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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>8013153

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ENs on fuwa radio when

>> No.8021449

I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.8021452

I wish falseflaggers would stop trying to start shit in these threads.

>> No.8021463

Only a few more hours until Pomu, I can make it.

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>> No.8021480

Please tweet how your day went since we won't have a Zatsudan until Thursday!

>> No.8021482

>"speedrunning" an RPG
It is bad enough with a GOOD game but speedrunning a RPGmaker game is the most kuso thing ever

Elira went from my kamioshi to a KUSOoshi

>> No.8021487

Elira is so excited to try new strats that’s she’s fucking up. This is hilarious

>> No.8021490

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

Elira feet: https://mega.nz/folder/FB10mIyL#6zFjd_qpGiaQJQ7q1VRMpQ

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>> No.8021509

In a perfect world...

>> No.8021511

I love Pomu!

>> No.8021512

God I love that laugh Elira does where it starts with a high pitched screech and then fizzles out into breathy chuckling.

>> No.8021534

i would give 10 years for a pic of her roommate

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>> No.8021539

I like Pomu Rainpuff and am happy she is streaming again. Feels like it was weeks ago she streamed

>> No.8021546

The price one has to pay for incline. I'm happy girls are getting more and more popular but it will surely decrease threads quality

>> No.8021565

We need more fairy-sized Pomu art

>> No.8021574

old /v/ didn't
nu /v/ is just a bunch of babies that discovered top X of all time lists and review guys like Mandalore (no offense to the guy himself) and now got a "point" to prove.

>> No.8021576

It is so weird that there are literally no Elira feet pics.

>> No.8021587

Same but only because I have a picture in my head that I would love to compare it to.

>> No.8021602

How is she so cute?

>> No.8021603

This fish is pure sex.

>> No.8021619

she's busy sry

>> No.8021620

Eliras shoes look dumb. Why can't she wear Jordan's like selen

>> No.8021622

Pomu pomu homu homu

>> No.8021624

Bottle Fairy

>> No.8021635

I thought you off-topic niggers said it's okay because you only do it during dead hours?

>> No.8021638

Dragonbros...did we get too cocky?

>> No.8021642

Once pomu is back full time it will settle down inshallah

>> No.8021652

Hate to break it to you but a woman who watches hentai instead of getting a dick when it is easily available isn't all that good looking.

>> No.8021655

What is anons guess when they get new costumes?

>> No.8021670

Rosemi in dominatrix outfit

>> No.8021680

>> No.8021685

To be fair I haven't visited that board properly in a while after they booted a game I played to an entirely new board. Every other thread is offtopic or porn

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>> No.8021693

>it's almost pomu o' clock

>> No.8021695

>instead of

>> No.8021700

I'm hoping they get some cute fall/winter outfits. that might be too soon for obsydia though

>> No.8021720

You don't want that. She's really fat even by American standards and really ugly like deformed face ugly. Also, really old which makes the whole "zoomer" act pretty cringe. Her tits are super saggy as well

>> No.8021722

Daily reminder

>> No.8021724

today, Pomu is announcing it and debuting it at the same time

>> No.8021725

It's going to be so great. Not only we get deformed Rosemi avatar spamming but even more deformed Pomus!

>> No.8021739

>be me
>there’s a game I love that I’m “good” at
>”hmm let’s watch a speed run of it”
>”oh shit I didn’t know you could do that”
>feel motivated that I could do some of those tricks
>fail miserably multiple times
>feel discouraged
>drop playing the game for a few months
>realize speed runners have spent hundreds of hours playing it until they got their best run
>pick it up again and try again until I slowly start getting better times
Elira is on step 4/5 right now

>> No.8021751

keep seething

>> No.8021752


>> No.8021756

This is all true, I'm her husband

>> No.8021770

you listed like 10 steps

>> No.8021771

Doubt it. She goes to alcohol parties with a skirt and no panties on. She sounds really confident which comes from male attention.

>> No.8021777

how are you passing the time till Pomu's stream?

>> No.8021785

Hey Neroshi if you're here, finish this fucking drawing! I can't just tease us like this!

>> No.8021789

Speedruning is a waste of time. I doubt Elira is taking it that seriously, it's all for the stream

>> No.8021791


>> No.8021794

Lurk more, not posting any but she is a qt

>> No.8021795

Anyone else kind of nervous for Pomu coming back? I'm kind of excited but when she came out as lesbian it was like she stabbed me in the heart. I don't think I could take another betrayal like that.

>> No.8021797

alright, I think it's time to go and hit the image limit again bros
let's do this

>> No.8021800


>> No.8021807

Watching Elira-chyan

>> No.8021811

Hag with JK energy

>> No.8021822

Watching her wife.

>> No.8021824

She's a 5/10 and I'm being generous

>> No.8021826

Or maybe she’s just desperate?

>> No.8021830

Pomu and Selen don't overlap this week, the schedule is saved

>> No.8021833

None of this is true que stupido

>> No.8021837

there are so many images to choose from, one just has to be very creative you know?

>> No.8021846

I've searched the entire archive for anything related to her. It doesn't exist.

>> No.8021860

image for image boards

>> No.8021868


>> No.8021872

I showed her my cake, she ate it

>> No.8021873

images that are unique
images that have some passion in them
images with ART

>> No.8021878

I was listening to this through shitty laptop speakers and thought it was Selen ranting, fucking lost it.

>> No.8021884

>She goes to alcohol parties with a skirt and no panties on
This is literally something that someone pulled out of their ass. She never said this

>> No.8021885

Pomu? Pomu pomu!

>> No.8021887

Stop getting my hopes up please. If a pic exists please post it.

>> No.8021910

so this is definitely Selen right?

>> No.8021912

after all, what's the point of an imageboard if we don't post images in it? it just makes this another forum, don't you think?

>> No.8021915

I hope Carol is in Wave 3

>> No.8021925

What? She said it in her apex stream. You can find the clip on yt.
finana uber

>> No.8021926

It's selens sister, Sien

>> No.8021932

I hope so too, just to see her have a menhera meltdown whenever Pomu appears in her chat

>> No.8021934

She’s qt

>> No.8021948

Anon, just pretend so roommate posters fuck off

>> No.8021951


>> No.8021953

Posting roommate pics is a bannable offense. They're in the archive

>> No.8021957

homu homu

>> No.8021958

Why is a woman watching vtubers?

>> No.8021960

This is my favourite image of Rosemi-sama

>> No.8021964

Post as many images as you can to reserve image slots for yourself when we hit image limit.

>> No.8021975

>Shitposters baiting doxxfags
Just cut out the middleman and suck each others’ dicks you absolute faggots

>> No.8021977

Nijisanji is a wonderful place. Such a colorful and soulful brand of vtubers. We must spread it! The power of variety! Drown the board with images, show the true power of Nijisanji in this imageboard!

>> No.8021986

Yeah if you're into girls with really round faces

>> No.8021992


>> No.8021995

>> No.8021996

if you really care, do your reps

>> No.8021997

Anon there are still TM threads on /v/ from time to time.

>> No.8022000

I like it

>> No.8022004

I got a stick for her right here haha

>> No.8022007

It was posted by a FFXIV schizo. That's all I'm going to tell you.

>> No.8022009

What would I look for? i've looked at every post under "finana roommate" "finana face" and every post with her past life's name.

>> No.8022020

spoopy pomy

>> No.8022024

No she didn't. Stop making up shit
If you actually watch the streams, it's because she's and exhibitionist as she later explained she does that sort of thing for the thrill and that was the first time she tried it

>> No.8022028

>check Rosemi's League stats
>she kept playing with some Zexttra person before the League stream
who the fuck is he? rrats?

>> No.8022029

Mother of all jinx

>> No.8022030

I'm Pomu!

>> No.8022036

Based carol godspeed wherever you are these days.

>> No.8022040

I'm sure you'll figure it out if you're that dedicated to seeing something you shouldn't.

>> No.8022043

Why doesn't Elira have no splits?

>> No.8022047

How else would they become vtubers themselves if not by watching other vtubers to draw inspiration from?

>> No.8022053

Show them the power. The power of Nijisanji! The power of EN! If we can carry a team all the way to the fucking finals of koshien then anything is fucking possible, ANYTHING!

>> No.8022054

>> No.8022060

Observe: Hands on hips

>> No.8022061

Oh my gah

>> No.8022065

>> No.8022068

I guess she didn't figure out where people put them beforehand.

>> No.8022070

She an*

>> No.8022075

Look on kiwifarms

>> No.8022076

That's her boyfriend (me)

>> No.8022077

Rin! sex!

>> No.8022079

more ara ara pomu

>> No.8022092

yeah we play from time to time

>> No.8022101

Literally BEGGING for sex!

>> No.8022106

>roommate posting for several threads
>/v/babbies whining about tierlists and graphics
>unironic spammer(s)
What the hell happened here?

>> No.8022108

>> No.8022115


>> No.8022122

How can you both confirm it and say i made it up?

>> No.8022130

>Pomu returns
>thread quality immediately plummets

>> No.8022131

The price of inclining

>> No.8022137

I heard the uber skirt clip. Still I find it hard to believe she would be knowledgeable about hentai if she had a lot of experience with men.

>> No.8022138

>> No.8022140

Shitposters? Falseflaggers? Doxxfags? FUCK THOSE GUYS! We don't need to give them the satisfaction they want. This is our fucking thread. We can show them the power. The power of Unity!

Also obligatory >we.

>> No.8022144

Probably just some random guy. I'd assume that she would use her own private account if she was playing with her friend.

>> No.8022150

Rosemi, Petra and Elira all have a secret stream saturday. Guess it's something from with other branches including JP, considering the three are the best jp speakers in EN

>> No.8022155

Don't worry, the Holobronies and their "shiny new toy" syndrome will be gone soon. EN2 reveal tonight.

>> No.8022160


>> No.8022169

Finana, you sleep in all day, cant you pick a diff slot.

>> No.8022173

Yo amo a esta sirena!

>> No.8022174

I'm still holding out hope for the Lazulight beach episode

>> No.8022179


>> No.8022204

>> No.8022209

they'll be pretty occupied, yeah

>> No.8022211

We all know of the Uber story. The alcohol parties part is the made up one

>> No.8022216

Elira's voice is seriously so damn sexy, honestly what kind of saint do you have to be in a past life to get gifted with pipes like that.

>> No.8022217

>> No.8022218

I want to lick the fish

>> No.8022220

We'll keep going. Higher and higher. ALL THE WAY UNTIL THE IMAGE LIMIT! LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOO!!!

>> No.8022226

The guy doing the WR speedrun for Ib showed up in Elira's chat after people commented on his video.

>> No.8022235

I don't know, he's posting images I made and aren't posted widely on the site, only here, so how else would he have them saved.

>> No.8022243

what is pomu saying?

>> No.8022247


>> No.8022249


>> No.8022253

Slut love! I want to marry this cute, sweet fish!

>> No.8022257

and she died

>> No.8022260

Of course Pomu gets the best design...

>> No.8022269

oh my god loli selen UOOOOOOO

>> No.8022274

Elira is making that guy's channel incline!!

>> No.8022277

Why are we trying to reach the image limit again?

>> No.8022285

oh come on have mercy on a brother

>> No.8022299

Elira is about to die of embarrassment!

>> No.8022300

wasn't it like only two games? it can easily be coincidence. she uses her main when she duos with me

>> No.8022306

The ERP they did last week saved Pomu's life

>> No.8022311

in what universe is that loli?
don't ever use mochi's pic again and get your eyes checked

>> No.8022316

Elira is so embarrassed!

>> No.8022318


>> No.8022320


>> No.8022339


>> No.8022342

RUMAO and dragoonfags thought it would be with a niji

>> No.8022343


>> No.8022345

I love Finana!

>> No.8022348

She is so fucking CUUUUUTE

>> No.8022350


>> No.8022352


>> No.8022353

I remember posting about this a few days ago and everyone told me it definitely wasn't even though it so obviously was lol.

>> No.8022358

At the same time?

>> No.8022366

Elira is sweaty.

>> No.8022371


>> No.8022373

Please be an international Gwelu collab

>> No.8022374

I dont see the problem

>> No.8022376

>> No.8022377

>Stinky sweaty fujo

>> No.8022378

>Pomu Rainpuff 【NIJISANJI EN】
>what if my stream is just watching your stream?

>> No.8022379

holy cringe

>> No.8022383

Oh god Elira's sweaty hnnnnnnnnnnghhhhhh the pit mole is gonna taste sooooog gooooooood

>> No.8022390

Well shit as long it's not with holoniggers I'll take the lesser of all evils

>> No.8022393


>> No.8022397

I literally don't have a problem with this.

>> No.8022399

I'm actually going to be legitimately upset if Zentreya manages to fuck this collab up as well. Literally 2 for 2 now, if he doesn't fucking do this shit properly I'd literally spam the fuck out of Anycolor's helpdesk about it...

>> No.8022400

Elira please I am thirsty

>> No.8022402

I thought Selen would be the one to shut that shit down...

>> No.8022403

DND partner

>> No.8022405

i know her main and i see you there too, faggot
wonder if she'll ever admit to having that bf

>> No.8022406

One day Rosemi will have a hot mic once she ends the stream and she will admit she thinks her watchers are naive suckers for buying into the her helpless act.

>> No.8022407

cheater/grifter and tts dragon....

>> No.8022408

nonononnononooooo Selen hates them, she is based. She hates them that is why she wasnt in the gmod collab she hates them nonono. She said so she is based this cant be happening

>> No.8022411

I love Finana so much...

>> No.8022424


>> No.8022427


>> No.8022434


>> No.8022435

Look at this sweaty stinky dragon
This musky hot dragon
This moisty smelly dragon
This drippy funky dragon
This sticky wet dragon
This odorous muggy dragon
This steamy soaked dragon
This fragrant damp dragon
This aromatic weeping dragon
This dewy odoriferous dragon

>> No.8022437

Elira wants to eat Pomu!

>> No.8022438

>Kanae liked her tweet
>collabs with fucking ZENTRAYA

>> No.8022442

That's fine, you're the faggots who did stuff with pink cat judas.

>> No.8022447

I don't mind but is that even real? doesn't seem to be there on the official Vshojo twitter

>> No.8022450

I don't mind the collab but where did it get announced? I can't find it anywhere

>> No.8022453

This would make me actually watch her.

>> No.8022456

>Don't have a problem with a scamming cheating whore and a tranny who ruined 2 collabs
You are a vshitfag, aren't you?

>> No.8022460

fuck you

>> No.8022463


>> No.8022464

Well this thread is going too fast
Here's for the rosebros


>> No.8022471

I know it’s for fun but I guess I can relate to her.

>> No.8022478

Froot showed it on her stream

>> No.8022481

be gone, chumfaggot.

>> No.8022491

That's always been her usual time. She used to stream later than that but pushed it earlier to not overlap too much with Pomu.
In this case, it's Pomu pushing her stream back from her usual time just for that day

>> No.8022494

Why do you guys hate Zen?
I don't really know much about vshojo except that they have the annoying TTS donations Twitch culture, but besides that they seem fine (from the highlight clips i've seen)

>> No.8022496

>Japanese flag
be proud of who you are.... don't cling to other races to feel better about yourself...

>> No.8022501

Based plank-sensei

>> No.8022510

Karen detected

>> No.8022516


>> No.8022517

Finana is the only good one left now that Selen has showed her true self. FUCK. Atleast fish wouldn´t stream with vshitjo

>> No.8022522

Blessed Rosemi koikatsu.

>> No.8022528

Stop fucking spoonfeeding newfags

>> No.8022531

Prepare for vshitters fans like this >>8022494
to come and defend their beloved tranny for the next 10 threads

>> No.8022532

Not like this Selen...

>> No.8022537

There will always be small bumps in the way. The road to success is never easy, but, at the end it'll all be worth it. You don't have to lose hope. The light will always be there at the end of the tunnel.

Everything has a reason. There is something to be gained from each experience. Every failure, every misstep. Nothing is free. Just believe. Believe in them, for they will succeed.

>> No.8022541

So, is every single EN branch of every single big company doomed to collab with fucking VSHOJO? For real? Can this fucking TTs dragon just fuck off?

>> No.8022542


>> No.8022544


>> No.8022546

How did plank know she was streaming this?

>> No.8022550

Not sure if you are joking, or if you are actually serious...

>> No.8022555

Ruined the big collab, political posting on twitter

>> No.8022562

they aren't all bad but some of them are and Zen is one of them with that shitty voice-to-text-to-voice shit

>> No.8022567

you should have posted the nsfw version to call in the meidos...

>> No.8022568

Lots of comments on his WR video mentioning Elira

>> No.8022571

Because VTubers for them only exist to provide a GFE and if it turns out boob dragon might have a dick, this causes existential panic.

>> No.8022573

The sexy, big booba dragon is still on.

>> No.8022574

Probably the first Selen stream I'll be skipping.
That's a damn shame her laugh will be drowned out by fucking TTS dragon.
Why did she lie to everyone about getting used to JP ping for an upcoming collab?

Reserving this image slot, bidding goes to whoever donates the largest superchat to Pomu in her return stream.

>> No.8022576

How do we save Petra/Rosemi? I feel like Selen is carrying gen 2 by herself.

>> No.8022579

People from Elira's stream commented on his video, and he got notifications for the comments and checked out Elira's stream.

>> No.8022587

Does that mean that Selen hates Pomu?

>> No.8022590

Based. Thank you Selen for filtering obnoxious fags

>> No.8022595

I am sad.

>> No.8022596

Oh no I guess I owe her a $20 supa like I promised in the thread a few days ago,

>> No.8022597

This is the third time NijiEN has collabbed with vshojo, don't you guys get fucking tired of raiding this thread every time it happens?

>> No.8022599

Hurts, don’t it?

>> No.8022600

Finana's hot. What makes you think she's desperate?

>> No.8022602

She's so damn cute...

>> No.8022613

Elira is playing her favorite game and Pomu is coming back and this is the state of the thread.

>> No.8022615

>> No.8022617

Well I am off the Slentrain and on to the two others now

>> No.8022618

He is a guy. Nothing wrong with that if you are upfront with it. Fuck him.

>> No.8022621

When I saw it on Rosemi's schedule I was hoping it would be something involving the Japanese branch. I'm looking forward to it. It's been great seeing all the branches interacting more since EN debuted.

>> No.8022624

I still watch VSHOJO, faggot. I just hate the TTS dragon. He's literally the worst between all of them for collabs.

>> No.8022626

This stream is amazing, it feels like a small ARG

>> No.8022628

Don’t act like you don’t like it

>> No.8022629


>> No.8022632

I saw someone posting about this when Froot initially announced the collab saying she just wanted to get used to big ping for playing with Froot.

>> No.8022633

I'm hoping this will be more like the Pomu-Melody collab, and less like the Gmod collabs.

>> No.8022639

>TTS Dragon
No. Froot's alright.

>> No.8022647

why do you guys post so fast

>> No.8022650

4th time, you forgot the Pomu-Mel collab

>> No.8022660

>> No.8022661

It is not might. It is a fact he has a dick.

>> No.8022662


>> No.8022663

Ollie... you should have collab with Selen you retarded zoomer

>> No.8022674

Thank god.

>> No.8022675

Pomu day at last...

>> No.8022679

>> No.8022682

I really cant figure out how this rpg maker game can be a "favorite game" of anyone. But hey, people are weird sometimes.

>> No.8022683

if you are mad at this, please leave the thread
we don't want you here

>> No.8022685

To all the tourists coming to the thread, no one here is surprised by this

>> No.8022686

They are doing great.

>> No.8022687

Yeah, fucking vshojo fans are getting unbearable every fucking time

>> No.8022692

wait shit, Elira's actually on WR pace isn't she? is this the run?

>> No.8022694

people are shitposting, and maybe 10 fags are mad

>> No.8022702

Solar dragon love! I love Elira!

>> No.8022703

That one was good so it doesn't count

>> No.8022708


>> No.8022710

>> No.8022711

>> No.8022712

>lives in indonesia

go away third world faggot.

>> No.8022713

>she wants to be Japanese
She's just like me!

>> No.8022715

Froot is good, but did we expect the TTS dragon to be there?

>> No.8022716

Go back to your twitch whores thread and stay there

>> No.8022720

I wish the peepee models for Koikatsu weren't so awful. Literally looks like a tube of toilet paper with a little spade on top.

>> No.8022721

Enjoy your ban anon
Don’t humor newfags and let them do their reps next time.

>> No.8022722

already doxxing the chuubas. this is just hlg

>> No.8022725


>> No.8022726

save us Ollie.

>> No.8022727

>he thinks that people here hates Froot

>> No.8022728

yo this is quality stuff, nice.

>> No.8022732

I was thinking of group collabs but yeah you're right, my bad

>> No.8022733


>> No.8022737

Elira is having such a good time.

>> No.8022740

>> No.8022741

>> No.8022758


>> No.8022761

here waiting for fish stream then pomu stream....

>> No.8022762


>> No.8022764

>> No.8022765


>> No.8022771

Fuck Japanese censorship laws. If it wasn't for that we'd probably have a better working/looking peepee.

>> No.8022774

Why would we get tired when the meltdowns are so increasingly entertaining. Stop having seizures and slitting your wrists every time it happens, and I’m sure Vshojofags will get tired of coming over to laugh at you.

>> No.8022779

Froot us unironically sexy as fuck all haters can't handle a beautiful woman like her

>> No.8022792

I do, whore

>> No.8022793

>> No.8022795


>> No.8022796

dude get a grip

>> No.8022798

>save us
>loud obnoxious zoomer

>> No.8022799

she got doxxed day 1

>> No.8022800

>why is this the best game of all time
Elira stop reading the threads during your streams...

>> No.8022803

We do, and unlike Nyanners what Froot did is actually something no society tolerates. The fact she's still in the vtuber scene is only because not enough people know about her crimes or care to air them publicly.

[This image slot reserved for Pomudachis ONLY]

>> No.8022805

And this is why Vshojo has to be bullied out of this board and then from vtubing

>> No.8022809

They are literally just going to sit around play Apex…

>> No.8022814

You butas better watch Rosemi!

>> No.8022821

holy shit she's ugly

>> No.8022823

still better than Z*ntreyo

>> No.8022825

Haha yes, my fellow "Vshojofag"

>> No.8022827

I'm already at the point where I'm just glad it's not e-celebs.

>> No.8022828

Unfortunately, they have the normalfag buff.

>> No.8022833

>> No.8022839

>go to their thread
>they're fearing shitposting
>read this thread
>it's all shitposting
yeah but it's all them huh?

>> No.8022841

Interesting choice of words

>> No.8022843

they really aren't, even TTS is better than someone who doesn't know when to shut the fuck up.

>> No.8022846

>only a third of the thread is images
this is sad

>> No.8022847

I don't give a shit about vshojo or whatever the fuck they did. The less tribalfags in their fanbase dictating who they can and can't collab with is better so I hope they collab with vshojo often so it sinks in that it's unavoidable and either stop whining and simply skip streams they don't like or fuck off

>> No.8022848

Boy, I am quite excited for Pomu's return!

>> No.8022850

Rosmei isn't tweeting much, I don't feel very hyped about her stream because of it
feels like she doesn't care about us

>> No.8022864

Okay faggot

>> No.8022865

We already knew it's gonna be TTS Dragon weeks ago. The only question was the other person. What I don't get is why Vshojo fags feel the need to raid this thread and "defend" their livers. Literally fighting windmills.

>> No.8022866

>> No.8022869

Yes, read this thread, it's all vshitertards trying to damage control and make everyone like their whores

>> No.8022870

This was already confirmed fake bro 5ch already got the real ones man

>> No.8022880

no shes Hmong

>> No.8022881

da pomker?!

>> No.8022884

You’re doing a really good job. Highly effective.

>> No.8022887

please understand it's holofaggots from the global thread mad Pomu beat their no talent shark in the baseball tournament.

>> No.8022889

>> No.8022891

All this seething while I’m watching my cute dragon have a great time

>> No.8022895

>>loud obnoxious zoomer
just like Selen. They would be perfect.

>> No.8022896

True, I’m gonna risk a ban just because my oshi is Finana . If this gets deleted but bot roomate posts, you know what to do

>> No.8022897

thats not even her.
real one is much fatter

>> No.8022903

and the faggots who have been shitting up the thread hours before the collab was announced was also them right? can you tell me if there are any vshojofags with us in this room right now?

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