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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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collab when?

>> No.8046489

Russia has a 4chan?

>> No.8046496

The threads are sinking fast today, holy shit

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Have faith.

>> No.8046520

I only know Selen as Selen. I can leave it there.

>> No.8046529

I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.8046538

>Unarchived zatsudan

>> No.8046557

based ruski bros

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>> No.8046585

There actually are some anti-TTS replies under her YT community post

>> No.8046586


good thinking, anon. this way I don't even have to give them my (View).

>> No.8046613

Is this all you tripfucks can say? hmm homu? hmm pomu?

>> No.8046628

at least its not unarchived karaoke at 5am like her sister

>> No.8046638

It'd be funny if Selen was actually the anon Selenposting

>> No.8046647

hello dorks

>> No.8046648

hmm... should I eat my lunch now or wait till Selen stream so I can eat while watching her?

>> No.8046652

>Finana and Petra collab
>Finana speaks japanese

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>> No.8046667

he literally gave birth to pomu, cant get closer than that.

>> No.8046670

I'm counting on you bros to archive this Selen stream. my life depends on it.

>> No.8046677

Bros will vshojo damage my favorite zoomer's growth and audience? Im afraid

>> No.8046691

Watching an Elira stream is like a female friend mistaking you as gay and takng you on a shopping trip to the mall while talking about boys.

>> No.8046708

Archivechads, I'm counting on you

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>> No.8046723

Ero sakana love!

>> No.8046737

I know, its great

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>> No.8046759

I would not be surprised if Elira has the largest female audience of nijiEN. Or Pomu.

>> No.8046763

No. APEX already destroyed her brain, you can't go any lower than that.

>> No.8046790

Not really since she already streamed on Twitch in her past life she knows how to deal with those kinds of fans.

>> No.8046792

It will only filter some schizos

>> No.8046802

Petra is really bad at videogames I can't stand it
>only one button left to press
>waits for Finana to confirm she had to indeed press it

>> No.8046806

Oh my god it's true.

>> No.8046809

Eat now. Your focus will be that much more split if you do it during the stream.

>> No.8046819

I love Pomu and her webinar today was insightful and informative.

>> No.8046821

I want to marry Elira and I would let her tell me about all her favorite fujo ships and fujo games.

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>> No.8046860

No, Selen will soon be unstoppable. She will be one of the few driving factors launching NijiEN.

>> No.8046872

Just feels like she's nerding out about stuff while playing games and hanging out

>> No.8046884

Fish is probably in a family meeting right now

>> No.8046887

Probably not.
Without a doubt.

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>> No.8046897

wtf they all thought I was gay?

>> No.8046921

That's perfect then, because I AM gay and would be very much willing to open up my ass if Kanae, Chaika, or Kagami were to ask me to do so.

>> No.8046955

Of course finana immediately follows every member of holoEN gen 2 and even likes some of their tweets. Is their any dpubt now that she's a holo reject that doesn't care about nijisanji?

>> No.8046974

Can you really help it though? Look at this man. Truly the perfect malewife.

>> No.8047008

I like to pretend I am the boys she is talking about

>> No.8047019

nande dork!? who's a dork!? fuzakena omae

>> No.8047022

Why do you care so much?

>> No.8047037

Finana knows that she is Nijisanji EN and puts more emphasis on the EN than the Nijisanji.

>> No.8047038

Selen is my favorite BoomerTuber.

>> No.8047039

Probably not.
It's likely to slowly become something you don't enjoy as much anymore.

>> No.8047044

I love Pomu, and have missed her streams very much

>> No.8047051

Kagami Industrial after-party!

>> No.8047053


>> No.8047068

I love Nijisanjiighaihnsfobvahsjad;j

>> No.8047071

Yeah, 10% instead of 5% maybe. The female fanbase for vtubers in the west is minuscule. And most that exist end up becoming shitty 2view indies themselves.

>> No.8047076

The audience is already garbage going by this reaction.

>> No.8047079

You have been trying to push this narrative for like two months now why are you such a massive faggot

>> No.8047095

Is there any doubt that I'm about to fuck you in the ass?

>> No.8047096

she just needs to do her jp reps

>> No.8047100

More like Finana thinks she is Vshojo.

>> No.8047102

I don't have anyone to sperg out about seiyuu or cute livers or idol games with and seeing her talk to Petra about it actually made me a bit jealous and that shocked me
Can't even talk about my interests at cons anymore because every year the fanbase for the stuff I like gets younger and younger and I hate talking to zoomers plus the coof has destroted conventions thanks for reading my blog

>> No.8047103

If you're wondering where shitposters like >>8046955 are coming from see >>8043655

>> No.8047118

I sure like this dork's mannerisms

>> No.8047125

Because she is making her genmates hate her with her antics

>> No.8047141

>I would not be surprised if Elira has the largest female audience of nijiEN. Or Pomu.
How you think that's either of them and not Petra is deeply confusing.
Are you willing to throw in a free "Calli doesn't care about Holo" rrat with that?
Come on, gimme a good deal here.

>> No.8047169

Just seems like she is happy talking about what she enjoys rather than pretending to only care about cute girls on stream like most female vtubers do. The fanservice and teasing she throws out every once and a while doesn't give that feeling at all.

>> No.8047173

>tfw she said your real names
Bless Terraria and Omori for that if nothing else

>> No.8047195

Kagami showing up to Pomu's stream was so cool to see

>> No.8047231

>Petra: doesn't care about Hololive, doesn't like lewd stuff
>Still gets along with Finana fine
If anyone was going to hate her it would've been the pengin, and she doesn't. Basically: Kill yourself.

>> No.8047241

I wish I had a big sister like Elira to dress me in her favorite anime boy cosplays and watch anime with. Maybe she'd even groom me into liking fujo shit so I can attract a fujo gf to cuck her with...

>> No.8047255

Isn't there like a dozen of ways you can press that button?

>> No.8047263

I hope you find a fine pal, pal.

>> No.8047267

>> No.8047278

Its been here since the debut of lazulight.

>> No.8047286

I relate with every word you just posted

>> No.8047297

not the big button, the smaller ones

>> No.8047300

Anon, yes, (You), genuinely, why do you reply to obvious shitposts? Is it that fun to help them shit up the threads? Do you even like Nijisanji?

>> No.8047301

All the seiyuu and idol fags are on twitter

>> No.8047303

None of the vshojo collabs has brought their audience to youtube, they'll stay on twitch. I'd rather believe that the only way you could impact the audience is by collabing with YT streamers, damn even the chat is filled with KFP and they only interacted in twitter

>> No.8047308

Who cares? Management certainly doesn’t and you’re just a stranger. If they had ANY issue with Finana’s twitter behavior with Holo members, they’d have told her something already.

>> No.8047311

Elira confirmed straight.

>> No.8047348

I wonder how the server admin felt looking at the chat logs after this...

>> No.8047355

You know you can find friends on this website, right?

>> No.8047357

Honestly this "X doesn't care about their company" bullshit is just something a holobrony would say because of their retarded forced unity mentality.

>> No.8047359

Huh? What the hell? We are here for you bro

>> No.8047382

Pomu and elira are embarrassed to be associated with her. She is a walking yab machine.

>> No.8047414

>Disliking streams cause' of collab partners
Finally, it feels like i'm back home

>> No.8047444


>> No.8047469

I don't think he wants to be friends with foot fetishists

>> No.8047487

Recruited by Hada to swab the poopdeck

>> No.8047489

I made friends I can PM on Discord about that kind of thing and it made my life better
Still not talking in any big servers obviously. Those are cancer.

>> No.8047493

she already attracts apexfags AND /v/fags her audience is already the worst.

>> No.8047517

Not that I expected it to be a huge difference, just marginally more.
I don't watch Petra much (not out of dislike or malice, I only have so much free time), so I suppose I should amend my statement to just Lazulight. Pomu's interests are pretty male-oriented so I still think Elira has the comparatively larger female demographic.

>> No.8047547

He probably means Dvach. It's actually pretty even between the 2, but since theirs is a nsfw board a lot of it is just porn. It's also just a merged thread on their equivalent of /jp/, and JSLs obviously prefer the one more prevalent in Japan.

>> No.8047559

another one added to the basement...

>> No.8047565

Someone who admits having a foot fetish is at least someone really honest

>> No.8047568

Elira is gay for Pomu. Deal with it.

>> No.8047570

thank you pomu very cool.

>> No.8047577

Rude. I'm a thighs man.

>> No.8047621

she's in big trouble isn't she?

>> No.8047648


>> No.8047656

I feel like its probably still Elira even including Petra. Her audience is bigger to begin with and whenever she talks about girls interest stuff it gets plenty of engagement.

>> No.8047679

fish dad is gonna whoop her dummy thicc dump truck ass.

>> No.8047682

Mom found the egg drawer

>> No.8047695

>she's in big trouble isn't she?
Probably not "getting kicked out" levels of trouble but I have a feeling she might feel coof restrictions for much longer than government mandated.
Aren't a lot of hmong expats converts?

>> No.8047728

yarr there be an impostor among us

>> No.8047736

>she retweeted this
apparently she'll retweet nsfw stuff if it's softcore enough

>> No.8047741

You can go to sleep now rosebud Anon who wanted Rosemi to say good night to him

>> No.8047809

>Guerilla Stream

>> No.8047817

As if it wasn't obvious enough which fanbase all the posts using Selen to shit on other members were coming from already they even go into their videos to throw tantrums just tbe same.

>> No.8047821

Hard to say. I know when Elira talks about fujo shit I participate (because I like men), but when Petra talks about yumejoshi stuff I can't relate (because I'm not a woman), so that might skew Petra more. Also doesn't help that even YT demographics are unreliable, because "anime", "games" and "vtubers" are all things that make the algorithm mark you as "male" unless you set it yourself, so it skews any charts even further male than they would've been by default.

>> No.8047827

>Pfft, amateur.

>> No.8047828

he didn't make it

>> No.8047857

Finana referenced Christianity several times and said something along the lines of evolution being just a theory (I doubt that it's because she is a rigorous academic). She might not be very religious herself but I wouldn't be surprised at all if her parents are.

>> No.8047866

what would fishmom look like?

>> No.8047876

Unironically /vt/ has let me talk about things I like every day far easier than any other board on this site

>> No.8047897

>X doesn't care about company
>her own genmates hate X
>yab machine
This sure isn't some Nijisanji shit, go the fuck back.

>> No.8047907

Taller and curvier and flat

>> No.8047922

Wait why what happened

>> No.8047935

>evolution being just a theory
To be fair, that was in response to Rosemi going "Law? Theory?", which that's not an incorrect response to.

>> No.8047960

Elira rarely ever talks about explictly fujo shit to begin with though. The vast majority of her talk about stuff like that is just saying which characters she thinks are cute or whatever and most of it is from media that would interest either type.

>> No.8048004

Hasn't she mentioned wearing ahegao shirts to school? Not to mention the original egg story. I don't think her parents actually care, it's just embarrassing.

>> No.8048030

I want her to go full fujo on stream and go into intense pairing conversations and be completely degenerate about it

>> No.8048031

>Finana referenced Christianity several times and said something along the lines of evolution being just a theory (I doubt that it's because she is a rigorous academic). She might not be very religious herself but I wouldn't be surprised at all if her parents are.
Oh yeah welp she mf'ing dead now.
inb4 this escalates to such a degree it just flat-out kills her streaming career
I like her a lot as an entertainer and don't have a penchant for Schadenfreude but I'd still laugh unbelievably hard

>> No.8048058

Yeah, she really doesn't talk about it much at all. She mostly talks about how cute guys are or how hot the babes are. The anons who bring it up likely don't even watch her and are trying to shitpost with it for some reason.

>> No.8048070

is there a 4chan-x shortcut for making spoilers? I mess it up way too much...

>> No.8048075

Oh, this is what you were talking about. I thought it was something actually serious and/or real. Thank god.

>> No.8048087

ok mostly joking, but it's still weird to me, apparently all the good servers are hidden

I'm aware and have several twitters to separate my interests but it doesn't beat getting to talk to a friend using your voice like Elira and Petra get to...

>> No.8048096

Ctrl + s

>> No.8048100

Anon she was obviously joking when she said that evolution thing...
Even within Christianity the people who think the earth is 6000 years old or that evolution isn't real are a very recent thing akin to flat earthers and antivaxxers. It's not really related to the faith at all and just political infiltration of religion. Allah created all life including the animals and dinosaurs, there's no reason to think religion is incompatible with evolution and even the official stance of the catholic church suggests evolution is real.

I'd love a slutty nun alt-outfit for Finana though, that'd be amazing.

>> No.8048105

>That filename

>> No.8048109

wore her slut shirt outside her room

>> No.8048114

She said she dressed normally when she left the house and would later change her outfit so they wouldn't find out. She even advised that her chat should do the same if they want to trick their parents

>> No.8048121

this isn't as cute of a goodnight tweet as the others
something must be bugging her

>> No.8048131

I want her to, but most shotacons and fujoshi I know are into piss and I don't think I want Elira to confirm she's the same.

>> No.8048133

People are fantasizing about this but it's fucking depressing. That and getting hit with the "you're just like a brother!"

>> No.8048140

That would probably cause her to cry, and not even about losing her income. She loves being a chuuba.

>> No.8048159

The way she said it by using the word "just" implies that she doesn't fully believe it

>> No.8048187

I appreciate slutty outfits on the fish in general

>> No.8048191

Pomu's comeback shows the decline. Couldn't even break 5k in SCs. Not even 100k views for the return. When Omen drops NijiEn will be left in the dust just like anons predicted.

>> No.8048202

thanks, I'm too dumb for these things sometimes...

>> No.8048267

Why do you care? You would celebrate if she graduated.

>> No.8048281

15 minutes till stream.

>> No.8048297

>Hasn't she mentioned wearing ahegao shirts to school?
That doesn't mean she left the house wearing them.
In fact it's a pretty common behaviour for teens, girls and teenaged girls to bring a change of clothes to school that they change out of after class.
In a way it's the original version of vtubing.
Something like that.
Yeah man it'd be pretty tragic I feel.

>> No.8048308

Cute Selen picture

>> No.8048312

Eh, most people I know think of Scientific Theory as a level "below" Scientific Law, so the phrasing still works there. I wouldn't be surprised if she grew up in a household that doesn't believe in it and just doesn't think about it that hard, but at least where I live saying "just a theory" isn't uncommon even for people who believe in it when it comes up.

>> No.8048342


>> No.8048358

I dunno how it works for the rest of Lazulight and Obsydia but if Elira wants to talk about girls, fujo or whatever stuff we actually encourage her because we want her to talk about it and learn more about her. If she's having a good time we are having a good time.
We love that she talks about whatever she wants and still feel comfortable doing it.

Personally I don't care about BL stuff but there's a difference between just not caring and straight up hating it. Although despite we give her the green light every single time she rarely talks about it in an open way she resists the idea until she caves in to the chat maybe she will open up to us more in the membership streams.

As for whoever says the stream might be too gay oh boy you are in for a surprise since she gives us so much fanservice and love.

>> No.8048360

I like Finana a lot but that doesn't mean that I don't think she is retarded sometimes. She needs to chill out a bit.

>> No.8048379

You realize she said her dad opened her egg package and nothing happened. He didn't even address it or scold her, it seems like her parents give her plenty of freedom or at least let her do her own thing.

>> No.8048382


>> No.8048414

It was a shirt that said hentai and 69, seems somebody took "hentai shirt" out of context

>> No.8048421

Finana GTA stream tomorrow.

>> No.8048439

The moneyshot. I have no idea how she managed to scream in such a fashion.

>> No.8048440

shachou's soul is gone from his body but yorumi is still calling for him... cute...

>> No.8048451


>> No.8048455

Selen will be fine. The others are done for.

>> No.8048460

I don't even know if they actually watch her. She teases the chat about "liking" her, gives kisses, records cute goodnight voice messages, brings up her large breasts as a feature to stick around for, attempts S roleplays, is going to do ASMR and so on.

>> No.8048462

I stayed up to watch this stupid dragon stream knowing full well there'd be a recording up when I woke back up and I'm probably going to pass out like 10 minutes in

>> No.8048477

My wife shachou...

>> No.8048488

Yorumi is going to cuck Finana out of the RE collab, isn't she?

>> No.8048518

Every time she lets her fangirl side out loudly and goes "Oh sorry, I mean..." then acts aloof I unironically feel sad and I will member to her if she gets to show off her real feelings more. I didn't like that she said she felt too embarrassed to continue Nekopara as she obviously was having fun even if the game was cringey and her seiyuu oshi ended up doing babyplay

>> No.8048556

Your support is appreciated but Selen would probably want you to have some proper rest more than that...

>> No.8048561

All right everyone fuck off out of this thread. All Nijisanji EN is graduating because I said so.

>> No.8048562

It does help that streams can basically be about anything given any vtuber's interests. I wouldn't want to meet most anons but some, there have been some nice conversations.

>> No.8048569

I wish you told me that an hour ago

>> No.8048574

Some chad donated $1000 via streamlabs instead of giving Susan the 30% cut, and others donated $100+ via streamlabs as well, so it evens out.

>> No.8048607

at least you don't have work to do tomorrow... right?

>> No.8048612

I think Selen would want you to buy Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth for a 75% off sale price of $15.

>> No.8048620


>> No.8048621

Nah I'm just real tired from work today

>> No.8048643

Do they even know who each other are?

>> No.8048652

> Members only stream.

>> No.8048660

She had over 5k live viewers for most of the stream, retard. That's better than her god knows endurance stream or her akihabara tour which were her previous best streams where she only broke that number at the end of the stream.

>> No.8048665

>paying for games
not when I'm around here

>> No.8048666

Yes, they've been talking back and forth on twitter

>> No.8048677

Can we convince someone from Lazulight to be the first niji to play Lobotomy Corporation?

>> No.8048678


>> No.8048710

ask them in a supa, maybe they'll think about it.

>> No.8048716

But you should have known that already given the way she's been more health conscious lately, especially with her vocal chords and tea/sugar intake.

>> No.8048720

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXu7ur14GvE LOL

>> No.8048731

Yes? They watch each other's streams and exchanged some cute handwritten messages on twitter.

>> No.8048733

If you can cast a spell to get me into Niji I'll play it week one.

>> No.8048738

But why? I need to do my work reps...

>> No.8048742

I reject all forms of knowledge and knowledge synthesis. Ignorance is bliss.

>> No.8048745


>> No.8048753

Rikkun, please have mercy...

>> No.8048760

It'll probably be Elira. She's got the endurance.

>> No.8048764

Please...San Andreas or Saints Row streams onegai...

>> No.8048781

I loved this collab

>> No.8048782

Um bro
She didn't get to unlock Aztiluth which is a shame. To this day the only vtuber I saw complete it is this JP indie male who I forgot the name of, who also completed Ruina (I think)

>> No.8048802

Bros I just want a Niji EN that does long playthroughs.

>> No.8048811

I have never felt the way I feel about Elira towards any other vtuber ever. This is the feeling of finding the one, bros. I hope you too get to experience the kami oshi feeling. I can't wait for her membersheesh.

>> No.8048829

>still alive and watching videos rather than subsisting
Don't get me wrong, keep that up.

>> No.8048830

Is she really a hag or is it just a meme

>> No.8048846

The game is unstreamable long term.
Takes too long to complete it and by part 3 any new comers will have 0 idea what's going on and the screen will be un-parseable.

>> No.8048848

Oh shit, I almost missed the start

>> No.8048856

I know the feeling now anon, I'm glad you finally found your oshi

>> No.8048876

I wouldn't mind at all if she opened up more about it if she felt comfortable doing but I do wish some people in her chat would show a bit more discretion about it sometimes instead of jumping straight to egging her on to go as degenerate as possible any time she mentions anything vaguely close to the topic.

>> No.8048880

stream is starting.
get in here

>> No.8048895

This was written by a man

>> No.8048898

Finana since she's really open about trying new things

>> No.8048902

She really doesn't like the word "moist" and I wager part of the hesitance is avoiding a state wherein that word will be echoing in her mind

>> No.8048904

i love this intro so much

>> No.8048908

Find me 1 zoomer who can sit through this game

>> No.8048909

Any other anons recording?

>> No.8048910

I feel the same. I've had friends shit on my interests so I make it a point to encourages others to embrace theirs and to share that enthusiasm. It's also why I like Pomu too, since she unabashedly indulges in things she likes.
"Good" servers are the smaller, private ones that you share with your friends. Any new friend I've met through Discord has been a friend of a friend and never a complete stranger.

>> No.8048914

I kneel Shizurin TSKR

>> No.8048917

Wasn't the RE collab offer for Oliver? Why would Yorumi get in the way? Or did I miss something?

>> No.8048934

hullo hullo everyooooone

>> No.8048949

Who has enough braincells to play Xcom2(with DLC)?

>> No.8048953

Why is this unarchived selen

>> No.8048970

Aww Selen...

>> No.8048973

>i need my emotional support dragoons

>> No.8048975

anon is probably just confused who knows, she's not the only one who's played RE in NijiJP either so it's not like that's a sign that she'll play with Oliver 100%

>> No.8048981

She's on her period

>> No.8048985

I've known that feeling for a long while and have had to limit how much I watch that person live for the sake of my productivity

>> No.8048992

Is Selen using her chat as free therapy like Rosemi? baka.

>> No.8048995

>I need my emotional support

>> No.8048996

I actually brought it up to Hyona and she's considering playing it now after searching it up. She apparently like the idea of playing something completely chaotic.

>> No.8049003

Back off bro, she's my girlfriend

>> No.8049004

Let's listen and find out

>> No.8049026

The feeling is amazing, glad you found your kamioshi! Hope others do as well!

>> No.8049041

Thank you! Thank you for the superchat! Thank you, thaaank you!

>> No.8049053

funny haha moments

>> No.8049057

I don't remember posting this

>> No.8049061

have yet to find her, hope to discover it like you too :)

>> No.8049086


>> No.8049088


>> No.8049092


>> No.8049093

YOUR girlfriend?

>> No.8049094

Well that's what I like about chat that there's fellow Famelira also invested in Elira but at the same I hate with all my soul exactly what you said.
Like yesterday I felt kinda bad people immediately spammed that world record guy's channel, sure everything ended well, (Extremely well I must say!) but I dread the day something bad could happen and it just because some randos thought they were being funny. Maybe I'm just a no fun concernedfag but I don't care.

>> No.8049101


>> No.8049111

Selen seems emotional bros I'm scared I don't want her to be sad

>> No.8049120


>> No.8049124

It's closer to a week than a day, isn't it?

>> No.8049125

It's crazy how I've develiped a fetish for the smell of sweaty unshowered women, but I actually have now idea how they would smell in reality. Obviously they wouldn't smell like a guy, but I've never inhaled the aroma of female sweat before. I imagine it would be quite intoxicating.

>> No.8049134

aw hell yeah free member stream

>> No.8049145

It's a good mindset to have. The friends I had in HS and uni talked about things I didn't get or care about but just hearing someone be enthusiastic makes me happy so I guess that's why I always feel good when others talk about their interest. But finding someone IRL who'd reciprocate that feels harder than winning the lottery. even if you have differing interests you should still be able to talk but those people have drifted away. But Selen's on the telly and I've got to stop drunkblogging

>> No.8049147

Once again, Zen being completely useless in the collab which it arranged.

>> No.8049157

>Selen being tech illiterate
>look at recommended videos...

>> No.8049159

That's Finana for me.
Rikkun, I am forever in your debt for creating NinjiEN

>> No.8049171

I'm imagining the Rex and Sheppard scene now. I ought to play that game eventually.

>> No.8049175

According to the schedule I've been keeping of all of NijiENs menstruation cycles she is not on her period today

>> No.8049189

What can I say? He did it, the absolute madman.

>> No.8049194

I wonder if she's just finally crashing after a several year long caffeine high.

>> No.8049196

*tech literate
sorry I'm a bit deaf

>> No.8049201

It's like 4-7 days

>> No.8049206

I'm bending over right now Selen. Give it to me.

>> No.8049220

I think Selen might be a little lonely but doesn't really understand that that's what's making her feeling kinda shitty.

>> No.8049221

Have they really all mentioned when they are or aren't on it or is there speculation going on?

>> No.8049241

I-is Selen ogey?

>> No.8049245

It's nice. Just don't confuse it for when the germs and bacteria have gone to town and you're getting their odor instead.

>> No.8049251

this is too relatable....

>> No.8049252

Selen saw Damascus's degenerate pregnancy art of her and it ruined her day.
Apologize to Selen you sick freak...

>> No.8049260

Selen please don't make me concernfag...

>> No.8049262

Which collab partner would make Selen cry on stream?

>> No.8049265

Selen, stop, stop making me feel sad for you while you're laughing your ass off and brushing off your sadness and stress

>> No.8049286

This is all pretty surprising coming from ms. giggles to be honest.

>> No.8049289

I love these dragons bros

>> No.8049298

No I'm able to tell by the small things a woman does and how they speak

>> No.8049302

imperialHal for sure.

>> No.8049303

She has some interestingly high expectations for herself, especially for a newcomer.

>> No.8049304

>I feel like I'm not doing enough
just look at the other company and you'll feel way better

>> No.8049308

Guys, i am starting to fall for this purple dragon, Is like super late here we're i live and i was feeling like shit but just listening to her voice is making happy again. Is this what goslings feel like?

>> No.8049315

>why does it have to be my break day
Wagies literally fall sick with shakes and super high fevers on their first day of vacation. There's no reason to expect you'd be different.

>> No.8049316

It's ALWAYS the happiest ones... Polka...

>> No.8049318

Elira, she's the destined one it would be tears of joy though.

>> No.8049319

There is a line somewhere between being supportive of someone sharing what they are comfortable with and pressuring them to go further than that. It's not that big of a deal mostly just thinking too much about things that don't need to be thought about that much at this point.

>> No.8049334

this is to be expected though, the people with the brightest smiles and the loudest laughs generally have the worst lows...

>> No.8049337


>> No.8049339


>> No.8049340

If Selen was in holo she'd be way bigger. Brand name being a thing sucks.

>> No.8049348

>social Media
ignore that shit... why try to be a social media slave? Selen pls

>> No.8049350


>> No.8049360

You haven't noticed it's nervous laughter yet?

>> No.8049379

You can't relate?

>> No.8049385

Yeah, she'd cry because she can't understand anything Sasaki is saying.

>> No.8049396

She's built different

>> No.8049398

Selen is jealous of Finana's zoomer social media addiction...

>> No.8049400

They tell you it's what you need to do. They're right.

>> No.8049408

I have, I want to turn the stream off actually at hearing how shakey her laugh sounds and she's rambling now

>> No.8049411

I can hear the voice crack...
I'm not gonna make it and I don't think she will either...

>> No.8049414

Everyone has bad days sometimes, she'll be fine.

>> No.8049421

Hopefully Niji can incline on the English side of things. Wave 4 could be huge if they know what they're doing, there are some absolutely massive male streamers out there and if they can get even some of that kind of energy and charisma in the EN guys, it could be a real shot in the arm for NijiEN.

>> No.8049425

dont compare yourself to finana...

>> No.8049427

Feels bad...

>> No.8049432


>> No.8049434

>tearing yourself down for not being good enough
selen stop...

>> No.8049437

I would argue it's really not because look at how popular she's gotten with barely any social media

>> No.8049439

Buddy she picked the wrong career path if she wanted to avoid social media.

>> No.8049445

>Finana does reddit

>> No.8049449

Selen bro... You are going to make me cry... What's going on bro?

>> No.8049453

selen is probably an ugly crier

>> No.8049454

a literal turd will be big if you slap that label on it

>> No.8049458

wow, she's just like me

>> No.8049460

yeah, Finana is built different. She is literally everywhere, heck, she's probably even HERE...

>> No.8049464

>48000 likes in 3 months
What the fuck, that means Finana has been doing around 533 likes every single day. That's fucking insane, she practically lives on Twitter.

>> No.8049469

Selen you've finally made it.. Don't be too harsh on yourself onegai...

>> No.8049473

Selen...why are the clowns always the most depressed behind the camera...this is like Polka all over again...

>> No.8049481

Relax. Much like setting the temperature too high and needing to wait for the cooldown to happen, she's set expectations for herself too high and just needs to let the built up feelings out.

>> No.8049483


>> No.8049488

>wanna do better for nijisanji
>collabs with whores

>> No.8049492

What is the purpose of this stream? Not even a year passed and she already complains. Is she a numberfag?

>> No.8049495

is Selen okay..

>> No.8049497

I wasn't going to record this but she really does want to shoot the shit this stream.

>> No.8049502

I'm just afraid to hear her cry for some reason and she sounds like she might

>> No.8049503

If you guys ever wanted GFE from Selen this is it. A girl talking to you about her feelings.

>> No.8049504

Selen is a failure to Nijisanji, so she thinks.

>> No.8049507

i wonder if she ever gonna collab with twitch apex pros and streamers like some niji jp do
actually i would much prefer that over tts dragon

>> No.8049513

>used to Talk to 3 people a day

Just like me!

>> No.8049515

>you have to be 24/7 on Twitter to be good on Holo / Niji xDD
No, fuck you

>> No.8049526

She is venting unarchived so she can get over it.

>> No.8049529

Robbin Williams killed himself... The clown is always the saddest person in the room ;_:

>> No.8049532

>Gets tired when talking to a few people in a day

>> No.8049536

They're actually debuting one in EN2

>> No.8049539

I don't really do the whole concernfag thing, but I'm getting concerned.

>> No.8049542

Too extroverted to me.

>> No.8049560

They're all family members.

>> No.8049562

>This is all pretty surprising coming from ms. giggles to be honest.
Have you not been doing your reps?
Her giggles are like.
70% nerves.
Did you completely miss the depression noodles spiel?
>I wonder if she's just finally crashing after a several year long caffeine high.
That is almost 100% part of it.
She quit like 2 days ago.
When you're already high energy, don't have ADD and abuse caffeine for years on end it's going to

on your mental stability when you quit or even just massively cut back.
Add a bunch of other things on that and you have a perfect storm of headaches, low mood and just overall shitty mentality.
>Why is this unarchived selen
And now we know.

>> No.8049568

I hate it.

>> No.8049570

The purpose is for me to fuck you in the ass.

>> No.8049571

>teehee i'm such an introvert guys i swear

straight out of page 1 of the vtuber handbook

>> No.8049573

Its not about getting popular, she already got there. Its keeping them there. Ever notice how many sczhicos come out of the woodwork when a chuuba stops tweeting for no reason?

>> No.8049576

Competitive drive is a double edged sword

>> No.8049579

>ill just exist
yep, im the exact same in that regard.

>> No.8049580

I mean its nice and all for the fan interaction but I feel like I would rather more of that time were put into long streams like Selen and Elira do.

>> No.8049583

It should be nostalgic, but it isn't since they're different enough people.

>> No.8049586

She's basically the only EN who's still regularly doing reddit

>> No.8049603

This is just like that one tomboy girl that used to hang out with you talking about serious shit but you just couldn't take it seriously until you saw her crying.
And you didn't know what to do.

>> No.8049604

How do we even compete?

>> No.8049610

I’m kinda scared bros, once holoen gen 2 comes out they’ll probably lose 200-500 viewers, hope that won’t phase them.

>> No.8049611

I guess I can fill Selen's hole.

>> No.8049612


>> No.8049613

Big international collab coming up?

>> No.8049615

Why are their unironic Selen antis in the thread right now?

>> No.8049618

She said *online*.
Not even IRL.

>> No.8049621

Poor Selen.

>> No.8049641

Wait who was the replacement for the collab?

>> No.8049644

Nobody cares about them can you fuck off?

>> No.8049656

I too am a failure to Nijisanji.

>> No.8049657

I rather not. It's hard enough to keep up with what I want to watch and longer streams are too fucking overwhelming

>> No.8049663

We don't know, but I've seen people speculate Ollie.

>> No.8049664

I really can't help but wonder who her original collab partner was, she really sounds stressed about it.

>> No.8049676


>> No.8049680

Seems like she is making excuses before collabing with Zentranny and whatshername vslut.

>> No.8049681

Selens life really is a comedy huh

>> No.8049682

She regularly does 4-5 hour long streams, though. Elira is a huge outlier with her 7-9 hour long streams

>> No.8049687

>VShojo collab was totally unplanned and just a last minute thing to save face due to her original collab getting rescheduled.
Okay so it's not actually her fault, it's Ollie's fault.

>> No.8049701

I love this damn zoomer

>> No.8049705

it's always been that way, the more you try to make other people smile the more you realize just how hard it is to keep up that facade and try to make people even happier. You realize that you don't understand people as much as you thought, and eventually, you just wonder what the hell you're even trying to accomplish... and if you can't get past that, you'll probably just... break.
Just the reality of being an entertainer, it's never an easy road.

>> No.8049709

They'll be totally fine, honestly I think it's gonna do more damage to HoloEN 1 girls cause if these new ones have even a little bit of personality they're gonna totally destroy them lol

>> No.8049719

>selen nervous because she knows her days are numbered now that HoloEN2 is coming
Pretty sad. Hololive has destroyed the spirit of many vtubers.

>> No.8049724

What the fuck? So vshoujo fucking saved the day?

>> No.8049728

Yeah i'm tapping out guys, i really really try to avoid developing too much of a parasocial relationship with vtubers and this feels like a great way to do just that.

>> No.8049736

I thought it was "faze"

>> No.8049742

I'm starting to think she was being serious when she said she laughs to hide the pein.

>> No.8049745

I don't like it but I don't want schizos to use it against her. She has a reason to be afraid at falling behind on viewer interaction.

>> No.8049748


>> No.8049751

If it was originally gonna be Ollie, I'm 100% certain it was Holo management stepping in for some reason. Ollie collabs with actual 2views and shows up everywhere. She would 100% drop everything to collab with Selen in apex.

>> No.8049755

Is this why Pomu kept insisting to join the collab? Cause she wanted to comfort Selen?

>> No.8049756

Has she decided she's too good for Selen after getting over 50k viewers for her new outfit?

>> No.8049771

I never want to hear you fucks complain about someone hosting a collab on their channel again

>> No.8049772

>When you're already high energy, don't have ADD and abuse caffeine for years on end it's going to
>on your mental stability when you quit or even just massively cut back.
fuck... this is too relatable. really ruined my life for the last few years. I've barely even kept ahold of myself...

>> No.8049776

Too late anon

>> No.8049777

I think the NijiEN girls will be fine. The HoloEN girls are going to take a much larger hit

>> No.8049779


>> No.8049788

You don't know who she was going to collab with. Could have been Bora or Chihiro, could have been Bonbon, could have been an indie. Stop making assumptions and blaming people.

>> No.8049800

shut up bitch

>> No.8049802

Wait... this stream... those pigtails... henshin... metamorphosis...

>> No.8049803

That actually sounds about right for Pomu, god bless that fairy.

>> No.8049807

I would make a list of excuses too, if i had tobe responsible for all the prep work.

>> No.8049810

If it's actually her probably management. Maybe some stupid "we want company unity before EN 2 launches" thing or something.

>> No.8049811

hololive basically said to Selen you're not good enough for a collab with any of its members.

>> No.8049820

>Did you completely miss the depression noodles spiel?
which vod

>> No.8049825

Yeah it's faze.
Yeah man it's a drug that people often really underestimate.
t. Used to use Amphetamine a lot. It's honestly easier to quit than Caffeine.

>> No.8049843

She's not even being GFE or parasocial here. She's just talking about her job anon...

The collab isn't canceled it's just rescheduled. Ollie probably was informed by management that HoloEN2 were debuting this week and that collabing with NijiEN would be bad timing or something, like she's undermining her kouhais.

>> No.8049852

Y- Yagoo?!

>> No.8049853

Now she's venting about the scuffed start to the Obsydia collab...how to tell her it wasn't serious

>> No.8049855

These people are retarded please understand.

>> No.8049857

It was Ace.

>> No.8049861

Selen seems to be really anxious about losing her voice.

>> No.8049868

I WILL complain and you WILL listen to it

>> No.8049869

Rosemi getting home from getting SEEDED.

>> No.8049882

I think it's still too soon for a collab with Bora and Chihiro can's speak a lick of English so nope

>> No.8049883

GFE, sure, she's not. But she LITERALLY said she's streaming to rant and get support from her fans. That's about as parasocial as it gets, remember, the relationship goes both ways

>> No.8049888

>If it was originally gonna be Ollie, I'm 100% certain it was Holo management stepping in for some reason.
If they'd let Ollie collab with Gundou motherfucking Mirei, they'd let her collab with Selen.

>> No.8049889

dun wrry its all gun be k

>> No.8049894

It was Ollie.

>> No.8049895

Yeah she's getting borderline obsessive about it which I truly get, that shit is not healthy lol

>> No.8049903

Selen doesn't even know who Hololive is

>> No.8049906

It's probably a bigger problem for her than a lot of vtubers considering how loud she is and her laugh being so forecful and frequent.

>> No.8049907

She is just superchat baiting with her fake tears. She is laughing all the way to the bank and is going to have sex with her boyfriend after the stream.

>> No.8049908

Right after she got FEEDED

>> No.8049913

Bora replied to her saying she was studying English and Selen knows some Korean already.

>> No.8049919

two last minute obsydia collabs already..

>> No.8049921

I made Selen laugh. Feels good man

>> No.8049930

it was supposed to be iiTzTimmy but his endurance stream took longer than expected so now he is recovering

>> No.8049932

3 / 10
try harder faggot

>> No.8049939

What tears?

>> No.8049945

but anon, look at the timing... it really would just be a pretty bad idea all around for everyone if that happened.

>> No.8049947

Fuck off nigger

>> No.8049948

She broke up with her ex-boyfriend months ago
Could be another reason behind her being down in the dumps

>> No.8049953


>> No.8049956

I'm gonna laugh all the way to your house, break your back, fuck your ass and make you humble

>> No.8049964

I feel like she read some weird shit about tea and vocal cord health, misinterpreted it, and is making a way bigger deal than she needs to now.

>> No.8049968

Yeah but it's like a purely friendly/platonic relationship. It's how a vtuber should interact with their fans, treating them like valued viewers without deceiving them into thinking there's anything more than that.
I guess I can only speak for myself but it doesn't feel painful or make me wanna gosling, just makes me wanna give her helpful advice if I can.

>> No.8049972

I have no idea why. She worries about mundane things. She even stopped drinking tea because of it. Maybe losing vocal cords is in her family or something.

>> No.8049973

Also, she cant (as in didn't learn how to) use twitter. This is her way of mehera posting.

>> No.8049976

That would make sense, she's reached out to others to comfort them before, even before she joined Nijisanji. People might joke that Elira is the "mom" of NijiEN, but unironically I think it's Pomu.

>> No.8049982

Fuck off KFPenis

>> No.8049986

100% true.

>> No.8049989

both of them are moms

>> No.8050000

I wish she had sex on stream I would masturbate to the audio

>> No.8050003

I knew it.

>> No.8050006

Yeah, mine.

>> No.8050024


>> No.8050029

She might just be a pretty anxious person and it's hooked onto that for some reason.

>> No.8050035

The responsible hag OL.

>> No.8050036


>> No.8050039

Yeah they're married irl and have two adopted daughters it's not a big deal

>> No.8050063

Quads of future sight.

>> No.8050065


>> No.8050082

I mean obviously you do you, do whatever you want. Personally, i find myself listening to her concerns and nodding and trying to be supportive and then i catch myself and think "shit i don't even know this person". Like, i care about her, obviously, and enjoy her streams, but i'm better off leaving the supporting for people like you, because i know i get too invested otherwise.

>> No.8050083

We actually haven't been having sex lately. She's very worried about Ember but your donations have helped pay for his medical attention. Thank you dragoons.

>> No.8050085

But it's come up before/after as well.
Selen has a thing with eating TV dinners/mac and cheese/microwave mac and cheese (trust me on this or watch Wolfe Pit and find out, but that last one is a N A S T Y substance) and crying.
Yeah uh.
Concernfagging is gay etc but this particular point?
This particular fucking point?
Sure as fuck I am worrying.
Hypochrondria is an ironically real disease and unironically dangerous to have.

>> No.8050096

>Elira was fish dad all along

>> No.8050099

I can see that as one of the reasons they get along so well. They're the type of people to look after others. Also checks out with how well they included Finana in the Lazulight dynamic.

>> No.8050101

And? It's not like anyone here likes her that way. Why wouldn't you be glad they found someone to call their own? Well, I guess not caring is fine too. We're here for fun and games after all.

>> No.8050112

Hypochondria =/= worrying about your voice quality.

>> No.8050115

I won't be able to listen to this whole zatsudan... I love zatsudans... Fuck late night unarchived streams desu

>> No.8050121

>Pomu was Rosemom

>> No.8050133

>Concernfagging is gay
so don't do it

>> No.8050134


>> No.8050136

The is absolutely nothing wrong with tv dinners

>> No.8050175

Bros...I just realized that Pomu's mama is that one Kantai Collection artist....

>> No.8050187

>2000 mg sodium

>> No.8050201

just check the threads when you wake up for an archive/recording.

>> No.8050203


>> No.8050211

bros she's just like me jumping from hating herself to random topics

>> No.8050212

Anons are you faggots going to upload this stream? Please tell me you guys are archiving that shit

>> No.8050215

Selen thinks Leos is like that twink Animal Crossing cat somehow

>> No.8050219


>> No.8050223

pomu even talked about it herself, anon.

>> No.8050234


>> No.8050236

he has the vest and glasses.

>> No.8050238

He is.

>> No.8050241

Now that you mention it, wow. I haven't thought of that IP in a long, long time.

>> No.8050255

>He doesn't drink 8 gallons of water a day.

>> No.8050261

I am, will upload to mega later

>> No.8050262

Sounds like she got it out of her system. She sounds a lot better now.

>> No.8050266

I don't have any slowpoke pics so here is another pink idiot for you.

>> No.8050267

Sodium is good for you

>> No.8050279

>Leos bullying already in NijiEN
>courtesy of Selen
... wow, I wasn't expecting this at all, now I wonder how he'll react to this if someone sends him a clip of it kek

>> No.8050287

Selen calling out Nintendo.

>> No.8050303

>The is absolutely nothing wrong with tv dinners
It's not food.
Of course not but it seems to be going in that direction.

>> No.8050305

Get the lawyers.

>> No.8050317


>> No.8050341

Nice scam Nintendo

>> No.8050350

>It's not food.
A rock isn't either but people eat it all the time.

>> No.8050357

Selen admitting she's a gullible retard

>> No.8050371

I greatly enjoy listening to Selen's ramblings

>> No.8050385

Thanks anons

>> No.8050394


>> No.8050396

>those 5-star PNGs?
>that game's gonna shut down in a year

>> No.8050397

>that game is going to be gone in a year
She doesn't realize that I'm an FGO chad.

>> No.8050398

selen... but my pngs....

>> No.8050409

When she starts waking up in the middle of the night convinced her blood is clotting or that goosebumps on her skin is an infection call her a hypochondriac, it makes perfect sense that a streamer who streams at a high volume would be worried about her voice.

>> No.8050421

are you hurt

>> No.8050428

Selen could do with a listen of this:

>> No.8050437

fucking Nijisanji staff are bullying Petra as well, lmao

>> No.8050445

i hate fgo..

>> No.8050453

FGO is fucking shit and it's still alive and going. And I keep paying.

>> No.8050465

Type-Moon actually released the Tsukihime remake, which means your game is not their only priority anymore.

>> No.8050469

>not just deleting the game and cooming to fanart

>> No.8050472

Selen probably played that madoka magica gacha game which shut down after milking their players

>> No.8050474

>Selen lullaby ASMR karaoke

>> No.8050478

how many suicide attempt?

>> No.8050484

That's bullying?

>> No.8050490

And Nasu is keeping it off PC. Nasu HATE.

>> No.8050492


>> No.8050505

I wish gambling didn't feel so good or I wouldn't even think about touching gacha

>> No.8050506

With the announcement of EN2 and the reveal I wouldn't be surprised to see ASMR streams and such from the girls. It's kind of understandable that they would be desperate to build a strong fanbase while they can. It sucks because you get schizos but gachikois are about as loyal as it gets.

>> No.8050517

idk I consider any reply to Petra as bullying at this point, maybe I've gone insane.

>> No.8050533


>> No.8050538

>Getting sent to the kids hole
You're right.
I hate Susan so fucking much.
I actually ran into the kids cuck corner a couple times in the last few months. Including my own clips.
It feels so fucking much like a punishment.

>> No.8050541

>Hey kids you little shits, this ain't for kids, fuck off HAHAHAHAHA
My wife is so good with kids bros.

>> No.8050549

How much is sony paying them?

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