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Silvervale's Birthday! Edition

That last thread burned way faster than I'm sure most anyone would have expected. So there's not much new to summarize. The Minecraft sound pack recording stream for tomorrow is canceled and will be next week instead because of heat, and... that's it for changes! It's officially Silver's birthday but we're still like 15 hours before anything involving it will be happening. So if you want more general recent info then check the last thread's OP! And remember to keep the thread comfy, ignore bait, and be excellent to your fellow anons.

VShojo is:
Nyan- https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Silver - https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale
Froot - https://www.twitch.tv/apricot
Mouse - https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Zen - https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Mel - https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody
Hime - https://www.twitch.tv/hajime
Vei - https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

Previous thread: >>7791694

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first post for business cat

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To answer a question from the previous thread, Mouse is about halfway done. There were over 160 videos in the queue and she's watched about 80 or 90 of them.

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Some guy went to an artist alley at a con and got 5 pics of Melody commissioned. They're all good but I like this one most so if you want to see the rest they're in this thread. https://twitter.com/gameaddict69/status/1424873550394052612

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I hope Nyan replays this someday to do some funny shit routes or the "everyone lives" ending.

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I just realized that the some guy is gameaddict69, the guy who's dumped tons of money into commissioning lewds of the vshojo girls and more. That guy's alright.

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ladies in business attire is just the best.

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Pink cat is made for fuck

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>the guy who's dumped tons of money into commissioning lewds of the vshojo girls
I thought that was pic related?

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Detroit is a golden turd of a game. It has its' flaws but it's definitely worth playing.

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>already art of cat's perverted tweet

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Anyway, schedule time. Currently live:

Nyan - Finishing Detroit: Become Human. She will probably be ending stream within like 10 minutes of this post going up. https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Mouse - Traumatizing herself with space and bird videos. Very traumatic. https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Silver - Swimming around at the speed of sound. By which I mean Subnautica https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale

And since it's late, tomorrow's schedule.

Silver - Subathon stream! I'm guessing this is going to be the emotional portion of the birthday celebrations while all the funny haha bits will be on Saturday. Either way she'll be on significantly earlier than normal. Around the time that Nyan is normally on which is convenient, given that she's probably taking tomorrow off.
Mouse - First episode of her new show, Speak of the Devil! Featuring special guest, Sykkuno. If you want to ask questions submit them here. https://twitter.com/ironmouse/status/1425534113465917446
Mel - CB stream. Schedule has it at 7 pm but it sounds like it'll be moved to earlier.
Zen? - Probably. I'd like to see her raid Silver as well.
Vei? - That thing I typed for Zen. Fucking same.

Froot is who knows. Hime is who knows. Nyan is probably canceled because of not feeling well.

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If there's one thing I'll give Detroit credit for it's the ending option where you can let the main menu girl just leave. And then they had to fuck it up because people complained by letting you bring her back with an update.

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>people complained
legitimately how retarded can you be

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While true, this guy's done it to such a degree that he even got fanart lol.

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Mouse is having an existential crisis

>> No.7807007

Isn't that what she's been doing her entire stream? Switching over to her now

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>Melody on the offensive
That's my girl

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Fags, you did promise you could keep the thread alive through the night right? Show sign of life please.

>> No.7807373

Too busy experiencing existential crisis with Mouse.

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It generally holds just fine even if it is just schizos talking about how much they want to sniff Snuffy's butthole. If it don't, we'll just make a new one in the AM, no biggie.

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Have some fresh Nyan from @crytoko to keep it alive a few mins longer

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goddamn some these vids are boring, shouldve been more size comparisons. there's one out there that compares universe sizes

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>Silver's prawn suit got destroyed when she wasn't looking
Poor girl

Is what you get when you don't park in a safe location

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Don't worry about the thread. Around this time of night the board slows down considerably.

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same thing happened to me there but i didn't have a teleporter, rip

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Must be a SubZero addition because I don't remember that happening to me during the original Subnautica. I even parked shit right next to leviathans and they didn't do shit unless I was in it and moving it. I did have a SeaMoth get destroyed once on accident by something that kept running into it due to a pathing bug. Wasn't attacking the SeaMotha at all, just eventually destroyed it because I wasn't paying attention.

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Birthday pictures starting to come in for the Sakura Wolf Princess!

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>another 7+ hour Mouse stream
She is getting stronger.

>> No.7808144

Her fear is powering the stream. Her mods weep.

>> No.7808224

If she didn't have mods she'd probably stay on a lot longer than she realizes.

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Silvervale is constantly getting incredible art, much more than any of her coworkers, and you decide to post this

>> No.7808340

It's the first piece of birthday art she's gotten. There will be more. I could have posted pic related instead. Would this one have made you happy?

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dios mios
i will never doubt you again anon

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Here, I'll repost one from yesterday. Uncensored one available here: https://twitter.com/RandomMace1/status/1425104865781506049

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>mamavale covering her eyes

>> No.7808613

Mamavale is too good. I never not enjoyed her in collab.

>> No.7808689

Like she hasn't seen her daughter nekkid before.

>> No.7808725

I honestly wonder how she reacted to that the first time. Your own flesh and blood, but not really, taking cock from faceless ojiisans. Cue the "having a daughter is the ultimate cuckoldry" copypasta.

>> No.7808728

i wanna know how big are her zonkers.

>> No.7808765

I would imagine that it took a bit of convincing. Silver was also looking to do CB at one point but chickened out. I wonder how her mom took that? Maybe Mama doesn't know.

>> No.7808788

Like mother like daughter.

>> No.7808817

I feel like I've dated a girl with big tits whose mom had small tits. Like it skipped a generation or something.

>> No.7808892

Smaller than Silver's according to Mom itself. I vaguely remember Mamavale making a remark that she envy(in good way)/admire Silver's bust size and proud she grew big.

>> No.7808904

Oh I have, too. Sometimes big gazongas are just random. My mom has them but her sister doesn't, her mom didn't, her mom's siblings didn't, and we don't know much about my grandpa's side of the family (adopted) so, who knows where it came from. Just appreciate the booba when you encounter them, for they are blessings of the gods.

>> No.7809011

It could have been from lacking nutrition when growing up. Like short immigrants having really tall kids.

>> No.7809053

Yeah but most parents stop around the diaper stage.

>> No.7809239

Silver is getting all tear eyed over releasing her animals and leaving her base in Subnautica

But all I can think about is how she accidentally ran over a penguin after releasing it

>> No.7809260

I love Silvervale's breasts.

I mean I love Silvervale.

>> No.7809273

I say this and then she express her clear racism against sharks

What did Gura ever do to her

>> No.7809302

Cool picture anon, just don't zoom in on the face too much...

>> No.7809303

Cimrai hates sharks too. They should collab.

>> No.7809864

You heard of golden week

But have you heard of Silver week?

>> No.7809967

fucking fathom being this chair

>> No.7810060

Silver is always a joy to watch since she gets so into things, pity about her weird hours.

Hope her birthday stream goes well though.

>> No.7810473

I like the weird cat.

>> No.7811160

Smurfy talked about doing a Pokemon car unboxing last night, but then vanished without a trace. She'll never get signed by Vshojo if she keeps being this flaky and probably stoned/constipated.

>> No.7811223

buying a pokemon car seems like a bit much for stream content

>> No.7811561

when was the last time snuffy did card unboxings anyway? it's dead content

>> No.7812640

she mentioned her power went out for hours while she was trying to get her new set up working for it so that's probably why

>> No.7813281

Wonder if silver is going to start hanging out with Haruka on stream, or if it's just silver being a twitter fiend as usual.

>> No.7814884

Unlikely given how different their shedules.

>> No.7816984

Anyone care to explain how a I fell asleep and woke up to Pixelmon?
What series of raids led me here?

>> No.7817785

Zoomer whale thinks my wife is her wife! What the Hell!

>> No.7818408

Good morning, /vsj+/
Did anyone stay up to watch the end of Silver's stream?

>> No.7818604

Haruka belongs to the people!
We must rise up and seize the means of hueaghduction!

>> No.7819456

I fell asleep watching IronMouse and dreamed that I cured her illness by donating some of my bones or something. Really bummed when I woke up and it wasn't real.

>> No.7819872

Retarded comment. Vshojo girls are flaky af with the possible exception of silver and Ironmouse, despite being the one with the most excuses to be flaky.

Vei never streams when she says she’s gonna stream, Zen gives you about 5 mins notice when she streams and never posts a schedule, Hime never streams, Froot disappears for weeks at a time, Nyanners has daily panic attacks that affect her schedule and I could go on

>> No.7820086

For many people catching up a portion of Silver's stream is an achievement by itself. I fell like one have to be a NEET or in a very specific timezone to regularly watch her. So I doubt many people here did, avatarfagchama.

>> No.7820097

Sorry I couldn’t resist

>> No.7820202

Well at least you started by warning everyone you were about to make a retarded comment

>> No.7820316

Point to the lie, you lazy slob

>> No.7820581

this, everyone loves to claim how the managers are so hands-off with the talents but thats doublespeak for managers being lazy asses sitting around and earning commissions on merch

>> No.7820700

That's actually not that far off. Bone marrow transplants are basically the only known method of aiding Severe Combined ImmunoDeficiency which isn't what Mouse has but it's similar and I feel like I read it could even "cure" it by restoring the body's ability to make antibodies. I think I also read somewhere it's most effective when used on someone very young though so it probably wouldn't help Mouse at this point and I think I only read it has been approved for SCID, not CVID like she's got.

Point is bones have marrow in them and maybe someday a better treatment will come from it.

>> No.7820747

What managers?

>> No.7820822

This isn't hololive

>> No.7820955

Fixed it-
Snuffy never streams when she says she’s gonna stream, Snuffy gives you about 5 mins notice when she streams and never posts a schedule, Snuffy never streams, Snuffy disappears for weeks at a time, Snuffy has daily panic attacks that affect her schedule and I could go on

>> No.7821303

Usually she explains herself though? Like she'll tweet "Sorry trash clan, the apartment caved in and my period started and I shit myself, no stream" but last night was total silence.

Well, not entirely. She shared some fanart of herself smoking weed.

>> No.7821639

Pretty sure she just hasn't been able to get off the toilet after this fast food meal, and she doesn't have a bathroom computer like you do

>> No.7821723

she has said multiple times over the past month or so that streams are touch and go for the time being due to all the shit she's dealing with around sleep schedule issues, burnout, etc. and she would rather stream when she feels good and productive rather than force herself to stick to a schedule and stream when she's feeling shitty/uninspired
not sure why you thought that suddenly changed

>> No.7821779

I wasn’t arguing with any of that, but my point is SHE WILL THEREFORE FIT right in

>> No.7821813

She did tweet about the power going out so I guess there wasn't an explicit "no stream" but the implication is pretty heavy.

>> No.7822376

I thought she cut fast food out of her diet?

Then she ordered 100 frozen mozzarella sticks online. Combined with G Fuel, it's like she's trying to shit water.

I hear donating bone marrow is the worst thing ever, but ngl I'd do it for Mouse.

>> No.7822903

>I thought she would try to better her situation and lifestyle!
You fool.

>> No.7822974

Just jam some fucking stem cells in there
>m-muh embryo
Into the blender it goes

>> No.7822979

I know burgerbros love this topic so who of the girls (including +) is the most likely to bounce on Big Bars of Chocolate?
I'll start: Silver.

>> No.7823029

I like snuffy. I like her streams. I l think it’s cool that she is beloved by Vshojo and its fans. Of course I feel vaguely protective of her and hope she’s happy. But the amount of infantilizing and concernfagging in this thread and the last one is STAGGERING.

What if snuffy is going to be okay???!

>> No.7823067

We don’t do that here.

>> No.7823247

yeah it's fucking weird and I have no idea why some posters are so hung up on it (particularly when it's over things that are misunderstood or just straight up wrong), but this is /vt/ so i just assume they're retards

>> No.7823272

>concernfaggin ANYONE
If they die, they die.

>> No.7823310

>What if snuffy is going to be okay???!

>> No.7823365

Bruh she ain’t gonna die. She a survivor in her own way. But I do understand the temptation to embrace the rrat that’s her has this sort of trailerpark background and is uneducated and never learned “life skills,” because there’s a grain of truth for it, but she’s more way competent than these anons are giving her credit for. Especially if you compare to her to millions of other people in her age cohort.

>> No.7823373

also yeeee Silver is the most likely to be QoS & I hate it

>> No.7823445

I genuinely do not care about the people behind these avatars.

>> No.7823477

Not sure if that is sarcasm, or just old-fashioned lying.

>> No.7823515

No seriously we don’t do it here. No offense intended.

>> No.7823563

Entertainers come and go. Don't get hung up when they eventually disappear.

>> No.7823655

VTubers are LITERALLY YOUR WIFE. Sorry you are in such an unhappy marriage that you would feel nothing if your spouse died.

>> No.7823825

>act like child that cant run her own life
>be surprised when people treat her like a child that cant run her own life

>> No.7823913

No one’s surprised. Bored and exasperated, though, at the extent to which they infantilize our lady of trash.

>> No.7823945

you say they infantilize, I say you are putting her on a pedestal.

>> No.7824453

Deer wife doko

>> No.7824486

Why are mutts like this?

>> No.7824532

don't assume it's a burger, it's more likely to be just a larping retard

>> No.7824685

I gotta say, watching Hololive fans spaz out about Okakoro and now Matsuri has me feeling pretty good about where the community around Vshojo is at right now. Maybe the fact that most of us aren't invested to that level means that we're missing out on the "true vtuber experience," but I just can't imagine too many Vshojo fans melting down like that over what the talent does in their personal lives. Pink cat and mouse make me laugh, simple as.

>> No.7824695

Yeah, usually you're supposed to ignore the retards being retards and not reply to them. Even mocking them gives them what they want.

>> No.7824768

think again. People spaz out all the time and there is plenty of crazies like that 10k dono guy.

>> No.7824775

>Maybe the fact that most of us aren't invested to that level means that we're missing out on the "true vtuber experience"
Can we just stop there? There's no way your comments don't turn into tribal nonsense and invite outside discordant jackholes from coming in and feeling like they're being attacked. Remember we have HLfags among us who are also VShojofags.

However, I also enjoy the same thing you make in your conclusion. Then again, we have some pieces of work among the V-generates, we just don't have them HERE. Pay enough attention to the chat rooms and Twitterverse and you'll find some just amazing folk running around.

>> No.7824791

of course they are it's a Vtuber.

>> No.7824816

Wait until dnd, ep 4 autism was on hololive drama level. Even if it was justified.
We're the same, just less popular and less frustrated.

>> No.7824822

I'm very much invested in Vei and Nyan's relationship and will be very angry if they don't fuck each other by the end of the year.

>> No.7824841

You sound like a falseflag who just wants to stir up another VShojo vs everyone else war.
Kill yourself.

>> No.7824850

A PEDESTAL? Saying that she is typically dysfunctional for someone of her economic background and generation and that she will figure things out? That’s a pedestal to you?

>> No.7824888

D&D is pretty unique. We usually have about 40-50 IPs in here in any given day and it balloons to about 80 during D&D, so I don't know how many of those folks are VShojofans and how many are just D&D fans who like to talk the game and / or bitch about Arcadum. /pmg/ has had the same problem since the first group went, and I think they've migrated over here. It's fine with me, I'm just saying that's kind of not normal for us.

>> No.7824891

Thew majority of the vtuber community are insane, especially from the japanese side, vshojo and a handful of indies are the only ones that managed to keep things sane, which is why colabs with them are a bad idea, we dont need these people in our community

>> No.7824899

I'm not saying that those people don't exist, but it just seems like less of the prevailing culture (at least on the board). I think the positioning of Hololive streamers as idols has led to this really unique situation where viewers feel a deep sense of entitlement over everything that the streamers do, roommate personas included. That's still a thing here, just less of one.

>> No.7824908

>Saying that she is typically dysfunctional for someone of her economic background and generation
NTA but typically? Fuck no, you need to venture outside of Twitter.

>> No.7824952

That's fair enough, I'll drop it there. And yeah, I should have specified that I was more interested in this board's dynamics, I definitely have encountered a few of those crazies on twitter. And I shudder to imagine some of those discords

>> No.7824963

next level bait
someone please start streaming so we can talk about fucking anything else

>> No.7824965

Okay there's the false flag.

(unless you're being intentionally ironic in which case bravo!)

>> No.7824978

fuck off

>> No.7824991

Yes, same as with any big event(such as model reveal). It is not unique to dnd.

>> No.7825006

>these people
Sir, this isn’t westside fucking story.
I want Vshojo’s audience to grow and while it does, both communities will continue to be self-selecting.

>> No.7825011

Girl_DM is live! https://www.twitch.tv/girl_dm_
I don't know anything about her but she has a funny face (and maybe style and grace too).

>> No.7825019

Not sure I agree, but cite an example. I don't recall any such major event causing massive sperging autism.

>> No.7825029

she's like a better Snuffy which got her shit together.

>> No.7825035

I've been a hololive fan for a while (pre EN, pre /vt/) and I've pretty sick of the community. EN seems to have brought in the most touchy ironic weaboos that lust over numbers and are tribal to the max. At this point I only come here to discuss in generals like this one to avoid the toxic holofags

>> No.7825043

Girl_dm has been a background friend to a lot of the VShojo girls for a while now. I don't watch her myself, but she's usually cute and has an affinity for using the word "heckin'" a lot.

>> No.7825056

there goes the gatekeeping

>> No.7825082

Exact same and based. I still get clickbaited by shitty anti threads but I do my best not to respond.

>> No.7825084

Noo, but gatekeeping is bad!

>> No.7825085

Which is why I posited that it might be ironic. If he was deliberately trying to sound like the people who were attacking Veibae months ago, then it is an amazing and subtle joke and should be applauded. If not, then he can fuck off.

>> No.7825092

And this is why everyone hates vshojo and their pretentious fans

>> No.7825133

She is cool but not really relevant here. She only collabed with Bahroo(who also barelt relevant) and Bunny, Momo. She is part of "vshojo 2" friend group.
Also damn did she blew up in last 2-3 months, those youtube recommendations really helped her.

>> No.7825136

I poke my head into those threads to see what the "attack du jour" is. Not surprisingly, if a new one crops up with a new lolcow tactic, it will show up in here when some fuck tries to farm some (you)s out of us. That's one way to easily know what the bait is and what it isn't. Keeping the thread cozy and comfy is not easy sometimes. Gotta wade into the shit to keep the general less shitty.

Love you, too!

>> No.7825162

Ur mom likes us

>> No.7825177

Maybe I don't watch enough of girl_dm, but I've watched a fair bit of her content and a LOT of Snuffy's and I don't see too many similarities besides the models and the love of Tiktok. The fact that Snuffy's shit isn't together is a big part of her persona, she's a dysfunctional-but-loveable pervert who's constantly high and she acts the part. Girl_dm seems like she's more in-character as a streamer, and less of the humor in the streams I've seen comes at her expense. IDK tho, both are great.

>> No.7825226

>has an affinity for using the word "heckin'" a lot.
Apparently her streams are 12+, I got banned for typing "shit". I think I prefer more mature ones.

>> No.7825382

Maybe she’s a Mormon

>> No.7825397

>bounce on Big Bars of Chocolate?
If that means constipation, probably Nyanners or pic related.

>> No.7825429

Makes sense, Nyan has face blindness and Mouse does not care about body.

>> No.7825459


>> No.7825573

Is the nyan face blindness thing real? A lot of people have cited her blind drawings of Malady and co. as evidence, but Nyan's posted original art in her discord and it shows a pretty good grasp of anatomy and form. Those scuffed drawings of hers were obviously shitposts, but I still don't know if the face blindness thing is real and the anons tying it to her art were just making connections where none existed.

>> No.7825608

Nyan said it herself on stream. She brought it up in a discussion about how her romantic / lustful perceptions are hindered with IRL people but animated / 2D images aren't effected by her face blindness.

>> No.7825631

As far as I know face blindness is really only a thing towards realistic human faces. So anime styled drawings shouldn't be a problem, and even if it is then people who are face blind tend to use other cues to pick up on who they're looking at. So even if she had a hard time recognizing Melody the giant spiky purple ponytail would make it so she'd never get her confused with Silver or something. But in Detroit where everyone's a photorealistic human it could fuck with her ability to understand some scenes.

>> No.7825668

Prosopagnosia is real. She talk about it several times.
Drawings have barely anything to do with it since she cant remember/recognize faces, not that she cant understand facial structure.
Also rip chess.

>> No.7825708

The other cues thing is the important distinction. In anime and cartoons people tend to wear the exact same clothing pretty much all the time, but the Markus storyline in Detroit involved him and characters around him changing clothes all the time and with the face blindness it was difficult for her to tell whom was who while Connor and Kara wore pretty much the same outfits the entire game.

>> No.7825761

>in Detroit where everyone's a photorealistic human
I know you're referring to the game, but I also love the implication that Detroit is the only city with realistic humans in real life America

>> No.7825770

Wait a minute now. Are all of the Vshojo girls medically affected by something? Is VShojo the real and original CyberDisa?

>> No.7825807

Froot will perish if it's cold

>> No.7825814

Katawa VShojo is real, yes.

>> No.7825823

People have made the VShojo = Katawa Shoujo reference a lot. They've pretty much all got varying ailments but it's hard to even really compare them when they're in the same group as Mouse. It'd be like comparing how good various children are at martial arts while they're in the same room as Jackie Chan

>> No.7825829

>way competent than these anons are giving her credit for. Especially if you compare to her to millions of other people in her age cohort.
She was just as struggling as the rest of us until she realized people like it when she pretends to be a raccoon.

>> No.7825857

Yes, literally ever single member of vshojo has some katawa tier sickness.
Mel - epilepsy, autism
Mouse - nuff said
Silver - imposter syndrome, depression but probably the healthiest one
Zen - Alcoholism, depression, mother issues
Nyan - face blindness, 4channer and some other things I forgot rn
Froot - allergy on cold
Hime - likes ugly bastard tag

>> No.7825862


>> No.7825890

>be deathly allergic to cold
>live in a fucking hovel that is falling apart
She is also apparently very dumb.

>> No.7825893

Well, in Katawa Shoujo one of the girls has no arms. That's pretty far from other disabilities as well.

>> No.7825901

Mouse left a nice birthday message for Silver! It's cute https://twitter.com/_Silvervale_/status/1425882935006220290

>> No.7825905

Autism, depression and imposter syndrome are all sort of a reach. Everyone alive is somewhere on all of those spectrums. Also, Veibae Veibae Veibae...

>> No.7825912

Nyan has a the barfing migrenes thing. Something about vomiting and being in pain for hours.

>> No.7825917

In addition to having face blindness and being a (allegedly recovered) 4channer, Nyan also has ADHD. She's talked about it a fair bit on stream

>> No.7825936

Incurable Europeanism.

>> No.7825952

sorry i cant help i was born european :(

>> No.7825975


>> No.7825976

I'm sorry, but it's terminal Stage 4 Euro. The best we can do is make sure your final days are comfortable.

>> No.7825984


>> No.7825988

Not so fast.

>> No.7825995

Something incredibly funny about a Mormon vtuber. Imagine an anime catboy in full missionary garb asking you if you want to learn about how Jesus made a pit stop to 'Merica on his way to heaven.

>> No.7826049

I need a consultation for a friend, which stage is this? https://twitter.com/LichVtuber/status/1424516635608723458

>> No.7826053

I mean literal, medical term autism. No offence to Mel. Its a lesser form though.
Imposter syndrome IS serious though since Silver worries a lot about it, way more than others. Going as far as banning people for mentioning others(way stricter than others). But yeah, Silver is more healthy than others, good family helps.
And yeah, I forgot Vei. Vei has heavy case of zoomerism, femcelsium and 4channelin. On serious note, she is the Stacy of Vshojo, again, good family helps a lot with mental issues.

>> No.7826081

wait. vei?

>> No.7826082

im afraid is too late, she has terminal 7 europeanism

>> No.7826102

We don't even accept patients at that level. We don't need to condemn everyone in the hospital to guaranteed death just to confirm what is obvious.

>> No.7826177

Quickly, nurse, inject 3 cubes of freedom and 5 mm of BigMac intravenous!

>> No.7826194

>terminal 7

>> No.7826225

>On serious note, she is the Stacy of Vshojo, again, good family helps a lot with mental issues.
Her relationship with her senpai is nice. I loved when all her Polish relatives came to her house to celebrate when she and Froot were on the news.

>> No.7826243

Has any of the girls played Visage

>> No.7826253

Fuuuuck auto correct. Not sure how it got senpai from “family”. I meant her relationship with family. I guess her senpai would be a Nyan and that relationship is nice too

>> No.7826254

vei has infantilism

>> No.7826261

Hime's played a bit of it and Nyan's got it scheduled to be played eventually. It's one of the horror games she downloaded but played Until Dawn instead so unless this horror mood passes quickly it'll probably be within a week.

>> No.7826286

She has good relationship with her Senpai, right

>> No.7826295

Thanks for giving me the rare opportunity to post this, but you could have just asked Google. Oh wait, Visage not Facade. Still, apparently Silver played it.

>> No.7826305

Tons of Silver stuff is flowing in and this one's super old. Like a year and a half but it's super cute. Pre-VShojo Mel, Mouse, Silver, and Zen.

>> No.7826319

I know Nyanners streamed for 9 hours yesterday, but I'm ready for more and she said she might cancel the stream today. T.T

>> No.7826326

I mean just look at the love letters they exchanged on Twitter last night for evidence of that

>> No.7826353

Heat waves do be like that.

>> No.7826371

It's just summer libtard

>> No.7826377

here is your next vshojo bro

>> No.7826379

dammit anon I thought she was back

>> No.7826417

You posted this 4 threads ago and the answer is still no. Come back when there's literally any link between her and VShojo girls. And I still hate the fucking french.
t. francais

>> No.7826419

Yeah, a summer heat wave. I made no allusions to climate change/global warming/manbearpig.

>> No.7826424

Hopefully the minecraft soundpack doesn't get delayed too long if she decides to take the day off

>> No.7826463

Considering re-joining yubicraft just to play around with it once it's out. I was the one who made/blew up the nyan statue.

>> No.7826464

Froot is already the resident hentai artist. She is adorable, though!

>> No.7826467

>currently flooded with drama
No thanks.

>> No.7826485

She said she plans on doing it next week instead. Unless the heat continues it'll probably be fine.

>> No.7826490

>silvervale a year ago: 2k average viewers
>silvervale now: 2.2k average viewers
what went wrong?

>> No.7826502

literally who

>> No.7826530

You are lost. Let me show you the way: >>7814596

>> No.7826539

Someone cosplayed as Silver too https://twitter.com/NikoDark20/status/1425779717014122497

>> No.7826549

she often streams at like 3am, the only people who watch are the insane, the neet and the australian

>> No.7826552

>Come back when there's literally any link between her and VShojo girls
come back after lurking for a while

>> No.7826561

It is not a race

>> No.7826584

Silvervale? More like Silvercar

>> No.7826586


>> No.7826602

She's gold to me.

>> No.7826603

lol wrong image Planned on using that for the next OP

Have the actual silvercar https://twitter.com/BrandonDollar_/status/1425884674161889282

>> No.7826611

Bong here, if i get up early i normally watch silver for a bit. Saw her finishing off Subnautica.

>> No.7826621

>s-she drew them once!

>> No.7826638

more of a connection than some of the others

>> No.7826645

Aw. Zen commissioned a pic for Silver's birthday. https://twitter.com/zentreya/status/1425847145614151686

>> No.7826668

There is more Zen than Silver on this pic...

>> No.7826683

She drew Hololives way more often.
Post her in the holo global, see what happens.
Don't actually do that.

>> No.7826689

is zen fucking blind?

>> No.7826707

Alcoholism is linked to blindness.

>> No.7826711

You know you're in the good comic shop when Snuffy's on the TV.

>> No.7826764

people do be glorifying being disfunctional in current year.

>> No.7826793

Man, as a Space nerd i find Mouse's reactions kinda precious.

>> No.7826798

>good comic shop
>looks like it's in a 3rd world county

>> No.7826856

Looks like it could be in the US or fucking anywhere else anon.

>> No.7826863

3rd world countries don't have comic shops

>> No.7826970

>the US
Yeah, a third world country

>> No.7827158

This is not a drill. Snuffy is live.

>> No.7827220

No stream from Nyan today :(

>> No.7827227


>> No.7827282

Hoping she stays a while. Currently at a funeral. Fml.

>> No.7827337

>gartic phone collab

>> No.7827438

Eeeh, plenty of other stuff going on anyway. Can't expect them to be your dancing monkeys anon. I think she said she had a migrane last night, so is probably feeling sick from that still.

>> No.7827441

What are the odds Snuffy fucks with the camera too much and ends up showing her face?

>> No.7827460

>dat pussy reveal

>> No.7827504

VR Chat is Saturday but glad to know the birthday will be in 2 parts.

>> No.7827511

I like pink cat, sue me

>> No.7827608 [SPOILER] 

Writing up the legal documents right now

>> No.7827738

She's probably going to Silver's birthday tonight. Doubt she'll be on long today. Hoping she leaves a vod!

>> No.7827751

Boys, I have a problem. Whenever Snuffy (and this happens with no other vTuber) goes live I compulsively start doing that unfunny SNL Rob Schneider sketch:

Snuff-ay! Streamin’ on Twitch!
The Snuffinator!
El Snufforino!

>> No.7827762

She actually said as much just now. It'll be a short stream since she wants to be at Silver's birthday. Don't recall if she said she'd be part of Gartic Phone but she'll at least be watching.

>> No.7827803

I do not understand woman's obsession with long nails(Snuffy, Silver).
The look freaky and scary and they hinder your hand manipulation. Why?

>> No.7827863

because every aspect of women's fashion is retarded and fabricated by multinational conglomerates to make as much money as possible

>> No.7827893

Wait until you see my crack legal team

>> No.7827897

Acquired taste. But I like them. Part of the bimbo aesthetic

>> No.7827932

Snuffy drinking rosé wine

>> No.7827949

Hate bimbos

>> No.7827978

Interesting, can you explain unnaturally thick and puffy lips? These look like shit but are somehow a trend

>> No.7827997

More for me.

>> No.7828044

Hate fuck bimbos.

>> No.7828054

Snuffy showing her cat on stream

>> No.7828082

You can take all the bimbos in the world, anon. I'll make sure to send any your way.

>> No.7828097

Same aesthetic! When taken to the extreme the bimbo fetish reveres an almost Frankenstein like combination of femininity and fake plastic parts (precisely the same thing that disgusts many other relooked). It’s not unlike being into furries, robots, giants or anything that is human but not quite human.

>> No.7828138

Thanks for the gesture but said they aren’t into ugly poor fat bald 4 Chan posters with no money

>> No.7828156

Snuffy's cats were going nuts and she panned the camera up to look at them. Enjoy a view of a bunch of the cards she has on hand and hasn't opened yet.

>> No.7828219


>> No.7828264

Or let’s not even go as far as “bimbo aesthetic” and say stripper aesthetic. Very popular now with the singers, etc. who women silver’s age like.

>> No.7828347

Strippers actually keep their nails short for better pole control.

>> No.7828359

Play her stream at the funeral


>> No.7828472

Im sure that’s true of people who are good at technical pole dancing but I’m referring to women who just want to emulate the stripper look/stripper culture: doja cat, nicki minaj, iggy azaalea, Cardi b etc. several of them actually were stripper and have long elaborate nails now. chicks see these singers on tiktok and want to look at them. For me, it’s not a bad thing, but men who don’t like it are very vocal about it

>> No.7828544

And yet Snuffy still has her clothes on.
What gives?

>> No.7828572

Those are not strippers. Those are bimbos.
Strippers actually have class. Those are just mad with implants and grotesque nail/makeup.

>> No.7828665

Iggy and Cardi used to be strippers before they were discovered. The two categories are not mutually exclusive

>> No.7828684

Oh boy, how am I gonna break the news to Snuffyfag that Snuffy is a fucking Caucasian...

>> No.7828693

JESUS. Snuffy just dropped the full cast for the Gartic Phone collab later. It's going to be herself, Froot, Layna Lazar, Silver, Mamavale, Zen, Mouse, Mira, Nyan, Mel, Hime, and Vei.

>> No.7828749

I LOVE that game. Mousey participated in a game of gartic phone with NINETEEN fucking players (lilypichu and her friends), and I have to say it was great fun. With that game specifically, the more the merrier.

>> No.7828765

Leave it to Sliver to make it STACKED

>> No.7828795

>The entirety of VShojo
>Layna, Snuffy, Mira, and Mamavale thrown in for good measure
>No Haruka
Snuffy's joining. I'm joking.Except I'm not

>> No.7828838

Mel live on CB.

>> No.7828867

I think Haruka is still busy with something, saw someone posting about dog sitting.

>> No.7828962 [SPOILER] 

I see cat ass as Snuffy in fursuit.
Does Snuffy have her own fursuit?

>> No.7828990

That was me.
Don't know how busy she is, with the dog sitting because my wife was streaming in her Discord server last night

>> No.7828999

Hime? My milky robot mommy? I’ll believe it when I see it!!!

>> No.7829026

I fucked up that comma placement, fyi

>> No.7829098

Some guy on Twitter is doing uh, a comic of Silvervale vore for her birthday. So if you're into that he's only 3 pages in of an estimated 10 so far. https://twitter.com/A_little_Drawer/status/1425909321372667907

>> No.7829170

Mouse also commissioned a piece for Silver's birthday and wow those are some titolees https://twitter.com/ironmouse/status/1425912023792168964

>> No.7829225

Man. Might still be fun anyways.

>> No.7829244

>hating zen

>> No.7829322

Hot damn...

>> No.7829352

Taka is talking shit about Haruka again

When is a V-shojo going to go to the bar and who will it be

>> No.7829365

Mouse already visited the day before the Mori collab.

>> No.7829377

>nyan striking the cool girl pose
>mousey's eyebrows

>> No.7829497


>> No.7829513

Sounds like Snuffy's considering another redesign. Because she enjoyed the VR chat furry model of her with huge titties.

>> No.7829582

>I think maybe a little bigger
>A little bigger
>Maybe not Hime big, but BOOBS, dude

>> No.7829595

Made me check. Avatar boobies, facecam was off.

>> No.7829610

Snuffy said onstream that she’s 24. Why did I think She was waaay older than 24?
Maybe because of her vast knowledge of cartoons from every era. But now I realize it’s just because she watched reruns of every show on Cartoon Network growing up. Maybe she has older siblings too like Mouse (which is why she knows so much about Gen X and boomer stuff).

>> No.7829612

Bimbo anons winning

>> No.7829621

yes, that's the entire point of vtubers

>> No.7829631

Sorry, didn't mean to bait you anon
Think it's less of a redesign and more of another alternate model in her vastly growing arsenal

>> No.7829642


>> No.7829651

Talking about the potential lore implications. Alternate universe Snuffy shows up and beats the shit out of regular Snuffy and takes over the stream, but that's too similar to Zen's lore so she wants something new. Also doesn't want to do clones because that's Nyan's bit. So she's considering a bimboification ray.

>> No.7829652

who the fuck cares then

>> No.7829664

Eventually she's going to go full furry. I hope you Snuffy fags are ready for that.

>> No.7829678

if she keeps her giant tits in furry form I'd be more than fine with it

>> No.7829694

An alternate universe redesign, to be precise. She's having trouble finding a unique lore explanation for it.

>> No.7829727

"Just because you're gay, doesn't mean you're handicapped"

--inspirational quote generator, exposing Nyanners

>> No.7829758

I forgot

>> No.7829773

Bad news busty Snuffy enthusiasts. She said the idea only came recently and because of how long it takes these things to come to fruition it could be 2-10 months since finding people to do it is so hard.

>> No.7829801

a furry mommy vrc model with huge tits/ass was in vague plans at some point months ago, don't know that she ever got around to it
she might be satisfied enough with the current furry vrc model at this point
she has an older brother i don't know if he's into cartoons though

>> No.7829803

What race did you think I thought she was?

God I hope not. The tiny boob big ass look is blessed.

>> No.7829807

>Snuffy is gonna get a big booba model

>> No.7829813

better version

>> No.7829852


>> No.7829875

Snuffy talking about talking with artists and riggers

>> No.7829907

I like flat but booba really does fit Snuffy

>> No.7829914

I do not associate with riggers

>> No.7829936

I know, I'm listening
You don't have to transcribe her entire stream anon

>> No.7829949

Snuffers said shes in talks to get a dnd model

>> No.7829961

No pressure Mouse, it's just that this talkshow could either end up skyrocketing you to a Twitch icon or absolutely flop.
No pressure

>> No.7829965


>> No.7829993

Fucking riggers.

>> No.7830107

Does Sykkuno want the vussy?

>> No.7830119

Wow. Apparently Mouse has been talking about wanting to do this talk show for as long as Snuffy's known her. Before she even fucking made it big it was something she wanted to do and now it's happening today.

>> No.7830162


Birthday Girl is a go go

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