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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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Fuck bros, I'm in love with Elira's singing.

>> No.7988543

She is simply amazing!

>> No.7988562

Petra are you ogey?

>> No.7988564

This thread seems biased in what it is promoting......

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>> No.7988684

She lost her crown, of course she is feeling a little insecure.

>> No.7988698

Selen feet > Elira feet

>> No.7988730

Post proof or you are wrong

>> No.7988751

Elira is going to be the FIRST overseas streamer to have a 3d debut.

>> No.7988783

Sorry but Selen told me not to post pictures online (due to doxxing) but her toes taste so good

>> No.7988848

Well deserved. Elira is a god tier vtuber.

>> No.7988852

Petra is a burden in Obsydia gaming collabs, as usual. As expected of a literal normie female; I'd rather gaming collabs be confined to Selen/Rosemi only.

>> No.7988948

Elira singing really shines on these lower pitches

>> No.7988968

my god elira

>> No.7988975

Wtf, why didn't you fags tell me elira has sex voice?

>> No.7989052

Artist love Elira

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>> No.7989164

Holy shit Petra

>> No.7989185

>selen and rosemi laughing so hard the stream went silent


>> No.7989187

that was pretty based
I appreciate the kagerou oldfaggotry

>> No.7989213

Watch some of her archived karaoke streams if you like her.

>> No.7989505

Petra is unironically the better Mario player

>> No.7989737

Can't wait for Pomu to come back for Lazulight collabs to be back!

>> No.7989775

This is not for us to tell
Also check Finana's onee-san voice

>> No.7989781

>a fucking timer on a multiplayer game


>> No.7989810

Newfags did not watch early LazuLight collabs so they don't know what a true kino looks like.

>> No.7989842

Rosemi is shitposting while streaming!

>> No.7989855

A singing voice so beautiful it shocks listeners like lightning, beauty so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute giggles and radiant smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Elira exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Elira.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Dragon who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Elira.

Eliraaaa!!! I love yoooou! I saaaay, I love yoooou!

>> No.7989908

O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

>> No.7989922

I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.7989926

>> No.7989934

I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time holy shit

>> No.7989937

Do your VOD reps. Or else.








[Now Playing]
https://youtu.be/mtaeNJZZLAA (absolute kino warning)

>> No.7989940

>rosemi panicks and runs right off a cliff

>> No.7989943

brown noser

>> No.7989951

Blessed collab, this is amazing

>> No.7989954

It's promoting Nijisanji!

>> No.7989959

can plants even bald

>> No.7989960


>> No.7989962


>> No.7989965


>> No.7989971

I want to practice fortune telling. Give me questions related to the Nijisanji EN girls.

>> No.7989974

She has Pavlov's dog syndrome over that timer announcement.

>> No.7989975

Two short streams...

>> No.7989978

What? She’s been hilarious

>> No.7989979

>only 1 hour

>> No.7989980


>> No.7989984

This must be the work of The Schizo, you know, the one who creates all the schizoposting, numberfagging, dramafagging and other faggings, he also hired Meiro, stalked Lulu, gave Gibara a job offer, doxxed Mito and has Roa in his basement. DAMN YOU INDIVIDUAL SCHIZO!

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>> No.7989991

>Are those RRATS!?

>> No.7989993

Why do they end so freaking fast

>> No.7989999

>When you shitpost so hard you go full retard

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>> No.7990004

Rosemi's bf here. She doesn't lurk the thread anymore but I will pass along your message.

>> No.7990005

When should I propose to Selen?

>> No.7990007

Tarotbro, why weren't you at the Koshien finals? I wanted to ask you if Pomu will hit a homerun (she did).

>> No.7990014


>> No.7990016


>> No.7990017

>gave Gibara a job offer
kek, she now lives off retards that simp her roommate fanbox account

>> No.7990019

haha she said rrat guys time to post the same thing in this thread

>> No.7990021

Rosemi has to go wageslave in the morning and Petra is probably on the verge of vomiting

>> No.7990022

You know what eats rrats? Cats!

>> No.7990028

imagine the anxiety addled mess rosemi is when shes writing an exam or on a deadline at work

>> No.7990030

Who will be the first to reach 1mil?

>> No.7990036

does wosemi wash her hands after going to the bathroom?

>> No.7990052


>> No.7990055

I don't blame them. These recent Mario games are hot garbage.

>> No.7990057

>top tier collab partners in each wave
How does ue do it, bros?

>> No.7990059

She’s a past friend of Pomu too. Maybe wave 3?

>> No.7990063

Petra is actually kind of improving in the last stages

>> No.7990064

Well she's French...

>> No.7990065

3D world is fantastic u retard

>> No.7990067

>roommate fanbox account
Wait what?

>> No.7990070


>> No.7990075

>cupcake baking
Thanks. I'll start there then.

>> No.7990076

Who will be the first NijiEN to collab with a male senpai 1-on-1?

>> No.7990077

Anon, your past life reps...

>> No.7990078

Damn bro

>> No.7990080


>> No.7990082

I love Petra!

>> No.7990084

Selen likes winning...

>> No.7990102

Anyone else also started to clap when Rosemi laugh?

>> No.7990105


>> No.7990110

She reveals her face for her members

>> No.7990111

How often does elira masturbate

>> No.7990113


>> No.7990118

I would rather play Woolly World.

>> No.7990123

Nah these are pure kino.

>> No.7990128

Look, next time just give petra a disconnected controller and tell her that she's controlling the guy on the screen

>> No.7990130

not everyone Pomu is friend with will be in nijisanji

>> No.7990135

They are just going to give Petra a crown so she doesn't feel bad, cute

>> No.7990144


>> No.7990146

I can't while holding my dick.

>> No.7990148

lmao 2cat

>> No.7990149

Will my daughterwife ever overcome her directional disability?

>> No.7990150

who in nijien would do an offline collab first?

>> No.7990152

Will the dudes in gen 4 be a really close bunch of bros or just do their separate things?

>> No.7990153

Imagine how nervous Petra would be on your first night

>> No.7990158

I want to make this cute penguin cry !

>> No.7990165

Just you watch

>> No.7990175

>rosemi stops playing to scroll down the thread

>> No.7990176

Hi Oliver here, Pomu has already collabed with my dick. Not senpai though

>> No.7990177

This takes me back…

>> No.7990179

Petra is embarrassingly bad at games. Probably cries after the stream ends.

>> No.7990183

>The chad Selen just having fun and getting first
>The sad Petra just interested in getting the crown ends up in last place every time
like pottery

>> No.7990189

based and checked

>> No.7990190

All will be Pomu so all will be Nijisanji

>> No.7990191

Rosemi trying to eat petra's hair...

>> No.7990195

damn this is kinda condescending....

>> No.7990199

These two past levels were low effort desu. Mario games are the only decent online platforming games so it's this or nothing for light hearted collabs.

>> No.7990203

elira.... please save mya from the chinman...

>> No.7990210

The first time is kinda fun but just like the other multiplayer ones theyre a slog to revisit

>> No.7990211

>> No.7990213

I want to see Petra cry....

>> No.7990214

nta but I'm sorry no that disability is terminal...

>> No.7990217


>oh my goood oh my good oh my goood~
>whaaats going ooon~

>> No.7990223

Don't even need a fortune teller for that. Pomu-Elira

>> No.7990224

Otome gamer pls andstnd

>> No.7990225


petra is cute in this collab

>> No.7990227

Selen trying to herd cats

>> No.7990231

>Petra cries after the stream
>Anon cries during the stream
You were made for each other!

>> No.7990235

I'd be more jealous than mad

>> No.7990245

Petra is too stupid and actually needs this handholding

>> No.7990247

>oh my god the lag is so baaad

>> No.7990251

They should. Look at close Pomu and Elira are on stream

>> No.7990252

Your standards are extremely low. It's okay to think a game is shit and still enjoy the stream.

>> No.7990255


>> No.7990262

I dunno I think ultimate chicken horse would be funny

>> No.7990266

>Gets the crown
>model freaks out
Petra is cute!

>> No.7990268

I don't like Petra. There I said it.

>> No.7990270

You're delusional my friend

>> No.7990274

brain lag

>> No.7990277

That's me when I play with my friends.

>> No.7990282

I mean, I guess with her level of disability it's only a matter of time until it results in her death

>> No.7990287

I would say cute

>> No.7990290

They became so reliant on the catsuits that they forgot they can jump on enemies...

>> No.7990291

That voice is too powerful

>> No.7990293

I fucking adore that little squeaky inhale thing Rosemi does at the end of her laughs

>> No.7990298

Why can't they just play the fucking gartic phone... at least selen and petra are good at drawing.

>> No.7990301

Don't purposefully blow her up too much, Finana-senpai...

>> No.7990307

That last one was intense

>> No.7990318

Petra has been adorable this stream, like shes coming out of her shell

>> No.7990329

That's okay. Finana loves Petra enough for the both of you. Did you see that last MC stream?

>> No.7990330

>hey elira I got you some water... oops I dropped it sorry, let me wipe it off for you
>you hear elira moan once in the background
>alright it should be good for now says pomu

>> No.7990342

I hope they were just waiting for Pomu to come back and do a gartic collab. They can't be retarded to not consider the possibility.

>> No.7990346

they'd have to do a full NijiEN collab for that to be fun

>> No.7990348

It’s a party game they’re playing it as intended anon.

>> No.7990356

Who in Obsydian would be the best mother and why is it Petra?

>> No.7990364

She really shines in collabs, she still seems to get nervous about solo streams

>> No.7990370

I'm watching Petra's movements and she's literally using one hand to play while texting with the other
no wonder this bitch is fucking dying

>> No.7990381

The petra betrayal....

>> No.7990385


>> No.7990388


>> No.7990389

Blonde Pomu

>> No.7990391

Sorry, I sent her a dick pic so she just had to check it

>> No.7990394

>Who in Obsydian would be the best mother and why is it Petra?
It's called winning by default.

>> No.7990396

>texting with the other
you mean posting in this thread

>> No.7990416

Same here

>> No.7990419

Selen would raise our daughter to take no shit and to be a winner. Best mom

>> No.7990422


>> No.7990424

No need to be so hard on yourself Petra....

>> No.7990427

She is the most sane so it's only natural. Selen would make things very fun. Rosemi would do lots of nice activities like baking, tending to flowers together, etc.

>> No.7990428

Petra would be the clueless mom trying to play with her kids, that would be laughing at her but also trying to drag her along with them

>> No.7990432


>> No.7990438

Yeah just like the last collab, she is getting texts from her "friend"

>> No.7990439

Hey Petra, say oh my god if you are posting here

>> No.7990441

>Petra tries to bully

>> No.7990466

>green Pomu was a cheap recolor

>> No.7990477

why does petra keep sniffing selen's hair

>> No.7990479

>MVP of every stage, wearing the crown all stream
>gets nom'd on by rosemi and petra
This chad dragon

>> No.7990480

I'm watching your posting and you're literally sucking cocks while typing.
no wonder you're such a fucking faggot

>> No.7990486

nah, she's stroking her bf's dik with her other hand

>> No.7990488

>Canadian game pricing

>> No.7990489

>Calling out prices

>> No.7990493

Rosemi calling out Nintendo's shitty refund policy lmao

>> No.7990494

Um, guys? Selen said this game is shit. Do we drop her now for having shit taste?

>> No.7990496

Petra moaning oh my god makes me fucking DIAMONDS

>> No.7990497

Petra, you’re exposing the business!

>> No.7990498


>> No.7990505

>buys a $70 game
>plays it once
>quits forever

>> No.7990511

Elira LOVE

>> No.7990514

Do you kanji reps anon

>> No.7990519

that's normal Canadian prices anon, might even be on sale

>> No.7990528

b-but we can save her anon. We just need to make sure she doesn't wander too far off.

>> No.7990529

this game is kino these three have shit taste

>> No.7990533

She’s right; play more Serious Sam (and Turok 1-3)

>> No.7990535

She's just like me

>> No.7990536

elirafags are the lulufags of nijien, they don't watch or care about anyone else in niji

>> No.7990537

no one ever said this game was good. take your meds

>> No.7990547

>70 dollars for a super mario game
No thanks

>> No.7990548

This collab was a certified hood classic

>> No.7990553

How the fuck can you even see that?
And stop falseflagging with Tamaki you piece of shit.

>> No.7990555

Is everyone in obsydia a leaf?

>> No.7990559

But that's long been established to be Pomuniggers

>> No.7990560

Shh, the queen is at rest

>> No.7990562


>> No.7990563

isn't it 80 doll hairs in canada though

>> No.7990564

everything here costs too much and nothing pays nearly enough

>> No.7990574

This is wrong, i love Pomu, but I also Love Selen

>> No.7990581

Damn Reggie get out of the board, we know your retirement is boring but please do something more productive

>> No.7990583


>> No.7990584

based selen teaching them about ytcfilter

>> No.7990588

Only Selen uses ytc...

>> No.7990590

I'm sorry anon

>> No.7990596

But I watch all of lazulite and selen and sometimes rosemi

>> No.7990597

>The Magician
>Three of Cups
>Ten of Swords
The next time Selen wins an Apex match. She will deny your request, or flat out ignore it, but it will bring her happiness recieving such a proposal.
>Seven of Swords (Reversed)
>Two of Swords (Reversed)
>Eight of Wands (Reversed)
The cards seem to suggest whoever has the least amount of current subscribers. This will defintely cause a stir within the thread when it happens.
>Seven of Cups (Reversed)
>Queen of Cups
>The High Priestess (Reversed)
She goes out of her way to wash her hands every time.
>Nine of Wands
>Page of Wands (Reversed)
Apparently Finana. With the Page of Wands card, she will apparently collab with Ibrahim..?
I was working unfortunately

>> No.7990598

A switch game is like $79 cad and will end up being $90ish after taxes...

>> No.7990607

Those SC are for our lotion btw

>> No.7990609

Nice try, but Pomu and Elira are joined at the hip, you can't escape the other if you like one of them.

>> No.7990610


>> No.7990615


>> No.7990617

>implying that’s not all (You)

>> No.7990619

Youtube doesn't want free money anymore because vtubers are problematic
t. Susan

>> No.7990622

>Selen and Rosemi shilling discord nitro to Petra

>> No.7990623

>nothing pays nearly enough
come north anon

>> No.7990625

Either learn English, learn how to recognize the bants like everyone else, or lurk 2 years before replying to (you) bait

>> No.7990630

The worst part isn't the no discounts, it's that no matter how many years pass the fucking games are still full price. That's why they go after ROM sites so hard.

>> No.7990632

Peer pressuring Petra into buying things!

>> No.7990638

>Boosting the Nijisanji server with your own money

>> No.7990640

Selen's head is so small

>> No.7990643


>> No.7990645

>whoever has the least amount of current subscribers
Omg rosemi's gonna join holo and reach 1mil...

>> No.7990648

Petra baby

>> No.7990657

How will wave 4 do?

>> No.7990660


>> No.7990661

It's been obvious for a while, the other NijiEN members don't see that a Niji mod is talking in their chat 90% of the time unless chat points it out.

>> No.7990667

Now she fixes the scaling kek

>> No.7990671

They would go after people selling their used games if they could.

>> No.7990673

>Discord always appears in NijiEN chats
>Doesn't provide Nitro

>> No.7990674

Selen smol.

>> No.7990677

The thing is that Selen is tall while the other two are short, so if you bring them to the same size, this is what happens.

>> No.7990678

oh my god what the fuck that was so cute

>> No.7990679

Only allowed outside the house with an escort

>> No.7990682

smaller headshot hitbox

>> No.7990685

Snake selen

>> No.7990686

Petra onahole...

>> No.7990687

Rosemi will be the first to 1 million?!

>> No.7990689


>> No.7990690


>> No.7990694

Cutest shit I've ever seen

>> No.7990695

Selen CUTE

>> No.7990696

Enough of you, vile creature.

>> No.7990701

This is not true, I also watch Pomu.
I just like Elira more than everyone else.
This is true

>> No.7990708

Well, chat? Did you end the stream yet?

>> No.7990710

Kino ending

>> No.7990711

These girls... kek. Riku hit the jackpot with Obsydia again.

>> No.7990713

It'll be on xbox game pass. just get it then. because it aint worth 80 or even 60
also wosemi...

>> No.7990718


>> No.7990719

What a happy looking family

>> No.7990721

Grande Rosemi Cabeza holy shit

>> No.7990722

Holy shit I fucking love Obsydia.

>> No.7990724

>forgot her outro again


>> No.7990726

Beautiful threesome from Obsydia!

>> No.7990727

These dorks...

>> No.7990728

I've been on no-fap for 2 weeks and I'll be cumming today to pregnant Selen fanart

>> No.7990729

kino ending

>> No.7990734


>> No.7990736

This dork of a Rose! I love her.

>> No.7990737

Anyone that is not Pomu's friend will be raped by Pomu until they are her sextoy

>> No.7990738

>and nothing pays nearly enough
just stop working retail

>> No.7990739

>Did you end stream ye-

perfect collab

>> No.7990746

Its over...

>> No.7990750


>> No.7990751

Nijisanji scored 2/2 for group chemistry. Hope the full NijiEN collab will be kino.

>> No.7990752


>> No.7990753

Goldicock walked into the niji en cottage and looked at the three heads
"This head is too big" as he sized up the plant
"This head is too small" he said in regards to the dragon "also the neck is freaking me out"
And then he looked at the penguin "This head is jussssst right" he said as he whipped out his 14 inch cock and slammed it down her throat. Petra gagged at the manmea

>> No.7990754

Don't worry, that was compensated by the 800 minutes of intro.

>> No.7990757

I hope I don't have to explain Petra's dynamics into Obsydia collabs again...

>> No.7990761

I miss Rosemi-sama already...

>> No.7990763


>> No.7990764

petra is dumb/10

>> No.7990766

Back to your regular hourly depression.

>> No.7990768

100/100 coins and watching a penguin khs/10

>> No.7990774

>rate the collab

>> No.7990776

13/10 Selen dominated and Rosemi humming the music is too cute

>> No.7990777


>> No.7990780

Based witchanon

>> No.7990783

same(+most of 774inc and my oshi patra)

>> No.7990792

Chipper up, Joe. It's time to make sure we're well rested for the next time.

>> No.7990794

Unironically this is how I got into Elira.

>> No.7990797

Rosemi's normal laugh is so much cuter.

>> No.7990799

holofags pls andastand

>> No.7990802


>> No.7990803

I love Nijisanji EN so much. I never knew streams could be this much fun and every collab is such a masterpiece

>> No.7990804

Jokes on you, I have to sleep to wake up for work in 8 hours, so i don't have to be depressed for 8 hours.

>> No.7990807

Not a fan at the beginning, but this was really cute!
Probably won't continue with this game, but I'm looking forward to their next collab.

>> No.7990808

That it is

>> No.7990813

There are worse places

>> No.7990816

obsydiafags really are holofags after all

>> No.7990821

I'm a intern software dev making only $25/hr
the heck is up north

>> No.7990823

Comedy gold/10

>> No.7990826

please don't.
are there no other alternatives? Selen lewds doko?

>> No.7990827


>> No.7990832

Actually Kino / 10
i liked the Bully they did to Petra
Rosemi and Selen have a nice duo sinergy
Also friendly reminder that Selen was the best at the score

>> No.7990833

the big one right? where its like a seagull?
i love that one!

>> No.7990835


>> No.7990836

She treated head size for neck size.

>> No.7990839

Rosemi was really cute and hilarious today! I love her so much.

>> No.7990840

you retards, it's a thing on /wvt/ too so it's not just hololive

>> No.7990841

Trolls will try to bait you into it every time

>> No.7990844

Those shitpost threads about Holofags being bored with current gen and hanging out with Nijisanji until the new wave is most likely true.

>> No.7990845

>began in media res
>end gunshot fade to black

>> No.7990849


>> No.7990857

It's the bullying that makes it better.

>> No.7990872


>> No.7990876


>> No.7990879

I can't believe I say things like this now, but yeah I totally agree. NijiEN gives me the feelings I always thought I was always wished I could get watching JP chuubas and their collabs.

>> No.7990880


>> No.7990884

Never been a holofag but i indeed completely lost interest in them.

>> No.7990887

Neck too long
Head too big

>> No.7990890


>> No.7990901

100% agreed

>> No.7990908

Nijisanji is so warm, I don't wanna hear anyone say this company is rude towards people outside their clique

>> No.7990910

timestamp the real laugh then

>> No.7990912


>> No.7990920

>LazuLight collabs set the bar so high
>Obsydia still managed to live up to it
I- I kneel

>> No.7990924

who the fuck is this twitter tranny and why is Pomu following him?

>> No.7990927

Unironically excited for the next waves even the males.

>> No.7990940

Rosemi is a project for only the most determined architects

>> No.7990966

She wants to actually win something after that collab

>> No.7990968

it's been a blast being with you tonight, see you guys next stream!

>> No.7990971

>apple bottom jeans

>> No.7990976

I miss Elira already

>> No.7990978

Please don't start crying now, anon.

>> No.7990983

>Literal who twitterposting
why the fuck are you such a faggot and why do you keep posting

>> No.7990985

>Rosemi cooking streams are just architects trying to fatten her up
>the pigs aren't her fans
>They're HER

>> No.7990986

sleep well anon

>> No.7990988

Even if they hardly know each other, they help lift each other up .

>> No.7990993

We better get some cute bully art from this collab

>> No.7990999

She was probably searching for some witty remark in the last five minutes of that stream to make herself feel less useless.

>> No.7991006

Full lazulight obsydia collab next week please

>> No.7991014

What a mess of a sentence. I need to sleep. It's been a really long day.
>koshien finals were this morning

>> No.7991023

There is one it's the Otakuthon whatever that thing is called

>> No.7991024

>> No.7991025

dawww elira must be so happy.
thanks anon, have a nice rest as well!

>> No.7991028

where's the anon who said Petra drag down collabs. The combination of the three makes up for kino streams. I hope they realize that and try to collab more, even if they can do just two of them.

>> No.7991040

Since we approached the dead hours once again... Should we go for a timeloop?

>> No.7991048


>> No.7991054

Pretty much

>> No.7991057

You don't choose the timeloop, the timeloop chooses you

>> No.7991060

There needs to be some 3v3 game they can play to allow for shit-talking.
Selen and Finana would be the carries for each gen. Selen would be more skilled but I think Elira and Pomu would be less heavy than Rosemi and Petra. Would be an interesting dynamic

>> No.7991061


>> No.7991063

>King of Wands (Reversed)
>The Hermit (Reversed)
>Justice (Reversed)
She masturbates a lot...Like...A lot...
>No draw
>No draw
>No draw
No. It's terminal like the other anon said.
>Three of Wands (Reversed)
>The Emperor (Reversed)
>Five of Cups (Reversed)
Apparently Selen and Elira..? These cards speak of a family-like bond so that's all I can really divine from such information. Maybe there is some behind the scenes info that will lead to a different result.
>Knight of Cups
>Four of Pentacles
>The Moon (Reversed)
Fate says they will be seperate and try to do their own thing. If I pass auditions I will do my best to bring us together
>The Fool (Reversed)
>Two of Swords (Reversed)
>Temperance (Reversed)
They will excel in their own specialties, but they won't do better than JP males. They won't be very well connected, and they won't mesh well personality wise.

>> No.7991064

yeah i'll start
>Speaks JP

>> No.7991066


>> No.7991071

When will we get a true Yu-gi-oh! vtuber. Selen only watched the anime and bought cards for the thrill of IRL gacha

>> No.7991076


>> No.7991077

What's the name of that baseball game the nijis played?
Is it even available in english?

>> No.7991078

adverts on shibuya & shinjuku station

>> No.7991099

Will Pomu and Rosemi play Umineko on stream and do all the voices?

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