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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

>> No.7756850

I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!

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>> No.7756860

Rosemi is making cute cupcakes today!!

>> No.7756864

bum bada bum, bum ba ba bum bum, bada bada bum, bum ba badum bum

>> No.7756865

I'm going to marry Elira and get both her sister and Pomu as side-wives!

>> No.7756874

Have you been doing your VOD reps? Catch up on the weekend quick because we're headed into another full week of streams!

(Elira's POV of the Mahjong collab was unlisted due to ISP issues though she still stayed and played for the full collab)




[Now Playing]

[Coming Up]

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>After last stream Elira went out and bought Omocat clothing

>> No.7756890

Elira spending her money on Omori clothes

>> No.7756891 [SPOILER] 

You are Pomu.

>> No.7756896

>> No.7756897


>> No.7756909

I'm.. Pomu

>> No.7756914

>Petra does 3 hours mostly in English
>Rosemi uses Japanese every sentence
I don't want to hear a Petra complaint ever again

>> No.7756922

I love this feesh!

>> No.7756940

Rosekeks wtf happend!? Why does no one subs to Wosemi?

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>> No.7756957

WE are Pomu.

>> No.7756959

What is she cooking?

>> No.7756977

It's kinda endearing how finana's chat is copying the chat on the game

>> No.7756978

Where's your teeth?!?! WIDER

>> No.7756981


>> No.7756991

Breaking in the new thread with the Rosemi Face

>> No.7756993

Pomu come back

>> No.7756994

A storm, obviously

>> No.7757006

>Home baking with Rosemi-chama
Fucking Holofags...

>> No.7757019

>> No.7757021

Distant Rosemi is so fucking cute bros

>> No.7757024

>340 degrees Celsius

>> No.7757039

apartment fire

>> No.7757045

Rosemi-sama is going to end up with burns after this stream.

>> No.7757062


>> No.7757069

The dialogue in this game is so unnatural and Finana's reading difficulties don't do it any favors

>> No.7757085

She's going to burn her house down.

>> No.7757088


>> No.7757099

Will Wosemi die on this stream?

>> No.7757104

Pomu just said Pomudachi's deserve it when Elira said she was going to beat the shit out of them.

>> No.7757110

>Pomu don't look, Ima beat the shit out of these Pomudachis

>> No.7757117

>it's another episode of Rosami Cooking

>> No.7757129

Why does Streaming-chan so much like someone...

>> No.7757136

Good thing she didn't furnish it. There's nothing to burn.

>> No.7757142

The twist is that she's going to spit in the cupcake and do a giveaway to her lucky viewers!

>> No.7757151

Why are there so many damned streams at the same time

>> No.7757154

It's more than likely.

>> No.7757160

When is Finana going to get a porn MMD? the only thing we have is koikatsu

>> No.7757171


>> No.7757173

Pomu hates every m*le fan not named walfie. Pomudachi are her yuri harem.

>> No.7757184

Drop the indie at the top, EZ

>> No.7757192

Is petra the only one with an MMD model so far?

>> No.7757227

Is this vtuber sleeping? Wrong! She is deceased!

>> No.7757228

game made by ESL, please understand por favor

>> No.7757231

this but with Kiara instead of Gura

>> No.7757232

>including the no talent shark
go back.

>> No.7757233

Baking is boring, all you do is measure shit out, I'm dissapointed

>> No.7757234


>> No.7757249

I think the only one with MMD of any kind is Petra at the moment

>> No.7757257

Wosemi literally only does the 'chotto-mate' 'koredeino' 'kuso' spiel that every single weeb can understand, Petra talks entire paragraphs and panders to JOP's constantly. Elira also talks jp and does jp streams and you don't see anyone complaining because, guess what, she doesn't clearly panders to the filthy japs.

>> No.7757261

She's converting mass to volume. I don't think she's capable of this math

>> No.7757271

it's true we do

>> No.7757280

converting measurements live on stream... Wosemi is fucked

>> No.7757282

I won't watch either of them.

>> No.7757283

she is pretty much melody, which it's funny cause this game came way before her

>> No.7757286

>They took the bait

>> No.7757301

You only need Rosemi.
Though, I'm also watching Flare right now.

>> No.7757302

She did manage to integrate a function live on stream without help once which is honestly more than I could do without looking that shit up again

>> No.7757315

>> No.7757319

tfw Selen stream will only be 3 minutes tomorrow...

>> No.7757326

not tribal, I like Pekora. Fuck off, chumfaggot.

>> No.7757327

What is she opening her mouth for...

>> No.7757329

Do you have a scale in your kitchen anon?

>> No.7757330

Comfy Elira times

>> No.7757338

I love my horny little sister

>> No.7757344


>> No.7757346

She wants you to feed her doritos

>> No.7757349

>Everyone has a scale in their kitchen
Is this a euro thing?

>> No.7757351

The people who shitpost about Petra don't actually watch streams. When will you people learn?

>> No.7757353

eat shit chumkek

>> No.7757357

Pomu's veggie stick

>> No.7757379


>> No.7757388

>Everyone has a scale in their kitchen

>> No.7757390

I'm going to turn Rosemi into a mom so she can get her cooking powers!

>> No.7757393

Petra literally did 3 Minecraft hours with all English. She only uses JP when she sees them in chat, and is 95% English other than JP streams.

>> No.7757401

>340 C
>to bake cupcakes
Also, I cook all the tie and never used a single scale, just eyeball ii, it's not that hard if you work with grams

>> No.7757409

Wosemi is the worst then

>> No.7757413

>Still taking the bait
Chum is the best bait

>> No.7757430

I have a thing called measuring cups so no

>> No.7757434

Been only watching selen, but what's up with the other members?
Who do you recommend?

>> No.7757441

If you cook you need a scale, yes

>> No.7757447

>converting cups to grams
I thought you leafs used a real measurement unit like gram

>> No.7757453


>> No.7757464

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

>> No.7757468

im not making crystal meth in my kitchen just use measuring cups and eyeball that shit

>> No.7757472


>> No.7757482

is rosemi actually dumb or doing an act? I can't tell

>> No.7757485

They're all pretty good

>> No.7757488


>> No.7757491

>rosemi's can opener when it fell apart

>> No.7757493

I want /qa/ to leave

>> No.7757499

Most people don't have scales. Rosemi's chat is retarded.

>> No.7757506

Is Finana really that bad at math or just pretending?

>> No.7757509


>> No.7757512

Rosemi-sama, obviously.

>> No.7757519

She’s trying to summon a Lord of Hell.
>no butterknives

>> No.7757526


>> No.7757532

Once again fish struggling with basic addition.

>> No.7757533

all or ur gay

>> No.7757543

I cook with my heart.

>> No.7757547

99% chance her cupcakes become burnt on the outside and pudding on the inside

>> No.7757552

I think she's just emptyheaded today, more than usual at least

>> No.7757561

we do, its just that we have a neighbour that doesn't so some people got accustomed to using imperial for various things.

>> No.7757570

I will become a professional chef just to take care of this lovely dumbass plant

>> No.7757574

Elira's really cute

>> No.7757577


>> No.7757580


>> No.7757595

She's playing a character playing as herself.

>> No.7757602

>> No.7757603

Just hold the butter stick until it’s soft, Rosemi...

>> No.7757606

Check out all of the collab streams to get a taste of each of the members. They all have great chemistry with each other so they make for really fun streams even when you're not super into the game/activity on the stream

>> No.7757609

(you) will never eat Rosemi's homemade cupcakes

>> No.7757612

Her brain too fried from pre-stream sex, I'll tone down the roughness next time guys my b

>> No.7757616

scrape me some pegao my fellow puerto rican brother

>> No.7757643

Anon that's lewd...

>> No.7757646

I recommend that you take your ass away from my cock, fag

>> No.7757652

Good, I want to live.

>> No.7757653

We're use both imperial and metric.
For weight and height, we use imperial.
For distance and speed, we use metric.
Cooking is mostly imperial (cups and lbs etc)
Measurements for construction are mostly imperial.

>> No.7757654


>> No.7757684

>It smells like weird cheese
Please insult me more, Rosemi-sama!

>> No.7757686

did rosemi buy... wrong kind of butter

>> No.7757690

>I get to live another day
It’s not fair, brehs

>> No.7757700

This probably hits too close too home for Finana

>> No.7757712

I love Elira, but they are all amazing

>> No.7757714

Her silly laugh is kinda charming

>> No.7757715

Streaming chan only cares about numbers, what a whore

>> No.7757716

Watch Selen's sister, Elira! Dragons are too powerful! Elira is too cute and sweet and lovable! She's such an amazing singer! She's a fantastic streamer! She really loves her fans! And we should all love her, too!

>> No.7757720


>> No.7757731


>> No.7757736


>> No.7757742

"european style" butter for baking... she's fucked

>> No.7757743

Why are you people like this...

>> No.7757750

Finana and Rosemi have more views than Elira...

>> No.7757751


>> No.7757757

cultured butter is delicious on bread and won't make any difference in cupcakes

>> No.7757760

Rosemi Wosemi..

>> No.7757762

>Fermented butter
Rosemi what the fuck

>> No.7757763

dick cheese

>> No.7757765

Rosemi's a lot more reserved in collabs though

>> No.7757772


>> No.7757779


>> No.7757782

it's a small miracle she hasn't poisoned herself yet

>> No.7757796


>> No.7757799

is she doing this on purpose

>> No.7757804

Hope she's done with this game today

>> No.7757806


>> No.7757809


>> No.7757812

That just sounds needlessly complicated...

>> No.7757813

Elira is actually streaming chan, oh no....

>> No.7757819

Wosemi-chan-sama-kun-tan's crying is so cute...

>> No.7757830

I love this stream so much, Rosemi is the best

>> No.7757836

she's doing it too fast... we're gonna be here all day
the retards who told her to pre-heat the oven are morons

>> No.7757838

Finana has leapt over Pomu and Elira and is now the strongest lazulight. And overall she is only behind Selen, the strongest NijiEN

>> No.7757853

>Fermented butter
oh god

>> No.7757854

Rosemi-sama really do sounds like a retard, huh...

>> No.7757855

>> No.7757857

Hey, I didn't tell her shit because I don't bake

>> No.7757872

I bought one back in my college weed days and just kept it for my kitchen, very handy. Burger here.

>> No.7757874


>> No.7757879

>I'm left-handed... no, I'm right handed

>> No.7757892

Cultured butter won't make any difference in making cupcakes, but it's cute to see wosemi panicking

>> No.7757908

>can’t whisk
Julia Child-sama, don’t look....

>> No.7757921

It makes sense in our heads at least.
I can imagine what a person weighing 170lbs looks like but if you told me 50kg for a person I would be clueless. Same with height, 6ft is easier to imagine than 180cm.

>> No.7757926

Is Omori that bad? I thought it was a buff

>> No.7757935

some retard here teach her how to fucking warm up butter...

>> No.7757941

Brosebuds we're getting ring fit content already!

>> No.7757943

fish erotic

>> No.7757949

>Rosemi tired already

>> No.7757952

wosemi is actually retarded, i love it

>> No.7757960

Using cups to measure solids is the most retarded shit you could do.

>> No.7757977

Kill yourself for being a numberfag. But Omori's a debuff game. Elira's playing it because she doesn't care about numbers and wants to have a good time!
Maybe when it first came out, Elira's gotten much fewer viewers than she normally does with it, though.

>> No.7757979

King Manlet-chama...

>> No.7757981

It's pretty good but everyone knows Elira's gonna be here all fucking day so they're watching the other girls first and will switch over when they're done.

>> No.7757989

>imagine this try hard jerking you off and her arms getting tired.

>> No.7757991

its utter chaos, but i guess people managed to adapt

>> No.7757999

It's not game quality, people just don't want to watch RPGmaker stuff.

>> No.7758011

She shouldn't have waited so long to play it

>> No.7758018

>smells like flowers

>> No.7758019

Omori is a shit game

>> No.7758024

>I'm not streaming chan, I'd never talk like that
Fish just check your most popular clips....

>> No.7758025

>I still feel like I resonate with Dorothy the most

Because you're a...?

>> No.7758036

Menhera themed JRPG vs a literal retard about to burn her house down live on stream

>> No.7758040

>Enthusiastic about sex
>Doesn't know how to have sex

>> No.7758042

It's a great game but usually I don't care for watching people play RPGs.

>> No.7758049

God Rosemi is so cute

>> No.7758053

Oh no no no no no no no no

>> No.7758058

It's kinda funny but it's also kinda retarded to see chat spam wrong things and discourage her.

>> No.7758061

meant for >>7757812

>> No.7758063


>> No.7758068

It's not amazing but it's not terrible either
But it definitely was a let down after the years of waiting

>> No.7758078

>if you told me 50kg for a person I would be clueless
Are you serious?
>6ft is easier to imagine than 180cm.
W-what? I honestly cannot comprehend how you can think that.

>> No.7758085

eeeehhh not always. Things like 1 cup of rice to 1 cup of water is easy to remember.

>> No.7758096

I have 4 scales, 1 large for multiple pound items, 2 smaller ones to measure by ounce or gram, and 1 that's really meant for jewelry but I use it for sub-gram measurements of my additives.

>> No.7758100

I disagree. It's generally better for baking but not stuff like cupcakes or brownies. Every time I used it for those they come... different

>> No.7758106

funnier part is that you're like 2 cm's off

>> No.7758107

Rosemi please those moans...

>> No.7758118

congratulations, you're not that leaf nor a burger

>> No.7758140

she said it to me

>> No.7758142

Years? Why was the game so hyped?

>> No.7758145

Unless you’re trying to make buttercream by hand, this can’t be that hard to do, Rosemi...

>> No.7758150

Maybe playing it by yourself like Genshin but these games are extremely boring to stream.
Doesn't help that this is a bait and switch title with psychological horror vibes but it's just some hit or miss RPG drama. Art is great though.

>> No.7758165

rosemi-sama is cuter than usual today!

>> No.7758171

I won't survive her RFA stream.

>> No.7758199

game made by a "popular" artist

>> No.7758208

You lying fuck, that was directed at me.

>> No.7758211

She's milking it out of me I'm underneath the table

>> No.7758219

ni ni san ni

>> No.7758220


>> No.7758226

>wants an entirely pink kitchen
Holy fyck that's adorable. Is Rosemi the girliest member of NijiEN?

>> No.7758235

>ok so
>get this
>it's an indie japanese-style rpg...
>holy shit how do they come up with this

>> No.7758243

You tell someone something is a 100 clicks (km) away, a leaf will know. You tell them miles, they probably wouldn't. But if you tell them something is about 3 feet across, they will know. You say 1 meter and they might look at you cross-eyed.

>> No.7758257

>elira at sub 1k

Dragonbros...did we get too cocky?

>> No.7758270

rosemi cosplayed as a literal semen demon lol

>> No.7758272

the only RPG that most people can tolerate is memetale

>> No.7758288

>She cosplayed Kashima

>> No.7758293

Just cut lbs by half and you've got pretty close to the weight in kg.
As for distance, it is feet times 30.

>> No.7758301

>wosemi cosplayed as kashima
of course she would cosplay as the dom dork one

>> No.7758303

It's a story-heavy RPG, they're usually debuff after the first stream

>> No.7758307

Based NATO standardization Chad

>> No.7758312

>kashima rosemi cosplay

>> No.7758314

>That cosplay

>> No.7758315

my retarded flower is doxxing herself again

>> No.7758316

I love memetale, it's sad that Finana never got to finish it

>> No.7758317

It's kind of a mess.
We do cooking in imperial because of french roots. In fact, most of the world does. France made the cookbooks. That's history.
But we use imperial for a lot of construction-related stuff because we trade raw materials a lot with the states, and a lot of that comes in imperial measurements. It's a concession to cooperate with a trading partner.

Weight and height are the weird ones. I don't actually know why we use them. All I know is that I learned it in school and almost all of my teachers in public school were americans that had moved north to find work.

>> No.7758318

I think Elira should try playing Hylics (at least the second one), you think she'd enjoy it?

>> No.7758328

>It makes sense in our heads at least
Yeah, until you bump into someone speaking metric or imperial
it's not even consistent. It all depends on who you talk to. It's even worse in schools since some schools will teach purely imperial and briefly chat about metric while other schools will teach purely metric and briefly touch imperial

>> No.7758349

Rosemi getting brain damage from huffing paint!!!!

>> No.7758351

this pretty much confirms rosemi is not flat.

>> No.7758368

Getting high on fumes in the garage with Rosemi!

>> No.7758373


>> No.7758374

>rosemi does inhalants

>> No.7758378

>rosemi cosplayed the sex boat

>> No.7758387

Is hylics something that's possible to enjoy as a game rather than for the bizarre art?

>> No.7758388

>Rosemi cosplayed this

>> No.7758392

>inhaling paint
this explains a lot

>> No.7758406

Rosemi is literally brain damaged!

>> No.7758408

Wait, Kashima from what? I don't watch anime anymore please andastando

>> No.7758411

Elira and Pomu seem to be the most interested in those nonconventional type game streams, I think it could be fun if they played it together and they'd probably enjoy it

>> No.7758412

So that’s why...Rosemi.....

>> No.7758423

Especially with a 7hr archive. Even as someone that watches everything Elira does it was a struggle to catch up in time for this stream.

>> No.7758426

Anon, Kancolle came out in 2013.

>> No.7758428

Kantai Collection

>> No.7758437

God I've busted so many nuts to Kashima doujins over the years. Good choice, Wose.

>> No.7758440

do your reps, that is (un)fortunately not the case

>> No.7758446

God imagine the bullshit she'll cook when she gets pollinated oauuhhh

>> No.7758453

second one is a pretty functional RPG so yes

>> No.7758467

Ms. Thompson was such a cunt

>> No.7758470

The first stream averaged around 1.3k too, the game is just a big debuff

>> No.7758484

>Cosplaying my wife
>I don't even watch her
I don't know how to feel about this

>> No.7758493


>> No.7758494

Very fortunately

>> No.7758499

Whatever happened to Kancolle anyways? Nowadays it's all about Azur Lane

>> No.7758501

It's funny how Finana makes a point of doing a low voice every single stream of hers. I wonder if she wanted Elira's model at first.

>> No.7758503

>"I like the smell of gasoline. Actually, I really dislike the smell of gasoline but I like the smell of garages."
What the fuck is this girl saying

>> No.7758504

Stop posting your cringe edit

>> No.7758509

There's a billion anime characters who share the same sounding names
That said though

>> No.7758520

Shimakaze is the real sex boat. But Kashima is #2.

>> No.7758546

she also literally showed everyone a picture

>> No.7758548

She wanted to be a loli, so probably not

>> No.7758551

She was actually pretty opposed to doing the voice at first and she later mentioned she dislikes it because she thinks it makes her sound "slutty", chat eggs her on to do it

>> No.7758554

Elira, your game choice reps...

>> No.7758559

Wosemi's brain is a bit slow after huffing all that paint please understand

>> No.7758566

The folks in charge turned out to be massive spergs and self-sabotaged until the whole ship sank. Then the chinese knockoff picked up the torch.

>> No.7758570

it's almost like the lack of localization killed overseas interest while the chinese sex boats kept rolling in popularity once it got an english release

>> No.7758571

It's an improvement.

>> No.7758574

She likes the smell of garages

>> No.7758578

bloons is a good choice though

>> No.7758584

She's too slender (and FLAT) for this character...

>> No.7758590

i agree, brosebud

>> No.7758591

She wanted a loli model

>> No.7758598

Why does she laugh like that?

>> No.7758618

>cookie clicker
Elira is going to be the shit game nijiEN at this rate

>> No.7758620

Kadokawa acting like retards. First anime sucked. Second one delayed over and over again. Game is stagnant as outdated as all fuck.

>> No.7758625

her grandmother was a seagull

>> No.7758628

She is a slut though so no reason not to.

>> No.7758633

>the sex boat
You'll have to be a lot more specific.

>> No.7758640

>there’s no shells in there, don’t worry
>I think...

>> No.7758647

you're gonna have to be specific anon

>> No.7758649

nerves probably

>> No.7758663

Are Kashima doujins really that good? Anyone have some recs?

>> No.7758667

Didn't she also say during yesterday's kusoge that she is afraid of parking lots?

>> No.7758670

Rosemi you forgot to add the onions lecithin your cupcakes will not be uniform

>> No.7758676

It never evolved and took advantage of the gacha boom a few years ago. AZ had a massive ad campaign and heavily pondered to Burgers.

>> No.7758681

Why is Rosemi, you know, like THIS?

>> No.7758683

I love cooking ASMR...

>> No.7758684

Anon I don't think wosemi could cosplay shimakaze, the sheer mention of the idea that she might have would cause trillions to die instantly in underwear across the world

>> No.7758687

excuse you, cookie clicker is goated

>> No.7758694

Oh I remember seeing this before, I just forgot about it.

I see, that sucks. I mean, she started the Finance thing, so maybe she likes it a little bit? Otherwise she would've stopped.

>> No.7758707

I feel a disturbance. Like Rosemi is doing something really dumb right now.

>> No.7758712

would you eat wosemis cursed cupcakes?

>> No.7758725


>> No.7758726

im not a tween girl, sorry

>> No.7758728

how do you mess up cooking with an air fryer? Rosemi, just put the nuggies in for less time

>> No.7758754


>> No.7758761

too much gasoline was huffed pls understand


>> No.7758771

I’m not afraid of death, so yes.

>> No.7758774

I think the positive reinforcement from chat warmed her up to it

>> No.7758776

This anon is probably right >>7758625

>> No.7758779

Air fryers are bad there is no good way to use them

>> No.7758790

>Thread goes to gachashit.
Funny thing is, thread basement dwellers probably find this garbage an extremely comfy topic of conversation.

>> No.7758798

how is it possible that Omori looks worse than Earthbound

>> No.7758799

>taking cooking advice from chat
Nigga she's doing something dumb already

>> No.7758802

and this is why you're not a niji en vtuber

>> No.7758803

Honestly Azur Lane blows Kancolle out of the water in every single way, I blame Kadokawa for being absolute tards and self sabotaging instead of trying for a global approach.

>> No.7758807

Never forget.

>> No.7758820

It feels like half the doujins on the panda are kashima sometimes

>> No.7758824

those are both good though

>> No.7758829

>> No.7758837

They are the easiest thing to use and you good quality food with no effort

>> No.7758839

no one cares about your opinion, moron

>> No.7758843

I need this

>> No.7758847

That's the reality for every single indie earthbound clone

>> No.7758852

You're thinking of Cookie RUN
Cookie CLICKER turns into an eldritch horror halfway into the game and it's made for numberfags, who are majority males over 20.

>> No.7758857

But Selen has 100000000000x better taste
>Metal Slug/Starcraft

>> No.7758860

what do people mean by self-sabotaging? IP blocking/lack of an international version?

>> No.7758863

They were fine!

>> No.7758879

>Finana's Egg

>> No.7758882


>> No.7758895

Only complete sluts cosplay Shimakaze.

>> No.7758896

So what you're telling me is that Finance is the most groomable NijiEN? Based.

>> No.7758898

Both games look good and are fun, what are you even talking about

>> No.7758905

white woman spotted

>> No.7758913

I still hear Mikimasu instead of Ikimasu....

>> No.7758917

>Rosemi starts streaming
>thread becomes 4x faster
Pomu bros...we don't run this thread anymore...

>> No.7758922


>> No.7758946

Didn't bother making an international version and kept adding in more obscure japanese ships instead of more foreign ones that everyone actually wanted.

>> No.7758954

Rosemi 1.4k, Finana 1.1k, Elira 900 viewers

Dragonbros we got too cock

>> No.7758955

Earthbound has nice sprites, Omori looks like a bad RPG maker game

>> No.7758956

Rosemi is literally the best vtuber ever

>> No.7758973


>> No.7758975

Who is this semen demon?

>> No.7758980

Shitpost aside, I think Pomu is still the thread's favorite despite the hiatus. I think only Selen comes close in popularity here.

>> No.7758983

I love you even if you can't cook, Rosemi!

>> No.7758984

That’s super based.

>> No.7758986

which among the nijiens are the most sex

>> No.7758989

the usual jp autism, they live in their own little bubble.

>> No.7758994

Honestly would rather watch omori than either of those.

>> No.7758999

Does she actually not know what Finana's egg means...?

>> No.7759006

Just you wait.

>> No.7759008

Shhhh the fairy is sleeping

>> No.7759014


>> No.7759021

I only know Kashima via hentai so yes, they are that good

>> No.7759022

Does this mean finana's eggs come from her butt or her pussy

>> No.7759026

nah, my diet is just 90% omelettes, burger patties, and chicken breast so it's convenient for me outside of omelettes.

>> No.7759031

I can't tell you myself. I'm too far deep into Rosemi's kayfabe.

>> No.7759035

Rosemi's former life, the Tensai Clown Idol Fuzuki Miki

>> No.7759037

You are the most ESL, I can tell you that

>> No.7759042

>dated a girl who ran an amateur VA/dub channel on YT
>actually got a fairly big following
>she cosplayed tokitsukaze
>she had a breeding and ddlg fetish
>broke up within a month
>stopped updating all social
In another universe I could've been the boyfriend schizos on here freak out about....

>> No.7759046

Selen, Apex guerilla...onegai...

>> No.7759053

me when I debut

>> No.7759054


>> No.7759061

Rose seems like the type to be scared of sex toys and only use her hand or hump a pillow.

>> No.7759068

cloaca obviously, don't you know anything about fishes anon?

>> No.7759071

It's like this because it's a cooking stream, /vt/ubbies' favourite type of stream.

>> No.7759073

>IP blocking/lack of an international version
Both actually. That plus lack of substantial game updates and the game quickly falling behind in the quality department (Kancolle was a browser based game for its entire run) when gacha games really starting popping off after 2016 or so.

There was blood in the water and China straight up took the idea of boatgirls, made them all slutty as fuck, and started raking in the cash

>> No.7759079

landwhale spotted

>> No.7759092

Pomu is forgotten.

>> No.7759093

Elira your views....

>> No.7759095

horny is ruining my brain functions

>> No.7759097

I disagree completely.

>> No.7759098

>she cosplayed tokitsukaze
>she had a breeding and ddlg fetish
>broke up within a month

>> No.7759100

Don't believe anyone telling you about the globalization bullshit. This game would have crashed and burn anywhere because the game itself is not that good at all. All these fucking years and devs never bothered with doing with it so it's a boring outdated piece of trash.
It has always been and will remain carried by the top tier designs and that's all its left of this poor franchise.

Get your gay shit outta here

All of them!

>> No.7759113

>> No.7759121

This thread is garbage with "only" 92 IPs. Fucking pathetic.

>> No.7759136

ive seen her Kashima cosplay AMA

>> No.7759139

Wait for her return, anon!

>> No.7759140

I was until I started this diet. I've lost 40 pounds in 3 months just from that.

>> No.7759141

finana's a mermaid not a fish

>> No.7759148

Pomu will remember your disloyalty.

>> No.7759158

Wrong, this chuuba is high on painkillers

>> No.7759159

how were her thighs

>> No.7759162

you better do membership sex ASMR

>> No.7759172

Yup, go tell your buddies back at Global about it

>> No.7759188

I don't mean to start shit and this is not something that deserves it's own thread but the fish sould've auditioned for VShojo. I mean, she's fine on ninisani, but goddamn the content she would provide on vshojo... I'd expect something along the lines of melody on chaturbate. She definitely made a mistake.

>> No.7759189

>made them all slutty as fuck
My wife Tirpitz is wholesome. Fuck off.

>> No.7759200

does she have big boobs?

>> No.7759209


>> No.7759213

is she hot

>> No.7759226

I just remembered one of the characters in Va-11 hall-A says "retarded" at some point. How do you think fish will handle that?

>> No.7759237

What? You fucking retard, I'm saying the quality of the thread is fucking shit despite us not being massively raided. You fucking dumbass, not everyone is a Holofaggot.

>> No.7759243


>> No.7759248

I don't remember making this post

>> No.7759257

>shimakaze is gay
stop jacking off to traps you homo

>> No.7759274

What was your last meal?

>> No.7759296

wtf you cant just say that without warning, there is cum everywhere now

>> No.7759300

Do you have variations on seasonings though? For the shitty breast or patty

>> No.7759301

> I'm saying the quality of the thread is fucking shit
yeah and you're contributing homo

>> No.7759302

This anon fell for the Japanese psyop

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