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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7788907

>> No.7798709

Fish is as young as Elira is black
still love them btw

>> No.7799454

Want threesome with Finana and Rosemi

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>> No.7799763

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

Current collection: https://mega.nz/folder/NMFQ3LbQ#x_8c3LPY20Ovms0FycCIzg

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>> No.7799769

She did queef

>> No.7799780

Anon all the popping balloons are making you go insane

>> No.7799781 [SPOILER] 

No way, I can't believe Pomu did this...

>> No.7799786

>finana prefarmed for yoimiya

uhhhhh based?

>> No.7799788

I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.7799799

Imagine if Elira cummed

>> No.7799803

I really like Pomu

>> No.7799809

why is the fish's laughter so erotic

>> No.7799810

what kusoge should Elira play next?


>> No.7799811

pomu drainpuff

>> No.7799820

O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

>> No.7799823

Elira is baked.

>> No.7799824

I miss her already bros....

>> No.7799828

Elira's squealing gasps as her whole body is wracked with pleasure!

>> No.7799833

Is she wearing a skirt in that picture?

>> No.7799835


>> No.7799837

Is this the RTS thread?

>> No.7799841

fucking hot

>> No.7799843

v. v. v. cute

>> No.7799847

pomu listens to nigger music...

>> No.7799850

purble place or the entire popcap game collection

>> No.7799857

based. best music out there

>> No.7799884

No fish smooch, why even live?

>> No.7799889

Sonna... BANANA

>> No.7799891

Listening to Mito's new album, so sweet. I hope she gets to fuck her someday

>> No.7799902

Great stream, Finana, I'm happy you liked the game. Looking forward to the next one!

>> No.7799912

No fish smooch because no superchat thanking, anon

>> No.7799918

Have you been doing your VOD reps? Catch up on the weekend quick because we're headed into another full week of streams!

(Elira's POV of the Mahjong collab was unlisted due to ISP issues though she still stayed and played for the full collab)






[Coming Up]

>> No.7799929

Is it me or did Selen replace the drawing of herself in the thumbnail of her upcoming SC stream to an image of Ember for a while?

>> No.7799941

Do you think she gives them out for free?!

>> No.7799948


I forgot Finana's Hitman stream. I am extremely fucking sorry, Ryuguards.

>> No.7799951

Yeah, she did. Ember was running her Twitter today.

>> No.7799953

yeah that happened

>> No.7799961


>> No.7799971

PIKL barely escaped with his life

>> No.7799972

card has spats

>> No.7799998

Pomu is back in less than a weeeek

>> No.7800009

Should have stayed in the basement

>> No.7800020

Elira is convincing me to start making games with microtransactions. People like her will buy anything.

>> No.7800036

It's all part of her grooming plan to condition you. If she were to do the kiss every time you'd come to expect it and take it for granted.

>> No.7800048

In a perfect world...

>> No.7800052

She is truly gachabrained

>> No.7800063


>> No.7800069


>> No.7800071


>> No.7800076

>buying skins for a shit mobile game
WHY Elira

>> No.7800092

Thank you for posting your collection anon!

>> No.7800118 [SPOILER] 

fish lips...

>> No.7800120

hullo hullo everyooooooone hiiiiiii

>> No.7800137


>> No.7800139

It's you're fault, chat.

>> No.7800140


>> No.7800143

Forgot to add If you see any good fanart missing, please share

>> No.7800153

>people gachasupa even in bloons
Are there gachascouters for bloons too?

>> No.7800163

why is her hand so weird?

>> No.7800170

God I love her nasally fucking hello.

>> No.7800232

Dragon bad at LARPing as a human.

>> No.7800240

She also enjoys rock...

>> No.7800241

shlicked too much

>> No.7800242

she can't fully shapeshift because she's only half dragon or something

>> No.7800251


>> No.7800280

But you can grind them

>> No.7800306

I really like Rosemi-sama.

>> No.7800324

>individully loads the dropships one by one
selen pls

>> No.7800329

good for breeding

>> No.7800335

Pomu is gone..

>> No.7800355

damn i wish my comment got called out on twitter

>> No.7800365

you can't fuck a plant anon

>> No.7800377

I want to fuck eliras brother

>> No.7800380

Can't stop thinking about her saying "what do you mean."

>> No.7800393

you think she ships her bro with his friends?

>> No.7800396

Yes you can

>> No.7800402

chuuni dragon hand for chuuni dragon girl

>> No.7800405

APEX truly kills the brain

>> No.7800416


>> No.7800422

Why grind when you can pay

>> No.7800434

>I just need men
Selen confirmed for gangbangs

>> No.7800435


>> No.7800448

I really want to have sex with selen

>> No.7800470

why does hana seem like good revenge rape bait

>> No.7800472

fishmom is cute

>> No.7800493

Sex with Selemn would be nice but I just want a friend.

>> No.7800504


>> No.7800506

No monetization = no feesh keess

>> No.7800509


>> No.7800510

me too...

>> No.7800514

Elira's laugh really warms my heart like nothing else in this world...

>> No.7800525

>the split wieners are a threat to finana's fans.

>> No.7800535

did twitter just change up their UI?

>> No.7800536

Feesh popped up in Elira's chat just to encourage her to gacha
Fuckin Finance

>> No.7800537

fucking adorable...

>> No.7800540

which dragon do i watch HELP

>> No.7800562

the one you want to marry. so, Selen

>> No.7800568

Depends, are you a boomer or a zoomer?

>> No.7800569

Funny one

>> No.7800572

The hot one

>> No.7800576

Yes unfortunately

>> No.7800580


>> No.7800595

>the boomer is playing a zoomer game the zoomer is playing a boomer game

That doesn't help at all.

>> No.7800598

i don't know jack about starcraft but selen's stream seems like it'd be painful for anyone who did

>> No.7800602 [SPOILER] 

not with that attitude

>> No.7800604

Both, you stupid faggot.

>> No.7800611

You know, this Selen girl is alright

>> No.7800613

Selen's stinky vespene gas..

>> No.7800620

Ok, Elira

>> No.7800622

sadly im not schizophrenic so i can only watch one stream at once

>> No.7800624


>> No.7800628


>> No.7800635


>> No.7800642

Nah, it is funny

>> No.7800644

It is

>> No.7800647

Primus lookin ass

>> No.7800649

Someone please get me a clip of that pregnant comment selen made thanks

>> No.7800663

ENCHANCE had more soul

>> No.7800666

i can't handle watching people playing games worse than me. the mahjong collab on saturday had me actually yelling at my screen

>> No.7800673


>> No.7800700


>> No.7800716

These Elira giggles are so dangerous for my heart

>> No.7800719


>> No.7800720

>I'm gone
well now he's gone

>> No.7800725

I dont care for SC so im sticking with Elira.

>> No.7800727

>Elira laughing so hard she gets out of breath
So cute...

>> No.7800728

> go to Selen stream
> she's laughing hysterically
> go to Elira stream
> she's laughing hysterically
wtf is happening

>> No.7800730

Do fujos really?

>> No.7800738

it's funnier than frustrating.
>vaspean gas

captcha: JAPR0

>> No.7800740

High as fuck

>> No.7800762

I don't know why I slept on Selen.
She's amazing.

>> No.7800763


>> No.7800777


>> No.7800794

Bros i love the dragon sisters so much....

>> No.7800807

No problem!

>> No.7800827

Dragons are truly a superior species.

>> No.7800828

I never realized when I played through this but you could just have Duke and a squad of SCVs carry half this mission, couldn't you

>> No.7800844

How... How high or drunk is Elira????

>> No.7800851

have they collabed yet? I feel like they haven't but I could be forgetting

>> No.7800857


>> No.7800869

Being a ghost in selen's army is a death sentence

>> No.7800886

they played together in that one zombie game w/ Finana and Rosemi at least

>> No.7800891

>nuking her own man

>> No.7800893

i dont know but i dont care because those giggles hit different

>> No.7800897

>Spending money on Kusoge
sonna banana

>> No.7800905

You know, I'm actually kind of glad that Finana is so lewd and seison't, because right now that's the only thing that's keeping me from going full parasocial.

>> No.7800920

They were going to this week but got pushed to next week (hopefully)

>> No.7800937

The HAHA Dragon.

>> No.7800954

>she notices the gas SCVs 15 minutes later

>> No.7800967

do you know what they were gonna play/do?

random aside I'm happy how close elira and hada seem to be. captain deserves more love

>> No.7800993

>watching Selen trigger the fuck out of Starcraft nerds who are freaking out in chat because she's not grandmaster tier APM

>> No.7801001

Elira said they had a game picked at first but then she thought of the perfect game and they were both really excited for it. They were both too busy this week

>> No.7801048

please, not the fucking kazoo.. I used to watch all of mori's sc readings until she introduced it and I couldn't take it anymore

>> No.7801057

>Elira couldn't ever figure out how to use a kazoo
Oh hell she's so dumb and so cute

>> No.7801069

What you gonna do about it? Cry about it? Piss your pants.

>> No.7801092

For the longest time i thought the Norad 2 commander was wearing an armored hawaiian shirt.

>> No.7801093

Pomu Pomu Pomu 15 days Pomu Pomu Pomu
Pomu Pomu Pomu Pomu Pomu Pomu

>> No.7801097

elira was ironically probably the only one who played at a decent bronze level

>> No.7801105

maybe I'll shid and fart and cum. You can't stop me.

>> No.7801154


>> No.7801185

I'm a newfag into niji en, I can't but think on this, I haven't missed a single Rosemi stream since debut

>> No.7801197

selen... build your army already

>> No.7801216

Tribalfags OUT

>> No.7801233


>> No.7801243

Why? She has The Duke.

>> No.7801248

Friendship ended with Raynor. Now Duke is Selen's best friend.

>> No.7801264

seeing these "amazing" tactics from Selen makes me wanna watch her play XCOM

>> No.7801269

Why yes? I completed this mission only using Duke, how could you tell?

>> No.7801274

shes so fucking bad i cant watch this at all
stick to apex

>> No.7801283

Pomudachis, talk her out of it. You don't want Pomu going through that torture.

>> No.7801293

The Pomu who rages againt the storm kino soon

>> No.7801317

Lmaoing @ this autistic boomer

>> No.7801345

>expecting Boxer gameplay

>> No.7801362

>Balan Wonderworld

>> No.7801385

I fucking love it. I'm an RE autist and still had fun watching her stumble through her first time playing RE 4 (as any first time playthrough should be).

>> No.7801388


>> No.7801401


>> No.7801405


>> No.7801406

Based tribalchad

>> No.7801415

I literally hate cunny

>> No.7801427

>she A+clicked a Marine

>> No.7801431

what the fuck bros I love Selen?

>> No.7801438

It's pretty bad.

>> No.7801465

The shittiest 3D platformer made since Bubsy 3D directed by Yuji Naka, Sonic's creator. All of its shoestring budget went into prerendered cutscenes, as is tradition with any Square-Enix published game for the last 10 years.

>> No.7801473

>she'll have to restart after depleting all her resources and accomplishing nothing
Based Selen making this a 2-hour mission.

>> No.7801486

The shittiest platformer you've ever seen in modern day. This game was unironically made for infants. It's so bad I don't know if it even deserves to be called a platformer, it's like calling a children's book a novel.

>> No.7801506

Blizzards sound work was so good during this era of games. This, Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 all have such memorable sounds.

>> No.7801508

Me on the top.

>> No.7801522

Isn't this like a ten minute mission because of Duke? I don't even remember this.

>> No.7801530

At least Minecraft's dead, r-right?

>> No.7801564

Game made by the Sonic creator.

Combination of ineptness, no budget and covid meant that it was basically dead on arrival. Shitty design choices, weird incomprehensible story and just all around terrible gameplay.

>> No.7801569

Pomu becoming the kusoge player of nijien would be one hella twist.

>> No.7801590

I-I'm sorry Pomu, please play Minecraft
Please, just not that game, PLEASE

>> No.7801594

She is going to end up sending all her scv in a mad rush, isn't she?

>> No.7801606

She just needs to make a line of big pp tanks and that demolishes everything land based.

>> No.7801618

Do it Pomu.

>> No.7801624

eliras level is like one of the latest levels
NO ONE will be able to stand a stream of that game.

>> No.7801626

I want what Elira's having.

>> No.7801632

Pomu and Elira fighting for the throne, maybe collabing on some shit games

>> No.7801643

Bloons 6 has a multiplayer mode...

>> No.7801664


>> No.7801676

Don't give them ideas, anon.

>> No.7801683


>> No.7801692

Writing was good too. SC2 story is a disney movie in comparison to broodwar

>> No.7801718

Not this shit again

>> No.7801725

Kerrigan and Sylvanus are examples of how nu-blizzard has no idea how to write.

>> No.7801733

See? Even the game's title is fucked up.

>> No.7801739


>> No.7801744

They wanted it to appeal to broader audience(idiots)

>> No.7801764

>noooo selen, you're playing it wrong
>stop having fun playing a dumb game the way you want to play it
>you have to be pro and know all the strats

>> No.7801784

What the fuck???? I think I'm getting Berenstein Beared here because I was sure it was wonderland.

>> No.7801786

while its true that Blizzard games became shit in terms of lore... the soundtrack never disappoint

>> No.7801806

same lmfao i think i just read balan wonder and my brain filled in the rest every time til now

>> No.7801814

/v/iggers are a blight.
There were fucking Bloons autists seething about Elira earlier KEK

>> No.7801821

elira found the bloons cash shop..

>> No.7801840

>Bloons autists
fuck me that's next level autism

>> No.7801841

The best part is her, not only ignoring them, but actively going against their advice to trigger them even more. It's fantastic.

>> No.7801846

Nah it was always Wonderworld, I specifically remember this because everybody was making fun of it for not being Wonderland despite it making way more sense.

>> No.7801854

zelda is kusoge

>> No.7801863

It's so refreshing to watch somebody genuinely have fun.

>> No.7801873

not everyone is a /v/ anon, anon
>Starcraft autist
fair enough
>Blooms autist
that's just normalfags

>> No.7801889

nigger, I'm enjoying my anger

>> No.7801895

/v/ is full of normalfags

>> No.7801916

lol i am not asking for her to be an apm god
just fucking simply using a click is enough jesus

>> No.7801923

>he thinks that /v/ likes shit like Blooms
go make a thread about that game there and see what happens

>> No.7801932

/v/ don't even play video games anon

>> No.7801956

Elira must be doing a contest to see the worst game she can play

>> No.7801964

You faggots complaining about it are more annoying. Her chat looks fine, just some banter and very little sweaty backseating. Where are you seeing people get angry at her? Are the "Nooooooo" comments it?

>> No.7801973

it just proves that she doesnt care about her fans, since multiple people told her about a+left click last stream

>> No.7801974

gonna cry?

>> No.7801990

I mean, Elira is fun but she must be playing shit games on purpose

>> No.7801991

I'm schizophrenic, of course how the world is distorted in my perspective.

>> No.7801992

don't worry, pomu might catch up soon

>> No.7802008

Both of them are great

>> No.7802009

she did anon, she A+Clicked on a Marine in one of the fights

>> No.7802010

At least Pomu will make it entertaining, unlike Elira who's Omori and Bloons streams are complete boredom.

>> No.7802017

Only got into 1/3rd of the video. Looks like absolute shit. I hope Pomu gets permissions

>> No.7802035

Apple gets rich off people exactly like Elira

>> No.7802043


>> No.7802046

>1 niji fan vs. dozens of holo fans
yup, seems about right.

>> No.7802067

Aren't they supposed to not shit on games they play? I don't see how she'd get permission for balan

>> No.7802069

schizochama do you just like roll a d6 to decide which one of them you hate tonight

>> No.7802074

Selen is making so many men... Damascus must be so happy...

>> No.7802080

Elira hates caramel.
Dropped, unsubbed, unfollowed.

>> No.7802095

More sense how? Just because people are used to things called Wonderland doesn't mean calling something Wonderworld is wrong. Seems pretty autistic.

>> No.7802096

Might as well put some of Ago's fans as well since they seem to have a reputation of looking good for some reason.

>> No.7802100


>> No.7802113

Jesus this dragon is absolutely blasted.

>> No.7802116

More like d20 where 1-19 is a coin flip between Elira and Pomu, while 20 is the rest done with a d4.

>> No.7802132

I miss Petra...

>> No.7802145

I want to drink Elira's discarded iced coffee

>> No.7802158

She's having fun

>> No.7802196

Ah yes, great pathfinding.

>> No.7802205


It's alliterative and has the same sound versus Balan Wonderworld, which is weirder to say because it doesn't rhyme or connect because there's no matching sounds in Balan and Wonderworld.

>> No.7802236

"What am I doing? Oh yeah I'm playing Bloons."


>> No.7802275

Don't worry, she'll stream again before you know it.

>> No.7802284

Are you ESL or are you serious about not understanding why WonderLAND would suit the word BaLAN better

>> No.7802286

She's so high out of her mind right now
also how new, use >

>> No.7802291


>> No.7802306

Elira really lost her steam in the past couple of weeks. Her streams have became more and more boring, the only times they were good was when Pomu was in VC. Looks like we have the first case of burnout in nijien.

>> No.7802318

The absolute state of newfaggots

>> No.7802326

Finana has taken over as best lazulight imo

>> No.7802335

It's not the word familiarity, but rather the rhyming. The "lan" in Balan rhymes better with "land" than it does with "world".

>> No.7802341

based Duke is the kill leader

>> No.7802372


>> No.7802390

So both Pomu and Elira hate soda cause it just hurts? Based, soda is fucking garbage

>> No.7802397

Elira is my favorite NijiEN member. Always has been, always will be. :)

>> No.7802427


>> No.7802431

Elira LOVE!

>> No.7802465


>> No.7802472

incredibly based.

>> No.7802479

Do you faggots have any userscript or something like that to make sure the stream is always synced? Sometimes my internet route shits itself and I have to click the Live button to sync the stream a couple times. I don't care about some buffer time, I just want it to be synced.

>> No.7802484

I like Elira but the moment she collab with PIKL, she is dead to me.

>> No.7802498

dragonschizos seething because they can't handle the truth kek

>> No.7802504

I ejaculate

>> No.7802548

I can't tell if Elira likes kuso games or is trying to lose viewers on purpose

>> No.7802558

The only thing seething is my boiling blood, full of love for Elira!

>> No.7802585

We're at schizo hours.

>> No.7802661

Stupid coomer

>> No.7802690

>best game choice
>best at zatsudan
>sweetest and lewd at times

>> No.7802706

Stupid gosling

>> No.7802714


>> No.7802715

...why is Selen playing a kusoge?

>> No.7802741

i screamed irl

>> No.7802749

How can we convince the fish to do meme review streams?
Maybe she can invite someone along every once in a while

>> No.7802760

You people call any game that is unfamiliar to you a kusoge.

>> No.7802773


>> No.7802790

I mean, okay I guess. Even so I don't really think it sounds better because the accent is on the BAlan anyway.

>> No.7802805

>wake up at wage hours during my leave to watch koushien
>realize that I lost track of what day it is during the leave and group A plays tomorrow
Was Rosemi's Skyrim any good, buds?

>> No.7802814

>Selen: I'm producing men as we speak

>> No.7802825

But RTS are kusoges, that's why they died to MOBA.

>> No.7802842

>meme review
pls no, anything but that

>> No.7802862

imagine spending any money on this shit phone game

why do people do this?

>> No.7802865


>> No.7802873

I guess it's only 8 hours, 44 minutes, and 30 seconds

>> No.7802880

It was pretty good.

>> No.7802906

She's losing it.

>> No.7802911

If it means playing a variety of games I hope she keeps playing kusoge

>> No.7802913

I want to protect Elira from microtransactions

>> No.7802917

they're both losing it

>> No.7802924

Mostly Ks*n fags going against Starcraft. Lots of pretenders around. I don't even like Selen but I see Starcraft, I click (the only Vtuber playing it).

>> No.7802934

you're not alone anon, we must be from the same timeline because I was sure it was wonderland, I've been calling it Balan Wonderland this entire time

>> No.7802935

hope it's not like holoEN where once they're sure they made it they won't care anymore about the streams.

>> No.7802960

Do you even need to ask? The answer is yes

>> No.7802963

a fucking turret

>> No.7802965

Set video speed to 2x to get rid of the delay

>> No.7802967

Bros i love the dragon sisters so much...

>> No.7802972

Coomer tendecies aside, Finana is bringing banger after banger on her streams, she's always 100% engaged, has great interactions with the chat, tells funny/interesting anecdotes and has overall a very positive presence, I'm proud of the feesh, she's come a long way.

>> No.7802978

sneaky little fucker camping the edge of the map

>> No.7802983


>> No.7802995

Sometimes I think schizos are watching a completely different company when I see posts like this.

>> No.7803007

isnt this shit single player? just use a hacked apk for free money

>> No.7803031

Anyone with sense would realize that Balan Wonderland sounds better, just how anyone with sense would realize making a 3D game where every button does the same thing would be retarded.

>> No.7803050

It's been well established that Elira is the laziest piece of shit in nijien, just look how last week she cancelled her Dark Souls stream despite her internet being fine and watching the Minecraft collab instead.

>> No.7803052

At least it wasn't a useless tower

>> No.7803055

Why is Elira playing this absolute kusoge again?

>> No.7803063

All hours are schizo hours, where do you think you are?

>> No.7803064

there is legal issues with streaming that for moni anon.

>> No.7803068

This is quite ingenious. I'm really thankful for this tip, anon.

>> No.7803076


>> No.7803090

You know it's only a matter of time

>> No.7803099

i feel bad for people who write her off over the coomer shit because its a fairly small part of her fantastic streams. i regret writing her off for so long.

>> No.7803106

how are there even bloons experts in chat? people play this shit?

>> No.7803143

What's with the influx of shit posters today? Is it because Selen attracts holobronies?

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