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>vshitshow (especially TTS) mess up that GMod collab
>nijisanji still lets them do vshitshow collabs rather than blacklisting them and finding other, unrelated EN vtubers to collab with
>TTS is part of it, despite making the mess of the last collab
>vshitshow still in control of the collabs with those fucking graphics
Why? Did they not learn their lesson the last time not to waste time with the whores?


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Why do you pretend to care so much, you don't even watch NijiEN
This'll be their 5th Vshojo collab, dilate or go back to watching Hololive because these collabs aren't stopping

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Go back to your containment thread

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The only thing I'll say is that I'm a big vshojofag and I fucking SHRIVEL at seeing that Zen was included in yet another collab. I'm so sorry nijibros. Fuck Zen.

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Leeches gonna leech.

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As a Nijinigger it is my god-given right to post in a Niggersanji thread, cope

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Sure holobrony

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Holobronies are the ones feigning offense about this, just like when they pretended to be offended when Pomu said she had an ex-gf and they claimed to remove their memberships that don't yet exist

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It's just Apex and they're not in charge of organizing it. Could be massive cope but I don't think there's a large margin of error for a fucking Apex collab.

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Not that it matters, I'm skipping this

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Why are their eyes blacked out?

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Not the zoomer please, spare her!

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Every collab involving vshitshow and hololive or nijisanji has had vshitshow graphics for everyone involved. It's pretty obvious who calls the shots. They don't hide it at all.

Kinda sucks when if nijisanji and their talents bothered to look, they'd find other, not controversial EN vtubers to work with, rather than vshitshow and friends.

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The Pomu-Melody and Bobon-Mouse collabs were fine though.

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i want to watch Selen, but..

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Swap out Zen for Melody or Nyanners and I'd actually watch this. I can't stand Zen with that TTS bullshit voice.

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You realize that Vshoujo has much more subs and audience in the west than NijiEN?

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This. Desu.

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holothots want to erase those histories of them being a nijisanji's leech, it's embrassing to them and their fans

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apparently pomu is included too, pomu and selen combined get less viewers than some tts's stream lmao

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Take your meds

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HoloEN has more subs and audience than VShojo and NijiEN, why aren't the Nijis collabing with them?

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Kiara wants to collab with Pomu, but I suspect Holo management is dragging their feet on it.

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because holo community is a cult and don't actually help the other party grow except for the collab avg viewers

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Why would HoloEN management want to help out their competitors?

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selen, i know you are /here/ and i still love you an want to marry you, but im disappointed.

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Why do TTS tranny still collab with nijinigger? We know the past collab is fucked

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Unsubbed from Selen.

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Pomu had a great time though

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Hololive lives so rent free in all you losers heads. Everything you do is to spite hololive. You're like whiny high school girls.

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no one on /vt/ thinks that Zen deserves to be a vtuber.

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What does Hololive have to do with any of this? Why are you here?

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this model was so much better why did she do it

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people keep bringing them up like pol brings up jews

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she promised she would still have a 3D, bros.
she promised...

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It's mutual. There's a million threads up along the lines of "WHAT WILL NIJIEN DO NOW" after the HoloEN2 announcement.

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Didnt she say she wanted to play with people who were actually good at the game??? Management must have fucked up and switched her and Elira's collabs. At least get Vei ffs she's plat-ish skill level

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>still in control of the collabs with those fucking graphics
Nobody stops the others involved from doing their own graphics, just as Niji/Selen did this time

>> No.8046987

Kind of off topic but that's her VRC model, she used it on Saturday

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Selen makes this collab look good. But even her top tier graphics can't redeem vshitshow.

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Does the offical twitter have to make a big deal out of every collab like this? It's fucking embarrassing

>> No.8047855

>Does an official twitter account make a big deal of cross-company collabs?
gee i don't know retard what do you think

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It’s just an external apex collab, these happen every fucking day. It's fucking lame. Makes it feel like a fake shit for clout and not people playing with each other because it is fun.

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is zen a dude? why us text to speech?

>> No.8049100

Plausible deniability

>> No.8049184

Once again, its up to someone other than Zen to set everything up.

>> No.8049278

Froot’s in this because it seems to me like she set it up and pushed for it. Froot loves Selen and Apex. She made a pretty outstanding art for Selen. Not sure why Zen is here, I’m guessing just so they have a third. Vae streams at way different times. Selen benefits the most from this collab so that’s why she’s doing it.

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At least Pikime isn't here to get bullied again.

>> No.8050221

Yes, I can tell you care deeply about "Pikime"

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vshojo is the only company in the west that can give them big numbers since HoloEN is a no go, even if they're shitters they still need the exposure

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Selen's having a zatsudan now and she talked about this collab. Selen set up the collab herself, but it was apparently going to be with someone else who had to cancel at the very last minute, so she reached out to Froot and Zen (who were going to collab with her in a future week) to move it up to tomorrow.

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>someone else who had to cancel at the very last minute
sounds like Amelia or Ollie

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> Not sure why Zen is here
Froot and Zen are inseparable when it comes to Apex. Froot would probably have refused to do the collab without Zen.

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Vshoujo and niji are going all out with their friendship huh?

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Since when was Lilypichu part of Vshoujo?

>> No.8053102

Since I didn't like her, so she belongs to another group I don't like.

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Yeah and you're still allowed access to the internet

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Niji always looked up to vshojo bcuz who else won the west other than them? no other western grown vtubers are as significant as them ya know?

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I'd respect him if he either used his real tranny voice or went full babiniku and got a voice changer. I don't get how anyone can watch this Microsoft Sam shit

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I just threw up

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I already left a dislike on the stream and will not watch it. Hololive and Nijisanji need to stop acknowledging Vprostitutes.

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