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Is this just a company for hipsters?
What's the appeal? Seems like Hololive produces the same content they do but better.

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wih Kanae channel.

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I don't know but sasaki saku is with them and I need her menhera manko wrapped around my superior holofag penis

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>company for hipsters
in general it is not, but EN viewers turned it into this. what a shame

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How do you have sex with a channel?

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bcz i want to see crying kanae

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>they do but better.
Not anymore, Cover is slipping.

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pretty sure it's the same as people saying "i wanna have sex with amanekanatach"

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This fanart spam makes me wish I could hear it one day, but I think the worod would end if he did

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>What's the appeal?

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>Is this just a company for hipsters?
Yeah. Nijisanji fans are like "Hololive is too popular and they're overrated, I'd rather watch Niji instead". Though I think there's nothing wrong with that, at least they're not grooming some indies.

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