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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7934529

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Elira sex

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Petra love!

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I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!

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vordt's voluptuous dump truck

>> No.7944284

Bros...she did it

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i missed this penguin!

>> No.7944303

Elira is adorable!

>> No.7944305

It clicked, this is one of Elira's best streams

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>> No.7944311

She's not getting less views than Rosemi. Literally all of her vods has more views than Rosemi.Aside from that, her stream also is unscheduled and Elira is streaming at the same time against her.

Regardless, if you hate this girl, just don't watch her instead of shitting up. There's options out there for that reason, you have 5 to watch and more in the future. She's going to be fine with this kind of views. She only will ever be in a bad situation if she reaches like 50 viewers.

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We ain't even at Dancer in tights, Gwynevere can suck it, DS3 does have some junk in the trunks

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>enough of Finana
ungrateful penguin she got you a polar bear

>> No.7944348

So are Elira and Selen finally going to have a 1 on 1 collab this upcoming week?

>> No.7944353

Alright now its painful to watch

>> No.7944369

Rosemi love!

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>> No.7944405

no it will never happen

>> No.7944409

>give me your juice
you heard Elira

>> No.7944419

Do all of Sulivahn's servants have big butts?

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>> No.7944458

Holy fucking shit why are Soulsfags like this
Just let her enjoy the game AAAAAAAAAA

>> No.7944464

I'm comin' for that Pomu butt

>> No.7944470

You're slow, but you tried.

>> No.7944492

Reminder that Rosemi said that 25 was "old" and thought it was "past your prime" meaning that she is probably one of the youngest of the nijiENs

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I fucking hate that you made me have to check, but no, Pontiffs are flatter than Plank. Many such cases, Sad!

>> No.7944520

>generic castle area into another generic castle area
nice level variety dark soul babs

>> No.7944525

I fucking read that as Dragon Pregnancy, the Selen drawfag has fucked me up

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>> No.7944540

Rosemi sleeping right now, I hope she wakes up in time for her big game in 5 hours!!

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>> No.7944543

how is she going to enjoy the game when she doesn't know what the fuck she's doing

>> No.7944547

One thing that I will never have...

>> No.7944560

Loading 90%

>> No.7944572

I have never enjoyed a single solo Elira stream despite giving her multiple chances since debut. I fail to see what her appeal is when she's on her own but damn it did I try
Sorry Fameilra, I guess she's just not for me

>> No.7944573

I hate the dogs in this game so much even watching someone else fight them makes me mad.

>> No.7944595

18 year old rail-thin rosemi UOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

>> No.7944596

Let her figure it out over a dozen or so hours.

>> No.7944598

I hope Elden Ring consistently and without any worldbuilding, goes between volcano, Ice, Poison Swamp, and Minecart levels

>> No.7944613

It's time to do your VOD reps before the week is over!







[Now Playing!]

>> No.7944614

I know what you mean. The only solo Elira I watch is her singing.

>> No.7944642

4 different swamps in a row lets goooo

>> No.7944650

Why the fuck is "dumb bitch juice" so fucking funny?

>> No.7944655

Shut up nigger, don't make me feel old. I still have life.

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>> No.7944678

She's literally perfect in every way. I think you should kill yourself.

>> No.7944680

He doesn't want a >spoiler through a swamp. I'm shaking and crying

>> No.7944697

Can't you block then get a free attack with the stun?

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>> No.7944710

There are a lot of bonfires in this game huh.

>> No.7944716

Rosemi also says she is good at games and that's false so...

>> No.7944726

elira is scared of the rake

>> No.7944734

She seems to be very appealing to flipfags for whatever reason

>> No.7944738

have any of them said or almost said the n word on stream so far?

>> No.7944740

Is she playing online? Can she get invaded?

>> No.7944742

how are you gonna enjoy your life without my dick stuffed into your cute butthole

>> No.7944749

Anon.. I don’t think she’s ever seriously said that…

>> No.7944758

I want paizuri from Elira

>> No.7944761

I'm kinda hyped for baseball today, last stream was kino.

>> No.7944765

It's okay anon, you're not required to love her. Just keep supporting her wife Pomu at least.

>> No.7944773

What an accurate representation, as expected of my daughterwife

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>> No.7944782

I officially turned old today then I guess...

>> No.7944784

Always max brightness on dark souls, fuck their settings

>> No.7944790

And that's okay. At least you aren't a retard who will shit on vtubers just because they aren't for you

>> No.7944797

Fair enough, so long as you aren't tribalfags.

>> No.7944799

are you expecting tactics from Elira?

>> No.7944804

she's not, in fact i think she's actually about to be 25 herself, god i hope

>> No.7944808

NPC invaders

>> No.7944824

I don't know anon, maybe you can fix that

>> No.7944826

Yes. In the next stream or 2.

>> No.7944837

I think Selen has almost said it once or twice playing Apex. That's just a headcanon though. She stops herself from going too far very obviously but she could be about to say any number of words.

>> No.7944840

After the GTFO double cheeked up Elira comment, my brain was certain she'd continue and I was severely disappointed I was wrong.
Also, I know it was a few threads ago, but I was at work, does someone have the ebonified Elira edit some anon made?

>> No.7944851

They have all said Nijisanji

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>> No.7944862

Idk what's wrong with you anon desu. Elira is amazing

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>> No.7944888

Americans age like milk.

>> No.7944906

That's why she's so bad at fighting games. Past her prime. Reflexes are shot.

>> No.7944918

>One thing that I will never have
There's a very easy solution called rape

>> No.7944947

Let them never forget the true Vtubing giant that is KneeJeeSawnJee

>> No.7944952

Finana please, that's illegal

>> No.7944965

Elira has forgotten she has a shield

>> No.7944974

Why no one told me Petra was that good? She's better than Finana

>> No.7944980

Finana love!

>> No.7945000

DS3 broke Elira so hard she turned Japanese.

>> No.7945011


>> No.7945016

My talented daughterwife!

>> No.7945017

How do I draw as good as petra bros

>> No.7945018

In some places it's fine as long as you agree to marry your victim after to preserve her honor.

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>> No.7945035

Elira CUTE

>> No.7945041

They’re part of NA as well.

>> No.7945050


>> No.7945052

Cope, burger

>> No.7945064


>> No.7945066

Do your reps.

>> No.7945081

the ability to not get mad at yourself for drawing like a child before dropping it for another three months

>> No.7945084

Don't make me come over there with a rake.

>> No.7945096

you mean white girls

>> No.7945100

I don't get it

>> No.7945102

Create-a-Soul is the mode to get Rosemi to play SC6

>> No.7945110

wtf that looks great. How she can think she can't draw? lmao

>> No.7945112

Wow listening to someone speak Japanese as their second language is awful as someone who is learning it.

>> No.7945114

I don't get you

>> No.7945130

>More Hitman
>Metal Slug with Selen
It's gonna be a good week fishbros

>> No.7945138

>She likes undead settlement
what the fuck

>> No.7945147


>> No.7945155

This with the main verb changed applies to almost every skill, just remember https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxGRhd_iWuE

>> No.7945158


>> No.7945164

Elira real voice

>> No.7945172

>metal slug collab
Holy based

>> No.7945178

>mfw i live in one of these places
Maybe if I get desperate enough...

>> No.7945181


>> No.7945182

>Petra is stealing Rosemi's onegai muscle bit

>> No.7945185

Elliot Pendora the Supreme Gentleman

>> No.7945192

this fish got me into Last Cloudia and she won't even stream it
dammit it reminds me of SO2

>> No.7945199

Fuckin Elliot Pendragon

>> No.7945200

Finana... We've seen hundreds of chuubas play this already..

>> No.7945214

another boring week yawn

>> No.7945217

Self deprecating is a tough habit to break

>> No.7945220

Where you notice the mistakes and slowness? Or do you mean awful for yourself?

>> No.7945223

please tell me where in case im also desperate enough

>> No.7945224

Schedule (too lazy to post the image, click the link you fags)

>> No.7945230

Has she ever R2'd once

>> No.7945231

I forgot to remove the image, maybe I should drink less

>> No.7945236

where's the vns...

>> No.7945246

>gta, hitman, petra, selen retro game
finana keeps winning

>> No.7945247

>Learning a dead language

>> No.7945249

they are streaming a collab over Pomu´s return, surprising

>> No.7945254

I didn't expect these 2 to be the breakout Lazu/Obsydia collab pair.

>> No.7945273

What game do you think she's playing?

>> No.7945277

In the tutorial before the first bonfire, since then, I haven't seen it

>> No.7945284

>Could have been Vallhalla kino or Nekopara

>> No.7945286

I don't think she knows it exists

>> No.7945295

The men too. I don’t know what’s with their genes that make them age so fast. Goodness, it’s horrible.

>> No.7945311

Should we make a team to divegrass?

>> No.7945313

Why would you? Longsword R1 is one of the fastest attacks in the game that still does massive damage.

>> No.7945328

her standards are too high

>> No.7945329

>No VA-11 HALL-A
>A week without her sexy voice

>> No.7945355

Elira has missed 2 Estus Shards already.. It's gonna be rough.

>> No.7945358

Its time for your boy Hodrick

>> No.7945369

collab when Pomu comes back. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY

>> No.7945377

Manager-san and gacha addicts LOVE Genshin.

>> No.7945388

anon, she wanted to take a break from VNs

>> No.7945397

Finana rapes my mouth every stream, does it count?

>> No.7945411

>> No.7945417

only if you didn't do your reps with the past lifes

>> No.7945428

no, retarded chinks love genshin

>> No.7945429

>Believes in Christmas cake
She is based

>> No.7945434

>not online
>not getting fed embers by stream snipers
She might not get an NPC invasion this whole nonexistant playthrough

>> No.7945435

Finana is gonna say it

>> No.7945439

Fish, your kanji reps...

>> No.7945447

Let me guess. Elira is going to stream for 10 hours today, huh?

>> No.7945476

Elira is just too goddamn cute... how was I supposed to stop myself from falling in love with her?

>> No.7945483

and they are gonna mog that bitch, seethe

>> No.7945484

It's correct though.

>> No.7945495

being sane

>> No.7945508

what is with xbox all of a sudden replying to nijien tweets?

>> No.7945510

Elira's comedic timing sends my sides into orbit sometimes

>> No.7945514

fuck, didn't even realize, lmao

>> No.7945515

Can someone explain to me this sonna banana thing please thanks

>> No.7945518

Is Petra a good girl? I want to enjoy all of Obsydia but I haven't watched her enough to know her gimmicks.

>> No.7945522

Sponsorship incoming...

>> No.7945534

I'm guessing nijiEN will be promoting gamepass soon.

>> No.7945535

sad about that actually

>> No.7945540

>that UOH xbox tweet

>> No.7945542


>> No.7945545

the days of the week

>> No.7945555

>> No.7945558

Looking for roommate shit isn't doing your reps
Because it's the job of brand accounts to seem relatable and reply to interests/hobbies on the rise so people who like thing X associate it with the brand.

>> No.7945560

Pomu..... Fish has abandoned her for Selen

>> No.7945564

It’s considered a “buff” game and Finana herself loves gacha which also brigns in the gacha addicts.

>> No.7945571

Well, Todd already got Rosemi to play Skyrim.

>> No.7945576

pls no gamepass streams.....

>> No.7945581

anon your archive reps..

but yeah i also want to know.

>> No.7945587

Petra is boring

>> No.7945590

>Metal Slug with Selen
That's what I've been waiting for baby

>> No.7945597

it's considered a stinky chinky game

>> No.7945605

Yes, and? The days are correct in JST.

>> No.7945609

its really great

>> No.7945621

yo, that is dem nice art

>> No.7945631

Yes, she is a good girl. If you'll enjoy her or not is another story.

>> No.7945633

What software is that?

>> No.7945635

And now you sound like a bitter teenager.
The Holo thread is 3 doors down.

>> No.7945637

>Dark souls 3 will be on gamepass for pc
to promote elden ring
that's a based move .

>> No.7945643

Petra is a cute, foul-mouthed daughterwife.

>> No.7945645

everyone except Selen will overlap with Pomu´s comeback stream, just how it is

>> No.7945647

Screenshot Youtube

>> No.7945653

Elira LOVE

>> No.7945674

>cutscene watching simulator

>> No.7945681


>> No.7945686

this is my favorite piece of fan art of her.

>> No.7945689

I don't think the falling in love part is insane, well having a "crush" at least, lots of normal people have them for celebrities. It's the part where you behave like a schizo who thinks they can command what a streamer does or gets jealous over them interacting with people that is where you become insane.

>> No.7945690

oh if you meant petra's drawing software then idk

>> No.7945693

and a ching chong ting tong to you

>> No.7945700

i like how her top lip gives her a constant :3 face
very cute

>> No.7945720

She learned how to jump LETS GOOOO

>> No.7945726

Wonder who Pomu will collab the most with in Obsydia.

>> No.7945739


>> No.7945742

Who is the guy Petra is drawing?

>> No.7945743

Then where is my comment shoutout on her stream Tood

>> No.7945750

>gacha addicts
Gacha addict here and I can confirm I don't like the Chinese.

>> No.7945753

Rosemi. They collabed a bit in their PLs.

>> No.7945768


>> No.7945769


>> No.7945782

Official art so good!

>> No.7945824

they are probably going to push it earlier a bit or keeping it short, fish did the same thing for Pomu´s goodbye stream before she realized

>> No.7945828

That anatomy is all wrong and weird.

>> No.7945838


>> No.7945881

You in your wildest dreams, Todd.

>> No.7945886

I don't know anon it looks kinda off

>> No.7945891

Fish will drop Gta5

>> No.7945896

Yeah, the main cast is great and they banter together a lot.
It never got popular since they had jew tricks but they stopped doing that and now it's getting a steam release soon

>> No.7945913

A child indeed. It seems that a gacha game molested you and your funds.

>> No.7945916

why does she wear bowler shoes
Can she bowl a 200 at least?

>> No.7945929


>> No.7945949

We don't want them to be suicidal.

>> No.7945952

her head is way too small for that body

>> No.7945980

holoID zombie

>> No.7945983

I'm sorry, I don't speak insect

>> No.7945992

Elira's getting into it now

>> No.7945999

>pink text

>> No.7946007

Behold the boss that will filter Elira!

>> No.7946009

pls no. I don't want the shitposting

>> No.7946016

prob someone from ID

>> No.7946027

who fucking cares if they stream over it, it is not some big concert or event, it is a normal minecraft or whatever, they should stream as normal, she got her tits cut of she didnt die, dont cry about it

>> No.7946032

only been to disneyland in japan some american

>> No.7946037

The apex collab with Elira and Hada is just one hour after koshien. How are they going to do it? How I'm going to watch koshien and it? lmao

>> No.7946045

The KR chick she has been talking to

>> No.7946046

The “Collab” font and color makes me think that it’s vshojo and most likely froot since she drew Selen.

>> No.7946051

Hmm, so Elira went to Disneyland in Japan.

>> No.7946102

Good thing it’s optional

>> No.7946106

Oh, I wasn't thinking about that. Well that's the only thing I thought the other posters were talking about hah

>> No.7946111

That would suck but it would also get a lot of eyes on niji especially once they see how good Selen is, I feel like there are so many apex autists out there who think ame is god tier and will explode seeing Selen lol

>> No.7946114

Probably Bada.

>> No.7946127

pls be bora

>> No.7946163

People shitpost all day everyday anyways

>> No.7946164

Probably Froot, maybe Bora

>> No.7946167

*robs you at gunpoint*

>> No.7946181

Amazed by Elira’s patience. I was red faced, steam pouring out my eyes, beating my hands against the couch and pissing my pants and screaming when I first played this game

>> No.7946188


>> No.7946192

>implying pentomo exist

>> No.7946206

Selen again with a great schedule

>> No.7946217

Git gud lol

>> No.7946218

sounds like you just suck

>> No.7946219

>> No.7946225

Don't dox me like that anon...

>> No.7946232

She said she has three weeks of apex collabs so take your pick from froot/ollie/bora/chihiro

>> No.7946234

But. Just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right.

>> No.7946241

dead hours? good thing seffyna got us covered, she starting the zerg campaing in 5

>> No.7946247


>> No.7946263

Yes, feed more spiritual opium to the Chinese children. Superchat your chubba to enable her addiction to electronic drugs.

>> No.7946266

shes so cute bros

>> No.7946283

I did beat the game eventually lol

>> No.7946286

Ashen one is so cringe but he kinda cute

>> No.7946288

don't you have some indies to save?

>> No.7946294

According to her JP wiki her favourite attraction is Pooh's Honey Hunt. Also has a list of places she said she has been in Japan Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, and Okinawa.

>> No.7946300

There's two streams right now niggerchama

>> No.7946336

Apex chads keep winning

>> No.7946345

>She's been to Disney Land JP
>I've been to Disney Land JP

>> No.7946347

It could’ve been any gacha game.

>> No.7946353

>fina puts metal slug 2
>selen puts metal slug X & 3

Can they actually beat all three games? I dont think finnana has the stomach for collabs longer than 1 hour.

>> No.7946355

But... the shiny boss weapons...

>> No.7946365

>Apex = great schedule

>> No.7946368

Anon, that's pathetic

>> No.7946383

She spoils us bros

>> No.7946391

ollie or froot, if it was someone in niji i don't think she'd bother hiding it

>> No.7946393

She will probadfly play in Vsaikou's scrim at some point to sub to some niji on the day they are busy

>> No.7946432

Even FGO gives you pity rolls.

>> No.7946440

She inspired me to pick up SC1 and beat it for the first time and it's heaps of fun. I hope I can get up to the Zerg campaign before her stream.

>> No.7946441

I've determined the best way to save them is to get to a position I can save them from. To do so I need to rise the Niji ladder.

>> No.7946449

elira please learn flash sweat please

>> No.7946454

I really want to watch Selen play Titanfall 2 and get frustrated by everyone dunking on her at 50mph

>> No.7946460

>Zerg campaign in one sit
>metal slug
>too much Apex but i liker her streams

>> No.7946462

She got a lotta junk in dat trunk

>> No.7946465

I wonder if this is management’s push to make he the APEX EN liver. Eventually leaving pure retro to a future member.

>> No.7946466


>> No.7946470

>You'll never taste Elira's flash swear
why live...

>> No.7946475

>Serious Sam
Selen please think of my knees.

>> No.7946483

Unlikely, as the lag can get pretty bad on JP servers

>> No.7946489

I hope that special guest is a senpai.
Metal slug with Finana is gonna be a whole treat, can't wait for it

>> No.7946491

Will she even figure out what the boss souls are for? She's already struggling to cast spells.

>> No.7946492

I tried playing Sekiro once and I gave up after spending a day trying to beat that owl guy.

>> No.7946493

The best way to save them is to eliminate the root cause, Vtubing as a whole must die.

>> No.7946514

>Serious Sam
Oh shit.

>> No.7946522

>she got the Piro hand

>> No.7946526

Too bad respawn is sucking apex's dick to fix titanfall

>> No.7946528

Here's the schedule. Idk why it's not on twitter yet

>> No.7946541

The vshojo collabs have scarred me and now I feel only anxiety when I see unknown guests.

>> No.7946543

Literally nothing on there I want to watch.

>> No.7946551

>zerg campaign in one sitting
Watch her never upgrade zergling speed.

>> No.7946559

It's up, mostly. A few connection issues here and there but it's playable

>> No.7946565

Dragon Training seems fun.

>> No.7946584

Huh so Rosemi is still awake since she retweeted art
im guessing she was either showering or was masturbating

>> No.7946589

Git gud lmao

>> No.7946591

>> No.7946594

>Zerg player

>> No.7946601

Fuck off Daniel.

>> No.7946615

I have a feeling it won't be a twitch streamer, but maybe.
I'm leaning more towards another Niji Apex monkey like Chihiro.

>> No.7946617

You probably played DS first huh? Me too.
Imagine DS but parry only run and if you fail the boss heals to full health

>> No.7946629

Elira is triggering all the capeshit people.

>> No.7946636

>Elira's chat sperging out over Elira not caring about capeshit
You love to see it

>> No.7946648

Elira's MCU watching order is fucked lol

>> No.7946654

>I dont think finnana has the stomach for collabs longer than 1 hour.
Don't worry, Selen will slowly turn her into a soulful vtuber instead of a corporate one.

>> No.7946660

With tights.

>> No.7946669

She watched all these movies with her bf didn't she?

>> No.7946672

I think she's more likely to collab with Bora first before Chii

>> No.7946676

>Elira does not give a flying fuck about capeshit
Extremely based

>> No.7946683

That's like the third to last boss.

>> No.7946685

Tickets aren't really pity rolls.
Also I wouldn't wish the latest FGO grind on anyone. Level 100 to 120 is actually insane for what is essentially a single player game.

>> No.7946687

>dont think finnana has the stomach for collabs longer than 1 hour.
??????? She been in multiple collabs that have gone on for several hours

>> No.7946688

You have anger management issues.

>> No.7946694

the big vshojo collabs have been shit because they have been way too big and completely unorganized. The Pomu-Mel collab was good and Selen Froot will probably be good too

>> No.7946696

Petra is my foul mouthed daughter wife and she’s streaming right now.

>> No.7946713

Could also be one of her friends, but dunno. If it's a friend I hope is the guy who always misinformed her so he can get roasted live

>> No.7946714

Well thank god you can build a spire on the 2nd level. I thought it was unlocked after the crystalis part.

>> No.7946715

Yeah, me

>> No.7946727

Based Elira pissing off normaltards

>> No.7946733

Daniel? Who the fook is this guy?

>> No.7946735

She's streaming right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cB8IkzOT0Q

>> No.7946737

>"rested up"
>is going back to sleep
you already know what she was doing

>> No.7946743

She is foul mouthed, retarded, and insults herself and chat in equal measure.

>> No.7946748

I kind of agree. There's other stuff that is interesting in theory, but it feels like her specialty should be a collab inside Niji first.

>> No.7946751

Daniel is me

>> No.7946758

>FUCK 3D shit
Based Elira

>> No.7946760

She was on JP servers during her guerilla, I think she should be fine

>> No.7946777

Selenfags have never watched a Finana collab that didnt involve Selen

>> No.7946801

>She isn't going to watch the big games

>> No.7946816

please andastand, Dragoons don't watch anyone else

>> No.7946818

Would kindly ask to fook off from my flightless bird stream but I think I'll heem you instead

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