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Silvervale's Birthday, Except Now We Know What's Happening! Edition

Welcome to VShojo+! A thread to discuss VShojo, and any vtubers frequently associated with them.

I can't believe I accidentally forgot that previous line for over a week. My bad! Anyway, today is Silvervale's birthday! To celebrate, she's holding a subathon and you know what that means. That's right, it's time for stretch goals! Prizes start at 5,000, where chat wrote a tweet for her about tickling her prostate, and they go all the way up to 9,500 where she will release a new Daki! Some of the other goals include a new phone case designed by chat, a weird food ASMR stream with Mamavale, as well as a new outfit! We're steadily climbing up the list and there's plenty of time to go as she plans on streaming for 12 full hours! Of particular interest is a planned game of Gartic Phone later, which will be featuring many, many people. Seemingly confirmed are the entirety of VShojo, Layna, Mamavale, Mira, and Snuffy! Will there be more? Probably not, but the possibility exists as we got that info from Snuffy, not Silver herself. Who knows! It's a birthday stream, so it's time to get hyped!

Aside from that, today's also bringing us the first episode of Mouse's talk show, "Speak of the Devil", is currently ongoing! It's unfortunate that the timing lined up this way but schedules are like that sometimes. Her guest is Sykkuno and she's debuted a new set for the show, as well as a new starting screen. The stream is still currently ongoing and though things were a little rocky at the start they're picking up! It's the only other stream planned for the rest of the night, and you can bet your ass that as soon as it's over Mouse will be heading straight to Silver's stream to join in the festivities!

And remember, this is only the first half of Silver's birthday with the other half taking place on Saturday! While the specifics of that day are still largely a mystery, we'll hopefully find out more about what's in store later today. Things are bound to get extra comfy once the collab portion begins so bring that comfiness to this thread by ignoring bait, and being excellent to each other.

VShojo is:
Nyan- https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Silver - https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale
Froot - https://www.twitch.tv/apricot
Mouse - https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Zen - https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Mel - https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody
Hime - https://www.twitch.tv/hajime
Vei - https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

Previous thread: >>7806296

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It's Silver's birthday so instead of the normal variety of images I'm just going to dump pics of her to start the thread.

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Or at least pics featuring her. That way there's still variety but Silver gets to be in all of them.

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The only time Sykunno sounded more than half-awake and engaged was when they started talking about Pokémon episodes!

>> No.7841224

Yo! What would you do if you were in an elevator and you RIPPED ASS? And you're like so fucking embarrassed, you're like alone in there with like a cute girl? When you think she's just like disgusted and wants to get out immediately, but she just like turns to you in the complete silence and like makes eye contact with you and just whispers like... "I knew it was you. Mmm, boy... smells pretty good. Whatcha cookin' in there? Ah, smells like a George Foreman omelette. I was gonna get off of the fifth floor, but i kinda wanna stay. What floor are you getting off on? Speaking of getting off..." Is that fucking Paul McCartney from the Beatles?!

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This was posted in the last thread but I like it. Melody herself made it.

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She needs more of this stuff, like get some trivia based on the interviewees interests or something.

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Is it safe to assume that Mouse talkshow is just usual collab thing and would take place anyway , that this is just waste of time ?

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Melody has great artistic style. Really looking forward to Garlic Phone tonight?

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I think if she can get some steam behind it, she could get people well outside the Vtuber community. That's probably her goal. Sykunno is still Vtuber adjacent, but I wouldn't be surprised if in a year or so we see people outside the usual collabs.

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I love Mamavale. Her reactions to NSFW art of her daughter is gold.

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Anyway schedule time. Currently live:

Mouse - Doing the first episode of Speak of the Devil. She's interviewing Sykkuno https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse and when she finishes you beat your ass she'll immediately head on over too...
Silver - Birthday! Also a subathon with some goals. Currently at 7,400 which unlocks a tweet written by chat, apex, gifted subs to chat based on how often she repeats her catchphrases, no cursing challenge, and weird food ASMR stream. Later on there'll be a big Gartic Phone collab so that's sure to be super fucking cool. https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale

Assuming Snuffy was correct then the entirety of VShojo will be around to participate in the collab, along with herself, Layna, Mira, and Mamavale. If she forgot anyone there could be more. if she fucked up there could be less. I did notice that Kon Zetsu is live and streaming right now so he could be gearing up for a raid later to join in as well. I genuinely don't know it's just something I noticed!

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And just for posterity, the remaining goals are:

7,500 - New phone case designed by chat
8,000 - Art designed by chat to be illustrated by John Silva
8,500 - New outfit designed by chat
9,000 - New original song
9,500 - New daki!

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This is the clip that made me start watching vtubers

>> No.7841906

Nude daki? I'm told her patreon has nudes and stuff like JOI but I've never subbed. It's not worth $30.

>> No.7841950

I don't know actually. But I know she had one in the past and it did have a nude option. Very easy to find via google.

>> No.7841955

I don't know if it's worth $30, but that JOI is pretty great

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>> No.7842088

I've found one for free on a third party site. It was only five minutes and yes, Silver has a very sensual voice, but I could tell her heart wasn't in it. I don't think she likes the NSFW stuff but sucks it up for the cheddar.

>> No.7842216

My brain knows the moans are fake, but my dick doesn't care

>> No.7842285

How can a woman who proudly flaunts her gigantic tits and has multiple semi-nude avatars NOT like NSFW? I know Silver's one of the more tame members of VShoujo but she still has her moments.

>> No.7842398

I think she does, but the over the top flaunting and sexual innuendo probably started off as a cashgrab and now she's stuck with it because if she stops, she doesn't have anything else going on for her as far as branding goes.

>> No.7842424

I like how pure Sykkuno plays himself up being. I'm guessing he's part of Silver's free company, and she's trying to get him to say cream pies on stream.

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Mixing in a Snuffy for variety.

>> No.7842806 [SPOILER] 

Why not both?

>> No.7842832

>"Yeah um...uh-huh. Yep."

>> No.7842834

There's a nsfw Snuffy hashtag on Twitter called #nsffwy and it is pretty fucking cursed. The Peter Griffin picture will never leave me.

>> No.7842929

Like Nardwuar or the guy from Hot Ones.
Do your reps, Mouse

>> No.7842950

I like Snuffy but despite how ridiculously sexed up she always is, her avatar doesn't lend itself to lewding.

>> No.7843064

>her avatar doesn't lend itself to lewding
Most outrageous thing I've heard in quite awhile

>> No.7843086

dunno sykkuno outside toast amogus videos
comes across as hard to watch on his own

>> No.7843126

That's her new avatar, and even then it's bizarrely flat given how chubby her roommate is. I mean this one:

>> No.7843150

hō?…mukatte kuru noka...

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>> No.7843426

I'm not sure and, correct me if I am wrong but, I think I see... a nipple.

>> No.7843436

>tfw Stiffy will never do a JOI where she describes rubbing trash on your dick

>> No.7843447

that was hard to watch

>> No.7843463

Mouse finished her show and I think it went alright. Sykkuno seems a bit low energy overall though so it certainly could've been better but when there was some chemistry it was nice. Now she's gonna be raiding Silver and presumably Gartic Phone soon.

>> No.7843499

That's Sykkuno's character. He was in total "character" mode the whole time. The only time he wasn't was when Mouse caught him off guard with some comment and you could hear the real him breaking out a bit before he quickly restored kayfabe.

>> No.7843507

Yeah, why hasn't Snuffy done NSFW stuff yet? She's horny as fuck and I guarantee her simps would buy it.

>> No.7843534

>he doesn't know

>> No.7843551

sweet child

>> No.7843595

>That's Sykkuno's character. He was in total "character" mode the whole time.
His character sucks.
Or if we want to be polite about it; it's niche.

>> No.7843624

i liked it

>> No.7843638

I was watching Mouse.
How has the pre-game Gartic Phone collab talk been?
If you're going to ask me about Speak of the Devil, you didn't miss much this time around.
I'm optimistic about the future of it though

>> No.7843656

You're right, I don't know. Where?!

>> No.7843662

Silver has 2 huge jiggly personalities.

>> No.7843690

her patreon
it's also been leaked on /vt/ previously

>> No.7843696

Bruh, there is literally audio of her jerking off.


>> No.7843724


>> No.7843729

You just deprived Snuffy of $5
Hope you're happy with yourself

>> No.7843730

it is adorable that you're calling sykkuno "niche" in a negative way when you're a vtuber fan

>> No.7843766

She won't miss a meal.

>> No.7843776

also calling one of the biggest streamers on twitch "niche" is lol

>> No.7843790

>I'm digging this sexy wine drinking voice you're doing Snuffy
>incredibly loud audible swallow

>> No.7843812

I mean, I dig a girl who swallows

>> No.7843828

BRO, I just tried to open that URL and I accidentally printed it. Oh shit, I heard it print on my parents' printer and my dad picked it up. Oh shit, I hope he doesn't type it into a browser.

>> No.7843887

>> No.7843914

Mamavale is practically baiting Mel to say something lewd!
I wonder if the girls feel the need to be on their best behavior when they're with a friend's mom

>> No.7843938

>MamaVale: "I take Mel every night!"

>> No.7843946

lol I think they were when they first met her several months back but I think by this point they're pretty used to her.

>> No.7843964

This is the hardest I've laughed in months.

>> No.7843992

i hope he does

>> No.7843994


>> No.7843998

Mamavale is easily as lewd as anyone in VShojo. She just likes to tease more.

>> No.7844053

I think everybody is here but Hime. From left to right Silver, MamaVale, Froot, Mousey, Layna Lazar, Mira Pink, Nyan, Melotonin, Snuffers, Vei, and Zen, but Zen hasn't said shit yet.

>> No.7844063

>Tricky Towers
Please play it once. It's kino for the first half an hour or so.

>> No.7844065

What a cute married couple

>> No.7844084

Who tf said Hime would be joining this collab? I called BS when she was listed among the participants in the other thread. Also Zen seems afk so far

>> No.7844086

Oh God they're singing and trying to compensate for the Discord lag!

>> No.7844093

Is Vei Mormon?

>> No.7844099

should i like silvervale?

>> No.7844106

What makes you ask that?

>> No.7844127

Nvm I'm dumb

>> No.7844142

I think it was a dumb joke joke about they used to believe in, erm, “plural marriage”

>> No.7844156

Yeah, it clicked a second after I posted

>> No.7844173

Silver wished for all of her friends to have bigger boobs and Froot said it worked on her. Get to work artists!!!!

>> No.7844179


>> No.7844197

She's probably the most egirlish of the core Vshojo members, but she's always really chipper and positive and might actually play games more often than anyone else in the agency.

Apparently she's married to Nyan and Silver.

>> No.7844201

Snuffy, allegedly.
Not sure who Lana and Mira are, are they VSJ+ now?
>Also Zen seems afk so far

>> No.7844251

Alright who wrote this one.

>> No.7844269

Mira is a dear friend of Silver’s and a lesser known vtuber. Not familiar with the other chick

>> No.7844272

I'd guess pink cat but maybe someone more formal to use a period in the prompt.

>> No.7844278

Mira is an OLD friend of the girls, she is just really off and on as a streamer and also does CB like Mel does under the name Mira Kink. She's also a megabrat on CB so if you have a thing with taming brats holy shit she's your girl.

>> No.7844280

Layna = Layna Lazar. Don't know how she met Silver but I think it was through her brother and she's collabed with the vales a few times in the past. She's got a super cool mode. And Mira = MiraPink, streamer / lewdtuber under the name MiraKink. One of Silver's oldest friends iirc.

>> No.7844289

>come back 2 hours later
>my quads didn't earn me a sub
Fortune is bullshit.
No, I still don't want a hand-out. I'll roll the lottery like a normal person.

>> No.7844294

In other, but still related news, Silver has smashed her previous peak viewer ship number by nearly 2k.

>> No.7844316

It's salaryman Silver!

>> No.7844323

SNUFFYYYYYYY!!! (That was in my Dave from Alvin and the chipmunks voice)

>> No.7844331

Mira is friends with Silver, they've collabed several times before. Her original debut was actually a year before Silver's in 2018 and I think she might've been the one who introduced Silver to vtubing.

Layna is a 3D artist who has done model work for Silver and recently starting vtubing herself.

>> No.7844332

Layna is an artist so that's how the girls got to know her, like Oppai and Apricot and Anny and dozens of others. Layna's thing is she has a massive macabre goth girl vibe and her vtuber avatar has a normal mode and nightmare fuel mode which is just badass.

>> No.7844335

>She's probably the most egirlish of the core Vshojo members, but she's always really chipper and positive
The word is 'genki', anon

>> No.7844338

It could have used a little more energy. Also, you can't have a talk show without a theme song! and an opening monologue.

>> No.7844340

Zen usually doesn't chat so much during large collabs.

>> No.7844351 [SPOILER] 

>Layna Lazar
Now where have I heard that name before...

>> No.7844359

Offer stands. It is all going to go towards that Live2D goal anyway.

>> No.7844389

She's not usually this quiet tho. Either she's muted or she's just really out of it and doesn't want to harsh the buzz so she's just staying quiet.

>> No.7844429

Here's her two model modes. She also has a pretty boss intro which looks very highly produced.

>> No.7844457

She's definitely genki, but so are Nyan and Mousy, but Nyan and Mousy seem more neurotic while Silver seems more immature.

>> No.7844500

There's also lore behind the blood needles, according to her vtuber debut video, she apparently has a medical condition which has required her to have transfusions numerous times over the years.

>> No.7844531

Had to hit the archives for this one, lads.
Link to the vid for retards who can't see dead posts

>> No.7844562

Turns out I'm the retard for forgetting to add the post in question

>> No.7844579

dead link

>> No.7844586

She sounds the most like a teenage girl to me, but she's a sweet and kind person and is incredibly wholesome, despite the booby-streamer vibes her appearance sends out. Maybe not my favorite vtuber, but she puts in a lot of time and effort into her channel and has the most polished image of all the girls.

>> No.7844651

Fuck me
This is the post I meant to find and post
YT link for retards (such as me)

>> No.7844696

>>7844457 here.

>>7844586 described her better. When I said "immature," I meant it more like "innocent" in spite of her tiddy monster avatar (she occasionally jokingly chides her chat for being pervy when she's debuting new outfits). She's really sweet and devoted to fostering a positive environment for her fans to tune into to. Despite her being very energetic, there's a comfy and peaceful quality to her streams.

>> No.7844709

Okay, that transition is garbage but hot damn is that a good model.

>> No.7844792

>another "Zen doesn't take the game seriously and fucks up everything" episode

>> No.7844834

hey Vinny, I mis your stteams :(

>> No.7844839

what a surprise

>> No.7844880

The turtle spotlight was well received

>> No.7844881

>taking garlic fucking phone seriously
The fun is in fucking it up directly or indirectly.

>> No.7844889

Mel is racist

>> No.7844936

It's always the sweetest ones.

>> No.7844946

Jesus lmao

>> No.7844968

I internally asked "who is the pervert?" and then saw it was Mamavale

>> No.7844969

Listening to nyan sing 'Listen to Your Heart' and she's making all these strange and amusing sounds, the thought suddenly hit me: Does she stream with a "fun device"?

That aside, I adore this pink cat!

>> No.7844979

God I wish that was me.

>> No.7845011

Okay this one was amazing

>> No.7845020

Does Mouse browse the other thread?
This looks just like an image posted there

>> No.7845039

Thank you Melody.

>> No.7845078

Vei drawing Silver like a fucking homunculus

>> No.7845100 [SPOILER] 

>'Silver has spectacular knockers'
>Silver: "Thank you!"
>Mamavale: "Now that we've all seen them on Twitter!"
B A S E D ? !

>> No.7845151

God, it's like an optical illusion. Every time I look at this picture they get bigger

>> No.7845169

Jesus I want to be crushed between them

>> No.7845174

It's the subtle skindentation with the right booba that does it for me... unf.

>> No.7845226

... This is how we react to doxxshit here?

>> No.7845243

fuck off, she showed the picture on stream

>> No.7845294

>froot has a degree in animation
not the specialty i expected

>> No.7845303

damn i knew she was a fatty

>> No.7845310

For any mods, I posted this only because her VTuber friend posted this on her VTuber twitter account, and Silver replied to it on her VTuber twitter account

>> No.7845327

It was posted just a couple days ago by Oppai who said she's staying with Silver and who replied to the tweet. https://twitter.com/OppaiPantsuu/status/1424852346450833409

>> No.7845401

Doesn't count as doxx if it was posted publicly on a vtuber's public interaction place relatively recently. So, if you want to post shit that was purposely deleted from ages ago, that's out. This is fine.

>> No.7845429

Which one are you referring to?

Not on stream, on Twitter, but it's still okay.

>> No.7845462

I wanna watch more Gartic Phooe but I'm late for my 8pm dump.

>> No.7845463

the absolute state of this fucking board
learn some context you fucking retard

>> No.7845469

You obviously did not watch her stream yesterday but it's ok

>> No.7845470

Use the bathroom computer

>> No.7845483

To expound, Lumi posted videos of her real life self on Twitter during a recent con after heretofore not posting any of her real life self. What are we supposed to do with that? It isn't technically STREAM content, but it is the streamer's content because she's using Twitter to interact with her followers and fans. And, it is also herself IRL. If they're going to doxx themselves, there's not much we can do.

>> No.7845505


>> No.7845514

I jumped into it late (from Mouse / Nyan) and had to leave early (she was still playing Below Zero when I had to go to bed). So, if she did I missed it and that was the first public confirmation those are Silver's booba. It was just implied until then.

>> No.7845590

Can anyone enlighten me on western vtubers/VShojo, are they all massive hypocrits like Nyanners or are they general pretty chill?

>> No.7845669


>> No.7845685

Ignore the Rev Says Desu viewer

>> No.7845691

idk go ask the 3000 enholo threads

>> No.7845713

Today I'm considering VShojo so here I am and how don't you know if this thread is your home

>> No.7845714

>hypocrite meme again
I was almost going to help you, instead I'll tell you to fuck off and lurk moar.

>> No.7845733

So the Nyanners shit isn't true? You tell me anon

>> No.7845742

enholo is just as soulless and micromanaged as jpholo.

VShojo ranges from GOATest English streamers to how the fuck did this fat bitch even pass the audition.

And pink cat is a queen. QUEEN.

>> No.7845759

VShojo didn't have auditions

>> No.7845763

Go look for yourself and see what you like. Most of them have had some degree of drama at some point in the past but it's never relevant in streams. So yes, they're generally pretty chill, if not there wouldn't be 40+ anons here having fun every day. You might even like Nyanners if you could break free from the /vt/ conditioning.

>> No.7845782

They obviously should have.

>> No.7845797

My giantess fetish has been satisfied

>> No.7845815

I don't care what she is when I hear this cover

>> No.7845822

It's true that what 4chan holds against her is some stupid fucking shit to have hangups about over such a good content creator.

>> No.7845838

>Mamavale: "Girls! Who drew this?"

>> No.7845854

You're right I might, she isn't immediately offensive but it irks me to no end when two faced westerners decide to simultaneously leech off the popularity of weeb shit while denouncing aspects of it that are controversial, ether accept it all or just admit you're a hypocritical parasite

>> No.7845881

Okay, you seem genuine enough. The hypocrite accusation comes from the perception that Nyanners is "profiting" off of lolicon after publicly denouncing it 6+ years ago, which is completely subjective. If you like her, you'll find reason why she's not a loli, if you don't then you'll find much the opposite. With the model changes she's received for her birthday, this accusation is even less relevant. Nyanners is really not as strong about her convictions as antis would like you to believe anyways. Just watch stream and have a comfy ol' time.

>> No.7845902

I have never heard anybody use this term until now and it appeared in two posts. The fuck is going on? I know >>7845590 is a baiting trolling fuck who should have been ignored but what's the rest of this?

>> No.7845911

Nyanners is twice the weeb you could ever be
Pretty sure she watched Lucky Star when it fucking aired

>> No.7845918

I can't believe Silver is fucking dead

>> No.7845935

This is just going to be like 10 images of Silver's boobs lmao

>> No.7845943

It's not like she soapboxes in her streams about it.

The only reason she had to make a statement about certain things was because she was posting dubs of literal erotic loli doujins on YouTube before vtubing was even a thing.

>> No.7845952

>baiting trolling
His behavior is somewhat consistent with someone just "checking this out" after being told what to think. He's still a dick for posting this during the collab and not dead hours (or not simply lurking like most of us have).

>> No.7845977

Who fucking didn't? If you weren't here in the golden age of Rosen Maiden/Lucky Star/Haruhi shit being spammed 24/7 while moot was failing to defeat dial soap bots how did you even find this place?

>> No.7845982

And anon was surprised at my reaction when Zen was confirmed for this collab.

>> No.7845986

He's also Gura avatarfagging.

>> No.7845996

Fucking Zen.

>> No.7846009

lol this one I don't mind bcause that animation wasn't going anywhere until Zen shook it up.

>> No.7846011

I'll come back when you're having less fun

>> No.7846034

>He still thinks 4chan is a secret

>> No.7846038

Okay, THIS time I appreciate Zen's intervention. Jesus.

>> No.7846047


>> No.7846051

>Silver's mother drew her giant ass farting
Jesus lmao

>> No.7846052

It's not a secret, he was the one putting a vtuber on a pedestal for watching lucky star

>> No.7846097

Mamavale is unironically based.

>> No.7846107

I think this was supposed to be cute but the way Vei drew Silver is a little off

>> No.7846126


>> No.7846137

What did you expect from britbong animation?

>> No.7846175

What happens when big boobs are your defining trait

>> No.7846207

The girls are having fun and so am I

>> No.7846217

Silvervale.exe creepypasta when

>> No.7846239

The fun has come and so have I!

>> No.7846378

I made my fun and came.

>> No.7846412

Mamavale outing Silver as a brony
Absolutely ruthless

>> No.7846490

Mamavale take over when?

>> No.7846531

This is my first time watching Silver for more than 10 minutes. What the fuck was that horny-sounding notif?

>> No.7846549

It's just pointing out that she's been here and into weeb shit from the start, before it became as mainstream as it is in the west now.

>> No.7846569

It's her big donation sound. I think it's for $100+ not $1,000 like this youtube title makes it out to be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLB02f3XaPk

>> No.7846586

Same for me. I don't like it either but I imagine it should be rare enough in her regular streams to not be annoying... maybe.

>> No.7846603

Which is exactly why it's hypocritical if she then starts denouncing it while at the same time profiteering from it

>> No.7846626

So much for that lol

>> No.7846670

I thought I was watching Silvervale not Finana!

>> No.7846682

This shit again? You said you'd wait until the collab is over. Ame's stream starts in 40 minutes, find something else to do until then.

>> No.7846707

I got baited by a response, I'm leaving the thread

>> No.7846709

You see, she watched Lucky Star when it aired just like you.
But unlike you, she is now a successful person.

>> No.7846734

jesus christ

>> No.7846751

It's been 10 years anon, who fucking cares

>> No.7846780

Does mamavale stream? As in have her own channel?

>> No.7846781

Just repeat this joke but with Kiara

>> No.7846784

How much alcohol are they on exactly

>> No.7846792

>actually caring about a thing an e-girl you've never met did a full fucking decade ago

Actual infants.

>> No.7846812

She has an account for chatting in her kid's streams but she doesn't stream and probably won't be.

>> No.7846823


>> No.7846824

Party games are always better while drunk or high. I have fond memories of getting fridged with friends playing Mario Party.

>> No.7846827

Mamavale is a gift to this collab
She has her own Twitch channel, but has never streamed.
You can follow her on Twitter for some interaction

>> No.7846837


>> No.7846857

>tries to bait anon further
You're equally bad.

>> No.7846871

How old is Mamavale? She sounds sixty but her avatar looks like a thirty-something from the 60s.

>> No.7846892

That last round had me fucking dying

>> No.7846895

It gets even stranger.

>> No.7846902

I have no idea. I think Silver's in her 20's so I'd speculate bare minimum 40's but I have genuinely no fucking clue.

>> No.7846926

Vei has a high tolerance, most of them are on the far side of tipsy, Froot is a lightweight, Snuffy is probably toking more than drinking and Nyan and Zen are probably on the verge of blacking out if they haven't already.

>> No.7846927

I'm pretty sure Silver has revealed that she's 23 (now 24, I'd guess).

>> No.7846933

Whatever age turns you on the most, anon
For me, it's mid-fifties

>> No.7846946

Mid-late 40’s, I assume

>> No.7846948


>> No.7846951

>Vei has a high tolerance
she does not

she always says she's 23

>> No.7846965

Mouse is well stewed but her meds are way stronger than any joint.

>> No.7846968

There is a universe where Connor collabed with Silver instead of Mouse, and indulged his MILF fetish heavily.

>> No.7846985

Chances of a prompt being key-shifted unintelligible gibberish?

>> No.7846993

Oh yeah, I forgot about that, no wonder she's so blitzed.

>> No.7847012

Keep him away at all costs.

>> No.7847013


>> No.7847042

She is in the same DND campaign as him and Mouse. You're not gonna have a good time, Anon

>> No.7847050

Zen has already trailed off mid-sentence a few times and completely derailed some of the earlier games and someone typed "50 shades of asgjhgh" last game.

>> No.7847064

snuffy so fucking weirdchamp

>> No.7847086

deez lmao

>> No.7847090

Mamavale plays D&D? That's cute. Is she lewd?

>> No.7847142

Kill yourself

>> No.7847157

>the very unique udder anecdote
>no one else has ever heard it
What. The fuck.

>> No.7847159

Me too, Jocat

>> No.7847201

Oh hey, there you go, Snuffy fucked one up.

I'm pretty sure she meant "favorite cereal, reeses puffs."

>> No.7847218

Long nails are both unattractive AND fuck up your typing. Plus it doesn't matter because you're virtual girls. I don't care about the bimbo aesthetic, this shit is just stupid.

>> No.7847221


>> No.7847228

what? i mainly watch her anyways
and she was being weirdchamp?

>> No.7847254

NTA but you're an adult on fucking 4chan, act like it. Keep /v/-tier posting to twitch chat.

>> No.7847264

Have have never had a girl with long nails anywhere near your dick

>> No.7847272

ever have a girl eviscerate your back and shoulders with her nails as you plow her? only then will you change your mind about long nails

>> No.7847273

They're zoomer egirls, long nails give them more body parts to color in fluorescent pastels.

>> No.7847298

I see anons here are also getting drunk tonight huh

>> No.7847304

anon, you cannot use twitch slang. autistic people here will fart and shit themselves into having a heart attack. proper english only on four chan

>> No.7847336

It was typed right in my head...
I don't need this shit right now, anon...

>> No.7847404

That's quite the Silver rendition

>> No.7847412

I can cause other people autistic fits of rage by using slang from another degenerate website on this degenerate website? No kap, kinda poggers.

>> No.7847414

Don't post fucking tourist.

>> No.7847444

1000 more subs for the daki

>> No.7847497

This one fucking went places. Thanks Snuffy and Vei

>> No.7847533

The AI Dungeon stream really expanded their imaginations too much, huh?

>> No.7847536

Mousy's COMMAND THE SEMEN deserves some credit.

>> No.7847568

Goddamn. Vei did a great job with this one

>> No.7847575

>vei casually drops modern art

>> No.7847583

Avant garde indeed

>> No.7847608

Fucking owned

>> No.7847628

Holy shit, we're only 6 hours into this.

>> No.7847665

I can't even write in a straight line when I can see normally. That's pretty impressive.

>> No.7847673

I love how you can tell how hard Silver is losing her shit over this. She keeps leaning into the desk and just choking with laughter.

>> No.7847710

Jesus. That's really fucking good.

>> No.7847743

Shame about the rest of it

>> No.7847799

what did snuffy post in chat?

>> No.7847804

Nyan knows how to draw her dreams.

>> No.7847805

At least that means we're definitely getting that Live2D. Very good.

>> No.7847841

I'll see you in a year, anon

>> No.7847846

>mel's a bitch!
And no new information was obtained.

>> No.7847928

kek did nyan say she wanted ligma?

>> No.7847940

Are Vshojo fans over 25 geriatric? I'm Nyanners's age but my little sister got me into it.

>> No.7847965

They're only geriatric if they're older than the oldest member. So not quite.

>> No.7847976

Definitive proof of Nyanner's debilitating illness

>> No.7847980

nope. I'm about 4 years older than nyan

>> No.7848074

>silver wants to know how to stop sucking

>> No.7848159

Mamavale is an honorary member so we're probably all safe

>> No.7848188

I knew about Nyanners because of 4chan years ago but hadn't thought about her in years until YouTube's algorithm decided Korean ASMR and Japanese vtuber clips are similar enough that I would like Korone and I saw Nyan VODs in the suggestions while going down the hololive rabbit hole.

>> No.7848296

New Twitter meme and at least one artist is already eyeballing it. This could get fun.

>> No.7848334

Oh nice. I was wondering if Silver was going to do anything with Kon today and it sounds like she's planning on doing something with him next.

>> No.7848388

>> No.7848437

Vale Family Game Night!

>> No.7848446

How can silvervale denies herself being a furry when she is in fact..

A furry?

>> No.7848533

His design just clashes so hard. I get not wanting to be a pastel goth wolf, but come one, man. Bleach Skeleton?

>> No.7848642

lol well to be fair Silver's also the one who got the Mamavale design done so she was designed with the intention of being closer to Silver aesthetically while he came later and just matches nothing.

>> No.7848812

>boomer wolf mom gives birth to an anime skeleton


>> No.7848918

In Kon's defense, he wasn't ALWAYS spooky skelly.

>> No.7848967

Silver not mama

>> No.7848991

If he doesn't have a Kon Reborn model, then he's always a skelly.

>> No.7849003

Mamavale learning how to play an FPS is surprisingly endearing.

>> No.7849009

Its almost like they get their nails done because they want to...

>> No.7849078

>I don't care about the bimbo aesthetic
Then why are you even watching her to begin with

>> No.7849087

... Yes, that's the point of this message. Why would they ever want to?

>> No.7849160

Why not? Some women like getting their nails done.

>> No.7849240

That was my first time watching her actually.

>> No.7849293

I didnd't even know there was a Back 4 Blood Beta and I fucking love L4D2 and still play it occasionally I'm scared to download in case I like it cause $60 is a lot.

>> No.7849369

Why are you asking a bunch of random non-women on /vt/? I find long nails to be sexy in the same vein as any other attempts to doll oneself up, like makeup, fancy clothes, hair styles and whatever. It just is an indication they're trying to make themselves hot. As for long nails, well they make great back scratchers.

>> No.7849935

>> No.7850248

>watching silver with her borther and mom is adorable
>i'm getting more and more depressed because i lost my mom not too long ago and this is relationship i wanted to have with her
i don't know, i might have to clock out for the night

>> No.7850260


>> No.7850270

take care, anon

>> No.7850286

haha, no
i lost my mom a lot more recently than she? did

>> No.7850330

MamaVale thinks a "mini-gun" is like the Noisy Cricket from Men In Black. She's so adorable.

>> No.7850358

Looks like Mousey's talkshow set was done by 7MDigital. I think it looks great. https://twitter.com/7MDigital/status/1425990860693557253

>> No.7850411

And they designed it right so some items are in the "foreground" and some are in the "background" allowing for maximum immersion. It's just little things, but it's always nice to see.

>> No.7850451

They have that effect on people. If you didn't see it earlier check out the clip of how Layna felt about getting to play with them >>7844651

>> No.7850545

I said it in the last thread but I love how chat is on the desk. I just assumed they wouldn't find a place for them and it helps liven up the section around Mouse without having to give her an overly extravagant desk or something.

>> No.7850591

i appreciate the link. it's a bit different since i don't have any siblings. the only family i had after my grandfather passed was my mom, and while we got along okay, barring the occasional argument, we didn't really have any hobbies in common. i was hoping to introduce her to more intense pc games than the mahjong and hidden object games she was used to, but fate had other plans.

>> No.7850640

I take it this means Lewdcast is officially done. I mean, I figured it was anyway but none of the girls ever said it was. Silver, one of the main hosts, straight up said she has no idea why they stopped doing it, which is a bit jarring.

>> No.7850647

Damn that's rough. I feel like I live vicariously through their relationship at times but obviously everybody's different so get your ass to bed if it's making you feel bad anon Silver's gonna be up a longass time.

>> No.7850679

They've all said it's not technically dead but I have no idea why. It sucks cause I thought it was fun but yeah I don't think it'll be coming back anytime soon.

>> No.7850714

Did Mel and Mouse have any enlightening information on the subject? Silver saying "I dunno" was pretty bizarre. Like, if SHE doesn't know, who would?

>> No.7850746

>get your ass to bed if it's making you feel bad
that's the idea, man. i'd hoped to live vicariously through them as well but i guess enough time hasn't passed yet for that to happen. meanwhile i've got this lovely bottle of liqour with my name on it.

>> No.7850754

I don't know about Mel but Mouse has always maintained that it's not dead but she doesn't know the status of it. So my guess is that they're all just busier now than they were then so they want to do it but don't want to call it officially dead in case the opportunity to do it ever arises again.

>> No.7850834

I suppose that makes sense. Mouse isn't technically busy, she just streams a lot to stave off the creeping sensation of existential dread. Mel does a lot of nudie videos.

Silver... Silver's busy?

>> No.7851074

They're all busy. If you think about it they didn't have nearly as many opportunities to do things before VShojo really got going so now they're all really busy doing this or that. They said that the plan was to change the Lewdcast format from being live to being recorded to eliminate some scuff in post production, but finding a time for Mel, Mouse, and Silver to do that without getting in the way of their normal streaming seems to be harder than people believe.

>> No.7851169

Streaming full time as your livelihood and coordinating multiple projects on the scale of months with a multitude of people is easy, you can practically do it in your sleep.

>> No.7851278

She managed to coordinate the entirety of VShojo (minus Hime) plus her mother, Mira, and Snuffy. Mel and Mouse collab at least once a week. I have a feeling the issue is less time constraints and more forgetting that Lewdcast was ever even a thing.

>> No.7851703

The counter isn't updated yet but Silver broke 9k! New original song confirmed. Only 2 goals left. A new Daki + a Live2D model.

>> No.7851745

I hope the chat-chosen costume is a sling bikini.

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