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Let's be real here, people who are watching them right now are Hololive fans who are kinda bored of Hololive and just want to try new things(me included), if Hololive debut new Holos, no one will care about Nijisanji anymore. I kinda feel bad for them but this is dog eat dog world and there can only be one winner.

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Not if they suck.

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NijiEN will be NijiID tier after HoloEN 2 debuts.

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I like to shit on Nijis as much as the next guy but most startups/new chuubas would kill to have 100k subs each. Tsunderia, Prism Project and Phase Connect don't even have 1 member with 100k subs

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Or they're EN vtuber fans that don't like Twitch.

I know this is shitty bait,
but the EN Vtuber population and audience has expanded way beyond HoloEN in 2021, but much of it is on Twitch.
People that don't like twitch mostly had the Nabi family and VOMS outside of Holo on YT.

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Smells like nijiniggers copium to me

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I'll admit that's how I started out, but Pomu and now Finana have gained my loyalty. It'd take a lot for me to actually go back to Hololive at this point.

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I still have to give a try to NijiEN, they seem to quite good but I don’t bother to search their streams
I have only watched Petra play Mario Kart and Selen play Resident Evil

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the only thing en 2 will kill is en 1. I can already see Kiara or Ame going down to 2k viewers because holobronies found a better alternative.

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More like small chuuba group copium. I love my PriPro and I kinda wish they had Nijis numbers at the least

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Good, they are the worst of the bunch

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For chuubas who holobronies deemed irrelevant they sure like they bring them up all the time

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Can confirm, I only go to Twitch to support a few indies but I don’t bother with VShojo and other vtubers, let alone all the crap you can find there
I’m pretty much a Holofag, but it’s nice to have vtubers similar to them but that also have their own identity

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rent free

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reminder that the "only holobronies watch nijisanji" narrative is flawed af, their viewcount didn't change at all despite some of them streaming during the full Holo En collab. With or without their support, Niji EN found their own niche and that makes holobronies butthurt. Calling them irrelevant is another stage of the coping mechanism.

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"only holobronies watch nijisanji" isn't even an insult in my opinion. that implies that hololive has plummeted in quality so bad that these viewers now choose to watch the new NijiEN. which is kinda true. HoloEN1 is burnt out as shit.

t. unityguy who watches both, although only 10% of all streams and videos

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Question is there console war faggotry between niji and holo outside here? or is it only a thing in here I dont pay attention to twitter and other forums

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>insecure holobrony going at it again

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Depends on when they stream, what their personalities are, and what their content is. IRyS for example is so different and streams at times that makes her completely irrelevant to Niji EN except maybe occasionally Elira.

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If IRyS was anything to go by then I'm not expecting too much from HoloEN2.

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the only 1 "vtuber fangirl" i kinda know & interact with on twitter watch both Holo & Niji. I think this tribalist attitude is only a thing here. any normalfag and casual watcher who likes vtubers normally don't mind watching both.

IRyS didn't pass audition to become an "entertaining vtuber" but a "vsinger".

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There isn't here either, 90% are just trolls trying to get reactions. The few people that do genuinely dislike Nijisanji have just tried to emulate the 5chan rivalry between the companies in a cargo cult fashion.

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Good, they deserve it.

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If NijiEN live count dipped during HoloEN and even HoloEN collabs I'd agree but they don't lol. Even Finana in the middle of Papers Please didn't dip when Gura started a stream in the middle of her stream.

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If they'll be anything like gen 1, I'll continue to not watch HoloEN

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I'm here and I like both. The ones you see arguing are usually trolling and fishing for (you)s

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I like Rosemi too much at this point to drop her. I wish an artfag drew her ripped form while batting in Koshien.

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I follow 90% Nijisanjifags on Twitter (following a total of ~300 fans on my fan account) and I've never seen people shit on Hololive. Or anyone really, they just hate cringy fans. When Holos have milestones I see them RT it or some cute Hololive fanart.

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They came in too late and are playing catch up after the boom ended. They're all getting sustainable viewer numbers so there's always a chance to grow. As long as nijisanji doesn't oversaturate to the point they spread their existing audience too thin and make everyone fail. Ha.

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Considering amount of holobronies present on every nijien stream even when holoen is steaming this is quite a bold statement. I wouldn't mind honestly, less cancer in fanbase

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NijiEN males will kill Holostars

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At this level, not even close. Trolls are rampant around here to fan flames or create fake drama, but get banned in other places.
It sometimes still happens, even in YT comments, especially for 3D streams.
They had to make a post about on reddit when it got worse about a month ago, but it's mostly chill.

It used to be way worse about 1 year ago. Many people partially attribute to tribalist fans that Nijisanji stopped growing in the West.
At the start of 2020 Niji had about 1/5th of the EN market, but the 'fans' were insufferable.
Now, the YT community is more focused on short, funny clips, so not much tribalism.

EoP Holobronies mostly don't care outside of here, they even encourage collabs with Niji and the few tribalists easily get drowned out.

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This is more likely considering Holostars would be nothing without their EOPs

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The fuck happened, i see the amount of shitposts spiked on this board spiked in the span of only 1 hour.

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To be fair, an extremely small number of chumbuds even watch other vtubers.

They are doing one of those geometrical shape premiers again, which will probably lead to EN2 but only pisses everyone off in the meantime because they are all tease and no information. So people are excited and upset at the same time.

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Genuinely EN ""fans"".
Kiara and Mori started streaming about 2 hours ago and the EN trolls started heading over here.

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They actually do dip when Holo streams start but not substantially. Selen lost about 400 people when the Garlic Phone collab started the other day.

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Real HoloEN fans don't watch Kiara nerd

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Exactly, """"""fans"""""

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What the hell is taking them so long to debut? Was there another redjuice level fuck up to one of the girls that they need to scramble to fix or something?

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IRyS was supposed to do this already lol

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>They are doing one of those geometrical shape premiers again
I hope they show a rhombus this time

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Ame definitely can happen, but Kiara created too much of a cult.

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>Uto will kill Ame
>Nijien1 will kill Ame
>IRyS will kill Ame
>Nijien2 will kill Ame
You are here
>Holoen2 will kill Ame

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Kiara will always be 100% fine because of her usual streaming hours

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>Ame will kill Ame

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Ame views dropped hard, so something is killing her, same for the orange woman.

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Ok, I have a crazy idea.
What if, instead of chosing between HoloEN 2 and NijiEN, you watched both ? Crazy I know.

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That's a very good question. Just looking at HoloEN from the outside, it seems like it really takes forever to get anything done when there has to be a lot of interaction between the japanese and english sides.

At least if this happened, it would feel like the japanese side was aware somewhat of what was going on in the english branch, and had some good humor about it.

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Consider providing any evidence before posting your own headcanon.

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nta + don't care about ame, but kiara is definitely declining, I'd guess that's pretty much her core audience. Also look at her number during collabs with other members, like the full en recently.

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I am glad people are recognising Pomu after her debut in NijiEN. She had roughly 100-300 viewers before

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>100-300 viewers
That's a lot for an indie honestly

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Do they really have so few subscribers? With how much I see them posted on this board I assumed they actually had a notable fanbase.

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Her and Elira were fairly prominent for indies. Not Haruka/Bao/Snuffy level but big enough people noticed when they both fucked off within like a week of each other and immediately pegged them for Niji EN recruits.

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Who the fuck cares about any of those shitshows? Go back in your general.

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You're just used to Hololive numbers. Those are really good for EN youtube Vtubers. Even someone as famous as Pikamee only has 500k.

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This is not a dog eat dog world you stupid dramafag, lmfao.

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lmao Irys is already dead on arrival while Selen is 1000x better, no.

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>Selen gets 3-4k for Apex by herself
more than the chicken with 1 million more subs, poor Selen.

>> No.7917630

>going down to 2k
Kiara? At sub 2K viewers? IMPOSSIBLE!!

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If Irys is anything to go by, getting 500k drones flocking to you for simply existing doesn't equate to having a notable fanbase, if it doesn't reflect in the numbers that actually matter.

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Poor Rosemi. Still under 100k

>> No.7917747

irys isn't exactly amazing but it doesn't help that cover is so ultraretarded they didn't let her collab for so many weeks and just let her flounder around. meanwhile lazulight actually streamed obsydia's debut

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I watch Finana, Pomu, and Selen. They're all great.

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>ugly design
>generic voice
"Cover only hire the best!"

>> No.7917782

Rosemi doesn't need more than 100k when she has me and the gym bros

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Kiara August numbers so far:









>> No.7917921

>2600 people but millions of subs
ah but it's nijiEN that has a problem

>> No.7917957

She had far far less than that for months before her "graduation" however, more like 30~50

>> No.7917997

Kiara is the less likely to take any hit from HoloEN 2. Here fanbase is already her core audience, most people who watch her do it pretty religiously and are regular and the less likely to move to another. Girls like Gura have a much larger amount of very casual viewers who can jump ship any time.

>> No.7918068

Both Kiara and Selen are loud, yet one of them do it right. Kiara's personality debuff is just too much.

>> No.7918085

On the bright side, she said she'll do real asmr if she's desperate.

>> No.7918086

I like the tiny flower and the toxic dragon.
Never watched niji ever before.

>> No.7918092

Right, because the assumption is that NijiEN's low numbers will get even lower after HoloEN2 debuts, which is the topic of this thread. But go ahead and cherry pick numbers from Kiara's worst performing stream this month if that makes you feel better.

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This proves that HoloEN became boring, so normal streams are not enjoyable anymore, routine was killing the hype slowly until now

>> No.7918127

Not in 2021, I checked around in playboard on maybe ten videos from Jan to March before she announced grad, and it was mostly 150-250 on all of them. During her graduation period she got around 400 a couple of time, which for a youtube indie is pretty big

>> No.7918275

just like Irys killed Selen's stream? it didn't do anything.

>> No.7918291

I know you're trying to make me think low numbers = boring in order to tie that to NijiEN's low numbers. Can you fuck off and stop attacking NijiEN? We don't need your tribalist bullshit bait here.

>> No.7918865

Selen is the only good niji.

>> No.7919036

Think again.

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>You don't need to kill something that was dead from the birth.

>> No.7919402

>named Lovecock
>my cock doesn't feel loved
Something's wrong here.

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Shut the fuck up retarded faggot egg.
Its always the same script with you niggers, find new material already.

>> No.7919605

>people who are watching them right now are Hololive fans who are kinda bored of Hololive and just want to try new things
Incorrect. People who watch NijiEN are ex-Holofags who discovered Nijisanji and just how much better they are, compared to Hololive. After that, these people turned into Nijifags and will never return back. Going back would be as stupid as devolving back into a stupid monkeys.

>> No.7919659

Didn’t you guys say this about Irys but it hasn’t affected NijiEN at all?

>> No.7919759

Many of NijiEN fans are fans of both or expats of HoloEN, IryS was never going to change that. I personally like the chemistry NijiEN has over HoloEN and I am not going back (not that I ever was really a big fan of it anyways.)

>> No.7919994

HoloEN just got to the point where there were way too many dead hours with no one streaming so I just started watching Niji instead and generally prefer it

Agree but I'm at least keepign an open mind about HoloEN2

>> No.7920016

Everything is simple - you don't have a cock

>> No.7920454

Give it a try, besides games their free chats are really good

Finana's free chat/SC after gaming sessions in particular is gold

>> No.7920501

Touched a nerve, KFPbro? Are you going to cry about it?

>> No.7920517

Posting my wife in a gay topic

>> No.7920521

I will still watch Ina, though

>> No.7920534

I did make the jump because of Kiara and her antics, but I genuinely like the Nijis (minus The Joker, but she's okay).

And I'm not against going back to the other HoloENs.

>> No.7920637

>Agree but I'm at least keeping an open mind about HoloEN2

Anyone who trashes them as streamers before they have any clue what kind of content they're going to provide are obviously idiots. But I don't know if I could go back to watching Hololive regularly because of all the drama that surrounds them. This could always start up with NijiEN and ruin my enjoyment there too, but as of right now the debuts are going to be a cesspool of negativity if Irys is anything to go by, even if you don't count the complaints about her character design

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lol, the one who can kill NijiEN will only be another new wave of nijiEN where they occur in the same niche content the other nijiEN has but provide better content than them.
In Niji as whole, you either be the best in your niche or become irrelevant, not counting people who stream once a month

>> No.7920793

Don't care, watching Pomulira

>> No.7920816

When Pomu revealed her powerlevels of being a lesbian serial rapist, I jumped on.

>> No.7920944

They will probably hire a bunch of annoying talentless boring cunts. It will be a huge success in the beginning because of the brand name, but will not take longer for the hype to die out.

>> No.7920985

This is the 477433795605th time we are having this conversation.

>> No.7921008

That was said about every previous wave of Nijis since 2018. Crazy how it hasn't happened yet.

>> No.7921009

I would've probably qualified as a Holobrony back in 2020 since they were the only vtubers I really watched.
Nowadays the only Holo I watch consistently is Haato for her Haachama Sunday streams, otherwise I might check out the rest if none of the NijiEN or Prism girls are streaming but it gets really boring how little they grow as streamers and how repetitive most of their content is. Especially HoloEN are even more stagnant than HoloJP, despite Kiara and Ame's efforts to try new things it's all just derivative crap their managers think is "safe".
The worst thing about smaller vtubers is their autistic groomer fans that try to force themselves onto the chuuba, but it's much easier to ignore than shitty management.

>> No.7921036

Ina’s the only interesting one, who else is a consistent artist in hololive

>> No.7921183

this is true though, ame and kiara have both dropped the most in viewership recently because people are tired of their antics. A new breeze of fresh air will kill their viewership for sure when people don't have to deal with the annoying stuff those two girls do when there's other EN girls around

>> No.7921184

Nah, Pomu and Elira alone completely btfo anything you can get from Hololive.

>> No.7921612

Everyone has dropped in viewership except Ina.
Even Gura dropped from avg 15k to avg 10k live viewers. That's 1/3rd of her viewership lost in like 2 months.

>> No.7921742

You know how to read properly? I didn't attack NijiEN, I just said that routine made HoloEN lose some of their fanbase by time, they can stand up if they do any special stream, but in normal streams viewers were decreasing during this months also you seems to not understand something: When you start in the bottom and you are growing slowly it doesn't means you are boring or bad (So no, NijiEN is doing fine), but when you start and you have already top numbers if you can't keep those numbers or making it just stabilizing in a good amount of viewers it means that your streamings are not interesting anymore for the people who were supporting you until now.
TL:DR I was not attacking NijiEN just agreeing what >>7916995 said about Kiara declining (And also the another HoloEN)

>> No.7921843

I think Amelia having to constantly cancel streams due to technical problems or illness did cause some viewership problems. Not knowing when someone is going to stream creates problems for people that would just plan to watch something else around that time. She bears a bit of blame for that, but she's varied her activities a lot. She's even tried collabs to keep things fresh, but her personality makes it hard to have much chemistry with anyone but Gura. And even those collabs are filled with social awkwardness.

>> No.7921910

I think Ame dropped more because her game choices more than her behaviour, when she is doing something actually fresh or creative she gets really good numbers (like +15k easily)

>> No.7922444

NijiEN are the only ones (between Holos and them) to consistently stream during NA prime time. Gura's multi-day breaks and Ame's constant postponing has opened a window of opportunity for NA VTuber fans to watch other streamers like Nijisanji, PRISM, and such.
Naturally, when Holo Gen2 debut everyone else will take a small hit since trend followers will jump to the FOTM VTubers, but for Nijis to be killed, Holos need to have good content, likeable personalities, and compete with the Niji's time slots.

>> No.7922529

Anon.. HoloEN already did a debut since NijiEN started.
Are you ok?

There isn't as much crossover as you think. Just because the chats are full of KFP retards spamming doesn't mean that all their viewers are holobronies.

>> No.7922753

Based on my sources of which Youtubers got recruited for HoloEN2 I kinda doubt they'll be as successful as the first gen. It's mostly people recognizable within the anituber community, the exact type people assumed HoloEN would be when the concept of EN vtubers was being written off before they debuted.
Also none of them will be lolis...fuck managers.

>> No.7922831

>people recognizable within the anituber community

>> No.7922842

It's all rentfree in peoples heads.
The only ones who ever try are faggots who don't watch vtubers and thinks that there is a "winner".
You can tell because 90% of the shit posting is number fagging.

None of them suffer like indies where some big channel clipfag can clip an indie, get more views on the clip than the original video and the indie get demonetised for "stealing" content from the clipfag.

>> No.7922916

>It's mostly people recognizable within the anituber community
Guess I'll stay being a Nijinigger for a while longer if that's true.

>> No.7923216

> there can only be one winner
That's not how business works. Multiple companies can be successful in the same field, you know.

>> No.7923247

>dropped the most
Fine, I'll do the math for you.
Average median views for Ame for last 15 streams (which include only one event, and zero meme games, where she's usually getting her highest numbers) is 7,064
This is a 'whopping' 600 average viewers lesser than the previous month, full of events.

>> No.7928816

IRyS may not have auditioned to become an entertainer like the rest of holoEN but it's clear she's being pushed in that direction judging by how often she streams and because AZKi's channel grew significantly when she started streaming more often and didn't exclusively do karaoke when she wasn't collaborating with Sora, so Cover obviously don't want her to appear irrelevant in the same way.

>> No.7929046

You pedos already have g*ra, so fuck off.

>> No.7929382

sure, cover might have realized NOW that VSingers should do more "entertaining streams". doesn't change the fact that initially they were looking for VSingers.

I'm too lazy to check the dates, but when did the Auditions for EN VSinger close? and when did the whole AZKi-channel-growth thing post-collab happen? During the Usaken Summer Festival Collab, right? If true, then I'm guessing IRyS was already picked (as a decent singer), and then Cover realized too late that they should care more about entertaining personalities after having accepted her. and this is why we're stuck with IRyS instead of, you know, a regular entertaining vtuber.

she's a better GFE than most other ENs though so she got that going for her. maybe she'll earn a lot of SC.

>> No.7930090

Nice narrative, but I'll believe you when they actually get announced and debuted. Hololive is really well known in the west, I wouldn't be surprised if another Mori or Ina equivalent saw the audition and applied to it and it'd be dumb for Cover to only accept people with extensive vtubing experience if there are better options.

>> No.7930095

Did you already forget about how Hololive stole Niji's baseball sponsorship? The industry isn't big enough for two big companies to exist alongside eachother. Hololive will win and take everything from Nijisanji, little by little, until they have nothing left. Believe it or not, Niji will not be sponsored to play that baseball game anymore in the next year, it'll be Hololive koshien instead.

>> No.7930880

People act like IRyS being ugly and boring is a sign that HoloEN2 will be the same but that's hardly the case. She was specifically picked for her singing skills and her ability to do professional music, her streaming ability is just a bonus. Her design is a result of them wanting another diva-like design like AZKi's, they just happened to hire the wrong artist. Neither of these apply to HoloEN2, they hired entertainers over singers and they'll have more standard designs that appeal to everyone like HoloMyth, 4/5 of which had great designs.

I don't think NijiEN will suffer a huge loss in viewers but HoloEN2 will instead steal a bunch of their fanartists. None of the NijiEN designs really stand out aside from Petra's. Elira and Selen's designs are too unconventional, they only get art because they're genuinely entertaining to watch, nobody draws them because they have good designs. Pomu's a generic fairy, Rosemi's a generic gothloli, Finana's a generic mermaid, they don't look bad but they won't be good enough to make artists want to draw them over HoloEN2.

>> No.7931120

I started with HoloEN but i moved on to NijiEN and the other world branches. I’ll check out gen 2 if it’ll fill out more dead hours but i doubt i’ll go back if it clashes with NijiEN. I have never put an alarm on for 2-3am to catch a Ame/Ina/Gura stream but i have done it to a couple of Elira/Pomu/Selen stream.

>> No.7931202

So far niji EN is killing Holostars

>> No.7931306

Cover already killed the hype for EN Gen 2 with the Cube shitshow

>> No.7931433

>The industry isn't big enough for two big companies to exist alongside eachother.
You say this as if audience size is static or shrinking.

>> No.7931495

HoloEN 2 is never coming out.

>> No.7932047

Holy fuck how delusional. Hololive koshien will never ever happen by the virtue of Konami having a partner ship with nijiniggers.

>> No.7932373

Thanks to Japanese manners that'll never happen. Nijisanji opening it back up to any vtubers is more likely.

>> No.7933370

It's not happening because there's only enough holos to fill three teams and that's including stars, without stars there's just two and a quarter.

>> No.7935651

lol imagine thinking Holoen can premiere a gen with any good synergy. They're only coasting off of tribal simps.

>> No.7937227

HoloEN 2 doesnt have a pomu or elira tho.
NijiEN has a better dynamic and they seem to actually be friends. HoloEN collabs seem forced.

>> No.7937590

Gura would probably be happy if she lost half of her audience, chat just isn't fun on her streams.

>> No.7938148

>He thinks that people will stop watching NijiEN
I will never watch anything that is related to Cover. This incompetent management deserves nothing.

>> No.7938203


>> No.7938263

Holobronies can't stop thinking about NijiEN

>> No.7938362

>be nijisanji
>put out EN gen 1 and it does kinda-sorta okay
>immediately capitalize on that shit and force out EN gen 2 with the first trash that volunteers

They're fucked. Watch, all five of the new holoEN girls will lap their subs within a day of their channels being made. Hell, IRyS did that to all three of them COMBINED.

>> No.7938411


>> No.7938519

Niji Wave 1 and Wave 2 were from the same audition back in December. All 6 were chosen at the same time.

>> No.7938615

Anon he doesn't care, ignore the bait

>> No.7938620

Irys did nothing.

Hololive girls are fucking terrible at video games Niji girls are not. I honestly stopped caring about HoloEN after NijiEN appeared. Only watching TTRPG and Ina/Gura occasionally.

Will try the new gen for sure but I doubt I'll keep watching for long. There is little chance they are better than first gen.

>> No.7938643

The only HoloEN I watch is IRyS and only beause she is new, and I mostly only watch Selen.
If they suck I won't watch them.

>> No.7938651

I followed Pomu/Elira/Rosemi back in their indie days, prior to HoloEN's existence. I gave HoloEN1 a try, didn't stick, continued watching those three into Nijisanji. EN2 isn't going to change anything for me.

>> No.7938759

Doesn't that make it more pathetic? One vsinger destroyed over half of the nijinig english branch in less than a month. She'll have destroyed the whole thing when she beats all of them by the end of the year.

>> No.7938802

Do you fags really care that much about dead subs? When you look at SC numbers NijiEN is doing perfectly fine. Selen or Pomu are actually doing better numbers than Ina, Ame and Gura.

>> No.7938904

>NijiEN debut 3 girls and 3 girls 2 months later
>HoloEN debut 1 girl and 5 more girls 2 months later

>> No.7939045

>Imagine watching kiara

>> No.7939048

Retards being retards. 3/4 of NijiEN chat are Hololive fans. Normal people just watch both. Also a lot of people lost faith in Hololive after Coco and censorship spree.

>> No.7939139

Gura's dead subs equal triple any Nijinig's active subs.

>> No.7939320

Irys bombed. There's a possibility that holoen2 will bomb.

>> No.7939368

>almost 600k subs a month after her debut

Nijinigs on suicide watch.

>> No.7939412

She 100% bombed bro. Don't deny it.

>> No.7939453

Her vods barely pass 100k.

>> No.7939561

So does that mean that because none of the NijiEN girls break 30k that they also bombed?

>> No.7939614

Selen passes 100k all the time on fucking Apex. With 1/5 the subs. Cope harder.

>> No.7939676

>Did you already forget about how Hololive stole Niji's baseball sponsorship?
Nah, if you looking back at that baseball league's collab, they rarely collab with the same people twice

>> No.7939723

And IRyS' last stream broke almost 140k. The one before it 130k. Are you seeing the pattern of defeat yet?

>> No.7939779

Thank fucking Christ. I want you fuckers to move on from chuubas I actually like back to the ones I don't care about already. You can go watch your Holos and go back to making your rrats about them and posting your stupid Gosling images and numberfagging all the fucking time in Global instead of the NijiEN general.

>> No.7939852

>Thank fucking Christ. I want you fuckers to move on from chuubas I actually like back to the ones I don't care about already. You can go watch your Holos and go back to making your rrats about them and posting your stupid Gosling images and numberfagging all the fucking time in Global instead of the NijiEN general.

>> No.7940260

There's people with a strong preference for one or the other, but I imagine most that would get to the level of actually tribalfagging for a whole company will end up here if they didn't start here, since most places are full of unityfags (often to the point where you get accused of "tribalism" if you lightly criticize a company when they legitimately fucked up) who will push them out.

>> No.7940477

600k subs vtuber struggling to beat 100k subs vtuber. Really makes you think.

>> No.7940960

>Elira furiously masturbating imagining Hololive and Nijisanji tribalists having gay hatesex

>> No.7941243

Only a retard is going to try and suggest someone getting 130k+ views on vids is bombing in comparison to some with a bunch of <40k view videos.

>> No.7943128

Finana and Elira are consistently starting to get into the 2-3k territory during streams with 150k subscribers, compare with say Ame who with 1.38m subscribers gets 3-9k viewers

In other words, for every 50 subscribers, Fina/Elira gain 1 live viewer, for Ame it's closer to 150 subscribers - 1 live viewer.

In other words, their subscribers are much more enthusiastic, so why would they be in a rush to flip? Niji numbers are also going upwards at the moment and they have decent momentum behind them while Holo EN are stagnating and doing iffy numbers even compared to their JP peers.

So who's really at risk?

>> No.7943259

You can fuck off if you're just a trend chaser. Don't worry, you won't be missed.

>> No.7943984

It is a Pomu eat Pomu world though.

>> No.7944078

most of hololive en 2 are nijisanji en reject. not gonna happen.

>> No.7944256

>Implying NijiEN are the ones that have to worry
What about all those startups that recently popped up in the west?

>> No.7944879

I don't think places like Prism Project, CyberConnect, or Tsunderia relally have to worry about things getting worse, although people checking for new vtubers might not find them as easily. There are some really talented vtubers in there that could branch out later, whether that's as stars leaving for bigger companies, the companies branching out to hire more people, or even merging to make stronger companies. So I'm hopeful for them assuming that people can check them out and want to see them work on getting training and experience for when they are ready for a bigger stage. Maybe that will also lead to work between vtubing companies if Sony is as disruptive in the industry as they have the potential to be.

>> No.7945632

Which ones then?

>> No.7945696

I don’t care for people who trash the streamers themselves before they even debuted, but I’m going to trash cover like there’s no tomorrow for keeping the Animoo girl factory going for so long. In the recent time, for me at least, Hololive feels a lot more like it’s about quantity over quality.

>> No.7945761

>those sub numbers

>> No.7945800

>hoping people can check them out
When HoloEN Gen 2 drops for real that's all their potential viewers gone.

>> No.7945864

>Let's be real here, people who are watching them right now are Hololive fans who are kinda bored of Hololive and just want to try new things(me included), if Hololive debut new Holos, no one will care about Nijisanji anymore. I kinda feel bad for them but this is dog eat dog world and there can only be one winner.

Why should your opinion matter if you can't even be a fan for a single year? Never touched any vtuber outside of hololive but what you're saying is pathetic.

>> No.7946151

Well, it's not as if the people watching them already don't already know that higher view vtubers exist. Maybe they'd drop them due to lack of time ,but probably not because they are looking for something better. People from the outside being brought to watch the new prominent waves could be a good thing for them, I only wish there was more of an effort from the big 3 to support smaller view vtubers to spread the hobby around.

>> No.7946747

Not watching Nijis and Holos. Never gonna make it.

>> No.7949680

holy shit irys cleaned her clock out. EN2 will leave kiara in triple digit numbers, kek

>> No.7949993

Sachi and Hana

>> No.7950098

>the Animoo girl factory going for so long
To be honest, hololive has that samey that I can't really get into them, I'm more into variety like indies and nijis

>> No.7950713

Modern Hololive is about brand recognition over everything else. The talents exist to fulfill a sense of unified familiarity achieved through conformity. Of course there are some who go against the flow like Mori and Ollie but there's definitely a sense that management is strongly urging all of the Hololive talents to conform to a certain ideal image for the company.

>> No.7952947

And that's a good thing. The reason NijiJP isn't more popular is because the tribalism between the Niji fans, most of them only subbed to 3-4 members and see other Nijis as enemies.

>> No.7953187

Retard rratpeddler like you should be tortured to death and your corpse feed to dogs. If you know nothing about Nijisanji, then don't fucking post about them. They don't have Holo big numbers because seanigger, EOP and ESL don't watch them. Not because whatever schizo narrative you come up.

>> No.7957728

I wish I had discovered Pomu before she was Pomu. Instead I discovered Rosemi and I don't even watch her as Rosemi much.

>> No.7957965

This is a Holochad subreddit. Remember where you're posting.

>> No.7958693

Shitty larp, retard.

>> No.7958711

Went too hard on the falseflag to make good bait, bro.

>> No.7958756

>tribal posting


>> No.7959131


>> No.7959419

I hate responding to tribalist shit, but it is very impressive how those two have begun their incline. Finana (and Pomu) were averaging around sub 1k viewers early on a few months ago. But now, Finana has built up her fanbase by gathering her own set of gachikoi, and by managing to make stuff like visual novel reading streams actually interesting.
Elira has always done well since the start, but her relatable nature and wide variety have really built up her fanbase too. She's gone from playing indie kusoge to literal flash games to fucking Dark Souls all in the same week, with consistent viewership.
Basically, I'm really happy that all of the Lazulight girls are doing well and have found their niche. And Pomu will do great too once she comes back this week.

>> No.7959502

Nijisanji killed themselves already and it's only a matter of time for Hololive.

>> No.7959972

For some reason people were expecting big numbers from the get go instead of them slowly growing their own fanbase. They'll get there within a couple of months and tribalfags calling them narratives will completely lose the plot.

>> No.7960061

samefagging to correct - calling them failures*, derp because I had to alt tab while writing

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