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Running in the 90's Edition

Sundays have become our regular slow day of the week and yesterday was no exception. There were only two streams of note the entire day. The first where Zen decided to jump on the Halloween in August bandwagon and played a couple of horror games. The first being The Convenience Store, the short game about being a girl running, you guessed it, a convenience store late at night. This was followed up with a casual hangout stream wherein Mel boned up on some video game lore, and discovered that she has a strange affinity towards funny videos made in Garry's Mod like it's 2009 all over again. Both cute and fun in their own ways, and the night closed with Mousey hanging out with a bunch of OTV types while playing Gartic Phone. All in all an average day in terms of activity and nothing to write home about.

Thankfully we're at Monday, a day that used to be our Sundays. Things will presumably be picking up again soon as schedules begin to be released and the week ahead of us is demystified. We have a couple ideas of the weeks planned activities already, with Nyan and Mouse scheduled to play Man of Medan together sometime, as well as the first episode of Mousey's new talk show being this week should all go well! Haruka as well should be returning from vacation soon, and Snuffy is planning on moving somewhere less horrible. Maybe this week will also bring an end to the fire alarm saga Froot has been running through.

Only time will tell! Until then the best course of action is to settle in, get comfy, and extend the comfiness to your fellow anons by ignoring bait, and being excellent to each other.

VShojo is:
Nyan- https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Silver - https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale
Froot - https://www.twitch.tv/apricot
Mouse - https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Zen - https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Mel - https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody
Hime - https://www.twitch.tv/hajime
Vei - https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

Previous thread: >>7664235

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lol just saw the last few posts of the previous thread and wish I was here for them.

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Got bored

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I dreamed that Mousey got banned from Twitch after some guy killed his parents while wearing an IronMouse shirt. Woke up in tears.

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They would do that, wouldn't they

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Anyway schedule time. Currently live:

Anny - Just hanging out and being comfy. Nothing important. https://www.twitch.tv/anny

Later today:

Nyan - No schedules yet but she streams Mondays. She does stream later in the evening on Mondays though so it'll be closer to Mousey's normal time.
Mel - Doing erotic fanfic reading on CB. Don't know if it'll be fanfics about her, or just random other stuff she's into like Gundam.
Zen? - Probably. Zen streams a lot.
Vei? - Hopefully. A day's enough to recover from getting plastered Saturday night I assume.

Froot and Hime are mysteries. Mouse typically takes Mondays off. Silver doesn't have a schedule yet but she's not a Monday regular either. And Haruka says she'll be back from vacation around the 10th, so she could be back as soon as Wednesday and I'd assume there's nothing stopping DND from happening on Friday.

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This reminds me of a post from months back that I still think about where someone dreamed Snuffy got banned for shoplifting Pokemon cards.

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Sounds like something that same anon would post

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With my luck, Sniffy will do a surprise stream while I'm at work today and then delete the vod again.

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Glad I'm not the only one who've had vshojo invade their dreams. Though mine were a bit more boring it wholesome. Like just hanging out on a coach with mouse and Nyan playing Vidya and taking about shit. And one with vei where she decided to give me a sub for some reason.

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If she does, I'll try to quickly download it for you, sniffyfag :)

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Yorunys drew some pics to set to everyone saying goodbye from that big mega collab recently. https://twitter.com/Yorunys/status/1424642080161165313 Enjoy the terrible quality since they're screencaps of a video posted on Twitter.

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I dreamed that Melody came into my store via iPad being carried by a Mel cosplayer. She wanted to buy all of our Ninja Turtles. It cost like $3000 but she got that Chatturbatr money.

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Then there's the NijiEN girls.

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Haruka Bao and Vienna

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And finally Pikamee.

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I want to fondle Vienna's boobs. But no sex. League players don't deserve sex.

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>no Zen

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Yorunys is actually a huge Zen fan. Probably bigger than any of the other girls so Zen had her own section of the video with like 5 pics that I didn't feel like posting since they'd just be Zen while the group pics were super cute.

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Thanks, senpai.

Never forget that any chonky blue haired girl you see could be Snuffy, so always be nice to them.

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Someone drew a picture of I think every version of Mouse for her 4th anniversary. Only one I can think of that's missing is the official vshojo art version with the white long-sleeved shirt.

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Guys, was Vay Bay really arrested or was it jokes?

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Is that baby mouse next to Bubi?

>> No.7703442

Kidnapped by Jeffy Bengalz

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need pink cat

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>I've seen every single one of those
I should really hurry and find a new job, sitting at home watching twitch and youtube is a really bad use of my time.

>> No.7703938

Yeah Bubi's between Scuffedmouse and Babymouse who's behind the counter.

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Nyan got a cameo from leatherman

>> No.7704487

Deep Dark Gym

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>lets do a collab, a gachi song together


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>> No.7704945

Over 18h ago on her discord.

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Kill them all song unironically makes me want to catch Zen intros

>> No.7705225

Vei and Zen are on

>> No.7705231

In fairly quick succession Zen live https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya

and then Vei live https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

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Do you mind not reposting my kitchen counter

>> No.7705323

If you give me that Nyanners one

>> No.7705627

No fuck you

>> No.7705672

Y'know, i like Zen but i just find it hard to watch them solo.

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Uh-Oh, Vei talking about gambling. Hasn't she got an actual problem like that?

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That’s actually very thoughtful and inspiring no joke. leather man seems cool. How did you find out about it? Was it on Twitter or something?

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zawa... zawa...

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This is what the average nyanderthal looks like.

>> No.7706232

If Mikey is the best chatter then I think we've just discovered the worst. Dave

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>> No.7706283

Vei just said some guy in her Overwatch days made a soundboard of her and pretend to be a girl to get guys to send him dick pics

>> No.7706312

Fucking based

>> No.7706344

thanks, everyone who doesn't watch her and didnt know this but for some reason wants to know now knows

>> No.7706345

Hello, Vei mod
Mikey is 30 and this chatter sounds about 13, so it checks out

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>know now knows
english is a weird language

>> No.7706404

Now Vei is talking about how everyone calls her a “whore”. I wish she would stay off 4chan and that she had higher self esteem. Looks like she spent the weekend the same way I did, reading purityfags insulting her on her /vt/.

>> No.7706416

She showed it on stream so I'm just a regular viewer.

>> No.7706472

Dave seems nice, maybe a little autistic. At least he’s not being horny. Except for mining diamonds.

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Nyan schedule. Outlast today! And Minecraft voicepack on Thursday.

>> No.7706629

Vei said she might be taking Wednesday off because she has a meeting with a sponsor.
Doesn't know if she'll take it, but apparently it's a big one.
She also dunked on GFuel. Sorry, Snuffy

>> No.7706630

>shitting on gfuel

can she be anymore based?

>> No.7706661

Coffee sounds like an awful flavor for gfuel. Wonder if she'd be more positive if she had a fruitier flavor or something like Snuffy did.

>> No.7706696

Vei just said she slept on call with the other girls before

>> No.7706718

what a whore

>> No.7706724

And that she's pretty sure she took a shit on call with them too. The most intimate thing we knew about before this was taking a bath while they were on call and Nyan said she lost her shit laughing when Vei dropped the phone or something.

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>> No.7706752

There goes an easy sponsorship

>> No.7706765

>tfw no streamer friend circle

>> No.7706767

She had it an dropped it

>> No.7706793

>Dubbing Minecraft with my voice
The what now?

>> No.7706814

One of her charity stretch goals was to make a Minecraft voicepack. It was reached so she'll be making the voicepack on stream and releasing it sometime shortly after I assume.

>> No.7706830

Think a goal on some stream, sub or charity, was to have her make a voice pack for Minecraft where she dubs all the sounds

>> No.7706844

Veis starting the meme vids

>> No.7706855

It's gonna be so cursed

>> No.7706874

Vei has never been a smart businesswoman

>> No.7706889

Zen finally playing Res Evil Village. I've got a soft spot for this game and sat through like ten VTubers playing through it. I like the voice acting and the story (though a lot of it makes no sense). I wonder if she will finish it. She has talked about how her ADHD makes it hard for her to finish games.

>> No.7706910

Yeah the important distinction is it's every single sound in Minecraft not just voices. Also said it'll be a free release when it's finished and I assume she's contacted someone who knows what they're doing to actually compile + make the mod.

>> No.7706913

I mean
if she wants to keep the image she wants to have it's somewhat of a good choice

>> No.7706917

they've sent each other tits and ass pics before too, they're quite comfortable with one another at this point

>> No.7706942

VEI has something called INTEGRITY. at least when it comes to not promoting shit sponsors.

>> No.7706961

oh so Veis one of those girls that doesn't find wasting food to be funny

>> No.7706964

What does GFuel even taste like anyways? I've been inundated with ads for this shit for years now, and I've never been tempted to try it. Just seems like yet another shitty product where the producers slapped essentially meaningless signifiers on their creation in hopes that it would be embraced by a niche demographic or subculture.

>> No.7707031

Poor polish family pls andastd

>> No.7707046

it has a bunch of different flavors, some of them are kinda shit and some of them taste pretty good
it's literally just a powdered energy drink there's nothing particularly special about it

>> No.7707067

Funny you say this just a minute before she's watching unusual memes and gets upset at someone wasting a Mcmuffin by tossing it down a huge hole.

>> No.7707071

If you've ever had any powdered pre workout, it's just like that, but only caffeine, and even less clear labeling of ingredients.

>> No.7707086

He sounded really sincere about that collab. I wonder if it's just an act or if there is an actual possibility of that happening.

>> No.7707112

Vei implied shes going to get a dog when she gets a bigger house, but her current one isnt big enough for one

>> No.7707155

You just know.

>> No.7707167

The toys can no longer satisfy her.

>> No.7707188

A friend of mine who exclusively watches Hololive accused me of trying to "brainwash" him into liking Vshojo (i.e. recommending he catch a stream once or twice), and now all I can think of is the end of 1984 but with Nyan instead of Big Brother.

"Two pepto-bismol-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Pink Cat."

>> No.7707220

She's white after all

>> No.7707226

instant snuffy collab

>> No.7707325

i want to rape vienna
in minecraft or what ever

>> No.7707338

tfw masturbating to nyannersmicrowave and cooming when she begs for my dino nuggies

>> No.7707388

Ah yes, the ancient brainwashing technique of "check this out, you might like it".

>> No.7707396

Vei said she shit water after eating a bunch of sugar free candy

>> No.7707520

def sounded sincere. Van Darkholme seems like he loves gachi memes and embraces all his catch phrases, but I've noticed he never talks about Billy directly. i wonder if they didn't get along when Billy was alive.

>> No.7707540

I too wanted sex after seeing her in that pic

>> No.7707560

Sugar free candy is shockingly brutal on your digestive system. Read some of the reviews for like sugar free gummi worms on Amazon. In large levels some of those fake sugar alcohols are like poison.

>> No.7707573

Maybe he's just respecting the dead

>> No.7707585

Veis says chips instead of crisps

>> No.7707600

It works every time, except when it doesn't.

In all seriousness, my guess is that the guy is very easily influenced by mainstream opinion here, because he's apparently decided that Vshojo is some nefarious western plot to destroy vtubing or something. It's even weirder because I recommended that he watch Ironmouse, but all his objections revolved around 4chan grievances against Nyan and Vei. Dude needs meds

>> No.7707619

i always want the SEX

>> No.7707625

Love the rendition of Silver. you can hear her voice in that huge smile.

>> No.7707658

Slowly being Americanized.

>> No.7707675

ya but she also says "lift" instead of "elevator". and pass-ta instead of pasta. shes Transatlantic, baby!

>> No.7707746

"nyan is a hypocrite and she hurt our feelings when she was like 14!"

>> No.7707763

I say/type a ton of americanisms online to avoid monkey brains going on a tribal tangent

>> No.7707782

I love this fucking timeline.

>> No.7707821

I was the same until my English friends pretty much bullied me into using angloisms, I basically picked it all up from watching US shows and hardly watch native UK content.

>> No.7707849

Could be the case with Vei as well. She's said that her accent came about because of spending so much time on Twitch around Americans and that way of speaking. Could've just dropped crisps over time.

>> No.7707895

good for her, that shit is poison

>> No.7707938

Sometimes I watch too much Top Gear/Grand Tour over a couple weeks and start saying British shite

>> No.7707998

longest cameo I've seen so far, it's cool that he even looked her up
this must have made her week

>> No.7708056

I think he looked too much and is now stuck in the rabbit hole

>> No.7708095

well that's why fisting is $300, there's a danger you might go too far and get stuck.

>> No.7708174

he said she had a "beautiful voice"! i'm so proud of Big Guy

>> No.7708282

Someone post when (if) vei stops apex, im not watching

>> No.7708489

>> No.7708509

i'm excited for Harvester! that game is so fucked up.

>> No.7708565

Vei's on her period if you wanted to know it for some reason.
I sure didn't, but here we are.

>> No.7708620

ffs I can't

>> No.7708630

She's lying at this point.
She was on it a week and a half ago

>> No.7708645

S-tier troll

>> No.7708660

Much like her dildoes, her periods are long and heavy.

>> No.7708760

>> No.7708771

I'm excited for BOTW!

>> No.7708775

She's very fertile, she has a lot of eggs to expel.

>> No.7708781

What a wholesome message. Money well spent!

>> No.7708786

Have you guys ever met a fellow vtuber fan irl?
>eating my chicky tendies at Sonic in the Snuffmobile
>guy knocks on my window
>"Holy shit famm! Is that Snuffy from Twitch dot TV on your car?!"
>gleefully confirm that it is
>mfw he jumps onto the hood of my car and starts twerking like Sniffy
>make happy raccoon noises in reply
>he sprints the parking lot and dives headfirst into the dumpster
>clap my hands bloody as he eats trash in homage to our queen
It's a shame that man is no longer with us.

>> No.7708873

Pour one out for him as we speak

>> No.7708882

I just never talk about what I do in my free time to other human beings.
Plus vtuber fans don't get to see the light of day

>> No.7708900

My college Japanimatics club made us spin off an unofficial vtuber appreciation club because people were getting sick of a group of us talking about vtubers all the time at meetings.

>> No.7708921

No, even my weeb friends think I'm weird for watching VTubers, and that's telling.

>> No.7708960

Same. The only guy I know who don't see me as a weirdo is the guy who introduced me to the rabbit hole

>> No.7708974

That's stupid. I get VShojo basically favoring dubs over subs, but hololive is practically a weeb reality show with anime girls.

>> No.7708977

Tried to show my Puerto Rican normie friends (who I have slowly converted to semi-weebs) a clip of Mousey singing.
I think they thought I was really cringe

>> No.7708992


>> No.7709018

You're going to just have to own being cringe at some point anon
As long as you're into some other stuff and aren't 100% about that cringe thing then it's no big deal

>> No.7709151

It's also Silvers birthday this week. I'm not surprised she wasn't mentioned though.

>> No.7709175

I was reading the same thing and my question to you is why? The person bitching could have started a thread, so could any of the others that wanted another one. I know you (me and a few others) generally make these threads, but that doesn't mean we have to be the only ones doing it.

Overnight bros, if you want a thread, MAKE ONE. Nobody is going to stop you. Like we can anyway.

>> No.7709448

VShojo is helping me get over my year long Apex aversion after my irl gf left me for someone she met online who was better at Apex. Do not date women who play FPS games

>> No.7709528

VTubers are causing my Apex aversion, it goes on, I GTFO

>> No.7709608


>> No.7709674

this. ive disliked apex for years since other "variety" streamers played it 90% of the time, but now that vtubers are all playing it too its making me fucking despise it

>> No.7709714

Why are there no black qt vtubers? I love their sultry voices.

>> No.7709732

i wonder what kind of sponsor and if its uk or net based.

>> No.7709741

not smart enough to figure out the equipment and software required

>> No.7709754

Flare lmao

>> No.7709806

it's adam & eve

>> No.7709812

>uk or net based
Is she gonna tell us to go get a cheeky bit of Nando's?

>> No.7709880

Vei's going to get sponsored by Gregg's and eat a sausage roll on stream. Cap this.

>> No.7709914

oh so hes a textbook case of being a pillowfucker. got it.

>> No.7709961

where is timing chart anon. we need a verification.

>> No.7710009

I-in one gulp...?

>> No.7710101

It's amazing sometimes how subtle movements are picked up by camera tracking. Also frightening.

>> No.7710134

She's probably deliberately trying to throw them off at this point.

>> No.7710279


>> No.7710331


Holy fuck Lumi....

>> No.7710469

Do NOT call Lumi at 3 AM (GONE WRONG)

>> No.7710624

>Hey babe I just did a post, dress up for me
>Y-yes dear
>Now lets take a picture
>Y-yes dear
Gigguk is fucking whipped. You can literally see sydney behind him

>> No.7710627

Broccoli Kitty schedule.

>> No.7710643

It's from a video if you want to see him being cucked in real time.

>> No.7710652

Well, yeah, that's a screenshot from the video where Sydsnap is making cheap / scuffed costumes of some of her VShojo pals. She made Gigguk dress up as Hime.

>> No.7710806

lucky bitch

>> No.7710894

Maid Zen makes me violently horny.

>> No.7710970

Vei breaks yet another cup.

>> No.7711018

Her clumsiness is becoming legendary.

>> No.7711097

It's really interesting watching Zen play RE8 after watching basically everyone else in VShojo play it. She's the only one who immediately picked on Dimitrescu's daughter's being weak to the cold. The second that the cutscene ended she immediately tried to shoot the other window in the room.

>> No.7711104

A diva cup?

>> No.7711124

Well, women don't grasp abstract gameplay as quickly

>> No.7711144

Not sure if this thigh gap is pronounced enough

>> No.7711151

>Zen likes to bite during sex
i... didn't need to know that

>> No.7711165

cup clip?

>> No.7711190

Shaped like a damn fountain pen...

>> No.7711216

Did she make any effort to try to accommodate it

>> No.7711313

Who doesn't?

>> No.7711384

Getting dicked and bitten at the same time sounds rough...

>> No.7711452

>> No.7711455

Like a praying mantis?

>> No.7711493

This is the equivalent of a gradeschool girlfriend leaving you for the kid that can run faster.

>> No.7711524


>> No.7711815

That's that French girl isn't it. I recognize the fashion.

>> No.7712107

Oui oui! Malady is ze French maiden!

>> No.7712335

I would endure any indignation and humiliation for Sydsnap, or for her alter-ego, so Gigguk knows what's up.

>> No.7712431

in that video Gigguk openly referred to Hime as "the worst VTuber of all time," or something to that effect.

>> No.7712481

If she did that, I'm sure she would tell us about it in extremely graphic detail, and then all the purityfags would have seizures because she is once again being disgusting.

>> No.7712606

So I'm catching up on the DND adventure that the girls are having, fun times so far.

But how come all of Vshojo didn't join? Hime I sort of get because of time zones, Zen's voice to speech probably doesn't fit well with this type of thing. But why not Silver and Mel? Silver in particular would have been very fun to see in DND

>> No.7712618

It is!

>> No.7712641

Hey newfriend.
Some of the girls have been in a previous campaign.
If you want to see Mousey, Mel, and Silver together, got look up 'Death and Debts'

>> No.7712647

There was another campaign that at least Zen was in

>> No.7712660

Forgot to add Zen in my list of players

>> No.7712694

And their second campaign Steel and Silence

>> No.7712700

The rest of Vshojo (including Zen, actually) participated in a previous campaign that Arcadum ran. I'm not sure what the logistics were behind this group getting formed the way it did, but Ironmouse has said that there are plans to get her back into Arcadum's world in the near future and I assume that might also apply to Silver.

>> No.7712701

Zen was in Steel and Silence

>> No.7712712

This is the second D&D session with the primarily vtuber VShojo and friends group. The previous session was two parts called Death & Debts then Steel & Silence which was a group consisting of Projekt Melody, Ironmouse, Momo, Bunny_GIF, Silvervale, and Zentreya. Arcadum apparently doesn't like having every previous player come back for the next big adventure, so the previous girls have to sit this one out (except for cameo appearances as needed, Zen has already appeared as her character for Haruka's "live or die" session). Ironmouse is going to have two cameos, one in the D&D mini session (not at all coincidentally the one Connor will be in) and another one that hasn't been mentioned yet. Momo is doing another thing because she's really good and versatile at D&D so she's doing a session this Thursday. No word on whether Melody, Silver, or Bunny will do cameos or reprise their characters at any point. Many of them are "dead" because the current session is years later.

>> No.7712716

good sir, literally everyone you just mentioned was in the previous campaign. pretty sure all the sessions are still online.

>> No.7712765

wiki says both, I guess she joined late in the first or something?

>> No.7712771

go hogwild homie
Death and Debts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfASEnzB7i1aR5UoAswkAncoYMogWEzaS
Steel and Silence: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfASEnzB7i1a0IRNl7ZlPRgcy67jxfSve
Special chat stream with a bunch of them (pretty heavy/emotional chat but it's really good): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQHEN1J_Mo8

>> No.7712773

If Vei is using a diva cup, it's all over for Gamer Girl Bathwater.

>> No.7712841

Well now I know, I only recently found out about this campaign.

Guess I watch one of the others once I catch up to this one

>> No.7712896

She is.

>> No.7712935

someone lacks critical info. look up "death and debts" and "steel and slience" if you want to see the first group play they also had a bit of involvement in the endgame session

>> No.7712941

Silver hands

>> No.7712975

Looks more like caucasian to me

>> No.7712989

that's not really in dispute. Not sure if her fiancé needs to say that aloud tho

>> No.7712997

She is, but to be fair she hasn't really put that much effort in. Some of her recent streams have been decent, but it's not the end of the world if this remains a side project for her. The only reason that people complain is that her position in vshojo and the name recognition from her roommate's account put a bigger target on her back than we might see for generic indie #82.

>> No.7713014

need pink cat...

>> No.7713018

arcadum is talking about meeting up with some of the vtuber girls sometime next time he takes a vacation.

>> No.7713044

They look more acrylic to me.

>> No.7713048

i wouldn't argue with her being the worst, but I adore her anyway. Syd just has delightful energy, and I love how everything that Hime touches turns scuffed. I'm almost turned on by how annoying she is.

>> No.7713057

Bro that's nylon

>> No.7713077

>big tits
>fingers not nuggets
so she's either not that fat or fat but just very tall so it distributes just right for her to be a thicc amazonian chub

>> No.7713112

>he doesn't know

>> No.7713152

we have seen deez before. wat we want to see is da booba.

>> No.7713157

I'm more confused by how she WASDs with those chalkboard screechers.

>> No.7713163


Zoomer whale, anyone?

>> No.7713194

you may want to check oppaipantsuu's latest tweet, she's currently visiting silver

>> No.7713199

How tall is her model, is there a correlation between how high the person is and how tall their model is

>> No.7713200

Silver is like 6'2 irl

>> No.7713221

lol i saw that of course. and i saw oppai's pornhub. but it's silver we care about, not her obscure friend.

>> No.7713227


>> No.7713241

her character is 5'5 but she admitted to being much taller in real life

>> No.7713250

silver's tits are literally in the picture you idiot

>> No.7713282

sorry bro i overlooked the part where you said "the latest". i thought you meant the one where oppai tries on her friend's bra. HOLY ZONKERS.

>> No.7713293 [SPOILER] 


I'm gonna fucking cum

>> No.7713321

What am i does not know tell me

>> No.7713323

Haruka is on an image like spree it seems, must be bored at granma moose's

>> No.7713331

she sounds cute

>> No.7713337

>to be fair she hasn't really put that much effort in
Which contributes to why she's the worst. Even 3-viewer VTubers with scuff model put in more effort, she literally doesn't care neither about her career as a streamer nor about her group.

>> No.7713346


I think he means THIS latest tweet. One of those pair of booba is not Oppai's (spoiler, Oppai's are on the top right).

>> No.7713347

Yes, all 4 of them are Oppai's.

>> No.7713375

Looks like she's chasing after Haruka again and getting into an Arcadium game

>> No.7713385

Guessing that's Silver on the left and the assumption that they're a little bigger cause of how the bra fit Oppai looks like it's true goddamn.

>> No.7713388

Apparently with Vienna

>> No.7713419


>> No.7713435

it's definitely sil. Her roomate does the pastel color sheme exactly like her model. She's shown her hands and legs before. WOWZA

>> No.7713444

Seems like Mel's canceled today. It was a CB stream not Twitch but I was still curious about fanfic reading. Oh well. https://twitter.com/ProjektMelody/status/1424856489903239169

>> No.7713447

Didn't Silver have a bunch of irl pics on her public Instagram that she only recently deleted?

>> No.7713453

I think the worst would be someone who actually drags others down with them. Sure Hime doesn't give a shit, but it's not like her giving zero shits hurts the rest of Vshojo. Like, Zen 100% did more damage with that mega-collab disaster (not hating on Zen, just making the point).

>> No.7713467


>> No.7713484

Which is too bad because she woke up horny and it felt like this might be one of them really good CBs. Damn doctors ruining everything!

Oh well here's some Veibae booba instead.

>> No.7713500

she nuked them about the time vshojo was created iirc

>> No.7713525

Yes so don't post them if you have them unless you'd like a vacation since I'd assume she deleted them for a reason.

>> No.7713528

She did and she did. Considering that Silver is not expressly mentioned as being in that picture (tho her response is fairly telling) and considering Oppai undoubtedly asked Silver if it was okay, that is one of the only easily available Silvervale booba pics you can get.

Still will get you banned for posting it here tho.

>> No.7713532

Raspberry flavor

>> No.7713569

how's her face? everything else i've seen on her seems beauuuuty ful

>> No.7713574

she nuked all 50 irl pics it way before that direcly to due to my actions

>> No.7713586

No Zen didn't hurt VShojo at all. Stop believing /vt/ rrats. Hime doesn't harm them either. Hime is only really hurting herself by not streaming more often and at the times she does.

>> No.7713590

>it's not like her giving zero shits hurts the rest of Vshojo
From a PR standpoint it definitely does, an entertainment group wants to show unity and cohesion and that everyone's pulling their weight because they love what they do; admit it, Hime doesn't belong there, she's half-assing her job compared to everyone else and looks like an outsider. She has no one she can reliably collab with, I mean even the stuttering TTS-pseudo-woman managed to get the quiet shy British girl to play Apex with her regularly and make it entertaining, nobody has anything in common with Hime because she simply doesn't put in any effort.

>> No.7713614

>due to my actions

>> No.7713623


>> No.7713627

>due to my actions
You son of a fucking whore!

>> No.7713668

I'm assuming that means gorgeous, because 4chan incels don't have a kind word to spare about anyone's physical appearance.

>> No.7713696

do you find Vei gorgeous irl? If yes then Silver is pretty. If no then no.

>> No.7713702

No, I'm being honest. She's average at best facewise, I'd say 5/10, bodywise she's a 7.

>> No.7713713

We should probably stop this discussion because >>1 exists.

>> No.7713714

not that anon, but can confirm it is meh. although, combined with her personality and her massive bahonkers, she is still a top tier waifu.

>> No.7713732

Raspberry schnapps.

>> No.7713749

I felt bad making her uncomfortable at the time, but better that I got all 70 irl pics and gave her a taste of internet fame before she blew up and some creep got their hands on it.

>> No.7713756

I have been staring at Silver's tits for 15 straight minutes

>> No.7713764

>She has no one she can reliably collab with,
I'm fairly certain that's because of time zones

>> No.7713768

You're shit stirring. The girls adore Hime's roommate Syd, who has been part of the weeb community forever, and Vei said she would love to visit Japan and meet her in person, or if Hime visits UK. They realize that the Hime project is part-time at best and are happy to collab with her on the rare occasions she's available. She is doing minimal harm to Vshojo. If anything it helps to have someone of her roommate's stature on board, even if minimally.

>> No.7713788

Doxx yourself so I can send you a really nasty letter in the mail telling you how I think of you as a human being!

>> No.7713829

Just staring? Are you retarded?

>> No.7713838

Vei wore a shit ton of makeup, which is not uncommon for girls the age that Vei was when she posted those selfies so it's hard to tell, but she seems very, very pretty. Many women would commit murder to have lips that naturally full.

>> No.7713858

>You're shit stirring.
And you're replying. If someone is clearly baiting, ignore them. No free (you)s to shitters.

>> No.7713954

>commit murder to have lips that naturally full
really? Those lips are ugly as shit and with that lipstick they look inflated like from an allergy. Never thought women crave something like this.

>> No.7713998

women crave many things that sane men think are hideous.
inb4 nigger joke

>> No.7714036

They do for some reason

>> No.7714046

Well, either my google-fu sucks or those pics were nuked well. Can't find shit online

>> No.7714049

So Hime's roommate puts out a ton of (argubly) high quality content on Youtube. She clearly puts a lot of work into those videos, whether you personally enjoy them or not (I happen to enjoy them). I don't think she's deliberately neglecting Hime but there are only so many hours in the day and her YT channel is her main gig.

>> No.7714054

Yes, some creep.

>> No.7714084

this is making me go faceblind. is one of them actually vei? it looks like her

>> No.7714098

they absolutely do. to each his own, but big lips (at least natural ones) looks nice and, more importantly) feel nice when kissing and receiving BJs. this is basic knowledge.

>> No.7714104

>I'm not like the other girls starter kit

>> No.7714143

For all the complaining about zoomers Vei does, she sure is a big zoomer herself.

>> No.7714199

yeah but i think her Zoomer-ness is endearing sometimes. The other day she referred to "Leisure Suit Larry" as "The Ace Ventura Game". She literally thought LSL and Ace Ventura were the same thing. Bless her heart for even knowing about Leisure Suit Larry though.

>> No.7714217

It's a time zone issue and the fact that Japanese vtubers don't want to stream with the unseiso baka gaijin tiddy monster.

>> No.7714222

she unironically watches forsen, xqc, and thinks that trains gambling streams are the peak of twitch content. of-course shes a zoomer. if anything people should be impressed that someone who watched 6h of someone spinning a slot machine every day manages to think up the amount of stream content that she does.

>> No.7714243

if Vei's lips are natural there is nothing nice bout those, sorry.
>this is basic knowledge.
sounds like something someone who never had a BJ would say

>> No.7714256

She's taking Wednesday off to suck my cock

>> No.7714262

>think up the amount of stream content that she does
but anon majority of it is react and Apex...

>> No.7714264

I get that. Just understand that there's a reason why I said she's hurting "Hime". Syd is doing just fine on her own, but if she wants to make Hime a thing as well, she's got to do more with her to do that.

Tho, honestly, I'm hoping she does a lot more cutting and jabbing at herself and starts a Hime vs. Syd feud. That'd be brilliant.

>> No.7714286

i didnt say its a lot, but she has more good moments than the type of content she consumes

>> No.7714288

So "sponsor" is British slang for "sugar daddy?"

How much allowance do you give her?

>> No.7714299

what's this "if" business, you think a working class Brit who lives with her immigrant parents in a tiny shithole house has money to get her lips done? that shit is not cheap.

and I've been blown by more um, er, uh, er... hot females (looks around nervously) than you can count. DSLs are vaunted for a reason.

>> No.7714324

>You're shit stirring
You're a fucking schizo. I rarely visit this board and you sound like every other deluded faggot here who either adores or completely loathes the streamers, while I'm just calling it like I see it. She's the worst VTuber I've seen, and she's a terrible streamer in general because she's inconsistent and doesn't help her colleagues. She's a bad reputation on VShojo, that's just the truth of it. Enjoy her streams if you like her.

>> No.7714359

anonchama... plump glossers and lip gels exist

>> No.7714364

>She's the worst VTuber I've seen
You have not seen many vtubers.

>> No.7714371

Nyan please stream on time and save us from ourselves.

>> No.7714387

I didn't say shit about the quality of her streams. the are unambiguously terrible, and, yes, I do enjoy her terrible streams. But all this "she's harming vshojo" is utter nonsense. Vshojo loves their scuffed dragon robot. I don't know if you've ever heard the girls talk about Syd onstream, but when they do, it's with the highest respect and affection.

>> No.7714400

Everyone shut up and look at this pink cat.

>> No.7714502


Feel free to read too much into Haruka liking this picture.

>> No.7714533

Saw it posted in her Discord. Probably just her giving attention to a fan who is in there

>> No.7714553

with Snuffy now trying to support her parents and buy them a house I'm certain she will join Vshoo before anyone else.

>> No.7714554

I'd love to see Silver go with some different outfit colors. The black pops out better compared to her usual pastel goth aesthetic, but this white looks so good I'd love to see it on her avatar.

>> No.7714565

>loves their scuffed dragon robot
>when they do, it's with the highest respect and affection
I had a bad argument with a colleague a week ago to the point of bad verbal communication. 30m later in an evaluation meeting with our manager he praised me and my interpersonal skills. Colleagues stick together, there's nothing genuine about the empty compliments the other girls give Hime. I'm not saying they dislike her, but she definitely doesn't contribute and her presence simply doesn't help them in any way. They can't rely on her for collabs and she doesn't draw in new crowd that wouldn't have otherwise been interested in VTubers if not for her IRL persona. She's not an integral part of the group and that's fact.

>> No.7714573

we have seen the melonpatch everyone. and they are wondrous. HOLY FUCK.

>> No.7714583

Someone please get that guy to do one for Pekora or whoever else will send holofags into a rage

>> No.7714618

>> No.7714647

now photoshop a BBC between those

>> No.7714650

Enough to cum inside her

>> No.7714668

VShojo isn't trying to be hololive. Group integration isn't their goal, it's support, networking, resources and advertising to viewers who want similar content creators.

VShojo didn't pick Hime to get more viewers, Hime picked VShojo to get more viewers. That was always the point of the agency.

>> No.7714686

Hold fast, gentlemen...

>> No.7714702

Tuppence, innit?

>> No.7714706

i don't recall anyone claiming that she is "integral". but from their perspective she is nice to have around when she has time to show up, and when she doesn't, no harm done.

>> No.7714715

Still, my wife is having fun and being a cute Canadian country girl.
I love her

>> No.7714729

Guys, I think I have a gf now. How am I going to give Veibae my full attention?

>> No.7714747 [SPOILER] 

ask and ye shall receive...

>> No.7714748

Doggystyle and very careful picture taping.

>> No.7714750

She really doesn't want you to

>> No.7714780

to quote an absolute moron, that's "REALLY FREAKY"

>> No.7714785

perfect, thank you, now I can jerk off to my full potential.

>> No.7714802

Even more in-depth than Vei's interview.

>> No.7714859

absolutely disgusting anon

>> No.7714864


My wife will return before long

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