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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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>> No.7727226

O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

>> No.7727242

I love POMU!

>> No.7727246

>Selen shitting on sweaty tryhards everytime she plays Apex
It never gets old, kek

>> No.7727250

She's gonna collab with ollie isnt she

>> No.7727251

>collab that she needs to practice on this ping for
Bora Apex

>> No.7727256

Selen is collabing with chihiro it seems lol

>> No.7727258

Glad to have another Selen wife stream!

>> No.7727260

Ollie collab all but confirmed

>> No.7727264

It's going to be Bora and Chihiro screencap this.

>> No.7727265

>next week we might have a very exciting collab where i have to get used to this ping

Place your bets

>> No.7727270

plz no, she already has finana as the lewd deadweight for apex.

>> No.7727271


>> No.7727275

>ollie collab

>> No.7727280

Bora, Chihiro or Ollie

>> No.7727287

> Earlier this evening, Selen started her Metal Slug stream
> thread dies immediately
> Now, Selent started guerilla APEX stream
> thread dies immediately

>> No.7727288

If she plays with both, they might drag her down into easier lobbies!

>> No.7727295

Selen hinting on Apex collab with nonEN nijis. Petra collab confirmed!

>> No.7727303

Hope it's Bora so we can hear her Korean

>> No.7727307

I'd actually be pretty okay with Ollie I never really understood people's hate boner for her lol

>> No.7727309

dragoons run this joint

>> No.7727311

dangerously based

>> No.7727312

Finana isn't even that much of a deadweight, she's pretty decent considering she's being thrown against diamond+ lobbies, despite being loot goblin

>> No.7727324

if there's a hidden ELO/MMR for non-ranked, she's already in diamond+ lobby, and i think she locked Fish in there too

>> No.7727334

So people are actually watching the stream when Selen is live?

>> No.7727335

Is Selen playing on JP servers?

>> No.7727362


>> No.7727364

Asia so yeah. I think the servers are in Tokyo

>> No.7727366

At this point i'm fine with any collab if it's not Vshojo.
Looking at you, Finana

>> No.7727379

She's an unashamed attention whore. Not much other than that.

>> No.7727382

Bros....i want to be free of her charm, she's too damn cute

>> No.7727388


>> No.7727401

>Asia servers
I see a future, a future where Selen spams tournaments

>> No.7727406

If you wanted Finana to read this, you should've put it in the middle of a horny copypasta

>> No.7727420


>> No.7727442

is it better to flash shield so you juggle between health and shield, or just spam shields?

>> No.7727445

how can such a small adorable feesh be such a fucking amazing whore. I want to start off fucking her roughly like she's just a helpless toy for me to use however I want, slowly losing stamina over the night while she just becomes hornier and hornier. I want to lose track of myself and not even realize when I went from smothering her with my body to being topped by such a cute petite girl I want to be aching from my dick being ridden for the 8th time at 4am long after I've been spent. I want to wake up in a sleep-deprived state in the middle of the day, feeling my numb cock getting suckled by her as she looks eagerly at me with heart-shaped pupils. I want her to NOT COLLAB WITH VSHOJO ANYMORE DONT DO IT FINANA and finally fall asleep on my bed after fucking for over 12 hours, looking like an innocent little sister covered in our mixed fluids while I get ready for the day. Fuck I just want Finana to be the sex-obsessed girl next door that knows exactly how to drive me crazy for her every time I see her. I need to fuck this god damn fish.

>> No.7727447

the "yubi yubi" conspiracy....

>> No.7727448

How many times a day does Selen masturbate?

>> No.7727452

Its like playing with shackles.. Which i hope she overcomes

>> No.7727468

spam shield

>> No.7727477

Selen could have used this thumbnail...

>> No.7727490

She's a massive genuine vtuber fan and her extroverted nature rubs the autists here the wrong way. She interacts with "bad people" which makes holofags hate her. She's pretty sweet and kind though, I'd welcome collabs with her so long as she reigns in the autism a little. It's best to have someone who can meet her energy in the middle a little like Selen.
That's absolutely retarded for anyone who even thinks about it for more than 20 seconds or anyone who watches Ollie.

>> No.7727496

>We're in a server where you see monkeys
>it's a BR server

>> No.7727498

>Shotguns are terrible!
WW1 Amerisharts...

>> No.7727500

Actually an Ollie colab. God help us.

>> No.7727517

>New Zealand

the madwoman

>> No.7727520

Can't it be a Hada collab?

>> No.7727525

Wait what is the yubi yubi conspiracy

>> No.7727551

Please for lord sake, let it be Chihiro and Bora together

>> No.7727553

I fucking hope so.

>> No.7727564

shes going to collab with me bros

>> No.7727569

>Shuriken tossed a jap in the face
The disrespect from this woman. I'm max aroused

>> No.7727579

Retards think she got fingered or fucked on stream because she made some weird noises during a collab. Keep in mind this started months after the collab happened because she started interacting with non-vtubers. It was an excuse to draw hate to it and it worked. There's no way a massive, MASSIVE vtuber fan would risk her career like that. She's not actually dumb

>> No.7727585

Why the fuck this bitch didn't mod mika?

>> No.7727589

I wonder if elira still has interest in apex. during her debut she mentioned she wanted to be pred and I know that's a far fetched but I was hoping to see her grind it a little more

>> No.7727592

Cope, she was fucked on stream and even her fans are not denying it anymore.

>> No.7727596

Do you guys really enjoy watching apex?

>> No.7727600

Ahh right I remember that I just never heard it referred to that way lol

>> No.7727612

I enjoy hearing Selen cackle, the rest is window dressing

>> No.7727616

>Every squad dropped Fragment

>> No.7727621

Imouto styling on her grind, so she's either doing it off stream or abandoned it

>> No.7727628

Depends on who's playing. Selen is fine for me.

>> No.7727629

She literally has an upcoming apex collab with two other niji senpais.

>> No.7727638

Yeah it was me sorry bro

>> No.7727639

I love Pomu!

>> No.7727641

No, unless it's a collab

>> No.7727643

Most likely Bora or Bobon

>> No.7727647

Only when it's Selen.

>> No.7727648

She made it to gold on the last day of last season and as another anon said she has an apex collab soon.

>> No.7727654

I play it regularly, yes.

>> No.7727663


>> No.7727666

>The collab is between Hime and Ame
What is your reaction

>> No.7727678

No, I enjoy watching Selen having fun

>> No.7727683

I hate it when it's bad players but I can handle watching Selen lol

>> No.7727695

Unless it's a collab, I usually prefer Apex streams where the people at least understand the game on a competitive level. I wouldn't watch Pomu play Apex, for example, unless she and Selen did a "keep Pomu alive" challenge.

>> No.7727714

Only if it is Selen or Astel

>> No.7727715

No, but I enjoy watching Selen play Apex. Still would’ve preferred a maro stream though

>> No.7727723

Would you guys have sex with Selen?

>> No.7727727

I can watch good or average players, or a collab, but it's not normally fun to watch bad players unless they're having a lot of fun anyways.

>> No.7727729

I like Selen and fuck the haters.

>> No.7727741

No, but also yes. It's complicated

>> No.7727748

Apex is fun to watch when the streamer is skilled.

>> No.7727751

I'd let her peg me

>> No.7727754

Tell me more

>> No.7727766


>> No.7727771

Not really but I like watching Selen when she's playing Apex. She makes it fun.

>> No.7727784

I like her as an entertainer, but she isn't my type.

>> No.7727785

When will she stream with Dr. Disrespect or TimtheTatman

>> No.7727788

I would cum in seconds and she would laugh at me so yes

>> No.7727818

Is there any NijiEN you would not have sex with?

>> No.7727836

Rosemi, she seems like she'd smell awful

>> No.7727850

she's a little chunky, but i wouldnt mind a blowjob from her

>> No.7727852


>> No.7727864

Was browsing the 2434club discord and found someone was making an EOP-friendly guide/document to Nijisanji Koushien 2021, here's the link to the main public doc:
and the link to the test/experimental document where the guy is editing in:

Finding it interesting to see all the stats and such so far. From the EN girls, I only really see Pomu and Rosemi as the standouts who could actually get fielded in for the actual games themselves. Not sure about Finana and Elira though, from what I see of their stats it seems iffy... but maybe Selen (pic related) here could be useful? Not sure desu since I'm just reading this for the first time and am learning how this all works, so most of what I know is just shit I've learned from other people discussing this.


>> No.7727866

>Flower smelling bad
fuck off Elirafag

>> No.7727867

Finana and Petra, feel like Petra is way too young and Finana would probably try something i very much would not enjoy, like scissor crossing my face while im eating her out and she pissed full force down my mouth and nose

>> No.7727877

Fuck you, that anon just has bad taste, I'm famelira and I'd fuck Rosemi, too

>> No.7727878

i like shooters so yeah

>> No.7727886


>> No.7727891

yes, it's a fun game

only shit games to watch are league/bad non-dota mobas

>> No.7727901

Yes. I want to have lots of bareback sex with Selen since her womb can’t accept human seed

>> No.7727902

>cross country, sprint, and track team
>plays sports with friends
hmm, if she's chunky i want chunky

>> No.7727913

>constantly sweaty
>doesn't bathe every day
>lives among her dirty laundry on the floor
>probably forgets to buy body wash
>most likely wears clothes she wore a few days ago as long as they "smell okay"
Rosemi is definitely the stinkiest Niji EN but only because she's a special kind of girl

>> No.7727923

>Petra too young
Not seeing the problem
>Finana too kinky
Again I don't see it

>> No.7727937

Holofags don't look!

>> No.7727951

Finana is pretty wholesome despite being always horny, I'm sure she'd ask you first before devastating your throat with high pressure piss

>> No.7727955

I suspect a lot of that's BS, there's a few IRL pics and she's definitely pretty hefty. not massive but i don't see her sprinting cross country

>> No.7727961

apex is great, br gameplay can be a snoozefest but watching good players is almost always a good time

>> No.7727963

My penguin daughter Petra is for hugs and cuddling only.
I’d fuck Finana until she was too tired to move tho.

>> No.7727965

I don't find Selen as erotic as Elira, but the thought of a tomboy childhood friend having sex with you is pretty hot RJ337147 for reference

>> No.7727976


>> No.7727980

okay, lag doesn't matter, she can do cr cup

>> No.7727981

based new zealand

>> No.7727982


>> No.7727987

Selen did it while on her knees!

>> No.7727988


>> No.7727990

the chad kiwis

>> No.7727995

(still suffering in mobile data hell)

>> No.7728002

>Finana would probably try something i very much would not enjoy, like scissor crossing my face while im eating her out and she pissed full force down my mouth and nose
I never knew how badly I wanted this, thanks for that anon.

>> No.7728009

nobody actually lives in new zealand

>> No.7728011

holy kek

>> No.7728018

finana if you are reading this thread give us a sign

>> No.7728020

It's time

>> No.7728022

CRCup are mostly just Diamonds. The two Apex recruits from Edengumi will definitely make it harder for everyone else to win.

>> No.7728023

This image could be utilized in a bit of trolling...

>> No.7728030

>Not sure about Finana and Elira though,
They are not going to make it

>> No.7728040

they could actually make 2 new teams, one with lauren and one with selen.

>> No.7728056

Elira's bone's are too fragile for sports...

>> No.7728061

Only when it's a good player, who can fill dead air, and likes to engage in fights (hate players who just hide for most of the game). Selen fulfills all three of those for me, so she's one of the view I can bear watching Apex for.

>> No.7728065

No. She's not feminine enough.

>> No.7728071

340 p anon…

>> No.7728074


>> No.7728083

Is cr cup a niji only thing?

>> No.7728084

no it's 144p

>> No.7728085

Every woman becomes feminine when she is naked anon. Also gap moe.

>> No.7728087

I like Selen, but the moment she collabs with a male she is fucking dead to me.

>> No.7728097

Finana love! I love this cute, sweet fish!

>> No.7728100

We need to go deeper.

>> No.7728103

based. 144p Selen is best Selen

>> No.7728104

Funny you mention that because I don't like nakedness either.

>> No.7728106


>> No.7728108


>> No.7728111

They have really bad stats... Okay sure, it's Ange's team but everyone's the same sadly they are not even the best of the worst.

>> No.7728116

>you missed your nade you IDIOT
I love her

>> No.7728119

>wake up eager to watch Rosemi's stream
>Selen streaming Apex
I know I pulled 12-hour sessions with gym the next morning frequently but that's just playing. She sure likes streaming.

>> No.7728121

nope, they have nijis, holos, 774, animare, indies, etc.

>> No.7728125

how do you feel about the fact that she constantly talks about playing apex with her more than likely male friends

>> No.7728131

That’s why you take her shopping to try out some new clothes. Make her put on a cute dress and she’ll shyly ask you if it looks good on her because she rarely wears them herself. Moe gap is strong probably.

>> No.7728136

Bye bye Holofag. Apex is a game where male teammates are a given and there won't always be another woman there to babysit. Watch the other purple woman from the other company who is terrible at Apex if you want those kind of restrictions.

>> No.7728139

>he doesn't like Tomboys

>> No.7728140

Elira has a small chance since she has like decent enough stats to be a pitcher but as for Finana.... well just look at picrel

>> No.7728143

>tfw Selen will never call me an idiot when I get knocked down

>> No.7728146

Hoshikawa torpedo tits

>> No.7728149

No, but I heard it's invitation only. I wonder if they're going to send Selen an invitation.

>> No.7728151

She was on a squad with one of her male friends during her 100 kill stream.

>> No.7728164

I like Pomu, but the moment she plays a boring kusoge she is fucking dead to me

>> No.7728167

i love those lemon shaped tits
please link

>> No.7728172

Why do I watch apex streams when I don't care about apex and never played apex once in my life

>> No.7728175

i barely have enough data for a day to watch like two to three streams in 360p then I have to go down to 144p... and Selen just happened to be the last one for the day here.

I hate being a SEAnigger...

>> No.7728185

774 and animare are the same thing anon

>> No.7728188


>> No.7728210

If she doesn't people are going to wonder why and she loves those Koreans who love Apex as well. So I don't see how she wouldn't get one.

>> No.7728212

I don't like Apex but I like Selen!

>> No.7728229

I'm reminded of a classmate of mine who was a bit hefty and not the fastest of us, but had better endurance than the fellas who went to air cadets training. They'd outright win tag/manhunt by outlasting the others. It was crazy.

>> No.7728231

They've all played Genshin or Apex...

>> No.7728233

For the same reason you probably watch Olympic sports at least for an event or two in your life to see top athletes competing.

>> No.7728235


>> No.7728239

Literally played one a few hours ago.

>> No.7728247

That's a little depressing to think about

>> No.7728255

d-doesn't count! that was Finana!

>> No.7728258

any one of the Nijis can just ask ojiji about it and he'll probably send out an invitation easily, well, if there wasn't an invitation sent to her already, so many Nijis are in CR-Cup already after all.

>> No.7728259

Cr cup literally has pro players participating.

Anyway 150 ms isn't bad in apex, na play on jp a lot and vice versa.

>> No.7728260

nifty style

>> No.7728263

just the thumbnail

>> No.7728264

im glad she can play well on high ping cause that basically means she can do the vtuber tournaments in Japan

>> No.7728265

Is this that game that was like a cross between a moba and battle royale that Kuzuha was playing for a bit?

>> No.7728278

Elira has already mugged me so I'm content.

>> No.7728279

Bora is friends with Selen and Bora is one of the best vtuber Apex players so there's a good chance they play together eventually.

>> No.7728294


>> No.7728298

>muted again

>> No.7728301

>runs into the champion squad at the last minute

>> No.7728303

Didn't Selen say when she felt like playing Apex she would just play and never do a gorilla stream

>> No.7728307

Selen has stopped responding

>> No.7728310

>Selen set up her mic to cut out automatically when she yells nigger

>> No.7728312

Yes it's BR moba. Dead game.

>> No.7728315

Because it's Selen + Apex. She's an added factor, a fun factor to you, and she also shows you how someone can have fun with the game. Simple.

>> No.7728317

>my fucking mic cut out hahahaha

>> No.7728318


>> No.7728322


>> No.7728333

>JP pros

>> No.7728335

yeah but she was stupid and made it an option in a twitter poll so ofc it won and now shes playing it

>> No.7728349


>> No.7728350

>87 ping to Tokyo
oh shit, she can definitely do tournaments that's not that bad at all

>> No.7728354

holy shit i can read it in 144p

>> No.7728355

I like Elira, but the moment she plays Hadaka Shitsuji she is fucking dead to me

>> No.7728359

If she or her mates don't mind losing, sure.

>> No.7728361

koronesuki on selen's team

>> No.7728364

ras isn't JP but he's in cr cup and one of the best players in the world

>> No.7728367

Stop talking out of your ass.

>> No.7728369

Every time I listen to Selen I can't help but imagine all the tantrums she must have thrown as a kid. God I wish I had a cute dragoon daughter.

>> No.7728376


>> No.7728407

Yeah she’s lucky to be in the west coast. East coast would be a different story.

>> No.7728417

>Be Selen.
>Doesn't do the GFE emotional manipulation at all.
>Doesn't pretend she doesn't have male friends she games with.
>Plays even competitive games for fun above all else and almost never rages.
>Doesn't tell lewd stories or hornypost with only an occasional suggestive comment in context with what is happening on stream.
>Still gets some of the weirdest antis and schizo fans in NijiEN.
I'm convinced now that the often said, "The audience reflects the streamer." saying is bullshit with only a grain of truth to it. You can be a normal girl who avoids the things that attracts schizos and still get them in droves.

>> No.7728421


>> No.7728424

If I made a gimmick twitter for 144selens would it take off

>> No.7728430

>go on /vt/
>get surprised girls with more than 20 anons talking about her has schizo fans

>> No.7728443

Name one vtuber who doesn’t have schizos on this website.

>> No.7728444

Selenfags fuck off to the Selen thread

>> No.7728454

Uhhh have you guys seen Selen's roommate before?

>> No.7728455

I've been watching most Selen and Elira streams nowadays in 144p since they do such long ass streams that I basically lose all my mobile data allocation immediately, so maybe some people will get a kick out of it?

>> No.7728456

Being popular is the ultimate schizo magnet

>> No.7728461


>> No.7728465

He did his best

>> No.7728479

So that's the power of top500 predator...

>> No.7728480


>> No.7728495

That’s not really fair, they won’t touch her because they know she’ll give them concrete shoes

>> No.7728496

barely anyone knows about him, and he only gets mentioned off-handedly every once in a blue moon on the male thread or the main niji thread... i like the collabs he's in though, i just haven't found much interesting content from him by himself personally

>> No.7728497

Not happen because she already played it to death offstream.

>> No.7728500

I don't think I have seen VSPO schizos

>> No.7728511

Actually you could name any Niji male, he won't have schizos here other than anons who want to fuck them. No one is a unicorn for males.

>> No.7728513

I spiffed up this draw a bit do you like it?

>> No.7728520

neck isn't long enough, would not bang

>> No.7728532

do you think Selen appreciates this kind of artwork?

>> No.7728540


>> No.7728541

Imagine Selen’s roommate cosplaying her own character

>> No.7728543

Selen is falling asleep and so am I!

>> No.7728544

true, tho the virtual esports/apex vtuber thread can get a little rowdy at times...

>> No.7728547

You gotta add more bestiality to it for her to like it

>> No.7728558

I know Elira will play Dark Souls 3 and it will be sufferkino but now i want Selen to play DS1...
I want to see Selen getting smashed by Taurus Demon and getting thrusted by Ornstein spear while she laughs

>> No.7728566

that's a lot of cursing for one fight...

>> No.7728570

I though JP was a camp server? Selen's teammate just went apeshit and the other team also charged in return.

>> No.7728580

Even the nips won't go full yuru camp in pubs, they save that for ranked.

>> No.7728582

depends on which JP server, pretty sure there were like, two different JP servers

>> No.7728599


>> No.7728635

>3-man bodyblock
fucking hell I'm having CSGO competitive silver flashbacks...

>> No.7728640

I want Finana to lick off the dorito dust on my dick!

>> No.7728641

I love selen but her metal slug stream motivated me to re-download the entire series and 1c them all.

>> No.7728654


>> No.7728657

>Used to have at least 5k
>Only 3k now
Explain this Dragonfags
Even Fish got more playing Minecraft

>> No.7728668

anon look at the time

>> No.7728675

Are JP's closer to NA or EU in their approach to competitive strategy?

>> No.7728680

nigga it is 3 am

>> No.7728690

she probably is jacking off to it right now

>> No.7728691

I hate ds1 pvp

>> No.7728694

i fucking hate those niggers

>> No.7728696

>lost to hacker
so she won her first real JP game

>> No.7728699

>3.4k in the dead of night
feels good to be a dragonfriend

>> No.7728700

Welcome to the hacker servers Selen. Asia servers are hell.

>> No.7728706

yeah from that moment when she peeked and the dude beamed her to 1 hp instantly from 80 meters away i thought something was up

>> No.7728707


>> No.7728708

I've only seen some footage of NA pro players and they all avoid engagements until the last circle. I recall there being some butthurt over the combination of Revenant and Octane because they broke the camp meta.

>> No.7728709

you mean the fair and balanced black magic?

>> No.7728710

3500 for a guerilla stream with most people asleep is pretty fucking good

>> No.7728720

Shit, I unironically want to know how she'd react to Patches.

>> No.7728722

Selen is actually making me enjoy it.

>> No.7728741

>the name

>> No.7728746

Hope Seer kills this game for good. What a disgustingly broken character.

>> No.7728749


>> No.7728750

i never understand those fags... what's the point?
>fun by ruining the experience of others haha xDDD
you can do that without hacking and you enjoy either trolling or climbing more by yourself than a fucking program doing it for you REEEEEEEE

>> No.7728754


>> No.7728755


>> No.7728764


>> No.7728765

NA server itself is full of retards who think they're pro and will rush into every engagement or spend all game looking for long range scopes and still miss every shot.
The high level games are all extremely sweaty though, nothing but well-known parties camping and dodging eachother out of "respect", it's very boring.

JP is full of players who are very methodical and avoid engagements whenever possible unless they have a favorable position. Meanwhile their high level scene is all full retard solopex players. Bit ironic.

>> No.7728769

you eat doritos with your dick anon?

>> No.7728788

Fuck you faggot you don't even deserve a (you) for your bait, timezones exist bitch.

>> No.7728809

Impeccable taste.

>> No.7728811

Damn that's based AF, I only know a few games where high elo players enjoy the full retard experience.

>> No.7728816


>> No.7728821

Selen 1vs1...

>> No.7728825


>> No.7728829

>knows its bait
>still flies into a fit of rage and gives attention
baitposters can't keep winning bros...

>> No.7728875

This is Selen's first game, please be nice to her anons.

>> No.7728900

Elira even manages to set herself up in Omori. "That guy looks like a yankee is he going to beat us up!" goes up to him immediately and its a Preacher.

>> No.7728905

what a fucking goose chase lmao

>> No.7728910

she tried balancing chips on the tip and then tried stacking them

>> No.7728943

are we finally seeing the real rats in the JP server?

>> No.7728947

Selen is a delight to listen to

>> No.7728949

clown fiesta

>> No.7728955

>he didn't get it
what a fucking game

>> No.7728960

>1 vs 3
>she killed 2
>her team mates lose anyways
ahhh yes... just like my LoL matches where i kill two fags in my lane and somehow my team lose 4vs3 in mid...

>> No.7728961

That Seer player had to be a SEAmonkey

>> No.7728962

Selen isn't as good as I expected a predator to be... At least she's entertaining.

>> No.7728963


>> No.7728978

She hasn't been predator or taken ranked seriously for like 6 seasons. I wouldn't say she's washed up but she's not really playing at her sweatiest in these games.

>> No.7728999

Even if you're serious, she was pred much earlier in the life of the game. Things were different then, as like many games the average skill of the upper portions tends to get better with time.

>> No.7729000

She was never good solo, she's always been carried by her 2 pred friends. Selen is only good at going in guns blazing like a gorilla and that's it.

>> No.7729001

rank is never everything, especially in shitty battle royale games like this. Besides she was only pred once and then never gave a fuck about it again until now, so she's not really predator in the way current predators are.

seasons change after all

>> No.7729019

how long until Selen is streaming Apex 10 hours a day

>> No.7729020

> "I'm gonna let him come inside."

>> No.7729026


>> No.7729031

clip that!
the pregnancy anon will love that

>> No.7729041

She was pred twice, but it's been a long time regardless
She only plays stack nowadays, because grinding solo for pred burned her out
Probably never, not everyone has in them to stream an FPS for 10+ hrs like KCK do on the regular, and she has specifically denied ever wanting to do that.

>> No.7729046

> "I'm gonna let him come inside."

>> No.7729049


>> No.7729072

>gonna let him come inside


>> No.7729077

> same amount of ping as she gets in East Coast
fucking kek

>> No.7729090


>> No.7729099

So what's the deal with this Uncle Biff guy?

>> No.7729100

Pls no;;;

>> No.7729123


>> No.7729137

> 4 armor swaps
> all refreshed
man I love this game

>> No.7729141

Just another guy that got famous/infamous because enough people heard his name enough times in Superchats to decide they hate him.

>> No.7729149

Is she gonna be a temp member in ゆめきゃわpurple?

>> No.7729152


>> No.7729168

I can still hear the mic

>> No.7729170

mic died again didn't it?

>> No.7729173


>> No.7729174


>> No.7729175

[inaudible laughter]

>> No.7729179

I can still hear her in my head anons...

>> No.7729181

Preemptively muted by management for calling all her opponents the gamer word

>> No.7729182

She's laughing RIGHT NOW and we can't hear it!

>> No.7729188

i need subtitles on help

>> No.7729192

Every time I somehow can't avoid stumbling across this long neck dragon moaning

>> No.7729193

i think you need meds anon...

>> No.7729243

If I get this clip and the cum clip and maybe a couple more I can extract her voice and make a sex voicepack

>> No.7729265

Some guy that rubbed Amecord the wrong way, so they made a boogeyman out of him in the brony threads. Now that he's into Nijisanji they're shitting up these boards with his name now because they're never letting his shit go.

>> No.7729270

Selen blushing...

>> No.7729271

That awkward save...

>> No.7729275

selen needs to cool it with the racist caricatures

>> No.7729283


>> No.7729285

A literal fucking who. Keep it that way.

>> No.7729287

Have you 1CC'ed any of them? First one seems doable but things like X get tricky, especially the shit like the fast trains or the final boss.

>> No.7729289

This Seer hero looks broken

>> No.7729290

I want to see Selen blush...

>> No.7729300

>Goodnight sweet prince
also clip that

>> No.7729301

He's a literal niggerfaggot

>> No.7729310

I agree with Selen. Seer is nothing but screen clutter.

>> No.7729316

lmao that poor Wraith

>> No.7729317


>> No.7729322

I don't play this game, was that light show shit the new character everyone's complaining about? That's like Overwatch-tier visual clutter.

>> No.7729328

>go back for Selen
>miss her kill box
>go back anyway

>> No.7729331


>> No.7729339

kek based

>> No.7729340

Yeah it's fucking awful. It's just a wallhack that lasts fucking forever and also shows healthbars and shields of everyone in range. The visual clutter is even awful for his team.

>> No.7729370

This new Chilla kusoge went from somewaht spooky in the beginning to so fucking stupid it's funny when Rosemi made it to the parking lot. Why do vtubers keep playing this shit? Why do JOPs keep watching?

>> No.7729380

>That's like Overwatch-tier visual clutter.
Selen herself used those very same words, and she stopped playing Overwatch because of similar bullshit.
And yes, it's an ability of Seer, the new guy.

>> No.7729387

Cute girls making cute noises will never be surpassed.

>> No.7729388


>> No.7729390

Why would you draw mermaid without gills? I already suffer looking at her tailless form

>> No.7729393

selen actually looks hot in that pic FUCK

>> No.7729400

A wallhack in a game where you're supposed to survive until the end seems really busted.

>> No.7729417

When is Selen going to play Doom 1, 2, Final, 2016, Eternal, Quake, Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior, and Blood?

>> No.7729422

The most retarded thing is he's not the first hero in the game with a wallhack. I don't know why they made Seer when his ult is identical to Bloodhound's spammable wallhack but better in every way.

>> No.7729424

Bloodhound has existed since the beginning...

>> No.7729436

after she finish the Starcraft trilogy
I have no proof but no doubts

>> No.7729445

Because they're trying it out and not spoiling it for themselves beforehand?

>> No.7729465

I believe it.

>> No.7729466


>> No.7729477

Somehow I am really looking forward to Bloons. I never played it but for some reason I got really into watching youtube videos of it for a while.

>> No.7729497

I don't think bloodhhound has full tracking, just their last location and thermo vision to help in long distance fights
and the last location footsteps and bullets passive

>> No.7729511

Didn't do reps, who's playing bloons? And which bloons?

>> No.7729523

Holy shit that was a great start for Selen

>> No.7729537

Elira is tomorrow.

>> No.7729542

>that feel when no soft-voiced Indonesian older sister to groom you into liking horror games

>> No.7729559

damn that schedule is pretty stacked. elira must've felt bad about barely being able to stream for 2 weeks.

>> No.7729581

>they always leave me
>just like all of them...
Selen? Are you okay?

>> No.7729622


>> No.7729625

>they're not underestimating me!
Isn't that a good thing?

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