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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7805294

>> No.7813136

Elira LOVE!

>> No.7813155

Ryugaurds never lose in the art department

>> No.7813192

O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

>> No.7813273

(You) have 3 chances to tickle her funny bone. What do you have prepared? Will it be a short stream after all..?

>> No.7813289

How the fuck is that egg holding on

>> No.7813297

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

Art/porn collection: https://mega.nz/folder/NMFQ3LbQ#x_8c3LPY20Ovms0FycCIzg

>> No.7813316

with it's little egg hands

>> No.7813325

I'm trying to stay up for the collab but I don't think I can make it bros...

>> No.7813363

Suddenly, I want to see a tanned Petra

>> No.7813384

People say I can be funny enough to be called funny, but I can't do it intentionally for the life of me.

>> No.7813396

Watching it in a state where you'd fully appreciate it is what they'd want. Makes sense, right? Just have it running muted in the background if you want to contribute to live views.

>> No.7813467

>> No.7813473


>> No.7813495


>> No.7813670

My daughterwife is starting her collab with Amicia!


>> No.7813682

Sex time.

>> No.7813685

Few people are ever funny when they try.

>> No.7813689

anon.... i....

>> No.7813699

Cia's hearts are too powerful...

>> No.7813719

Uhhhhh... A-Amogus!

>> No.7813749


>> No.7813752


>> No.7813770

The diabetes is rising

>> No.7813782


>> No.7813817

They're cute together.

>> No.7813834

why's Cia so fucking cute?

>> No.7813837

Pingus, your daughterwife. I'm watching her try to aim.....

>> No.7813844

Cia bonking Petra to death

>> No.7813865

Not a first person shooter player, please understand

>> No.7813891

Her face looks goofy when she's not smiling

>> No.7813919

"I thought it would be wholesome but it's just violent."
Just like you, Petra.

>> No.7813924


>> No.7813927


>> No.7813929

Petra's nervous

>> No.7813949


>> No.7813952

penguins can't aim?

>> No.7813984

whats with petra and looking like a dude in all fan art lol kinda wish she was a shot now but too bad
but man collab mega kino

>> No.7813992

penguins can't even walk without falling half the time.

>> No.7814007

>*makes your oshi wet*

>> No.7814017

Nice kusoge

>> No.7814036


>> No.7814038

Guns weren't designed to be operated by flippers

>> No.7814057

... bofa

>> No.7814066

It's one heck of a skill alright

>> No.7814070

vtubers would make excellent alpha testers given their unlimited potential for fuckups

>> No.7814088

Fuck this game is boring.

>> No.7814098

Is that from Starcraft? I'm still catching up.

>> No.7814128

They can't collab on it, but one of them should play Learn 2 Fly 2. Great Penguin game

>> No.7814132


>> No.7814136

>Will it be a short stream after all..?
I'd milk the last life and make sure a SC war ensues, unless she's going for the meme rta route

>> No.7814183

>all fan art
Those are some cute dudes you're used to

>> No.7814197

It's a highly complicated and challenging task to pull-off successfully, but I've long since thought it'd be cool if a company teased a game and it turned out a vtuber they debuted after was the player character and showed the actual gameplay premiere on their stream before the main channel.

>> No.7814206

Petra will lose those keys again isn't she..

>> No.7814275

Will you prank Elira?

>> No.7814292

Somehow she did, it even said they didn't successfully take the key to the boat in the objectives, truly the kusoge experience till the end

>> No.7814352


>> No.7814390


>> No.7814396

Why is she like this?

>> No.7814398

Are there any lewds of Petra yet? Hell I'm take some fucking tummy at this point, just give me some pingu cunny already. The fact that she's not comfortable with the content just makes it better.

>> No.7814405

This has gone too far

>> No.7814409

Never mess with penguins.

>> No.7814442

Someone did say last night that she's technically ESL. Soak up is much better for what plants do.

>> No.7814444

Time to take a stand against fish

>> No.7814469

...Do plants really SLURP UP the sunrays?

>> No.7814473

Cia went on a fucking massacre

>> No.7814486

I don't know, that Pomu looking pretty fucking seiso

>> No.7814502

Rosemi Rosemi Rosemi.

>> No.7814509

This is all I could find. She really doesn't get much at all. If I had the money I'd commission a Skeb artist to lewd her.

>> No.7814515

anon.. i think she’s just trying to be funny..

>> No.7814558

There was an attempt, yes.

>> No.7814567

I want Wosemi lewd...

>> No.7814584


>> No.7814602

This is a seiso thread.

>> No.7814615


>> No.7814813

>> No.7814815

I have never heard of this game before today.

>> No.7814832

but that's fluid, not sunlight

>> No.7814893

Have you heard of Project: Snowblind?

>> No.7814905

Fuck this I'm out, this game is unwatchable and neither Petra nor Cia are fun enough to carry it. Gonna wait for the collab with Elira instead.

>> No.7814911

Kagami Industrial in top 3 for koushien championship predictions.

>> No.7814913

I imagine QA also has attached a shit ton of paperwork and meetings with game devs who might not be fully cooperative next to the bug hunting. Also they ´probably wouldn't be able to stream those games because of NDAs and whatnot.

I'm taking a joke too seriously am I?

>> No.7814914

Literally built for long-term commitment.

>> No.7814925

>>Finana is a virgin
>Considering she talked about how one feels happy after a good fucking, This isn't the case
>Probably had few experiences in high school where she dressed in outfits signaling SEX

Just imagine finana crying tears of oy after another man fills her with his cum. The happiest moment of her life shared with someone else. This is truly a win for us NTR-chads today.

>> No.7814997


>> No.7815027

what is this fucking kusoge why do vtubers always play kusoge..

>> No.7815028

It doesn't sound familiar but it looks familiar.

>> No.7815039

For some reason imagining them happy and fulfilled with another man is a thousand times worse than imagining them getting fucked. I hope she didn't love anyone she had sex with.

>> No.7815081

NTR implies I was romantically interested in her to begin with. I just feel good knowing that she has a fulfilling sexual life, whether if that's with a guy or with sex toys.

>> No.7815087

Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

>> No.7815100

Kusoge have been popular on youtube since 2006-2008, people love watching trainwreck-like videogames.

>> No.7815187

Yes, and I didn't even talk about vtubers streaming an early version of the game.

>> No.7815191

There's this Japanese Youtube let's play channel I'm subbed to where a guy plays all kinds of shoestring budget games like this. Some are actually alright though.

>> No.7815208

I know that this post is a bait but that's pretty funny. Here's your free (you)!

>> No.7815228

I work as a QA in a game company and you don't have paperwork but you have to make tickets in JIRA like any other software company, devs are actually really cooperative but producers are little shits that say "i want it X day and it will release that day even if it's not done". Also yes, we can't stream company games because they're versions not available to the public and would spoil the game features to the public

>> No.7815245

the girls aren't sluts, they loved every man that ejaculated inside them.

>> No.7815267

Petra wanting to play APEX but can't because of motion sickness is kinda sad..

>> No.7815318

nifty insights

>> No.7815365

she should take Meclizine before playing, that's what I do when I play minecraft.

>> No.7815394

>Considering she talked about how one feels happy after a good fucking
this is literally common sense

>> No.7815443

Why are Cia's eyes so droopy?

>> No.7815475

The mayor is retarded MAYOR HATE

>> No.7815480

>she's back

>> No.7815492

she didn't forget. she was just testing us

>> No.7815658

>neglect play
She's trying to mindbreak us

>> No.7815897

Please excuse our retarded mayor, we're literally penguins

>> No.7815958

Genshin is actually pretty fun.

>> No.7815962

Elira Pendora is the best.

>> No.7815994

Elira Pendora is too sweaty...

>> No.7816027

Elira Pendora is a solid 7

>> No.7816059

Elira Pendora is my wife.

>> No.7816144


>> No.7816221

Big fat sweaty dragon tits

>> No.7816234

She literally fell asleep during a stream

>> No.7816244

Elira Pendora is not sweaty enough...

>> No.7816264

I need Selen pics/memes I can't stop thinking about her

>> No.7816304

penguins cute!

>> No.7816319


>> No.7816328

She's trying to drag me into a rabbit hole i cannot escape.... Must.... Resist....

>> No.7816337

Cia is carrying this collab hard for me

>> No.7816338

needs more sleep

>> No.7816344


>> No.7816363

petra wangy wangy

>> No.7816373

Petra learns the word wangy...

>> No.7816438


>> No.7816465

>live in 4 days

>> No.7816497

smelling your kouhai's unconscious body!

>> No.7816526

I hope she solved her health issues

>> No.7816539

i fixed petra

>> No.7816543

>live in 4 days

>> No.7816830

That's like the fastest 3 weeks of my life. It's like she never left so I don't miss her...

>> No.7816861


>> No.7816895

small fairy brain...

>> No.7817039

I've missed this dumb fairy

>> No.7817080

Was getting caught part of your plan!?

>> No.7817096


>> No.7817168

I've missed her for both of us buddy

>> No.7817174

Have you been doing your VOD reps? Catch up on the weekend quick because we're headed into another full week of streams!

(Elira's POV of the Mahjong collab was unlisted due to ISP issues though she still stayed and played for the full collab)





[Now Playing]

[Coming SOON]

>> No.7817202

She is coming

>> No.7817260

>Feetnana folder

>> No.7817275

Is her first stream back minecraft??

>> No.7817333

What if she gets negative news from the doc today and she have to reschedule?

>> No.7817395 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7817401

Then saviorfags will have a room to dump superchat money into

>> No.7817472

It would be funny and on brand, but that would cut her comeback donos by a lot

>> No.7817536


>> No.7817608

Okay, I'll send a Rosemi sex fanfic marshmallow then.

>> No.7817626


>> No.7817685

Poamu I missed u

>> No.7817686

What a shame that the piss femdom Rosemi fic was more than 1000 characters

>> No.7817698

rosemi's getting some attention on the koushien pre-show

>> No.7817709

Objectively the best folder

>> No.7817731

Rosemi on the official channel

>> No.7817777


>> No.7817782

>the devs were watching as Petra cursed the game itself

>> No.7817804

>> No.7817820


>> No.7817839


>> No.7817849

Rosemi in the main lineup

>> No.7817880

the absolute madman

>> No.7817922

Did Pomu not make it? I though she was pretty good?

>> No.7818015

I just heard them say her name I think but I don't speak any nihongo

>> No.7818058

>She read marshmallows
Time to send her a long message about why she should graduate.

>> No.7818065

She's #7 in that list. I'm not sure what that list is though, maybe batting order?

>> No.7818067

I will now support this JP.

>> No.7818079

it says pomu right there on number 7

>> No.7818124

She's number 7. Pomu making it wasn't even a question honestly. Rosemi was on the bench initially. Kagami reconsidered after his final training stream.

>> No.7818175

she shoul randomly midstream decide to play minecraft.

>> No.7818284

Like her birthday stream

>> No.7818304

Wonder why he reconsidered it. Maybe he thinks Rosemi having intimidating is worth it?

>> No.7818325

Good to know Kagami Industrial can recognize POWER and GREATNESS when they see it.

>> No.7818382

>>7818325 (Me)
fuck, forgot my picture.

>> No.7818385

Does Petra have good English? I am asking because she is in thread image, but she is Nijisanji Japanese. Translated from Japanese via DeepL

>> No.7818443

Is the collab good? Can't watch it right now

>> No.7818495

Rosemi would be more popular if she translated what she said to Japanese more often like she used to in her last life. I bet Shachou doesn't even know she's fluent in JP.

>> No.7818524

Rosemi would be more popular if she translated what she said to French more often like she used to in her last life. I bet Shachou doesn't even know she's fluent in frog.

>> No.7818539

Rosemi would be more popular if she translated what she said to English more often like she used to in her last life. I bet Shachou doesn't even know she's fluent in Burger.

>> No.7818597

It was a mistake. (Misuttandesu)
Petra is Nijisanji JP and Oliver is Nijisanji EN, wakatta?

>> No.7818622

She is a better batter than Ritsukin due to average hitter. Error is also not as bad as it may seem if you consider that both Rosemi and Ritsukin have shit catching stat in the first place, it increases the chance of error by like 5%. Intimidating presence is much more valuable. Overall she was the more offensive choice and that's what Kagami's team is all about.

>> No.7818641

I really got this sudden and intense urge to buy and play StarCraft remastered after watching Selen play it. It's only 15 dollars and looks pretty faithful to the original.

>> No.7818667

Too bad she isn't fluent in any of them

>> No.7818761

I pirate everything before buying. I am not gonna buy buggy or boring shit

>> No.7818774

blizzard doesnt deserve any money until they unreforge warcraft.

>> No.7818795

Remastered is just a texture reskin that you toggle in the options. You can download SC for free if you don't care about the graphics.

>> No.7818843

How DARE YOU kuso buta

>> No.7818905

I hope fish will play Hitman again

>> No.7818931

Rosemi should show off her fluency in pig latin, the buta men would go crazy

>> No.7818999

I do care about the graphics.

>> No.7819166


>> No.7819254

Can we get a timestamp for that second line? Thanks. Finana talking about being fucked would really turn me on.

>> No.7819255

>try not to laugh challenge
>Selen's laugh her main appeal for me

>> No.7819286

Does Blizzard even have any skilled programmers left that could do that?

>> No.7819331

It will only hurt for a few seconds then it will be over...

>> No.7819360

If investors pull out and stock drops again Boby will make games himself

>> No.7819545

Eds drew her with gills huh? based

>> No.7819642

>SC remastered
sure, go ahead and TRY finding one.

>> No.7819746


>> No.7819774

What does Minecraft The End, mean?

>> No.7819836


>> No.7819848

It looks like she's going to The End, the final boss alternate dimension area of minecraft

>> No.7819849


>> No.7819865

It is the end of all Minecraft. Minecraft The End.

>> No.7820127

>Rosemi goslinging over the hunter she killed in the skyrim stream
This girl is way too cute...

>> No.7820188

Healthy Pom

>> No.7820196


>> No.7820298

World's strongest fairy!

>> No.7820348

So this is gonna be the stream with most concurrent viewers and biggest superchat maker until nijien's first graduation.

>> No.7820416

>> No.7820424

I love my beautiful faerie wife.

>> No.7820425

None of the two probably

>> No.7820433

>Chat: God I wish that were me
>Rosemi: Eh?! What do you guys mean by this?

>> No.7820483

>> No.7820511

Eh, probably not. No saviorfag/concernfag money on a happy return stream.

>> No.7820586

That's one of the most obvious baits I've ever saw and yet you fags fell for it. What a fucking embarassment this thread has become.

>> No.7820736


>> No.7820815


>> No.7820859

how can you guys fall in love with rosemi? she's like a retarded little sister, and you don't fall in love with little sisters

>> No.7820877


>> No.7820953

she's like that dork friend from the high school you had a crush on but was too afraid to ask out

>> No.7820963


>> No.7821045

>> No.7821052


>> No.7821075

pomuJAM to the good news

>> No.7821080

What do the other girls genuinely think about Finana's lewd gimmick?

>> No.7821111


>> No.7821166

did someone ask for Petra lewds?

>> No.7821200

literally no one has ever asked for that

>> No.7821201


>> No.7821203

i did thanks

>> No.7821258

she's too fat there

>> No.7821279

LMFAO The face on Finana.

>> No.7821300

I didn't ask, but thank you anon.

>> No.7821324


>> No.7821341

Just because the song has thorn in it

>> No.7821363


>> No.7821488

Elira-chan please rape my mouth... I'm begging you I'm on my knees right now

>> No.7821502

Is the way Elira says "though" a leaf thing?

>> No.7821513

I am Selen

>> No.7821548

>Rosemi's latest thumbnail has fanart from Valefor
Huh, the antis saying all the rrat's friends hate her now kind of got to me, but I guess not. I don't think he was even friends with her as the prez either

>> No.7821550


>> No.7821552

Practing for the try not to laugh challenge, I see

>> No.7821603

It's a black thing, and therefore also a twitter zoomer thing

>> No.7821608

Predict how many times Rosemi will mention how sweaty she is during RFA

>> No.7821642

Rosemi you'll never be able to exercise properly unless you take your corset off.

>> No.7821646

once every ten minutes, stream will last 2 hours 10 minutes.

>> No.7821660

>pointing to her mouth
>where's her left hand

>> No.7821664

I don't think it sounds quite like that.

>> No.7821667

what are you even trying to say? also they were friends on both her accounts, he was in a few collabs and they interacted a lot even on twitter

>> No.7821677

Flowers don't sweat

>> No.7821714

Flowers release pheromones and nectar.

>> No.7821797


>> No.7821826

Flowers don't poop either buta

>> No.7821868

Pomu spotted in Elira's Minecraft waiting room.

>> No.7821883

I'm saying I was worried what they were saying had merit, but obviously if he drew fanart of Rosemi he doesn't hate her and they were talking out of their asses as usual.

>> No.7821907

Smelling isn't weird with Rosemi because she smells like a flower.

>> No.7821951

Pls god no pomu, i don't want to miss kino but I'm tired as fuck

>> No.7822011

bros, these girls are too sweaty
what should we do?

>> No.7822037


>> No.7822081

>bros, these girls are too sweaty

>> No.7822180

shit Pomu's comeback is at 2AM my time. Sucks to be a eurocuck

>> No.7822190


>> No.7822194


>> No.7822236

Mama knows how to celebrate

>> No.7822260

I'm starting to think she's so out there that she might try to play the game while wearing one of her dresses just to be in character.

>> No.7822283

I was gonna say ew but jap whiskey is actually pretty good unlike their beer.

>> No.7822344

Sweaty out of breath panting lolita exercising and jumping about in her cute frills

>> No.7822346

>rosemi's sweat-soaked tights

>> No.7822357

I like purple gekko's starcraft streams. It's a game I won't feel bad about not playing myself because I never wanted to play it in the first place. Watching someone else suffer through RTS hell suits me just fine.

>> No.7822397

Petra says she cant drink when it’s 20 in Japan!!!

>> No.7822491

NijiEN Drinking Colab when

>> No.7822565

clockwork orange juice...

>> No.7822602

I wish someone would collab 100% Orange Juice

>> No.7822612

petra watching selen's "renovation" of her new obsydia crib lessgoooooo

>> No.7822628

Sadly, I think most of them have confirmed they don't drink or do it sparingly

>> No.7822650

Her cooking level is growing stronger...

>> No.7822660


>> No.7822682

I'm glad that Shachou recognized the merits of having a second hitter with intimidation on his team. Who needs defense when you can punch their faces in that much harder? 力こそパワー
I hope this results in some cute fanart of the two cute EN outfielders

>> No.7822683

My Rosemaiden is so smart. Well done Rosemi!!!

>> No.7822697

They are all like 4'2 so they probably get blackout drunk immediately

>> No.7823122

flicking the fish bean

>> No.7823177

i wonder what kind of drunk the fish is

>> No.7823193

My mood has been lifted by good pomuNEWS

>> No.7823536

Puchi Pomu very cute!

>> No.7823575

Imagine how sweaty Pomu will get now since she streams from her closet...

>> No.7823649

Perfect for armpit sex

>> No.7823688

Sweaty pomu thighs

>> No.7823714

>filter turns off
>everyone expects even lewder coomer talk
>instead she starts to gush over ryuguards and tells us how much we make her smile

>> No.7823757

>I'm saying I was worried what they were saying had merit
Fucking hell anon. How many times do people have to be told to ignore antis? Never take what they say seriously. Their one goal is to trick gullible anons into believing their narratives.

>> No.7823760

I think she was talking about changing her streaming area, or maybe that was only for the VR

>> No.7823803

Oh yeah she said she needs to remodel her room to be able to stream VR. I don't think she will do it until she's completely healed though, she will need to move furniture and shit so that's no good while she's recovering.

>> No.7823837

Fuck you

>> No.7823841

Hasn't she done that already? Haven't all of them done that already?

>> No.7823849

The main qualifier for getting into NijiEN is sweat! I kneel!

>> No.7823868

The moment that changed Nijisanji forever

>> No.7823869

You underestimate people. Remember how other returns had a lot of people like Iofi, Miko,Shiba, Lulu and others.

>> No.7823875

inb4 menhera feesh telling us all her problems.

>> No.7823878

Yeah but he means she will talk about how she wants the Ryuguard to drown her in a sea of sticky white stuff.

>> No.7823886

What happened?

>> No.7823916

She tried to micro that zealot with a single marine for several minutes just to lose the man

>> No.7823919

Any niji that plays MMO?

>> No.7823959


>> No.7823962


>> No.7823972

Rin plays FFIX or something

>> No.7824001

Man I wish

>> No.7824004

Wrong thread. The Nijisanji JP thread is three blocks down

>> No.7824026

I think she has around 400hrs or so of gameplay on her channel in playlists at least. Probably more that hasn't been added to one.

>> No.7824044

Are we still talking about Frozen Pizza? Because if not that already puts her above most of NijiEN.

>> No.7824055


>> No.7824063

Damn this is cuute.

>> No.7824103

These nostalgic simple games Elira has started playing might work out well maybe. They are popular games that everyone of a certain age probably knows and I have never I think seen a vtuber play either of them. New types of content bring in new fans that never thought about vtubers before?

>> No.7824138

>t. delusional dragonschizo

>> No.7824179

When will they fuck on stream?

>> No.7824212

Be decent to Petra fans asshole

>> No.7824231

Okay let me change that, any niji that plays a MMO that is not FFXIV?
I'm not going back to that...

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