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Let's be serious here for a moment. How will HoloEN2 affect Nijisanji? They're barely alive right now and their situation will be way worse with new Holos stealing their viewers and they can say goodbye to any potential sponsorship because Hololive have enough people for anything now. How long can they keep going in this situation?

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>How will HoloEN2 affect Nijisanji?
Well some Holo fans were going to Niji EN for more variety, but that’s over now clearly.

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>Thinking that Nijisanji needs sponsors from their streamers to be sustainable
I'm guessing you haven't checked in on some of NijiIDs numbers yet, have you?

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Why is it when new Hololive things are announced Nijisanji is the first thing on your minds? Are you okay?

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As expected of Holobronies living under rock. The only company you know is Hololive and Nijisanji. Ignore 774inc, Re;Act, VSPO, etc.

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If I had to make a wild guess I'd say they'll continue streaming and having fun with their fans.

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Wave 3 is coming this October

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If they have lovable personalities they are definitely going to take away some viewers.

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NijiEN has been buffed recently and the NijiEN audience isn't the same as HoloEN. They're not bored holofans wafting for a new gen. NijiEN will be fine and HoloEN will be fine.

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I just watch whoever I feel like watching, whatever organization they're under, I'm watching the person, not the brand. I also don't have an oshi, because I just like switching between tubers every day.

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t. chud

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It'll probably buff them if anything

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NijiEN will go on as always.

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Not even them, the numerous EN groups that have started in the past year or so.

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> let's be serious
> they're barely alive right now
Yeah, I'm sure you want to be serious.

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Obviously , EOP only know holo ,not even niji

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>Comparing HoloEN to NijiID

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Isn't that too fast? People need to stop caring about HoloEN for them to jump ship, and I can't imagine that people will get bored with the new HoloEN in a month or two.

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I have seen dozens of Holos play APEX, and I can firmly say, Selen is the ONLY Vtuber who actually makes it fun to watch. She ain't declining any time soon. Plus, she still has the best intro

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Nijisanji got a free lesson on what not to do with designs

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No, it's not too fast holofag. There's also nothing said about october

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EN2 will have more of an effect on EN1 than on NijiEN or other groups. Either they're gonna have to attract new fans from outside the existing VTuber community or they're gonna be sharing/splitting the existing HoloEN fanbase.

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What retard about it? He is right. Look at Niji ID number. Literally 2 digits views. Yet they get far more sponsorship than Holo ID and Holo En.

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>DozenS of Holos play APEX
1. do you count Holostars?
2. can you list more than 12?
3. could you say the same about her after 6 month?
4. some of them are entertaining (Astel), but play Apex way TOO much.

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why irys?

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How long will the Honeymoon period last?

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When are they going to open up an EN branch?

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>3. could you say the same about her after 6 month?
Not the person you're quoting, but she's amusing and I like watching people play games they are actually good at. I would actually watch Gura for example if she just played decent rhythm games all the time.

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Towa, Ayame, Okayu, Choco, Aqua, Matsuri, Robocco, Suisei, Botan, Fubuki, Ollie, Ame, Mel, Iofi

Has streamed: Mori, Rushia, Coco, Pekora

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Wait for one of En start up companies to go down under and then they will absorb them just like all the companies under them.

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Well Holomyth and Irys are still doing really well even without the honeymoon period buff so why would the new Holos be any different?

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Her face is ugly as fuck

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fauna is the best EN design and it's not even close
stands out even more compared to the three trainwrecks in the middle

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Sana looks better in motion than still desu
But niji designs look a thousand times better than holocouncil which is a shame considering holomyth has some really good stuff

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What part of Zerg Rush don't you understand? Nijisanji did it in JP,ID,KR and VirtuaReal, why would EN be any different.

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>if Gura just played decent rhythm games all the time
this will become pretty boring pretty quickly
>I like watching people play games they are actually good at
important thing is Selen want to BE entertaining on top of that. that's why we get challenges, collabs etc, otherwise ppl will start think about her as one trick pony and Selen is Very aware of that.

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Apparently they don't need as much views and SC to be viable as people think. Pomu is already starting to quit her job and her channel isn't even making 2 million views per month yet.
Just for comparison, Ina has the lowest numbers (Subscribers, views and SC) in HoloEN but her channel is bigger than all NijiEN combined.

NijiEN members are doing just fine and HoloEN can lost about 80% of it's audience and still be fine

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>this will become pretty boring pretty quickly
To a lot of her current viewers sure, so it wouldn't be a good move for her to do. But most streamers get by by focusing on one game. So it's not out of the ordinary for someone good at something to only stream the thing they are good at. Usually only people who have already reached success get the opportunity of becoming variety streamers. One of the biggest mistakes a small/indie streamer can make is trying to become a variety streamer before they even have a following.

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>Isn't that too fast?

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>lets be serious

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Awful designs. They make all that money and refuse to make anything good.

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rent free

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NijiEN numbers have steadily going up, while HoloEN numbers are going down. If anything HoloEN should be the ones to be worried.

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>They're barely alive right now

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>he biggest mistakes a small/indie streamer can make is trying to become a variety streamer
for vtuber who chooses right game this could be actually really big buff
> it wouldn't be a good move for her
i bet main thing wich bothers her at this point is corp expectations and pressure not viewer number. she literally do NOT want to be EN Pekora
>most streamers get by by focusing on one game
..and this became "Job" for them. some streamers ok with that, but this is main Gura's problem in a first plays.

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>They're barely alive right now
Do Holobronies really...

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You can't be serious. New gen looks so dogshit

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What are you talking about? They look way better than Irys, and the top Nijis all look generic anyway so it's never about design in the first place.

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>But most streamers get by by focusing on one game. So it's not out of the ordinary for someone good at something to only stream the thing they are good at.

Those streamers are also often stuck though, they can't play anything else on stream or they tank their numbers, and god help them if the game they specialize in dies because the game dev fucks up with too much micotransactions or sex abuse scandal or something.

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brownie is actually very cute. she looks too plump to make a resting bitch face.

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its because not everyone has the same rate in dealings for sponsorship. Cheaper rate = more sponsorship

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If he means NijiEN it's kinda true.

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I went from HoloEN to NijiEN and don't feel like coming back. HoloEN Gen2 looks like some shitty indie group.

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Strange how EN1's designs were so iconic that anything that came after looks like a high budget indie

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well if hololive is the only thing he watches then no other vtuber are alive right now

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This. There will be no "HoloEN killer", HoloEN will continue to be successful and grow their brand. NijiEN won't decline because of HoloEN either and they'll also continue to be successful and grow their brand.

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As far as I know Botan played Apex once and only to feed Nene kills.

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Nijisanji 3rd wave wont generate as much hype as 1/2 but the Male Wave (the first ever EN corporate vtubers) will come in like thunder.
You heard it here first.

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lol it will only kill Holo EN1

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actually nijiEN did perfect timing for their debuts

>already tired of holoEN in march, waiting for holoEN gen 2.
>Enter nijiEN, love all of lazulight, instantly better chemistry and soul
>Enter Obsidya who are just as fun and unique as lazulight, most recent example the super mario 3D world collab had literally more soul than countless dead silence holoEN collabs I had seen at that point.
>It all concludes with the Koushien tournament, where im getting familiarized with nijiKRs, nijiIDs and more nijiJPs, and recognizing them more like the scuffed elira/ban hada apex collab or nijiIDs interacting in minecraft world server.

by the time holoEN2 showed the teasers, I didn't care anymore, niji already stole my soul, during those months I also saw 3D niji debuts like Levi, Amamiya and Mashiro, which showed me just how much talent, better 3D and general things nijisanjis does, which hypes me more for the time nijiEN 3D might happen, I wish holoEN2 their best success, and I know NijiEN will NEVER have better numbers, but i am happy enough they found their own niche and fans, the vtuber world needs to be diverse, not enclosed in a single group.

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You don’t need tens of thousands of viewers to live off of streaming. There are a lot of streamers that have <1k yet they do it full time. Plus the girls in NijiEN has a lot of gachikois.

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Some people think that earning surgeon money is not enough to make a living out of it, I guess it's a combination of numberfagging and concernfagging. Yeah sure, vtubing could bomb any year, but it wouldn't change the fact that right now these girls at the top of EN scene are making 5-10 times the average wage and have only TV dinners and PC upgrades for expenses. Some of them don't even pay rent since they live in their parents' basements.

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They'll probably skim some off the top of Niji but unless they have some amazing people and stream ideas I don't think there will be any major damage.
Niji is honestly more likely to destroy their own vtubers by spreading their viewer base increasingly more thin.

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"Niji viewers" is an aberration. You watch your oshi, their friends and big events if you are interested in those. Not because they are Nijisanji but because you enjoy them. The sooner we can get rid of DD mentality the better. It only breeds weirdos that force themselves to care about chuubas they barely watch and then chimp out for most retarded of reasons. If the talents are good they will survive by virtue of their own charisma and social network.

>> No.8056238

they're irrelevant.

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I don't entirely disagree but creating a super competitive environment doesn't seem like the best idea for cohesion.
It obviously doesn't matter to the company who you watch or spend money on since they get their cut regardless of who it goes to.
From the company perspective there isn't really a downside to pumping out new people constantly.
From the girl's perspective though they've got constant competition that they have to watch out for.
It just seems like a formula for setting off some of the more unstable or jealous members and causing fights.
There's also the issue of support from the company. The more members either the less support each member gets or the company has to divide support unevenly which could cause internal issues.

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10 and even 100 chuubas is not hypercompetition. As long as every one of them is entertaining and unique in their own right they can keep building up the fanbase as a whole rather than stealing from each other. If they are not then why do they deserve success exactly?
Do you think Hololive generation 1 would be better off if the more popular generations 3 and 4 never debuted? That's a load of nonsense. More and better chuubas, better content, better management are necessery for vtubing to expand and that can't happen if some people are afraid that if their oshi won't be the only option on the market then they will go broke.
Think about people who might not watch vtubers because nobody produces content they like. Think about people who might not have an oshi because nobody who currently streams has a personality that just works for them. Do they not deserve a chance to enjoy vtubers? Do the talents who would provide them with what they want not deserve a chance to debut as vtubers? It's not just poor current chuubas vs greedy corpos.

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This. That is why oversaturation meme is retard. There is no such thing as too much vtubers.

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Niji power rangers

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Fully agree. Becoming a console war tribalist is retarded, but I can't being myself to personally care about Holos anymore. If Holofans were content to leave us alone I'd be content never seeing them again, but I don't want to fight them.

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Ngo, Hisupi are my favorite. Chigusa is doing great. I know Akane is very active in reddit. I don't know much about Kohaku.

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I want quality not a company that shits out 3 gens less than a year

>> No.8061677

I know you don't watch them. Don't fucking lie, nigger.

>> No.8061778

Of course I don't I just explained why can't you read you monkey

>> No.8061836

Never really consider nijisanji before but now I am I can't cope with this shit

>> No.8062011

So how many of them are SEA ESLs, rather than Western EFL?

>> No.8062100

And why do you even criticize them if you never watch them at all? How can you tell if they are quality or talented if you never watch them? You call them shit because they are too many? That's it? What the fuck is wrong with you? You saw 100 apples in supermarket and immediately think they are shit? And then you saw 10 apples and you immediately think they are high quality? Do you even realize how retard that kind of thinking?

>> No.8062679

>How can you tell if they are quality or talented if you never watch them
Not him but I can tell by seeing their overall numbers. People with high subs and views are entertaining while people with low numbers aren't. Of course there are exceptions here and there but the numbers are legit enough to be used as metrics.

>> No.8062792

>beep boop number
Spoken like a true NPC

>> No.8063762

Alright bet I'll start watching when wave 3 comes out but if they don't interest me I'll kill you

>> No.8063879

Quality isnt determined by number but by the scouting.

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You will never convince me that holofags after EN aren't all tourists that have zero knowledge of vtubers outside of their own bubble. Can't wait for you fas to move on to the next fad.

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Honestly it's just funny to me how people are already gatekeeping about vtubers and acting like they're some storied culture. Kizunai Ai started 5 years ago bro, there's less than half a decade of vtuber history. "Damn kids these days don't remember Kaguya Luna at all!" Yeah OK bro.

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Yeah it's only 5 years old so if you dont know it all you're obviously a zoomer faggot.

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What? Why are you trying to pin the blame on me? I said people with bigger numbers are generally going to be better most of the time and there's no way NijiEN gen 3 is going to have bigger numbers than any Holo(except maybe Holostars) at debut unless someone pulled a Tama and burn Hololive down or something.

>> No.8069154

>People with Higher subs are more entertaining
This is objectively wrong on so many levels. Do you think Jake Paul is one of the best youtubers because of his subs? How about Ray William Johnson, who just made terrible clip videos back in the day (He was once the most subbed person on YT.) What the reaction channels that have millions of subs? Do you think they are the best.

Let's go to Twitch even, do you think Amouranth and Pokimane are the best content creators because of the views they get?

Don't be obtuse, Quality of Content =/= Number of Subs. Number of Subs is an indication of the algorithm working its magic and general popularity. This is why Numberfags who base their opinion on the quality of content via subs are the dumbest people on this board, hands down.

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>noo, HoloEN Gen 2 won't steal HoloEN Gen 1 viewers, the vtuber audience has peaked haha it'll boost everyone's numbers
>holo will eat niji's viewers tho, they will convert to watching holoEN2

like fucking clockwork. pick a stance.

>> No.8073463

I just wish 1 and 4, maybe 5 stream on favorable times for me

>> No.8073634


quotes related:

possibly more but this was the only quote chain I was involved in recently

>> No.8073702

Almost like every single person on this board is a retard just making shit up

>> No.8073779

true, I noticed. I guess those are just two polar opposite opinions coming from 2 different retards. good to know. I hope anyone who reads this can pick a stance and stick to it about whether or not new "big" EN vtubers will eat other's viewers or not.

>> No.8073894

They look like Pokemon characters

>> No.8074166

Holo only have a few dead hours now, if the holoEN 2 got some EU ppl in there those spots will be most likely filled now

>> No.8074216


i know it's bait but I'll waste my time answering as usual

doesn't cross your fucking mind that the audience that watches vtuber is constantly growing and no one will lose space to anyone? the scene has plenty of room to growth, is there some mental illness that prevents you from watching more than one vtuber? you cant simples comprehend that this shit is a minuscule niche outside of japan and will continue to grow?

>> No.8074448

the angel destroys the Halloween theme

>> No.8074525

I would like to think that but with how Anykara has handled NijiEn so far and how things are going, I get the feeling the males are just gonna end like Holostars or in a similar situation...

>> No.8075077

I tried holoEN but month in I stopped watching all streams cause it got stale fast. None of them were interesting enough. Tryhard slight retarded toxic dragon made me start watching streams. I will check a few streams of HoloEN 2 and I will probably go back to only watching niji after I see that they are all the same as gen1.

>> No.8075173

nijifan, you just caught Holo in a bad time. I watched them during their first 6 months, it was great! very justified that they're now stale though, I don't want to open their streams again now.

t. Holofag who also converted to niji recently

>> No.8075278

I watched them during their first month. Nobody caught my attention. The closest one was Ina but I am already corrupted by instant gratification culture and I can't wait 15 minutes between something noteworthy happens.

>> No.8075346

Let me be serious:

1. Pomu sticks out her thighs
2. Mumei-chan presses her thighs against Pomu's thighs
3. My dick goes between the thighs
4. World peace achieved

Sincerely, Nijisanji EN fan

>> No.8075382

There is room for the market to grow.
The market, as immature as it is, does have a limit to what it can support.
We, as a bunch of goddamn nobodies ok this Appalachian grass-weaving slate, have little to no insight as to what that limit is or what the growth rate is.
If HoloEn2 is able to grow the market more than it sucks from the various smaller companies and from gen1, then the drop that everyone feels will be less. If however, they cannot grow the market but are more entertaining and interesting than gen1 + Niji + the various other smaller companies, then their growth will come primarily at the expense of everyone else's.

TL;dr wait until debut + 2 Weeks to see who we get before making any sorts of calls damnit.

>> No.8075644

There is room to grow but only if there's more diversity. There's only so many anime girls you can have playing the exact same games and giving the exact same reactions.

You can have the best design or personality in the world, but you've got to bring something new to the table or else no one's going to choose to watch you over the vtubers doing similar things that they've already invested time into.

>> No.8075665

Incredibly based.

>> No.8076121

People watch chuubas for personality. New personality = something new by definition. If their personality doesn't stand out then they don't have "the best personality". A vtuber is 90% voice, speech patterns, storytelling ability and experiences or ability to make them up convincingly enough. Everything else barely matters.

>> No.8076801

Oh I ment the other guy but my statement still stands and talking about personal enjoyment

>> No.8077186

They seems to be doing fine but numberfags believe that if you arent pulling 5k+ viewers daily you are a failure which isnt true

>> No.8077711

Thank you for your service to the world, I hope one day I can serve humanity the same way.

>> No.8078058

This, although i'd say 90% is quite high, look at gura.

>> No.8078211

concern troll, Irys and her 500k subs did fuck all to Selen and the others, and you could argue she's a dud right now.

I see 5 more Irys tier designs.

>> No.8078243

>irys debuts
>gura gets 9k viewers for DMC
you should be worried about holoEN gen 1, not nijiEN gen 1.

>> No.8078291

If Selen is barely alive getting 4000 people for Apex, how is Kiara with 2500 for Skyward Sword doing?

>> No.8078313

Why do nijifags like to make shit up?
She got 14k for DMC3 and then 22k for Project Diva.

>> No.8078358

remember when she would get 70k for a stream or more for karaoke? Oh well. Meanwhile Pekora hasn't declined at all.

But it's nijiEN that is in trouble guys!

>> No.8078689

Dumb logic she never peak 70k in one singing stream and numbers are always high closer to debut because people will decide if they like you or not to remain in the channel, eventually numbers reach the realistic point were they can growth more or remain there

>> No.8078704


>> No.8078829

Yes dumbass thats compared when she debuted, are you stupid?

>> No.8079130

Pekora hasn't declined massively.

>> No.8079311

She stream even more now, even 2 times per day and yes she growth thanks to her minecraft involment and all the collabs she did, as state you can grow when you reach a more realistic point it doesnt mean you are stuck there

>> No.8079354

Pekora hasn't lost over 50% of her audience, probably because she actually has talent.
>subs go up, viewers go way down
you can't explain that!

>> No.8079369

Gura's floor is still something nijiEN can only dream about

>> No.8079439

Everyone Holo except pekora is declining
Guess everyone got tired of the "cute girl makes noises" gimmick and only true entertainers remain.

>> No.8079461

Pekora is the same, shark has declined cause they suck, it's not that complicated.

>> No.8079558

niji en is for weebs. holo en is for redditors.

some niji en members like penguin, rose, dragon, and pomu have tried to interact with japanese or niji jp or japan directly. holo en doesnt have this tendency and stays western. i prefer niji en because they are more japan/japanese culture leaning.

>> No.8079625

Pekora debut 2 years ago, gura isnt even a year old

>> No.8080146

Seriously it won't affect it at all.

>> No.8080328

Here are my thoughts on this topic:
Many people are saying that "Nijisanji didn't risk with males and just copied Holo's safer way of releasing females only".
But look at overall situation. NijiEN1 audition was in December 2020. At this time Niji's western fanbase was close to nothing, compared to Holo's. And even though their audition form said "Gender doesn't matter", most applicants were used of Holo's norms "Girls and Guys are separated", so only few males applied. And most likely, because of that, nijisanji didn't find enough talented males.
But right now, as they advertised 4'th wave "Males only", most EN people wouldn't hesitate anymore.
Niji wasn't planning to separate males and females, they just didn't get enough good males during the first auditions.

>> No.8080359

I'll probably stop watching some of Niji like Rosemi and Petra to fit one of the HoloEN2 if they are good.

>> No.8080431

keep Rosemi, she does interesting stuff at least

>> No.8081160

I have though about that too, but I honestly have some trouble fully accepting it since Anykara didn't even have designs ready for the male announcement unlike with the third wave announcement.
You would think that by then they would have had some desgins ready to make the auditions more appealing and call more attention to them and yet... nothing, that, combined with the fact that those auditions would take more time and pretty much implied that they would be for separate waves, kinda makes it seem like the whole thing was a sort of last minute decision.
Not to mention that even if the pool of male candidates had been small, I honestly doubt they wouldn't have been able to find some interesting guys (and it's not like they needed many, all their international branches debuted with 3-4 members of which one was always male and even the JP one debuted with only one male too, so...) and from what I have seen Pomu's and Elira's PL circle of friends had some male fans of Niji (one of which is suspected to be currently auditioning), so I find it a bit hard to believe that they seriously didn't find anything good.

>> No.8081594

>and from what I have seen Pomu's and Elira's PL circle of friends had some male fans of Niji (one of which is suspected to be currently auditioning), so I find it a bit hard to believe that they seriously didn't find anything good.
they are good for your but not the others and not Anycolor's recruiter, Pomu and Elira are good but those males are boring. I have a feeling that Anycolor is finding someone outside of Vtuber circle and more on the normal streamer/entertain feld just like their maleJP counterpart, everyone agreed that the current EN male Vtuber pool is digshit. They probadly want to make those male first wave debut a bang and prefer some wacky male talent rather than safe approach like with the female first wave as now they already have enough sizeable fanbase

>> No.8081977

First of all, Nijisanji EN is doing great right now. They might have a lot less subs than Hololive, but those subs are more "alive", and they're doing much much better than most agencies and indies.

That said, the people saying that there's no or very little overlap between Nijisanji EN and Hololive EN are nuts. Hololive is ubiquitous among English vtuber fans who watch vtubers on Youtube. I can buy that there's a large number of Vshojo fans who've never tried Hololive, but I bet that the percentage of Nijisanji EN fans who are (former) Hololive fans is at least 80% if not a lot higher. And most of them will at least give Hololive EN Gen 2 one chance.

Now with that said, I think Gen 2 won't be good enough to actually win a large number of Nijisanji EN fans over, and even if they are it won't be to the extent that Nijisanji EN collapses or Pomu has to go back to a full time office job or whatever. But they 100% have the opportunity to do so.

>> No.8082173

That's what I have hear about them too, so that could be it, desu I don't know much about them (hence the "from what I have seen" without any say of their content), but even then I find it hard to believe that they seriously didn't find someone good or tried to scout someone out at the very least...
Though I agree with you in that I honestly hope they take the risk and look into people outside the vtubing world for the male, and also the female, waves.

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