076591

Pomu has been increasingly based since surgery.
> White Man's Burden through Minecraft Villagers.
>Made fun of a japanese accent in same stream.
>Forcibly married Elira
>Murdered a reporter in cold blood.

>> No.8076602


>> No.8076603

Elira is one of the most genuine, sweet, lovable vtubers I've ever seen. She loves streaming more than anything and you can tell with how hard she's taken internet and technical problems. She frequently does endurance streams and her "non endurance streams" are regularly 5-6 hours long at the minimum, so there's never a lack of content with her. She can make even games you don't have interest in a fun experience and her banter with chat is in the top 1% of vtubers. She's such a unique girl who makes her streams feel so welcoming and warm. The definition of "cozy" without crossing the line into "boring." Her singing is amazing, the best in NijiEN, and her laughs are hypnotic. She's just extremely cute. It's impossible to not fall in love with her.

>> No.8076611

there's probably a way to turn that shit off, but i get why they added it. You need to cater for content tourists otherwise your game stays niche these days.

>> No.8076615

It does that less on higher difficulties iirc

>> No.8076646

dangerously based

>> No.8076666

What if it is YOU who has shit taste?

>> No.8076670

Sorry to break it to ya anon, but you might be the one with shit taste

>> No.8076691

I should watch more Elira

>> No.8076696

>Operator Wosemi
I can see that

>> No.8076704

Echidna is wasted in such a shitshow. Reboot as a vtuber when?

>> No.8076722

And for some reason she is referencing her own, Elira's and Rosemi's past lives more and more. Even Elira started doing it a little bit with regards to Pomu.

>> No.8076728

Impossible, my taste is impeccable

>> No.8076730

Hada has a chance then?

>> No.8076753

Finana also did that, and Rosemi already doxes herself pretty much every stream.

>> No.8076757


>> No.8076770

Pomu doxxing herself every 15 seconds is nothng new.

>> No.8076771

How was the Finana/Petra collab yesterday?

>> No.8076786

Why is Elira promoting 2 sluts?

>> No.8076795

No. Now it's time to walk the plank.

>> No.8076807

Hada has hair buns? That's super cute

>> No.8076819

I still can't believe Mint doxxed the state she lives in during her graduation kek

>> No.8076830

>Hada is a pirate
>avoids any mention about the mermaid
past traumas much or just too busy with Elira?

>> No.8076831

Is it weird that I fapped to this?

>> No.8076833

Finana went to negative IQ levels and Petra got to be the smart gamer for once.

>> No.8076839

They died. It was cute though, and both make for a nice pair. It's like Finana said about herself, she knows when to hold the lewdness back.

>> No.8076846


>> No.8076856

To the brig with you.

>> No.8076866

You won't mislead me, Satan

>> No.8076877

Wait I know that Finana doxxes herself all the time, but referencing her PL? I though she barely had one outside of a few collabs?

>> No.8076889

3/4 of the wave 3 girls have white hair, I wonder if they will have white eyelashes too?

>> No.8076901

Intern-san or whoever lurks these threads, please tell your chuubas to fix content tags in their streams. They are not the same as search hashtags. Rosemi is the only Obsydia who does hers correctly. You also probably want LazuLight and Obsydia to cross-reference each other instead of just their wave.

>> No.8076908

No, I mean she doxed Pomu and Rosemi's past life in stream before.

>> No.8076913

Pomu is gonna groom so hard

>> No.8076921

Finana talked about wanting a more loli-like body for her character, which is what she was in her past life. She also called Pomu a ghost during the Pomu/Finana/Rosemi MC collab.

>> No.8076925

Feesh did the same thing on like her second stream, fucking kek.

>> No.8076936

Wait really? How come I didn't hear about this? Because this would imply that Wosemi flipped out

>> No.8076974

It was a minecraft stream, and no one flipped out to my knowledge. Well, she might not have doxed Rosemi but Rosemi has done everything in her power to dox herself.

>> No.8076976

Rosemi doesn't seems to care, she probably already knows that everybody already knows who she is anyways.

>> No.8076985

But Pomu is Pomu

>> No.8076988

Pomu called Rosemi the president without her flipping out so I don't think so

>> No.8076996

>I am the mouse! I am Rosemiki!

>> No.8077019

Pomu literally said "Protect the president" and Rosemi did not care. Elira, Pomu, Finana and Rosemi seem fine to reference their past lives as long as they don't say their names.

>> No.8077060

What about Selen? Her pl twitter is still active but she doesn't seems to care about people finding out.

>> No.8077063

Ah ok, so it was Pomu and not Finana. Same stream where Finana called Pomu ghost. That stream was legendary because Pomu also pretty much described "White Man's Burden" on Minecraft Villagers and mocked a japanese accent too.

>> No.8077069

It was warranted in context. Rosemi was referencing a Putin meme before that and then they were "bodyguarding" her.

>> No.8077095

Well, Rosemi is super based so no surprises.

>> No.8077105

>Rosemi is super based
[citation needed]

>> No.8077107

No references to Dokibird yet, but boy do I have an image speaking of her. That was during Pomu's last pre-hiatus stream, and she changed to Selen after that kek

>> No.8077146

She called herself that on stream LMAO

>> No.8077156

Calling yourself based is extremely unbased

>> No.8077157

I can't even begin to describe how this makes me feel. All I know is that I have something to listen while playing Koikatsu

>> No.8077172

Brosemi and Buff Penguin now.

>> No.8077184

She's been drining from that dumb bitch juice her sister likes

>> No.8077198

Dude, you are taking super based too seriously. It is a joke.

>> No.8077210

Cute penguin daughterwife.

>> No.8077212

Selen, nice self dox 10/10

>> No.8077229

no she didn't why are you lying?

>> No.8077243

On par for Wosemi then, that absolute dork

>> No.8077277

Wrong! Rosemi is COOL!

>> No.8077280

in less than 3 hours (hopefully) Pomu will NTR us in Minecraft VR

>> No.8077284

She did tho

>> No.8077292


>> No.8077321

Get BTFO moron. Watch streams.

>> No.8077324

The coolest.

>> No.8077337

It was only a matter of time....

>> No.8077347

With who? Elira? Or will she NTR Elira?

>> No.8077353

is summer camp another one of those horror games?

>> No.8077370

Anyone have the timestamp on the diablo vod where Wosemi outed herself as a lord arnis listener

>> No.8077386

No it is her and her audience making sp00ky stories together (from what she wrote)

>> No.8077390

with creeper and enderman, look at her title card

>> No.8077413

Does Rosemi like piggyback rides?

>> No.8077419

Elira's getting NTR in 4k.

>> No.8077420

Speaking of horror, I wonder if nijien is gonna be given a chance to appear in Mito's yearly Hyakumonogatari.

>> No.8077424

This is a deepfake

>> No.8077472


>> No.8077482

It's okay, Elira still has Hada, Seffyna, and soon Amamya as backup wives.

>> No.8077498

Stoners just can't stop winning

>> No.8077506

But Elira wants a husband, not a wife.

>> No.8077512

Seffyna learning english so she could hang out with En more is cute

>> No.8077525

Pomu and Elira are going for the Harem route.

>> No.8077542

back off dragon, she's mine

>> No.8077573


>> No.8077580

So we're Pikamee now?

>> No.8077620

Gundo/Ollie collab AND Hana/LilyPichu collab
dafaq is going on guys, is this the rush hour for collabs?

>> No.8077637

who has sucked more dick, ollie or gundou

>> No.8077644

that catboy art of herself elira just retweeted, she might actually be kind of cute with the short hair

>> No.8077648

>2 whores and 2 menheras

>> No.8077667

she truly is BASED

>> No.8077670


>> No.8077672

In case you missed it, a throwback to Bar Banderas, Evans breaking language boundaries warms me up.

>> No.8077678

Go to one of the 50 Ollie shitpost threads and screech about your whore "rrats" there, please. Ollie's just an autist but not a whore.

>> No.8077694

Short hair is always superior, just look at how Mint's hair was much better than Pomu's

>> No.8077717

Mint in general was just better then Pomu honestly

>> No.8077757

cuck spotted

>> No.8077761

its always shocking to hear a japanese liver speak actual good english

>> No.8077793

>fucks a guy on stream

>> No.8077803

did amamiya maybe know that melon was called melon in english so thought water was a prefix you put on fruit? so pear ended up water apple?

>> No.8077827

Oliver sounds so fucking gay when he speaks English lol

>> No.8077846

mint 2.0 > pomu > mint og

>> No.8077867

hide with a spoiler tag...
I agree

>> No.8077918

japanese men speaking english sound gay in general. It's the pitch accent coming through.

>> No.8077921

I don't have a problem with Ollie but fuck OTV, they're full of fucking drama and i don't want any of that near my vtubers when the new Lily BF starts trying to fuck one of them

>> No.8077950

Agreed. I hope Pomu's next costume (which will undoubtedly be a maid) comes with a 2.0 rigging update

>> No.8077952

pomu in two hours!

>> No.8077960

man you'd be upset about pomu having a possible garlic phone collab with her

>> No.8078019

I already know about it and hate the idea, vshojo i can tolerate but OTV is actual harming drama cancer that hires rapists

>> No.8078026

nostalgic Pomu PL's fags in these threads always bring me joy

>> No.8078186

Pomu replying to Kiara. I hope hololive has a ban to NijiEN and vice versa. It's already terrible enough to have twitter interactions.

>> No.8078210

>I hope hololive has a ban to NijiEN and vice versa
at least you're safe in your own mind

>> No.8078227

Don't reply you turbonerd

>> No.8078240

>at least he's safe inside his mind
It will be a rough day for anon when Pomu collabs with Kiara, who both really like each other.

>> No.8078257

And vshojo isn't a harming drama cancer why exactly?

>> No.8078268

I sure wish some miraculous event would happen that would put an end to both tribalfaggotry and off-topic posting forever

>> No.8078285

slow learner you know she dont live fast

>> No.8078286

There's actually more chances for a NijiEN collab than another Vshoujo collab from Holo, also NijiEN management doesn't ban collabs because that's not their job

>> No.8078295

I wish we had more Novafags...

>> No.8078305

Nah, they need to interact, I like it when vtubers are friends. Making tribal antis seethe is just a bonus

>> No.8078306

In what world is vShojo a drama harming cancer? Only faggots on here actually would believe this.

>> No.8078326

Pomu will collab with my Chicken in the future and there is nothing you can do about it

>> No.8078335

>asked question in English
>answer in Japanese
What did she mean by this

>> No.8078339

Believe me, Vshoujo drama is nothing compared to OTV drama

>> No.8078344

I only watched like 3 streams, loved all of them and then she graduated. Kinda happy she's back but at the same time I regret not finding her earlier.

>> No.8078346

you replied.

>> No.8078356

Pomu is my favorite vtuber
Kiara is my most hated vtuber with a fanbase that I hate

You surely see why this is terrible to me?

>> No.8078369

If Cover isn't terminally retarded and doesn't let the hype die 3rd time in a row these threads should get slower and more civil next week.

>> No.8078403

those who hold hate in their hearts are doomed to suffer my friend

>> No.8078404

Stop with the holoshit you holofag.

>> No.8078413

Poor you. I am sorry that Pomu does not care for your feelings here, anon. Go and tell her.

>> No.8078419

Good Guy Oliver

>> No.8078420

Pomu is trending again.

>> No.8078424

I like Pomu but i'll just ignore that stream and play a game.

>> No.8078437

This shit is tedious as fuck, go somewhere else with your tribal nonsense please.

>> No.8078463

I only really knew her from collabs but I did like her

>> No.8078467

you think 5 shit tier designs are going to fix the problem? look at irys. sadly, tourists are here to stay.

>> No.8078483

Hate the fans not the talent.
They're all just doing their job.

>> No.8078488

Fuck off. There's so many fucking threads already about this shit.

>> No.8078494


>> No.8078496

Who cares, as long as they both are happy and having fun.

>> No.8078500

Shitty cross-company collab is in 4 hours, it will only get worse

>> No.8078504

God the way she says "Snoop Dog" is hilarious. Just saying it like 2 entirely separate words.

>> No.8078518

Half the board is talking about this, please change subjects.

>> No.8078544

No, I will hate both because Kiara's personality, voice and everything just irks me.

>> No.8078547

All according to plan.

>> No.8078554

As they did with irys, the other ugly design. And they will come back here again cause they suck.

>> No.8078560

I can't believe Rosemi slapped Tsunderiaschizos ass in front of Kana!

>> No.8078566

Go talk about it in the Hololive thread instead then. This is about Nijisanji.

>> No.8078572

Be cool.

>> No.8078577

I care. I don't want holoshit into nijisanji. I'm extremely burned down from them to the point I can't even hear anything from them.

>> No.8078585


>> No.8078596

I heard it made Kana quit their company. No wonder Tsunderiaschizo cannot stop posting.

>> No.8078612

go back

>> No.8078617

>Lil Johnny | KFP Glue Eater
stop this shit in niji streams KFP

>> No.8078619

>Replying to timeloops

>> No.8078621

I wasn't gonna watch it actually but when Selen said yesterday that Froot and Zen made time for the collab one day before since her original plan failed made me respect them and i will actually show support because they showed support for our girl

>> No.8078635

How did Finana become holoEN audition finalist considering she couldn't even start a stream on debut?

>> No.8078640

I dont like shit vtubers, why would I go to global

>> No.8078652

He'll just get screeched at by KFP "people".
Only chance this poor soul has would be with non-general threads that no one cares about or discord.
>Implying that's not where he came from in the first place.

>> No.8078660

aww poor guy he was just trying to be nice.

>> No.8078663

"Why do they collab with vShojo?"
Because, as we can see, the girls are nice and show support to them.

>> No.8078684

All me btw.

>> No.8078692

I am starting to lose hope...

>> No.8078694

She probably didn't. She probably made it to the stage where they do voice interviews, and thought it was the "finals" (it wasn't).

>> No.8078696

>Showed support
More like happily agreed to leech of Selen

>> No.8078705

Pomu WILL collab and have sex with Kiara, Mito, Froot, Polka, Belmond, Veibae, Roa(might get in trouble for that one), Lilypichu, Saruei, Rin and every single current and future NijiEN

>> No.8078725

Did you watch the debuts? That'll answer your question

>> No.8078736

lot of those faggots that have KFP in their names don't even have Chicken membership
they are just bandwagoners, i hate KFP outside of /vt/

>> No.8078745

she is very lucky she didn't make it cause she wouldn't last a day in seisolive.

>> No.8078759

Froot and Zen have more subs and far higher viewers numbers than Selen anon.

>> No.8078763

holy based

>> No.8078770

The Virgin stepping stone vs the CHAD Stone Stepper.

No wonder all the bros and babes at the gym respect Rosemi so much.

>> No.8078777

wow wow slow down there buddy

>> No.8078789


>> No.8078802

marine is a kids show compared to finana

>> No.8078808


>> No.8078822

And since it's Apex, chances are high everyone has the game installed and ready this time, too!

>> No.8078839

well that's a random one

>> No.8078842

Nobody can leech anything because people ain't changing platforms, we know this from past collabs except Bobon but in the live viewers and SC department only for that stream, also because Pomu was live tweeting the whole collab and she gave him a good boost

>> No.8078864

>haha amogus
I think it's the opposite.

>> No.8078878

I don't care about hololive unless they come to niijsanji. I'm talking it in here because I'm currently a nijisanji fan and pomu just interacted to kiara.

>> No.8078881

Zen and Froot are the bigger streamers. Anon is retarded in the first place.

>> No.8078918

Zentreya actually had Apex uninstalled and noticed only before the warm up stream

>> No.8078927

You can learn how to stream very easily. It's like one text field, some video settings, and then fiddling with layouts / overlays.

Anyone can probably learn to do it competently within a week. The only issue is having something interesting to stream which most people don't. Although I have personal biases too I don't really watch entire streams except for some events.

>> No.8078940

I would rather it be Kiara than pretty much anyone else in HoloEN. Kiara and Pomu are similar people and it will be a fun stream.

>> No.8078964

They're the only NijiEN-HoloJP who follow and like each other's tweets.

>> No.8078975 [SPOILER] 

dont show this to elira

>> No.8078993

This list is incomplete by the way. She will also have Sex with The Council, all of Myth, Gamers, Gens 0-5, Mori' shared universe, Delta and Aloe as well as the 12 Axes of the Deltaverse, Holo CN and their reincarnations, Holo ID Gen 1 and 2, Pochi and her friends, every chuuba who has ever graduated; and a threesome with Haachama, Akai Haato and Tuskushi Aria. As well as Kizuna Ai and Hitomi Chris.

>> No.8079015

Don't forget the Tsunderiaschizo Manager.

>> No.8079021

It's really funny. He sounds cool in Japanese and then like the biggest dork in English.

>> No.8079037

did you guys watch Mameneko Debut 2.0?

>> No.8079042

w-why? please don't tell me she's an actual shotacon

>> No.8079065

She's gonna ToT

>> No.8079076


>> No.8079087

anon... I got bad news for you

>> No.8079097


>> No.8079099

I don't care what reaction he is going to get it doesn't belong in this thread. If he wants to talk about how much he hates some Hololive fanbase he can go there.

>> No.8079136

Kiara is the one who DM'd Pomu during her karaoke stream, talked about Pomu on stream for 10+min, and in a separate stream said she wants to collab with Pomu in the future. In this case, it would definitely be hololive coming to nijisanji.

>> No.8079173

>talked about Pomu on stream for 10+min

>> No.8079175

>the council
why would Pomu fuck 5 ugly people

>> No.8079178

This is the big truth.
Twitchers aren't going to start using youtube. It'll be more "I know this person, I dont' watch them but I know them" boost that won't really boost numbers directly but WILL boost twitter attention and may eventually boost her numbers.

>> No.8079180

>hey cover i'm begging you i'm on my knees here pleading please approve the collabs with me tonight i am seriously begging here I am going to pass away please help collabs are the only cure please Cover

Pomu will break Covers back and force then to ConSneed the collab permissions. The entire Council will be forced to perform Naked Dogeza to appease Pomu!

>> No.8079231

Because she's Pomu!

>> No.8079264

>Original collab fell through
>These two offer last minute to make up for it
It's not a bad deal, Selen gets to do a collab like she promised her fans.
She'll probably laugh over zen's TTS anyway so we won't hear it.

>> No.8079327

It seems Nijisanji never had high expectations for NijiEN if they still allow pointless collabs with Vshojo.

>> No.8079360

TTS is hard to audiobalance and has delay so don't be so sure. She will roast their skills, especially Froot's, hopefully.

>> No.8079368

vShojo is the most popular EN streaming company. Get out of here Tribalfag.

>> No.8079389

They were already scheduled for a collab ona week or 2 they just moved it up since the other collab fell through for Selen and probably as a show of good faith considering the whole Gary's Mod yab.

>> No.8079397

vshojo regularly get more views than holoEN, idiot

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