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/nasfaqg/ - NASFAQ General - Bogproof Dagger Edition

Thread for the discussion of NASFAQ, a financial market simulator based on trading of coins that represent the members of hololive.

https://nasfaq.biz/info - READ THIS.

This is a fake stock market game meant for FUN, not a real stock market (cryptofags will not be happy here either, no real money involved, NO you won't get better at stocks from this.).

Research 1: https://schedule.hololive.tv
Research 2: https://holo.poi.cat
Research 3: https://hololive.jetri.co/#/status

Divvies of last week as .png in case server fucks you over: https://byte.wtf/selif/99w0b5so.jpg (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (king of heroes, do you have enough embeds) (don't get so confident, mongrel) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)
F.U.C.K. Reports (Market-based reports, updated weekly on Mondays):
Haaton's secret CheatSheet for wallet analysis (make a copy in your drive, add own username and user-id): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1An6CLbiQxBa-YHKSHitk2U3-9SBc-XE0d7ZCTeWp08k/edit?usp=sharing
Mikofag's humble attempt to archive some of the thread OC: https://mega.nz/folder/NeQghDqL#mSL13SdqKjKgYVjFCgF6Iw

Previous Thread: >>7730521

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ohhh sex

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Your slacking has already ruined us.

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A long awaited rushi dip ...
Buy rushia until youre out of liquid ...
Haaton-5 please bog the market on the regular

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>(embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (king of heroes, do you have enough embeds) (don't get so confident, mongrel) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)
>Indog is my blood
Looks like he got a better deal than he was expecting
>YWN hear your oshi whisper ecchi in your ears

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All these discounts are making my dick hard. Wish I could've sold more yesterday for liquid but oh well.

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Saw this earlier and thought you might have a use for it. Video URL/timestamp in the filename if you want to go grab it at 1080p.
I just followed the quotes a bit further. Sugoi, that OP.

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God I wish that were me

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Excellent work as usual

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I give you my thanks

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Lists of time differences between June 20th, the last zhonkbot update, and July 17th. It looks at the time difference of purchase per coin and add them if they are between 9 to 15 minutes of eachother.
>muh edge is better guys
Get fucked, handegg.

Use Firefox.

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Mind sharing the script to list all of a user's transactions?

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To run it or audit? It's part of a much larger C# script, I could paste the relevant bits of you want to audit

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priestess you nigger, if you'd been paying attention you'd have noticed I was too busy making that ear rape soundpost to be any of the people shilling Edge past the first mention.
and going back to June 20th for ME makes you fucking retarded, because I was still using Firefox.
and nowhere NEAR loaded enough to be buying fucking anything continuously until 10:30...

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can you send the original Anya pic?

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To audit please. I'm trying to learn how to do this myself.

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I'm bout to run out of liquids

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I picked you because I know you run edge exclusively, and you do shill edge in other times no other reason

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Yacht restored!

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I switched to it when Firefox kept white screening before that was patched out. I used to run NASFAQ alone in there since Edge was what I used for everything else.
>10m30s delta between buys, not 10:30 AM
>I am retarded
What happens when you lower the threshold to 13 minutes? Nobody is seeing 15 minute gaps in their auto-trader history. It seems to be either 10 or 12.
15 is someone being indecisive.

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11:08 - irys - 7/16/2021 12:43:17 AM +00:00 -> 7/16/2021 12:54:25 AM +00:00
10:16 - irys - 7/16/2021 3:17:34 AM +00:00 -> 7/16/2021 3:27:50 AM +00:00
Bah. I know that range was something I dialed in and left alone for sure. Good work.
Time to install a second Firefox instance and just dump NASFAQ on the server where it can gobble all the RAM it wants.

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I actually tried 13, gave nearly the same percentages, but here:

I did this over lunch break and have to get back to work, but here's a quick and very dirty paste of important parts : https://pastebin.com/H6vX0y1j
Keep in mind I made this REALLY QUICKLY so it's peak ugly hack code, I'm actually working on a proper tool on the side. Also it won't run by itself, so if you want this for study, keep that in mind

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Humu. It does. The only things running in here are the two NASFAQ tabs that made the market reports, let me know if you can figure that one out. Drilling down into about:memory shows >1 GB allocated to a bunch of js processes, even after doing multiple GC/CC cycles.

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Many thanks, takonerd!

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Here you go, bro.

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There is one less (embed) on Gil's half than Shirou's

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I'm about to run out of liquid, this sucks

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I thought my 8 million would run out faster, can’t do maths though.

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Time 6h 10m since adjustment, 37 cycles have passed. Please check your transactions accordingly.

If you have less than 37, consider:
>using the recommended NASFAQ browser Microsoft Edge(TM)
>sending high quality sperm samples to Ms. Honk >becoming a Haaton

If you have more than 37, congratulations you may be:
>a proud Microsft Edge(TM) user
>a high motility, high volume, healthy sperm producer
>a cheater(a Haaton)

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>8 mill
God I wish I had that much, I went in with 2 mill, and I'm down to 200k

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Yes, keep using Edge to give other players that aren't, an edge! Thank you for handicapping yourself voluntarily so that others may rise!

>> No.7746026

h-how did you ration 2mil for 6 hours?

>> No.7746048

> 34 coins...
fucking hell, I need to use edge. 10% is big number.

>> No.7746073

about 7 cycles of everything I thought it had potential then only sankisei + holo and aqua, when in doubt, trust sankisei and divs

>> No.7746091

who here /green/?

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>> No.7746157 [SPOILER] 

Large image ahead.
Network for the last 5h 13min since adjustment, including top 500 with volume above 33.
Someone wanted a spiderweb, here you go (unreadable)
including top 20 with volume above 28

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Don't fall for it, look at the hard numbers: >>7744114
The browser doesn't matter. Have you tried resynching your computer clock? That's the latest thing that could cause it that I'm thinking off right now

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45 coins buying nonstop and only 5 hit 33. I should have just used the haaton sheet.

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Fuck that, priestess cooks books, and they're not on >>7746157 here at all. Even Bucc still managed to get 3 appearances.
>I want whatever the fuck M, Kitsune, and those two Haatons are using.

>> No.7746584

Thanks, maybe this will fix it.

>> No.7746609

They're using the forbidden sheet

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I'm not on it because my bot turned off while I was doing the code from messing around on the site and I only noticed later...
I am on the other graph
The other cause I'm thinking of is the connection/ping to the server. I'm gonna make a survey later to try to crowdsource some data. The haaton bot runs on google servers, so they have an excellent connection, and my home connection is very good too.

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Why did you guys bulli the Haaton into offlining the updated version...
>C:\>ping nasfaq.biz
>Pinging nasfaq.biz [] with 32 bytes of data:
>Reply from bytes=32 time=20ms TTL=54
>Reply from bytes=32 time=29ms TTL=54
>Reply from bytes=32 time=19ms TTL=54
>Reply from bytes=32 time=20ms TTL=54
>Ping statistics for
> Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
>Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
> Minimum = 19ms, Maximum = 29ms, Average = 22ms

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thanks for the cute hat. numbers~

>> No.7746809

>I'm gonna make a survey later to try to crowdsource some data.
I'll contribute. I've got a pretty bad connection but I made it to the volume 33 graph--though it was only for one coin.

>> No.7747009

South America, I'm not in the graph and my dupe rate is 0.4%

>> No.7747399

jesas, I get 75ms from europe

>> No.7747499

>people are already selling shit
>I still have enough liquid to continue the shopping spree through tomorrow's adjustment

>> No.7747551

do poors really

>> No.7747573

I'm on my last 500k so I had to start selling my shitcoins.

>> No.7747615

Mel and AZKi are going to crab though. Some other coins, too.

>> No.7747661

Shitcoins are unironically the ones that will moon the hardest...

>> No.7747706

Not if they haven't streamed

>> No.7747758

At least one person sold Suisei at $7k, Marine at $10k, and Mori at $6k. All three coins with huge gaps to make up.

>> No.7747760

it doesn't matter, they'll still get at least double their usual views after a 0 view day

>> No.7747827

Even if that's true, I'm scared they would be too hard to sell in high volumes.

>> No.7748116

mmh, looking at the code, I'm beginning to think the amount of coins you have active at once may be the factor. As in, the more different coins you are currently buying/selling, the longer the delays. Still looking into it but, people with issues, do you usually trade a lot of different coins or only a handful?
The haatons are trading on their own code so they wouldn't suffer from this (this being zhonk's horrible coding).

>> No.7748215

No luck there chief

>> No.7748230

I'm in the club that trades all 51 coins 24/7 and I have no delays and no dupes

>> No.7749531

New York is physically closer to London than it is to Buenos Aires. It makes sense our resident heuhues have higher ping. Also, third world infrastructure.

>> No.7749806

Ok, I have another test for someone with late purchases, and it would even explain the placebo of why switching browsers seems to make it better for some people.
We're gonna delete nasfaq local storage from your browser. What this will do is reset your settings like light/dark mode, trade notifications, danmaku, and what we actually want, it will delete everything about your zhonkbot.
So if you want to try this, note the targets you've currently set, and wait until most of them are on downtime so you have time to delete thee storage and reenter everything without impacting your trades too much.
You don't have to worry about anything beyond that, essentially this just make nasfaq like it's your first time on the site on this browser. You can also just run nasfaq on the same browser but on a different computer if you don't want to do these steps or don't trust me.

First, make sure you only have one nasfaq window open on the market->zhonkbot view, take note of all your targets as stated above, then:
Chome (Shown in pic):
Press F12
Go to the "Application" tab, in the Storage section, find the "nasfaq.biz" entries in "Local Storage" and "Cookies".
Right click on them and "Clear"

Press F12
Go to the "Storage" tab
Find the entries for "nasfaq.biz" in "Local Storage" and "Cookies"
Right click on them and "Delete All"

Then for all browsers, refresh, log back in, go set your bot again from what you noted down, and report back to me if you're getting 10 minutes now or still 12.
This may not solve it, it's just going from a hunch by looking at the code and from troubleshootings the dev has given previously, but I think it's worth the shot.

>> No.7749923

dis nigga tryna eat my cookies

>> No.7750131

Tried that earlier, no difference. Also tried the time sync thing someone mentioned earlier, now I'm getting 12m16s on most and 11m6s on the rest.

>> No.7750240

The timesync actually changed the cooldowns? That's a good lead, what was it before?

>> No.7750248

it's time to go back to manually clicking buy on everything

>> No.7750463

Also could you (or anyone getting long cooldowns) do something for me? Start a timer the moment the progress bar resets, all the way until it reaches the end. And if that takes 10 minutes, does it stay full for two extra minutes before "buy pending"? Or does it say "buy pending" at 10 minutes and "buy completed" at 12?

>> No.7750507

12m on the dot before I did the time sync. Since I swapped to edge I started getting the occasional 11mXs trade but they're rare. This cycle I got 11m13s on a few and 10m59s on the rest. It's different at least!

>> No.7750533

I don't know if this is relevant but I manually bought my first cycle because I forgot to set up my zhonkbot for adjusments and about a fifth of my buys were duped. I couldn't reproduce it when I tried again though.

>> No.7750544


>> No.7750654

I think I'll stick around with Edge.

>> No.7750836

It was all 10m or 10m1s this time since I sat and watched it, if I minimise the window or sleep my monitor it goes back to weird timings.

>> No.7750984

And I think I'll stay on Firefox.
You're shilling isn't helping anyone, and several anons has reported getting the same problem on Edge.

>Doing it when minimized or asleep but not when open
Now THAT'S some good fucking lead. I personally have my window always opened on another workspace.
The next test to do is try on 2-3 browsers one at a time. Have them opened and focused, check the time, have them minimized, check the time.
It may be browser settings on how much resources they give to their tabs when minimized.

>> No.7751022

Why are you mad?

>> No.7751062

Think this is why people have good results with using edge solely as a nasfaq client while staying on their main browser for everything else

>> No.7751124

yeah it would explain it, but I think you could get the same result using the same browser, but one always opened window only for the bot, and another window for everything else.
I think we're getting close to the real cause.

>> No.7751169

he hates edge because he's stuck in 2012 when microsoft's browser sucked

>> No.7751298

If you end up trying that, make sure you check Edge's "Sleeping tabs" settings, or you're going to have an incredibly bad time.
Mentioned that in the past. Focused/non-focused doesn't seem to make a difference. And actually, having NASFAQ in focus, on the Market tab, or both, likely makes things worse. I still think it's all down to just how much fucking JS is running on the damn page. Having it tabbed away, minimized, or both, suspends most of the Flex/JS React shit that is continuously active on anything visible in your viewport.
And it still doesn't answer why there's an enormous gulf in RAM usage between Edge running nothing but NASFAQ with several more add-ons installed and Firefox running nothing but NASFAQ.

Unrelated, but j*u I still feel like shit, genuinely starting to worry I have the coof
>what did he mean by this?

>> No.7751314

50k aqua? 50k aqua.

>> No.7751373


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>> No.7751422

Yep, numbers have started rolling in and they're disgusting.

>> No.7751435

Looks like we're back in business boyos

>> No.7751445


>> No.7751484

o lawd heavenly jesus why did I sell all my marines yesterday

>> No.7751486


>> No.7751535

>selling Maririn at any point in life

>> No.7751539

Gentlemens, It was a pleasure buying these dips woth you. See you tomorrow on the moon

>> No.7751540

>having NASFAQ in focus, on the Market tab, or both, likely makes things worse.
I doesn't in my experience, nasfaq is always opened on the zhonkbot page, in its own window, and I have perfect cycles. I'm running it tabbed right now to see if this changes.
For the RAM, I honestly don't know. Firefox takes next to nothing on one of my computers, and a ton on another. I wondering if this isn't just some "scale to take advantage of the available memory" thing, and not actually taking more memory. I know there's a bunch of applications that does that.

>> No.7751706

I guess cypher and yfp are breaking 300 million tomorrow...

>> No.7751769

That would almost explain FF gobbling up 3 GB machine has 128 GB, almost none is ever in use but do you have that large of a difference in available and total RAM on both of those machines as well?
I've had Edge running in "Efficiency mode" for a while, which has let me do stupid shit like 300+ tabs open on a machine with 16 GB RAM since it just puts all the unused ones to sleep. Keeps an extra meg or two of commit charge tied up but frees the RAM otherwise used by the tab up. On the other hand, RAM usage in FF doesn't budge at all when I cycle between two NASFAQ tabs, one with >1 week history visible on the market graphs, and one with 1 day.
I'm honestly just as stumped. It doesn't make any fucking sense other than Chrome sucking balls.

>> No.7751880

Yeah, there's quite a difference between them, one is a buffed gaming computer with 32GB in my server rack, the other is a notebook with 8. What you're describing would actually fit, it doesn't budge because it already reserved more than it needs and it's playing within it.

>> No.7751932

that even makes gut-instinct sense because it physically goes down the list with its attempts. so the more you have queued, the more chances for it to get stuck, the longer it might take.
Which makes dupes TODAY even more fucking serious.

>> No.7751995

Stop giving me reasons to spin up VMs with varying amounts of RAM running different browsers for this shit. I won't do it.
39 has to be the fucking Haatonsheet, or a CLI polling the API directly, there's no other explanation.

>> No.7752033

oshiboard soon woo

>> No.7752045

Both chrome and edge are doing between 10m1s and 10m5s, in focus on my 2nd monitor, I can do anything on the main monitor and it stays the same. Funnily enough I did set up edge properly, never sleeps tabs, max priority etc, still shits itself if I maximise any other window in front of it, same as chrome, it just uses far less resources. Having a windowed app (telegram for example) open in front of it doesn't seem to make a difference. The fact it starts to lag when the window is focussed but the monitor is asleep makes me think it's something to do with the window actually being rendered. Leaving my laptop running with sleep disabled will probably do the trick, I'll try that tonight

>> No.7752101


>> No.7752168

Properly testing browsers and properly comparing them is a bitch because there's just so many variables. What may seem like a huge problem compared to the others may just be a setting you need to change, sometimes the difference may not even have anything to do with the browser, but the environment. Or it may be something the user does but doesn't report that actually makes all the difference. That's why I don't like the blanket "use X" because it doesn't actually solve why Y was having problems.

>> No.7752195

why do I have to be the nasfaq equivalent of skinnyfat - richpoor

>> No.7752297

39 was just me being silly, sorry for the confusion
I won't want to move...

>> No.7752469

current view of the carnage for anyone with Browsers too busy.

>> No.7752484

>it just uses far less resources
FWIW this was one of the main reasons I started shilling Edge lol, somebody posted a screenshot of Chrome using like 3 GB RAM with nothin but NASFAQ running. It really does use less resources, at least for NASFAQ. Starting to wonder if it's some kind of JS tweak that they haven't upstreamed back to Chromium, or Google chose to ignore.
People with bloated/add-on laden browser installs will then see an improvement regardless of what they switch to, if they install or use a second browser "just for NASFAQ". IIRC even though it's not IE levels of "integrated" but still deeply twisted into Windows itself, it probably listens to your Power Management settings more than Chrome or FF would out of the box. Can't even think of how many experimental flags I've fucked with in here too.
Edge is supposedly "measurably" better for battery life, the old "Spartan" based Edge even more so.
I'm getting crab for dinner. Thought you meant 39 buys vs. 34, not 39th place
I need to figure out why my head is still bangin.

>> No.7752518

Whats going on with flare's channel? Youtube API returns junk.

>> No.7752556

this might be useful? i dunno. zero zion before auto-trading this adjusment, so dupes might still kayfabe

>> No.7752570

Show us

>> No.7752588


>> No.7752689

I now have 49, just bumped it up again after it stopped at 48.

>> No.7752869

>I'm running it tabbed right now to see if this changes.
I went from perfect cycles to less than perfect for some, and an extra 30 seconds for others, while running it tabbed and unfocused.
There's something there.

>> No.7752916

zhonkbot requires delicate care and love

>> No.7752920

Nasfaq was using 2gb earlier with no autotrader, I cleared all my local storage and now it's not only using far less memory but chrome seems to be offloading nasfaq all of a sudden when it never did before. Chrome does indeed seem to just balloon up to whatever it can get away with, it's using 7/32gb right now with 75 tabs.

>> No.7752979 [SPOILER] 

Left fubuki, right flare.

>> No.7753094 [SPOILER] 

>7/32gb right now with 75 tabs.
>Edge, 4chinz, 180+ tabs, 1.2 GB
>Edge Dev, NASFAQ, maybe 40 tabs total, including multiple YouTube tabs, 900 MB
Maybe it's just because it hasn't updated yet? Does the same thing happen with any of the other channels still showing 0 e.g. on poi?

>> No.7753146

8.5m left after buying for nearly 10 hours

>> No.7753163

nta but fubuki also shows 0

>> No.7753217

Some holos still haven't updated, prepare to buy if they don't update on 10 minutes

>> No.7753266

>prepare to buy
d-don't you mean sell?

>> No.7753322

What are you? Poor?

>> No.7753325

that means they'll double tomorrow

>> No.7753329 [SPOILER] 

No i get the correct results for rushia, also cant load her playlists (pic rel, might be normal).

>> No.7753340

So I'm checking on my trades for the day. I'm 3 hours into the logs, and I'm not seeing any non-10-minute cycles. What I AM seeing is that in most cycles the trades get pushed up a few seconds, eventually shifting the cycle down a bit. It's still 10 minutes + a few seconds, but at a different time.
I'm on Chrome, with NASFAQ in its own window, not focused, but also not competing for resources with anything else.

>> No.7753378

oh fuck youtube fucking up again shit. that's a known youtube bug. BUY BUY BUY

>> No.7753399

Only thing I can see on Flares channel is her live MC stream, there are no playlists and the videos tab is blank too

>> No.7753455

What he said.

>> No.7753483

It's normal that it gets pushed up a few seconds, the bot goes from top to bottom, and it takes a hardcoded delay of at least 1 second per coin, and then add waiting for the server's response on top of that. So 1 to even as high as 10 seconds is normal, depending on how many you're buying at the same time.

>> No.7753486

yes, apparently.

>> No.7753561

Korone started playing APEX at 6am, I am concerned

>> No.7753568

ready your spacesuits dark elves

>> No.7753588

Post networth

>> No.7753627

no shame in being on a budget

>> No.7753635

Oddly enough you can still see 'em all when you try to search for her.
>Susan Wojcicki hates coffee elves

>> No.7753706

Kek, fucking richpoor

>> No.7753715

it's a race against time, if susan fixes or incompetence reigns supreme in yootob

>> No.7753762

ONE... NINE...


>> No.7753763

I just hope that it doesnt count as a deleted channel, due to no total view count.

>> No.7753830

>I still have half my divvies for red monday on wednesday, should be fine right?
>even sold off some shitcoins to make 5.8M out of 4M flat
not even the Haatons forsaw jet fuel melting the Youtube HQ Steel Beams, no shame in not having seen the future with more clearvoyance.

>> No.7753866


>> No.7753913

flare double dipping might be a possibility, the triple rise will be legendary though

>> No.7753947

The only thing smaller than my dick is my brain.

>> No.7753953

fucking chinks

>> No.7753975

i keep updating my auto-trader every hour now, the green will be glorious brothers

>> No.7753977

so when marine and migo jump to 30k each am I supposed to sell them or not, on one hand that means a lot of money, on the other when I buy back in my MPP will be higher so I won't be able to shitpost properly anymore

>> No.7754031

sell them, they will go down a little

>> No.7754091

Uh oh.
Yeah but then she'll become Ayamy and Konnui will rope.
Head hort. Sell some, obviously.

>> No.7754142

if the people at the top never sell, why should you sell?

>> No.7754152

That's right fellow investor. Now let's cheer to our gains.

>> No.7754177

but that would be even better
>deleted views so she dips even lower
>restored views + 3 days worth of new views
>flare at 1 million per share on fridey

>> No.7754197

>Konnui will rope

>> No.7754269

he has 20 other accounts it doesn't really matter if one gets fucked up

>> No.7754287

That isn't what will happen at all, she'll crash to $100, spike to 5k the next day and drop back to $500 again the day after, just like Ayamy did

>> No.7754311

just enjoy... the divvies... bro...

>> No.7754343

So I just tested this. My desktop has 32GB, my laptop has 8GB.
Both Firefox, same addons, same tabs, same settings:
Desktop: 936.78MB
Laptop: 300.71MB
Comparing absolute allocation numbers is meaningless since they all have different allocation strategies. In firefox's case, it's probably just letting the tabs use more ram on the desktop because it knows there's the space for it. Which actually makes sense, since it can then run faster by shuffling memory less often around, and it's actually using the ram you paid for. Chrome probably uses the same strategy.

>> No.7754434


>> No.7754454


>> No.7754474

>letting the tabs use more ram on the desktop because it knows there's the space for it.
no shirt, shirtlock. this is basic memory management. everything does this.

>> No.7754598

>1 million per share
Lol, she won't even get close to $20k. $15k max. And then she'll become Ayamy...
Humu. Good shit. Now I don't have to bother with VMs. Chrome's problem is not giving all that pre-alloc shit back. And not properly letting go of committed memory.

>> No.7754613

>Everything uses more rams than it needs
No? Plenty of software will only use what it needs at the moment and nothing more. Reserving more, or waiting longer before garbage collecting, is one strategy amongst many.

>> No.7754668

Hold up let me get just my bug repellant

>> No.7754684

That's not a bug though...

>> No.7754775

Don't worry, It's just to be safe

>> No.7754786

did you just seriously confuse Shinzo Abe a.k.a. "Mr. MARRY and REPRODUCE" who is singlehandedly responsible for an influx of RIPE and WILLING CHRISTMAS CAKES wanting to found MONOGAMOUS FAMILIES and live HAPPY LIVES in anime, with fucking Bugmaster Xi Jinping?

>> No.7754847


>> No.7754882

Stop. I can only get so erect. #buyHags
At least you're honest.

>> No.7754896

no christmas cake for you until you learn from your mistakes. c'mon he doesn't even look like Winnie the pooh.

>> No.7754903

>> No.7754984

>Michelle is technically a hag
stop confusing my penis

>> No.7755012

can't be a hag if IT has a cock.

>> No.7755085

I kinda want to buy Mio now

>> No.7755156

Come on man it looked similar to me

>> No.7755157

went from 5 to 205 these last two days.

>> No.7755231

Anon check your trader. Mine suddenly locked in 999 of Mio, Botan, Choco, Pochi, and Mel after opening this image.

>> No.7755276

Yes. We WILL end their respective Menopauses.

>> No.7755335

Talk for yourself you granny fucker

>> No.7755351

If it wasn't for Ogayu we could just call Gamers "Holohags" instead.
Yes, we.

>> No.7755372

Anon, Korone and Okayu have known each other since High School. Okayu is also a hag.

>> No.7755376

thanks. devs please fix, i need to 2k them

>> No.7755407

Not the rrat I'm familiar with, but I'll accept it if only because it means more hags.

>> No.7755414

okayu is definitely not a hag

>> No.7755603

When I watch JAV I only watch ones with actresses twice my age. It's getting rougher every year.

>> No.7755670


>> No.7755701

I got thrown out... I don't feel so good

>> No.7755753

Let's cheer bros

>> No.7755832

>marine and sui's faces
my dude, did you have this ready and waiting? lmao

>> No.7755900

you can literally turn a frown upside down, it works well with anime style.

>> No.7756078

>just checked the gacha leaderboard.
wtf happened after a day

>> No.7756123

this >>7631084 will cheer you up

>> No.7756168

I was trying to get jeb_

>> No.7756176

I'm torn between selling fucking everything because of the Sonic OC or buying even more because chili dogs.
The sins of those who FC'd the gacha before midnight on launch day will forever be concealed. At least from the gacha leaderboard.

>> No.7756189


>> No.7756196

thanks for trying but Loli-Miko is as wrong for me as Rushia with tits.

>> No.7756260

>rushia with tits

>> No.7756261


>> No.7756326

Thanks for the 1/2 lambo fest susan <3

>> No.7756370

Post roboco lewd

>> No.7756380

>The sins of those who FC'd the gacha before midnight on launch day will forever be concealed

>> No.7756430

At these prices I would just straight up give you like 50 Roboco and put you on the Roboco oshiboard to remove the Pochi icon foxposter.

>> No.7756450

flare channel got fixed btw

>> No.7756454

Finally watched Aqua's concert, 1 fucking guest when Towa had 10+

>> No.7756485

Social anxiety and autism, pls andastand

>> No.7756487

>At least from the gacha leaderboard.
Me too. honk let us give newfags loans and coins to fund oshiboard wars.

>> No.7756509

Pure yet lewd

>> No.7756510

>tfw gifting coins would be fucking fun and maybe motivate some newer players to keep going
>but you also realize the Haatons would just combine coins into one account

>> No.7756552

My time to yeet off that pochifag will come

>> No.7756577

>haachama noticed nasfaq
>the haaton 5 funds her

>> No.7756586

intentionally gifting coins to mikofag to force him out of comfy zone

>> No.7756593


>> No.7756603

>haatons creating the fucking haaton megazord by uniting all of their coins into one account
My fucking sides

>> No.7756648

I'd probably do shit plays and gacha like a fucking nerd just to stay at least around 35

>> No.7756662

Gifting someone a bunch of trashcoins to move them from their oshiboard to another

>> No.7756669 [SPOILER] 

Warning: Large Image Ahead
Good evening, welcome to the News Hour. This is your NASFAQ Market Report for Tuesday, August 10th.
Please reply with any art you'd like to see included if we ever make another "canvas" OP.

>> No.7756687

Limit the amount of coins that can be traded per account per day, and disable trading of Haato :^)

>> No.7756714

>all those Ayamy in circulation are now a weapon

>> No.7756717

I would give up all my coins to rival the haaton 5 fusion

>> No.7756723

2000 of these just show up in your wallet. What do you do?

>> No.7756761

Give them to my neighbour effectively bogging him

>> No.7756763

then pass them to some oshichanging faggots

>> No.7756776

i'd PUSH PUSH them away

>> No.7756815


>> No.7756829

gift them to tower

>> No.7756987

that will be fun, we pool our shitcoins then we gift them to an oshicoining player

>> No.7757095

>The sins of those who FC'd the gacha before midnight on launch day will forever be concealed. At least from the gacha leaderboard.

>> No.7757210

Talk for yourself, if giving coins get added first thing I'm gonna give mikofag a stack of 288 kiara and gura

>> No.7757304


>> No.7757334

holy based

>> No.7757368


>> No.7757383

>why yes we just fused and now own 9000 Oshicoin, how could you tell.

>> No.7757440

thanks for the Gura I'd still have to purge the kiara by gifting all my other coins to a second account.

>> No.7757555


>> No.7757583

holy shit what did trips to do giganigger again?

>> No.7757617

push push my girlfriend into either RRatSlayer's wallet or if I'm feeling malicious that day then I'd dump them as well as my own into 暗闇の中でダンサー's wallet and switch his oshi for the third time so we could all laugh at him.
Actually, I'd coordinate with the thread to gather 3000~ Risu at low prices and then forcibly revert him to the Risu oshiboard where he belongs.

>> No.7757635

trips blocks his trades for three weeks

>> No.7757666


>> No.7757697

>third time

>> No.7757705

That's 6 weeks, keep em coming boys

>> No.7757754

Zhonkbot crashed again after only 10 trades. I didnt want to make money anyway.

>> No.7757776

That one was for calibration. Haato, take the wheel.

>> No.7757778

that's it, I'm giving mogu all the okayus in the economy

>> No.7757791

Did I miss a step between Risu and Suisei?
He was originally a Prisuner and made most of his wealth early-game from Risu's massive short video dump. He snowballed from that, then decided Risu was a shitcoin and tryharded into Suisei.
His original name was Weyland-Ayunda or something along those lines.

>> No.7757795

Fuck em up bread

>> No.7757802


>> No.7757815

>those fucking numerals
is KEK /here/?

>> No.7757917


>> No.7757992

To give a comment on the edge shit. Last I checked last year Edge was actually considered the fastest modern browser out of the lots and the most secure. So for loading the pages and general stability of them edge is probably better. It isn't going to suddenly make regular web requests any faster.

>> No.7758023


>> No.7758111

>Adjustment at 6am
>I've been up all night selling
>Buy for 2 hours, but I need more
>Turn on Developer Mode on my phone
>Screen stays on Indefinitely now
>This hurts the phone long term
>Gains acquired as I sleep
>Wallet Empty as I wake up
Good morning bros

>> No.7758163

>GIGAHAATON fuses with the Tentacult
god have mercy on us

>> No.7758213

She crashed so far past her base price afterwards that I think almost everyone else who bought Risu made more from it than I did, I have 2.2k MPP on the ones I have left. Sui was a shitcoin then too!

>> No.7758216

Are you trying to steal my job? I am the guy who makes up 1/3 of all the replies in every thread. Fuck off

>> No.7758331

That's been my job since we're out of beta
captcha MGAAY

>> No.7758364


>> No.7758409

already selling all my shitcoins for Pirates

>> No.7758472

Wrong! Suisei wasn't a shitcoin!
You can't fool me, she may be a shitcoin NOW but she was meta when you bought her.
When are you switching to Marine or Pekora?

>> No.7758474

but the shitcoins will moon twice as hard

>> No.7758481

>the entire thread is literally just two people sperging at each other

>> No.7758558

>he thinks there is two.
Anon this is all a fever dream happening in your head.

>> No.7758596

I laugh through the night as I upload my own photoshop actions for my other self

>> No.7758624

Don't worry i'm gonna take my pills in 5 weeks

>> No.7758635


>> No.7758753

naaaaah, she had about 3 weeks of good divs because of HI HONEY and her concert then she went back to shit, if I wanted to be meta then I'd be a cumbud

>> No.7758784

Hello mogu? Yes it's the haatons again

>> No.7758827

Gura isn't meta anymore but I'm not sure why you didn't go for broke with Shark C&F.

>> No.7758849

>autistically checking the graphs for slight graph changes implying it to go down soon so I can begin to sell early
not going to lie this is kinda fun, was worth it to shift sleep to earlier
wait shit I'm supposed to catch up on work to secure my contract

>> No.7758856

Did anyone else get a free jeb_? I didn't roll this but it's a pleasant surprise!

>> No.7758859

Why can't you niggers erp in your discord server and leave us alone?

>> No.7758883

imagine the bogs

>> No.7758889


>> No.7758908

Post dick

>> No.7758934


>> No.7758937


>> No.7758949

because it was never about being meta you big gay bastard, it was LOVE
shit, that was fast, let's see what faggotry it was

>> No.7758967


>> No.7758998

Fuck, of course it was /hlgg/

>> No.7759036

holy kek everytime I see kiara's full body I expect her to squat and show me her ass

>> No.7759049


>> No.7759234

The fucking haatons have the fate on their side. We'll beed every single richfag to buy 24/7 no stop if we want to beat them. This is a total war against a common enemy.
Get your zhonkbot ready we march on the haatons tomorrow morning

>> No.7759394


>> No.7759483

>he could've spent 21M, easily buying fucking everything

>> No.7759524

This implies Jester opens up nasfaq on any days besides Friday

>> No.7759528

The haatons have him captive

>> No.7759538

foolishness anon, your zhonkbot can't beat my autotrader. Its simply impossible.

>> No.7759551

Saving Private Jester

>> No.7759558

I mean he also has to sell off the divviecoins on saturday with the exception of polka

>> No.7759626

>his MPP on Mikochi is $8500

>> No.7759648

As soon as divvies hit he puts sale on everything besides Polka and just leaves it open, never opening the tab, technically never opening it after Friday

>> No.7759688

how did he get stuck with 13 mikochi and IRyS, it's a mystery

>> No.7759752

He occasionally holds a couple coins besides Polka past divvieday, I've seen him holding Holocoin and others. I don't understand his goals but he does

>> No.7759792

this one rarely fit better

>> No.7759910

Jester likes to do small 10 to 30 coin plays for adjustments. Then he buys X of every coin for diccies. The strange thing is he shot up like a lightning bolt when he was making more serious plays.

>> No.7759997

>Suisei wasn't a shitcoin

>> No.7759998


>> No.7760004

might be some dude in the military or something who cracked the game since forever but just physically can't always play. You never know with enigmanons

>> No.7760030

You autoyrader can be as fast as it can, spamming api calls every single second. But it can never surpasses most of the top 100 all collectively buying together. Your liquids will run out , you will fight a hopeless fight which you have no hope of winning, you will not remembered as a hero fighting for the honor of your oshi, you will be remebered as a fool that decided to go up against everyone, you will fight and lose, everyday until you decide to click on api/deleteownaccount.

>> No.7760063


>> No.7760075

Jester has secretly cracked the code of how to play the game but has decided to give everyone a multi month handicap before he shows his true power.

>> No.7760087

She wasn't I bought Suisei back then too.

>> No.7760131

Ok now this is really too much

>> No.7760133 [SPOILER] 

at this point there's only joining them or genuflecting

>> No.7760168


>> No.7760227

Suisei wasn't a shitcoin the first two weeks of the game and two weeks in the middle of the game when she got a boost

>> No.7760404

all the relevant numbers are up. i can finally sleep

>> No.7760434

thing with Suicoin is that she's the antithesis of comfy hagcoins like Mio and Botan. She had multiple sky-high spikes thanks to music, prophecy-anon's FUD which turned out to be spot on
>she's the cheapest she'll be for a while, buy now
and then came the Suzy-wars. She's the ultimate daytrading-coin, high octane bets with high rewards if you sell, that is.

>> No.7760535

>only meant for daytrading
shit coin it is

>> No.7760590

well, yeah.

>> No.7760612

About our team on divegrass, did we get oast the stage of finding someone able to use blenders for the models?

>> No.7760711

I installed it and realised I had no idea where to even begin and am mentally disabled when it comes to stuff like that
So, no

>> No.7760868

Now this is quite the problem

>> No.7760936

>it might now be viable to sell Gargoola, depending on whether a subtick is worth more than 0->300k views for her

>> No.7761110


>> No.7761192


>> No.7761203

>> No.7761254

it was worth selling goomba almost all day because she didn't go down at all and turning 1 goomba into almost 2 of anything you want (or more) was peak efficiency

>> No.7761261

This is too much, I can't sneed

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