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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

>> No.7719842

For some reason the inflation and pregnancy mods look weird and make their tummy blocky in my machine.
Please teach me your Koikatsu ways, Finana

>> No.7719858

I LOVE POMU!!!!!!!!!

>> No.7719860

why the fuck u so slow

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>> No.7719871

Rosemi getting bullied...

>> No.7719872

In retrospect arcade games were COMPLETE bullshit.

>> No.7719875

You shitheads are watching Selen, right?

>> No.7719878

One week left

>> No.7719882

The only thing that could make this better is if she had a soundboard that had the sound of a quarter dropping in

>> No.7719890

And you love it, you masochistic slut.

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>> No.7719906

Bosses seem to have less HP than arcade version. I guess you can change difficulty in this version?

>> No.7719912

It's Monday night, and you know what that means! The start of another packed week with Nijisanji EN Seasons 1 & 2.

Did you do your VOD reps this weekend?
(Elira's POV of the Mahjong collab was unlisted due to ISP issues though she still stayed and played for the full collab)



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>> No.7719914

> I'm gonna live like Rosemi

She's literally a vibe. It's fucking amazing.

>> No.7719923

For 30 more minutes but then I gotta catch the Blues collab, hope you understand Ember.

>> No.7719934

No I gotta go to sleep, will be a nice Vod someday though

>> No.7719938

>"Oh this song bangs."
>"It's banging."
Keep going Finana, I'm almost there...

>> No.7719942

Metal slug is easy unironically, one of the easier to one Coin games on the Neo Geo. Now 3 is some bullshit.

>> No.7719943

Do you know Nijisanji?

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>> No.7719957

And I fucking love it.

>> No.7719958

Cute fish.
My final message. Goodbye.

>> No.7719963

to what?

>> No.7719976


>> No.7719977

Until Pomu makes her full return!

>> No.7719981

>As per usual constant laughter
>Childhood game
>Laughing off the difficulty
>Banter with chat
>Basically the closest you'll get to going on an arcade date with Selen
The goslings better come out in force tonight or imma be pissed

>> No.7719982

Metal Slug stream is incredible. Perfect for Selen.

>> No.7719990

S-she would never sell Ember, r-right?!?

>> No.7719993

Holy shit NijiCN

>> No.7720001

I took a nap and I'm surprised to see that Finana is still streaming
When did she start doing these long-ass superchat reading segments like Elira

>> No.7720003

I don't gosling Selen I just have sex with her.

>> No.7720005

Quieren que haga wojaks de nijien?

>> No.7720007

Kill yourself.

>> No.7720008

Right here selenfriend!

>> No.7720010

MS1 is pretty fair.

>> No.7720014

No, she will steal PILK and sell it
No one will miss that abomination

>> No.7720020

I could give her more quarters...

>> No.7720021

she should just pimp out her sister elira for tokens

>> No.7720023

Stinky dragon.

>> No.7720025

>selling rosemi

>> No.7720032

about two weeks ago I think? it's been really nice too since she really goes all out there.

>> No.7720038

Why does fish get so little streamlabs? Now she has started to get really good supas, like she is up to 600 dollars this stream, but just 15$ in streamlabs, when Elira and Pomu gets a lot in supas they also get a lot in streamlabs, why is that not the case for fish?

>> No.7720042

Goslings should be castrated

>> No.7720045

Selling Rosemi to an ojisan for arcade quarters...

>> No.7720046

i'll take her for 2 bucks

>> No.7720048


>> No.7720054

T-those tanks looks like German tanks...

>> No.7720061

i only heard of Nijisani

>> No.7720066

No.Solo de OBSYDIA..

>> No.7720068

>using Selen as a toilet in a McDonald's bathroom

>> No.7720071

Selen your sanitization reps..

>> No.7720076

I like pikl. He's a cute spider that says he's a dragon

>> No.7720078

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

>> No.7720086

Nothing feels better than 1CCing a game

>> No.7720087

>"Come on bro Selen you got this"
>"Shut up Anon! HAHAHA Oh my god how is this happening HAHA"
>"Aww shit we are going to run out of money running this stage bro"

>> No.7720095

no, this is NijiCN

>> No.7720099

She reads every single supa, so when she gets a lot of them it takes several hours. I'm a bit scared she will turn into one of them vtubers that does 3h gameplay and 6h supareadings

>> No.7720100

>See Selen stream
>watch first stream of the day

>> No.7720102

not gonna lie, pomu shows up in so many streams that i kinda forgot that shes supposed to be on a break lol.

>> No.7720106

>Selen stripping down to her underwear in a laundromat

>> No.7720109

You should get real friends or some shit man and stop keeping track of such things lmao.

>> No.7720111 [SPOILER] 

hmong deez nuts

>> No.7720116

Has anybody been keeping track of how much money Selen would have had to paid to get this far?

>> No.7720121


>> No.7720128


>> No.7720131


>> No.7720134

no you gosling faggots stay the fuck away from Selen.

>> No.7720145

Tell me more.

>> No.7720161

I wish she didn't keep refreshing the coin stack so it actually showed how many she's used

>> No.7720163

>watching Selen change through a gaping hole in her wall

>> No.7720166

Based. Fuck Pilk

>> No.7720167

others may not say it but i always appreciate seeing the constant fish love anon

>> No.7720168

I'm convinced that Selen's laugh is some kind of nervous tick, nobody laughs that much, that often.

>> No.7720183

This is now a mexican thread. KOF and metal slug are kamiges and you will watch Selen play it while blasting DBZ music

>> No.7720192

Yes, her zatsudans are pretty fun.

I should have expected that.

>> No.7720203

Scanlines are a meme

>> No.7720207

Don't you fuckers play 3rd Strike too?

>> No.7720210


Metal slug 1 ~ 5 are all fairly doable games, once you realize how STRONG the weapons and grenades actually are you can obliterate entire screens in seconds, and the vehicles have invul frames you can exploit to avoid a lot of attacks, just like the contra series you just need to figure the game out.

>> No.7720214

>watching Selens gaping hole

>> No.7720218

Hey hermano don't hog the spotlight, I'm brazilian and we also got super sweaty over arcade games around these parts

>> No.7720219

she confirmed it was something similar to that

>> No.7720226


>> No.7720227

make spurdos

>> No.7720233

Finana is being considerate towards EU watchers...

>> No.7720234

when's Selen gonna sell her body?

>> No.7720239

>delivering Selen food covered in cum

>> No.7720241

There are vids of people doing no hit runs of this game right? The sheer amount of autism you need to do that sounds unreal

>> No.7720249

She's going to sell all her genmates first...

>> No.7720250

You post this every time she's streamed.

>> No.7720272

NTA but 3rd Strike cabs are hard as hell to find since they're CPS3. Neogeo cabs are way easier to pirate.

>> No.7720276

I don't donate that often, but I use streamlabs whenever I can. Fuck Susan.

>> No.7720280

Oh I didn't notice that Selen's coin stacks have actually been depleting.

>> No.7720287

No need for that, Goslings will pay a lot when she sells Rosemi

>> No.7720288

She's gonna sell timeshares to Finana first.

>> No.7720290

It's not hard to recognize patterns human beings are good at it actually

>> No.7720296

Selen's kidneys....

>> No.7720307

>giving Selen's kidney to the black market

>> No.7720309

>dragons have four kidneys

>> No.7720310

she's added more a few times now

>> No.7720313

You need S level autism to one-coin arcade games anon.

>> No.7720317


>> No.7720318

watching Selen after Rosemi made me realize why Selen is at 100K so fast

>> No.7720320

I'm more surprised that they don't all do it all along. The games and main stream might get the audience in but the part that comes after really gives an opportunity to show off your personality more, build a relationship with your audience and solidify and build your core audience I think.

>> No.7720324

LORE: Dragons have 4 kidneys.

>> No.7720336

brazillians are always welcome here, half of pomu's fanbase consist of them

>> No.7720344

like time slipping away from our hands...

>> No.7720353


>> No.7720361

So /vt/, how far did you get on Metal Slug? I managed to 1cc 1 and X but that's as far as my power level goes. 3 has a super long final level that I could never beat fairly and I don't remember playing the rest of the franchise much (I did give 4 and 5 a few tries but I didn't get too into them).

>> No.7720367

Some of them have work in the morning. Some also find super long superchatreadings boring to do

>> No.7720370

>half of pomu's fanbase consist of them

>> No.7720382

Why is Nanami so hot?

>> No.7720387

Can you say that in red though?

>> No.7720394


>> No.7720396

Yo me pasaba el metal slug uno con una moneda lol

>> No.7720397

Cuando va jugar KOF esta rosa hermosa?

>> No.7720402

Imagine how much cum they can drink with all that

>> No.7720403

All no damage runs on any game need super autism, it's literal pain until you get that one run and you can climax

>> No.7720404

PS1 ports, played a ton of that as a kid

>> No.7720410

Chat somehow groomed Finana into going from talking about mouthguards to ballgags...

>> No.7720414

Why is she like this?

>> No.7720421

Anon, tus sueños húmedos no cuentan

>> No.7720427

Long supa readings is like rule number one of you wanna be a high SC getter

>> No.7720432

Ni tu te lo crees jose

>> No.7720434

Scanlines aren't great on flat panel displays, but this isn't the worst implementation I've seen of them. At their worst they completely and utterly darken the image entirely, which kind of goes against how CRTs work. Those fuckers are bright as hell.

>> No.7720435

Brazilian and Pomu fan here. Can confirm this is 100% true

>> No.7720436


MS1 = 1c
MSX = 1c
MS3 = 2c
MS4 = 2c
MS5 = 2c

also fuck 6 that game is VERY bad. and 7 was kinda fun but the levels are kinda stale so I never bothered to practice to 1c that game

>> No.7720439

I've cleared 1-3+x, after that I don't know what happened to the series

>> No.7720443

I'm kinda shocked no one made a Selen edit with LA HERMANA. I guess the meme never got into this board.

>> No.7720458

What was wrong with Metal Slug 6 anon?

>> No.7720467

So is Petra going to make sure that everyone writes their prompts in one language to avoid confusion or is her Gartic Phone stream going to be a clusterfuck of two languages where nobody understands each other?

>> No.7720469

I'm going to force this fish to cum over and over and over before even sticking my dick in her. I want her to coom her brains out.

>> No.7720474

Finana pretending she remembers MySpace lmao

>> No.7720476

Is Petra playing gartic phone with viewers? Does she know the potential yabe??

>> No.7720484

I don't know either...

>> No.7720486


>> No.7720500

My first metal slug game was metal slug 3D

>> No.7720511

cute dragon noises

>> No.7720520

I want a full on NijiEN dbz style powerchart
>Selen forma de apex
>Selen (risada ativada)

>> No.7720527

All the hate she gets on this site plus Pomu antis from here getting bold, it's likely something dumb will happen and stop calling shit yabs

>> No.7720530

>googoo gaga baby on myspace

>> No.7720539

>Selen selling her used pantsu

>> No.7720548

I love selen!

>> No.7720551

Eu sou Pomu!

>> No.7720554

At this rate Selen will start selling her body fluids!!!

>> No.7720562

era un morro muy vicioso lol
cuando salio el 2 tambien me lo pasaba tambien con una moneda, me acuerdo que el unico metal slug que me quitaba monedas era el 3, ese puto marciano de la parte final me mataba con sus pinches bolas de energia verde

>> No.7720566

>Com'oooon anon you can skip lunch for today, just gimme some quarters for the arcaaaade later.

>> No.7720574

Selen gamer water when?

>> No.7720578

Oh no.. that's terrible... haha...

>> No.7720580


>> No.7720582

Dear god, Pomu is spreading

>> No.7720583

What does Pomu antis have to do with Petra?

>> No.7720585

>six bucks to beat the game

>> No.7720590

I like Selen, but the moment she collabs with a male she is fucking dead to me.

>> No.7720596

Good stream Selen. Good night everyone!

>> No.7720597

>can beat the game in under an hour with infinite coins

>> No.7720598


the game is MUCH less generous with weapon ammo leading to a ton of situations where you will just be using the default gun against bosses and sub-bosses, which for some reason have much more health compared to other MS games, also the levels in general are just frustrating to play and not that fun, the only stage I like is the third one because the music rocks but the rest feel like ass.

>> No.7720600

All it takes is one person to draw pengu cunny on stream... stop misusing spoiler

>> No.7720601

So is finana a zoomer or a young millenial?

>> No.7720608

pay to win baby

>> No.7720609

Remember when Finana couldn't stream for more than 2 hours and had trouble talking with chat at all? She has improved so much in only a couple of months, I'm genuinely proud of her. She really is the daughtersisterwife experience.

>> No.7720611

>It's already over
What's next?

>> No.7720612

Oi Pomu. Eu sou Pomu!

>> No.7720614

She already played apex, so fuck off

>> No.7720616

>> No.7720622

LITERALLY pay to win.

>> No.7720623

Good, we don't want you here.

>> No.7720630

She's 22 max.

>> No.7720636

200% Zoomer
t. Zoomer

>> No.7720641

Olá Pomu, eu sou Pomu!

>> No.7720647

How many boomers are getting filtered by Finana zoomer nostalgia talk right now

>> No.7720653

Begone unicorn

>> No.7720659

>Metal slug 2 and 3 collab


>> No.7720664

Why does she say money that way, in which stream did it start? I really hate it

>> No.7720670


>> No.7720677

Kodaibuki san...

>> No.7720684

I like Mature, she's my SNK waifu.
Mai's a slut.
Iroha is a potential cheater.

>> No.7720690

Ah, my good friend ARS, how I've missed you.

>> No.7720693

Drop your prompts for penguin's gartic phone streams guys! I will use them if I get in.

>> No.7720694

5 minute run IKZ

>> No.7720696

Kodaibuki on suicide watch

>> No.7720702

I wish she'd call these fuckers out but she probably doesn't even read the amounts before thanking them.

>> No.7720704

It's not too bad. early zoomers still played real video games

>> No.7720706

she picked it up from Elira, I think. I quite like it personally.


>> No.7720708

Almost time for this sleepy penguin:

>> No.7720709

God I just want Selen to laugh at me when I prematurely ejaculate inside her.

>> No.7720728

Finana spent thousands on Maplestory's gacha...

>> No.7720737

why cant everyone have taste like Selen

>> No.7720739

miqo'te petra, since momoko is her mama

>> No.7720741

did she just call the soldiers wops?

>> No.7720742

Finana's fanbase is very zoomer, and a few dirty ojiisans but they get off on the zoomerness, so almost zero get filtered

>> No.7720750

>very hard my ass

>> No.7720753

She also thanks superchats the same way as Elira! I hope they hit it off during their first 1 on 1 collab and collab a lot!

>> No.7720756

What do you want her to say? "Fuck you poorfag, donate with a real currency next time!"

>> No.7720758

If selen can finish another run before pengin's stream that'd be hilarious

>> No.7720759

>Adventure quest
Take me back bros those were the good days...

>> No.7720763

Healslut fish...

>> No.7720765

>maybe i was the one who got bummed

>> No.7720767

tbf that's only worth $10. maybe she knows already

>> No.7720768

Explain to me the obsession Mexico (and all of latin america save for Brazil) have with DBZ, I once went to Santiago and, no joke, they were broadcasting DBZ Super episodes, yes normal episodes, on a goddamn theater, full on I-MAX.

>> No.7720771

Odin Sphere is objectively better than Metal Slug

>> No.7720774

>Maybe i am..
Selen you almost made everyone horny.

>> No.7720776


>> No.7720777

whats the deal with ARS?
what does it do?

>> No.7720778

That'd be pretty funny actually.

>> No.7720784

Fuck cubes, they ruined that game for me.

>> No.7720788

she already collabed with her guy friend on Apex during her endurance stream. May as well just leave now.

>> No.7720812

What does the difficulty settings do?

>> No.7720814

i love her

>> No.7720821

She's a wizard.

>> No.7720823

Pomu had taste but now she's stuck in minecraft hell

>> No.7720824

Oliver Evans giving Finana Ryugu a shoulder ride.

>> No.7720826


>> No.7720833

Gatorade, chia pets, tv commercials are now zoomer stuff?

>> No.7720836

>what does it do?
Actually nothing, that's why.

>> No.7720838

me too!

>> No.7720839

She is literally the sexiest nijisanji member

>> No.7720840

Finana got banned for 3 months for spamming this in Maplestory

>> No.7720841

Beats the shit out of (you)

>> No.7720842

It's toilet paper. Sorry, wish it wasn't that bad.

>> No.7720843

Argentine currency, it's completely devaluated. Go see the exchange rate on xe.com.

>> No.7720856

It has way less value than USD so people can aka with it for much less money comparatively and people get buttmad about it

>> No.7720862


>> No.7720864

>She was a paypig attention whore
Wow, imagine that

>> No.7720876

B>FAME 30K @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

>> No.7720880

still more generous than zephyr.

>> No.7720882

> Fish was a chat spammer in MapleStory and got banned for it
... that's quite the backstory huh.

>> No.7720890


>> No.7720892

Finana is still on? She must love chatting after the main game streams.

>> No.7720895

Selen please...

>> No.7720900

He seems argentinian, don't shit on them since they can't pay in real money

>> No.7720901

>thank you for yoour superchat, thank you, thank you!
I think it's cute.

>> No.7720907

God I wish I could air drop Luna into Argentina naked.

>> No.7720910

Cubes are the most jewish thing I've ever seen on MMO.

>> No.7720920

I bet she had a wedding in maplestory.

>> No.7720931

She was probably 13 years old advertising her ERP service in the global chat in exchange for items/currency.

>> No.7720932

Flip money is worthless

>> No.7720936

There is no way this zoomer fish was old enough to be playing maplestory c\back in the golden age. Shit came out in what, 2005 in NA? I was in middle school back then...

>> No.7720938

You should have seen BDO at launch.

>> No.7720942

This but with Pomu and Brazil

>> No.7720943

The things I would do to marry Finana...

>> No.7720948

It's part of the culture at this point, everyone grows watching dragon ball so everyone knows about it and loves it

>> No.7720953

1 ARS = 1/100 USD
When it started being a meme around here 1000 ARS used to be worth 13 dollars and now, only a year later it's worth 10 dollars. That's how bad the argentine currency is.

>> No.7720956


>> No.7720965

She's 20, if she grew up online it's not hard to believe

>> No.7720974

It's the only anime that airs on tv over there

>> No.7720983

I'll turn this Mermaid Princess into a Mermaid Queen!

>> No.7720987

I was playing MMOs in elemtary school bro.
runescape was the shit when i was in 4th grade, and that was the 2nd gen one.

>> No.7720994

One aka in ARS is half the amount of an aka in my shit currency anon.

>> No.7721000

She never played in the golden age.

>> No.7721007

Would Fish be a good mother?

>> No.7721010

Maplestory remained relevant for a pretty long while after its golden years propped up by weebs and koreans.
Now if she said she was ERPing in Gaia Online or Neopets or some shit that'd be totally unbelievable.

>> No.7721029

1) They were shows that aired at the best time slots (when all 90s kids were back from school and done playing outside) and it was open TV no need for cable baby
2) It has little no story so it's easy to just jump into it at any points (We had rerun slots too)
3) We are 3rd world dudes so if it's about fighting or playing sports we can fuck with that
4) It deals with friendship, bros, improving yourself, dealing with evil, sacrifice and family so everybody was okay with this show's themes
5) Aggressive marketing campaign

>> No.7721033

My daughterwife is streaming Gartic Phone while eating fire noodles!


>> No.7721034

I would pamper her like royalty.

>> No.7721037

I'm sure there are worse cases of P2W nowadays but back in 2009/2010 or whenever it was that cubes came out, that shit was such a sudden shift. So many equips with good scrolling suddenly became worthless since they were too low of a level to have good cubing potential.

>> No.7721044

she's the eldest child of her family so... probably?

>> No.7721062

She is having a collab in Minecraft with Blues and I hope after EN hours are over and no one is streaming, that you check out the vod

>> No.7721075

Anon, Feesh is a 21 year old woman.

>> No.7721078

I love watching streams on my shitty SEA mobile data internet...

>> No.7721079

Good thing I was busy with xiv at the time. How bad was it?

>> No.7721095

Jesus Finana talking about GunZ the Duel

>> No.7721101

I was chatting on Neopets forums as a youngster and I'm 23...

>> No.7721105


>> No.7721107

It feels like Nijisanji in general has a lot of daughterwife types.

>> No.7721109

Sick 240p

>> No.7721110

they're descendants of indigenous peoples who practiced mass ritual human sacrifice on prisoners of war. the ones who got to live to pass on their genes were the violent ones. they are genetically built to be killers.

>> No.7721118

It'd be a miracle if no one draws a penis in pengu's gartic stream.

>> No.7721121


>> No.7721137

If you want to feel old, dial up internet was still widespread in the year 2000.

>> No.7721140

So you're telling me she was playing Maplestory when she was 5-6 years old?

>> No.7721142


>> No.7721143

Cubes are now a class.

>> No.7721152

This is my headcanon now.

>> No.7721153


>> No.7721156


>> No.7721159

guys help i can't see shit, what does it say....

>> No.7721161

once i get in i will draw a penis in this gartic phone thing

>> No.7721165

>Same age as fish
I really don't know how to feel about this

>> No.7721166


>> No.7721167


>> No.7721168

Selen confirmed better than a cheeseburger

>> No.7721169

*ends your run*

>> No.7721171

damn feesh is such a MMO addict just like me

>> No.7721172

cheeseburger is a LOSER

>> No.7721173

It demonstrates refined taste

>> No.7721174

>selen flexing on someone she tied on score

>> No.7721177

Lots of dumb shit
The biggest travesty of all imo was weight limits on inventory. The space limits were bullshit too but bearable.
Weight limits though, on a game heavily focused on grinding. Plus the currency at the time all had weight to it too. So basically you were required to drop $50 just on weight limits, on EVERY character you made. That's not including how you basically had to buy 4+ pets (and then smash them together to upgrade them) at $10 each in order to get decent loot speed because you couldn't grind for shit without them.

Basically every character required at minimum $100+ just to function. (pets at least were account wide), and that's not getting into the $50 outfits and other bullshit they have in the game for "convenience" buffs.

nowdays inventory bullshit isn't "as" bad, but its still jewish as fuck.

>> No.7721180

Looks like your average Selen stream for visual quality.

>> No.7721183

She's def not playing MS pre-bigbang.

>> No.7721184

Literally me right now

>> No.7721202

Was Finana a Henehoe?

>> No.7721209

Burgers btfo just now.

>> No.7721212

Oh nooo... Anon, you came inside? You said you'd pull out I trusted youHAHAHAHA! And you came so fast HAHAHA you said you can edge for an hour when you jerk off HAHAHAHAHA! YOU LIED TO ME GAHAHAHA! It's okayyyy I lied too when I said it was a safe day HAHAHAHA DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT YOU SAID YOU WOULD PULL OUT AND THEN YOU WENT AND CREAMED YOURSELF IN 15 SECONDS HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU'RE THE REASON THEY MAKE FUN OF VIRGINS HAHAHAHAHAHA! Woo... bum ba ba bum, bum bum ba bum bum... Man, my boyfriend is going to be sooo mad when I end up pregnant hahaha... Wait, no, he doesn't know! HAHAHA I'LL JUST TELL HIM ITS HIS KID, HE DOESN'T KNOW HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*wheeze*AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.7721218

You don't have to play it at it's inception, it lasted for a pretty long while. A shell of what it used to be, but still playable.

>> No.7721220

Wish I wasn't so bad at drawing so I'd feel confident to play gartic

>> No.7721223

happy penguin!

>> No.7721226

>This is your average Selen anti
Unitybros we lost...

>> No.7721227

It's already known she did this in FFXIV since she bragged about it in her debut stream. Wouldn't be a stretch that Maplestory was her first foray into virtual prostitution.

>> No.7721228


>> No.7721230

God that's so hot.
Just imagine.

>> No.7721232

I endured dial up internet until late 2006…

>> No.7721244

gartic doesn't need you to have good drawing skills anon.. you can do it!

>> No.7721245

Being creative is more important honestly.

>> No.7721246

Sometimes it's hard to believe Finana and Selen are pretty much the same age

>> No.7721252


>> No.7721255

It's honestly pretty based.

>> No.7721256

just embrace being bad

>> No.7721257

But that's the best part of Gartic phone...

>> No.7721259

at least it isn't Sasaki hitting it...

>> No.7721263

Don't mix argentinians with those, we had actual good presidents who erased the "native americans", damn the guy in the 50 pesos bill was the president who kickstarted public schools and had a book about how indigenous poeple were just savage beasts

>> No.7721270


>> No.7721278

I had dial up until ~2011 because my parents didn't see the need to upgrade, but I was already stealing my neighbors' wi-fi at least three years before that.

>> No.7721281

Selen is older isn't she? I thought she was between Elira and Fish. So around 23-24

>> No.7721284

That finish doesn't work for me, loooser HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.7721287

Finana seems like she'd barely be 20

>> No.7721290

Did petra drop the cute voice? I don't know if it's just me but she sounds different

>> No.7721303

thanks anon, I will not stop loving Finana

>> No.7721304

Myamya LOVE!

>> No.7721309

>I'm just better

>> No.7721313

Remember the basics of CQC, Marco...

>> No.7721318

Selen's current stream is one of the best nijiEN streams I've seen so far, and I don't even watch/like selen so much.

>> No.7721320

look at her go

>> No.7721323

Busy watching Selen go full sweat on MS, but if someone draws a dick on her stream I might check it out

>> No.7721326

I want Selen to peg me

>> No.7721328

she basically sort of did and reverted to her natural voice now. it's good since it seemed like she was straining herself before...

>> No.7721330


>> No.7721338

Are you even watching the stream, she's basically outing herself as a hag

>> No.7721349

How will my daughterwife handle the noods?

>> No.7721360

I think it goes like this, from oldest to youngest:

>> No.7721368

I wouldn't be surprised. How lewd

>> No.7721370

it's not that bad if you don't intend to play anything online, watch videos, or open unoptimized images. I remember getting pissed at people who uploaded images with tons of artifacts in png format

>> No.7721371

Petra's keyboard...
The other day it was cream, now it's spicy noodle powder... it's probably almost as bad as the average anon's keyboard.

>> No.7721372

>It's all over the keyboard
Petra Im sorry

>> No.7721373


>> No.7721375

slurp very hard and moaning

>> No.7721378

Petra's keyboard must be really nasty. Imagine the smell.

>> No.7721382


>> No.7721385

Pentomos aren't as bad as Holobronies at least so it should be fine right? No reason to expect swastikas or other dumb shit in Niji streams.

>> No.7721391


>> No.7721396

Meant for >>7721227

>> No.7721403

Petra sure likes spicy noodles.

>> No.7721410

Pentomos are normal it's outsiders you need to be careful of.

>> No.7721413

>can I use tape

>> No.7721418


>> No.7721420

Laugh at this stupid penguin.

>> No.7721423

>my dad

>> No.7721426

Pentomos are well-behaved but I can easily imagine some rando butting in to shit things up for laughs.

>> No.7721429

>Finana watches hentai to deal with the pain

>> No.7721434

3 streams to watch at the same time is too hard....

>> No.7721435

finana has probably shared shitposts and memes from here with the rest of nijiEN

>> No.7721446

I can't laugh when she's so adorable, I just want to hug her

>> No.7721448

My mother changed it only after I got mad at her because I needed the faster internet for college projects.

>> No.7721449

Then she's going to need to be watching tonight, if you catch my drift.

>> No.7721451

That applies to every regular fanbase in this thread.

>> No.7721453

I think all of nijisanji en is well suited to being cuminflated, plugged, and forced to walk around in public while trying to keep a straight face.

>> No.7721457

why she look like that vocaloid girl or somethin here

>> No.7721465

Say something nice about hololive

>> No.7721468

Man seeing Selen gushing about the sprite art in this game brings me back, I used to have an original msx art brochure with layers and shit, stuff was absolute kino.

>> No.7721474

Not me, I'm her fatherhusband not her dad

>> No.7721481

Finana should do a Bible Black watchalong with Selen. I know everyone has already seen it, but I just want to hear her laugh to everything.

>> No.7721485


>> No.7721489

>you’ll never go to the arcade to play Metal Slug with Selen after school and watch her rage and then laugh trying to kill Mr. T.

>> No.7721493

>oops the keyboard is ruined

>> No.7721496

They can make chuckle every once in a while

>> No.7721501

That sounds hot, give me some sauce for that.

>> No.7721502

What the fuck is anime 2

>> No.7721508

The JP girls are usually pretty decent. They've got the experience and charisma now most of their streams are pretty good (at least older gens, I haven't watch the newest ones)

The EN girls are mostly pretty bad though, I tried a few and couldn't get into any of them.
I only watch NijiEN for Selen though

>> No.7721511


>> No.7721512


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