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Tomoshika will be streaming Little Nightmares in 5 hours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LlqWhHGLuA

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Monoe doesn't belong here. She's dead.

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Don't watch VOMs but i heard the news. You have my sympathies.

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monoe is dangling from a rope right now, and you're thinking about sniffing pikamee's butt

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to be fair I'm also thinking of sniffing monoe's dangling deceased butt

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Why did you had to do this to me anon...

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I never stopped dayo, but there's room in my brain for both.

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Spamming about Monoe on pikamees return stream and forcing her to leave early!

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More like forcing her into retirement.

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>TFW you will never get to see VOMS 3rd anniversary stream and all the 3 related content, just because some anon tried his luck rolling the dice.

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>My drug mule can't be this cute

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You'll have to get through Autism Aru and Based Shart first

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cheer her up by spamming about little girls to defeat the monoe spammers

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Not sure why everyones saying Magnet left, that collab she did a few hours ago was pretty damn good. She even manged to tease what she's doing for the anniversary stream and it sounds lit!

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I like the way you think!

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someone make a drawing of the magnet lighting a bong using Tomoshika's ahoge

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Monoe is Tomoshikas little nightmare

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I'm devastated, I never would have thought that a VOMS member would be terminated. It really felt like it was a group of friends that started streaming because of their common interest in games, that's why I was so invested in it. More than likely I'll be able to cope with what's happened in time but right now, the only thing I can feel is sadness.

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couldn't have said it any better

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Wait, what happened? What was the breach of contract?

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Monoe had sex with her fans, attacked Pikamee with a tire iron and did a big line of coke.

In that order.

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She was using the stream as a way to secretly promote herself as an escort on private messages, GYARI found out and tried to hire her for a session, she said no because it would be weird for her, so he fired her.

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>tfw a Bogandoff saw this post and made the call to the taxman

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She got a little tipsy and admitted the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki likely saved countless Japanese lives that would have otherwise been lost in a senseless last ditch defense that had absolutely zero chance of success.

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>you weren't one of the fans she fucked

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Nobody except VOMS knows. 4chan thinks that she violated her contract by either being a drug addict or having sex. 5ch is speculating that she violated her contract by moonlighting with a competing agency, lying about her age, or has a public sector job (not allowed to have another job)

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where did the tire iron thing come from? jesus christ

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she died

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No one knows, and no one will ever know unless it's leaked somehow.

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mustard gas

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Forgot to remove the brown m&ms

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That last one is bullshit because Pika's been very open about working at and interviewing for shitty McJobs the past year. I think she eventually got popular enough that regular WAA REDs could sustain her but for a long while she had side-hustles and was open about it.

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>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.

>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Supposedly public workers in Japan aren't supposed to have side jobs (according to the 5ch rrat)

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You're misunderstanding anon, having a public sector job isn't the same as having a side-hustle alongside your livestream, you aren't allowed to have another job if you're a public worker.

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Oh I get it, my mistake. She'd be in double trouble if that was the case.

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pikamee just confirmed that her vagina is severely injured due to the attack

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I never want to hear them cry again

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Pika crying got me so hard

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>We will never get to see Monoe do a Jump King endurance stream.
>We will never get to see another PikaMono AkaManto collab, even after Pika literally bought the game for her.
>We will never see the end of Mido/Hayashi/Magnet's Ace Attorney collab playthrough.
>We will never see Mido/Hayashi/Magnet's collab of Portal 2.
>We will never see the end of Magnet and Yumesaki's Cuphead playthrough.

So sad... Though I had never realized that Magnet truly was a magnet and brought so many people together... Even though she herself was shy and introverted, she brought everyone together.

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>Do you see what I did to Monoe, TMSK? Don't step out of line or you'll be next.

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I want to lick pika! I want to sniff pika's butt! I want pika's chubby butt on my face! I want pika to say "iine iine" as she rubs my cock! I want to pound pika's ass and listen to her wheeze!

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It's true, both Pika and TMSK are such giant autists having a middleman like Tomoe quite literally made the whole thing come together.

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Whoever made the Monoe torrent, you probably should prepare to make two more, well in advance. A three-player team losing even one of their talents thanks to a prick posting a sudden announcement in shady corporatese doesn't exactly project a bright future for this company.

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Pikamee and Tomoshika should each get a little magnet from Monoe's headband

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Tomoshika would never FUCK her fans while on a meth bender!

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her channel is empty I don't think management wants any trace of her existence left

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time to watch pikas announcement again

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GYARI's VOMS follows ZUN's school of "if you take off their silly decoration/hat they die"

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No! Don't do it to yourself

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I must... every day I will watch it until she comes back

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I like her squinting

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stop it.....

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innocent days

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What about Pikamee?

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i will end you for this

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This is a supplement to the case of the magnetotomi monoe.

For those who are involved in the collaboration: You can keep the distribution archive.

For those of you who create fanart or doujin works: You may continue to do so.

For proof, please see the following page.


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Remember last week when she abruptly cancelled her stream because "something came up" and the next day cancelled the rest of her schedule due to "technical issues" and everyone here just assumed that she was spending time with her boyfriend for Valentine's day or that she was having a bad period?

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Well, that's nice to see at least. At least she's not getting *completely* memory-holed.

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Only the little girl fans, if she even has any.

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she was trying to save magnet

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Hey, fuck you guys.

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I miss the boyfriend fuckers already, at least they were funny.

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>Fuck 4chan okay?

Well, fuck you Holofag, go watch your sheep while you can before she too gets erased from the net.

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>Thinking GYARI is to blame
Man made the right call and you are just getting salty about it. GYARI has been around far longer than you have and he is one of the few who willingly stayed indie, so whatever Monoe did the blame is entirely on her, the only problem here is that, regardless of the issue, she should've been approaching him with it in the first place, instead of keeping it hush-hush (with either TMSK, Pika or both) being in on it.
If it was the drug rrat, then by ignoring it GYARI was instead creating a future situation where all of VOMS would be fucked.
The only thing he could do was cancel the contract and then tell both TMSK and Pika to never ever acknowledge this issue, otherwise Monoe's life would be royally screwed should someone find out.

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Not like this

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go away rrats

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Damn, I am really gonna miss her.


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terminating the girl was all it should have ended with
nuking the entire channel is nothing but a power play, fuck off, GYARI is to blame for overreacting to some petty dispute, I'm sticking to that until he removes the stick out of his ass and tells us what actually happened instead of handwaving it with some vague bullshit like a "contract violation", eat a dick, anon.

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To be honest, all three should be archived anyway, but it might especially be a good idea to archive any collaboration material that involved Monoe. I'm not sure GYARI would force them to private those videos, but better safe than sorry in uncharted territory...

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Are you really this retarded or is this the first time you got into /vt/?!?!?!

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>nuking the entire channel is nothing but a power play
Could be part of the contract, simple as. They don't own rights to the characters and all that's associated with them, so termination means termination.
Also could be for simple reason of people starting to carefully comb throught the videos and potentially finding out the allusions to some big yab that could be seen now in retrospect.

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Why not leave her content up then? What message are they sending when they wipe out an entire body of work?

>> No.788726

The moment the news got out yesterday, people already knew to start archiving, because that's how it always goes.
Are you serioiusly this dumb and don't know how contracts work, or are you just being willfully ignorant?

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Obviously, Monoe is not coming back.

Basically, you can still make Doujinshi and even clips/archives in channels/other platforms of her stuff, so no, GYARI will not pursue takedowns of stuff like archives in the cloud or YT clips, no idea about VODs but I think those are better in storage somewhere.

The official new tag for Monoe fanart/doujinshi/other media related to her character is this one:


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lurk moar retard

>> No.788818

You don't know if he "made the right call", you're defending him without knowing jack shit about what happened except for the miniscule corporatese he's so graciously dropped onto us while simultaneously nuking all of her content. Nobody terminates a channel in this fashion in good faith. Unless you want to prove otherwise with some nice statement from him explaining for what reason destroying an entire library of content is in everyone's best interest?

>> No.788829

Also please.


Whatever happened is already resolved, no need to bring it up and hurt them. Don't be idiots, they are just if not more hurt than us.

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It's going to be funny when Pikamee has to shutdown her next stream because of non-stop "WHERE IS MONOE"

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>Nobody terminates a channel in this fashion in good faith
We've already understood that you're a retard, anonchama, please stop embarrassing yourself further.
Thank you and god bless

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You just got into VTubers not much ago right???

Lurk moar faggot, this is standard procedure for things you could learn by just going around /vt/, /jp/ and even /a/.

Sometimes, it IS NOT that easy,

Welcome to the VTuber community retard!!!

Grab your Oshi, hold her, and pray to all Gods she does not get nuked from the net.

Have fun!!!

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>he knows what's in the contract
Tell us, anon. What exactly was Monoe's breach of contract?

>> No.788901

You know people are going to ask about Monoe anyways. Out of their whole audience, only three people come here to discuss about VOMS.

>> No.788945

wanna prove me otherwise?

>> No.789024

checked, he won't btw, because he's a bullshitter and he's trying to justify to himself that this could be anything but a malicious takedown from petty internal disputes

>> No.789046

You have yet to prove your original claim.

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Why are you replying to yourself?

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you mean the claim whose burden of proof lies on you, the faggot who keeps saying that the termination was justified but gives us zero, exactly ZERO proof to back that up?

guess again nigger

>> No.789121

You do realize that Pikamee has him by the balls and could easily find vtuber employment elsewhere if it was something that retarded, right? I refuse to believe you're this mentally challenged.

>> No.789145

What would it take for Monoe to come back? What's the single most irredeemable thing a vtuber can do in a company and not be brought back, especially if they pull in money

>> No.789193

neat bro so what's that contractual obligation that justifies GYARI nuking the channel? Pikamee breaking down in tears for a 38 minute stream definitely sounds like someone who has this guy by the balls.

>> No.789199

monoe is not coming back ever. hard to say if her actor will.

>> No.789200

>What would it take for Monoe to come back?
You have to commit seppuku in front of VOMS headquarters and bring shame to the company

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I tend to forget sometimes how utterly and irreversibly retarded some of you impressionable children are.
Both TMSK and Pikamee said, time and again, that they sat down, all 4 of them along with GYARI, to discuss the right way to get out of this.
They both said, numerous times, not to blame GYARI for making the decision that he did, because that was something that they agreed on, however painful it could seem.
Yet here you are talking about how somehow Pika has him by the balls and should drop the man, and here you are blaming GYARI for doing something that they all agreed to, collectively.
You're not here for VOMS, you're here just to rrat and shitpost, you absolute unapologetic mongrel.

>> No.789338

GYARI is to blame. Don't get me wrong cocksucker, but he's the one that pulled the plug. Regardless of whether Monoe fucked up hard or not, GYARI is ultimately responsible for what's happened to VOMS in regards to PR. So I wouldn't be eager to defend him without at least knowing what really happened. To us he memoryholed Monoe without precaution, not many would take that fact lying down unless you believe some alternative rrat wherein Monoe is entirely responsible and her fuck-up was well understood amongst the VOMS team.

>> No.789368

We don't know, and that's the entire point. It's retarded to believe that the bird did this out of pettiness or anger when he has absolutely zero track record of such behavior.

Read who I'm replying to, dumbass. I agree with you. I'm saying that if Gyari did nuke Monoe for petty reasons, she would take a stand. But he didn't.

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Not only are you wrong, but you're also using /pol/ newspeak.
I'm stopping this conversation because talking to you feels like conversing with a wall.
God bless your retarded ass, newfag.

>> No.789446

I hate to believe it, but this rrat unironically seems plausible. When so much of what has happened and was said doesn't add up or make sense... I really hope I'm just a ogey'd up schitzo who's totally off base cause I should be medicated but I do drugs instead... but honestly, if she necked herself do you think they'd come out and say it? I wouldn't. The community is taking it this hard just with her getting fired? How are you gonna tell the serious gachikoi that their oshi is straight up dead? No fucking way. You put on a strong face and tank the hit to your reputation in order to preserve the memory of your friend/the sanity of your viewers. Not to mention that if she did die giving out information could lead to the others being doxed via association (assuming deaths are as easy to track in JP as in USA).

>> No.789453

Man, just go to sleep or something until they lift your /pol/ Ban.

>> No.789548

The proof is the official response directly from the people involved, yet you make the outrageous claim of
>Nobody terminates a channel in this fashion in good faith.
Without any basis or proof whatsoever.

>> No.789583

god they were the perfect trio

>> No.789697

Why this dismissiveness? Neither of you two have any more leverage than the average anon here. Besides the plausibility of the purported talks GYARI had with the VOMS team, we have no real clue as to what went wrong or what was even said besides some vague idea that this sudden termination was the best course of action. My contention ultimately lies in the non-answer that was given to us in the face of such a drastic decision. Now we're here sitting on our asses, expected to take this lying down and enjoy the next stream. Wtf?

>> No.789716

>people still running with the drug rrat when the anon who first posted it in the sticky was just pulling things out his ass

>> No.789779

Well this thread is fucking shit.

>> No.789802

As expected from a formerly comfy clique that's in the process of crashing and burning.

>> No.789839

We'll get a new trio by next week.

>> No.789949

But I don't want a new trio, I want the magnet

>> No.790033

why scrub the archive then?

>> No.790068

Oh please, the audience for vtubers is the same as any entertainment medium, everyone will forget about Monoe given a short time then continues on to other vtubers to fill the gaping maw that will always be forever hungry for more entertainment. Monoe was disposable and she has been disposed.

>> No.790091

Standard practice, it could be because of legal reasons but whatever it is, it is private business.

>> No.790130

I will never forget the Ring Fit streams for as long as I live

>> No.790173

Cynical, but mostly true. I'm done with VOMS seeing as the illusion is dead.

>> No.790214


2chan thread if anyone want to read.

>> No.790243

did tomoshika cancel her stream?

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fuck off

>> No.790283

>Corporate espionage
God damn, Magnets is a spy?

>> No.790298

Tomoshika resigned in disgust after she learned the truth.

>> No.790308

Still live in two hours.

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File: 736 KB, 706x369, magnet.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.790442

Both routes suck but they really do need to find 2-3 more girls, distract everyone (themselves included) away from this shit and change the dynamic into something completely new. Just keeping the two of them, pretending everything's fine and existing in the shadow of the trio isn't sustainable. Not for such a small and tightly-knit cast.

>> No.790468

>Just keeping the two of them, pretending everything's fine and existing in the shadow of the trio isn't sustainable.

You heard it here first, folks. The anniversary will double as the farewell.

>> No.790492

I could see them using collabs with other vtubers as a distraction, but trying to add new girls to VOMS so quickly would just lead to fan backlash. I imagine they'd want to wait a while to do it if that was their plan.

>> No.790495

Angstrom that's mean :(

>> No.790532

Can they really keep the casual vibe if they hire 2-3 more bitches?

>> No.790537

I agree.

I might get old, alone and senile expecting to one day not wake up and rot but Monoe's moans will give me a chuckle even in my darkest moments across my life.

>> No.790543

I agree, adding new members to a group like VOMS would feel forced and the fanbase would not like it. If we give the situation time to cool down, people might be more open to the idea of adding one or two more members to fill out the cast again.

>> No.790610

I don't agree. People obviously move on but most fans will definitely not forget her. Some people still mourn TriNero for example.

>> No.790654

doesn't show up on the schedule...

>> No.790684

They wouldn't say she breached contract, then. They'd probably say she left due to health issues or that she just decided to retire for one reason or another.

>> No.790701

It's really all about the fans. To anyone not invested in VOMS, Monoe's departure will probably just be a blip in a much bigger picture. To fans though, this is something that will linger for a very long time. Even if the majority learn to behave and avoid the subject when the others are streaming, I doubt there will be a single VOMS thread without mention of her and what she meant to the community. Remember, even after Aloe moved on to another character, the design is still celebrated and reminisced about fondly by her fans.

>> No.790707

Then why don't aloefags ever shut up?

>> No.790737

This, if she died, they wouldn't besmirch her name by saying she was terminated for breach of contract

>> No.790812

Yeah, it can't be right away, it just has to be in the works. That alone will keep them from feeling as bad as they would if they just had to keep going on as they are indefinitely.
They'd want to take their time finding new girls anyway.

>> No.790847

is this true or is anon a faggot

>> No.790864

I literally just made that up on the spot because it was funny to me.

>> No.790867

bullshit, if that were true then all collabs would be removed as well

>> No.790889

Anon, she's going live in an hour.

>> No.790894

The stories and information posted here are altruistic works of sincerity and justness.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fiction.

>> No.790898

They're much fucking better at tard wrangling than this shithole

>> No.790908

>narukami died before he could give us the scoop on this one
he was the evil that was needed...

>> No.790916

I think they can pull it of with 3 more girls while developing something like a Kouhai-Senpai dynamic.

Maybe even Yuribait for laughs and giggles between Pika and TMSK, something like the new VOMS being absolutely inexperienced and needing guidance from Fat Bilingual lolicon mama Pikamee and Hoe Killer absent tutor Tomoshika.

But to pull this off they REALLY need to avoid Monoe color scheme

Let's face it bros, even if they pull something like this or not, Pika and TMSK are still gonna feel the lack of her presence, they probably need to restart the MC server too, otherwise I can see Pika and Tomo looking at something and going "ah" for a second or two, doesn't help that the next update has a lot of metal based inclusions, also lodestone, also, if there's no straight man, I can see collabs devolving into pure autistic screeching, if VOMS survives this years, it is gonna hold for 2 or 3 more, ONE more gets out, entire fanbase collapses

>> No.790976

I guess restarting the Minecraft server would be a decision I'd be okay with. With the whole world generation being revamped alongside the amount of content they're adding it's probably not worth keeping the old one around. Besides, looking at that empty third bed really bums me out.

>> No.791010

Why are you living under the impression that contract termination means that they can't talk off-stream, retardchama?

>> No.791055

Anon, we don't know if their contracts don't have a clause to avoid that

We also don't know how bad this shit was, maybe Monoe burned all bridges, maybe GYARI, who knows?

I am assuming the worst already, I was a Magnetbro, and she was my Oshi , I am still coping.

pls let me shitpost, at least that is calming the fuck out of me.

>> No.791089

>we don't know if their contracts don't have a clause to avoid that
Nigga are you fucking DENSE as a bunch of rocks?
Contracts don't pertain to anything that happens outside of VOMS_project, because at that point they would cease being contracts.
They can absolutely still talk to person behind Monoe, they just can't mention it on streams.
What the fuck is wrong with your retarded head?

>> No.791106

>I am still coping.
DO YOU READ?!?!?!?!

>> No.791142

The absolute state of /voms/ only a day into this.

>> No.791159

It'll calm down, just give it time.

>> No.791346

Losing a third of their talent might do that to a fanbase

>> No.791374

One of the disadvantages of entertainment trios.

Losses of cast are BIG and hurt harder.

>> No.791402
File: 1.12 MB, 2480x2480, 1607626594753.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It will hurt for a long time.

>> No.791408

yup, we really do need some light shed on what happened. Gyari only managing VOMs as a pet project may have clouded his judgement. She pulled in money, albeit some

>> No.791473

I honestly think this lack of confirmations is better.

Othewise we would end up reminding about Monoe as "That girl who did X and nearly fucked her company and friends in the process".

At least this way most fags will blame GYARI in the long run for not saying anything, madlad is smart, all the big hate goes to him and Monoe seems like a poor victim in the end.

>> No.791531

Reminder that this has happened as Aloe gets called the "sex" girl and a Menhera for reasons we know.

Yeah, lack of info saves her career somewhat.

>> No.791706

>Implications that it was a big issue but pikamee and tomoshika arent personally angry
>Gyari not taking down any content outside of her channel

Had to be drugs, even if the other members dont give a shit about it, nip society is too autistic about them

>> No.791781

None of this sits well with me. Monoe is now the one former VOMS member who potentially compromised private information and was shut down entirely in the matter of hours after the announcement of her dismissal. Meanwhile GYARI is no longer the laid-back relaxed manager of VOMS, but someone who has actual business interest (albeit based on liability) and now has precedent of glassing an entire section of his project. Now the fans are left here wondering what the fuck happened, and no amount of shitflinging or speculation will ever turn that stone over, the best we have is that some minor face was saved at the cost of absolutely no closure. There's no going back to the VOMS of yesterday, it'll never be same.

>> No.791805

Look on the bright side. It might be over sooner than you think.

>> No.791819

Assuming voms keeps going for a while, is this now the corporate era?

>> No.791844
File: 463 KB, 878x461, magnet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rip magmet

>> No.791850

Here's hoping.

Who knows, maybe we're entering the eye of the storm, or maybe we're entering a restructuring phase. All I know is that the comfy times are long gone.

>> No.791862

I'd sooner believe the civil servant rrat that the JOPS are bringing. GYARI gave her a couple of months to sort out quitting that job and she couldn't, so things ended up this way.

>> No.791901

The VTuber community in general will NOT be the same, VOMS gave the illusion that some "indie looking" projects weren't that corporate and cold.

Now that illusion is absolutely dead, no surviving ghost of it, now everyone is gonna be super wary of their chuubas as some off-camera fuck up can end their run inmediately and with no advice beforehand, this shit even made news in the normie world FFS and Monoe DOES NOT speak english.

We are entering that point in which the comfort and illusion of our VTubers not disappearing is basically dying, and people, specifically, normalfags, will not be able to accept it.

Brace yourselves boys, we are going into the mid part of this "Golden age", may we survive like /mlp/ and not dissapear into the night.

>> No.791905

Why do you feel the need to fucking speculate? you fucking retards
Until further information is released you're just sharing your own fucking delusions

>> No.791940

>further information
There will be none of that, rest assured.

>> No.791961

>Why do you feel the need to fucking speculate?

It's fun. That seems to be a mistake some people are making. Narratives aren't about being right or wrong, they're about having fun with the story. That's why believing in them makes you a crazy person. If you're just bullshitting then you might be an asshole but you're not crazy.

>> No.791987

Yeah that's possible but idk the "she had a government job" theory seems just as likely

>> No.791988

>Tomoshika will be streaming Little Nightmares in (27 minutes)
Right back on the horse. Hope she's okay and she'll have a good stream.

>> No.791998

Do you have fun being a retard and trying to shit on GYARI/Monoe's image just for kicks?

>> No.792023

Again, nobody actually believes them. It might as well be elaborate fanfiction.

>> No.792030

Yeah, I'm sure their reputation was totally damaged by me saying she fucks her fans.

>> No.792044

Contracted vtubers aren't going to revolt or quit, and nip suits aren't going to give a shit about twitter reeeing. There are already plenty of indie vtubers trying and failing to make it. There will always be an ample number clambering for a company's support.
I think that whatever happens, change will be limited to the community.

>> No.792060

>Until further information
It's on Gyari own statement that there will be no more information, they wont talk about it anymore. If you dont believe go read it on Gyari or magnet twitter.

>> No.792080

All you had to do was not to smoke during stream, you dumb whore.

>> No.792089

That's why I said community tho, we are the ones who get the shocker, corporations not really unless they get hit by something which fucks their operations and VTubers are OK with this for reasons we understand.

This just affects the community, not the provider other than VOMS really.

>> No.792127

Watching this out of morbid curiosity. Feels like going to work after witnessing a horrific car crash LOL.

>> No.792157

I meant "until" in a rhetorical kind of way
I'm not saying we're getting more information eventually, I'm saying that until that happens (meaning never), then everyone here is just being a retard and writing fanfiction
Well, since I was told it was for fun, I guess they're just roleplaying as a retard

>> No.792177

I would feel better if we can atleast move to a 'silver age' rather than just completely heading rockbottom ;_;

>> No.792183

Same kek

Still, don't break Tomoshika or Pikamee please, if we fuck up, shit can end up having a chain reaction and basically kill the comfortable "status quo" which made /vt/ spawn to begin with.

>> No.792201 [DELETED] 

Lyrica building her ID harem

>> No.792206

There's no silver age anon, just decay, we have yet to hit the decay, we are still "sailing high".

The day we hit rock bottom is when something TRULY BAD happens and the board implodes.

>> No.792213

Only retarded ESLs and underage posters are gonna do that. I wouldn't be surprised if they straight filtered "Monoe" in stream chat.

>> No.792224
File: 88 KB, 666x858, liketearsinrain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.792236

I'd argue the silver age was during the advent of Kizuna Ai-type vtubing. If anything, the Golden Age will recede quickly into autism whenever that does happen.

>> No.792238

That would be worse, retards would start spamming magnets.

>> No.792252

I still give it a chance that she'll show up at a different company. Which would also be information.

>> No.792308

Never forget.

>> No.792342

Alright, so um...

Unofficial VOMS general


Get ready, the post fuck-up party is about to start and you better get your ass ready for it

Brace yourselves


>> No.792389

Why is the title うおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおお?

>> No.792395

>no information known at all
>people start making up shit
>people bringing up unrelated shit
>people kept feeding into abstract shit
>people believing into these made up shit
why is /vt/ so shitty?

>> No.792409

Because we don't deserve anything better

>> No.792412

Name a single place on the Internet where this doesn't occur

>> No.792414

We kinda know why don't we?

Don't even reference it, let's just see where this leads up to.

>> No.792420


>> No.792424

You do realize TMSK can actually be professional and hold it in, right?

>> No.792427

simping to anime girls doesn't exactly reel in the intellectuals

>> No.792429

I doubt the same can be said for her chat.

>> No.792461

Aight, I'm out to sleep

I guess this cannot get any worse

>We only lost one girl instead of the whole group
>The other ones take it like a champ after some hours
>Cutesy and everything with no complains
>Nobody is trolling in chat nor hating

Fuck it, the guy who jinxed it once got banned already, we cannot arguibly jinx it twice in a row.

Being a vomsfag is the best!!!

>> No.792462

I love how her avatar is running at 2 FPS.

>> No.792488

>walks in on magnet's hanging corpse
wtf bros

>> No.792503

Truly, being a vomsfag is the best.

>> No.792508
File: 290 KB, 900x900, 94d63fec71b9eacc93be18e861fa6934.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thirding this

>> No.792559

She's literally うおおおおおおおおお-ing lmao

>> No.792628

What's up with that anyway?

>> No.792629

The chat's calm
No EOPfags fucking it up with things like "I hope you'll pull through this"

>> No.792656

I'm scared that Pikamees stream is going to have lots of retard EOPs bring it up.
I hope her mods will work overtime the next few streams

>> No.792665

Let's hope for the best !

>> No.792717

*Is* Pikamee going to stream again? Her last regular stream was 10 days ago, and she cancelled today's stream yesterday after the announcement

>> No.792732

She will,I have faith in my dumb,fat,retard hafu

>> No.792757

>memoryhole is now /pol/speak
fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.793004
File: 602 KB, 2894x1628, 1613678110550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not gonna lie magnet bros, civil service job makes sense
>tax season
>oh shid have to report streaming gainz and get fucked at civil service job
>oh shid commit tax evasion and have jap IRS investigate you
I wonder what kind of trouble she could have gotten in if she filed taxes and got found out?

>> No.793055

This would have been her decision in this case, not Gyari's.

>> No.793057

I guess monoe must've lied about that detail to gyari during the auditions

>> No.793109

It could have legally made him liable. I'm not sure how the Japanese civil service law works.

It's not illegal to apply for a job and interview for a job while holding one. It's entirely possible she wanted to see if streaming panned out but kept her day job. For all we know she had a very /comfy/ wfh (because of covid) day job. Since Pikamee and TMSK are all too aware of the grind, they can't hate her for taking the better job.

>> No.793201

I know it sounds like I'm just sniffing for drama, but I doubt the civil servant thing just because it feels too "clean" considering how everything went yesterday. Like if that was the case you'd think she'd get a short "goodbye" stream instead of being nuked and the other two getting left to deliver the news with tears in their eyes.

>> No.793205

it's either that or she was trying to jump ship to another agency

>> No.793210

The term "memory hole" is older than you. If words you don't know make you start screeching about bogeymen, you do not belong on 4chan.

>> No.793277

They finished Cuphead ages ago.

>> No.793323

I hope she pops up in the next nijisanji batch.

>> No.793326

Got hired by Hololive, expect to hear her among gen 6

>> No.793373

>you were

>> No.793393

thunk about it
if it was really something to do with contractual terms, the nips would use "health reasons" as an excuse to save face for both parties
"breach of contract" is merely an excuse for something worse that they can't cover up without damaging their reputation.

>> No.793426

>TMSK screeching right through my eardrums in Little Nightmares
I've been blessed, /vt/.

>> No.793548

Probably wants to avoid legal situations and if she mentioned it during the audition, he gave her almost a year to sort it out. So I'd be pissed. Or, she didn't tell him, and he's like oh shid nuke it.

Other agency makes sense too. It's literally either that or she did something pretty bad. Gyari is pretty hands off, so you're basically left with 3 options (she fucked up bigly, she tried to moonlight/jump ship, or she's civil service)

>> No.793615

Civil service?

>> No.793646

see >>793004

>> No.793675

Public sector job. Like a judge and police officer are "civil servants" while a security guard is just a regular job. It could be something as simple as a park ranger or as big as a mayor or Diet member.

>> No.793698

>comfy tmsk stream

>> No.793709
File: 606 KB, 1920x1080, snapshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.793747

Right, thanks. I guess my ESL retardation is showing.

>> No.793795
File: 169 KB, 680x383, 1597880460527.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw everyone is going to ignore her existance now

>> No.793896

>or as big as a mayor or Diet member.
Funnily enough, they are the only civil servants who are allowed to have other jobs at the same time.

>> No.793904

It was a comfy stream

>> No.793942
File: 626 KB, 658x720, 1605977494171.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>laws don't apply to people with money and connections
Say it ain't so.

>> No.793984

I have to say. Monoe leaving made me realize I appreaciated VOMs more than I thoungh. Guess I'll try catch their streams more often

>> No.793992

not me

>> No.794531

>doesn't belong here. She's dead.

>> No.795138

there are many hololive threads you go can browse, anon
you'd probably feel more at home there :)

>> No.795202

does anybody legitimately care about what happened? i'm more worried about how this will affect the current state of VOMS

>> No.795324

>Being a vomsfag is the best!

>> No.795358

she's gonna be the first one to break.

>> No.795364

I'm not a magnetfag, but I hope she's okay. Of course, I also want Pikamee and TMSK to keep streaming and having fun.

>> No.795568
File: 4 KB, 772x36, monoe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You god damn... son of a fucking bitch. Archive anon, please. PLEASE don't do this. You have to be joking right? SEED IT FOR A SMALL AMOUNT OF TIME.

>> No.795898
File: 7 KB, 421x73, 1582723051312.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same as this cunt

>> No.796412

Poor Tomoshika...

>> No.796481

GYARI will maybe have to open up auditions sooner than he would have liked, maybe bring in 2 or 4 new ones.

>> No.796490

Uh no the reason a bunch of people suspect drugs is due to the long and storied history of similar things happening in Japan over drugs. Your powerlevel is embarrassingly low. We've lost MANY good Japanese entertainers and artists to simple drug possession/use

>> No.796546

Man, these threads became really cancerous. It's gonna be just people bringing up narratives and deluded white knights arguing with bait.
Mods need to purge these threads if the Vtubers in question aren't streaming since there's no reason to have it up. Otherwise this is a straight road down to /trash/ for VOMS

>> No.796792

You do understand what web site you're on? Just checking :)

>> No.796834

But yeah there's also not really much else to talk about since this just happened and there's barely any information out about it. Not to mention that no one is really streaming, other than Tomoshika earlier today for like an hour. I think people aren't really taking these theories too seriously.

>> No.796977
File: 225 KB, 992x673, 1610252945581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Invest into preserving your favorite chuuba archives for the future and beyond
>World collapses
>Machines rule the wasteland
>Machines die out after 10000 years
>50000 years have passed
>Humans have somewhat rebuilt and find themselves searching for relics of the pre-collapse past
>An excavation finds the entrance to a bunker looking place
>The outside of it is Rusty and pretty fucked but still sealed
>Open with homemade breaching tools
>The inside reveals a collection full of data servers filled with information of the pre-disaster world
>Tons of info, books, propaganda, memes
>And lots of anime
>Everything is in full condition as the servers and CPUs run AIs which were used to restore damaged content
>Servers use thermal energy and are barely running at 100% condition from the lack of outside interaction
>Techno experts from allied communities rush in to try and copy all data into the data cores which machines used to run and have exponentially more storage than these old servers
>Everything gets archived and server place starts to get refitted as a museum to the old world internet and culture
>Some idiots accidentally push a wide wall ornament and it crashes into the ground
>But behind it
>A door
>Enter room
>A computer with 3 monitors lights up
>Red, Green and Blue lights energically light up the room
>The computer asks for a code
>Retard futuranon just enters 123456789
>Wallpaper is 3 triangles 2 smaller ones seemingly behind a big inverted one
>Future femanon finally finds light switch and flicks it while futuranon browses PC
>Average /a/ user room is revealed
>Lots of anime merch, figurines, manga and whatnot
>Everyone contemplating the discoveries around here
>Futuranon and femanon see a small hard drive behind PC
>Connect it to other screen
>One folder
>Name is Magnet
>Decrypt using future wacky hardware at hand
>Open it
>There's a ton of videos in it
>But a single image file stands out
>Other image folders include detailed information about this mysterious character
>Even a detailed profile sheet
>It's name was
>Jitomi Monoe
>Years later, a cultural religious cult has formed around your once insignificant Oshi qs a messiah of the old world which was misunderstood and carried a deep message
>Her Cover of 歌ってみた】テレキャスタービーボーイ/ has become a common prayer
>Japanese gets somewhat deciphered from all your archives and is now the lingua franca of the new world
>Everyone hails Monoe
>Holy crusades and wars are fought under your Oshi's blessing
>The Holy warriors carry her figure and face as Banners to represent her stoicism under all conditions
>Magnetbros are the highest order of warriors of this techno-religious post-apocalyptic wasteland
>The entire culture gets developed around magnets and her color scheme
>Denying Monoe is reason for inmediate execution
>TFW being a data hoarder caused the world to become weebland and adore your Oshi as an almighty God of stoicism and love

>> No.797039

There's no way in hell I'm reading all of that shizo shit

>> No.797047

my current rrat is that joke stream GYARI did a few months back was actually supposed to be about this but he decided to give Monoe one last chance at the 11th hour

>> No.797065

How the fuck does that connect with Monoe getting sacked?

>> No.797216

Look at the bright side. It's the most boring one who was fired.

>> No.797255


>> No.797352

whatever she was fired over was a known issue for a while (at least with pika and tomoshika, not sure on gyari's end)

he could have been ready to pull the trigger and wanted to get a formal announcement stream out before letting her go, but at the last moment monoe convinced him to give her another chance to deal with it and he agreed, albeit after already announcing the stream so he had to come up with something else

as for why he didn't try the formal announcement stream when it finally happened maybe he just wasn't in the mood after feeling lied to the previous time

>> No.797373

When's GYARI gonna do gen 2 to fill the space

>> No.797512
File: 286 KB, 1920x1080, EupXR-5WYAEOa4y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you know people doomposted about how when the VOMS girls eventually graduated they'd lose their headbands/flames but it hits different when I'm looking through monoe fanart on twitter and keep seeing pictures of exactly that

>> No.797614

I read the whole thing and this is the rrat I believe in.

>> No.797670

stop this is hurting my feelings

>> No.797706

Post the fanart, I want to feel sad

>> No.797740
File: 206 KB, 2048x1270, Eul132bUcAQhGuM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let it all out, man

>> No.797835

Remember to archive your chuubas. I wish we could get this stickied

>> No.797898
File: 415 KB, 1920x1080, 1613574364490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.798065

she shouldn't have stole those donuts...

>> No.798091

>The Mystery of the Missing Magnet

>> No.798144

It all makes sense
>when the headband is removed the person loses their identity and dies
Monoe is no longer Monoe, can no longer use that identity, and will continue no more (as if they died). Maybe this is what Gyari meant

>> No.798290
File: 323 KB, 801x997, 1613727704144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.798552

I can't believe that content owned by person A licensing a character from person B on contract is no longer available after that contract between the two parties is dissolved. This is unprecedented.

>> No.798597

It's okay anon we all learn new things every day

>> No.798739

>Magnetbros are the highest order of warriors of this techno-religious post-apocalyptic wasteland
I choose to believe this.

>> No.798790
File: 388 KB, 800x800, Image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's sad, isn't it?

>> No.798824

I just realized that vtuber fans are on the same level as marvel movie fans and I think I just ruined this entire thing for myself.

>> No.798882
File: 1.20 MB, 1920x1080, Eur65n8UUAITpHH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pikamee's art is surprisingly cute

>> No.798901

If fans can ruin it for you, how did you last this long?

>> No.798906
File: 234 KB, 1920x1080, EpxeLcrUUAYhVOh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you prepared for all the Yuri art?

>> No.798913

Finally were back to fat posting... I love this kettle

>> No.798953

>among many effects on the bearer, people with depression tend to either eat more, or less, depending on their metabolism
>the sadness left by the departure of magnet is making pika eat more than what she's usually used to
If she wasn't obese, then she's gonna be soon.

>> No.798967

why does she add the horns

>> No.798977

>This is how the lewd art she drew that one time for her schoolmate looks like

>> No.799029

im just happy we are hearing from her

>> No.799034

>Why are you fatposting?
>I always fatpost when I'm having a bad day.
>But you fatpost every day!

>> No.799052

Finna BASED!

>> No.799061

Based magnet

>> No.799072
File: 1.85 MB, 900x1038, 1602025112206.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have her archive links?
Will seed.

>> No.799560

We lost it all..
The channel.. the archives.. everything.

>> No.799652


>> No.799685
File: 2.46 MB, 512x512, magnet_laugh.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.799739

Thanks, I'll be sure to seed

>> No.799916
File: 283 KB, 591x518, 1600438805029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unlikes it after

>> No.799995

if only they finished it monoe would still be here...

>> No.800200
File: 66 KB, 198x226, 1613669605759.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.800233

So did any extra deets come out of the Little Nightmares stream, or were you all good boys and girls?

>> No.800257

No, it was a normal show. Everyone seemed to be on their best behavior and TMSK was just playing the game and having a nice time.

>> No.800311
File: 70 KB, 600x600, EXPcV5qVcAAKOpU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Luring loli Tomoshika with a pack of smokes!

>> No.800407

>ywn never drive the loli van for Pikamee and TMSK while TMSK puts her cigarettes out on your arms

>> No.800423
File: 3 KB, 130x52, deluge_oNrAk5l1KR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hang on... Magnet-chan... onegai...

>> No.800446
File: 214 KB, 487x396, 1604286780533.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Preserve her legacy, anon.
Preserve her smile.

>> No.800470

How much did magnet sold her body for before getting fired?

>> No.800523

Honestly that seems like the best thing we can do for Pikamee too.

>> No.800543

I'm getting tired of this shit. So was it prostitution, drugs, serial killings, human trafficking or something else?

>> No.800561

I'm rewatching older collabs and gotta say, there's no one that went along as well with our Magnet as Roberu did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDF4lRAujCI

Such a classy lad.

>> No.800598

Don't forget about terrorism and avoiding taxes.

>> No.800603

I can't believe Monoe was actually fired for getting fucked in the ass by Roberu while on call with GYARI.

>> No.800613

>no antenna
This Pikamee is dead

>> No.800620

Roberu is actually fucking all of them, but Monoe was the only one to get assfucked by him. The other two got annoyed by this and told GYARI to sack her.

>> No.800646
File: 176 KB, 719x556, Cvzvx1V.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It all makes sense now. They were crocodile tears after all.

>> No.801086
File: 2 KB, 124x63, vt_cannot_seed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How can you fags fail so hard at seeding?

>> No.801129


>> No.801153


>> No.801164


>> No.801200

To top it all, this is the only "trust worthy" biggest archive we have, if none of you faggots do your part, it is basically done and lost forever.

>> No.801207

I'm still in the process of acquiring it but I will 100% seed til the ratio is 2.0.

>> No.801249

seeders may be retarded but please do keep in mind the uploader is an even bigger retard

>> No.801263

K, thanks.

Some other anon said he's gonna seed it via a permanent server but he's not going to get that going until a few months because last one fucking died.

>> No.801306

Well, the more people who hoard it, the easier it is gonna be to request it in /t/ later on, that's probably the end goal we should seek, if only like less than 10 people have it, it is fucking dead.

>> No.801431
File: 66 KB, 1024x768, 4D17D754-1DAA-4209-BE21-78602849085B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.801541

I'm probably late to this discussion but it's surprising that TMSK is back to streaming so soon. It's probably for the best though for things to (sort of) go back to normal quickly. Pika... stream onegai

>> No.801643

TMSK didn't care for Monoe as much as Pika did, that's all

>> No.801718

For such a small team this is a really crucial moment for them to pull it together and try to recover.

>> No.801858

my cute fatamee

>> No.802045


>> No.802202

yeah the original seeder needs to come back and give me the final bit and i will seed for a while, im this guy >>795898

>> No.802219


>> No.802239

I'm gonna find and spam that motherfucker until he seeds at least 1 more time

He can't leave us hanging like this.

>> No.802271

sorry, im this guy >>795568 idk why it linked the post below me

>> No.802367

pika knows this will distract people

>> No.802421
File: 123 KB, 360x450, 1609416481368.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.802430

Hi Pika!

>> No.802529
File: 140 KB, 338x450, 1613419842048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kettle bros win again

>> No.802598

pika the only way voms can recover from this terrible tragedy is if you post pictures of your chubby tummy RIGHT NOW

>> No.802616

no way pika would be up 5AM in the morning on a sunday

>> No.802633
File: 438 KB, 1873x2048, EbfmKTRUwAEMCdF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.802650

Pika, I swear to god every single sexual thing I have said about you, including my breeding 2000 character copypasta is 100% TRUE and I regret nothing about it.

>> No.802705
File: 231 KB, 514x403, Screenshot 2021-02-20 152951.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is going on here

>> No.802744

Pika's ass is also pretty special

>> No.802765

Look at Pika shoulder too...

Inexperienced artist or amateur.

>> No.802775

don't know about that

>> No.802796

>my breeding 2000 character copypasta
Post it

>> No.802798


>> No.802825


>> No.802843
File: 344 KB, 633x445, 687462.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry about your loss, magnetbros. I watched a fair amount of collabs involving Monoe and her laugh was always infectious. I hope you find the strength to overcome this.

>> No.802935

TMSK has been forcing herself to stream hold VOMS together since like a week ago. She's doing it to cover for Pika right now. You can tell because the thumbnail quality has plummeted and they're almost daily.

>> No.803002
File: 508 KB, 1552x1726, 84873921_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.803071

Has Roberu commented on her?

>> No.803121
File: 1.62 MB, 480x214, 1574636119465.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It doesn't get better. One can only forget.

>> No.803143


first collab

>> No.803157

An early graduation is definitely not a joke, and I have no intention of making light of it. And it can be a tough and emotional thing for couples to go through, speaking from personal experience. And I know that it's often much harder on the woman than on the man. However, I also know that it doesn't necessarily turn you into a sad, depressed sack of tears for the rest of your life. People can move past it, and heal.

>> No.803272

In his last morning zatsudan he commented that his collab with monoe, tmsk and ito was cancelled(usually he would say postponed). Another thing that stood out was him saying that he wasn't in the mood for streaming that day. He hella knew.

>> No.803468


>> No.803616

Her shitpost level thumbnails are half the entertainment factor with her thumbnails, though.

>> No.803849
File: 566 KB, 1094x930, y786e5h7pmy778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not the same anon, but Monoe did announce the collab was cancelled the night before her termination. Safe to say that most people monoe knew would have been told a day or so in advance that she was on her way out.

>> No.803881

oof. One of her TRPG friends also knew when he contacted her on the 18th.

>> No.803902
File: 234 KB, 725x725, 1469114939951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When is Pikamees comeback streams bros... I can't take the loneliness anymore.

>> No.803976
File: 81 KB, 800x450, EuljchKUcAc0uNV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The three participants for that collab have uploaded their answers for the quiz
Tokiya's was even graded by Monoe...

>> No.804009

you’re autistic if you don’t even consider the possibility that it could probably be awkward as shit for them to talk now after what happened

>> No.804192
File: 59 KB, 1200x1013, Etl3uHrVoAAQldJ.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Before the thread dies are you anons placing any bets on reincarnation? She has a lot of friends and connections so unless she really fucked up and is facing legal trouble, or has become turned off from streaming after this, I can see a mysterious new chuba with a similar voice springing up and collabing with her boyfriends like nothing changed. Just not other VOMs unfortunately

>> No.804253

If the civil servant rrat was right then she still can't make an alt vtuber account because she'll get fucked by JP IRS once she has to file her taxes.

>> No.804304

She could for fun. Will be interesting though. I guess, in minecraft only, she could commit tax fraud.

>> No.804309

Nowhere for her to go but indie. Normally these companies would try to save face and use an excuse like "health reasons" so the VA could at least pursue their career elsewhere, but "Breach of Contract" looks really bad especially since GYARI has good connections in the industry.

>> No.804693

As I say, she probably DID corporate espionage and GYARI caught her red handed enough to actually lose his cool and try to report her to the police, this explains why Pika was out so much, she was trying to slow the fuck down of the situation.

Even the drugs rrat work too because then that still implies Pika went to help Monoe because of X we will never know and why she seems so devastated up to this moment, probably a betrayal of trust.

>> No.804767

She could also be 200% dead.

>> No.804810

Can one person make someone 200% dead or did Gyari have an accomplice?

>> No.805089
File: 365 KB, 992x909, 1447074079216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is pikamee gonna be fine?

>> No.805145

lets hope her mods filter the chat well

>> No.805149

Give her space, give her time. In the meantime, Tomoshika is trying to jump back into streaming and started last night with Little Nightmares. The stream itself was nice and the audience was pretty well behaved so check it out.

>> No.805157

I fucking hope so

>> No.805187

I hope she finishes LN. That stream was amazing with the amount of ear blessings she gave

>> No.805304

>tmsk finishing anything

>> No.805348

Me too, more full playthroughs from TMSK would be nice.

>> No.805350

I hope she had lots of really good sex!

>> No.805363

She almost finished me. Never really watched TMSK but it sounded like a JAV.

>> No.805373

I agree, more Ring Fit would be nice too.

>> No.805375

Don't worry anon, she did. I made sure of it

>> No.805572

I'm done fighting with you schizos
stop pushing your rrats
the only believable ones so far are
>applied elsewhere and got caught
>now: espionage
>they agreed to do a breach of contract to get her out of the industry(not that believable considering pikamee was sobbing enough to use her real voice)

drugs was never believable
now go fight over floundering or foundering in your holothreads you mentally handicapped moron

>> No.805645

Bro, go to other thread for your sake please, this one is gonna be fire for some days, no way around it, if Pika gets sad or something then this is gonna go around for WEEKS.

>> No.805746

Her mods are absolute autists and creeps, but I actually want them to do their jobs for once.

>> No.805772

no point, all VOMS threads on gonna be like this

>> No.805919

I'm really going to miss Monoe.

>> No.805945

If you fuckers make her cry again...

>> No.805983

I am too but we're going to have to deal with these rrats and schizos for a couple weeks until everything goes back to normal.

Also I've been using this website long enough to know that there's no fucking escaping it so there's no real point to tell me to go to another VOMS thread
>inb4 go to reddit
nice response so original

>> No.806067

will take a while before things get semi normal

>> No.806115

Yeah, and even once stream schedules are back to normal it will still feel like something is missing with only 2 voms. That's why I really hope GYARI decides to add a couple more so the group can bounce back stronger

>> No.806179

knowing gyari he probably is but some anons have already stated that he has said that it was very bothersome managing 3 vtubers. Which i don't really understand since a lot of them can pretty much do whatever they want. Hell, he even let them keep their own superchat income he only made income from merch

>> No.806208


>> No.806228

Nobuhime's archives are left alone though.

>> No.806312

I think VOMS is a part time thing for him. But also more VOMS implies 6 or so VOMS. Maybe we'll get four total.

>> No.806325

i'm sure he loves the idea of being responsible for more vtubers right now

>> No.806358

What elements would the new VOMS be
Water and earth/grass could be cool designs

>> No.806364 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.95 MB, 1680x2880, 1613863019382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, you win, here's a nude pikamee picture, tummy included.

>> No.806378

the new voms will be me and i'll choose grass, the best type, obviously

>> No.806387

>hasn't streamed in a week
>meanwhile tomoshika has been streaming every day

>> No.806390

yet again that part comes down to what the owner of that """talent"" company wants to do with the assets especially if the VA didn't make them or commission them from a third party. GYARI drew monoe the monoe we want is the VA and her personality. Hopefully she reincarnates as another vtuber and isn't using some sort of voice changer.

>> No.806503

stuff rene in monoe's body. problem solved medetashi medetashu

>> No.806552

Don't worry anon, she's just eating, as usual >>798882

>> No.806713

water and grass seem obvious

>> No.806824

hes hardly done anything outside of voms since it started

>> No.806993

yeah. seems to do very little with it and just lets them do their thing...

which makes things awkward now

>> No.807056

that makes it all the more likely that she got booted for pissing off gyari in some way shape or form but pika has already said they discussed it

>> No.807107

compared to the other two she seems like the least likely to do something like that

>> No.807149

>loli Tomoshika
That sounds really weird when all 3 look the same age, but in addition Tomoshika has the biggest tits out of all of them.

>> No.807196

I'm fairly certain tmsk is the oldest

>> No.807216

maybe monoe wanted to keep gyari's baby, but all four of them had agreed in advance to keep it professional, no babies.

>> No.807268


>> No.807275

The civil service rrat though

>> No.807282 [DELETED] 

Gyari forcefully removing Monoes headband infront of pika and tmsk to show them what happens when you step out of line!

>> No.807483

Gyari forcefully removing Monoes clothes infront of pika and tmsk to show them what happens when you step out of line!

>> No.807514

I mean, it's company property. She can't take that stuff home, anon.

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