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Cue the Makeover Montage! Edition

Not a lot has happened since the last thread but there are some things that must be addressed. During last night's Outlast 2 stream it was obvious that Nyan's patience was beginning to wear thin. The gameplay loop of searching for items, hiding if spotted, and listening to repetitive voice clips grew to be more irritating than scary. But she couldn't just abandon the stream plans! She'd gone and purchased a heart rate monitor just for this! The answer to this conundrum came in a most unexpected form. To really put the monitor through its paces she began watching videos of sexy girls on Youtube to see how much her heart rate would increase. And, well, technology don't lie. The spike up to 172 while watching a video of the green M&M is proof that she definitely has a type.

Beyond that we've had a small handful of streams today. Cat and Mouse are collaborating in Man of Medan today, and have immediately set about turning this into a story of boy's love. If you happened to catch their playthrough of A Way Out several months back then there's definitely a lot of similar vibes from this stream. Froot also got around to streaming today, and all but confirmed that she will be collaborating with Selen sometime. While she didn't say the name outright, there is an approximately 0% chance there's a single other person who fits the criteria she laid out, so look forward to that sometime in the future!

That's about all of import that's happened today! Tomorrow's looking like it'll be a pretty average day, but don't forget that Thursday is Silver's birthday and there will likely be some festivities to celebrate it on Saturday! At least, that's how things look at the moment. A schedule from her would clear things up but until then we're in the dark. So do what you do best in the dark! Get comfy, ignore bait, and be excellent to each other.

VShojo is:
Nyan- https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Silver - https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale
Froot - https://www.twitch.tv/apricot
Mouse - https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Zen - https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Mel - https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody
Hime - https://www.twitch.tv/hajime
Vei - https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

Previous thread: >>7719670

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Any froot watchers know if she's killed anyone?

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I got pulled over for speeding tonight, but I told them I was rushing home to see Snuffy and they gave me a police escort. Good stream.

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In Apex.

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she has killed millions

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She used to work at Auschwitz

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Is Nyan missing all the QTEs on purpose or what? Kinda boring to not even try.

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Once, in 9/9/99.

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Damn, she's even better at evading the nazi hunters than Mengele was.

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wait. did mousey kill the guy that nyan was playing as? Did nyan's failure with the QTE have something to do with it? This seems to be some good twisty entertainment.

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Anyway schedule time. Currently live:

Mouse - Collabing with Nyan in Man of Medan. They're both streaming their perspectives, so... https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Nyan - Pick the perspective you prefer. Though you really should be stream squading since hallucinations can be a thing and you won't see that from only one pov. https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Froot - Playing Apex with Zen and someone I don't know. Earlier in the stream it was Lord Commander Chaos but now it's someone named Red.exe https://www.twitch.tv/apricot

And since it's late, tomorrow's schedule.

Mel - Schedule says Persona 4 or Val-Hall-A. I remember Mel saying it took her literally a full year to beat Persona 5 so maybe Val-Hall-A would be better.
Nyan - Schedule says just chatting / games. But she said earlier that she would probably be taking a break from horror tomorrow so who knows what it'll be.
Mouse - Space and Bird stream! If you missed the first one she did several months back expect her to get fucked up through these vids and have a preview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFqnqYgTOUc?t=3m19s
Zen? - Probably. She missed today as she said she might but tomorrow's wide open.
Vei? - Missed today so I'm guessing tomorrow's probably likely.
Silver? - There still isn't a schedule for this week. Tuesdays are fairly normal for her but until we get one it's up in the air.

Froot and Hime are who knows. And everyone else is accounted for. Could be a busy day tomorrow but it's definitely a calm before the storm kind of day with Thursday having potential Silver birthday stuff, Mouse's talk show, and Nyan's Minecraft voice pack stream all at once.

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Yes. I find it really funny how they're both describing themselves killing and being killed in identical ways but neither of them has realized yet that they're killing each other.

>> No.7764806

Jesus christ they have to be missing this shit on purpose its sad.

>> No.7764865

It's a bit funny how they are fucking up so many qte

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Mousey has mastered the seductive tone of the Yautja

>> No.7765170

I think Mouse is going to kill Nyan on stream goddamn.

>> No.7765173

Nyan is either terrified or turned on or both.

>> No.7765395

lol the minute the collab ends and Mouse can look at her chat she finds out about the game's main gimmick that she somehow missed this entire time.

>> No.7765416

still no mention of van darkholme cameo. Why she gotta do leather man like that?

>> No.7765470

Which is?

>> No.7765593

>MoonBoot asked me to give you a shoutout
I hope that dude doesn't reach the creepy simp levels some of the other girls get. Was a good cameo though. Probably 10 times longer than the Peter Griffin one.

>> No.7765654

The game fucks with each person's perceptions. What Mouse sees is not what Nyan is seeing and so forth. The game is kind of genius in that regard. You think you're doing things right, but you're not seeing what you're supposed to be seeing.

>> No.7765671

First guest of Mouse's stream confirmed! It'll be sykkuno!

>> No.7765687

who is this sykkuno guy and how is he relevant to mousey?
I only happened upon him while reading about various opinions on Arcadum/DnD.

>> No.7765689

Did Froot's avatar break?

>> No.7765715

the point of the talk show is to interview a variety of different people, not just friends of mouse and the gang.

>> No.7765736

Ah, a legit talk show. That's neat. Thanks anon.

>> No.7765753

One of the biggest streamers on Twitch. I don't even know how they met. I wanna say it was rust? But either way they somehow became friends and my assumption is Mouse wants to legitimize this as not just a VShojo talk show and doing someone who's not related to the group at all + isn't even a vtuber is a good way to do that.

>> No.7765801

Yeah Rust. Mouse met him first when she was investigating a gas station and he helped her out a bit. She thought he was going to kill her the whole time but he was just being weird. Later on he tried to sell shirts to her and the girls and he accidentally hit one of them with his car and a small war emerged. Later on, Sykkuno was in the gambling establishment and Mouse was basically his good luck charm, so she won him a shit ton of money. They just hit it off and have been friends ever since.

>> No.7765887

Sykkuno had played among us with them before rust, not sure how he got invited to that and how much he knew Mouse then, though

>> No.7765922

I like how when mousey is reading chat, she sometimes looks and moves like she's looking at both the one in her stream and on the twitch page.

Thanks anons.

>> No.7766028

Momo I think. Momo has a rather weirdly broad circle of friends.

>> No.7766032

He's one of the most popular people she knows, so big first guest. He has almost 32k people watching him play Tricky Towers right now.
>I don't even know how they met. I wanna say it was rust?
It was before then, he randomly asked to join her Among Us game back in October. He was following her like months before that though, I had noticed on a twitch stats page.

>> No.7766183

Wait, he'd been stalking her?


>> No.7766194

Seems like a wholesome cameo, weird that she has yet to mention it. Maby the colab part scared her off

>> No.7766224

Third part of the monke animation.

>> No.7766249

Puerto Rican mom reacts to Ironmouse lmao

>> No.7766253

Just realized this was uploaded days ago, if it was posted already I’m sorry.

>> No.7766404

and the nut showed her the MAD OP as the first vid kek

>> No.7766552

lmao Mouse's reaction towards the mom agreeing with all the shit she's saying.

>> No.7766761

I loved the end. The mom is almost scary perceptive.

>> No.7766890

Why would she stop?
Is she not /ourgirl/?

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Does anyone else dislike/not give a shit about fubuki and scatman? It was clips like this that people were using to get me into vtubers and they seemed stupid as fuck. And I'm not saying this as a hololive-sucks sort of comment.

I gotta admit this mix is kinda catchy tho.

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After posting, I realize this sounds like it sounds like it belongs in a holo thread. I brought it up because mousey was watching a fubuki-scatman vid.

>> No.7767160

I'm not a Fubuki fan (not because of dislike but just ignorance, I don't watch her) but basically all I know about her is that scatman stuff. Just goes to prove that clippers sometimes do the talents some good, but sometimes they don't.

Actually the one popular vtuber I can't quite understand is Inanis. I was watching a compilation, so yeah a bunch of clips, that someone made as a "best girl" argument video and while I have no particular negativity towards her after watching it, the only takeaway I had from the whole thing is that she's pretty fucking boring and I don't get the appeal. I understand wanting to have a chill streamer to just vibe to sometimes, but she's like an insomnia cure.

>> No.7767294

She made those clips herself, though.

>> No.7767332

Wait Fubuki or Ina?

>> No.7767339

What is it with mouse and pixxa videos?

>> No.7767370

Why is did mouse just watch turkish breakdancing?

>> No.7767701

VShojo and Life of Luxury collab when.

>> No.7767762

Who reacts the best?

>> No.7767774

Me when I close the tab

>> No.7767779

Probably Vei. She seems most into acting like it's real while Nyan was just losing her shit over the stupidity the entire time and Mouse didn't actually watch it she just wanted to show the dolphin man from the video.

>> No.7767787

so she never killed anyone, thanks anon

>> No.7767893

>someone made as a "best girl" argument video
I wonder if you're referring to the video where the uploader made one for each EN girl.
While not for me, she seems to be good for the occasional chit chat/talk in the background; she also seems to be known for puns and dad jokes. However, some of them seem to be forced.

nyan because she also makes various comments about the videos and goes on tangents. mousey is in second for apparently being nearly immune to them.
>>7767774 Based reaction. Honorable mention.

>> No.7767912

lmao Mouse didn't finish watching the video of Vei talking about the jelly cummer but she reassured everyone that she definitely wasn't there.

>> No.7767988

mousey bypassed the horror-vids disease but is apparently trying to catch x-reacts-to disease.

>> No.7768251

For all your seeing-nyanners-getting-the-shit-beat-out-of-her needs!

>> No.7768356

why are you consoomers watching a bunch of consoomers consume? literal watching these girls getting donations and consooming videogames, consooming videos, consooming each other. is that all you like to do is consoom? don't you ever want to become something greater? to create something that hasn't been done before? to reach a new goal/standard?

>> No.7768418

No, now fuck off.

>> No.7768430

Remember lads, this level of post quality is not acceptable anywhere on /vt/. No clue why he posted this here either, probably clicked a random thread.

>> No.7768563

My goal is to become the greatest consoomer

>> No.7768768

not only is mousey watching horror vids, she's watching the guy with the terrible voice.

>> No.7768942

Chills? It's about the only content he makes.

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>> No.7769155

We face the ghosts when the others will not!

>> No.7769207

froot and zen have been playing apex for over eight hours and froot has literally played it throughout the night isnt it early morning there in britbong land?

>> No.7769233

It's really weird how some of these videos Mouse watches just fine but some she has to stop and say she absolutely does not want to proceed. I can only guess it's the videos that take place at night that are freaking her out because it's dark.

>> No.7769312

froot's sleep schedule has been absolutely fucked even before she started playing apex

>> No.7769560

OH SHIT! It's Ghost Frieza!

>> No.7769962

He'll destroy that wall in 5 minutes!

>> No.7770658 [SPOILER] 

Has vshojo ever done any commercials?
For example, NYANNERS recommends her favorite cat litter.

>> No.7770890

I think Nyanners got a sponsorship for a new Final Fantasy thing she was into once. They've probably done other sponsored stream I dont remember.
If you mean Asacoco-style commercials, I don't think so but that's a very good idea. So long as it's not something like that awful "sketch" they uploaded on the main VShojo channel that one time.

>> No.7771044

when nyanners was complaining about dudes who like to share long ass rock songs, i thought that was directed at ME

>> No.7771060

>4 years
Man. I knew this already but it's quite hard to put it into perspective. About one year after Kizuna, a year before Suisei, same year as Sora... Is she seriously one of the oldest still active chuubas?

>> No.7771122

i am born

>> No.7771123

You must be 18+ to post on this site.

>> No.7771247

artemis is not in arcadums "3tuber" group. still five players. no idea who took the place.

>> No.7771263

Ah man, I just looked at Twitch wondering if Silver was streaming late (or early for me) and saw Froot was still playing apex for what, nearly 10 hours.
Maybe she should do that no apex pact with Ollie, see if she can uninstall it for a whole month.

>> No.7771302

I wish there was a vshojo who'd show this same level of autism for Touhou games

>> No.7771401

Is silver really the mommy of V-shojo?

>> No.7771405

I think Stellaris would be a pick for me, it's a game that a few girls I know get super into too, especially the role-play aspect of running their space empire.

>> No.7771416

in collabs, yes

>> No.7771428

I mean, she has that group mom thing where in a group she's usually the one checking that everyone is OK and such.

>> No.7771459


>> No.7771462

She promised next stream won't be Apex, but that's doesn't matter if she never ends this stream. Big Lich Brain.

>> No.7771483

She is. That's one reason why Bobon called her "senpai". I think Mori did, too.

>> No.7771504

I I hope the pink cat will be my mommy
Hope she can take care of me

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>> No.7771749

This got a bit of play with the fanartists. There's another one running around I can't find.

>> No.7771871


Better start hunting, nobody's getting more than 50 viewers doing either of these

>> No.7772231

Ah, but theres something fun about a relatively big person playing "debuff" games

>> No.7772297

End of Froot's stream was kinda cute, she got a win, thanked her teammates and then the (beep) and thanked her firealarm.

>> No.7772328

why do yall get so butthurt with my shitposts? i like vshojo to, but nothing wrong with breaking the 4th wall, or fucking around.

bunch of softies in here, they aint graduating tomorrow goddamn

>> No.7772365

back to whatever thread you came from

>> No.7772656

Yeah no, she won't be taking care of anyone.

Her and Vei needs a mommy or daddy to take care of them

>> No.7772723

Vei can be my papa.

>> No.7772778

Vei just need a sugardaddy to give her money and a dick, but Nyan, I feel like, need an actual father figure To give her money, dick and care

>> No.7772841

Vei has said it herself, she needs a daddy to take care of her.

>> No.7772857

she has her brother

>> No.7772870

I think both of them are making enough money to not require anyone to provide for them
As for dick Nyan would prefer one attached to a futa... or to just grow her own

>> No.7772913

But she needs a daddy

>> No.7772945

Vei loves DILF.

>> No.7773091

Who doesn't?

>> No.7773318

I was away for a week.
Recommend me vods to watch.

>> No.7773403

Nyan might be the type who prefers girls aesthetically but guys for relationships, It's weirdly common among bi weeb girls. Simp all day over cute girls, but at the end of the day cuddle up with their BF.

Her behaviour is kinda exactly on par for the ones I know of that type - and whenever they've had a same sex relationship it was a horrible dramatic disaster. Pretty anecdotal I know but I've known all kinds of weebs.

>> No.7773446

I prefer Dill

>> No.7773455

I hope you like react content

>> No.7773698

It's the same with Silver

>> No.7773735

Can't beat the cock

>> No.7773770

None of them are realy onto women. All of them pretend to be gay or bi so they dont have to deal with simps trying to date them

>> No.7773818

You're confusing them with other Vtubers. Vshojo are exclusively lesbians that pretend to be into dick to get lonely men thinking they have a shot.

>> No.7773952


>> No.7773978

Oh please the lust that Vei has for cock is real

>> No.7774069

you mean the one thats repeatedly talked about how she likes futa/transgirls over men?

>> No.7774356

Got any clips?

>> No.7774754

No, the one who said that the only reason she isn't fucking as much dudes as she wants is COVID

>> No.7774791

My friends keep asking "Snuffyfag, why didn't you preorder her mousepad?" Bruh, Snuffy is like a digital cartoon little sister to me. I can't rub my wrist on her genitals.

>> No.7774863

>He doesn't want to rub his sister's genitals

>> No.7774922

Vei was an internet shut-in playing overwatch all day even before covid.

>> No.7774949

If Vei gets AIDS, will she become like mousey?

>> No.7775035

She said herself that she's not a virgin and had multiple partners. Usually girls like about the opposite.
Not really

>> No.7775070


>> No.7775090

Girls can still get dick while being shut-ins.

>> No.7775238

Bruh Snuffy is the hot older sister of a friend

You can totally rub her genitals
No AIDS is treatable these days

>> No.7775567

actually virgin girls brag about having tons of sex/partners just like virgin boys. Doubt Vei is a virgin but just saying.

>> No.7775850

I mean, depends how much you count her fursona on f-list

>> No.7776634

Well, that settles it. I'd have to marry Vei due to her self cucking fetish. Getting with Vei means you are 100% guaranteed to fuck Nyan at a minimum.

>> No.7776728

She has cucking fetish which just includes self-cucking.
So be prepared to be cucked as well.

>> No.7776880

Oh no! Vei is gonna fuck Nyan in front of me? The horror

>> No.7776891

Vei will cuck you with every man in sight. On the other hand, you can cuck her too. So only go for it if you're a whore, mentally and sexually, anonchama. Are you a whore?

>> No.7776922

What's with the /aco/-tier posting lately?

>> No.7776985

I've been called worse, I watch Vei streams!

>> No.7777027

I can't believe Nyanners let Vei pin her down like that. when they walked out of the room in each other's panties I thought it was a joke

>> No.7777057

Hello everyone, this is YOUR daily dose of internet.

>> No.7777072

Noone is live, and so the thread devolves

>> No.7777112

A channel on youtube posted Mouse's intro songs a few days ago if anyone is interested


>> No.7777169

MAD Mouse is still my favorite

>> No.7777203

I dunno, man. I woke up late and just can't think straight. I'm going to go grab a coffee.

>> No.7777405

How is Melody the camgirl yet Veibei isn't? Melody seems too pure and shy for lewd based on her mannerisims. Vei on the other hand is 100% built for lewd. Makes no sense

>> No.7777484

vei has low self-esteem and being lewd behind an avatar is easier for her

>> No.7777495

Vei is too socially awkward for that stuff. She will die from cringe and anxiety trying to shove a dildo inside her on camera. She only does it when no one knows about it.

>> No.7777503

Shy girl is always the horniest one.

>> No.7777547

>being lewd behind an avatar
Do you believe that Mel is actually an AI?

>> No.7777802

I think Moose is neat.

>> No.7777945

I think Moose is NEET

>> No.7777981

Tell me about the moose

Why does she torment Takahata

>> No.7778051

Silver has actually admitted that she finds the idea of a relationship with another girl weird but still finds girls hot.

>> No.7778085

Tell me about the moose

Why does she torment Pomu

>> No.7778169

Yes I know, what >>7773403
Said about Nyaaners probably also applies to Silver.

>> No.7778271

He's a Vtuber leech

>> No.7778417

He's more popular than any of the Vshojo girls.

>> No.7778459

What did Froot mean by this?

>> No.7778558

The Discordfaggots must be bored.

>> No.7778634

It makes perfect sense. Melody is an experienced confident sex worker who is extremely comfortable with herself. Vei is a loudmouth but has no confidence and is very shy, not when it comes to talking shit and streaming, but about almost everything else.

>> No.7778720

Fubuki, she had to remove it though due to copyright concerns so what you've seen was probably reupload rather than a clip.

She's a talented gacha illustrator, pretty fluent in Japanese, pretty comfy but not really great for le meme funny compilations most of the time, she can give you art advice but would never shout about sucking cocks or get loud in general, never gets angry etc. basically she's like froot on steroids.

>> No.7778769

Guess what, everyone? Silvervale has big zonkers.

>> No.7779291

yeah i fucked her

>> No.7779681

Anny's first Ring Fit vod got deleted?.. What happened?

>> No.7779866

It was a ring fit stream

>> No.7782172

Wonder if Mel reached out like she said she would.

>> No.7782207

Lumi is live with vacation photos.


>> No.7783386

>police escort
Is that like a stripper cop?

>> No.7783639

Lumi's watching drunk Mel talk about how cute she is. This is cute.

>> No.7783706

Are you ready, did you submit your best spacebird videos.

>> No.7784232


>> No.7784425

Wrong general buddy, Lumi isn't part of the V-shojo circle

>> No.7784479

When there's no one on it's better to have something than nothing and she's close with Mel >>7783639

>> No.7784501

So, I fell asleep during the Mouse Nyan collab, but if what I read catching up on this thread is saying, she announced Sykkuno is the first guest on her talkshow?
Honestly, I think it's a good choice. If she is serious about it and wants it to be a talk show all across Twitch/streamers, then choosing a non-VTuber for the very first episode is probably a good idea.
Nyan and Mel will always be there to hop on for an episode of it, so it's not like she needs to rush into getting them on the show.
Sykkuno is a good choice because he is a big streamer, and they are also very familiar with each other at this point. Getting a big streamer like, say, Ludwig would be a good launch, but they don't know each other beyond a little interaction during a gameshow.
Therefore, I think Mouse made a good call in having Sykkuno on as the guest for the inaugural episode of her talkshow.
Big brain Mousey

>> No.7784528

That's nice and all but i won't accept her in the V-shojo circle until she becomes best friends with Silver and stops aiming for Zen

>> No.7784688

So, I'm watching Anny (been watching more and more of her desu) do these pan appeals, and I have to ask, what is with her and Russians coming in to shit up her chat?
I've heard her talk shit a bit about Russian viewers before too lol.
I know she's originally from the Ukraine.

>> No.7784719

Nobody gets to decide who is or who isn't appropriate to talk about here. That was the point of removing the names from the OP. If you like, I can start putting those back in there. I'm sure that'll meet your approval.

>> No.7784773

Agree, Mouse should save the vshojo girls for when other guests fall through or something so it can be weekly without many interruptions

>> No.7784851

Hopefully she'll figure out a format for herself, just hanging out and chatting isn't exactly a "talk show", plus theres the marketing aspect of a talk show, insofar that the people who appear on talk shows are usually promoting something which is normally the main conversation peice.

Kinda hope she'll start pulling multiple guests per show, i dunno.

>> No.7784857

I was thinking maybe one of the girls max in the first 10 episodes, after at least 4 episodes.
Having them on-call for canceled guests is not a bad idea at all though, actually

>> No.7784870

Russians have hard life. Their papa drink vodka and beat them. Their mama have no money to buy them adidas track suit. Job at troll farm pay very little rule. Russian young man have bad life and much anger. He take out his rages at nice girl on internet.

>> No.7784938

Please be Russian, anon.
The way you typed that had me reading it in a Russian accent and I couldn't stop fucking laughing

>> No.7784948

Ya. Lumi is adorbs and she has collabed with Mel multiple times. She also did a funny Pokémon drawing contest with Zen, Nux and several others. Her drawing were fabulous btw. Lumi is one of those people like Nyan who is good at literally everything.

>> No.7785026

I almost forgot about that Pokemon drawing stream.
That was so fucking fun

>> No.7785052

I think she would collab with vshojo even more often but she lives in Finland and streams very early compared to everyone else.

>> No.7785109

Vshojo belongs on /aco/ so what do you expect?

>> No.7785230

Damn, you're right. We should head back, you lead the way!

>> No.7785372

I wonder how she'd get along with Vei and Froot... though neither of them have anything approaching a healthy sleep schedule.

But hey, Froot must have gotten up for breakfast by now, right?

>> No.7785427

I'd think Lumi would get along easily with Froot but Vei would be a much harder sell. I could see her getting along with Hime though and the time difference wouldn't be as bad as it would be with any of the girls in the US.

>> No.7785465

Hahah Froot, from what I can tell sleeps from like 1pm to 8pm uk time or something crazy like that. So I think she goes to bed around the time Lumi starts steaming. Vei is awake during lumi’s stream but doesn’t like to stream until afternoon/evening UK time. I think Lumi would get along great with the similarly adorable Froot and have no idea how she would get along with Vei. That would be an interesting collab.

>> No.7785513

Hime would love Lumi. Although Hime has the filthiest mouth on the planet, she had a great stream interviewing the relatively seiso Haruka. Interviewing Lumi would go similarly, I suspect!

>> No.7785578

I don't think you or most chuubas understand the hype playing Touhou could generate. People would tune in like crazy when a girl finally gets her goal after hours of failure.

>> No.7785592

I'm fucking telling you people it needs to be with Silver

Wolf girls unite

>> No.7785594

Yeah the Hime + Haruka collab is still probably my favorite Hime stream so far.

Also Mouse uploaded the new intro she uses on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGKeNdN_skY

>> No.7785631

Until Nyan.

>> No.7785778

Then we can get the huge wolf booba collab we've been waiting for. I mean Silver would win obviously but who's going to say no to more

Realistically I could see Lumi instantly getting along just fine with everyone in VShojo except maybe Vei. She's just super bubbly and I think Vei would have an extremely hard time being herself without coming off as rude in a 1 on 1 collab. Add a third person for Vei to bully like Nyan though and it'd be great.

>> No.7785815

Russians can be pretty aggressive to literally everyone and Anny usually streams in peak russian hours.
t. russian

>> No.7785902

>originally from the Ukraine
that's all you needed to know. Slavs hate other slavs. Ukranians hate Russians and vice versa. Both are not meant to be integrated into western society.

>> No.7785952

Anon, I'm on NoFap...

>> No.7785961

I'm going to need sauce, anon.

>> No.7786046

Lumi and Bunny played A Way Out. https://twitter.com/Ryou_Sakai/status/1385760405650280449

>> No.7786056

she literally shittalked russians and poles before for being russians and poles so why would you expect? If she is from Ukraine that explains a lot.
t. pole

>> No.7786077

I genuinely do not think she thought this far ahead. If she did, great, but I think it's going to just be a 30~60 minute section of shooting the shit, and then good-byes.

>> No.7786085

Pretty sure it originated from the two of their models being on screen at the same time and their size difference.

>> No.7786113

All USSR countries hate Russia

>> No.7786125

Thank you.
Very based artist.

>> No.7786148

That was a great collab on a game that is always fun to watch. The collab would have continued but bunny’s setup for that game completely broke. I wanted to see them play to the end.

>> No.7786197

>all countries hate Russia
fixed it for you

>> No.7786211

I would love to see Bunny’s roommate and Lumi’s roommate, um, hug each other.

>> No.7786238

I don't like the prospect of this, I don't get the point and people will accuse her of leeching. She already has hundreds of indie VTubers who want her to showcase their shit during those chuuba community streams, why not stick to those?

>> No.7786245

Japanese style hug?

>> No.7786304

because 90% of those indie chubbas are boring and those who aren't already got big/are inclining. I don't want to listen to some 5 viewers noname with shitty mic on Mouse's stream. Period.

>> No.7786349

>people will accuse her of leeching
All they have to do is look at her numbers to see that's not the case. She wants to branch out and be more than what she is, let her grow, not that your opinion will actually stop anything. She very clearly wants to grow outside of the Vtuber bubble, and this is a great opportunity for her to do so.

>hundreds of indie VTubers who want her to showcase their shit
These are the leeches.

>> No.7786359

She's already doing the deep-dives for less-known vtubers, why the fuck would she make a talk-show to do the exact same thing?

>> No.7786446

Mouse was really small (no pun intended) for a really long time until things started moving for her, and I she wants to give smaller guys a similar chance.
Though she had an incredible opportunity with a group that kind of exploded at the same time.

>> No.7786448

Anny x Yunii minecraft collab is in the works. Doggo on fox action.

>> No.7786508

the reality of deep dives is that nobody watches the Vtubers she showcases after she does. Maybe during a podcast you would get to know them more/connect. But it's also a big risk for, you know, yabs.

>> No.7786661

There is literally nothing wrong with leeching as long as you can back it up with good content.

>> No.7786770

But one of her best friends is Vei the Polack. So that proves that she is tolerant toward all Slavic peoples! Thank you.

>> No.7786842

I think Lumi needs some training/coaching, she's like really good for the first half of a song but kinda falls apart the longer she goes. Some kind of stamina training maybe?

>> No.7786860

>> No.7786919

Lol you’re like the oaf of urban legend who would shut down the patent office on the grounds that everything useful that can be invented has already been invented.

While I agree that most no-names are unwatchable (at least right now), there are diamonds in the rough waiting to be discovered.

>> No.7787031

I love that Hime is right up there near the top with peak viewers of all time. Everyone was so curious to see her debut, which opened with her yelling into a scuffed mic peaking all over the place for like 10 minutes, screaming about her tits for 2 hours then getting banned. To be clear, I love Hime.

>> No.7787033

Vei is a british born brit with polish roots on mother's side. She is no dirty polak.

>> No.7787077

cant say im surprised about the bottom half

>> No.7787087

you can find a golden nugget in the pile of shit sure but you're still digging in shit for it.

>> No.7787096

>Everyone was so curious to see her debut
I think the raid-train from all the other girls kind of helped too

>> No.7787124

>While I agree that most no-names are unwatchable (at least right now), there are diamonds in the rough waiting to be discovered.
So you agree that it would be a waste of time to interview them until they put in the work and become actually good?

>> No.7787135

Another thing I noticed is that melody’s viewer-to-folllower ratio is shockingly low compared to the other girls. Lotsa ppl follow her but don’t watch. Whereas someone like zen has ppl who view her but don’t follow her, which I don’t get at all.

>> No.7787175


>> No.7787180

Nah she eats sausage (literal sausage, you cretins) and pierogis every day and doesn’t know anything about British cuisine and doesn’t even know the English word for some things. She’s an honest to God Polack!

>> No.7787210

fuck I hate her now

>> No.7787220

Don't worry, in a few years there won't be no Ukraine anymore

>> No.7787226

I would trust mouse’s judgement. If she thinks it’s worth having someone on the air, let’s see them do their thing, even if it might bomb.

>> No.7787245

That's awful, I'm unsubbing from her OnlyFans right now!!!

>> No.7787261

When you bring ratios into it, I'll use average viewers to followers, you get 1. Zen (16.13%) 2. Froot (14.58%) 3. Vei (14.56%).
Mel taking up 8th place with 8.19%

>> No.7787279

>trust mouse’s judgement
after Deadmau5 I don't trust Mouse's anything

>> No.7787308

I think her immigrant (even if 2nd gen) identity and closeness to her Polack family is cute! I loved that all the other Poles came over to congratulate her when she was on the news!

>> No.7787333

Sorry if I’m late to party, but what about deadmouse. I know she played UNO with him, but what else is there?

>> No.7787334


>> No.7787373

>I know she played UNO with him
Excuse me? What the fuck happened to the timeline since I last checked?

>> No.7787385

>melody’s viewer-to-folllower ratio is shockingly low compared to the other girls. Lotsa ppl follow her but don’t watch.
This is me, I only watch her like once a week at most.

>> No.7787399

you added a 0, like nyanners is 1.4%, not 14

>> No.7787407

She was part of Twitch Rivals with him and some others. She raided him after her charity stream and he was pretty ungrateful and really irritating about it. That being said it's not like she knew that would happen. Especially after T-Pain had such a positive reaction.

>> No.7787415

Did you miss the Mouse claiming the coveted title of MVPeekza, crushing all at that opposed her at the UNO table?
Fuck I'm retarded.

>> No.7787419

Goes to show that any boost gained from drama and controversy is less valuable than a natural growth.

>> No.7787431

"Deadmau5 was so nice to me during UNO, let's raid him"
>I don't know what raids are well whatever
>oh, IronMouse? This bitch won in Uno against us.

>> No.7787468

I figured it out. It’s Apex fans who watch Zen and Froot without following. They don’t care about VTubers, they just like the retarded game.

>> No.7787469

For VShojo? Those exist?

>> No.7787473

Corrected V/F ratio.

>> No.7787493

if she invites someone and the fucker goes on some /pol/ level rant then yes

>> No.7787532

>So, Mouse, let me tell you about the Bohemian Grove.
Mouse interviewing Alex Jones when?

>> No.7787546

If you ask /vt/ literally anything any of them have done is a yab.

>> No.7787564

I can fix this

>> No.7787622

Anon, you're making it worse...
Literally how did THAT happen

>> No.7787646


>> No.7787687

lol she ended a stream once and didn't know who to raid and she mentioned T-Pain was on and chat started begging for her to raid him and she did. He had a great reaction where he pretended to be really upset because he was doing something embarrassing when she joined but after a minute he said he was joking and thanked her for it. This one was recent enough that I still have a link so enjoy. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1076121695?t=02h42m25s

Also looks like Mel will be playing Persona 4 today.

>> No.7787712

Zen live https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya

>> No.7787762

Somehow she saved it

>> No.7787769

the funniest shit is that some people really did take this incredibly obvious joke seriously

>> No.7787837

None of these people care about or know you. You're just a loser moneybag to them and it's healthy to know that and watch purely for entertainment value.

>> No.7787848

funny how many times she says things and then later frantically say it was a joke. not my type of comedy tho

>> No.7787869

I find it kinda funny how I transitioned from watching Hololive VODs to watching exclusively Zen after work, given all the prejudice about her and VShojo in general.

>> No.7787871

T-pain seems like the coolest fucking dude

>> No.7787873

That was a very charming reaction to being raided by Mouse’s huge audience. Good on him.

>> No.7787890

This attitude of hers only makes snuffyschizo's wildly alarming posts funnier

>> No.7787937

I only got introduced to T-Pain a couple days ago but he is quickly growing on me.

How'd you get into Zen? I've never been able to stomach "them" despite having been a VShojofag for months. Genuinely curious how they hooked ya.

>> No.7787938

telling yourself it was a joke won't gain you an inch, little man

>> No.7787948

T Pain is an excellent streamer, genuinely a great dude. He's integrated very well to twitch culture.

>> No.7787956

nah i agree that is the best way to consume their content, it was more funny because snuffy has been pretty consistently appreciative of her community otherwise and for people to actually freak out about it (it wasn't many but there were a few) because she called chat losers once is like, do you even watch her content?

>> No.7788006

There's a difference between not being friends and being a loser. Her telling everyone watching that they're losers is obviously a joke and you would have to be completely retarded to not see it.

>> No.7788069

hell i want her to call me a loser more

>> No.7788083

I'm pretty sure it's the actual losers in life that take offense.
If you're not legit a loser, than you'll get it's a joke.
If you are, well, sucks for you I guess. Nothing she can do about an inoffensive joke when actual losers also watch her

>> No.7788088

>How'd you get into Zen?
For me it was her genuine closeness with her audience. This sounds lame but back when TTS bits were only $1.00 you could pretty much talk directly to her as much as you wanted and she would talk right back to you. That’s really cool for a vTuber who is getting thousands of views.

Also her model is just unbelievably sexy and just nice to have in the background.

If you find her audience unfunny and annoying with their constant interruptions, you definitely won’t like her stream. But if you are part of the gang, it’s nice.

>> No.7788090

They don't care about any of us personally, but they still appreciate us being an audience for them.

Also, taking a swipe at chat seriously when Veibae is collabing with you is just stupid. Being a catty bitch to her chat when they start acting up is one of Vei's signature shticks and the content a lot of her fans want.

>> No.7788100

>How'd you get into Zen?
First I saw some old clips of her, really liked the mocap and followed on Twitch. Then after like 5 months my work hours shifted, and the only one who was more or less constantly live at the time I was done with wagecucking was Zen so I checked her out and kinda liked it.

>> No.7788135

btw the girl is controlling zen today.

>> No.7788146

How tall is Veibae like 5'6? Isn't Nyanners about the same or maybe even taller?

>> No.7788151

Oh, thanks :)

>> No.7788162

Nyan is actually pretty tall.

>> No.7788163

yeah chat just pretended to be offended to make it funnier, only 1-2 guys went on discord after the stream to whine about it and they were very likely real losers that took offense

>> No.7788181

Not sure about Nyan model per season but the roommate who controls her is pretty damn tall. She refers to herself disparagingly as “gumby,” “lanky,” “slenderman,” among other things.

>> No.7788185

>Shofu right after
Oh fuck yeah

>> No.7788187

Yeah I was thinking like 5'8.

>> No.7788198

nah the joke is funny because Snuffy is the biggest loser out of all the people watching her.

>> No.7788217

soooo is nyan ignoring van completely or what
pretty Lame honestly

>> No.7788234

That anon.

>> No.7788244

ty nostradamus

>> No.7788265

It certainly appears that way. Our guess is that she appreciates his kindness but the invitation to collab stresses her the fuck out.

>> No.7788287

>if Nyanners was in my room standing next to me I could stare straight into her loving eyes
It hurts bros...

>> No.7788292

I’d like to see her wear her heart rate monitor while she watches the Van Darkholme cameo lol

>> No.7788306

Cute 10 hour Froot!

>> No.7788309

its notall the time tho...

>> No.7788327

It's still up on her discord as far as I'm aware. Be patient.

>> No.7788340

He’s saying that because her hand movements are especially femme (and frantic) today. Of course we all know men who have effeminate hand gestures, so it doesn’t really prove anything. Fun to speculate though.

>> No.7788348

Uhm, BASED?!


>> No.7788372

How was that most recent Mel video thing she made? She was hyping it up quite a bit on her onlyfans. Did she actually get fucked in it, or is it her pretending to get fucked with bad animation?

>> No.7788375

Gross, I can't fap to this.

>> No.7788408

Yeah as a rule I don't fap to anyone that likes cocks because they're objectively gay as fuck

>> No.7788412

Zen getting her asshole stretched by Apex.

>> No.7788417

Reptiles are cold blooded.

>> No.7788436

Okay, I might not like Zen but that one was good.

>> No.7788469

in what world is Snuffy a loser lmao? Incredibly successful streamer making more bank than anyone on this board. Also she has a very high opinion of herself so get lost.

>> No.7788483

Has there ever been an incident where Zen didn't remember something she should definitely have remembered were she one person?

>> No.7788497

>Did she actually get fucked in it
Hasn't Mel been very open about not wanting to fuck people on stream? Imma guess the answer to your question is no anon.

>> No.7788499

>she has a very high opinion of herself
congrats dumbest post i've read all week

>> No.7788509

I was just joking.
Faps to inflation, takes Bad Dragons up the ass. Probably a big girl.
Yet, she is just as successful as you say. And she's really entertaining.
I love Snuffy

>> No.7788520

She talked like a kawaii anime egirl for like a year before finally revealing her real voice. She clearly has insecurities.

>> No.7788523

Hi snuffy more slutty vocaroos plox.

>> No.7788525

>roleplays as literal trash vermin
gee I wonder

>> No.7788530

>self-deprecating humor
I thought you guys caught on her jokes here

>> No.7788570

Smug Frog

>> No.7788589

Not really. The only thing I've noticed is that in some streams she stutters a lot and in other not at all. But that might be just an imperfection in the software she uses.

>> No.7788600

Most interesting people have an unhealthy mix of narcissism and low self esteem. She knows she’s fucking great at entertaining people and knows she deserves thousand of views but she has really crippling insecurities too.

>> No.7788611

Hey, saw your cucking thread yesterday.
Either go back there or make a new one if it's gone to page 11.

>> No.7788628

most successful and talented people are into weird shit. Normies begone.

>> No.7788640


>> No.7788641

Oh, forgot to say I hate the French, so go fucking die

>> No.7788664

She makes noises while the Melody and Melware models fuck as well as an average MMD animator can make them.
The BJ one was better, and that one's public.

>> No.7788666

Not VShojo+, anon. She seems cool and if you like her go make a thread.

>> No.7788670

I hate the French, so go fucking die.
t. french

>> No.7788672

I bet there are some August-living motherfuckers in this thread right now.

>> No.7788682

I see, so the hype was nonsense. Rip. She made it seem like she actually got fucked. Oh well. Maybe one day.

>> No.7788724

Hey settle down

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