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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7995120

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Rosemi...morning is over... Schedule onegai

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Dear Lulu in heaven, let today's threads be free of the faggots during Elira's and Pomu's streams.

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>> No.8013248

She will choke you out and you'll like it

>> No.8013252

O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

>> No.8013267

Pomu return please.

>> No.8013279

I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!

>> No.8013280

I still can't load any of the EN girls except Finana and Pomu in KK, i updated to RX10 and updated all mods but still Chara Studio doesn't recognize them. Any tips?

>> No.8013281

Pomu coming Pomu coming pom coming Pomu coming pom Pom Pom

>> No.8013286

I want more MC ERP on stream by them...

>> No.8013289

Yes let's have them shit up the thread during Petra and Finana...

>> No.8013296

Why do the head-wings look so dumb in this.

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>> No.8013335

I'm gonna marry that fairy

>> No.8013356

Thank God Pomu is back, now I have a non-Selen option.

>> No.8013363

the gentle thigh pressure on your neck, feeling that warm wet spot on the back of your neck.....hnnnnnnngnhghhhgh

>> No.8013388

Do I finish the Little Nightmares Selen or the Little Nightmares Finana stream...

>> No.8013425

I still can't believe Pomu went from being the biggest jobber in every game to becoming the Hero in the finals. Fucking anime protag

>> No.8013431

Both are quality. But I'd say Selen's there are some really funny moments at the end.

>> No.8013435

I love this sweet horny mermaid!


Elira feet: https://mega.nz/folder/FB10mIyL#6zFjd_qpGiaQJQ7q1VRMpQ

>> No.8013466

I don't know, all I did was download BetterRepack RX10.1 and it just worked straight out of the box
It seems like there is a new repack though, maybe you'll have better luck with that one.

I don't think there is a better fit, this is probably the best Koikatsu anon could find.

Elira's cute feet are the best.

>> No.8013493

>not knowing Pomu would eventually harness her anime powers
That's on you bud

>> No.8013561

Kagami never stopped believing in fairies

>> No.8013589

Pomu was supposed to perform well during B league games too, it was some bullshit RNG. Well, at least she compensated for it in the finals unlike Nui who kept choking in all four games despite being one of the best players in tournament overall.

>> No.8013598

They're streaming over Pomu's return, they deserve all the shitposting.

>> No.8013606

Pomu is not as big of a jobber as Miyu.

>> No.8013623

Based shachou believing in kaigai nijis.

>> No.8013637

That Pomu call and the home run popped me so fucking hard. Kagami is based as hell

>> No.8013643


>> No.8013652

and then back to being a wagie again

>> No.8013656


>> No.8013670


>> No.8013681

Are they the only ones doing that? Dont know why they could not move it back considering Petra’s usual time and Finana being a NEET.

>> No.8013683

Why does Pomu look deranged in that pic?

>> No.8013705


>> No.8013725

Page with good fanart, like always since he started drawing Mint.

>> No.8013746

Thank you, i just downloaded them all again and it worked somehow, i dunno, porn game magic

>> No.8013756

It is a fine line between genius batter and deranged fey

>> No.8013788

waggy waggy get in caggy

>> No.8013824

Her stitches opened up after batting and Tomoe had Sukoya help stitch her back again

>> No.8013836

id actually be surprised if they dont stop for her stream

>> No.8013862

That was Pomu's plan all along

>> No.8013868

Elira's head-wings look dumb everywhere.

>> No.8013869

I’d fix Selen by first making her less annoying second fix her autism pronunciation and third actual make jokes instead of just laughing.

>> No.8013884

Fish has shown she has no social awareness, and Petra is too much of a pussy to say no to her.

>> No.8013988

I mean Keep Talking gets old after about half an hour at most so even putting Pomu aside they should stop after an hour.

>> No.8014004


>> No.8014022

>i'd fix the best nijiEN by far

>> No.8014031

>fix Selen
>less annoying
Anon, I’m sorry to have to tell you but you might have shit taste.

>> No.8014055

Camellia wants to COOM to Elira
Kek baited by "RTA"

>> No.8014061

>best nijiEN by far
FUCKING LMAO! You normiecucks are hilarious go watch a Twitch streamer.

>> No.8014082

>unironically liking selen

>> No.8014098

Rosemi is annoying too is that makes you feel better.

>> No.8014128


>> No.8014137

Selen is the one who made me watch streams instead of just clips. Never gonna pay a dime for superchats or memberships though.

>> No.8014140

I sincerely hope you're just baiting.
No man should have such shit opinion unironically.

>> No.8014187

That would unironically ruin her anon

>> No.8014188

Who else is ready to spam Rosemi and Finana+Petra's chats if they stream over Pomu?

>> No.8014197

Any time a tourist shows up, show them this.

>> No.8014217


>> No.8014221

Syachou please stream I want to hear you praise Pomu more...

>> No.8014228

>Retards actually taking baiter replying to last thread seriously

>> No.8014244

I hope they would. Still a terrible scheduling decision.

>> No.8014266

Koushien zatsudan tomorrow evening JST.

>> No.8014271

Selen is as close to perfect as one of them can be. If only she was asexual and didn't have a boyfriend then she would be 10/10.

>> No.8014276

Anon do you have any more Elira pics?

>> No.8014299

>> No.8014312

I mean someone not overhype every basic thing she does that surprising?

>> No.8014314

See >>8013435

>> No.8014318

what emotion is this face trying to convey?

>> No.8014319

Hell yes.

>> No.8014323

Sorry anon, but I can't break up with her. She will laugh at me if I do.

>> No.8014326

Just download koikatsu. This isn't custom order maid that you have to have programming knowledge to even get it started.

>> No.8014350

>> No.8014384

grim determination

>> No.8014385

Is it like a app or some shit?

>> No.8014387


>> No.8014400

It's on Steam

>> No.8014410

Looks like someone is new to vtubers.
Welcome friend.

>> No.8014438

if only she wasn't fat and obnoxious

>> No.8014446

It's on Steam

>> No.8014457

I’m not new I just thought we were past this.

>> No.8014489


>> No.8014548

Pretty sure steam version is inferior. And better repack has a lot of vtuber stuff already packaged in. Also kplug is nice if you can make it work.

>> No.8014589

She’s not fat
I’ve seen the forbidden knowledge

>> No.8014602

Don’t buy the stream version
There’s a general on /h/ you can use

Or just follow this https://pastebin.com/wkedrHfS
For the specifics for the nijisanji girls

>> No.8014610

No she definitely is.

>> No.8014614

>I just thought we were past this.
Oh, anon. You are so funny.

>> No.8014638

Based, thanks anons.

>> No.8014679

she is.

>> No.8014715

Actually for feet you need kplug as it adds a lot of footjobs.

>> No.8014762

I’d download this if my laptop wasn’t ass.

>> No.8014785

she's concerned and wants to know if you've been doing your reps anon

>> No.8014790

embrace being an architect bro

>> No.8014817

Mom I'm on Youtube

>> No.8014818

tourists can't read jap anon

>> No.8014839

she's concerned and wants to know if you've been doing your reps anon

>> No.8014867

Based supportive and motivational Oshi.

>> No.8014900

>eats salad for breakfast
potato salad. hahahahahahah

>> No.8014962

w-what reps?

>> No.8014971

Hate this fucker.

>> No.8014974

15 minutes until stream and no activity on twitter for hours. This is it, the stream Elira oversleeps.

>> No.8014980

Do you think she's still fat?

>> No.8015011

How is the baseball shit and JP branch related to this thread?

>> No.8015013


>> No.8015028

I managed to watch less than 2s of this video. Powerful.

>> No.8015040

That was fast kek

>> No.8015059

This seals it, Pomu will be the first I'll get highest membership tier.

>> No.8015094

Because EN girls were in the roster

>> No.8015134

It's probably him, he changed his name to international kanae a few days ago, so I guess Selen had the guts to invite him after all.

>> No.8015189

Is there the equivalent of unicorns for male livers? I've heard some have female fans that get pissed

>> No.8015194

You made me go looking. She is great. But stop coping. Definitely chubby. You don't grow a personality like that when you are pretty. Her genmates must be 10/10 stacies.

>> No.8015198


>> No.8015230

>favorite game ever is a rpg maker game

>> No.8015250

Pretty sure I remember a clip of Kanae or Kuzuha saying most of their viewers are male anyways.

>> No.8015285

>she lost interest in mocca since he became male

>> No.8015286

Ok there it is without the UI now, i forgot how to take screencaps in KK after so long

>> No.8015293

Wrong retard.

Kanae is a chad and his best collabs are all with girls, so no.

>> No.8015371

it would be pretty funny if Kanae did stuff with Selen after lazulight called him scary

>> No.8015384

Yes Kanae, and Kuzuha have more male viewers and Kanae has gachis but if his unicorns exist they must be eternally seething because he still collabs with girls regularly (and guys). He does mention people getting annoyed at his collabs and even recently had to turn off comments on a VOD because people argued about him collabing with utaite being "weird". I'd say the annoying loud part of his fans for some reason are those that seethe at him collabing with Kuzuha or utaite. fujos and yumes have problems but at least they keep it to their locked twitters.

>> No.8015385

The people who got pissed at HSKW were Kanaeyou shipfags

>> No.8015404

I'd expect female unicorns to be more of a thing with lesbian Vtubers.

>> No.8015411

They ship the guy with Hoshikawa tho

>> No.8015449

Elira...your stream.

>> No.8015450


>> No.8015467

Obsydia Oral 3Way

>> No.8015474

this dork...

>> No.8015475

>shoes on

>> No.8015478

>Was talking to herself and forgot to start stream
This dumb dragon kek

>> No.8015486

Elira go back to sleep you still tired

>> No.8015494

The funniest thing is there are gonna be retards who believe this.

>> No.8015500

At least Pomu has company now.

>> No.8015518

This is beyond dorky

>> No.8015531

She rather read a book than play a game

>> No.8015537

Why would she make up some elaborate lie when it was less than 5 minutes? Please take your meds.

>> No.8015538

Man, this thread really got raided by holofags, people didn't care about unicorns and at least knew a bit about the JP branch before. Did everyone that was here before leave?

>> No.8015543


>> No.8015563

Go back

>> No.8015609

Elira eyeing the shotas in chat, based

>> No.8015619

I’m confused.

>> No.8015634

Did Elira forget to enable SCs or is this game not monetizable?

>> No.8015656


>> No.8015659

not monetizable

>> No.8015689

The music is nice.

>> No.8015693

very nice

>> No.8015694

Elira you cute DORK

>> No.8015699

I think people don't know what unicorn means, there is a very small negligible number of fans who care about the virginity/purity of males so IDK why that was brought up with Kanae

>> No.8015703

>In the early morning, under a grey sky...

>> No.8015705

Man this game it's so good

>> No.8015714

>rpg maker
it's not a game

>> No.8015721

when is elira playing dink smallwood

>> No.8015727

The dev doesn't want any content including his game being monetized

>> No.8015731


She's done three streams in a row with no SCs. Does she hate money or is she trying to build up demand?

>> No.8015747

we got a funny guy here

>> No.8015749

What does RPG mean Anon

>> No.8015770

I'm about to say something mindblowing. Elira is playing RTA of Ib because it's her favorite game. Not because she's forcing her paypiggies to blow their load on the next stream.

>> No.8015799

>She doesn't know the word sus yet

>> No.8015801

This is simply not true, holofriends have always been here. One even debuted in Lazulight.

>> No.8015802

the only non shit rpg maker game is the barkley game

>> No.8015817

Pomu's past life.

>> No.8015819

>My post is in that video
uhh what the fuck

>> No.8015822

because they're newfags that read posts about holos and unicorns, and the recent Matsuri drama, then think that they can apply that to nijisanji.

>> No.8015824

Elira is so cute, she's so excited to play this game that she loves

>> No.8015827

That last part was a joke. Just wondering why she's done three unmonetized streams in a row.

>> No.8015835

RPG maker games have more soul and are more fun than all AAA games, and most other forms of "indie" games.

>> No.8015856

I wish Elira played something longer today, why does she feel like she has to not stream during Pomu's stream? Pomu has streamed many times over her, Elira really shouldn't care about her this much.

>> No.8015868

I hope so.

>> No.8015907

I legit don't give a shit about the game but I'm happy to see her enjoy something this much. Makes the stream well worth watching for me.

>> No.8015921

I get that but I thought we were calling Selen fat not Pomu.

>> No.8015949

We call anyone in nijien fat except Rosemi, since there's proof for her being really thin.

>> No.8015967

I want Rosemi to give me naizuri...

>> No.8015971

we? how about you go fuck off to global.

>> No.8015976

>ywn sneak inside Elira or Selen's closet with one months worth of MRE's and sneak out to sniff their chair whenever they go to the bathroom then eventually sneak out leaving bags full of peepeepoopoo and semen that will fester and ferment over time and explode into a brap bomb, causing them to move homes or hire professionals
I feel like I'm missing my true calling.

>> No.8015977

Ib was my intro to RPGmaker games but I wish I could see an EN play it for the first time. It's pretty fun to see reactions.

>> No.8015984

Can people fuck off with dox posting and speculating about their "real" selves?
What is the goddamn point of watching vtubers if you're just gonna search that shit up.
Just go watch normal streamers, god.

>> No.8015985

Really thin and FLAT.

>> No.8015986


>> No.8015991

Anon, actual fat girls don't admit that they are fat, and don't say they need to lose weight.

>> No.8016023

I figured they were ending the collab early so she could sleep and then when I woke up I saw she was still on Twitter at 2am. Sasuga the great Rosemi-sama

>> No.8016040


>> No.8016044

True. Rosemi thought 93lb was fat

>> No.8016064

The blessed Elira squeal when Gary shows up

>> No.8016099

I have done this before and was talking to myself thinking I had gone live because I could see it in OBS, while everybody in chat was wondering when the stream would start. For some reason I didn't put two and two together until I was 15 minutes in.

>> No.8016103

Reminder that Elira is STRAIGHT unlike that fucking fairy dyke.

>> No.8016117

Where’s the proof? I don’t see it she’s fat until I see it.

>> No.8016127

When will she quit her job?

>> No.8016129

I was kinda interested in how the translation would've handled Garry talking like a stereotypical girl but it seems like they just didn't bother which is a little disappointing

>> No.8016140

The ID gost is in Elira's chat!

>> No.8016144

Get off your phone and back to work Rosemi

>> No.8016148

Elira is gay for Pomu. Don't try to deny it, they literally ERP'd in Minecraft on stream.

>> No.8016151

You mean she is now sitting in her boyfriends lap instead of pomu who streams from her girlfriends? Good to know.

>> No.8016153


>> No.8016157

>he lacks the critical info

>> No.8016159


>> No.8016166

Her past vtuber life was posting real life pics of herself on twitter.

>> No.8016171

she avoids providing any date, "in a couple of months" is all she'd said.

>> No.8016174


Why is she falling asleep in the middle of the day? Is she sick?

>> No.8016186

So you’re saying if I go on Worasu or whatever the fuck rn I’ll see it?

>> No.8016187

Straight or bi, anonchama? :^)

>> No.8016192

Do people still think Selen is fat?

>> No.8016212

She said "in a few months" during her job quitting talk stream. She starts part-time on September 1st, and will be doing that for some time, also has to train her replacement since the company she works for is really small and everyone there is vital.

>> No.8016213

Silly dragon doesn't know how to play pacman baka

>> No.8016214

no idea but tbf i used to do that at my old job too. Would wake up at 6 am, eat while working and then use the break for 10-15 min nap. Some people are built different I guess.

>> No.8016221

>she is now sitting in her boyfriends lap
thats the wrong take
her boyfriend is sitting on HER lap

>> No.8016226

Reminder that Selen is asexual and doesn't want to sex. When you sex its harder to play APEX.

>> No.8016227

She's playing vgperson's translation right? She explained it on her page. There's just no onee-san dialect in English and the translation would make him sound homosexual instead of womanly/sisterly

>> No.8016229

she works two jobs and is forced to go camping or hiking with her parents almost every day shes probably on the verge of collapsing

>> No.8016239


>> No.8016259

>When you sex its harder

>> No.8016288

I do a lot of sexs and my APEX performance suffer when I do sex. Please understand.

>> No.8016306

I kinda feel like "He's kind of a homo" is the sort of feeling a lot of JP people get when they read his speech pattern, I even saw a JP person in chat just now talking about how Garry doesn't talk like an "okama" anymore. I can understand that viewpoint though.

>> No.8016309

I'm sure both dragons are fat.
Selen's constant laugh is to mask her depression. why is she depressed you ask? people make fun of her because she's fat.
Elira is black, black women are large.
case closed.

>> No.8016328


>> No.8016349 [SPOILER] 

She wants it, just not from you.

>> No.8016352

>> No.8016363

I can't wait for Finana to go struggle session on Selen and dump all her horny posting on a stream

>> No.8016364

No, she does not want to sex, you clearly know NOTHING about her!

>> No.8016381

... sauce pls.

>> No.8016383

>selenfags shitting up the thread when other ENs stream
like clockwork

>> No.8016385

Holy shit I can hear it

>> No.8016421

Based Fujo. https://youtu.be/EVWAJ1em80w?t=841

>> No.8016456

Cooming to male grunts, or the only male in Ib, isn't fujo behavior

>> No.8016489 [SPOILER] 

I dunno, some based anon just drops these amazing drawings in the thread.

>> No.8016505

Honestly almost threw up.

>> No.8016508

>Falseflaggers falseflagging as falseflaggers.

>> No.8016520

also known as damascus on here

>> No.8016524


>> No.8016535

Thanks anon, reverse search came up with jackshit.

>> No.8016545

Your samefagging is really pathetic

>> No.8016570

fuck elira is gonna reactivate my garry phase im so horny for this man
also damn the ost so much nostalgia i feel like crying

>> No.8016574


>> No.8016577

Oh thanks, i didn't know that. I will make sure i properly credit in the future. I hope he posts again soon.

>> No.8016584

Yep everyday.

>> No.8016598

I'm looking forward to her next Dark Souls stream so I can suffer more

>> No.8016601

>> No.8016604


>> No.8016611

This game doesn't really seem so scary, more like a drama or thriller I guess

>> No.8016619

tbf not much to talk about since she already knows the game and really well on top of that

>> No.8016620

I'm watching Elira fangirl over Garry and I don't really know what to post, sorry.

>> No.8016631


>> No.8016637

i got scared by a couple of the things that jump out watching

>> No.8016639

it's the nijiEN thread, people can discuss who they like

>> No.8016640

Thinking about Rosemi saying "what do you mean?"

>> No.8016644

>6 hours until we can kiss our pomus!

>> No.8016649

theres one section that made basically everyone shit themselves then again that was ages ago so it might not feel all that scary anymore

>> No.8016655

I didn't know someone could speedrun a visual novel but Elira is known for crazy stuff.

>> No.8016669


>> No.8016677

>EN version of the game is nearly 10 years old
Just fucking kill me.

>> No.8016681

That's nothing crazy, also this isn't a VN retard.

>> No.8016685

yeah no this is not a visual novel

>> No.8016689


>> No.8016692

You heard her, Elira wants more feet.

>> No.8016697


>> No.8016708


>> No.8016709

reschedule you fags

>> No.8016711

I want to french kiss every NijiEn's butthole except for Petra.

>> No.8016731

Now that I think about it this way, you're kind of right.

>> No.8016734

D2 is out?

>> No.8016744

who's that?

>> No.8016745

Rosemi will most likely stop right before Pomu starts, but Finana doesn't cares about niji in general and Petra only cares about nijijp so they will definitely stream for 3-4 hours.

>> No.8016752

It's called greek kiss, I do it all the time in Koikatsu with all the girls.

>> No.8016762

bunny room :)

>> No.8016779

you mean Finana that drew Pomu for her birthday right?

>> No.8016833

Everyone and their mother played Ib...

>> No.8016836

Stop responding to the resident schizo who thinks Finana doesn't care about Nijisanji

>> No.8016848

In a fucking OL outfit, which Pomu hates. Pomu was kind enough to not shit on Finana and shown it on her birthday stream.

>> No.8016850

what the fuck is ib

>> No.8016877 [SPOILER] 


>> No.8016878

I think she thought it was 93kg instead of lbs. leaf logic at work.

>> No.8016895

i b fucking your mom

>> No.8016900

rosemi lovelock more like rosemi loves cock

>> No.8016909

I wish. Being in EU is suffering.

>> No.8016911

Can someone link the lewds finana liked? I cant find them

>> No.8016918

You’ll be laughing when Pomu and Elira get married and move in together.

>> No.8016920

Yep, mine.

>> No.8016935


>> No.8016945

she and selen are the straightest nijiens

>> No.8016947


>> No.8016956

I dont get it

>> No.8016959

Pomu should really reschedule her stream, why stream over the first collab between Finana and Petra, bitch

>> No.8016962

daddy garry uuuuaaaaaooo

>> No.8016971

inb4 Pomu graduation

>> No.8016980

Mary did nothing wrong

>> No.8016990

Mary is such a good girl...

>> No.8017018

heh I almost posted the same thing twice

>> No.8017024

thinking about her "you know?"

>> No.8017025

this is elira ignoring her goslings

>> No.8017058

Forever and ever Elira

>> No.8017062

She’s a pretty standard small Asian girl desu

>> No.8017078

Why is Elira skipping so much shit?

>> No.8017103

Isn't that how RTAs work?

>> No.8017115

>except for the only cute one
But the smelly purple dragon Dyke this board man.

>> No.8017116


>> No.8017119

already played the game years ago are you too rarted to see the word rta

>> No.8017129

She wants to be done before Pomu's stream starts.
She's not doing RTA yet, she's doing a normal playthrough right now.

>> No.8017137

holy shit petra actually went out of her static time slot for finana collab. now let me pretend that nijien girls actually read this thread because all of my complaints about them here are getting actually addressed and say: thank you petra.

>> No.8017163

Damn...elira's kinda cute huh?

>> No.8017169

>Elira's week schedule kinda meh
>Selen's schedule pretty stacked
they really are opposites...

>> No.8017175

She's practicing for the RTA right now.

>> No.8017178


>> No.8017179


>> No.8017188

Kinda makes me sad that she might actually be /here/. That and the fact she's aware she "has no personality."

>> No.8017198

Just the open beta afaik

>> No.8017214

Rosemi is fucking cute

>> No.8017220


>> No.8017238

It's just Petra and Rosemi seem very boring next to Selen

>> No.8017259


>> No.8017261

Mary isn't evil she's just misunderstood!

>> No.8017272

>RNG: the room
>gets it first try

>> No.8017276

All skill, baby

>> No.8017278


>> No.8017289

>He didn't believe

>> No.8017295

Selen has no personality and isn't entertaining. All she does is laugh to hide that. There's a reason she was a literal 2views during her past life that didn't make it in 4 fucking years. She's getting carried by the niji brand and /v/ermins right now.

>> No.8017317

tried to kill my oshi garry definitely evil
also IM POMU

>> No.8017335

>Mary is blonde and child sized
>Pomu is blonde and child sized

>> No.8017347


>> No.8017353

She has a personality it’s just that low energy streamers aren’t that popular on top of she’s still finding her place and what she wants to do with her streams.

>> No.8017360


>> No.8017361

holy fuck garry killed a child

>> No.8017368


>> No.8017386

So this game is gonna have gameplay at some point right?

>> No.8017390

Well shit. I guess you are right anon. She was my favorite but I don't like her now.

>> No.8017392

She makes any game fun, not just Apex. Even her stories about playing Starcraft as a kid are interesting. The others are...not as fun.

>> No.8017395


>> No.8017432

I like every NijiEN! Each one is a great entertainer!!

>> No.8017442

local retard doesnt realize puzzle games are games
also story > gameplay

>> No.8017447

Well, I don't like you!

>> No.8017449


>> No.8017450

Based and unitypilled.

>> No.8017461

elira's box

>> No.8017462

Same except Pomu

>> No.8017466

I only like one.

>> No.8017470

How likely is it that Elira's name is just so she could make a reference to Ib?

>> No.8017478


>> No.8017479


>> No.8017492

her name is pen not pan though

>> No.8017495

>t. Ryuguard

>> No.8017498

Same except for the normiedragonwhores.

>> No.8017521

How far is Elira into the game?

>> No.8017524

Man I don’t remember much of this game at all it’s been years since I played it. RTA are pretty fun tho.

>> No.8017526

>Pendora's box

>> No.8017528

I finally managed to get over my fear of Rosemi forgetting how to breathe. It didn't help all that much. Now I am afraid that she will one day hit her delayed puberty lose her innocence and actually start chasing IRL boys. What do I do anons?

>> No.8017551


>> No.8017556

It's been forever but I remember the scribble levels being closer to the end than the beginning so she may be more than halfway done?

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