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Ladies and gentlemen,Peak NijiEN content.

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it's twitter so no updoot

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inb4 some 5 year old cries that coco did it first

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Why is this allowed?

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So this is what nijiniggers mean by creative freedom huh

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Excuse me? I thought Nijisanji have more creative freedom?

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>Meme review
Atleast it's not leddit review like otherw did

>> No.8054376

who care

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You guys bitch about literally anything.

>> No.8054391

fuck off twatfags

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a fucking leaf

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>New HoloEN gen announced
>It looks like shit
>Suddenly by sheer coincidence multiple Nijianti threads pop up
Really makes you think.

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>a fucking leaf
it's so tiresome...

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>meme review on some CON
Umm excuse meh?

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>inb4 retards will claim meme review as og hololive content

>> No.8054498

No surprise here. Fish is a Nijisanji Reddit representative after all.

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>meme review
>not reddit meme review
Nice, I can actually watch one without the cringe.

>> No.8054530

Yeah, cause Twitter is much better.

>> No.8054531

That's literally a good thing. Almost all the good content on Coco and Haachamas meme reviews, for example, were literal cross-posts from Twitter, if not stolen from here.
There's no reason to use the Reddit, it's cancer template garbage is boring as fuck.
I certainly hope these three don't entertain the same fuckers.

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>creative freedom
nijiniggers don't even know what that mean, they just throwing it around as a buzzword

>> No.8054541

What memes are you gonna submit?

>> No.8054544

hololive invented reviewing memes

>> No.8054570

what does it make you think about falseflagger?

>> No.8054573

Everyone copying pewdiepie copying fantano

>> No.8054579

they do, but creative freedom is code for being allowed to collab with complete retards.

>> No.8054582

It's not even og Pewdiepie content

>> No.8054601

It's almost like one company had their 2nd top earner cite being creatively stifled as a reason for graduating and the other didn't

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>> No.8054631

rumao Nijis couldn't steal from Coco so they went and stole Ame's tag stream idea with the memes, MUH I HAVE MORE CREATIVE FREEDOM HURR DURR

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Holobronies: Redditors and proud.

>> No.8054677

I will make Hololive reject meme, dunno what meme template i can insert it in tho

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At least I know what a corndog is

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Meme it, seethe about it, Coco's reason for graduation remains the same.

>> No.8054728

They do know people can spam hashtag with offensive shit right? That's why Coco went with Reddit.

>> No.8054749

stop shitting! Hololive did NOT invents MEME Review..

oh wait

>> No.8054770

And this is what they do with "muh creative freedom"

>> No.8054790

Makes me think this thread is just a way for Holobronies to cope, and the replies shitting on le evil institution that is not being stifled by their management seem to support that.

>> No.8054806

Niji reddit is like graveyard, i guess theyre embarrassed about it

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Yes, creative freedom means they can do retarded idea like his if they want
seethe more, holobronies

>> No.8054823

>coco's reason for graduation remains the same.
>He says this despite having freedom now she's barely done anything unique

>> No.8054824

Creative freedom means they're free to do dumb shit. It also means they're free to do cool shit. It's their choice to waste if they want.
Better to choose a meme review than being shoved into the reddit corner because management shuts down anything else, eh?

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But no you don't understand, it was actually totally based that their management made Coco graduate and Oga get into trouble with a game creator because it means they only collab with e-celebs and Vslutjos SOMETIMES

>> No.8054876

i can't stop smiling over this shit

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>> No.8054904

She said it herself, unless you want to suggest that Cover was covering up her actual reason for graduating, either way doesn't really make them look much better

>> No.8054913

Sigh.. cope and nijiniggers really go hand in hand

>> No.8054920

It's not holo fans coping, it's falseflaggers pretending to be coping holo fans. But you're probably one of those falseflaggers anyway so whatever.

>> No.8054938

Yes, that would be a good visual representation of what I'm talking about.

>> No.8054955

The two things she really did that she couldn't do before was the fruit sushi and the hello kitty gunpla. I think the only thing she has been freed for is what ever games she wants to stream.

>> No.8054977

This whole thread is a cope. It's sad to see Holobronies so desperate to shit on Nijisanji after their garbage new gen's designs.

>> No.8055040

>Got their new 5 toys
>Still thinking about niji

>> No.8055067

For comparison, this is peak Hololive content. Even Holo's can't compare to Ame, how does Nijisanji expect to compete with HoloEN?

>> No.8055099

Nijiniggers in full damage control.

>> No.8055132

>keeps on answering
whatever you say, anon>>8054913

>> No.8055135

The OP took a short panel they're doing for a guest appearance as a con
What he's doing is like if I took HoloEN's scripted last con appearance where the homos had guest appearances, labelled it "peak Hololive content", and compared it to Pomu's horror ARG

>> No.8055154

Yep working as intended

>> No.8055176

If this is supposed to be damaging, it must be downright humiliating for every one of Hololive's talents to have pandered to Redditors in the exact same way.

>> No.8055190

In damage control for what lol
Holofans are the ones who have something to damage control over, Niji doesn't even have any recent controversies to cover up
>Pomu's horror ARG
I wouldn't call it that. It was just a fun off the cuff thing, wait for her to go all out before you call it something great.

>> No.8055214

I'm a Nijifag and I think Ame is based. I love her creative ideas and the amount of variety she goes for in her games. Which is why you should stop using her as a tool for your shitty tribalfagging, someone as awesome as Ame doesn't deserve to be associated with faggots like you.

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I said nothing incorrect. It is not a coincidence that this thread was made after a nigger was revealed for HoloEN 2. Deflect all you want and call me the coper, you are ultimately the one stuck with clockhead and indie black at the end of the day.

>> No.8055241

>meme review for a gen that's like 2 months old

It's just going to be a bunch of "I'm pomu" spam basically, maybe some Finance jokes and Selen laughing. Fucking nothing else has really taken on, not enough time has passed.

>> No.8055250

they're mad hahahahahaha

>> No.8055263

>I wouldn't call it that
She would, and did. She wants to make more content like Mayuzumi in the future.

>> No.8055297

>I was just pretending to be retarded
It's just sad at this point. Just go back to pretending you love the new HoloEN designs already.

>> No.8055316

just for reference how does trend chasing usually work out in the long run for content creators?

>> No.8055339

In Coco's case, it once made her the top earner in Hololive.

>> No.8055361

i can nt belive you are for real, anon..
bless your innocent soul)

>> No.8055378

The longer you wait to chase the trend, the less effective it is, for example, FOTM game.

>> No.8055394

>meme review
>not from reddit
Ah, finally, a meme review content I can watch

>> No.8055397

Can you go ahead and dump your 3 Selen images you have saved already? The laughing one, too. You might as well put on a trip, your samefagging throughout threads is that obvious.

>> No.8055412

3 months, anon. And there's if those are the only 3 you can think of I don't think you watch them. Finance isn't even the most common Finana meme.

>> No.8055455

evil nijisanji is living rentfree in their head. pls undastan

>> No.8055476

Hope my memes get chosen bros!

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Consider: Actual physics in 3D streams

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>> No.8055642

Now that (You) know nijiEN are trash, now you bring up the JP? Holy cope

>> No.8055703

>I-it doesn't count because I said so

>> No.8055743

>Post said "Hololive" and "Nijisanji"
>Post Nijisanji
>N-no that doesn't count!!

>> No.8055888

this did NOT age well >>8055562

>> No.8055915

just looked it up and what the fuck did melonhead really invent meme review

>> No.8055928

Oh look, he saved another Selen reaction image. Still waiting for you to put on that trip.

>> No.8056016

anon every company has a reddit and besides that image is from way before nijien's debut and they're sourcing the memes for meme review from twitter so i dont know how those comments aged poorly when thats old news

>> No.8056028

I'm one of those, and sorry to say this but I'm saying it out of sarcasm. Nijiniggers wish to pretend their now dead IN branch already did reddit meme review at their fes.

>> No.8056048

Its a hashtag from twitter though. I was curious so I went to check the memes they made but I know nothing about these girls so I don't understand any.

>> No.8056081

most people didnt even watch the nijiIN part of the fes so most dont even know it happened lmao

>> No.8058208

I thought you were exaggerating but it really is dead.

>> No.8058455

This is host by a holo reject.
You know what's going on there

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>> No.8060694

fish with glasses makes my dick hard

>> No.8062325

Meme reviews are entertaining but holy fuck are they the peak of leeching off of others' work

>> No.8062566

It's literally Watson's #ameme stream, watch streams stop shitposting you niggers

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