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demon booba edition

>What is /wvt/?
/wvt/ is a thread for viewers to find, share, and discuss English-speaking VTubers.

>Shilling your chuuba?
Include a picture and a link so we know who they are and how to watch!

>Twitch Clips Guide

>Ref Sheets

>Chicken Channel

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I love my oshi.

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Final version
>https://www.twitch.tv/ourchickenlife (embed)

based thread

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Based OP

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>Thonk song hours
>Cat with a very big mouth Fall Guys
>Bag Metroid Prime
>Substitute mom
>Magical shortstack Silent Hill
>ENJ/JP yandere girl Code Vein
>LOUD lich Dead By Daylight
>Aussie oni Dead By Daylight
>Oni Hunt
>Four eared glitchtuber artist
>Korean flower oni Garden Story
>Friendly elf Terraria
>Ridertuber Apex
>Catgirl maid with human ears Hollow Knight

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Thank you linkposter

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Now do this one

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Kot with more metal gear

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>competing with paperbag
sorry kot, but this is the one chuuba you can't pull me away from

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That smug look honestly pisses me off. She knows.

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When's the new model?

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this month

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I love this dog like you wouldn't believe

>> No.7813777

i-is she okay??

>> No.7813789

nice trips
don't worry it's just bag off screen

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Paperbag can't even wait until she's done streaming what thE FUCk

>> No.7814210

he needs to get that one in before she raids him

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Kusoge Kusoday.
Hand Simulator, Bad Rats and Apex.
You're all a bunch of fucking comedians for suggesting these.

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Where the fuck is my Warframe

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Literally tomorrow you fuck

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Do it today bro come on I want it today not tomorrow spot me bro don't fuck me

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There is only one way for me to play it today and it costs exactly 150k points.

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How many points to make you become Lamy?

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Resistance is futile

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So is this game like Receiver but good?

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is a _____.

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lady of the evening

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who is she

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Oh boy I get to enlighten someone else with the dog


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why does she have a hand on her in streams

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The headpat redeem? Same reason she has a butter on her head sometimes, you can buy it with channel points

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Post clips

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Human booba

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Who is this?

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No idea

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Asagiri Yua

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Alright, I'm down for some spoonfeeding

Here's some decent clips:

Fully edited clip compilations:

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Effiez is doing some ASMR before BloodBorne!

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i like how femchuubas just pick their oshi and fuck them on demand just like that no questions asked. koopa, koragi, aria, all of em

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it’s not surprising. the kind of male that becomes a chuuba is lonely and desperate. as soon as a woman gives them attention, they will do whatever she says.

>> No.7822759

don't make me become a vtuber just to prove you wrong

>> No.7822783

This is why I only like male chuubas that legitimately want to become entertainers and not fill holes in their social lives

>> No.7823320

This with western chuubas when?

>> No.7823664

The hole she wanted filling wasn't in Koopa's social life, anon

>> No.7824017

She's live

>> No.7824024

What male chuubas are like that?

>> No.7824102

Orla playing PS1 spooks

>> No.7824110

hyena's on with little nightmares

>> No.7824128

I would assume males in a relationship since they aren't trying to fuck a vtuber. but I don't want m_les

>> No.7824236

males in a relationship get greedy and want to trade up for what their brain thinks is an anime girl but who may turn up to be uglier than the person they are already with
Tale as old as time:

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Fucking hate Mikoposters to be honest desu.

>> No.7824436

t. NGMI m*le

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this poster is m*le

>> No.7824464

they are dumb. no one is actually fucking anyone but the holoschizos just wont stop being delusional

>> No.7824535

If you're getting tilted by mikoposters you really are ngmi
they're like, entry level gatekeepers if you can't mentally filter them you'll never filter the actual schizos

>> No.7824614

anon it's just jokes, most of the migoposters are male themselves
you're ngmi btw

>> No.7824643

How are people filtered this hard by Mikoposters? Shit was much worse over in /jp/ before the splits

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>> No.7824679

How does hating a dumb meme make me filtered though.

>> No.7824823

>no one is actually fucking anyone


>> No.7824927

Bat is the most based chuuba here, prove me wrong.

>> No.7824955

Their don't last long, don't worry

>> No.7824972

because you didn't explain why you hate it, which opened you up to be memed on
>prove you wrong
Nobody can.

>> No.7825021

i want to shitpost really hard and really fast about my favorite new chuuba of the month how do i do it without creating antis

>> No.7825037

Because you are the only one taking this personally, Gael, and you should: you and Rin are the embodiment of everything that is wrong with male vtubers.

>> No.7825041

I miss the wh*reschizo, sometimes I roleplay as him but it just isn't the same. He got creative there in his final moments.

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>> No.7825074

In his final moments, it was most likely only copycats left.
Brother tulip is not only mentally ill but also uncreative.

>> No.7825081

i sure as hell don't miss that schizo

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>Horny snek, norwegian fluffy tail, purple cat, dino king Ultimate Chicken Horse
>Krautsheep Skyward Sword
>Ditz chimera cat and friend Dead By Daylight
>Cold schnitzel Pokemon Unite
>Red hair demon lady Hatoful Boyfriend
>Slavbuns DDLC+
>Hag host AI: The Somnium Files
>Goat demon Sekiro
>Saffa panda Monster Hunter World
>Writefag imp Link's Awakening
>Tiddy squirrel FFXIV
>Red panda Cuphead
>Green cat Boyfriend Dungeon
>a cloud Knights of the Old Republic
>Italian dog artist and beepu Minecraft
>Legally blind bee Okami
>Viking Fable
>Blue potato Resident Evil 7
>Book demon Minecraft
>Polyglot time girl League of Legends
>Bearcat Idol Manager
>bri'ish menhera Minecraft
>Comically large eyes Mario Kart 8
>The horror 60 Seconds
>Aussie pup Splitgate
>Lion queen and drunk angel Valorant

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Sloth doing Minecraft. https://twitch.tv/miyuyus

>> No.7825318

kiss me

>> No.7825406

I hope you are feeling better now...

>> No.7825453

i'm doing good! just needed to catch up on uni assignments

>> No.7825478

Nina is playing Alien Isolation without wine to soften the spooks

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>> No.7825547

The famous Boswell incident

>> No.7825581

carmine's finishing windwaker today!

>> No.7825633

My favorite retro vtuber is playing Earth Defense Force

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>> No.7825921

Good luck Zet I believe in you

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>> No.7826517

Dancing for several hours in VR.

>> No.7826674

Talking with other vtubers is kind of a pain in the ass. Especially if they're the type that powers through whatever you're saying just to talk about themselves and their next stuff.

>> No.7826697

Viewer supremacy

>> No.7826700

Yua, she's a cutie, does art and rigging too also has some nice taste in vidya and streams for long hours.
She has boobies too.

>> No.7826716

Kamiya Juu, Ais Riale, Kongou Kokuretsu, and Randon are the main ones that come to mind. There are obviously more but they are the easiest ones to see their professionalism.

>> No.7826719

nyaru's on! go flex your music taste on her!

>> No.7826740

nyaru just chatting and music share

>> No.7826741

I want to be an entertainer, I'm just not entertaining.

>> No.7826742


Kasai is a fun streamer who mostly does genshin impact but she's doing a jackbox community night. There isn't many of us to play so feel free to join up and have a good time

>> No.7826746

I instantly stopped watching when I saw you skipping cutscenes. Have some respect for the games you play.

>> No.7826806

Lmao, Celeste's story is laughable

>> No.7826836

Zets a gamer to the core, he's going to put a censor bar over the trans flag in the ending cutscenes

>> No.7826844

eyepatch cat's playing some bullets per minute!

>> No.7826868


>> No.7826983

Wet yabcat Subnautica
Dango cat Hollow Knight

>> No.7826988

Tiger don’t look…

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>> No.7827522

Saruei is live with Little Nightmares 2


>> No.7828027

Why can't male Chuubas do both? I want to entertain obviously but I like my oshi too. We can both be happier together

>> No.7828217

for me its the bat

>> No.7828389

Is it wrong to get into vtubing because you want to rant about your niche hobbies to an audience?

>> No.7828439

No, that's the best reason

>> No.7828441

No, why would that be wrong? You want to share something you like with other people.

>> No.7828478

Is it wrong to get into vtubing because you want to draw your niche fetish in front of an audience?

>> No.7828505


>> No.7828549


>> No.7828593

This is the secret to success.

>> No.7828744


>> No.7828761

I usually only rant about my hobbies when streaming about unrelated topics.

>> No.7828784

Friendship and connections are a byproduct of being a good entertainer. Focus on making good content and people will come to you.

>> No.7828868


>> No.7828929

this unironically
literally just be passionate about something. I don't really have any interest in tokusatsu stuff but I adore how caleb can go on about it, or Eira and otome stuff, or Charlotte and dinosaurs, and so on.

>> No.7828972

what if my only passion is how much I hate things?

>> No.7828993

this cute goat is playing some dead space

>> No.7829046

then you're probably an unpleasant and joyless person

>> No.7829063

>Chaos cat Minecraft
>Bread and bat Idol Manager
>Alchemy imp
>Googly eyes Cyberpunk 2066
>Riderbot Dread X Collextion
>Cute goat Dead Space
>Shrimp Genshin Impact

>> No.7829088


>> No.7829097

Just make videos on youtube then

>> No.7829109

surely there's something that brings you joy. stream about that instead of streaming about how you don't like things

>> No.7829118

It's the best. Now people sit and listen instead of running away screaming when I bring up Magic of Incarnum.

>> No.7829217

Caleb I want to file a complaint about my outward addiction

>> No.7829275

Sorry, different nerd addict.

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>> No.7829751

>> No.7829770

It would be extremely based

>> No.7829860

What fetish?

>> No.7829898


>> No.7829984

Opinions on the French

>> No.7829998


>> No.7829999

You missed your space question mark

>> No.7830067

We're not all bad

>> No.7830246

That's what I got into it for. I just want to have more people like my obscure stuff

>> No.7830363

Same. How else am I going to get people to listen to barbershop quartets and classical music?

>> No.7830530

Yes you are

>> No.7830588

Nah they cool

>> No.7831018

>tfw no chuuba sugar mommy
why even live...

>> No.7831189

i think i have finally found my favorite vtubers

>> No.7831214

Skyler is live with Alien Isolation! (punishment for losing the nuggets collab)


>> No.7831228

Vamp and Wolffia with a meme review!

>> No.7831405

Sad I missed two Yua Ace Attorney streams, I love them

>> No.7831482

yam girl's on if you wanna check in

>> No.7831587

Late workout again! Today fatty caty's going hard mode on FitXR today!

>> No.7831788

Yua love

>> No.7831884

Dumb bimbo love

>> No.7831926

>People know a new vtuber who shares my name more than me...

>> No.7832063

Its Sora!

>> No.7832229

She is just cursed to be a literal who huh...

>> No.7832262

miyu's one of my favorites too. do you actually think she will stream for 12 hours today?

>> No.7832318

A lot of people are starting to talk about that sloth girl after she showed up and selfposted that one time, but has she even come back again?

>> No.7832356


>> No.7832384

i would not be surprised if she does it. she would probably have streamed more yesterday too if i didn't tell her to go sleep

>> No.7832418

She was around 3 days ago IIRC because I posted this
And she commented below.

>> No.7832515

i don't know but one time was all i needed. i would probably never have found her without that post

>> No.7832984

Gonna make some pizza for dinner while Alice is on vacation. Come watch!

>> No.7833278

Well I'm mad my finger started acting up, the triggers on the hori controller aren't exactly the greatest to hold down.
Thanks for stopping by guys, if mecha week is happening next week then I'll slide celeste in there to finish it up. Imma do a guerilla Mount and Blade stream later tonight to make up for todays stream!
I was enjoying it with the grandma but then it started becoming corny, like not even Sonic or MGR corny, it reminded me of stuff my friends wrote in middle school. Everything else is pretty sweet though. =3=

>> No.7833323

Luddite Forest Witch doing calligraphy


>> No.7833386

Finishing the Octo Expansion today!

>> No.7835623


>> No.7835706


>> No.7836188

Now kiss both of you

>> No.7836224


>> No.7836594

>MOO doodling
>Raccoomer Eryi's Action
>Cyber tenshi 13 Sentinels
>Radioactive aussie drawing
>Donut horns Hollow Knight
>OL demon Axiom Verge 2
>Norwegian fluffy tail Dark Souls III
>Side plait Minecraft
>Wrestler Judgement

>> No.7836922

Is ref sheet anon around?

>> No.7836953


>> No.7837005

Now kiss both of you

>> No.7837557

I failed to speedrun bankruptcy, but I did speedrun Chrome's demise! Thank you for everyone that dropped by.

>> No.7837564

YUA was only useful as a line...
Think about that, her legacy was that she was a benchmark for the difference between GMI and NGMI in the past...
What is the YUA line of /wvt/?

>> No.7837818

>Silent Voice watch-along
I don't think I'm gonna make it, guys

>> No.7838007

This was way too short of a notice... Besides, I need to get up early in a couple of hours too... Gomen Taiga

>> No.7838051

>silent voice
no thanks

>> No.7838080

stay strong for tiger

>> No.7838250

Does anyone else feel an uncontrollable flurry of emotions ranging from anger to shame to sadness when they miss a stream? Even multiple? Like not only have you let the streamer/your oshi down, but yourself too? Also, right place right time my ass.

>> No.7838348

man this isn't that big of a deal, its just entertainment

>> No.7838489

Who has been streaming for more than 2 years and still has the same number of people?

>> No.7838622

Me, but I stream debuff and niche games. Haven't really broken 20 real viewers in years.

>> No.7838650

>Bat streaming after what she said about little_s
that bitch...

>> No.7838671

tk's on with pony art

>> No.7838988

how do you vote on bat polls?

>> No.7839202

can I shill myself here if I have an upcoming debut. idk 4chan rules and don't wanna break them

>> No.7839231

you can but only if you sub to my channel beforehand because i'm the boss around here

>> No.7839298

Well technically the YUA line joke started as quick as just 6 months of activity if I'm remembering right, its more about someone who started with a leap but has complete stagnation

>> No.7839377

Only if you aren't m*le.

>> No.7839556

Just don't be a fag about it.

>> No.7839592

>who started with a leap but has complete stagnation
There are a few names that come to mind but I don't want to menton them...

>> No.7840025

I feel like I'm already stagnating, I hope I can get affiliate soon so I can incentivize people to make me do stuff with points.

>> No.7840476


dang imma partially disappoint you lol I am but not all of my content will be

>> No.7840487


>> No.7840711

if you've got some other streams or pre-recorded content then shill away, otherwise fuck off to /asp/ until you're ready to go
and don't tell me that your debut is going to be your literal first stream because you should always know you actually enjoy streaming before you put in the time/effort (or money) to get an actual model and things like icons, banners, logos etc. made. Just PNGtube for a bit if you must but get some goddamn experience in first.

>> No.7840727

randon's doing a camping zatsu in about 30 minutes!

>> No.7840739

Then let's narrow it down.
Someone in the 15-30 average viewer range who hasn't gained in average viewers for the past 3 months, and started off with momentum.
That way the line represents barrier of NGMI status.

>> No.7840861


>> No.7840951


>> No.7840988


I feel you on this. I did vroid streaming for a few months late last year/early this year. Really helped me to figure out the direction I wanted to take my stream. Big agree that it's good to try it out before you start dropping tons of money.

>> No.7841069

Bag's alright but he streams so late that literally the only time I watch him is when I get Koragi-raided into his streams and he's still going when I wake up.
pretty comfy to wake up to though not gonna lie

>> No.7841091

mmmm based

>> No.7841209

3:30 AM is literally "if I'm not deadass asleep I'm already fucking dead" o'clock. I love catching him during random endurance streams, but I've resigned to the fact that I can't catch anything but those.

>> No.7841369

Come watch a cute bear cringe at bad food

>> No.7841407

give me the rundown on this tuber lads.

>> No.7841436

Caligraphy vtuber

>> No.7841472

>Beary cute rant about dumb food
>Bat at Xenoblade Chronicles
>Forklift hag Hades
>Bug queen GiFTPiA
>Knife-ear Kenshi
>Shark singing
>Tiger drawing
>Drill hair wasp FFXV
>little dragon

>> No.7841542

Art, fashion, civil war, and boogaloos.

>> No.7841922

Going live in ten with some more Sherlock Holmes short stories. Grab a drink and settle in for a comfy evening.


>> No.7842053

Thank you all for joining me again for another late workout! I don't think I'll be able to stream tomorrow so here's an early progress report!
>Week 3 Progress: Aug 10th-Aug 13th
>Starting Weight:
261 lbs.
>Monthly Goal:
Lose 5 lbs. in the next 30 days (Sept. 2 or 12th????)
150+ minutes of weekly cardio through VR workout games; daily caloric intake around 1200-1500 of high fiber, high protein, good fat, lots of veggies.
258.8 lbs. (-2.2 lbs.)
>Contributing factors:
Consistency in length and workout intensity alongside following nutrition plan
Implement more bodyweight workouts in the routines; future plans include proper weight training with resistance bands and wearable weights.
Dios mio...I'm honored! But at the same time highly intimated...

>> No.7842164

cute chaos neko schedule

>> No.7842405

I look forward to all the horror game streams on Friday

>> No.7842751

corpse will be doing another cytube stream in about 15 minutes!

>> No.7842820

I need to know if she qualifies as a tall flat

>> No.7842852

Opera eggy with her farming simulation game

>> No.7842854

Why am I still seeing these fucking ponies?

>> No.7842894

Back room has been horsing around

>> No.7842911

To be expected of /trash/ I guess

>> No.7842944


Twitch https://twitch.tv/Sonicrida
Youtube https://youtube.com/Sonicrida
Twitter https://twitter.com/Sonicrida
Tiktok https://tiktok.com/@Sonicrida

Gonna debut on August 21st. Chill Vtuber that plays minecraft, especially a lot of 2b2t anarchy. Gonna be playing Halo Infinite and New World when that comes out + some sonic content too. I'll multi-stream so pick your platform of choice.

I have some cool stuff that I wanna tease before debut on socials, lots of lore (I don't want it to be an afterthought I forget about a day after debut) and media like comics and a game I've been working on with a dope composer. Hope yall come through

>> No.7842980


>> No.7843025

>+ some sonic content too
looking forward to having an autism-off in the chat some day

>> No.7843026

>twitch has a clip of your face from 6 years ago

>> No.7843112

ngmi... you can do better than this

>> No.7843113

will come check if you don't overlap with the few vtubers that i must watch

>> No.7843152

Alker art looks good again

>> No.7843194


>> No.7843270

I'm not falling for your trap, she'll steal my soul if I like that

>> No.7843271

Thanks for everyone who tuned in to the stream. The heat had been making concentrating on quotes a bitch, but I'm sure next time I'll find the Gen. MacArthur quote I'm looking for.

VOD isn't going to be published because apparently Twitch thinks over half the copyright-free classical music backing track is under copyright.

>> No.7843345

Appreciate you homie

I didn't really care to hide that. You think I should?

I'll do my best yo

desu if you don't like the hoodie you might like the other outfit

>> No.7843445

i would hide it; having a visible face like that can turn people away

>> No.7843458

Tall flat?

>> No.7843511

>I didn't really care to hide that. You think I should?

most definitively, especially if you plan to selfpost here. We have our share of sociopaths and literal schizophrenics.

>desu if you don't like the hoodie you might like the other outfit

Being a boy in a hoodie is literally a meme bro

>> No.7843558

its nice that you know yourself

>> No.7843559

Coqui is fucking CUTE!!

>> No.7843572

She has some honkers from the looks of it. But domt know if its a >her or not.

>> No.7843605


>> No.7843617

No need to call me out

>> No.7843678

that's atropa, she's the one who posted her caligraphy stream >>7833323
she very clearly has tits though so she's not a tallflat

>> No.7843734

I am drunk right now so I am probably wring.. Goman.nsky2

>> No.7843783


Makes sense. clips gone.

As for the hoodie, I'll get other outfits if we get far enough to justify that cost lol

>> No.7843802

Too be fair, at least he's black. He could have been a pink male catboy in a hoodie.

>> No.7843841


>> No.7844003

Silent Voice watch along starting now

>> No.7844132

I wish Tiger was the mother of my children.

>> No.7844209

Get in line

>> No.7844329

luv this bear

>> No.7844407

Oni playing more Mario Galaxy. Did you bring a light?

>> No.7844438

Cyber Lumi just went live guys.

>> No.7844463


>> No.7844511

Speaking of which, is this the one she's supposedly reading your story on, W?

>> No.7844529

Fuck that /asp/ie bitch

>> No.7844570

>> No.7844617

It's ok /asp/chama, you'll get in an org one day. Keep trying and do your content reps!

>> No.7844846

how-how did you know it was me!?

>> No.7844872

I knew since a certain thread, me and you interacting. You are a good guy, you know. I can't chat near as good as you.

>> No.7844912

Can reading a few Andrew Jackson quotes on stream really be considered boogaloo-ish?

>> No.7844988

I just want to make friends and help to make Lumi's community unbreakable. She is able to bring a lot of people together who all seem to be guaranteed to be nice people. That is something I want to help with growing.

>> No.7845021

It's admirable, but don't burn yourself out. I've seen people do it before.

>> No.7845129

thanks, I will do my best.

>> No.7845147

I still don't get Cyberlive drama, is this Lumi girl related to it somehow?

>> No.7845283

The first channel emote she made was her own version of the Unabomber drawing...

>> No.7845348


>> No.7845353

Lumi is in Cyberlive. The drama is 100% against management being sketchy prior to the company being called Cyberlive and has little to nothing to do with the talents themselves.

>> No.7845399

Any vtubers that usually tells stories? Like those creepypasta stories?

>> No.7845523

Arypie does readalongs of sci fi stuff or garfield fanfics pretty often

>> No.7845579

The newest batch has Professor Bloom and Atropa Everwood both doing readings of out of copyright fairly often. Teru also does readings. I don't think any of them do creepypasta readings though.

>> No.7845588

Teruteru. Cute ghost boy with a soft, husky German voice.

>> No.7845629

teru reads pretty much anything, and his sense of humor paired with his affinity for darker subjects, i can easily imagine him doing creepypasta. try asking him in his feedback box.

>> No.7845850

SatsumaBeemo has done Japanese creepy pastas readings before

>> No.7846134

>underaged kid in chat is a flip

>> No.7846214

I read comics if that counts

>> No.7846459

The SEA algorithm brings such cancer

>> No.7846476

I've been known to read manifestos, apparently.

>> No.7846593

I don’t know if she reads these threads but I really enjoyed my time at her stream, I’ll do what I can to help

>> No.7846693

I've been known to read manifestos but creepypastas could be fun. /x/ is my home board anyways.

>> No.7846718

>I've been known to read manifestos

>> No.7846938

If you touch grass, will you graduate?

>> No.7847014

Does Lumi just not have mods to get this fucking kid out of here?

>> No.7847110

Corpse has some great taste in music

>> No.7847121

what kid?

>> No.7847187

There is a flip kid who is uhh, kind of annoying. To be fair he's easy to mentally filter or just click on him and block him.

>> No.7847392

I hate how triggered I get from retards in chat. Literally "stop donating to her"

>> No.7847452

I donated $250 and then see that. It's a downer kinda, but I get what he means. I try my best to only donate at the end of streams or off-stream usually.

>> No.7847482

yeah. I am going to try to do the same.

>> No.7847506

Lumi breaking down from donation is something she needs to learn how to deal with if she's gonna grow as a streamer cause she's gonna get a lot more in the future at this rate.

>> No.7847520

Hi guys, I'm gonna teach you how to write love songs in about ten minutes.

>> No.7847542

sounds nice, if only I had any musical talent lol

>> No.7847642

Thanks for anyone who came by to the Sherlock Holmes reading! Had a great time, especially with one of my favorite stories, the Speckled Band.

Hello! I do poetry, older short stories, and occasionally Middle English (Canterbury Tales) stuff. Come relax next time!

>> No.7847685

I'm writing a love song now

This is a love song for you
Like juliet I wait here til noon
Romeo come save me I've been feeling so alone
Wub wub wub
Oh my dress is so bright
To think even I could marry at this old age
The feeling in my chest is oh so tight
I want to die with you in this next page
Wub wub wub
My heart calls for thou
As our hands turn ice cold
Our souls light on fire in our final death throws
Such is how out death with me told

How was it?

>> No.7847730

Pretty good, I'll sing it on stream.

>> No.7847736

She does. Or someone relays it to her at the least.
She's reacted to most of the things said about her in these threads and other Cyber threads... Surprised me when she did it the first time, because I was just typing to the void really.

>> No.7847813

Arigatou. Save the vod, I'm in bed now it's almost midnight and I've been sleeping 3 hours a night every day this week. I'm about to die.

>> No.7847868

I love this little cockroach

>> No.7847916


>> No.7848154

Cute Chimera Drawing Glowsticks

>> No.7848618

Only found her because I was going through Arma 3 videos and found where she did a collab with a bunch of other vtubers.
She's cute. Sadly the other POVs were lost because "Shulliy Baudelai's" channel, one of the vtubers she was collabing with, apparently got nuked, and can't find it anywhere.
This is all that's left of that channel.

>> No.7848643

Yeah, when I saw that, I'm probably just gonna stop donating. Last thing I want is for people to start tracking me down just because I donated in the middle of the stream.

>> No.7848695

Donate what you want man, she absolutely appreciates it and I wouldn't let some autist dissuade you from doing what you want

>> No.7848726

nice find

>> No.7848781

I like her, and she seems to have a fair following (a couple hundred views per video)
I'm almost certain I've seen her in these threads before, too. But maybe I'm mistaken.

>> No.7848839

I hate western v-tubers and wish they would all vanish desu

>> No.7848883

>> No.7848915

funny, I found them through Rimmy, rather than them.

>> No.7848939

bro ur not me?? wym *you* posted that

>> No.7848948

no thanks

>> No.7848961

As a western vtuber. I wish I could vanish too. Nobody would even notice I disappeared.

>> No.7848963

Make a Youtube clips guide and I'll add it.

>> No.7848981

You're one of the good ones, now I want you to stay and you can be an honorary Japanese vtuber

>> No.7849024

That's actually the second video I found. I think Youtube's search prioritized Iora because the rest of my search history is vtuber stuff, too.

>> No.7849088


there I said it

>> No.7849167

Mount and Blade guerilla! I will let you in on the battle plan for world domination!

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