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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7903542

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Rosemi ZatsuDoom in 10

>> No.7923089

speaking of zatsudans Fish Luck of the Sea 3 will be a zatsu 100% unless somebody shows up to collab.

>> No.7923095

Love Pomu. Pomu love.

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>> No.7923098

>No Selen stream today

>> No.7923132

not laughing for a whole stream probably seriously damaged her internal organs, i'm glad she is having a rest.

>> No.7923149

why does the thread archive early when there are day old threads on this board

>> No.7923179

can I get a tldr on this LilyPichu person Pomu will possibly Gartic Phone with? Why she bad specifically. Well apart from not being a Niji senpai/kouhai Pomu could collab with instead?

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>> No.7923213

she's another dramamonging e-girl like nyanners

>> No.7923289

Think a combination of Kiara nyanners zentreya and Meiro, but worse

>> No.7923291

Didn't realize she had actually named it that. Neat.

>> No.7923322

i personally think lily herself doesn't have a lot of drama around her. but shes from twitch, and will attract the cancer of twitch's viewerbase of retards.

>> No.7923327

i think that the great wosemi sama is in fact great!

>> No.7923330

that's kinda nice

>> No.7923335

She's really just inoffensive and boring.

>> No.7923337

I miss her. I will stick with the dragon queen no matter what going forward. No matter what new chuubas debut in the EN space. No matter how much she plays Apex which I fucking hate. No matter who she collabs with. I'm in it for the long haul.

>> No.7923377

her only "drama" is that she broke up with her bf because he cheated on her, that's nothing
this, don't like her streams but she's not a bad person in general

>> No.7923394

Holy based

>> No.7923408

Same anon, my only regret is not discovering her when she was still an indie. I'll get her membership day one for sure

>> No.7923428

there was also the little thing with fed, but like i said, not a lot. shes far from the egirl stereotype.

>> No.7923461

Here is a narrative I came up with. What if fish and elder dragon get secretly sponsored to be gacha whales? I think gacha is much less popular in the west and corporate vtubers is the best way to turn the whole world into japan in that regard.

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>> No.7923506

They all already play that Chinese one, I don't remember the name of it.

>> No.7923511

dont think vtubers with less than 200k subs would be targeted for such campaigns. those ads about raid shadow legends that every youtuber shills is literally what you're describing

>> No.7923560

Elira has been playing Genshin for ages she genuinely likes the game, she has an account of a much higher level and with more characters on it than the one she streams under that she posted on twitter.

>> No.7923593

lovely art

>> No.7923622

Is Rosemi a /here/tuber? The way she's describing understand that last game of the baseball stream last night sort of sounds like how you'd pick up the details from just reading a thread and not specifically talking to anyone about it. That could just be coincidence though.

>> No.7923623

It's time to do your VOD reps, leatherman.






[Now Playing!]

>> No.7923627

NijiEN had several collabs with vshojo and gained zero (0) subs from it. If anything, it's worthless as a networking attempt because the audiences don't seem to give much of a shit about the other side. Twitch people will just continue watching whoever was streaming on twitch and the same goes for YT. My only concern is it looks like there is a lot of effort that goes into organizing these things every time and from the viewers' perspective it's not worth it at all.

>> No.7923641


Have some dragon laugh methadone, dragonfriends!

>> No.7923663


>> No.7923670

Nah she got scared away when she tried to advertise her old life here and the first comment was just "nigger"

>> No.7923690

vshojo is not hololive, they arent big enough to noticably boost someone elses subs through a collab

>> No.7923693

rosemi is probably not smart enough to solve the captcha
so very unlikely except if she is just lurking

>> No.7923694

>Day old donut
Rosemi pls.

>> No.7923703


>> No.7923717

How easy would it be to scam Rosemi?

>> No.7923727

I am basing it on the fact that when I watch on mobile I only get arknights commercials. And I am pretty sure raid shadow legends is a different thing (much less effective). By comparison: you watch a raid shadow legends sponsored segment and you obviously dismiss it instantly. It has zero effectiveness on people who aren't braindead. What producers of gacha need now is more than just an ad. They need to get through the mentality a lot of people in the west have that paying for gacha is retarded. They won't achieve it just by showing RAID SHADOW LEGENDSSSS. They need a streamer or influencer to pull gacha in front of people's eyes to slowly make them less resistant to the thought of burning your money on jpegs.

>> No.7923728

Yeah she is me, hello anon

>> No.7923743

Extremely easy.

>> No.7923752

Like taking candy from a baby

>> No.7923754

Why do you hate apex. After watching a few of her streams it seems like a decent game.

>> No.7923758

Impressive posting while streaming and eating an old donut. I kneel.

>> No.7923762

pretty sure they have a discord/slack channel where they all talk, in addition to twitter. there's no way she's here

>> No.7923777

You should ask Pomu since she's the expert here

>> No.7923795

Paying for gacha IS retarded though.

>> No.7923802

thanks dragoonbro

>> No.7923804

hands off!
that's my wife!!!!!!!!

>> No.7923817

please Rosemi, let me cum on your thighs

>> No.7923818

t. based Selen

>> No.7923831

Which stream I need to use to watch Basedball tonight?

>> No.7923838

Incredibly difficult. Sure, it looks easy, but you'd feel so bad that you wouldn't be able to go through with it unless you were Satan.

>> No.7923844

Didn't she post here telling us to catch her streams during her first weeks

>> No.7923855


>> No.7923857

remember to drink your water anons

>> No.7923859


>> No.7923863

nta but I dislike Apex streams for the same reason I dislike Minecraft. It's overdone across the board.

>> No.7923866

she literally was sold a rrat
idk, stuff like csgo skins and most games trying to operate as gaas these days are filled to the brim with mtx, and people eat that shit up. imo gacha is just a subset of mtx.

>> No.7923873


>> No.7923877

>youtube doesn't tell me when Elira is streaming
>youtube never sends me a bell notification when Elira is streaming
>I have to hawk her schedule and remember them if I want to watch her streaming
>still ends up missing her streams or arriving too late
I give up on following Elira. Thank you Youtube.

>> No.7923884


>> No.7923888

Thank you lads

>> No.7923907


>> No.7923922

set an alarm you lazy fuck. youtube fails to tell me when wosemi is live but im there

>> No.7923925

A selfish part of me hopes Rosemi stays around these kinds of numbers. It's nice having all your comments responded to

>> No.7923938


>> No.7923947

Rosemi-sama step on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.7923952

big beautiful rosemi face...

>> No.7923954


>> No.7923955

Selen makes Apex fun, or any other game.

>> No.7923956

>> No.7923960

there will always be membership for comfy chat

>> No.7923961

She had 2 weeks to steal Pomu's fans and couldn't capitalize. Rat...

>> No.7923963


>> No.7923967

>> No.7923968

>she saw your dick

>> No.7923974

It's almost like she's in these threads

>> No.7923983

Yeah that's my hope.

>> No.7923993

>Rosemi does the face
>Is happy chat liked it
>Does it again
>Live2D registers the smile she can't help but have
I love her.

>> No.7924005

she captured my heart

>> No.7924017

haha time for gosliniggers to spam unrelated real life actor and eat up the image limit

>> No.7924026

Rosemi pls I can't smile this much this isn't normal

>> No.7924038

Do your part and report them all for the safety of our future threads once wave 3 arrives

>> No.7924043

D-did she like i-it....?

>> No.7924049

Wosemi sama.....

>> No.7924063


>> No.7924066

>Posts non Nijisanji vtuber

>> No.7924069

tfw Rosemi will never laugh at my micropenis

>> No.7924071

I do wish their models could show a few more negative emotions, Finana in particular always looks kinda dopey because she can't do anything but smile

>> No.7924072

you got a problem with our love, buddy?

>> No.7924081

i hate to tell you that but these threads rarely hit the image limit anon....

>> No.7924088

a minute apart, fantastic

>> No.7924089

Wosemi please stop

>> No.7924091

god forbid people talk about the only ongoing stream

>> No.7924102

wait till they find out she duos with her bf in league

>> No.7924103

she's trying not to laugh, anon...

>> No.7924108

One of the small things I noticed watching her where she and I agree and I can't help but think she is best girl.

>> No.7924114

It is board culture

>> No.7924120

I'm really happy she's started to pull even.

>> No.7924127

Going to be a /v/igger now and ask if she actually plans on booting up the game.

>> No.7924148

The great Alpha Sigma Rosemi-chama realizes doomyturnal is a fucking kusoge and would rather just talk with her chat

>> No.7924152

Is Rosemi really is ESL, I'm glad she could find an occupation where she can use her main language freely even if she is EN branch.

>> No.7924156


>> No.7924161

>getting Elira numbers now
fucking based

>> No.7924165

she got like 2.5k yesterday wtf are you talking about

>> No.7924170


>> No.7924174

The more you post ryan gosling the more you will be forever alone.

>> No.7924195

Diablo love!

>> No.7924198

haha blade runner man funi

>> No.7924208

>Telltale Walkin Dead games
Rosebros, you promised me kino AOE2 and TEKKEN, this isn't AOE2 nor TEKKEN

>> No.7924216

I really want to see one of them play Jak now

>> No.7924226

>Diablo 2
ohboy here we go

>> No.7924242

>she got like 2.5k yesterday wtf are you talking about
Ringfit is a massive buff game because people love the suffering it tends to lead to.
If she gets this for Zatsudans it's extremely good news.
Zatsudans are effectively The yardstick for how well a talent manages to draw in his/her fans on a personal basis.

>> No.7924249

damn I better get posting then

>> No.7924254

She's never playing Tekken again after that incident.

>> No.7924259

>telltale "games"

>> No.7924261

the perms...

>> No.7924263

Of all the dorky vtubers, Rosemi is definitely up there as one of the cutest.

>> No.7924269


>> No.7924273


>> No.7924280

Where is my quake chubba

>> No.7924290

I'm in love with her inane clapping

>> No.7924292

she's doing fine for an unscheduled stream, i suspect more people dropping by during the gameplay

>> No.7924295

It's in the title. The great Rosemi decided to give her viewers 2/3 poll options rather than just 1. Rejoice.

>> No.7924296

She's playing Doom Eternal

>> No.7924298

literally Pomu

>> No.7924304


>> No.7924318

where is my elona+ chuuba?

>> No.7924325

I never noticed she cackles like a witch. Toxic Cute...

>> No.7924335


>> No.7924350

Rosemi-sama is such a benevolent mistress

>> No.7924353

WHen will we get an audiophile nijiEN to eventually pave the way to a nijisanji and Final audio collaboration so I can wear the anykara logo on my ears

>> No.7924354

Fuck off Rosebeats

>> No.7924358

I don't know that you'd actually want a reload save state x100 or gets absolutely nowhere chuuba.

>> No.7924362

Am I retarded? Is this some bait and switch? She says it's a doom eternal stream but she's just siting there nattering on about god knows what?

>> No.7924364

>she's doing fine for an unscheduled stream,
Oh yeah that was a thing too.

Either way.
Her numbers have been getting better in general.
There's not really a weak lazulight and now it's increasingly looking like there won't be any weak Obsidya either.

>> No.7924367


>> No.7924384

none of them. Maybe Elira if she goes autistic and goes from rougelites to rougelikes one day

>> No.7924386

burned chicken nuggets I'm fine with, more or less
they're not THAT kind of nugget

>> No.7924388

Selen witch isn't real

>> No.7924400

this is the kind of autism that is missing

>> No.7924402

zatsudoom. She's doing a zatsudan from hell. You've been rused.

>> No.7924404

>Goose Howard
Rosemi your reps

>> No.7924406


>> No.7924408

Can someone tell me why people go gosling for her? Other than her 10/10 avatar.

>> No.7924413


>> No.7924414

gen 2 is pretty weak except Selen who is a beast

>> No.7924416

So what's the stream about?

>> No.7924423

She's helpless moé personified

>> No.7924429

wtf is the point of having this monster as the power cable???

>> No.7924444

I'd do it, but I really don't know if more than 10 people would enjoy it. In fact I don't know if anyone who doesn't already know Elona would be able to understand it at all.

>> No.7924445

to instill fear

>> No.7924446

funny ESL Helpless GFE

>> No.7924450

Cast a spell to make this stream be super cute and comfy

>> No.7924459

She is literally minutes away from dying every day unless we help her.

>> No.7924463

Spending more money = better sound quality

>> No.7924470

here we go

>> No.7924472

her past life had a fairly active discord

>> No.7924473

Do women get headaches after their period?

>> No.7924476

One of these years, Pomu will finish going through all the Boomer Shooters and start going through all recent the games that try to be Boomer Shooters.

>> No.7924478

I wish I had a small lolita wearing fightan game playing gf to play GG with

>> No.7924487

When did Finana talk about playing Monster Hunter?

>> No.7924490

She was talking about Noraneko, not some base level "cursed" normie shit cat

>> No.7924505

It varies. Plus nowadays there are devices that can block the pain signals from travelling. At least for some of the time.

>> No.7924514

Just, like, put her under sunlight.

>> No.7924521

a vtuber elona tutorial would be fun
most streams are carried by the personality anyway
not the easiest game to make entertaining but i feel like if the chuuba would get really into it then it could be great
at least better than the circulation of like 5 games

>> No.7924524

Her past life also screwed over her employer? (Pretty based imho) But more to the point isn't screwing over your employer a move that shows that she can't really be helpless?

>> No.7924526

her debut, she said she played MHW on PC and is waiting for Rise to have a PC release

>> No.7924533

>attempts to dom chat and then gets flustered about it
>seagull laugh + clapping
>makes silly little video skits like in her last Skyrim stream

>> No.7924541

Watching her play the original Doom made me appreciate the roots of the new games. Pretty cool experience. I should see if anyone's beaten the new games by playing it as much like the old ones as possible.

>> No.7924544


>> No.7924545

Supposedly to prevent interference.

>> No.7924550

Not in terms of the metrics that matter.

>> No.7924557

she's allergic to the sun

>> No.7924558


>> No.7924569

Viewers don't matter for a livestreamer?

>> No.7924576


>> No.7924590

I met her during the first year of Touhoucon. She seemed like a nice person.

Now she's collabing with a vTuber. Dang. Started from the bottom now we're here.

>> No.7924594

Must've forgot about that
This is good news since I was hoping for some NijiEN MH collabs

>> No.7924597

Justify this rrat.

>> No.7924599

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

>> No.7924603

Seeing Rosemi get her bearings in this ancient landscape is making me look forward to seeing Elira tackle DS3 later. What a fun Saturday.

>> No.7924610


>> No.7924613

i love that she wears her autism cap

>> No.7924623

Do you want her to get skin cancer? because that's how you get cancer.

>> No.7924627


>> No.7924636

>the little platforms for the cables

>> No.7924638

>Viewers don't matter for a livestreamer?
Petra viewers are perfectly fine. That's my point.

>> No.7924647

she said herself that she does not really have a first language

>> No.7924654

vtubers eating is still the cutest thing on the planet

>> No.7924670

Can plants get cancer?

>> No.7924673

So she's an autist I see

>> No.7924680

been dreaming about knight elira god imagine her first coming off as cool and hardly talking but thats just because she’s retartedly introverted and she slowly opens up and then gets obsessed with you i want her to princess carry me while she sweetly whispers a promise of unending loyalty into my ear AAAAA WHY IS THIS FUCKING FUJO SO COOL AND CUTELY DERANGED
she’d suck ass at actually being a knight though lol ds3 gonna be great
also wtf is the hat on wosemi? dont actively watch her

>> No.7924692


>> No.7924698

>missed 40 minutes of the stream

>> No.7924701


>> No.7924702

There is a person allergic to water, so I can believe that to be possible.

>> No.7924713

Finana is going to stream soon! I hope she doesn't oversleep again.

>> No.7924715


>> No.7924722


>> No.7924723

I have a Towa crunch and a Finana crunch. Are there crunch clips for anyone else?

>> No.7924727

You missed her making faces in the beginning.

>> No.7924730


>> No.7924735

>allergic to water

>> No.7924770

are you a female?

>> No.7924771

It was in the news two days ago...

>> No.7924773

She has a loli voice and that's it, that's the whole character, i mostly don't want them to collab with OfflineTV because they're all boring as fuck except for Pokimane who's a trend chaser bitch who did witch hunts on anyone giving her criticism, she also hired a molester and kept him in the house until Lily couldn't take it any more and had to announce it to the public

>> No.7924774

She's this tiny little girl who apparently can't do many things for herself and adulting hard. If you ask me, she knows what she is doing and she's got all you guys by the cojones.

>> No.7924777

Aquagenic urticaria

>> No.7924787

fuck her and Pomu would get along great

>> No.7924788

>He still watches the news

>> No.7924803

She someone is gonna join her so I'm guessing it's Pomu

>> No.7924804

>there are devices that can block the pain signals from travelling
That's called aspirin.

>> No.7924805

sounds hot

>> No.7924819

I don't. I was just close to the tv when it happened.

>> No.7924824

not crunch

>> No.7924829


>> No.7924832

Imagine what someone will this condition smells like

>> No.7924834

>Canadian superchat
>it's always some cringe shit
Canadians explain yourself

>> No.7924841

That makes a lot of sense. I've never understood her appeal so the very vocal and tiny group of fans she has on her always puzzled me. A bit unfortunate to be honest, Discord fanbases tend to be really cancerous.

>> No.7924855

they produced rosemi so what do you expect?

>> No.7924862

Day of the rake means they can't shitpost on 4chan anymore.

>> No.7924865

soaree aboot that

>> No.7924871

She likes it

>> No.7924872

I want her to grab me by the cojones

>> No.7924874

That is good as well

>> No.7924887

fake crying

>> No.7924888

That's your NIJIEN males, bros

>> No.7924894

oho, wosemi pls, i can't tear up rn

>> No.7924897

Rosemi, stop being a woman and play video games.

>> No.7924924

Canada has imported countless arabs, asians and indians
These are the "Canadians" posting absolute cringe

>> No.7924936

>rosemi is actually touched by the cringe super chats

kinda want to give her a hug

>> No.7924949

How do people fall for this?

>> No.7924964

im not posting that shit dont lump me in with them.

>> No.7924970

Oh gosh, that was sweet.

>> No.7924973

Do you mean Rosemi herself or what she was saying?

>> No.7924974

Aren't those also the Canadians that are most of NijiEN?

>> No.7924982

It's some kind of pad that sends out counter-signals. Not sure how effective they are, just saw them advertised a lot at one point.

>> No.7924997

Rosemi seems the type to not realize things are cringe and takes everything absolutely at face-value.
It's kinda cute

>> No.7924998

You people need to stop pretending to be cynical because you're a cool 4chan anon

>> No.7924999


>> No.7925024

Now post the australian rosemi

>> No.7925043

this, i would never donate stuff like that myself but i can imagine that seeing someone saying stuff like that would mean the world to me if i was any content creator

>> No.7925057


>> No.7925058

>she knows what she is doing and she's got all you guys by the cojones.
If you ask me all of them are like that.

>> No.7925064

I wish I didn't cringe at myself so much sometimes. I think about writing something sincere as a fan letter occasionally to some of the vtubers that I have spent a lot of time with but can't even start.

>> No.7925071

no one is being cynical, but people act for donations all the time

>> No.7925082

*sheathes katana*
No, dork.

>> No.7925085

ooooh k for koshien? thanks lol
yeah! never expected to like elira this much but something about her
she has this aura of cool even when she acts extra cute but not cool in like the way gacha games design cool characters where their “cool” on the surface but actually super soft fucking hate that
elira has a super nice mix between cool and cute where its not a complete fold which is blessed
ive been recommending her and now my entire friendgroup is gay

>> No.7925088

Finana is gonna stream soon which makes me very happy!

>> No.7925103

K for Kagami Industrial. She's on his team.

>> No.7925105


>> No.7925133

What happened to the other two K's that were on Rosemi's hat?

>> No.7925134

damn you got me

>> No.7925137

Cringe all you want to but your feelings are real and you should embrace them. Your feelings are a part of who you are and what brings you happiness is special

>> No.7925141

oh boy, I sure love seeing the same 300 photos every thread.

>> No.7925145

You're being cynical because you immediately assumed he's acting when you have no idea of knowing that
When he starts doing stuff like this again, it's okay to assume it's just for attention

>> No.7925153

>I wish I didn't cringe at myself so much sometimes. I think about writing something sincere as a fan letter occasionally to some of the vtubers that I have spent a lot of time with but can't even start.
Here is a free exercise to fix that.
Talk to yourself in a mirror while meeting your own gaze at least 25 minutes in total every single day.
I'm far from a chad or particularly attractive or socially adept or anything like that but it's made me confident enough to go out drinking by myself and just call girls to dance with me with my eyes and even let me touch them.
It's also allowed me to write and post it.
It's about making your inner dialogue submit to you.

>> No.7925158

Then you're gonna love me

>> No.7925159

Being cynical is like second nature for me. It's hard not to be after using not only the internet for so long, but 4chan as well. It fucking sucks to be honest.

>> No.7925161


>> No.7925167

Okay ESL.

>> No.7925175

Don't worry bro i'll do my part in a little and post some more

>> No.7925185


>> No.7925193

im watching forsen fail at jump king, it's not me you are annoying.

>> No.7925195

Oh take it easy you psychologists. Even hinting at not to SC just brings a swarm of SC. Just enjoy the stream if you're watching it at all.

>> No.7925199


>> No.7925202

>mirror eye contact
But that's how the demons escape.

>> No.7925209

It could be 301 if you learn to have fun and find one you like

>> No.7925213

This sounds like it's on the opposite end of the spectrum. Seems like a method to begin to like yourself a little too much, especially that first part.

>> No.7925218

yeah that.. makes more sense lol thanks

>> No.7925220

wow free superchats.

>> No.7925221

guys stop bullying my wife!

>> No.7925228

I was gonna superchat regardless

>> No.7925230

>he doesn't know

>> No.7925234

To be fair I could never see myself doing that during a livestream, I hate being the center of attention and in my mind its derailing the stream. I would however consider writing something like that as a private DM

>> No.7925235

cant she keep playing and read them another time?

>> No.7925244

Show us your incredibly impressive OC then.
Whip it out, I NEED to see how THICK and HARD your THROBBING OC is.

>> No.7925263

>pretend to be sad
>collect money
the hook lands a fish

>> No.7925265

no youtube is fucked

>> No.7925270

People are also attracted to people with confidence as much they can also be repelled by it.

>> No.7925276

YT shat its pants, superchat logs haven't been available for a week now.

>> No.7925286

evidently she's looking for any excuse not to play this dogshit kusoge

>> No.7925290


>> No.7925299


better than some gosling autist

>> No.7925302

Youtube decided to break their superchat system and shows no interest in fixing them. They really have completely abandoned everything besides large companies since they reap in billions for youtube. Even the biggest streamers on their platform don't mean shit to them. Even Markiplier and Pewdiepie types are 'nobodies' in the eyes of youtube management.

>> No.7925319

you cant get them up right now, but they are still there, so everyone is saving them up and having superchat reading streams, think that is better than just pretty much holding the stream on hold right now

>> No.7925325

>2 dislikes since this turned into a superchat reading stream
A-anons, you can always just not watch...

>> No.7925333



>> No.7925336

This picture is a modern work of art; I simply can not place the emotion being conveyed

>> No.7925343

yeah doom eternal sucks

>> No.7925348

I hope your mom gets cancer for shitting these threads up daily.

>> No.7925350

Are you there, my fellow ryuguards?

>> No.7925358

The cutest "fuck you" in Fishstozka.

>> No.7925362


>> No.7925370

What the fuck is wrong with rosebuds

>> No.7925378

Haha, it's Nobuhime!

>> No.7925379

>3 health

>> No.7925380

I'm not that retarded. I got over the worst of my social anxieties with the help of alcohol in college. Think I have probably just been on this site too long.

>> No.7925381


>> No.7925387

>297 posts
>70 ips
can the schizos please leave

>> No.7925388


>> No.7925393

Can someone sell Rosemi to me?
I just don't understand what exactly is her forte or reasons to watch her.

>> No.7925418

Dude, minecraft, lmao

>> No.7925421

Ayame, nijiEN edition

"she's cute"

>> No.7925424

Of all shotguns, I'm surprised it's that one.

>> No.7925434

You butas better be watching Rosemi!

>> No.7925440

I asked this above. Now watching. And I read replies. The answer is:

Instinct to protect.

>> No.7925445

can't she just use streamlinks to see the superchats?
or she could just do a superchat reading another stream instead of stopping her gameplay for every 50c flip superchat

>> No.7925447

No, just start watching. if you hate it after 5 minutes, there you go.

>> No.7925449

Rude. Rosemi streams.

>> No.7925454


>> No.7925457

Not to derail, but I wish the DOOG easter egg was still in this game.

>> No.7925463

She's a dork with no life experience. Some people really love those types of women.

>> No.7925468

I like nijiEN minecraft but PLEASE finana just BUILD SOMETHING instead of making this guerrilla pomu collab #412415

>> No.7925469

But she actually streams

>> No.7925470

I can't speak for my fellows, I'm just watching.

>> No.7925475

She's like Nene except introverted and shy

>> No.7925478

sheltered man gf simulator

>> No.7925481

She'll be like the EN R*shia, I can feel it

Cute dork that loves to tell us about her near death encounters and struggles with adulthood

>> No.7925492


>> No.7925503

No, that's how you absorb them and gain their power.
That's the point.
As long as you don't hurt someone it's fine.
Yeah exactly. As I said it's about expelling those sorts of external attitudes from your mindstate.
idk I'm drinking pretty hard rn sorry if I make no sense
I should make some soup or mashed potatoes.

>> No.7925509

If you watch chuubas to see cute girls doing cute things, she's the one. Her streams are about her and the game is usually just something for her to play off of. Some people enjoy that kind of character work, some people would rather just watch gameplay & commentary

>> No.7925547

The problem isn't so much the image spam as that there are only 300 image slots in a thread that likely won't die until somewhere in the 1000-1500 post range.

>> No.7925551

Rosebuds don't need your validation

>> No.7925552

She's cute and funny

>> No.7925555

Ryuguard reporting in

>> No.7925568

I cant believe pomu made it to the koshien final

>> No.7925569

rrats are super cute

>> No.7925572

>rats are super cute!

>> No.7925573

Already at my station

>> No.7925575

Ayame is more endearing than Rosemi by a thousand miles.

>> No.7925576

>As long as you don't hurt someone it's fine.
Unless you're a saint, can you really avoid hurting people, no matter how careful or good you are?

>> No.7925581

I just ate before stream too Finana! Also only slept for 4 hours... Let's goooo

>> No.7925597

But Elira and Pomu do that except much better

>> No.7925599

What is this, freshman ethics?

>> No.7925603

Selen looks like THAT?

>> No.7925608

t. Minecraft autist

>> No.7925615


>> No.7925617


>> No.7925627

Different strokes for different folks

>> No.7925633

I wonder if Rosemi would play Rat Simulator.

>> No.7925635

>344 posts
>72 images
at this rate the thread will run out of images at 1433 images
gonna cry about it?

>> No.7925650

wish they'd put more effort into their buildings...

>> No.7925652

Her neck is longer.

>> No.7925657

what if they're not streaming

>> No.7925678

wow Fish woke up and chose violence today

>> No.7925679

my guess is that there wont be much building until they finaly get their own server

>> No.7925686

>so meaty

>> No.7925688

>the thread will run out of images at 1433 images
What did he mean by this?

>> No.7925691

you know by spamming the thread you make her look bad, right?

>> No.7925693

watching doom alongside minecraft is an interesting experience, never mind energetic Rosemi alongside sleepy Finana

>> No.7925694

is this supposed to be the holofightz locker room fight scene

>> No.7925695

Looks like dark souls 3 is a no money game.

>> No.7925700

Just a reminder that you niggas need Jesus. lmao

>> No.7925705

how new?

>> No.7925711

Gotta say I can't really add anything beyond >>7925599 this, yeah.

>> No.7925715

viewers are like their oshi, they are undergoing rapid braincell loss and it may be a rough experience

>> No.7925723

>not believing in the fairy

>> No.7925724

>What did he mean by this?
posts but im retarded
I don't care what you think

>> No.7925740

so you're like KFP then

>> No.7925746

They aren't putting any effort into a server they're going to ditch soon.

>> No.7925775

Ready for action.

>> No.7925779

Both Finana and Wosemi are under 1k. What happened?

>> No.7925784

oh it's a tribalfag

>> No.7925786

You can show how much you care about her by posting more actual art, rather than making her known has the low quality image vtuber.

>> No.7925803

rosemi finally recognized the thumbs up thing

>> No.7925826

>people spam Kiara, people hate it
>people spam Rosemi, people hate it
see the problem yet?

>> No.7925831

I still can't shake the feeling Finana is just the Deep sea king but as an anime girl.

>> No.7925832

she didn't perform very well last night hopefully she can redeem herself tonight

>> No.7925838

she needs to be groomed into watching old action movies

>> No.7925839

a rose for your sperg

>> No.7925841

where did you people come from

>> No.7925842

Does finana sound different today or did I forget to take my meds?

>> No.7925852

remember to ignore obvious h*l*bronies

>> No.7925856

It's 2-3 hrs earlier than her normal streams. It's also the weekend.

>> No.7925864

New mic

>> No.7925865

It sure feels interesting seeing someone play the game at her pace.

>> No.7925883

But anon, she is the deep sea king but as an anime girl

>> No.7925884

He's not wrong. KFP, regardless of what fanbase you're a part of, are disliked by the vast majority of everyone else here. You fags being obnoxious, cult-like, and acting like children make you no different and you shouldn't be surprised when it brings a lot more hate to Rosemi discussion in these threads.

>> No.7925885

>he isn't a Rosebud

>> No.7925892

Rosemi is being moderately bad at video games while getting distracted and sometimes pausing the game for super chats. Also we're getting deeper into the stream so people are likely just naturally dropping out of a lower energy stream.

>> No.7925900

Same here, plus i'm a ESL so if for somea reason i get over the cringe/anxiety, it's going to be all gibberish and full of ESL sings. As you can see in this post.

>> No.7925908

>yes daddy

>> No.7925910

low sleep levels and not currently running on a high from ero-energy
this is more like the Finana I peeked in on when I was trying to resist checking out NijiEN and more vtubers in general

>> No.7925911

I guarantee I have been in these threads at least as long as you have. It's not hard to not post trash.

>> No.7925920

what kind of falseflagging is going on in this thread?

>> No.7925936

did i hear low quality vtuber images?

>> No.7925952

I would've laughed more if he wasn't dead, but it's still amusing.

>> No.7925958

>watamefag spams watame smug pictures on general so everyone hates her fanbase
>then proceeds to spam ogeys so everyone hates pekofans
>then proceeds to do it with KFP
>then proceeds to do it with Rosemi
>Everyone falls for it because every general is filled with newfags who act like its their first day on a goddamn imageboard.

Its the oldest trick in the book since the birth of goddamn vtubers and you retards fall for it everyfucking time its all so goddamn tiresome.

>> No.7925963

But I like the rosemi spam

>> No.7925964

I suspect it's professional Mori antis who recovered from being BTFO'd today and now sought out a new thread to shit up.

>> No.7925966

pfft no way

>> No.7925987

>The betrayer

>> No.7925994

finana just started, it will get ok numbers later. But minecraft have never really been a buffgame for finana like genshin is, the collab last week was the first time she got over 2k for a minecraft stream

>> No.7926007

makes me think of when I go look at old youtube videos and realize just how low res they are despite being fine with them all those years ago
of course it's solved by making the video window smaller, but then I can't believe I watched them at that size

>> No.7926009

I feel like an amamya and elira collab would be kind of cute.

>> No.7926022


>> No.7926030

hello tsunderia schizo, long time no see

>> No.7926038

yes, spamming images of something you like on an imageboard is malicious

>> No.7926075

Are you watching the stream? She found this dude named the betrayer

>> No.7926086

Who's the groomer? Myamya or Elira?

>> No.7926096

But we're assuming people getting annoyed en masse aren't made up by falseflaggers. In the end you can only really know whether you enjoy or not.

>> No.7926099

Amamiya WILL play with lazurite

>> No.7926123


>> No.7926125


>> No.7926186

Finana's new audio is doing wonders, her voice sounds SO cute now.

>> No.7926221

I've missed this Finana

>> No.7926229

Is it just me or has Finana's voice been slowly but surely becoming more mature? Or maybe it's just picking it up more accurately now that she actually has a GOXLR...

>> No.7926295

Is that where pomu and elira do naughty things in Minecraft?

>> No.7926312

She's probably slowly stopping to force her voice too much. There are vtubers getting fucked left and right because of this nowadays.

>> No.7926316 [SPOILER] 

Hasn't fish been going on with the long term plan of getting a conduit built on the island? It's just that she's taking forever to get the shells.

>> No.7926318

Imagine bitching about posting images on an imageboard. Could not be me.

>> No.7926321

So does Obsydia have a house in micra yet or is it still the meme OCEAN LAW XD PP TOWER thing?

>> No.7926325

>waaah rosemi spam when rosemi is live
these have to be falseflaggers, right? or all of you collectively this autistic? i can understand getting annoyed when a chuuba is spammed in unrelated threads or when they're offline, but this is neither

>> No.7926339

You can hear it get more energetic and sped up at times like just now when she found the doujins.

>> No.7926350

>the same shitty image with 100 different rotations
fuck off

>> No.7926352

So? The fuck are you talking about calling me a schizo? Are you retarded?
Maybe everyone is right and guys are fucking legit schizos nigger you don't even watch her streams I have watched more of her in 20 minutes than you since she debuted and I just started watching it after making my post >>7925393

>> No.7926353

>start pretty deep
>go higher and higher because she thinks that is what everyone wants
>starts voice acting in the deeper voice and it gets ton of love
>start going deeper again like her debut
or the new mixer, who knows

>> No.7926372

It's literally one guy who can't stop crying about it

>> No.7926382

She needs to befriend Hisui and watch Commando together.

>> No.7926390

Yeah, I find it really cute. I love this feesh.

>> No.7926397

are they redditors? why do people come to imageboards and never post images?

>> No.7926450

a fanbase reflects their oshi

>> No.7926455

What difficulty was Rosemi palying on again?

>> No.7926469

Petra started building a new house after she nearly broke down crying from how ugly the previous one was

>> No.7926471

Petra has her own house.
Rosemi hasn't played much on the world server in a while (only logged on once to hang out with Finana and Pomu, before joining a new Realms world to mess around in).
Selen hasn't played Minecraft since the Obsydia house.

>> No.7926473

who's your oshi then, big boy?

>> No.7926481

Fish is calling out Elira Selen and Wosemi

>> No.7926515

then why the fuck am I not a rich oil baron gachafag then, huh?!

>> No.7926518

very normal

>> No.7926521

Finana can't remember any of her ID senpais properly and mix them all up... just like Kuzuha huh.

>> No.7926524

im just saying, spam makes them look bad

>> No.7926550

The Obsydia girls don't look like they're really into Minecraft that much. I think that's good to be honest. We already have our Minecraft autists, we should strive for some variety now.

>> No.7926551

then why am I not cute asshole?

>> No.7926554

you're just making shit up because you're a dishonest shitposter

>> No.7926559

Then you best stop being a faggot

>> No.7926562

and you're seeing a fraction of it on 4chan

>> No.7926574

How can I saviorfag Rosemi without spending any money?

>> No.7926589

bet she remembers the holoIDs..

>> No.7926590

When is Selen gonna get her next Minecraft fee?

>> No.7926602

spam images of ryan gosling on 4channel.org

>> No.7926613

she's in a company now, you missed your chance

>> No.7926621

watch her streams

>> No.7926626

You can either meet her IRL and become someone she can count on or become a vtuber, get into Nijisanji and become someone she can count on. Choice is yours. I mean you're technically spending money but that's living in general unless you learn to live off the land.

>> No.7926628

watch and shill stteams

>> No.7926632

>Image spam bad
This thread has fallen so fucking far from pre-Obsydia. Jesus fucking christ.

>> No.7926658

she also played with Pomu another time. Pomu showed her the skybridge and Rose built amogus

>> No.7926672

Is it selen's day off?

>> No.7926688

>meet her IRL
it's possible that I have without knowing

>> No.7926691


>> No.7926714

You don't know they were the good times till they're gone.

>> No.7926716

Make fan art and clips

>> No.7926720

Is it pomu´s day off?

>> No.7926734

>implying pomudachi didn't use to image spam all the time
Pomudachi are triggered because now they have to share space with other fanbase's spams. Get fucked. Hopefully we'll get even more image spam when wave 3 arrives.

>> No.7926739

struck a nerve?

>> No.7926744

Damn, Finana should play modded minecraft and maybe use one of those weird meme ass popular mods like Origins so she can go full Mermaid RP in minecraft...

>> No.7926751

I love this sweet horny mermaid

>> No.7926756

and you have to get so mad over it? see: autism

>> No.7926779

you fucking Canadians are so lucky I swear
maybe I should move to Canada since half their population are vtubers

>> No.7926782

I want to discuss stuff without the same idiot spamming 100 shitty edits, fuck me right?

>> No.7926784

Change silly man into a wojak and you get modern /tv/, /qa/, /v/, /pol/, and /vt/'s generals if wojak wasn't rangebanned

>> No.7926785

God I love Finana so much.

>> No.7926793

>oh man x is about to stream time for her fansto do thing
>makes a bunch of falseflag post doing thing
nobody in these threads ever falls for this, but I'll call it out just to be safe

>> No.7926806

She said her friends who happened upon channel recognized her, which as a vtuber could only be through her voice.

>> No.7926824

well now you have 2 idiots spamming images
oh wait its okay because its Finana right?

>> No.7926829

The price of inclining you’ll have to get used to it. Quit shitting up the thread too faggot.

>> No.7926832

Look at this sweaty stinky dragon
This musky hot dragon
This moisty smelly dragon
This drippy funky dragon
This sticky wet dragon
This odorous muggy dragon
This steamy soaked dragon
This fragrant damp dragon
This aromatic weeping dragon
This dewy odoriferous dragon

>> No.7926842

Doom eternal's kinda boring. I don't remember the previous game having this much downtime.

>> No.7926845

she did play modded in her very first minecraft stream, but not since I think. Chuubas are pretty scared of most mods. Although Elira wanted to play a minecraft horror mod

>> No.7926855

>controlling the image post rate is now a thing

we are growing up so fast bros im so proud.. ALSO HYPE FOR KOUSHIEN LETS GOOOO

>> No.7926871

its a god awful shit ass reddit game and i SPIT on anyone who voted for this

>> No.7926882

the only good doom are the boomer ones

>> No.7926884


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