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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7756823

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Have you been doing your VOD reps? Catch up on the weekend quick because we're headed into another full week of streams!

(Elira's POV of the Mahjong collab was unlisted due to ISP issues though she still stayed and played for the full collab)




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She just walked the same circle 3 times.

>> No.7767395

Petra love!

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O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

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I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.7767422

Image limit is a mistake.

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My daughterwife is directionally challenged, please be accommodating

>> No.7767446

she's finally exploring!!!

>> No.7767453

Gotta put Petra through her paces, otherwise how else is she expected to play other horror games?

>> No.7767470

Pomu Pomu Pomu 14 days Pomu Pomu Pomu
Pomu Pomu Pomu Pomu Pomu Pomu

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Based op!

>> No.7767477

These were up at basically the same time, so since this one has more replies it's good. Hopefully we are not having to fight over OPs.

The distorted versions of the same images and goslings take up a lot of slots. Hopefully people can have some control or delete them afterwards.

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I must protect my daughterwife from the scary monsters at night.

>> No.7767483

>Elira's ojou-sama laugh

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She wasn't kidding when she said her sense of direction is terrible

>> No.7767506

this one, other one is a shitposter ignoring Petra

>> No.7767508

I think she likes this game bros!

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This topic is spam and you know it faggot.

>> No.7767516

That ojousama laugh tho.

>> No.7767517

Petra love!

>> No.7767518

Based unitychad

>> No.7767541

Needs a compilation

>> No.7767546

How would you rank the girls by how good they are at sex? Also, explain your reasoning
reposting since last thread was dying

>> No.7767561

who is petra with on this picture?

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>> No.7767581

How much progress has Petra made compared to how long she's been playing?

>> No.7767583

Oh my fuck, Elira doing this sugary sweet voice is too powerful.

>> No.7767585

Petra is so done with this game that her real voice came out for a moment.

>> No.7767587

>Petra turned to street begging

>> No.7767588

In contrast to Finana, Petra reigns in her chat, abhors overdone jokes as well as sexual comments.
She can be quite curt in her honesty towards things she dislikes.
Despite seeming to have a more mature character, her frequent use of curses alienate her primarily jop audience.

>> No.7767589

Is Petra just worse Gura?

>> No.7767592


>> No.7767614

Someone taps the sign.

>> No.7767616

Her real voice is pretty good too.

>> No.7767617

Petra will molested in the other stream.

>> No.7767620

Elira actually does the ojou-sama laugh better than most actual JP seiyuus.

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>> No.7767625

all i know is that finana would probably really be into anal

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>> No.7767629


>> No.7767631

Based, Fish chat is absolute trash

>> No.7767633

pomu-elira-selen > finana > petra > rosemi
the first 3 would be good. the feesh is young but energetic. petra needs to go her own pace and that's ok. rosemi will hurt your dick with a handjob.

>> No.7767635

I'm a fucking spic and i speak better english than Elira, how the fuck does this happen?

>> No.7767639

Woooow, no Selen pics in this thread.

>> No.7767642

Why do artists draw Petra's fish hairclip like that?

>> No.7767645


>> No.7767650

Best OP destroyed by some petty faggots.

>> No.7767652

I'm really looking foreword to this collab even though I don't know much about the KR penguin
How would you think it will go?

>> No.7767656

>Elira always likes to make her party angry
>against sweetheart

Oh no.

>> No.7767658

It's a constant barrage of "egg" or "yabe" or "eye emoji" it gets tiring, but i usually just listen to Finana's stream to avoid the autism in chat

>> No.7767659

I love Elira. I'm not afraid to admit it.

>> No.7767661

it's one of 2 settings for the hairclip on her model

>> No.7767672

I need more of these smudged make-up pics... I've only ever seen the Finana one.

>> No.7767673

Petra seems like she came from rich family but why she swears so much

>> No.7767675

Honestly this game is uninspired Tumblr garbage but the music is really good.

>> No.7767676


>> No.7767691

Amicia is a sleepy penguin, don't expect a lot of energy this collab.

>> No.7767693

Petra unironically swears the most

>> No.7767703

Thanks I did not realize...

>> No.7767716

Damn this BGM owns

>> No.7767718

Online is the only place she can freely swear, please understand.

>> No.7767722

Pictures taken moments before a game over screen

>> No.7767736

>Elira is losing to Penguin
How can we save her?

>> No.7767738

Not only is she into anal, she's into double penetration anal as shown by the chart

>> No.7767745

For which NijiEN will u get a mermbership?
I might go for Elira or Rosemi

>> No.7767748

She’s figured out she needs to change that strategy but doesn’t have the items or skills to make everyone sad quickly

>> No.7767753

Fish > all
Fish’s fetish/kink list is known so I’d feel she’d be up to all kinds of experimenting and I’m cool with that.

>> No.7767766

Elira 100%
Selen probably
Finana, Pomu, Rosemi possibly
Petra no

>> No.7767771

Even Okayu was having problems with this game when she played it, who recommended it to Petra?

>> No.7767776

What kinds of lewds does Selen need?

>> No.7767777

Elira and Rosemi, probably Pomu too

>> No.7767795

Can Amicia speak English or will the collab be in Japanese?

>> No.7767807

Pomu definitely
Elira, Finana maybe
Selen, Rosemi, Petra probably not

>> No.7767808

convince her to stream without the big shirt, only bra

>> No.7767821

This is unironically the hardest boss in the game during your first playthrough, nothing else in the game is hard after this besides optional stuff

>> No.7767824

We're in desperate need of more pregnant Selen

>> No.7767826

ugly bastard gangrape

>> No.7767830

Okayu is specifically a fan of games with trial and error where you die a lot. She wasn't having "problems" with it, she finished it in one sitting.

>> No.7767836

Pomu and Rosemi. Elira maybe.

>> No.7767838

Is this one of those gimmick fights where you have to do a specific thing or you’ll get a game over? Gay if so.

>> No.7767843

are we now

>> No.7767848

Elira, Selen and Finana. Maybe Rosemi.

>> No.7767851

Most erotic smelling farts in order from lowest impact to deadliest pungency:
Unremarkable, tends to make little noise and barely creates a smell. A dog might notice it.
This tiny fairy is capable of creating some smell but her diet of seeds and meido hair clippings doesn't generate much.
Fifteen hours of consuming takeout and fujo-targeted media will upset the gut. Is certainly capable of turning her room into a sweaty gas chamber that will turn away the unascended.
farts dorito dust
rips brutal ass, something went wrong with this girl, some ungodly force resides within her that must be vented constantly via laughing, farting or apexing, will erupt in your face out of both ends
This girl has no idea how to exist, she eats takeaway for every meal to avoid killing herself whilst cooking pre-cooked chicken nuggets, has to plug her butthole during streams, the stench of myriad takeaways and raw foods is palpable and tantalising, but may kill off the weak

>> No.7767857

Elira and Pomu

>> No.7767860

Selen probably, possibly Finana

>> No.7767866

Nah you just need items/moves to do sad, she's just super unprepared for the fight

Honestly she could just make her mad and mock her twice before she perma-happys and she could still win with her low prep

>> No.7767880

Fucking hot

>> No.7767885

this >>7767824
but really, i need cute vanilla lewds... or a doujin where you buy her some cute dress and make her embarrassed since she is a tomboy....

>> No.7767898

shut the FUCK up damascus

>> No.7767907

reverse_rape, assertive_female, amazon_position, leg_lock, rough_sex, pectorals, sweatdrop

>> No.7767920

They don't have to be high energy for them to be fun together. They can just be cute and it will be great

>> No.7767944


In order:

Pomu knows what she likes. I think she'd be one to try to keep up with. Might not always be raring to go, but I'd probably need a break once she's done with me anyway.

Finana would have the enthusiasm and technique, but maybe a bit too much enthusiasm. Skipping days for fucking too much and getting raw, that kind of thing.

Elira would be a good time in general and her non-character voice is really attractive. Having that voice and her hot breath in my ear would give me a boner so fast I'd have to try not to pass out from the change in blood flow.

Selen would be fun, maybe more enthusiasm than technique, probably talks too much during. Would probably grip so hard you blow your load way earlier than you wanted and laugh at you for it.

Petra I could see not being super into it. Might be one of those types to do it once or twice a week just out of some sense of obligation.

Rosemi would be eager and enthusiastic. She may not have the technique but she'd put enough into it it borders on spiritual. Unfortunately, being Rosemi, she's clumsy enough and has such bad luck that any attempt is going to end in someone getting physically injured, and not in a sexy hurt kind of way.

>> No.7767955

depends on the badges and emotes

>> No.7767958


>> No.7767966

Amen, anon. More dragon baby gaaaaamers needed

>> No.7767970

None and hope anons re-upload the streams on Nyaa or something

>> No.7767976

Pomu and Rosemi.

>> No.7767994

I want to impregnate Selen Tatsuki and hyperfixate on her sweaty underbelly so fucking badly dude you have no clue how much I want to smash my face into her linea nigra and just start sniffing while she does an epic gaming win and she'll cum from her epic gaming skills and I'll get that jet of fresh Selen cum smell since I'm right near her crotch and she'll finally remember that I'm molesting her while she's gaming and she'll get super embarrassed that she didn't notice and I'll jack off on her blushing face nd scream "I LOVE YOU SELEN" before falling asleep under her ass.

>> No.7768016

Petra and Cia will be so low energy they’ll temperature approaching absolute zero.

>> No.7768018

I don't have a lot of money to throw around, so maybe none. If I do end up getting one, it'll definitely be Rosemi's, though.

>> No.7768019

>amazon position
FUCK yes

>> No.7768024

why does elira have such a powerfully seductive voice anyways?

>> No.7768027

Rosemi. Fish if her membership content is coomer pander-y enough.

>> No.7768038

Pomu and Selen

>> No.7768042

>Elira might wipe twice

>> No.7768047

Nudist Selen.

>> No.7768058

All I know is Rosemi would screw up your dick just like that can opener

>> No.7768064

I've made 6 separate pregnant selens someone else needs to help I can't do it all. I'll even teach other anons how to draw pregnancy correctly, please someone.

>> No.7768066

> nigra


>> No.7768094

That sounds sensible. Hopefully she remembers to wash her hands too.

>> No.7768096

Get fucked doubter.

>> No.7768101

I’ll probably get all of their memberships and see what their member streams will be like. I ended up getting HoloEN and dropped down to two after a few months.

>> No.7768102

Your art is honestly so bad you could just be a particularly passionate anti anon.

>> No.7768106

>finished it with a combo attack


>> No.7768113

To be fair she did wipe in that screenshot, that was attempt #2

>> No.7768122

bitch you though

>> No.7768125

>wake up
>go to kitchen to see your kids with your wife, Selen
>you drink your coffee with a mug selen gave you on your birthday
>selen drinks coffee with a mug that you gave her on her birthday
>her mug says "The best mom in the world"
>your mug says world's greatest lover

man, i would gosling so hard just by thinking about it.

>> No.7768127


>> No.7768137

Get fucked.

>> No.7768141

i like your art Damascus but that is the only image i didn't save... wtf is that? doesn't even relate to pregnant art

>> No.7768152

She's such a dork, I wanna make her snort and lightly punch my shoulder when I make a stupid joke!

>> No.7768159

Imagine Petra sitting on your lap while she plays games and you bonk her on the head every time she plays particularly badly and she puffs up her cheeks and says からかわないでください!

>> No.7768167

The kind of porn where she pays for her hubris

>> No.7768172


>> No.7768186

Well for anyone actually new to this game that's the last time Elira will ever have a challenging fight unless she does optional shit, game just throws you god-tier healing items like crazy after this and there's only a few bosses left anyway

>> No.7768188

Elira’s ojousama laughs are making me hard ngl

>> No.7768209

Omori more like PLAY THIS NOMORI

seriously, please don't play bad rpgs.

>> No.7768218

Remember that Lazulight shares a single braincell, she'll find a way to mess up a future boss fight!

>> No.7768226


are we even watching the same stream

>> No.7768227

Game's pretty great? I dunno why people get so mad at turn based rpgs

>> No.7768231

Coffee is not good for pregnant women give her rooibos tea

>> No.7768234

poor man's Earthbound mixed with depression, fun

>> No.7768236

Fuck you this game is cute and funny

>> No.7768244

Seriously, so god damn hot. Doing the Lord’s work here.

>> No.7768246

the game is cool to hate when you know nothing about it because it looks like it's another undertale clone with a tumblr artstyle

>> No.7768257

You can make any game sound awful with a /v/-tier strawman like that, including whatever grand strategy game you jerk off to

>> No.7768268

Pomu and Elira for sure, will get ARS memberships for Selen and Finana at first and upgrade if the benefits are good. No interest in Rosemi or Petra.

>> No.7768269

It's not a masterpiece, of course, but it's fine, Elira's enjoying it and I'm enjoying watching her enjoy it.

>> No.7768287

Really the best thing about Omori has been coaxing more voice acting out of Elira, she's been so nervous about it and the game's making her embrace it more

>> No.7768289

her voice is so good

>> No.7768312

everytime I see this photo I am reminded of the pregnant Selen fics I wrote and it destroys me knowing what I did.

>> No.7768331

Her quiet subdued voice now, aaaa I need Elira ASMR

>> No.7768334

All of Lazulight have really strong voices, whether singing or voice acting.

>> No.7768363

It reminds me of the shitpost I made and how some fag put it on /vt/ takes so now I don't want to post it

>> No.7768372

Yeah, I need to find some clips or timestamps for good Elira voice. She sounds so hot.

>> No.7768378

Oh, looks like the fish/fairy/flower Minecraft stream is finally done processing!

>> No.7768391

Damn these are so good.

>> No.7768415

Jesus Christ, i forgot that Elira is an Endurance streamer, i thought the stream was over hours ago

>> No.7768437

5 hours of Elira's sex voice

>> No.7768455

I don't know how Elira manages to be both comfy and energetic. She walks the line between too boring and too lively really well. I just find her to be a really unique, entertaining vtuber who can touch so many different kinds of games and make them all work. This is the feeling of a kami oshi...

>> No.7768464

These parts are pretty boring, but when you're interacting with other characters it seems decent

>> No.7768505

Ero sakana strikes again. I think she has the most watched clips among NijiEN at niconico.

>> No.7768513

Pomu is so lucky...

>> No.7768548

of all the thing i hate about vtuber memes, the fucking wave emotes when some takes a piss are probably the worst. fuck everyone that does that stupid shit

>> No.7768550

She's still gonna go for a while... it's already 1am... she's butchering my sleep schedule...

>> No.7768576

Dragoonbros never lose in the art department

>> No.7768577

I dunno, I don't mind it with Elira because she always gets embarrassed with it. It's better when they're blue superchats so she gets money, though.

>> No.7768603


>> No.7768606

I've probably spent $50+ on those blue superchats alone across all nijien. It adds up.

>> No.7768607

It was fucking hilarious during GTFO or whatever and people flushed when someone else went to the bathroom and she shouted "IT WASN'T EVEN ME!"

>> No.7768610


>> No.7768623

I love her so goddamn much bros. I want to do some fanart reps to get attention from her on twitter but I don't know where to start

>> No.7768628

Coomer stuff makes for the best clickbait

>> No.7768632

If I get into NijiEN, all of my streams will just be me in the bathroom so I can get millions of $1 blue supachas.

>> No.7768641

>"C'mon Kel, I was just going to let you inside,"
>"Don't you wanna "hang out" inside?"
>"C'mon Kel, *snort* let's "hang out" inside"

>> No.7768646

This recent one was powerful

>> No.7768648

let's goo petra is finally making progress and stopped being a pussy!

>> No.7768652

Wow uh, Elira's generic housewife voice is... powerful.

>> No.7768653

ERO 人魚

>> No.7768668


>> No.7768669

Start drawing dragoonbro, wish you luck

>> No.7768680

your life more like nolife. End it.

>> No.7768683

I still don't like that thing on Elira's shoulder. Her design is fine but that thing is just weird.

>> No.7768696

Excuse me, PIKL is a queen

>> No.7768702

Are you picking a fight with Pikl, anon? You don't want that.

>> No.7768714 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7768722

Her every voice is powerful. Even when she is making dorky fujo noises I fucking love her energy

>> No.7768726

Pikl has better rigging than shark.

>> No.7768728

Why'd she draw an average dick if she like 'em huge?

>> No.7768756

Pikl looks more like a pony than a dragon to me and that brings up too much bad memories

t. former clopper

>> No.7768759

Considering that Elira likes Basil so much, watching her go through the last scenes of the game is going to be one hell of a journey.

>> No.7768761

Selen, we love you but you have to get out of here before more preggo art of you shows up

>> No.7768765


>> No.7768769

Will you leave your mic on so we can hear? This is important if you’re going to be my oshi

>> No.7768778

Draw her orgasming, she said on stream she loves that

>> No.7768783

I think a lot of people sit through Omori streams to watch the streamer get absolutely annihilated by the end. I dunno though Elira keeps it together pretty well, maybe she won't get very emotional

>> No.7768798

Wow, she loves orgasming? Who would have fucking thought.

>> No.7768805

Petra's fucking farming money off a guy!

>> No.7768811

>maybe she won't get very emotional
really? these are shotas we're talking about

>> No.7768814

I didn’t say that, I was talking about what she likes to see drawn retard. Fucking moron.

>> No.7768829

Has Selen reacted to Petra's reaction to the Obsydia house?

>> No.7768834

I hate orgasming, waste of time.

>> No.7768841

Isn't there a disease or something that make orgasms incredibly painful? Imagine her begging you not to make her cum, then just letting out the most piercing, soul shattering scream

>> No.7768844

This is Nijisanji.

>> No.7768850

>Rosemi remembers how to integrate
>Rosemi remembers what K = Kelvin is
Is she just out of school?

>> No.7768854


>> No.7768865

c is for cookie that's good enough for me

>> No.7768873

I think so. Feels like she dropped out of college voluntarily, and it's weird.

>> No.7768874

Only at your peril do you doubt the brain power of the great Wosemi-sama

>> No.7768878


>> No.7768881

she's asking for specific stuff in her lewds now? do you have a clip or timestamp?

>> No.7768887




>> No.7768892

Why is the flower like that?

>> No.7768896

Selen enjoyed a nice debut buff followed by an APEX buff but that won't last and she's gonna start growing slower and slower and viewers will drop and stabilize. At that point she'll either lean heavy on APEX streams since they will still be her most viewed content or she'll accept the decline, not care and continue doing what she's doing now. I doubt she's ever gonna pass Pomu is subs since she's coming back next week
Pomu, on the other hand, will be the biggest NijiEN in time. it's only a matter of time for someone like her to blow up. It's won't even be a competition especially with her going part time and investing more into her vtubing career. She is a one of a kind top tier vtuber and that is clear for anyone with an eye for talent
This is all unless Wave 3 or 4 have an absolute phenomenon among them but that's hoping too much

>> No.7768909

Fish knows what she's doing and does it on purpose prove me wrong

>> No.7768910

Selen had 3500 people at 3AM on a guerilla, she is fine

>> No.7768929

I still see people here trying to say they're some kind of hololive copy. But then always see comments from the Japanese saying how Nijisanji they are.

>> No.7768931

Pretty sure I remember seeing a thing about her last year when she was first debuting as an indie saying she was just about to get out of high school. It spoke specifically toward the character a little later on in the thing so it may have been about her herself.

>> No.7768945

Watch her turn into actual ghost next week. This time forever

>> No.7768947


>> No.7768953

>This is all unless Wave 3 or 4 have an absolute phenomenon among them but that's hoping too much
Why is that hoping too much when Lazulight and Obsydia had Elira and Selen? They clearly have someone who knows what they're doing in the scouting/hiring department and Wave 3 will have another big hitter to further boost NijiEN's brand power.
Wave 4 might be a complete miss since nobody knows what viewers want from male EN vtubers but it could also just as easily capture the fujo/yume market with a high level gamer that is also a total chad like Kanae.

>> No.7768959

rude :(

>> No.7768964

I assume he means someone who goes virally successful on an off the charts kind of way rather than being really good streamers.

>> No.7768970

>Elira and Selen
They're not phenomenal. Elira already declined in views from her first few weeks and so will Selen

>> No.7768977

Now, I need to ask a serious question for you, Ryuguards: how do you cope about your oshi being so disgusting she has canker sore twice every fucking year? I mean, it's one thing using skirts with not panties inside a Uber, which is pretty disgusting by itself, hopefully she sits over the skirt fabric, but this bitch has fucking terrible oral hygiene.

>> No.7768979

Over-designed trash

>> No.7768997

holy cope

>> No.7769004

If she keeps on top of her anal hygiene I think we can work things out.

>> No.7769014

Apparently they already decided on who they want for the wave 3 ghost, since almost all of the people who applied for that character in the audition haven't gotten any views or emails. Must be someone big or extremely talented if Anycolor is that confident about her.

>> No.7769018

>Wave 3 or 4
It's gonna be a banger and I can't wait.

>> No.7769020

Anon she lives on a diet of doritos and soda what did you expect? This is what it means to be a Gamer Feesh.

>> No.7769023


Ryugaurds, what is this?

>> No.7769024


>> No.7769031

I will continue watching them because I love them and their streams.
You will continue shitposting and numberfagging because you don't have much else.

>> No.7769035


>> No.7769046 [SPOILER] 

I bet it's going to be a certain freaky ghost maid

>> No.7769048

Are there any worse posters on the board than numberfags?

>> No.7769050

A better use of her money than rolls in Genshin Impact.

>> No.7769054


>> No.7769055

Fish bought that shit

>> No.7769058

More evidence that it's probably not her dad's fault that the relationship between them is awkward.

>> No.7769064

What is that based on? Have you been doing Twitter reps or just the auditions threads here?
Does that imply the other models got responses for their applicants? I'm surprised they picked someone for the ghost before the cat witch but maybe they couldn't find a loli voice.
I still believe Hana Flores from Kawaii Pro is gonna be one of them so maybe she's the ghost? She did some yandere/horror-themed content in her past life occasionally.

>> No.7769067

she is still gonna roll anon.

>> No.7769071

She's broadcasting to the world how much she loves dick. I must oblige by giving her a mating press

>> No.7769073

She lives with her parents, right? Is she ever actually gonna wear this?

>> No.7769077

I bet fish's breath is stink

>> No.7769079

How can she be at 2 places at once anon?

>> No.7769083

Artist link?

Time to get infested. She'll insert her slimy ovipositor into you and you WILL feel good.

>> No.7769084

Tazumi-san... Please, I want them now...

>> No.7769087

You don't ever see Jill wearing it, so...

>> No.7769091

She'll wear it as often as she wears her $300 shoes (never)

>> No.7769103

I'm sorry if you took my post as having any sort of hostility in it. I am numberfagging and speaking from a popularity point of view though
I hope you keep enjoying your oshi as I will do the same with my oshi who isn't even Pomu btw

>> No.7769104

She went to school wearing a shirt that said HENTAI so I don't think her parents control her at all.

>> No.7769112

Finana is still in high school??

>> No.7769114

what do you think Wosemi would think if she looked at this thread during her streams with all the edits being spammed?

>> No.7769119

Holy shit now i see it, this dude do look like high school bully.

>> No.7769121

Do you have a timeframe for your prediction or are you just throwing it in the air and if it becomes true you say you told us otherwise it becomes buried forever?

>> No.7769124

I can respect that

>> No.7769128

Here you go, anon

>> No.7769132

Getting a blowjob from Finana's stinky mouth!

>> No.7769134

Of course, she said herself she hates fake lolis.

>> No.7769135

>and so will Selen
Think me or any of her fans give a shit? We’ll be watching her if there’s only single digits. Enjoy your numbers and theory crafting, I’ll be enjoying spending time with Selen playing games.

>> No.7769136


>> No.7769137

I find it really hard to keep up with people theorizing about auditions. At least it got me to check out more indies.

>> No.7769142

Has OMORI made Elira cry yet?

>> No.7769144

She'll leave it on a hanger in her room like that pic.

>> No.7769145

No, but she was once. Two high schools at the same time. Do your lore reps

>> No.7769147

I agree regarding Pomu but you're just dead wrong with Selen. She's energetic, she's outgoing, she's motivated, and she's willing to try plenty of things out. She hasn't been playing shooters all her life either, and she's also a decent artist and good at zatsudan. Selen doesn't need APEX to keep inclining.

I also believe Rosemi is bound to see some sort of buff at some point. Not because I want her to, but because all the crazy stuff she does is bound to beget something that will go viral. Maybe not, but I think that's a possibility that's often overlooked.

>> No.7769156

he is only 25-26 now

>> No.7769166

i will look like Stukov right? r-right?

>> No.7769169

I unironically think Rosemi is the Gura of NijiEN. (Not in terms of numbers but just general personality and streaming style.)

>> No.7769172

Can we get tarotbro to do a prediction for Selen's "Try not to laugh" stream?

>> No.7769181

She'd get mad at someone telling her brown isn't a color.

>> No.7769182

can't wait for her dad to open another package

>> No.7769185

has any Niji played Prototype on stream?

>> No.7769190

someone will post nigger in the chat and she'll laugh instinctively

>> No.7769199

I don't know if I have brain damage but I find girls who would wear that shirt irresistible.

>> No.7769211

all me

>> No.7769220

I think A is the B of NijiEN because I'm retarded and can only think in terms of comparing things.

>> No.7769239

You got a problem, fag?

>> No.7769245


I've actually heard her not laugh for 10 minutes straight. She can control herself, despite what you might all think.

>> No.7769265

I wonder what she'll do for her no-laugh stream. Just a free chat or superchat reading or will she play some game that's known to make people laugh?

>> No.7769280

she doesnt have tits, stop drawing her with tits

>> No.7769283

Elira confirmed to have had girlfriend(s) wow

>> No.7769303

Woah, thanks Captain Obvious

>> No.7769308

t. rosemi

>> No.7769309

She's going to go to /gif/ and watch all Gago webms.

>> No.7769311

Ball gag and vibrator.

>> No.7769313

Elira's gonna cry, isn't she...

>> No.7769317

Lucky Pomu

>> No.7769319

Brother = Girlfriend

>> No.7769321

She'd never take Pomu to her ex's favorite spots right? That'd be kinda rude.

>> No.7769325

I do sincerely hope that Wave 4 is successful. I love the dynamics that NijiID have and adding some guys to the mix might be the final nail in the Gosling coffin. I also think I want to try applying if there is a next time

>> No.7769336

She has tits, just look at her damn model. They're not big like how some artists draw them, but they're there.

>> No.7769342

Lets go with 6 months. It should happen within that time frame. Feel free to screencap this and laugh at me but I'm not wrong
Only time is gonna prove me right so let us see

>> No.7769352

man this part fucked me up

>> No.7769377

Okay, sounds good. 2022-02-11. I will screencap this and your prediction post.

>> No.7769379

she meant boyfriend but she switched it to girlfriend. (she paused to think for a second)
poor Elira treated that way by her EXs.

>> No.7769391

Girlfriend = boyfriend

>> No.7769401

Definitely, I don't doubt it for even a moment.

>> No.7769404

Boyfriend = me

>> No.7769419

me = pomu

>> No.7769420

All me

>> No.7769431


>> No.7769441


>> No.7769448

She explained this. She wears something appropriate for her parents and then puts on her more risky clothes when she leaves.

>> No.7769450

Are you fucking serious? People have been saying this for quite some time now. Everyone knows Pomu and Elira are dykes. It's just that the famelira were on copium this whole time.

>> No.7769452

See you then. I hope you will still post it admitting I was right when it's the case

>> No.7769456

I'm willing to bet money that Elira was a pegasister at some point in her life.

>> No.7769458


>> No.7769483

Boy, you're gonna freak out if someone draws her wearing a push-up bra

>> No.7769487

Finana only one into guys huh?

>> No.7769494

No he isn't.

>> No.7769531

But nothing fucked up happened?

>> No.7769538

pomufication of pomudachis is one hell of a drug

>> No.7769551

Nah, Pomu likes them big and black. Watch nekopara stream

>> No.7769572

Pomu is the biggest whore in NijiEN and it's not even close

>> No.7769586

You are the biggest faggot on this board and it's not even close

>> No.7769594

I'm going to lose my goddamn mind looking for this fucking boatslut cosplay

>> No.7769597

pomusuke is a big black cat?

>> No.7769607

Pomu is the tiniest fairy in the vtuber world and its not even close

>> No.7769615

Petra milking these piggies dry. Sugoi!

>> No.7769616

Have you tried not being a schizo?

>> No.7769626

>I don't want you guys to see me as slutty
>buys a short that labels her as a slut

>> No.7769627

pomu is the pomuest pomu in the ponu forest its not even close

>> No.7769632

Petra is very retarded today and I love it. I'm going to sleep for Petra and Cia collab though

>> No.7769646


>> No.7769654

yeah it's not objectively 'fucked up,' its just when I started to understand the influence Mari has on Sonny and stuff like that.

>> No.7769656

I wasn't like this until her debut

>> No.7769663

Imagine getting paid to suck at a game. I wish that was me.

>> No.7769668

Pomu Pomu Pomu pomuest Pomu Pomu Pomu pomuest Pomu Pomu Pomu Pomu

>> No.7769670

I don't think fish is as much a NEET as people think. She has stories of going out to night clubs. I think Finana is a lot like Aqua from hololive, but way less socially autistic. They portray this hikki-NEET character and to some extent are actually shy, but their best friends or friend circle are a bunch of sluts/リア充 that get them into trouble.

>> No.7769675

>This became an endurance stream and I didn't even mean for it to be
She's becoming a horror fan in real time

>> No.7769685

Shirt fits her perfectly, then. She's a cute little slut anyways.

>> No.7769693

im pomu

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