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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7734939

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I can't believe that Selen read A Gentle Introduction to Unqualified Reservations.

>> No.7749014

I'm going to kill Susan.

>> No.7749026

Cute work anon

>> No.7749038

bum bada bum, bum ba ba bum bum, bada bada bum, bum ba badum bum

>> No.7749040

Dont bang on the glass, just bang whats inside

>> No.7749061

as if she would hide her privates instead of getting off

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>> No.7749111

I (a dragoon) am going to crawl into Selen's anus

>> No.7749125

I'm so fucking cute bros

>> No.7749145

Have you been doing your VOD reps? Catch up on the weekend quick because we're headed into another full week of streams!

(Elira's POV of the Mahjong collab was unlisted due to ISP issues though she still stayed and played for the full collab)



[Now Playing]

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>> No.7749163

For when is the stream scheduled?
Because if this is less than 5 hours away this might be fucked.

>> No.7749166

This chuuba is deceased

>> No.7749174

Wosemi LOVE

>> No.7749175

>Selen found Rosemi's scorched channel

>> No.7749185

It's in 2h from now

>> No.7749192

>last thing liked on twitter was 4 hours ago
>streams in 1 hour
sleepy fish

>> No.7749211

>It's in 2h from now
Yeah ok this might be entirely fucked then.

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>> No.7749225

Imagine how cute she'd look fingering herself publicly and getting off to the flustered stares of her fans.
God we need her member streams NOW.

>> No.7749249

All those moments... will be lost...

>> No.7749252

>some very exciting people
oh no...

>> No.7749266

bum bada bum

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>> No.7749286

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

>> No.7749301

Good thing I did my archive reps!

>> No.7749308

It'll feel like chugging energy drinks just watching.

>> No.7749356

I hope it's an Ollie collab that leads to NijiEN/HoloID Amogus
Been waiting for it ever since Anya and Pomu started following each other early on

>> No.7749359

>public masturbation
>not public masturbation with exposure risk
Anon... your fetish reps...

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>> No.7749401

Why go for HoloID when there's a bunch of NijiKR/NijiID has better relations with them. Gartic phone collabs are great so other games are welcome

>> No.7749402

i'm really looking forward to feesh's valhalla stream later. her first one was extremely comfy

>> No.7749425

Superchat still not fixed, Selen can't read my superchat from yesterday,

how will i fall asleep tonight

>> No.7749448

Neck too short. Also not tied into a knot.

>> No.7749449

Penguin and Rose just throwing shit at each other huh

>> No.7749457

I will fuck this little sister of a feesh!

>> No.7749460

Dragon mama....

>> No.7749486

every rosw has thorns

>> No.7749487

They need to fight for second place while the purple dragon laughs on the throne.

>> No.7749488

Variety is nice. They can have collabs with all sort of people so no need to limit it

>> No.7749490

Did she just call out Ninja?

>> No.7749507

Would it really be that bad if Finana streams on FC2 instead?

>> No.7749600

I can't believe Rosemi played Moonman on stream and got deleted for hatespeech... :(

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>> No.7749748

Little timmy is going to fuck selen with his big shota dick

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>> No.7749784

The Pomu saviorfags were better than the mattress girl schizos.

>> No.7749793

imagine working 10 hours for nothing

>> No.7749842

you cant save the french, they are doomed since birth

>> No.7749865

stay strong rosemi

>> No.7749877


>> No.7749941

Yamero Pierre, your body cant handle this! You will die!

>> No.7749985

Oh this happened this morning too
Thought it was just my browser

>> No.7750038

It annoys me more than it should to have your shitty fan name in your YT name when you donate to someone else. Fucking KFP.

>> No.7750040

What happened?
I woke up late to Selen's stream

>> No.7750048

>She can literally google big boob

>> No.7750063

Rosemi is totally the kind who would write stuff like that while choking in tears

>> No.7750066

Can't wait for a cooking vod tomorrow, make sure to fix your shit by that time Susan

>> No.7750084

Say good job to the penguin

>> No.7750085

As long as they don't act like a retard I don't really mind

>> No.7750093

I just insta-block them so I don't see their dogshit superchats and messages

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>> No.7750108


>> No.7750126

Link the fire

>> No.7750133

Anon (DRGN)

>> No.7750138

Actively making her life better? Kinda based unlike some of nijisanji

>> No.7750159

Cute daughteru did her best today!

>> No.7750186


>> No.7750190


>> No.7750202

You joke but she is emotionally abusive and a user

>> No.7750208


>> No.7750214

holy fuck this is 10/10

>> No.7750220

It's just like having an actual houseplant!

>> No.7750226


>> No.7750230

I'm not joking anon, I want this

>> No.7750258

Selen almost read this fully

>> No.7750279

I never understood why people do that, it just seems like something that would cause problems depending on the behavior of the ones that do that (guess Izuru was right for refusing to name his fanbase).
Then again I don't understand a lot of what people do in places like YT Twitter...

>> No.7750287

I honestly get the vibe that the plant is never being genuine in anything she says. And this was before I heard these weird rumors about her, so that isn't the reason. I really just don't trust her and the rest of the Nijis should watch their backs around her.

>> No.7750288

are you that angry tsunderiafag trying to start shit in various threads? you definitely sound like that dude, he's an esl too

>> No.7750290

Well, anons? Answer the man.

>> No.7750294


>> No.7750299

YouTube-kun is bugging out again. You can still watch her videos by using search, but her channel page is empty.

>> No.7750303

They don't seem too horrible, until they start spamming funny bottom left

>> No.7750325

Wtf based???

>> No.7750338

>> No.7750345

>youtube eating the shitter again
Is it time for another Twitch zatsudan?

>> No.7750350

… like tears in the rain…

>> No.7750357


>> No.7750359

literally what do you think she’s not being honest about? breaking a can opener? having moved out?

>> No.7750384

I like that

>> No.7750393


>> No.7750398

Anyone who does weird roleplay shit in a public space has damage. Keep it in the discords and out of my sight.

>> No.7750413

Moon man moon man can’t you see…

>> No.7750415

remember to stretch!

>> No.7750417

Nobody sees themselves as "the one that will cause problems" so why wouldn't they?

>> No.7750427

>In that position while she licks your ear


>> No.7750430


>> No.7750446


>> No.7750448

French best do what they know best… “I surrender”.

>> No.7750454

it's the tsunderia faggot mad that she quit a bad job for a good job

>> No.7750471

With tighs

>> No.7750474


>> No.7750475

Fake Selen....

>> No.7750477

Shun The Fire

>> No.7750488

fucking youtube
trash spaghetti code ass site

>> No.7750493

i'm fucking dying here

>> No.7750499

Why is the solar dragon asking you to not link the fire while the lunar dragon asks you to kill yourself?

>> No.7750513

>says something negative about her
>samefags with "dude you're so fucking right!"
rinse and repeat in every thread where NijiEn is mentioned, faggot will get bored soon, then again schizos usually have higher stamina

>> No.7750515

Isn't this Op image a little too sexy for the catalogue?

>> No.7750522

It will soon be time to mix drinks and meet more lesbos with Feesh.

>> No.7750525

Rosemi being pruned!

>> No.7750532

>HAHAHA iiiii'm a serpaaant. Ya. Jump down here idiot.

>> No.7750539

Selen is about to get bombarded with Furry dragoon art

>> No.7750540

mods only show up to the niji threads for dox

>> No.7750541

by now even the people indifferent to her and nijien know he's a retard, even if he keeps it up he's not convincing anybody that isn't already a schizo anti

>> No.7750555

the solar dragonm is benevolent and doesnt want you to die, the lunar dragon is trying to epically troll you

>> No.7750558

Has she seen the 4chan board in that game yet?

>> No.7750571


>> No.7750574

NTA but you sound like someone who would call anyone saying Momokun is a shitty person as being the same singular person, as if it's impossible for more than 1 person to legit hate a shitty person lol.
This is old school gaming culture, prior to clan/guild systems you usually did [Shithere]< shit here > || Shit Here || type tags after your name.

>> No.7750578

Nothing that matters is showing so should be fine

>> No.7750604


>> No.7750607


>> No.7750614

Elira LOVE

>> No.7750615

What does ESL have to do with this? Because I could have used a comma or something? Stop being rent free.
Not everyone who hates on rose is the same person. I swear this board (or thread) has the worst reputation for thinking every "anti" is one guy. I'm not going to argue anymore over the stupid rose though.

>> No.7750622

Rose-antis just don't get it. She's already won. I want her more than anything, even if she's being fully fake and putting on a sweet character to lure me in. I want her to use me forever; for sex, money, sadistic pleasure, whatever. I want to be publicly seen as the providing male in a typical romantic relationship, but behind the scenes she's always just barely keeping me humble and beneath her. I want her to break all my doubts about her in one fatal kiss, turning me into her loyal servant for eternity. I want her to hurt me, more so emotionally than physically, using my feelings for her and guilt over not being good enough for her to keep me at her side like a loyal pet. I want every happy moment we spend together as a traditional couple to be cast in doubt at the back of my head; the loving smile she gives me when we have our first child, the happy-cry she does when I first propose to her, the ecstatic look on her face when I make her favorite meal; I want all these wonderful moments to be poisoned by the knowledge that I will never know whether it's truly genuine or just another part of her methods to manipulate me. I am 100% prepared to fully accept this wonderful, amazing rose for who she is, no matter if that's a truly dorky, helpless girl, or a cunningly sadistic and manipulative bitch. I love her and nothing anyone ever says to me about her will ever change that.

>> No.7750638

Back to the void...

>> No.7750639

I take the bait... and I eat it!

>> No.7750643


>> No.7750650

I'm not reading all that bro

>> No.7750652

I wonder during what hours does Finana lurk here
she also said "I see you talking behind my back" which means she's seen the shitposts

>> No.7750660


>> No.7750661

Cute. I hope she doesn't come here though because the schizos can be awful for your mental well being.

>> No.7750705

didn't read but I agree

>> No.7750706

Finana lurks here??? I hope she did during comfy hours or she will think we hate her.

>> No.7750723

>I hope she doesn't come here though
I got bad news, anon...

>> No.7750732

Everyone that hates Kiara is the same dude that humped her roommate a few years ago. Don't you know this anon? Being manipulated by women is all these cucks have lol.

>> No.7750740

>I hope she doesn't come here
Uh oh

>> No.7750751

>he does not possess the knowledge

>> No.7750753

She'll lurk for your posts in the writing thread.

>> No.7750759

you fool... it will be tts dragon and succubus hoe

>> No.7750766

I hate her so much, she should just do a members masturbation stream already so she finally gets kicked off Youtube
I'll also accept a members only JOI stream.

>> No.7750774

awww she looks happy

>> No.7750786

She definitely doesn't do it that often.

>> No.7750808

I want Elira to step on me. I want her to rub her sweaty feet in my face.

>> No.7750811

I'm Pomu btw

>> No.7750825

She's talking about 4chan you idiot.
This isn't 4chan, this is 4channel.
She doesn't even know this place exists.

>> No.7750852

I'm not a Rosebro but damn I love that shit.
I should watch her more. I just hope she didn't overlap with Finana so much

>> No.7750853

I was told 4chan was a hacker, not a location.

>> No.7750858

>all those faggot who didn't link the fire

>> No.7750867

I'm a man so can't get pregante but if i had no choice. I'm not gay so human fucks off and I'm not a furry so dragon cock is a no go. I guess... it's donkeh

>> No.7750869

I clench my fists and beat it

>> No.7750870

If I post a tribute here will fish see it?

>> No.7750901

but only if it's stale

>> No.7750904

I hate 4*an fags invading and shitting up 4channel

>> No.7750906

I can't believe Finana is balls deep in the hacker known as 4chan...

>> No.7750961

If NijiEN was an anime, Selen would probably be positioned as a villain at the start along with the sadistic Rosemi and unstable Petra. But events would eventually have her team up with the LazuLight girls.

>> No.7750968

I light my torch and burn it

>> No.7750986


>> No.7751051

I am the Fish I worship

>> No.7751064

Selen will be the repeating villain that plays pranks and never gets defeated but mocks the main cast every time they fail to catch her.
Petra will join the main cast in episode one after Selen plays a prank that affects both the main cast and Petra
Rosemi disappears halfway through the series and nobody mentions her again until a couple of arcs later

>> No.7751090

>open the Selen drawing VOD that just finished
>click on a random timestamp 12 times
>every single time she's either laughing or starts at most 5 seconds after the moment I picked
what the fuck

>> No.7751091

Is there any art of selen with a fat butt yet so I can edit it so she's brapping

>> No.7751102

Rosemi just backstabs everyone like the fake bitch that she is

>> No.7751106

You really think Finana, of all people, would come to a blue board?

>> No.7751153

See >>7750622

>> No.7751161

okay okay dude go back to the tsunderia thread already

>> No.7751167

It is time to watch le feesh self insert as Dorothy again

>> No.7751186

Vallhalla is kinda shitty but Hitman should be fun tomorrow.

>> No.7751196

Do you really think I'm reading all that shit?

>> No.7751199

not yet

>> No.7751233

I love fish

>> No.7751240

Nah, the anime would be about Elira the main character and Selen being Isekaied into our world.

>> No.7751253

Finana if you're here, turn your vibe on max for this stream.

>> No.7751290

>shrimp ramen for breakfast
do women really?

>> No.7751330

bait but it's a great stream for voice clips

>> No.7751351

Anime protags are pretty boring by nature. It fits.

>> No.7751360

>playing apex offstream
The addiction begins.

>> No.7751374

I've tried the other flavors of ramen and.. nah, I can only do the chicken flavor.

>> No.7751379

I am a huge M but this girl awakens something inside me. I want to pin her small body on the wall and fuck her while her cute little feet dangle

>> No.7751400

Hasn't she done that for months?

>> No.7751412


>> No.7751436

Top food
Eh... Average
>shrimp ramen
It could work I guess, but personally I would rather just eat shrimps with beer.

>> No.7751504

Who the fuck takes chicken broth over pork broth.

>> No.7751550

She's VERY happy

>> No.7751592

Is Feesh sick? She keeps sniffing.

>> No.7751598

shit so she'll read my lewdfic?

>> No.7751630

I tried the beef and shrimp, I haven't had the pork. I've ramen reps to do.

>> No.7751647

Finana's deep voice makes her IQ sound about 20 points higher

>> No.7751649

mommy finance

>> No.7751685

I doubt it. Each country has unique flavors. You aren't a true ramen connoisseur until you are spending hours ordering foreign ramen online

>> No.7751690


>> No.7751710

I'll do my ramen reps, Pomu.

>> No.7751716

I have no experience with any type of voicework so I'm always impressed when I see streamers pull out different voices.

>> No.7751761

the Alma one is 10/10

>> No.7751772

is finana's voice high or low on default, and which voice is she putting on?

>> No.7751789

Black beans are the best btw

>> No.7751806

Real women don't sound like anime girls anon.

>> No.7751808

Low default
High putting on

>> No.7751813

pretty sure its between her jill & alma voices

>> No.7751825

Her natural voice is high pitched, you can hear her straining when she does the onee-san voice

>> No.7751828

no vtubers pitch their voice downwards
the alma voice is closer to her real voice

>> No.7751832

The Alma voice probably sounds the closest to her real one

>> No.7751839

I think the debut stream is usually where she's comfortable

>> No.7751856

Who do I believe?

>> No.7751867

It's easier to up the pitch of your voice than it is to lower it.

>> No.7751894

Finana had the same high-pitched voice on a Discord call that wasn't meant to be live, proof is in the archives

>> No.7751942

no one

>> No.7751950

Why is the music so fucking loud

>> No.7751954

Bad proof. Chuubas are trained to speak in character even among themselves, just like method actors.

>> No.7751955

doesn't really mean anything, people can keep using their stage voice to talk to people even behind the scene
besides, that was their first week or something, she was probably not used to using her real voice with people that she's not interacted with much

>> No.7751960

Flare's channel got the bug too and she's currently streaming with no issues, Wosemi should be fine

>> No.7751990

I love me some musky dragon. A day like yesterday where she doesn't stream feels endless.

>> No.7751997

Hmm, a mono-eye vtuber. I haven't personally seen that before.

>> No.7752000

My wife is streaming!

>> No.7752002

Finana sure gets embarrassed by this game a lot given what other topics she'll bring up on stream.

>> No.7752011

It might be "bad" proof but as it stands there's more pointing towards her having a naturally high voice than not.

>> No.7752021

Alma is my favorite char and Fina voicing her is just

>> No.7752028

shes not embarrassed, she's not allowed to swear

>> No.7752062

Say fuck Finana, do it

>> No.7752065

>no vtubers pitch their voice downwards
Sounds like someone missed the kino stream where Pomu and Elira activated their demon voices

>> No.7752068

why is she hesitating on the spicy lines? she says worse stuff all the time...

>> No.7752074

If you're in a chubba discord, e.g Holo/Nijisanji etc, you WILL be in character because anyone in a voice channel is LIKELY STREAMING OR RECORDING. So bad proof.

To make this clear: NO ONE HAS A HIGH PITCH ANIME STYLE VOICE, not even women. Elira for example is the closest you'd consider to being a natural voice and even that is pitched a bit. When Selen was D** her voice was a lot more lower but still pitched up a bit.

Lower voice = natural
High pitched, squeaky, anime voice = not naturally

Depending on the chubba their degree of maintaining it will show if they're straining or not.

>> No.7752087

This "game" is cringe

>> No.7752088

Girls are scary...

>> No.7752100

Since when?

>> No.7752106

>> No.7752110

It's past 10 minutes she can swear all she wants now.

>> No.7752118

wtf Fish why doesn't she use Alma voice more, this shit is making me diamonds

>> No.7752124

If you swear youtube flags your channel as hate content

>> No.7752148

i need only your strongest seeds

>> No.7752161

meanwhile Selen is fine

>> No.7752163

Cursewords get you demonetized. Remember she's streaming in hard mode where there's like 1500 demonetization bots compared to JP Nijis streaming in easy mode with like maybe 20 bad word bots roaming around.

>> No.7752173

Are you telling me all females are smokers?

>> No.7752184

In a perfect world, fairies like me would not exist.

>> No.7752186

Yet, you guys never complain about Pomu's voice.

>> No.7752194

Damn tough shit for Elira, Pomu, Selen and Petra..

>> No.7752197

Her voice doesn't register as English with the Youtube bot, she's fine

>> No.7752200

Does it really matter? It's still Finana speaking regardless.

>> No.7752212

I heard something about Ollie and Selen playing Apex. Anywhere know where this comes from/ Twitter shit or something Selen said on her stream? have not got to watch it yet.

>> No.7752214

She curses all the time. She got flustered last stream because there's a drink called the pile driver and she thinks that's a sex position. A bunch of the Dorothy stuff caught her off guard.

>> No.7752222

My seed is too strong for you, fairy

>> No.7752252

Who is complaining about what?

>> No.7752262

A e s t h e t h i c

>> No.7752263

Pomu has a nice voice.

>> No.7752264

You "guys", but it's probably just one schizo in reality.

>> No.7752291

Plenty of random white/asian girls have default voices at like Finana's level or slightly lower, and they're just normalfags that don't even stream.

>> No.7752293

I like can't even tell Finana is voicing this other girl, she would be really good at Vover work dang.

>> No.7752303

They've been back & forth about Apex on twitter a few times over the past few days.

>> No.7752309

I genuinely thought this voice was the game for like ten minutes cause I just had it playing in the background lol, she's really good at doing voices regardless of which one is real

>> No.7752311

That is a sex position.

>> No.7752324

So far Rosemi has only only said "crap" "damn" and "pissed"
anybody know if she'll eventually say more bad words?

>> No.7752344

I think she said last stream that she wanted to do voice over work

>> No.7752354

It turns me on when Pomu and Selen say fuck and dick.

>> No.7752362

same, I didn't even realize until she stuttered at the fuckboy line and replaced it with fishboy

>> No.7752369


>> No.7752379

finana has the best voices

>> No.7752384

I've met women with default voices so goddamn high they sound like a hamster without pitching down. All of them were under 5' and all of them were autistic, I presume relation between these facts.

>> No.7752387

You've been watching too many vtubers
90% of them put on a high-pitched voice, including Finana

>> No.7752396

Selen said in her recent stream that she had an apex collab coming up, but it's probaly Bora.

>> No.7752410 [SPOILER] 

She was always so ambitious about her world domination plans...

>> No.7752417


>> No.7752418

Why do you get turned on when you're asked to fuck dicks anon?

>> No.7752426

I do think Finana's high pitched voice is relatively real, I think she just raises it a bit

>> No.7752428

I think Pomu has great cadance and timing when saying fuck, I have found it funny almost every time

>> No.7752433

we need a grown-up finana alt costume

>> No.7752470

why does swearing matter if you aren't a channel for kids

>> No.7752473

She said before that she used to want to become a VA. So obviously she has had some practice.

>> No.7752497

I'm really tempted to write a lewd fic featuring Finana...

>> No.7752500

y-you don't?

>> No.7752502

because thats not her real voice

>> No.7752510

Yeah Pomu has great comic timing. Her reactions of "yeah im a fucking fairy what do you expect" are always good.

>> No.7752512

The algo works in mysterious ways, don't want to anger it

>> No.7752519

>> No.7752522

>She said before that she used to want to become a VA
An ero-VA to be exact, you gotta respect the feesh's hustle, she knows what she wants.

>> No.7752525

Dumb unschooled feesh

>> No.7752532

because that's her real voice

>> No.7752536


>> No.7752550

she'd be happy to read it

>> No.7752552

Pomu's American upbringing makes her streams way more interesting, I wonder why Canadian vtubers have such a hard time being interesting, maybe they're just so meek in backbone they can't really speak their mind like Pomu does

>> No.7752557

Rosemi swears in Japanese to get by YouTube bots.

>> No.7752560

Because that's my voice and she doesn't want to get me to voice lines so often.

>> No.7752561


>> No.7752565


>> No.7752578


>> No.7752584

This has got to be the weirdest approach to tribalism you could've thought up.

>> No.7752591

Now this is some nice bait.

>> No.7752602


>> No.7752613

Wosemi swears a lot in jp, the yt swear filter only works in english, I swear in my own language all the time on stream because of that, it's the perfect loophole.

>> No.7752621

Canadians are just a little bit dull by default, it's a cultural thing. It's a very mild version of that whole Scandinavian "standing out is bad" mentality.

>> No.7752626

Canadians are just gay Americans

>> No.7752628

t.flyover burger

>> No.7752643

How much softdoxing can I get away with without getting banned?

>> No.7752670


>> No.7752672

Selen, interestingly, also lets it rip a bit.

>> No.7752674

And yet she got nuked

>> No.7752675

It's not a Finana stream without a dyslexia moment.

>> No.7752676

How much dicksucking can you get away with without being called a faggot?

>> No.7752677

you can talk about past lives, but no roommate talk

>> No.7752678

>that whole Scandinavian "standing out is bad" mentality.
I thought only the japanese were that autistic about not standing out.

>> No.7752682

Depends who. Lazulight will get you banned pretty fast. Obsydia will give you some leeway.

>> No.7752686

The fuck is softdoxing?

>> No.7752695

Fish is a burger too

>> No.7752700

i got warnings for joking they were all 30+ yr old hags but posts with google maps images of the cities they live in have stayed up so its basically just at the meidos' whim

>> No.7752706

Sleepy drunk feesh

>> No.7752719

Giga cursed

>> No.7752727

Sucking Belmond's chad dick isn't gay anon.

>> No.7752728

Lunar Dragon Love!

>> No.7752743

it just makes the argument stronger, Fish speaks her mind almost 24/7

>> No.7752750

Canadian is white American

>> No.7752753

Voice is a range, not a dot. If she's speaking like that all the time then it's her real voice.

>> No.7752757

I really don't want to see the stupid shit Finana would say if she got drunk on stream

>> No.7752761

Depends, on holo threads the jannies go apeshit, but here seems like they don't really care unless is straight up roommate posting/personal live stuff.

>> No.7752788

it depends on how many people report you
outside of global, you can pretty much get away with posting everything but roommate images
that's how shit this board's moderation is

>> No.7752794

I do.

>> No.7752803

I do, drunk feesh member streams when?

>> No.7752825

Finana's voice is high bitch as a default.
I have tested it out with her in bed.

>> No.7752829

judging by this thread and how this thread turned into a hugbox alot apparently

>> No.7752832

it's ok, she's not old enough to drink anyway

>> No.7752841

Elira is fucking finished.

>> No.7752844

you'll always get americans everywhere online even when not actively looking for them, why would you want more of them in vtoobers

>> No.7752847

Anon, any enforcement of board "rules" depends on the mood of the jannies and/or how biased they are.

>> No.7752853

Wait, the law of Jante is fucking real? I thought it was cope by burgers as to why Sweden is better than their shithole

>> No.7752856

>She confesses she's a virgin and every thing she has told so far it's a lie she's just trying to sound interesting
>Starts crying
>Chat dies from UOOOHHH'ing

>> No.7752871

>Is big boobs = small brain a stereotype? They're calling out Elira huh

>> No.7752882

Actual roommate (not past life) posting is weird. Like this board has constant threads about Matsuri's roommate and they're fine for some reason, but god forbid you post others.

>> No.7752883

>This sexy fucking fish voice

>> No.7752885

>Big tits small brain explains elira
This fish

>> No.7752908

From what dimension did you come from?

>> No.7752939

Jannies don't give a fuck about nijiEN threads.

>> No.7752943

Mika and Hyona character sheets. Where's it for NijiEN

>> No.7752945

>She confesses she's a virgin and every thing she has told so far it's a lie she's just trying to sound interesting
>Starts crying
>Chat dies from UOOOHHH'ing
fug the quote

>> No.7752951

I wish metaposting fags got clapped too

>> No.7752961

It depends on if people report and what you're talking about. The same image/discussion of Elira stayed up in dead hours but was sniped within minutes when EN streams were happening.

>> No.7752982

Matsuri actively streams on her roommate, it's not a secret

>> No.7752986

Holy fuck her voice control is great, that low voice...

>> No.7752988

Elira don't look

>> No.7753011

>Finana goes deeper for Donovan
>it's even sexier

>> No.7753019

hyona's design is pure sex

>> No.7753022

If Finana's natural voice is low, why can she not go lower than her Alma voice by more than she can go higher?

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