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Mika what the fuck is this

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Looks kind of like something SrGrafo would draw...

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Also on the subject of Mika. Mika seems to be on the precipice of streaming as a boy. Kino incoming?

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I don't think I've heard her guy voice yet so I'm interested to see what it's like personally

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Still MVP in my heart

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I believe Cia's monster cock was hard everytime Taka read his line

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As was my monster cock.

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Oh hi Nara!

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/vt/ getting so fast today, hope this survive.

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Hana being super coot.

I still haven't finished Monstadht in Genshin though lel, I will remember none of this but I am here for Hana.

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Holy shit, Hana is actually collabing with Lilypichu


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fyck it bros, I'm gonna marry Siska right now!

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Unrelated to that but I see Hana straight up tweeted the link to Ollie's new outfit stream. Just completely casual as if it's the most normal thing to do despite them being from different agencies. I really respect Hana for doing things like that. And I know Ollie does the same kind of stuff so of course I respect her too.

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Hana was right!

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The Indonesian vtuber scene is the truest of unity. Even if you're just a small-number PNGtuber, someone with the biggest number will still not hesitate to connect with you. It really anything doesn't matter as long as we're willing to connect ourselves.

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Almost forgot what today is.

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Mika looking like they forgot about her and added her into the image at the last minute.

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I'm still laughing so hard at Mika for blurting out 'pain peko' at their recent gen collab

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The catalog is moving so fast

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Sometimes I really wish the VTuber fad would fizzle out so that all the bandwagoners get bored and move on and the ones that stick around are the ones who are actually genuinely interested.

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it's not even hobby tourists shitting up the board, it's just /qa/utists taking advantage by making low effort threads to epicly troll and bait le vtumour faggots.

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My headcanon

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WOWOWOWOW Independence Day!

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NijiID and indo vtubers are my only source of national pride these days

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Maha5 is fighting the ender dragon now. I figured I'd bring it up here since there's no Maha5 thread.

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Watch out for that tree!

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Happy for you boss. Will we get shy & seiso Hana or wild fangirling Hana, time will tell.ddvry

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Usual season for shitpost.

Also I'm surprised that staff-san didn't make anything for niji17lomba knowing how over diligent he is.
It's just rrat but this situation kinda similar to calm before the storm. Either we will get new event close by or staff-san busy preparing handphone collab or we can expect something special from niji id 2nd anniversary.

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The 33rd post will be a bump for you guys

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Good luck, Riksa!

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They probably already giving all their budget to handphone collab hence why theres no official independence event.
Speaking of which looks like Zea is the one who organizes the unofficial event (ironically NijiID twitter account post about the event)

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aren't they preparing for the anniv project on september and that one event on 21-22 august right now?

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They don't even join beeg ID unity collab by MuseID which results in this gem https://youtu.be/Ce87eFO2XE4

Heck even holoID comes in and that is really says something

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Could be an invitational project, not every ID big names were participating in it.

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This song singlehandedly restored my national pride

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>not every ID big names were participating in it
Aside from Niji who's not in there? Mind you, they got holo,MAHA5,Yume and 2 indies with over 100k subs, they really do have the top names in ID vtubers, even with the indies

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I love how Zea pronounces Axolotl as Aseloletel

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looking a bit from the thumbnail, Kanna tamachi and Chloe Pawapua. there should be more but i haven't check that stream yet.

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Big names here refer to the individual chuubas. Even amongst the agencies there, only a selected number of people from them that participated, hence why I said not every big names.

Also weird that the project didn't include Niji there. If this is a purely voluntary initiative by MuseID, then NijiID would almost certain be participating since they are one of the most active in collabs between ID agencies.

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just checked the video and there's kanna so scratch that one out.

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Is Metanoia in there?

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>giving all their budget to handphone collab
What are you talking about? At most niji id just providing illustration for the packaging.

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Maybe the roster was already too big when they first made the project and the song isn't long enough to fit that many people

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I mean illustration for big company is pretty expensive especially when livers paid to promote the item. That's basically the same thing with JKT48

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Oh yeah?

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So will the 50th

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She does Apex gorillaz pretty often, you won't have to wait too long\

Also can I just say I'm really impressed by her skill for someone so new, not quite up to Selen tier but close to Bon's skill level at least

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New group, so it's expected.

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still is, have a page 11 bump indog bros

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We gotta at least keep the thread alive until the Hana/Lily collab, even if it's a dead day

I command it! Everyone dump cute NijiID pictures!

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ok cute not good enough I guess, Etna titty then

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Flower sisters!

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Some people's voices get more high pitched when they're excited, I think we've discovered a new level of Hana excitement where she gets so excited that she starts to sound British.

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The collab is already very cute

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might be the case. beside that, it seems many of the NijiID members are busy with something. Wave 1 and wave 2 are busy with their RL works and study (a bit of doubt on Riksa since he has time to do long DS stream). regarding wave 3, Nara is helping Zea with her MC event while Layla just got some sudden work from what i see of her tweet few days ago (don't know about Azura since i didn't follow her much). About wave 4, Etna is on her "training" right now (if my guess is correct, she is on her college orientation month right now). Bonni and Siska might be able to join but since it is a music project, i don't think they want to be part of it since they are not confident with their singing skill. On wave 5, Derem is focusing on her own cover project right now, Nagisa feels like isolated from other id vtuber sphere, and Reza's schedule is so weird that i don't know whether he is sleeping at night, morning or afternoon. as for wave 6, they're still new and might feel reserved to join a big project for now. this all comes from my own personal observation so i could be wrong about many things.

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Hope there will be sequel collab between our boss and Lily. Finger crossed she will get opportunities to collab with ange someday.

>> No.8101272

I'd love to know how on earth Riksa supports himself, with how common 9 hour streams are for him he seems to have absolutely no life outside of VTubing.

>> No.8101343

Doesn't he say he's a freelancer?
I have no idea how the gig economy works in Indonesia though

>> No.8101346

Is this building convos deck arc? So damn cute, too damn sweet.

>> No.8101518

If I'm not wrong he said that his marathon stream is his way of taking break or the way he rewards himself after finishing his deadlines.

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Hana's slowly starting to converse normally with Lily, albeit very slowly

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Lily called Hana hot and she is dying lmao

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A caffeine-infused inhaler? Is that possible/legal?

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Hana got into League because of Lily and Lily is sorry for it :D

>> No.8103465

Try to see one of their account, theres a chance they promote the smartphone

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>Nagisa isolated
Elaborate please, I havent watched her streams

>> No.8104334

i don't mean that as in she is being avoided by other people. what i'm trying to say is that she is rarely interact with other vtuber (at least on twitter) to be comfortable to join on some project or collab outside niji id. but like i say, it all comes from my own personal observation so there might be parts that i got it wrong or missed.

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Maybe she's not that confident intetact with people if her design is like that(?) But then again if you watch Nekopara collab and Valtheim Collab sometimes she breaks her own character to something like layla or adult nagisa

>> No.8105907

How would that be illegal? Caffeine isn't an illegal substance.

>> No.8106364

What a collab, it warms my heart seeing my oshi's dreams literally come true. uwu

>> No.8106476

I'd imagine that tampering with medical devices could be illegal in some countries/provinces/states/cities. I doubt it's something you'd get arrested for unless someone were to die from using an inhaler you tampered with while they were having an emergency.

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Not in the song but they do joined Muse Minecraft event yesterday which even Kurumi joined in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FTxUz8l_Fc&t=0s

>> No.8108366

isn't that just an e-cigarette liquid with caffeine?

>> No.8109639

the design isnt the problem, she knew what she was getting into when she auditioned, she clearly knows her mama.
But nagisa seems the most disconnect from everyone, she tends to rarely collab, her content doesnt crossover much and she tends to keep to herself.
I at least know a few things about every liver but nagisa is an enigma to me even when i went out of my way to learn stuff about her.

>> No.8110325

You're saying that she's managed to keep her personal info private? Because that's actually a good thing.

>> No.8110686

I have a few theories.
My guess is Nagisa feels her character might be disruptive in broader collabs. She not only has to use her character voice the whole time but also stick to her character, which relies pretty heavily on loli roleplay and a simplistic and childish manner of speaking. It limits what conversations she can participate in collabs a lot since she's also not a mesugaki. She might also feel a bit self-conscious given her low viewer numbers.

An obvious workaround is that she can drop the voice for a bit when she does a collab, her regular non-character voice is very cute too if a bit too close to Layla's, but that would also kind of give off the wrong impression of her channel, which is to act as a very young imotou character who streams. She also seems pretty dedicated to staying in character just like Derem, but unlike Derem her character voice seems to be a lot more straining.

Hard to say what can be done about this honestly.

>> No.8110819

Also to add on top of this, a lot of NijiID and other Nijis in general do only minor kayfabe (ZEA, Derem etc) or none at all (Hana, most of the ENs etc.) and collabing with someone who does such heavy character roleplay already means extra effort on the part of other collab partners. It might also be that Nagisa isn't big on the spotlight in the first place, hence why like Hana she requested not to be a part of Koishien.

>> No.8110971

no i was saying shes just reclusive.
didnt hana say she wasnt in because lottery is the lottery, unless i missed something.

>> No.8111048

I'd heard that Hana and Nagisa had opted out so it wasn't actually possible for them to pop up in the lottery, but perhaps I'd heard wrong.

>> No.8111061

Not to disrespect what she's doing, but... how hard can it be to act like you're streaming with a child? I cannot imagine it being that much effort for the other people involved.

>> No.8111288

Really depends I guess. I've seen it done well with an indie streamer on Twitch called Lilyhops, but again, because of the character people might feel the need to restrict themselves or act differenty. Imagine if she collabed with Finana for example kek. We probably might see a different side of Finana but she'd definitely have to tone down her raunchiness.

>> No.8111289

Another convention

>> No.8111535

i don't think Nagisa would mind raunchiness or any of the kind considering she has done that Nekopara voice dub collab with other niji id member but who knows.

>> No.8111686

i mean its probably as hard as any kayfabe acting, pretty challenging, its hard to act like someone your not.
if nagisa did opt out, i feel like it wouldve been a miss opportunity on her part since her design would work well in koishien's style.
also considering her mama too, when your mama made a funni meme of hitler spanking a loli, you're probably okay with raunch stuff

>> No.8111713

Oh right, I forgot about that.
I've heard her make some adult jokes before and there's that stream yeah but she obviously tends to mostly avoid them to stay in character. Other livers also might feel weird making adult jokes around a loli character even if they themselves know she's an adult and like loli, since there's a real person playing that character.

But again, who knows! I'm sure she could make it work because as I've said, I've seen vtubers who play loli characters who can collab just fine. Another theory is that she might just not be great at networking outside of social media.

>> No.8111789

*non-mesugaki loli character, just to clarify

>> No.8111914

we need a group of lolis in nijisanji ID
ideally 3 lolis

>> No.8111964

Ask me how I know the fat guy only has ten views per stream.

>> No.8112010

2nd from the right at the top?
less viewers than that

>> No.8112172

If the implication is because he's an ugly fat guy, I must point you to Gwelu Os Gar who also has an ugly design and is inexplicably very popular.

>> No.8112193

oi gwelu is a dilf

>> No.8113882

miyu is cute

>> No.8114022


I hope she streams again4tkjp soon.

>> No.8115323

Gomen, I appear to have had a seizure mid-sentence.

>> No.8115452

He is legendary joke character comparable to tooth fairy anon.

>> No.8115866

Who is he? I just looked through the entire list of Nijisanji on the wiki and I cannot find him.

>> No.8116236

old character design that never debuted. i might remember it wrong, but i think it was only put up for audition once and then didn't end up debuting. kinda became a meme during the last koushien. he was in shiina's team and was an mvp during the whole thing.

>> No.8117616

Xia take the wheel

>> No.8118021

Yeah, seems like she's so busy with IRL stuff RN
I hope she says a lot of peepeepoopoo in this stream to fill up my monthly pipis miyu quota

>> No.8118935

i wish i were taka

>> No.8119715

You will have to be able to take Cia's monster cock in the ass

>> No.8120326

>she actually managed to escape a Heat level 4 chase on her first try

Fuck, she's so lucky. The cop AI gets real nasty by Heat level 3, even if you have a good car.

Granted, she did it with an Evo X, but still.

>> No.8121368

doc is horny as fuck today like holy moly

>> No.8125360


>> No.8125904

>> No.8127421

>> No.8127449

Thank you Raihand, I will

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>> No.8133710

Seer kinda looks like Reza when you think about it.

>> No.8135344

Lily's new art of Hanma

>> No.8135533

It's funny cuz my JP oshi applied to play his character (and all the other ones in the batch) so there is a timeline where the fat guy is played by a shotacon
Fun fact the brown haired guy on the top left is also a design created in 2019 that only debuted last month

>> No.8136290

If you want to become vtuber esp corporate one, you need to watch some of Hana & Reza stream. They're always talking a lot about content creation, interaction between vtuber or with fans, Glimpses of corpos point of views, etc.

>> No.8137659

Almost every art that Rai made always either cursed or too horror

>> No.8137893

Your oshi is Kenmochi?

>> No.8140891


>> No.8141784

Has anyone heard the beautiful way that Cia says Elira's name?

>> No.8142157

Nope, Akina, Kenmochi is a lolicon

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>> No.8150177

Looks like Hana and Elira have been getting along quite well, I always thought they were kind of similar

>> No.8150215


>> No.8150337

She's a throat clearing machine. Truly the throat goat.

>> No.8151273 [DELETED] 

Has anyone thought about streaming to collab with some cute ID members? These guys only recently got over the 2 digit viewer hurdle, think what you could do with help of some bots

>> No.8153034

I tried streaming for a bit but I realized I'm too introverted to enjoy streaming and would much rather be doing something else with my free time.

Hanging out with your oshi is not really a strong enough motivator for doing something like streaming, a good amount of motivation must come from within.

If I do make it big in other forms of content maybe I'd take a shot at streaming again and then possibly mingle with some ID chuubas (the Jaret route) but that's super unlikely.

>> No.8156190

Derem being a good senpai and guiding petra back to feesh, bless her

>> No.8158230

Derem and Riksa... again... Is it just me or is it always Derem and Riksa?

>> No.8161322

I read that scarra's a Vtuber too now....why ID tho?

>> No.8161710

You seem to be lost, the fatass in OP pic is Eudrick

>> No.8161805

Holy shit, like the guy from Dragon Quest? They know he's the true hero of Nijisanji.

>> No.8163948

Okay, time to pull out the ol' standby.
Which NijiID has the biggest butt?

>> No.8164025

Which NijiID are the most popular in viewership in a top 5? Hana, Bobon and Siska?

>> No.8166619

Bobon, duh

>> No.8171045

bobon and mika collab

>> No.8171116

Do Indonesians even play or watch baseball?

>> No.8171323

Never. I often play cricket in my elementary school but after that I never touch batting sport again. But i play soccer, volleyball, badminton & basket a lot

>> No.8171382


>> No.8172190

my junior highschool play baseball as part of curiculum before and let me tell you The bat is too damn heavy

>> No.8172299

These two fucking or what?

>> No.8172799

Sadly other that Badminton the only popular sport's in Indonesia is 11 vs 11 field boxing

>> No.8173148


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File: 714 KB, 2405x3450, E6zvE5MVcAIuFzC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mika fearing Hana's wrath

>> No.8173801

Even though she has nothing to fear lol, Hana probably will die laughing when she sees the VoD

>> No.8175304

I suppose this explains why I didn't see any Indonesians at the Olympics.

>> No.8175821

Football is pretty popular to watch, but our national team sucks and the football federation is kinda corrupt/incompetent/scandalous (FIFA suspended us a few years back) and the league has lots of supporter hooligan violence so people mostly watch european leagues

I've heard our current youth team is decent but IDK if that will mean much

>> No.8178923

Trully the cursed stream I've ever seen especially with piss jokes

>> No.8179402

Is Bobon attracted to younger women or are they naturally attracted to his daddy energy? That is the question.

Also Bon telling everyone that he hasn't been sleeping with Hana was funny as fuck.Truly a moment we can only get with NijiID given how close they live.

>> No.8182593

I think it's the latter, from what I have seen younger girls tend to feel more attraction to mature-looking males, or as you put it, with daddy energy.
>Also Bon telling everyone that he hasn't been sleeping with Hana was funny as fuck.Truly a moment we can only get with NijiID given how close they live.
I laughed pretty hard at this, gotta love the kind of dynamics ID (and Niji really) has kinda wish EN will be similar, but I'm not getting any hopes I'm so rewatching the VOD as soon as I figure out why I have so much trouble making myself do so.

>> No.8182728

Bon is definitely going to get in trouble with Hana for saying that lmao, my guess is she's already planning some kind of onstream revenge. Also the fact that he specifically mentioned Hana is a little sus, don't you all think? Not to make rrats here but... Bon said it, not me.

>> No.8183751

Not gonna lie this kind of stuff, when done jokingly, amuses me greatly, I'm a Starsfag and the whole "Roberu fucks all of Animare" thing has been a source of great amusement for me.

>> No.8184167


>> No.8185107

I don't think it'll ever be as possible for the ENs to be as close as the IDs but Elira at least tries to keep them pretty united

>> No.8186050
File: 20 KB, 597x240, 1604343350450.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8188857

Tbh, I think Pomu is the one that unites EN the most, she is sociable and charismatic enough that pretty much everyone in EN is already pretty attached to her, but yeah, I doubt EN will ever be anywhere close to ID, regardless of how Elira wishes for that, especially in the male-females dynamics and interactions department
Heh, fitting description.

>> No.8189101

I do feel part of why nijiID has the culture it does is because of taka, riksa and rai existing so early on.

nijien hasnt got any males to play off of from their own branch and while they do play with the niji id guys, thats more so happenstance then intentional.

having a male be part of the wave dynamic especially early on in a branchs life helps keep the waves from being a girlsclubs, which has a limited amount of dynamics, just look at holoEN, all the girls are pretty distant from each other despite knowing each other for a year.

Imagine if ID wave 1 had nara instead of taka, zea probably would be the same as she is now since nara and her hit it off well in this timeline but i feel like hana wouldnt be able to function much since she literally melts with any girl interacting with her which could've resulted in hana becoming even more timid.

hana in general just shows how having a guy around is a boon since she never just joins into one of the other girls calls unannounced, having someone she can just mess around with helps her confidence in being herself.

In the end i get the feeling EN will end up being a mix of JP and ID's cultures, the groups will be small but strong like JP but they'll over all be comfortable with the general branch even if they dont interact much publicly like ID

>> No.8190279

Pomu is impressive, she started off the least popular but gained a huge fanbase through sheer charisma. I have a good feeling about her future.

>> No.8190421

That's what I thought too, having a male in the branch early on could have changed the dynamics a bit, made male collabs and interactions outside the branch easier and given future males an easier time integrating into the group (especially since it seems the waves will be gender segregated) but alas it seems like it's already too late and the girls haven't really done much in regards to actually connecting with males and have kept those to a minimun and pretty tame.
Kinda dissapointing, since male-female interactions is one of the reasons why I like Niji and why I have been taking a pretty big liking to NijiID (well, that and Bobon's voice is too good to pass), was hoping that NijiEn would give me more, but it was not meant to be it seems...
Oh well, btw is it just me or the board has been pretty fast today? Some of the slower generals have been struggling with staying alive until bump limit, a bit sad if I'm honest, those are very comfy.

>> No.8190567

HoloEN2 was announced recently so the board has been under continuous attack for the last week or so. The actual debut date is August 21 so prepare for that to be a pretty hellish day.

>> No.8191691

Ah, true, though I could have sworn that it was starting to slow down already... This saturday is gonna be hard...
True, she has done a pretty good job in bringing attention to NijiEn, both intentionally and unintentionally, Elira too has been doing some work, especially with the KR branch, Finana too with people from outside Niji, it's pretty nice to see, hope they also continue to bond more with the IDs too.

>> No.8193548
File: 940 KB, 2480x3508, CatboyEjak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Catboy alt outfit for Ejak onegai

>> No.8196080

I do hope NijiEN will have the same or similiar energy to NijiID. If only we have male NijiEN (without any drama backstory) then they can definitely unite the branch.

>> No.8196297

Aren't there gonna be like four?

>> No.8196908

I would like to hope so too, but I won't, I would just be setting myself to be dissapointed again, seeing how things have gone so far, as it is though I have trouble seeing it happen honestly.
We don't know, for all intent and purposes, Anycolor just posted the announcement with zero preparations, plans or anything, the announcement didn't even show any design or whatver for the male wave unlike the third wave announcement, so who knows how many we will get when they come.

>> No.8199479
File: 225 KB, 743x813, myah Ejak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's really into this catboy role huh
Between this and the e-girl, I guess too much DM-ing really does turn you gay

>> No.8199709

Whoa, Elira can speak Indonesian? Jouzu desu ne!

>> No.8199920

Bobon taught her a bit when she popped up on his job

>> No.8199953

did i say job i meant chat I'm retarded

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i like her

>> No.8200090

She's really sweet and I'm really grateful for her.
Her journaling stream really helped me get into the habit of organizing my thoughts and feelings when I was having a rough time

Sounds like a small unimportant thing to be grateful for, but it's the little things that count yknow.

>> No.8200401

Well technically you were still right.

>> No.8200472
File: 808 KB, 2480x3507, E6LFclXVkAIcVmB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm also very grateful for Layla in general too. Kudos to her for sticking to her guns and being one of the few educational vtubers.

>> No.8202899

bless laylas soul

>> No.8203283

Elira committing to memory what Bon told her and then trying to show off her knowledge during the collab is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

>> No.8206796

What is this game Derem is playing? It reminds me of those PC games I used to see all the time in Walmart for $10 or less

>> No.8207150

It's a hidden object game, they're actually quite popular with casual gamers. I even see commercials for them on TV. I see them on mobile a lot but there's actually a fuckton of them on Steam.

I haven't played them but I would assume the mobile versions probably have some aggressive monetization whilst the PC versions are just regular games.

>> No.8207384


>> No.8208008
File: 69 KB, 649x680, 1625404389420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

enter Derem

>> No.8208350

don't mind if i do

>> No.8208439

Holy shit I just found out that Selen stole hundreds of cookies from Nara. What is Nara going to do about this?

>> No.8208496
File: 745 KB, 1303x600, efsdgsadsa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

make more cookies lol

>> No.8208498


>> No.8208840

Ocean Law

>> No.8208952

Do burgers reduce your geography knowledge?

>> No.8209015

shes got beefbrain pls uderstnd

>> No.8209175

who are the top 5 most popular in nijiid for live viewers?

>> No.8209265

To be fair Texas is a Spanish word like half the state names in America so there is some logic to what she was saying. Perhaps unintentionally.

>> No.8209348

>Bonnivier (if apex)

>> No.8209415

Mika is so powerful, apparently sounding like Hana is all it takes.

>> No.8209492

Cia gets 200+ reguarly now and Siska also get crazy high numbers at random, if we're gonna numberfag they'd probably be higher than Miyu.

>> No.8209640

I honestly never pay attention to the live views, at least not intentionally, passing glance at most.
everyone outside of hana gets around 90-600 views from what i can remember.

>> No.8210070

Mika has a pretty noticeable accent though whereas Hana can go full on google translate English if she wants to. Though they both have silly zoomer humor moments and make funny noises so I can see why people compare them, though Hana tends to be more ironic with it.

Yeah in the grand scheme the differences are negligible, best to just support who you like and not worry about it.

>> No.8210129

Mika's also quite fluent in grammar (both formal and colloquial) and internet lingo which makes her sentences somewhat similar with Hana's

>> No.8210210

bonni skyrim

>> No.8210293

As someone who follows EPL for a long time, her eFootball stream is great. She feels like your football freak friend who casually throwing insults whenever your supported team is underperformed.
And yes, Arsenal is shit

>> No.8210423

honestly mika is a just a native indo hana, i know hana hates the gen 0 shit but she always felt more comfortable with using english then ID but thats comes with ID being her 3rd language.
plus the spark that hana had for streaming has faded a lot where mika is bright eyed like hana was when she started.

on that topic, i feel like hana is the closest to calling it quits out of all the members, she really feels like she barely wants to stream these days, maybe the lily collab will make her feel better but i doubt it considering this years track record.

>> No.8210504

that’s not unimportant at all, anon. i’m happy she’s had a positive impact on your life! i just thought her design was cute. sounds like i’ll have to give her a watch.

>> No.8210613

If Hana doesn't want to stream that's fine but I wish she'd stick around even just so she could tweet about whatever she's feeling at the moment. The thought of completely losing Hana is too depressing.

>> No.8210652


>> No.8210749

i rarely watch hana, but i doubt she would graduate as long as 3set is around. i think she loves taka and zea too much to actually graduate and leave them as a duo/disband 3set. they are the "face" unit of id.

>> No.8210882

While you make a good point, I just remembered how Nijisanji explicitly has two year contracts for its livers and I just realized that date is coming up next month for Hana and the other two, so I think I am about to spend an entire month panicking wondering if she's going to cut herself loose or not.

>> No.8212547

Well she already said that she felt burned out after for few years. Not only that I think she's close to writing a final report for college like Miyu. That being said I don't think she's gonna graduate, but it's just she is going to let herself have relax day either alone or with friends

>> No.8213780


>> No.8215712


>> No.8219797

I just got my O2Ponkotsu, i hope i'll get my AstraWIFI dose soon

>> No.8219920

Bobon's skyrim stream is absolute hilarious, I hope he plays the game tommorow and also nothing happened during the stream again

>> No.8222368
File: 92 KB, 1080x720, Bump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8223326

I just realized that Ejak is live https://youtube.com/watch?v=ORrPoXsF8-I

>> No.8225718


>> No.8226733

(Hana's dad voice) E!

>> No.8228461

Thanks. So it's Bobon and Hana as I expected. But I thought Siska was more popular? I remember seeing her above 400 views a lot.

It's also interesting to me how Mika is so high rn, although that could be a buff from debut.

>> No.8228514

I haven't thought about it before but with how burned from streaming she is, I think she's the more likely, even more after almost 2 years of streaming.

>> No.8228627

please can I haz timestamp?

>> No.8229125

Just watch the entire stream my good man.

>> No.8231143
File: 18 KB, 360x360, 1627580680719.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Hana!

>> No.8233506

Honestly, even though I don't watch much of Hana, I would be really sad if she decided to graduate, she is a nice person and pretty entertaining too and you can clearly tell she loves NijiID and it's members, but at the same time, seeing how things have been for her and how she seems to be really burn-out and tired, it would be pretty undestandable...
Godammit anons, I was already going through a pretty bad period emotionally and mentally speaking and now I'm also going to have this on top of me as well.

>> No.8233908

I have to say, today is the worst I've seen this board in a long time. I'm amazed our thread is surviving all this.

>> No.8234484

Just wait untl tomorrow, chance are that the board will be even worse.
The slower generals are going to be in for an awful time tomorrow.

>> No.8234936

I'm honestly an inch away from qutting /vt/ permanently, feels like there's less and less reason to come here. It just gets me riled up when things associated with vtubers are supposed to calm me down.

>> No.8236396

Damn, I hope nothing happens. Zea and Hana makes me worried.

>> No.8236643

Siska is more stable & higher avrg imo. She is really popular with local & i think xia will going to that route too.

Me too, heck the only thread that i regularly visit just niji id thread, but if i'm bored i usually take peek at fps & jp thread.

>> No.8237435

zea is fine shes got nara and shes just busy.
but yeah hanas the one to worry about.

>> No.8237672

I'd worry about Taka too, the thing is even if they seem happy right now they'd still have to commit to another two years. So even if they enjoying the job there's no guarantee they enjoy it enough to keep going for that long. I hope they're all willing to continue but we can only wait and see.

>> No.8237831

i think the 2 years may just be a contract renewal time frame, i doubt they wouldn't let them graduate at any time if they needed to, i mean quite a few nijilivers have graduated before and after the renewal period, heck some havent streamed in years but are still signed on

>> No.8238088

Yeah, that's true. I'm just thinking of the Lulu situation and how she didn't really give any indication she was planning to quit before she announced it.

>> No.8238313

She actually did, she announced her radio show with Lize ending a while before graduating, as well as her various breaks that got explained later on as breaks due to dealing with stalkers legally. Kind of why the board shitposted about her being next

>> No.8238316

Honestly, same, nowadays I just stick to some generals (the Holostars and Niji related ones) 'cause most of the time the catalogue is filled with garbage, there's sometimes something good but it tends to be few and far between.
I do like hanging around since I have learned some things that have made my experience with vtubers more interesting but at the same time I have learned some things that have made pretty dissilutioned with the medium.
The NijiEn general is the perfect example of that, it can be nice to hang around in and I have learned some interesting things there, but it can also go to hell very quick and I have learned some things that have affected my enjoyment of the group negatively.

>> No.8238437

I dunno, Hana being stalked seems impossible since there's no doxx information about her. However Moona in the other hand is having the same crisis as Lulu and there's an attempt on breaking in to her house too

>> No.8238670

I like being here just to see the dark side of some vtubers as well as some people ranting about their oshi

>> No.8238770

Shitposters aside this is the only place where I can anonymously oshipost with like minded people. I just pin generals I like and try to bump them.

>> No.8239368

I'm glad HoloEN2 made the smart decision of not revealing their voices in the trailer, you just know there would be people trying to dox them already but as it is nobody knows anything until debut. At which point the excitement of the debut will drown it out.

>> No.8240628

Yeah not only that but YouTube seems acting quite aggresive to channel without videos like a lot of empty channel might lose subscriber because of it

>> No.8242924

How bad is the knowledge you learned? like roommate level or past actions they've done that you dont agree with them doing.

>> No.8243910

Ejak last valentine relay was kino, that's why i feel excited for today singing relay. I wonder if nara will sing one of VoV song.

>> No.8245250

I have learned that the Indonesian word for hundred is ratus.

>> No.8247157

choo choo train otakus wake up

>> No.8247952

Nothing too bad desu, in fact it's all pretty dumb when I really sit down and think about it, it's just that I have spent so long in this board and have become aware of a lot of things that have caused me to become pretty dissilutioned with the medium specially the female side and the general making me painfully aware of the members falling into some of that stuff, which was particulary dissapointing since one of the reasons why I started to get into Niji was to escape many of those things and I hoped that NijiEn would follow those footsteps and be different from the groups that caused my dissilution in the first place, only for them to fall into them pretty hard, especially Lazulight.
That, combined with the general negativity that tends to infest that general affecting my currently unstable mentality more than I would like to admit, has lead to me starting to fall into some pretty negative trains of thought that have been affecting my enjoyment of them.
Kek, I had a good laugh with that, thanks anon.

>> No.8247974
File: 333 KB, 1148x764, Station.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she's reviewing train stations? nice

>> No.8248575
File: 115 KB, 1072x1072, 1609598469545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>keeps doing English streams about trains
She knows.

>> No.8248818 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 332x354, 1622043177545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I asked about Stellaris a few weeks ago and you guys recommended me Layla. She's great and I'm watching her train station stream right now.
Which NijiID enunciates every syllable when she speaks indonesian? I'm doing bahasa indonesia reps and I need someone slow enough I can follow along to.
I know there's the vtuber wiki but it's useless as fuck when I'm trying to learn something other than basic shit.

>> No.8248866

Yeah it is dumb but don't feel too dumb
That's just the effect 4chan has on people, you see things you might not want to see and have no one to blame but yourself for coming here to see what some anon posted

Do try to hide the shit threads and only stick to threads you enjoy, the others aren't worth your time and sanity

>> No.8249684

to clarify: you feel like you have no one to blame but yourself but it's also the hypothetical other anon's fault, the one who made the thread shitty

>> No.8249793

Niji ID tv tropes is more helpful than their wiki. I want to suggest zea but she still on break, maybe you can try mika or reza. Speaking of english stream, Cia will do english stream in Sunday/Saturday burger time. Derem often do english week, if she posted her english week, I'll repost it in here.

>> No.8250145 [DELETED] 

Gotcha, thanks.

>> No.8254479

Thanks anon, needed that, thankfully I can filter most shit thread already but some are honestly such a coinflip in their quality that I can never know how they are at the moment until I check them nor how long it will take them to go to hell, but I will se what I can do.
Same honestly, which only makes leaving this shithole, even if only for a while harder.

>> No.8254544

I have to ask, what is it that made you disillisioned? and did you make a post like this recently in another thread on the other board? Because if not you're apparently not alone in thinking that

>> No.8255523

If I'm being honest I wouldn't really be able to say what exactly is it about vtubers that have made me so disilutioned nor explain the why's, I know a big one is the whole parasocial angle that seems to surround vtubers more than I have seen/experienced in other areas of content creation but beyond that I honestly wouldn't how to put my problems into words and make sense at the same time.
If you are talking about the previous /jp/ Holostars thread then yeah, that was me, kinda wanted to take the chance to vent a little after seeing the thread shift into a discussion about gachikoi behavior and needing to distance yourself when needed, honestly I think I just need to vent about this stuff but this board (whenever the discussion shifts into one where I can mention this stuff) is basically the only place where I can do it, since I don't know anyone who knows about vtubers and could understand my situation (or that actually know how to listen), but I don't really like doing so unless the discussion at the moment allows for it and even then I try to contain myself significantly

>> No.8255700

The parasocial angle makes me hesitant sometimes when certain things happen on stream tbqh.
And, I stopped browsing that general when the girls are on because the amount of bait eating is astronomical yet it gets peaceful at 5am EST.

>> No.8256089

youre not alone on feeling this way, even the well known dedicated nijisenjas as of late have been becoming discontent with hana, not in a dislike kind of way, it seems they still love her a lot but they're disillusioned with her because shes sorta neglectful, though one of them said he doesnt blame her too much, shes her own person and cant spend all her time validating fans.

>> No.8257066

Is there any English translation for the puchisanji id clips? They look interesting but i cant understand Indonesian and not all of them have fan translate in comment.

>> No.8257210

Yeah, same, speaking of NijiEn, Finana in particular makes me feel conflicted since I do like her and appreaciate how open and blunt she can be (I was actually considering getting her membership), but at the same time it's pretty obvious where she wants to go and I just don't feel like I can continue with her if she does go that way.
Also, speaking of that general, I find it kinda funny how some anons blame dead hours for the shittyness of the thread when if anything it's during dead hours that they are at they're best.
I'm sorry, but I don't think I quite get the situation you are describing and how it relates to mine, since mine is more that I don't like how much some vtubers lean into parasocial angle (among other stuff) than vtubers "neglecting" their fans and that stuff.
Sorry if I didn't really get what you meant, it's late and I haven't slept much so I'm a bit unfocused currently.

>> No.8257391

>Finana in particular makes me feel conflicted since I do like her and appreaciate how open and blunt she can be (I was actually considering getting her membership), but at the same time it's pretty obvious where she wants to go and I just don't feel like I can continue with her if she does go that way.
I cannot for the life of me figure out what this is supposed to mean. Finana does not strike me as someone with a plan.

>> No.8257852

oh sorry i meant it in a general sense of vtuber disillusionment and just a case of it in niji ID

>> No.8258749


I try to resist the parasocial energy by treating vtubers like a slice of life anime that always has an update everyday

But then again that can still be kindof similar to a parasocial relationship I guess, even people get overly attached to wholly fictional characters sometimes

>> No.8260374

She really doesn't seem like the type yes, specially at the start, but she is been improving drastically and she is clearly already figuring out what she wants to do and the kind of audience she wants to attract.

>> No.8262824

Nara is up in 16 minutes!

>> No.8263438

Nara is live!

>> No.8264151

Nara lmao

>> No.8264690

Reza time! Hope you can still go anons!

>> No.8265329

you guys got a good male singer, i must admit

>> No.8267887

I love Mika

>> No.8267932


>> No.8270443

Is Bobon X Mika gonna be a thing

>> No.8271914

why is she moaning while playing fall guys how do i explain this to my mum

>> No.8272270

I think it's similiar to Hana x Bobon or maybe they just friend

>> No.8272335

Hyona rating your greentexts

>> No.8272412

Now it's Bobon x Ironmouse

>> No.8272557

Now she's panting aaaa

>> No.8273043

Reza zatsu

>> No.8273896

I thought this was gonna be a funny ranty stream but I got mental health advice instead

>> No.8274407


>> No.8276754

Compared to her genmates, seems like Hyona has a pretty high amount of female viewers, judging from the stories and chat

>> No.8280619

That's how I play Fall Guys too though.

>> No.8281384

Looks like niji id has a lot of female fans. Ejak said that the percentage of female viewers is around 40%, I believe rai is also quite close. Bonnie & Riksa are also quite high, but there is also a big chunk of male audience due to their gaming skills.

>> No.8287577

Still remember when Hana told us 8% of her viewers were female. I knew the whole "our girlfriend" shtick would skew the viewership but I did not expect the number to be that low.

>> No.8291285

It's probably because a lot of her viewers are people who don't watch any other NijiIDs. Which is kind of depressing that she recommends doing that so often and nobody listens.

>> No.8291956

it should be noted zea had 11% female view base last time she talked about it and zeas has a lot more appeal personality wise with women.
it seems females like mature feeling and sounding livers then the less mature feeling livers like hana and less mature sounding livers like zea.

>> No.8292733

>Female viewers
Of course, because his character and the voice feels like BFE, same thing with Bobon

>> No.8294428

VTubers in a nutshell.

>> No.8295812

This was delayed, by the way. The hell continues for an indeterminate amount of time.

>> No.8296091

Cia english stream in few hours

>> No.8296663

speaking of cia...

>> No.8297768

Is Miyu really this small?

>> No.8297833

Armpit. Wangy

>> No.8299264

probably, she is an otter after all

>> No.8299473

Imagine HaCo singing this song

>> No.8299745

hear me out anon, cia with giant tits and cock...

>> No.8301880

Nta but go on...

>> No.8302390

you see the giant tits are for holding her magnum dong in place so it doesnt swing everywhere when she sleeps or is walking around but it also gives you something soft to lay on as she fucks you in the ass.

>> No.8303482

I feel like Hana is definitely graduating next month. She's barely tweeted or streamed in the past few weeks which has always been the sign of the end. Plus she got to do the collab she always wanted to do so that's another thing

>> No.8303684

shes barely been streaming this year in general, but yeah shes been tweeting less.
though it could just be she has nothing of intrest to say, i tend to rarely tweet as i have nothing to say.

>> No.8303733
File: 1.01 MB, 4096x4096, 20210821_212239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also there's this too. I get she might just be busy but next month being her 2 year anniversary and all of the other info compacted well. It makes me think she's done

>> No.8303811
File: 57 KB, 509x720, 1617571576543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I might need to take a break from vtubers for a while if Hana graduates.

I'm not sure I'd be able to watch them after that without thinking of her...

Just the idea of it makes me well up a little.
I hope I'll be okay if it happens.

>> No.8303989
File: 117 KB, 1000x1200, EfMng9UUwAEyfUc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You all are watching Cia right?

>> No.8304293

i was thinking that too but it could be she doesnt feel like doing the event.
but she has been reclusive as of late so its possible shes trying to distance herself before it happens to limit the damage but if thats the case shes more so wasting the time we have left with her trying to cut us off slowly...
god this thinking is fucking me up, i dont want to see her go, she means so much to me and others, the idea alone make me sad and upset.
i keep thinking about reasons she should have to stay but i feel awful about it because they're all selfish reasons, like shes the top one so she has to stay to help keep supporting her friends in nijiID or how her leaving would leave a void...

>> No.8304304

I really do not want her to graduate but I'd better mentally prepare myself for this. I've been blindsided by too many graduations in the last year and it's not a good feeling. At least a couple of them ended up reincarnating but that's never guaranteed. If I prepare myself, then if it happens, I can think "Yeah, I was expecting this" and it won't hit me as hard. If it doesn't happen, it's a pleasant surprise and I can relax again.

If it does happen, I'm out of here, though. One of the things that made Nijisanji ID so powerful is that it has gone on for years without even a single graduation. Once one of them falls, then the shitposters will know it's fair game. We'll never have peace again.

>> No.8304519

I can attempt to mentally prepare but this is one that I feel it's gonna hit me hard no matter what.

My first vtuber. My kamioshi. A girl I've spent time writing halu for and had read live on stream. A girl that's given me countless smiles, laughs, and moments that warmed my heart.

It comforts me only knowing that Hana would not want me to mourn forever, and there's always the chance the others in NijiID could give us little updates after.

Don't pien because it's over... speen because it happened

>> No.8304605

>Once one of them falls, then the shitposters will know it's fair game. We'll never have peace again.
Ah yes the rrats.. Boi Lyrica wanna grad yesterday and suddenly vt wanna know her next chara is like dafuq lads? but imo if anyone grads from NijiID is gonna be rl related, most here loves vtubing and the family they've made in Niji so yeah

>> No.8305338

This was a really bad moment for me to check up on the thread, huh...

>> No.8305705

real sad boy hours

>> No.8305886

"you get pp, we get money" -cia 2021

>> No.8306331

Pomu Power?

>> No.8307281
File: 75 KB, 900x900, E6WRLbGVEAIEsQW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

big penguin energy

>> No.8309162

god i want her to dominate me with her god powers!

>> No.8309496

I want her to read a superchat that says "Well, well. Look at the city slicker pulling up in his fancy German car. This car was made in Guatemala. Well, pardon us, Mr. Gucci Loafers. I bought these shoes from a hobo. Well, la-dee-da, Mr. Park Avenue Manicure. I'm sorry. I believe in good grooming."

>> No.8309871


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