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Hoshimachi Suisei Thread

Original Songs Playlist
Now on Space (Acoustic Version)
Now on Space (Trio Version)

Stream or Purchase 『駆けろ』(Kakero)

Upcoming Events
(August 13th) Cover Release
(August 16th) Interesting Announcement
(August 21st) Original Song release and Important Announcement
(September 29th) Still Still Stellar: Hoshimachi Suisei 1st Album Release.

Physical CD Pre-purchase


Hoshimachi Suisei and Azusa Tadokoro: Heikousen Scramble
(Radio Show with Bunka Housou every Sunday 17:00)

For any questions you may have and older threads, check the FAQ:

Last Thread: >>7629734

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what flavor of multivitamin gummies do you think suityan prefers

>> No.7768914

Have a good thread everyone. Remember, don't reply to bait and don't misbehave.

>> No.7768927

That's not...

>> No.7768958

Probably orange, since we know she likes orange juice.

>> No.7768968

that's not what, anon?

>> No.7768976

Oh fuck. I think it was wrongly tagged

>> No.7769177

That's definitely not...

>> No.7769493

pic related

>> No.7769711

Big titties, disgusting

>> No.7769777

it's just the lighting

>> No.7769875

Clearly its the fat girl angle. Its called that cause it adds 10 lbs to the chest area.

>> No.7770005

No stars in the eyes means it's not her.

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>> No.7771523

hopefully >>7777777 will be a suityan get

>> No.7772288

I love suityan so much bros...

>> No.7774427

GOD she's so flat

>> No.7774530

Perfect for naizuri

>> No.7774548


>> No.7774636

I just realized i don't have that many suisei webms.

>> No.7775249

Suisei with Nene and PPT.

>> No.7775306

It must be this one

>> No.7775752

Maybe they're recording for an episode? It would be nice to see the three of them together on the show.

>> No.7776080

Hoshi no Kanata... and Nene

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>> No.7777123

4weeks in a row in Heat Seekers ranking.

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>> No.7778095

Far too many fanartists forget about them and I can't understand how. They seem such an important and distinctive feature to me.

>> No.7778945

Tokomachi supremacy is taking over this thread!!!

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>> No.7779248

i am awoken, thank you

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>> No.7781553

>> No.7781823

She looks so happy!

>> No.7782794

Yeah, I don't really get it either. Her eyes are often the first things I look at when I see her. Gotta have the stars there.

>> No.7784032

Suichan munching on food...

>> No.7784459

Hungrymachi kawaii

>> No.7785728

What's your favourite tokomachi cover,

>> No.7785824

Next GTA collab when...

>> No.7785867


Switch and go...

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>> No.7786120


>> No.7786751

this one.

>> No.7787161

Is it weird that I sometimes think about the stale ringo on Suichan's breath after she finishes a song?

>> No.7787174

i would say it's weird but im the same so i cant judge

>> No.7787328

it's weird, please take your meds.

>> No.7787549

Why is she drinking Haato?

>> No.7787599

Great live.

>> No.7787934

That was a great show overall, but the Tokomachi songs were the best.

>> No.7790007

The other day I asked if someone had the "we are the champions" short video and I searched here https://hololivevideos.download/channel/hosimatisuisei?__cf_chl_managed_tk__=pmd_4b3c0bd4c11d3e71850f7c82fc216f808b0eaf49-1628712558-0-gqNtZGzNAvijcnBszQbi for the video but the page was down, now it's up again. I recommend someone to download what you can from there. I would do it myself but I don't have enough space or download speed to do it. The "we are the champions" shirt videos isn't there though. I'm still searching for it

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>> No.7791235

based. mine too

>> No.7792911

>> No.7793973


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>> No.7794364

spinning suityan

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>> No.7795534


>> No.7795756

At 1.09M subs today.

>> No.7797359

kyou mo nemui

>> No.7797950

Do you think Suisei saved surveypost answers to laugh at pathetic kaigainikis?

>> No.7798088


>> No.7798803

No, but she saves goslingposts and pretends they're written by Ritsu.

>> No.7800156

Fitting song

>> No.7801579

Wdym with surveyposts? You mean when someone asks about what game would you like her to play or something like that?

>> No.7803561

Speaking of surveyposts, what do you think Suityan's new cover will be?

>> No.7803667

Share cute suityan pics pls

>> No.7803705


>> No.7803857


>> No.7803891

Gentle lovemaking with Anemachi while holding hands and we're both crying!

>> No.7803900


>> No.7803973


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>> No.7804051

misclick lole

enjoy the eula titties

>> No.7804168


>> No.7805271


>> No.7805735


>> No.7806771


>> No.7807754


>> No.7807894

What is "Nye"...?

>> No.7808416


>> No.7808579

>ywn pinch Suityan's cheeks
why live

>> No.7808632

life's not fair bros

>> No.7808686

it's just not a good song

>> No.7808949

the year is 202X. shitty management has brought hololive to the brink of bankruptcy, and yagoo has personally asked suityan to help make a desperation line of merchandise to save the company from imminent ruin.

the suityan merch includes the following (limit of 1 item each per person):

>a 2 minute ms paint drawing of whatever you want (barring obscenity) done by suisei using a mouse instead of a drawing tablet: $20
>a personally autographed cd copy of still still stellar or a future album: $50
>a single hair from the actual suisei's head in a small plastic baggie: $200
>a 30 second recording of suisei reading or singing out whatever you request (with some stipulations on things like hate speech/genocide promotion so cover doesn't run into legal issues): $300 at base, +$50 if the request involves singing, +$50 if you want to turn it into a video with suisei's 2D/3D avatar emoting somehow
>an appointment to be strangled by suisei dressed in full cosplay to the point of loss of consciousness in a dark and soundproofed room at the cover offices; medical professionals and cover staff will be present onsite for monitoring purposes: $3,000 (you must figure out and pay for travel costs yourself), +$250 if you want her to yell things like "てめえ!" and "このやろう!" at you while she physically assaults you

whaddya buying, anons?

>> No.7809145

I'm not spending a single fucking dime until I get strangled by Suityan

>> No.7809179

How much to get you to never post this again

>> No.7809359

What the hell is this surveypost

>> No.7809382

>a single hair from the actual suisei's head in a small plastic baggie: $200
What a steal, you could genetically clone your very own Suisei with that

>> No.7809511

the future is looking bright

>> No.7809859

please any ado song / yorushika song

>> No.7809895

unironically the first two would make big profit but also make Suityan's busy schedule even worse

>> No.7809966

Number 5 is literally a legal nightmare anon...

>> No.7809988

this has to be by far the best one yet you have to admit
fuck $3000, I would give my life savings, I would even pay for her to kill me
Realistically though, I'd buy 1 and 4 in a heartbeat

>> No.7810023

>By far the best one
No, it's not.

>> No.7810042


>> No.7810048

wrong chuuba, anon.

>> No.7810066

at least he got the the right gen

>> No.7810115

I'll take your entire stock of everything.

>> No.7810170

Usseewa actual cover would be nice if she took a page out of Flare's book and just went for pure aggression. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryIlJtJIjFs
Whenever she's sung it in karaokes it's sounded great, but it just misses the aggression that's a big part of the song being great.

Otherwise Yoru no Pierrot would be pretty great.

>> No.7810853

GIRA GIRA cover Let's Gooooooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.7811207

Louder so she can hear you

>> No.7811263

I only want a Gira Gira cover if she hits the ’メラメラ' in the middle with a proper growl.

>> No.7811755

When will Suityan sing this in utawaku? It's better than Pierrot, but taste is subjective.

>> No.7811934

What was that clip of Suityan being teased by Toko for being a virgin again?

>> No.7812136

Here you go anon
You've been doing your reps right?

>> No.7812295

>ywn have a bff kerberos

>> No.7812300


Of course I've been doing my reps for Suityan. I can write Suisei in Hiragana now.

>> No.7812513

Inb4 another goodbye sengen cover

>> No.7812583

While I wouldn't complain because I do enjoy that song, she tends to really do her own thing and not jump on the fotm covers. Took her like a year to pump out a king cover.

>> No.7812778

Basically anything she sung a year ago would be a candidate.
Plagiarism would nice.

>> No.7813556

Shoujo Rei 1mln omedeto

>> No.7813657

cry baby since she already said she's been working on that way long ago

>> No.7813775

When? Link?

>> No.7813799


>> No.7813804

She said it during her last twitter space.

>> No.7814415

Stupid Twitter. Stupid platform. Why it doesn't have archives?

>> No.7814451

I don't need a studio cover since it already exists, but I'd like to hear a full version of Blue Bird on a singing stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PerzMoTou-k

Also Leia: https://twitter.com/suisei_hosimati/status/1142404825310584834

>> No.7814597


By the way, I didn't notice the link posted on this thread for the first Twitter Space was a litter link and like the idiot I am didn't download it, because I thought it'd be up indefinitely like everything else on the Internet. Surely someone downloaded it and can up it at least for another litter link? This time I will download it.

>> No.7814671

>Also Leia: https://twitter.com/suisei_hosimati/status/1142404825310584834
Members only?

>> No.7815146

No. That's it.

>> No.7816290


>> No.7816581

if I pay extra can I have number five but WITHOUT medical staff on standby?

>> No.7818957

As long as you sign a medical exemption waiver, yes.

>> No.7819486

Rate this hoshiyomi.

>> No.7819661

It's not bad. It has soul. I'm assuming it's yours from the file name. I dunno how to improve it so just keep trying to get better

>> No.7820954

At least you drew the stars in her eyes

>> No.7821069

Cute Suityan. It's a pretty complex outfit to draw, so good work with that. Nice inclusion of the cigarette too.

>> No.7821116

Why are Nousagis like this?

>> No.7821141

it's good. keep drawing and practice perspective and environments. don't give up

>> No.7822473

Kakero 500k. do your reps.

>> No.7822947

new cover premier when.

>> No.7822991

suispace archive


i don't have the exact date when she streamed these but this should be in the correct order.

>> No.7823063

the second and the third are the same space.
can someone link the last one?

>> No.7823101

probably tmr

>> No.7823190

I thought she only did two. When did she do the third? The first one is the one where she blew in the listener's ears. The second one at 3:12 after the Inotac stream. Which one is the third?

>> No.7823225


>> No.7823303

Would you oblige her request?

>> No.7823404

really? just ignore the 3rd one then. it's the same recording anyway

>> No.7823419

No, gacha is bad enough, but gambling, especially on horses in Japan, is just asking for trouble.

>> No.7823630

What's the context of the clip? By the BGM I can deduce it's a GTA V stream but what is she trying to say?

>> No.7823879

The second one and the third one is the same. The third one is from 0:28 of the second one.

>> No.7824006

Should be today

>> No.7824386

thank you anons
yeah well it's an important detail in her eyes

>> No.7824947

it's cute

>> No.7825297

It's an Uma Musume stream, looking at the background. Maybe she was looking at breeding horses?

>> No.7825332

Breed me baby

>> No.7825749

I found it. It's the horse's name.

>> No.7825793

>Suityan will never call you baby

>> No.7828380

>> No.7829988

I forgot how much sex Toko's new outfit is

>> No.7831557

I trust that she'll be able to pull that off. Never underestimate Susy.

>> No.7831588


>> No.7832271

I think you have some potential anon

>> No.7832383

I will mating press Susy and Toko so hard they'll die of internal bleeding!

>> No.7832505

For me its Odo. I just NEED to see Suityan in a boxing outfit.

>> No.7833225

>> No.7833430

Suityan cute!

>> No.7834241

This is how Suityan would look if she kept up with RFA reps

>> No.7837811

I'm impressed

>> No.7840643

I will buy 10 gallons of Suisweat

>> No.7844203

>> No.7844469

They'd have to ration the sweat because of how many people want some.

>> No.7845435

Who wrote the lyrics for Kakero? Did Suisei mention yet if she wrote the lyrics for the lead song in her upcoming album?

>> No.7845501

>Who wrote the lyrics for Kakero?
I think it was MikitoP

>> No.7846704

She said she wrote the lyrics for the lead song in her new album.

>> No.7846729

Cool, was that from a members stream?

>> No.7848995

New cover today!

>> No.7851204

>> No.7851648

Sensuku talking about recording. Actually she said the song is coming up in few days, and she needs to finish the lyrics in about two days. It will be finished till this radio is on air.

>> No.7853422


>> No.7854097

Yes, fuck Anemachi.

>> No.7854326

Usually she already put waiting room and tweet for the cover. Will it come today?

>> No.7854337


>> No.7855546

fuck suisei and anemachi

>> No.7855711

is she even awake

>> No.7856109


>> No.7856438

New song in 63 minutes

>> No.7856462


>> No.7856466

oh baby

>> No.7856558


>> No.7856599


>> No.7856691

I'm not a fan of Cry Baby I don't see the hype however I'm happy she's not following the same shite of Goodbye sengen etc.

>> No.7856734


>> No.7857011


>> No.7857056


>> No.7857068

Seems like she's having trouble figuring out how to do a trailer preview.

>> No.7857107

What is this even

>> No.7857125

Oh yeah, I saw that too. Strange it was privated. There's playboard stats too: https://playboard.co/en/video/pM2GiNksvbA

>> No.7857177


>> No.7857268

Yeah but confused on why it wasn't dropped earlier

>> No.7857299


>> No.7857446


>> No.7857464

>delinquent Suisei.

>> No.7857466

isn't this too loud?

>> No.7857482

The only loud part is the drumming thing

>> No.7857487


>> No.7857498

Now this is what a good MV looks like

>> No.7857501

that's pretty good

>> No.7857512

Kino MV in many ways. Also didn't know the doshite part had that backing since I only heard the song from her karaoke, gave me the chills

>> No.7857521

Don't know what the loud drumming noise is but it's much lower in the OG song.


>> No.7857551


>> No.7857554

Another great cover, sasuga Hoshimati Suisei.

>> No.7857624

It sounds like GHOST, if anything.

>> No.7857649

I love her take on the Doushite part. Are the variations on her cover songs decided by her or the Mixer?

>> No.7857679

This one is close to the original song. I prefer the karaoke version though.

>> No.7857709

The Cry Baby MV was a lot better than the Kakero MV I feel

>> No.7857728

I've grown to like the GETCHA! cover over time, Suirap is pretty good. Pink Suityan MV still doesn't do it for me though.

>> No.7857733

The Kakero MV is nerfed because the Youtube compression. The screenshot on the MV maker's Twitter is a lot better.

>> No.7857753

Honestly, I like her second utawaku version better. The first one was a bit rough, the second one was muy bueno, and the editing from proper MV rubs me in different way.
But again, I think I'm small minority that prefers Tenkyuu over GHOST, so there's that.

>> No.7857937

She sang the Doushite part too high in the karaokes imo.

What do people dislike about the Kakero MV? I thought it was really good except for the water drop reflection parts which felt a bit awkward.

>> No.7857959

It felt like it used the set pieces in a more diverse way

>> No.7857962

The rain triggers the Youtube compression algorithm hard

>> No.7858007

The Kakero MV is too busy and doesn't play nice with Youtube compression.

>> No.7858011

NTA but I'm just s little disappointed with the lack of animation. With a PNG you can still do things, look at the Saga Jihen MV or this MV, for example. Cry Baby has only one PNG of Suityan standing still yet I feel like the MV is more dynamic than Kakero. The music video of Kakero is prettier though

>> No.7858058

They probably expected more from it and got disappointed because they've waited for like a month

>> No.7858141

She should stop hiring the guy for upcoming Stellar album. Or chop off his head, that also could work.

>> No.7858212

I don't know the fitting word to describe the difference. Pure, unfiltered, raw, natural?

>> No.7858257

I've never said that but ok

>> No.7858674

What is this about?

>> No.7858712

He's talking about how he talked about his cooking competition with DJ WildParty and how he brought it up during the 03:12 release stream with Suisei

>> No.7858732


>> No.7858784

They did a cooking battle like a year or two ago in America for a fakku event and streamed it on twitch and it had some weird shit like a fly dropping in his boiling water or something.

>> No.7858942

I thought fakku was a hentai site. Is that a pasta?

>> No.7858983

They're DJ's Anon I don't think they care.

>> No.7859091


>> No.7860309

>getting decapitated by Suityan
Why reward him?

>> No.7860890

Had the same reaction. It's like reaching the peak and finding out there was more. The backing part really completes that segment

>> No.7861397


>> No.7861701

everyone told you to ask Shishiron you BAKA.

>> No.7862117

Suisei doesn't have an official Dakimakura, right?

>> No.7862216

No, and I don't think she ever will.

>> No.7862344

Unsurprising. If romantic voice packs are too much for her, then Daki are also obviously over the line.

That said, I wonder if Suisei feels a special connection to her model, seeing as she designed it herself. I wonder what she feels when she stumbles upon the brutal porn of her

>> No.7862345

She even refuse voice packs

>> No.7862348


>> No.7862463

Haha Suisei stuck it up the wrong hole!

>> No.7862529


>> No.7863213

There is no wrong hole with Suityan.

>> No.7863524

Would it be funny if Cry Baby hits 1mm earlier than Kakero?

>> No.7863696

Kakero's been out for quite a while and cry baby is pretty well liked, I wouldn't be too surprised

>> No.7863711

I mean it's not impossible, covers get a boost from the original source material anyway in terms of reach
Just look at the ZLS cover with Saga Jihen

>> No.7863929

Tokyo Revengers is really popular right now so it wouldn't surprise me.

>> No.7864028

>Saga Jihen
That's unfair. There are also entire Gen 3 backing plus top tier mixing and performance but most importantly
great job from mainland hoshiyomis.

>> No.7865680

Is she actually sending the PC back to the shop?

>> No.7866596

What about her throat? She sings from there!

>> No.7866909


>> No.7866960

She doesn't like honey, semen might be a good substitute

>> No.7867066

Semen does make a good drink, apparently.

>> No.7867212


>> No.7867924

Did Gibara always do lewd jokes?

>> No.7868197

No, it was a slow descent.

>> No.7869629

Anemachi has to wait even longer for her new PC...

>> No.7869788


>> No.7870018

I want the bigger image of this suityan

>> No.7870519

We need MV wallpapers already.

>> No.7871478

I've been using this as my wallpaper since the cover came out.

>> No.7871486

>you will never cum buckets down Suichan's throat in the morning and tune into her utawaku later that day knowing her breath smells of semen

>> No.7871722

I guess this one's bigger

>> No.7874063

>> No.7874232

Cute tummy.

>> No.7874416


>> No.7875203


>> No.7875267

Shoujo Rei
Cry Baby

Three Sui-Sailor in 1 month. Nice.

>> No.7875919

Don’t forget her feature on this hot track.

>> No.7876042

Now I want a Suisei/Rushia metal song

>> No.7879091

>> No.7880117

Why not?

>> No.7880977

probably the same thing I feel, disgust mixed with a bit of reluctant acceptance

>> No.7881078

Haato has stinky feet. It would be a weird flavor for a drink

>> No.7881938

What other anime songs she sang before you wanna see her do official cover of? For me, its Taishou A or Naraku no Hana or Melissa

>> No.7883555

I have no idea if she sang it before but To the Beginning by Kalafina would be good.

>> No.7883872

Is anyone interested in making a soccer team for Suisei? I thought threads about hololive vtubers weren't allowed but Lamy and Mori have a team

>> No.7884006

Iirc the only kalafina song she sang was maggia. Kalafina cover would be absolute dope but it would be a collab cover, who do you think will make great trio doing it? im a big kalafinafag and im not even impressed when toko, chima and melisa did maggia

>> No.7884895

Towa, Sora and Suisei would be good I think. I can't find the clip of Suisei singing Magia, link?

>> No.7884985

Can Suisei change her Youtube tag to artist tag?

>> No.7885238

She sang it twice but the other video is privated

>> No.7885260

Based as fuck Fatebro. Imagine Suisei singing Magia.

>> No.7885364

She needs to ask I think. I don't want that shit, that thing doesn't let you sort videos by popularity

>> No.7885598

She sang this one too

>> No.7885798

So it's possible. She should pursue that for her album.

>> No.7885908


>> No.7885928

Towa, Flare, Suisei

>> No.7886184

Kek, the first comment agrees with me >>7884895 about the singers. Also that song karaoke helped me understand how much she improved in singing since then. I'm happy she doesn't have to stream in Bilibili anymore, imagine all the karokes I would've missed

>> No.7886739

Total Suityan dominance

>> No.7886888

Perfect mix with ringo juice

>> No.7887585

Someone please tell her to, it give boost to her channel views and recommendation

>> No.7887724

>look at my shitpost threads mom!

>> No.7888022


>> No.7888227

It does? I thought the only thing it did was merging the topic channel with the main channel.

>> No.7888383


Official artist channels offer:

Organized content: The Official Artist Channel layout automatically organizes your discography into an album section and your Official Music Videos into a new playlist. You have the option to move, delete and re-add either of these auto-generated music sections from your channel.
Promotional content: Choose what you want to highlight in the featured video slot.
Fan engagement: One verified and official channel where you can directly reach and interact with your fans on YouTube.

I don't think it's worth it. Specially when viewers can't sort by views on artist's channel.

>> No.7888392

I like Suisei's heels. Hate feet.

>> No.7888585

>suityan will never look at you like this

fuck this gay earth

>> No.7889105

Samefagging again because I found more info. For some reason this is better explained here https://creatoracademy.youtube.com/page/lesson/artist-channel than in the YouTube FAQ. Maybe the Analytics would make it worth?

>> No.7889171

Just go to a hololive meet and greet and ask to drink her ringo.

>> No.7889492

Youtube algo is a fickle mistress, anything that favors it is beneficial.

>> No.7889772

>I don't want that shit, that thing doesn't let you sort videos by popularity
You can but you have to manually add the argument to the URL

>> No.7890076

there's also youtube music where u can just go to her channel instead the topic channel and that make it easier to listen to her song/cover with / without video

>> No.7890435

Can also do what Ai did and add a "Popular upload" section that's a direct link to the video tab sorted by views.

>> No.7891102

i meant the 3d suityan

>> No.7893532

When was Suisei's best karaoke performance of good night? I'm torn between 2020/11 and 2021/5.

It's my favorite karaoke cover song of Suisei and I want a second opinion.

>> No.7894437

It's always good, but I remember the short utawaku one was epic.

>> No.7894503

>short utawaku one

>> No.7894821

Rikka also got it recently as well, didn't he? I assume it's just a matter of the application at this point, I can't imagine she doesn't meet the requirements.

>> No.7895171

The requirements are pretty easy. Azki, Watame, and possibly Nene (depending on whether they count songs on YT Music) would qualify too. That is, if the random strikes from TOYSFACTORY are no longer there.

>> No.7896246

Do your reps.

>> No.7898709

You wouldn't ask 3D Suityan if you can drink her concentrated morning ringo?

>> No.7899686

do you think her demonetization counted

>> No.7899700


>> No.7900343


>> No.7900551

The thumbnail is Eihi-sensei

>> No.7900782


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