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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7767355

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Oh god Rosemi please be ok. I hope Rosemi hasn't gotten into an accident, I'm so worried about Rosemi. Rosemi please stay safe.

>> No.7774578

I love Lazulight!

>> No.7774596

I think Petra as a singer won me over when she sang Unknown Mother Goose in her latest karaoke stream, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Pomu's song choices and how much fun she has with idol songs.

>> No.7774612

I miss Da Pomky

>> No.7774622


9 minute warning! Watch Lain!

>> No.7774648

Hope you posted this on one of the girl's art tags.

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>> No.7774676

Elira drew that one

>> No.7774716

I've been doing my fitness reps for Rosemi and I'm starting to see results. My PP is harder than ever when I jerk off and I have more energy to serve her.

>> No.7774727

how nice

>> No.7774762

Numberfags, I summon you.
Have cooking streams been good or bad for NijiENs so far?

>> No.7774821

Objectively good, they're always buff streams.

>> No.7774829


How do we kick KFPs out of the fanbase?

>> No.7774834

This PIKL looks better than original

>> No.7774839

Have any femanons made it past the first phase of auditions?

>> No.7774844

You have to get consent from the girls to diminish their fanbase, I suppose.

>> No.7774951

>Have any femanons made it past the first phase of auditions?
They'd be in the aspiring vtuber thread not here.
Only appropriate answer.

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>> No.7775029

The ghost is gonna be euphie

>> No.7775041

I like this idea enough to think about doing it for real but it'd just cause trouble in our current reality.

>> No.7775049

What is Pomu streaming today?

>> No.7775081

Yes, and I got accepted. Since I live in Japan I can make it to the Anykara studio and fulfill my dream of sitting on the same seat warmed by the butt of Kenmochi Toya.

>> No.7775224

ughhhhh fuck you pomu just come back early I want to buy membership

>> No.7775257

make a compilation of her cute grunts from Doom and use that to tide you over

>> No.7775275

Would you say Wosemi has some degree of retard energy

>> No.7775287

I wanna fuck the chibi Selen from her intro

>> No.7775311

Her taking my entire 4 inch cock in her ass

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>> No.7775381

I'm literally cumming in Selen right now

>> No.7775445

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

>> No.7775476

I bet she's super quiet when she masturbates and lays on her back with her legs together.

>> No.7775528

I'm sure she has to be cautious not to influence her siblings into the habit. Her dad'll beat her ass if any connection were ever to be discovered.

>> No.7775540

i crave cunny

>> No.7775541

>mfw I thought the Petra/Cia collab was today and forced my self to stay awake and now I feel like an exhausted retard

>> No.7775554

I'm currently feeling it more from Finana's Little Nightmares 2 stream.
There's being laid-back and then there's just not getting it.
In fact, something caught my eye out of all the comments. Is this bullying?

>> No.7775558

same.. i thought it was today too and had to hurry up with what i was doing..

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>> No.7775571

Shartemis in the comments

>> No.7775614

>he does't want to fuck Selen's dragon mom

>> No.7775633

Based Finana feet poster

>> No.7775637

Please no

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>> No.7775643 [SPOILER] 

Can Selen beat this elf?

>> No.7775659

Can you translate everything she says for me bro? Thanks

>> No.7775661

>design is 100% sex
>voice is 0% sex but 100% cute instead

>> No.7775668


>> No.7775688

She's playing it too? Guess I'll check it out.

>> No.7775709

gap moe?

>> No.7775802

How nostalgic. More importantly, tired but joyful Elira is a nice look.

>> No.7775830


>> No.7775846

Jesus Axia's memberships are plying at mach 10. Is this what it's gonna be when EN opens theirs?

>> No.7775904

Penguin clippers exist after all... The quality isn't too shabby either.

>> No.7775933

>check the stream out of curiosity
>see this
man this is gay as fuck
is THIS what en males are gonna look like?

>> No.7775945

Yeah I think all 6 have dedicated clippers now it's nice to see

>> No.7776033

I can already tell that things won't be the same once Pomu returns. She can't go back to GFE like she used to anymore.

>> No.7776043

Has anyone among Nijisanji covered this? Who could?

>> No.7776045

yeah, there are like 3 penguin clippers, some of their clips were fun to watch

>> No.7776051

That was almost me

>> No.7776088

Why are those chonky Petras so cute

>> No.7776089

Things haven't been the same since the yab

>> No.7776128

I'd be more concerned if she didn't at her age

>> No.7776149


>> No.7776159

Pomu was always FE not GFE

>> No.7776177

Thank god, it's more fun that way

>> No.7776196

if Petra's design was given to Pomu, how fast would she grow carried by design buff?

>> No.7776203

Elira is the better GFE. I feel like I have started to legitimately fall in love with her and that kind of scares me.

>> No.7776206

Finana is for rough sex, and cuddles afterwards

>> No.7776216

Petra sounds cuter in those clips... I might give her another try

it's a mystery

>> No.7776237

It makes you want to pinch her cheeks

>> No.7776276

I refuse to believe that finana is 20. There's no way she's a day over 18 with the way she talks and acts.

>> No.7776281

She is quoting the video, she and Elira both are in that chain

>> No.7776293

penguins are fat and cute

>> No.7776301

Do you just enjoy the nice feelings (yes, along with the fear) or are you actually intent on putting in the effort to meet her in a sane manner? Asking myself that and realizing the answer was no is how I dispelled the last set of romantic feelings shortly after they arose. And you're right, how powerful it feels is scary.

>> No.7776305

Is it like the 10th time this has been reposted now?

>> No.7776308

How is it gay?

>> No.7776367

And much, much more:

>> No.7776403

>Less than a week
Less than a week
>Less than a week
Less than a week

>> No.7776471

The real yab was finding out she is probably only 28 at the oldest and not 30 like we had thought. Truly devastating news.

>> No.7776481

I have a bad feeling FamElira already triggered the NTR route.

>> No.7776488

Petrin of lazulight

>> No.7776513

You arent some weirdo thats over 5 years younger than your oshi are you?

>> No.7776581


>> No.7776582

Are you just basing that of Elira's age or what?

>> No.7776609

dude do you SEE how he looks? do you see those emotes? shits gay as fuck this is why there are no successful male en vtuber. the straight western man is NOT into this gay shit

>> No.7776621

Pomu and Petra often have pretty cute twitter interactions

>> No.7776664

He is making absolute bank, his monetization stream is one of the highest supad ones ever

>> No.7776668

yeah they are into fat ugly bastards like Krimbo
Easier to relate I guess

>> No.7776750

Anon... The Evangelion waifu wars never ended.

Persona fans are getting there too.

>> No.7776796

We just don't know. We do know a nice Hitman stream is coming up.

>> No.7776832

>Eden-gumi have membership out before lazulight

>> No.7776846

But will any NijiMEN be able to cover this?

>> No.7776856

rosemi should just use the warped pics of her often posted here as her emotes

>> No.7776889


>> No.7776897

I wish I was that young still...

>> No.7776900


>> No.7776907

While that would be Hilarious, my Rosen Maiden deserve higher class.

>> No.7776937

Petra is really trying to stick close to Pomu. I wonder why.

>> No.7776952

If that's true then there's no way she's still a virgin

>> No.7776957

Everyone have memberships out before lazulight. Wave three will have memberships out before lazulight

>> No.7776961

why do japs like feminine guys so much?

>> No.7776969

Why yes I am actually. What have it away?

>> No.7777005


>> No.7777049

So do most western women (under the age of 25)

>> No.7777060

1. Don't read into twitter convos too much
2. Pomu seems like a pretty sweet senpai.

>> No.7777092

It is just Pomu grooming her

>> No.7777145

Petra literally talks about Pomu all the time, anon. But also I would too if I was Petra and had a choice between Pomu and the other 4.

>> No.7777182

Hagbros we lost this one...

>> No.7777191

anon, she literally talked about how good it feels to coom during sex in one of her nekopara streams

>> No.7777215

wait, when did this happen? Sad if true

>> No.7777219

Isn't that good? I thought younger = better for women

>> No.7777239

It didn't

>> No.7777306

Vtubers are not real life

>> No.7777318

Don't worry Rosebro. I've been informed that Rosemi DID remember to turn on her nightlight last night, and so the closet monster was kept at bay and she slept soundly. Hopefully she tweets soon.

>> No.7777370


>> No.7777371

Finana at the start talked all the time about how much she loves Pomu, she still does sometimes but maybe not as much. So if I had to guess, maybe Pomu goes out of her way to talk and included the members "at risk" of feeling outside, and that is why it seems like Petra and fish like Pomu so much

>> No.7777374

It's cute how Petra' so nice to Pomu yet acts like a bitch with Obsydia.

>> No.7777430

Based Motherly Pomu.

>> No.7777477

Obsydia are like sisters. Petra sees Pomu as the ideal older sibling compared to her actual siblings.

>> No.7777500

your oshi could be lurking in this thread right now! Say something nice to her!

>> No.7777522


>> No.7777576

Hi Pomu here. I have not once been to 4chan and never will, and neither have any of the other girls

>> No.7777616


>> No.7777617

Petra is Pomu's new adoptive daughter. I really hope she raises her well this time, her other daughter turned out kinda weird.

>> No.7777654

Tweet good morning pomu tomorrow if it is you

>> No.7777713


>> No.7777842

I look forward to more Terraria

>> No.7777860

hmmm this is a hags lovers zone.

>> No.7777874

Pomu sex!

>> No.7777885


>> No.7777914

I love Pomu!

>> No.7777956


>> No.7777999

>a hags lovers zone
>literally none of the nijiENs are hags

>> No.7778028

i'm setting an alarm for 5 years from now

>> No.7778064

Just as Takeshi became SEX, Pomu has become LOVE. She's pure love! I love her!!!!

She's also Pomu.

>> No.7778067

hags hags hags. serve em up, serve em out

>> No.7778101

Why are all the hagfags doomposting all of a sudden? Has there been any new Pomu age info recently that I missed?

>> No.7778164

O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

>> No.7778209

it's pomu selfposting again trying spread false rumours she is still under 30

>> No.7778288

No not really. A week or so ago, someone posted maybe authentic PL stuff from Elira that has her as younger than she seems, and then the thread sperged out about Pomu because it is impossible for someone to be friends with someone 5 or more years younger apparently.

>> No.7778364

Have you been doing your VOD reps? Catch up on the weekend quick because we're headed into another full week of streams!

(Elira's POV of the Mahjong collab was unlisted due to ISP issues though she still stayed and played for the full collab)




>> No.7778374

We have Pomsky

>> No.7778379


>> No.7778454

fun stuff

>> No.7778483

Age doesn't matter at all with friendships when you are past your teens.

>> No.7778651

Check who got it

>> No.7778763

>skyrim utawaku
wtf is Mito doing?

>> No.7778846

I'm so fucking hyped for the Elira ASMR stream dragonbros

>> No.7778861

Seeing Chima Phony cover last thread makes me remember this guy cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnfBEGmvrOs
Now i'm wishing that one of the males EN wave could have powerful singing voice or even better, have the singing voice like the dude from Platina Jazz for a truly good pick.

>> No.7778889

When is Selen's first karaoke?

>> No.7778914

whenever they get english song permissions

>> No.7778921

Kek, should be interesting.

>> No.7778942

When she gets the OK for english songs, they're a lot harder to get than japanese ones

>> No.7778946

She doesn't know japanese songs I think she said so she is trying to learn them so she can do one because permissions but might take a while.

>> No.7779007

I'm Pomu~

>> No.7779100

Is it difficult to get permission to sing English songs?

>> No.7779104

I love Pomu

>> No.7779121

that's just mito being mito
this is her stream to celebrate the release of her first album btw

>> No.7779173

Is it wrong to want to fuck this penguin?

>> No.7779244

Well with Japanese songs as far as I understand it there is one rights management company that the majority of major publishers use and that publisher has an agreement with youtube in place already to allow people to use any of their songs in their catalog and get a kickback from it. The only thing you aren't allowed to do is use the original music from CD recording or whatever because that is a separate copyright. So the main difficulty is finding a karaoke backing track that is free and allows you to use it commercially. I don't know that any similar arrangement exists for English songs so it might be a case of getting permissions individually for everything.

>> No.7779246

Pomu love!

>> No.7779329

Pomu cute!

>> No.7779346

I started to like Penguin after I found out she can play the Piano.

>> No.7779385

They seem to be able to use almost any japanese song as long as they dont monetize the karaoke, do they have to seek permission for the individual songs to be able to have SCs on?

>> No.7779421

This is selen's favolite song.
Is there anything she can sing?

>> No.7779439

I've seen this image a couple times, anyone know the artist?

>> No.7779469

Pomu sweet!

>> No.7779475

I like Selen less now

>> No.7779492

Has she ever talked about TWGOK after her debut? I want to know who's her favorite girl. For the love of god let it be Elsie...

>> No.7779511

I'm gonna fuck her pits

>> No.7779517

>Likes Liar Game
How did I miss this. My gamer friend is absolutely BASED.

>> No.7779526

With the Japanese branch they usually monetize karaoke unless the stream has vocaloid songs. So I am not really sure what is going on with the EN branch there because I am sure they have had monetization off in some karaoke streams with no vocaloid and had it on in others with no vocaloid too.

>> No.7779569

They have had monetization off for every karaoke, except Pomu's 100 God Knows marathon

>> No.7779602

how nice

>> No.7779621

I love my qt fairy wife Pomu!

>> No.7779643


>> No.7779660

Well, she can hum.

>> No.7779677

You are right, I thought they had it on for the first karaoke for Pomu and Elira where they sung basically the same songs.

>> No.7779690

Hope euphie makes another Pomu piece for her return, the ones she has done are some of my favorite Pomu art

>> No.7779757

Mito skyrim karaoke...

wait what?

>> No.7779821

I'm sure a number of them sing while doing various activities when they're alone, so why not cut loose while slaying dragons too?

>> No.7779862

Yep this is why Mito is my Niji oshi. She's perfect.

>> No.7779936

dragonschizos seething

>> No.7779982

more like dragonschizos hard as hell

>> No.7780004

rude audience

>> No.7780020

provided that a metaphorical European branch started its rounds around this time
what do they even watch? CSGO? DoTA?

>> No.7780022

I hope Pomu watches this and takes notes. This is the soul...

>> No.7780038

ba bada bum
ba bum bada bum

>> No.7780076

Joke's on you, I get off to that.

>> No.7780100

HoMM3 and Gothic II

>> No.7780102

Look at how flat she is!

>> No.7780138


>> No.7780145

This is some next level stuff

>> No.7780159

lmao this is pretty great

>> No.7780172

>Pretty Cure
When will Selen be more willing to show her girly side?

>> No.7780174

Pomu is so lucky...

>> No.7780180

This is really good. First of all the audience won't shut up and she gets in a fight with them and then the whole audience just leaves when she starts singing.

>> No.7780181

Mito, I kneel

>> No.7780204

Germans that don't play work simulators only play Gothic II and Gothic II clones by Piranha Bytes

>> No.7780207

Behind the 100$ membership tier

>> No.7780233

Why is Elira playing a shitty mobile game later

>> No.7780238

I NEED to pollinate a flower!

>> No.7780240

okay I get the picture, all the europian beggerfags dont know what they'd even stream.

>> No.7780255

i have so many questions

>> No.7780263

FIFA and Football Manager

I only remember dealing with UK people and my (very limited) personal experience is that they really love the Nintendos and SEGAs.

>> No.7780311 [SPOILER] 

Also I'm pretty sure Europe and China were the ones keeping AoEII on life support.

>> No.7780318

The swede chuuba will only play swedish games so we get some new cool chuuba games like micra, jump king, gtfo and passpartout

>> No.7780407

I can't vouch for Gothic, but if a Ruski somehow were to get in it's true for HoMM3.

>> No.7780424


>> No.7780485

>> No.7780515

I will commit mass genocide if it meant being with Rosemi.

>> No.7780550

tsuKINO mito

>> No.7780563


>> No.7780616

wosemi's boobs aren't that big

>> No.7780650

I want to sink my mandibles into those thighs.

>> No.7780677


>> No.7780743

those pigtails sure are nice

>> No.7780793

Pomu's lower half is very erotic

>> No.7780804

Because she doesn't find it shitty or if it's been ages since she's played, wishes to put it to the test.

>> No.7780812

I love this pic except for the mouth. It's way too small.

>> No.7780826

Why was Wosemi made to be so lewd?

>> No.7780834

Greg is that you?

>> No.7780848

I can only hope for a nijisanji en male to be as fun as sachou

>> No.7780849

Based warcrimebud.

>> No.7780907


>> No.7780916

>cute autistic canadian personality
>pure distilled sex design

>> No.7780925

God I wish I was him

>> No.7780932

I'd crawl naked through a mile of broken glass just to get a single whiff of her sweat.

>> No.7780942

Pomu thighs!

>> No.7780947

When your dick is so hard it becomes tsuKINO mito

>> No.7780976

I dislike fanart that doesn't follow the character body type. Wish Rosemi would get good stuff.

>> No.7781016


>> No.7781038


>> No.7781040

rosemi feels more like a retarded little sister than anything

>> No.7781082 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7781120

Finana is still awake, what the fuck fish your losing tons of sleep

>> No.7781143

It is impossible to have sex with a flower!

>> No.7781206


>> No.7781231

It's almost lunch time she's gotta eat and fatten up

>> No.7781252

Jammin' with Pomu!

>> No.7781259

I like this though.

>> No.7781350

For you

>> No.7781377

Why doesn't Pomu so cute dumb shit like that on the youtube channel so she doesn't get fucked by the algo?

>> No.7781381

Didn't the dev of that penguin heist game shill it on /v/ before?

>> No.7781388


>> No.7781409

What song is she listening to?

>> No.7781433

She was listening to Mito's skyrim karaoke.

>> No.7781443

Pomu cute

>> No.7781448

Mito....This is nijisanji...

>> No.7781490


>> No.7781517

i dont know a word of nihongo and that was still kino

>> No.7781518

But what if she gets a stomach ache from the cupcakes. Or oversleeps? WHAT IF SHE FORGETS TO TWEET? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH ROSEMIIIIIIIIIII

>> No.7781543


>> No.7781550

I posted this yesterday but I don't care. doing it again

>> No.7781560


Let the Pomuification commence

>> No.7781571


>> No.7781578

She burns a lot of energy keeping a certain system on overdrive by herself. She might get sick of it eventually.

>> No.7781637

I can't believe Rosemi made a store-bought cupcake all by herself, Well done Rosemi!

>> No.7781641

Hakase MC

>> No.7781677


>> No.7781683

Remember to do your reps

>> No.7781711

>that webm

Isn't this a compliment?

>> No.7781720

does it work for blackout

>> No.7781850

Right. More Stacraft today. Cool.

>> No.7781854

No clue but she makes me incredibly horny

>> No.7781867

do we become pomu if we click enough

>> No.7781869


>> No.7781907

>> No.7781920

You are already Pomu

>> No.7781930

So when is Pomu going to allow the other girls to open their memberships by doing hers? And no, the peer pressure nature of this situation is not totally voluntary. Everyone is being held hostage to her whims at the moment.

>> No.7781937 [SPOILER] 

Don't worry, it's totally safe, you will become POMU

>> No.7782006

Never she will hold 'em hostage forever

>> No.7782052

>So when is Pomu going to allow the other girls to open their memberships by doing hers?
When they finally do their BISH reps like she fucking told them to do

>> No.7782058

Did anyone from Obsydia mention if they qualified for memberships yet? It's not an automatic thing, they have to apply for it and wait maybe a couple of weeks before Youtube gives it to them.

>> No.7782087

They are waiting for Lazulight to do theirs first.

>> No.7782122

What a fucking snowball.

>> No.7782152

Right, but they can still apply for it ahead of time. Did any of them mention about applying and getting approved yet?

>> No.7782193

Everyone should kneel to Pomu.

>> No.7782226

Are all the obsydias all done with them? I know they want to wait for lazulight but that is not the same thing as them being all done, some emotes commisions and shit can take a while

>> No.7782238

I should probably start sending strongly worded marshmallows periodically, just like that other anon.

>> No.7782257

doubt it. rosemi hasn't talked about it much at all, selen's probably gonna do her own, idk about petra

>> No.7782271

Why do you even need the memberships?

>> No.7782284

they will open when ELIRA is finally done with her emotes. Would've been open for a month already if not for that.

>> No.7782299

Lazulight will release theirs the day after Pomu comes back and then it will be revealed that obsydia isnt done with theirs and all the fags will have been mad in vain

>> No.7782305

They need memberships to make more money and create exclusive member streams for non-poorfags.

>> No.7782347

Post proof whenever you do, so I can send an equally strongly worded one, but in a positive tone, saying how much I love her and I'll keep supporting her forever.

>> No.7782378

Mito has the only good membership

>> No.7782391


>> No.7782401

She's waiting for you to stop being a bitch so expect them to never open them

>> No.7782403

so Petra/Cia collab will be english right? Cia's english improved a lot to the point she could do a decent enough collab with Pomu or any other EN. Or will they just do Jap?

>> No.7782421

Hopefully in japanese, so they can filter some faggots.

>> No.7782490

Inb4 more people take finana’s 4th tier membership, and knowing her she will feel the need to actually gove something

>> No.7782492

filter who exactly? There is nobody to filter and Cia's audience is ID/EN

>> No.7782553

Sometimes I do that here. Keep fighting the good fight, pomudachi.

>> No.7782568

>Hopefully in japanese
she's learning but her moonrune is basic level for now

>> No.7782602

Neither. They'll be speaking in penguin. Good luck.

>> No.7782628

she's good enough to collab with unchi debiru so she'll be fine

>> No.7782629

But what if I don't want to become Pomu?

>> No.7782668

Too late

>> No.7782672

>Why doesn't Pomu so cute dumb shit like that on the youtube channel so she doesn't get fucked by the algo?
Because Phase-Connect & PRISM are the only ones with the faintest idea how the algo works.
Seriously, I'm a /ck/fag and there's this Lisa Ngyen chick who pushed her channel to (presumably, she doesn't do sponsorships and has no reason to lie about this shit) the level where monetization alone is enough to support exotic ingredients and fancy trips to random parts of the world, just by doing YT Shorts about Ramen.

From what has been said about management they're huge numberfags but apparently they don't know shit about how to game the underlying stuff.
Meanwhile P-C & PP are constantly inclining just by doing clip grind and a normal to below normal amount of streams.

>> No.7782696

Like you have a choice. Become Pomu

>> No.7782712

penguin is just nature's dubstep

>> No.7782731

Truth is, you were Pomu from the start.

>> No.7782744


>> No.7782814

Which NijiEN would be easiest to make try various drugs?

>> No.7782841


>> No.7782844


>> No.7782861

then maybe fish but only the light stuff.

>> No.7782890

Why Rosemi? She seems pretty easily scared.

>> No.7782901

wosemi but i'd feel kind of guilty because she is retarded so its not fair

>> No.7782927

Finana has almost certainly tried MDMA before, RIP her brain ;_;

>> No.7782929

Wose has so little furniture, because she is an crack addict

>> No.7782934

She'd be easily peer pressured and she's kind of retarded.

>> No.7782939

Rosemi seems pretty cautious, she's even scared of cooking meat.

>> No.7782949

wosemi already huffs paint, she's ahead of the curve when it comes to drugs

>> No.7782952

Wosemi mentioned she doesn’t drink alcohol so she is probably straight edge

>> No.7782959

>she can't cook because the crack keeps killing her appetite

>> No.7782962

I think she likes the smell of gasoline or garages, wouldn't be that hard to draw her huffing paint or going further by that point.

>> No.7782964


>> No.7782965

sheltered with very restrictive parents until recently? Prime material for drug pusher's grooming.

>> No.7782988

>notified of an interview
>person's name is Rose
Good thing we already know what kind of place Rosemi works at

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