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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7688557

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O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

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>Rosemi has played smite
>It's possible that at some point I was playing in the same game as Wosemi.

>> No.7696269

Hey buds, how are we feeling about this week's schedule?

>> No.7696333

Given smite playerbase was like 100 people it's almost certain

>> No.7696353

Looking forward to the next cooking stream. I hope she watches her strength and doesn't break any more appliances.

>> No.7696362

God I love Selenposting.

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>> No.7696383

Wave 3 when?

>> No.7696413

It's becoming more apparent that Rosemi has no clear idea what she wants to do, but it's alright if she's trying to be varied. I watch for Rosemi anyway so, as long as she's there I'm happy.

>> No.7696425

How different is league than Smite? I see that everyone is banning a champion at the same time. In Smite top elo decides the bans.

>> No.7696429

>League VOD was privated
It was that bad, huh?

>> No.7696446

Damn I missed a Rosemi Gruella

>> No.7696466

Did something bad happen during league stream? Or she just rage more than she wanted to show

>> No.7696468

It was planned to be unarchived, check last thread (linked in kast reply if youre lazy)

>> No.7696479

I'm 20mins into the zatsudan so far, no league gameplay in sight.

>> No.7696481

Jesus christ one of them plays a moba for an hour and the thread is plagued with /v/ posting about it for days

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>> No.7696487

My bad, now I remember seeing it show up as unarchived.

>> No.7696500

Normally I hate it, but with Rosemi it's different.

>> No.7696503

id rather have this than the other bullshit that plagues these threads during dead hours, cause at least people dont reply to obvious bait

>> No.7696526

What's wrong with that?

>> No.7696577

That's kinda a cool take on Rosemi

>> No.7696597

I'm interested in that game from that light horror developer

>> No.7696622

This is a thread about vtubers your discussion about a game should be directly related to the vtuber and them playing it to be on topic. This isn't the place to ask for advice about strategies or which game is the best out of games the vtuber hasn't even played.

>> No.7696701

>Imagine going on a date with Rosemi
>enjoy a nice meal together eating chicken tendies
>She laughs at all your jokes and shows interests in your lame nerdy hobbies
>start walking her home
>End up alone in an isolated rose garden
>She presses herself against you while looking all embarrassed
>push her down and pin her to the floor
>suddenly too nervous to go further
>she narrows her eyes and cracks that signature look of superiority
>"I knew it"
>thorned vines shoot out from surrounding bushes pulling you off her and onto the ground
>shes looks down on you like you're garbage
>"you're just a horny disgusting little piglet aren't you anon"
>she starts letting out a torrent of insults, all the while stomping on your crotch
>can't help but get hard
>"Hmph.... well I guess even a piglet can have its uses"
>she starts riding you and gets really into it
>heavy breathing, riding rougher and rougher
>she actually has low stamina, hyperventilates cutely whenever she cums
>doesn't stop riding until you pollinate her rose garden
>she collapses onto your chest and looks you in the eye wryly
>"that was fun, wasn't it little piggy~"

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>> No.7696769

Elira maji tenshi!

>> No.7696773

Sh-she was just talking about something in Minecraft, r-right? I don't actually belong to Elira Pendora forever do I?

>> No.7696863

Elira didn't seem to mind being called onee-chan by a cute catboy.

>> No.7696864

A man chooses. A slave obeys.
Think any of them will get down with Bioshock? System Shock?

>> No.7696869

the cunny wave

>> No.7696887

That's not an answer!

>> No.7696936

>Imagine going on a date with Rosemi
>enjoy a nice meal together eating chicken tendies
>She laughs at all your jokes and shows interests in your lame nerdy hobbies
>start walking her home
>End up alone in an isolated rose garden
>She presses herself against you while looking all embarrassed
>push her down and pin her to the floor
>rapidly insert your erect penis in and out of her vagina
>all she can do is frustratingly cum while being pinned down
>She can't stop moaning and the abuse just makes her more sensitive
>sweat and piss and spit and cervical mucus slowly cover her and soak her few remaining clothes
>All she's been doing for the past 20 minutes is have screaming orgasms
>Her pussy is awful, just atrocious
>You take out your phone and check the stock market news
>BNTX is having its earnings report debut after todays market
>They're down over $30 from their peak last week
>Rosemi keeps screaming and cumming but her pussy is still awful
>It's too wet, feels like fucking a cup of water
>she has low stamina, hyperventilates annoyingly whenever she cums
>Her voice is scratchy and her mind if clearly gone from cumming dozens of times to being violated in public on the first date
>You place an order for 100 shares of BNTX in the mad hope that it'll skyrocket after the full government approval in september
>didn't cum once

>> No.7696945

Well, did you oink during last stream?

>> No.7696949


>> No.7696959

I see 2 funnies and 2 ara aras

>> No.7696980

I may have been a little piggy for Elira like the bitch-chan I am, yes

>> No.7696985

How long before they debut? I don't wanna wait another half year

>> No.7697005

Ghost's thighs are thicker than her chest. Ghost, witch and bird are all at least petite.

>> No.7697034


>> No.7697048

The ghost on the left looks young adult to me. The only ara ara looking one is the fox.

>> No.7697055

Good pig

>> No.7697062

Makes me glad I wasn't in that stream, I suppose.

>> No.7697079

Watch my daughter please.

>> No.7697124

I'm suddenly interested in stocks.

>> No.7697148

I don't know what people see on the bird. The fox also looks kinda dumb but at this point I'll take anything with tits on it, NijiEN is flat central for the most part.

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>> No.7697161

First English Auditions closed in mid-December, 4 months later the chosen livers were graduating and 1 month after that they debuted as Nijis.
If we use this same time-frame to make a guess, we can expect wave 3 to debut in December or early 2022.

>> No.7697208

Imagine building a house so ugly that you might have kickstarted a block addict arc out of sheer hatred for said ugly house.

>> No.7697237

How nostalgic. But skipping out on bugging her while getting to see the stream itself later is exactly what recordings are for. Great success.

>> No.7697241


>> No.7697249

How hurt will Elira be if she gets a second outfit that confirms she is flat chested?

>> No.7697251

Tarotanon was actually right. Rosemi got streamsniped and she got a little cranky and pouty. It's fucking amazing seeing that shit work right before my eyes.

>> No.7697258

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

>> No.7697267

>Elira pads

>> No.7697269

who is she playing with? and why not ranked?

>> No.7697270

There's no way. Her mama likes baggy shirt booba too much to pass up on the opportunity even if she was meant to be flat originally.

>> No.7697290

The first wave takes six months to debut because they need to build the branch from scratch, every wave after first wave will take two or three months top, wave 3 probadly debut around early october for sure

>> No.7697296

The concept of Patrick Bateman having sex with Rosemi is immensely funny to me thank you

>> No.7697311

>> No.7697335

just as planned by selen

>> No.7697352

Her teammates for the tournament happening this month

>> No.7697384

I'm fairly sure their outfits after the first are down to them

>> No.7697406

make her pregnant

>> No.7697427

What would be the absolute best outfit for Elira? Which outfit would ensure your coom? I'm all for boob window sweater.

>> No.7697462

Dragons need more formal clothing

>> No.7697483


>> No.7697501

I would like a Chilis waitress outfit

>> No.7697505

Something feminine and modest but with ample cleavage would be nice.

>> No.7697565

If it was too erotic and revealing I have the feeling Elira would probably use it once for the reveal stream and never again.

>> No.7697590

I hope someone makes a subbed summary of this.

>> No.7697659


>> No.7697705

thank you anon
any chance to see selen in future tournaments or do they not play with sweaty gaijins?

>> No.7697789

Question is can selen speak japanese?

>> No.7697935

can't they just sneak in an all EN group?

>> No.7698026

She could play with Hada and i don't know the best ID but i heard people say Nara

>> No.7698051

The only tournament I've seen with a translator is a free for all, not only vtubers but with actual pros too

>> No.7698068

They don't deal with non JP speaking chuubas in Vsaikyou. And the point isn't to sweat, there's lots of people who don't really play. Hell, Mayuyu is there.

>> No.7698088

I want tool time with these two.

>> No.7698128


>> No.7698174

HAL said he doesn't have any plan with gaijin in his tournament so no, probadly speak Japanese or leave

>> No.7698225

Bros, do (You) tweet Good Morning and Good Evening to your oshi?

>> No.7698331


>> No.7698362

I don't have a Twitter account.

>> No.7698370


Not in HAL's tournament. CR Cup allows non-JP speakers to participate but then Selen may have to contend with ping issues.

Her best bet is likely going to be a non-V-tuber related tournament like ALGS. CR Cup and Nijisanji Cup are both strong possibilities if she doesn't have latency issues. V-Saikyou is a non-starter.

>> No.7698380

I might get a Twitter so I can say Good Morning Pomu

>> No.7698419

I don't even participate in chat why would I have the guts to post on twitter.

>> No.7698487

No but hopefully one of them checks out the manga I recommended since they essentially bookmarked the tweet

>> No.7698523

When my oshi actually sleeps or announces her sleep instead of just passing out

>> No.7698524

post it in marshmallow then.

>> No.7698537


>> No.7698619


>> No.7698634

actually quite based ngl

>> No.7698663

Ahhhhhhh I need to

>> No.7698702

When are the custom voice packs coming? Pomu has said she would try and record them during her break, has Finana and Elira said if they have recorded them yet?

>> No.7698704

I drew this do you like it

>> No.7698707

>I'm horny

>> No.7698714

YEAH BABY. Yeah I like that very much.

>> No.7698732

They closed near the end of last month didn't they? So I'd guess they will be delivered near the end of this month because it said approx 1 month.

>> No.7698749

>fat tits selen

>> No.7698777


>> No.7698778

Not well, she's learning.

>> No.7698789

twins I see.

>> No.7698806

>Pomu recording her voice packs while still being in pain and tired from being back as a wagie
Authentic Pomu experience

>> No.7698921

I am simply a viewer. They need not perceive my existence beyond numbers on a screen. I am immaterial. I am invisible. I am a viewer.

>> No.7698952

No, I don't use Twitter. I do use chat when they stream tho.

>> No.7698967


>> No.7699008

I didn't know i needed this but i can almost hear her

>> No.7699011

Pomu lusting on senpais live!

>> No.7699026

>has Finana and Elira said if they have recorded them yet?

>> No.7699042

Pomu Love!

>> No.7699051

Which EN would get a swimsuit alt?

>> No.7699068

she's just craving for some daifuku

>> No.7699084

please... don't make me write another Selen fic. She's already dead

>> No.7699099

i wanna see elira's big fat tiddies aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.7699136

If that is the case, she is either selling zero the next time, or they sell out in ten min

>> No.7699137

I think they probably do need to. Positive feedback expressed in words is always going to have a much bigger impact than an upvote.

>> No.7699161

I love Pomu! And I want her back healthy

>> No.7699217

>> No.7699289


>> No.7699324

Based schizoid man

>> No.7699329

Remember to do your reps!

>> No.7699353

7 out of 10 supportive chuuba comments are weapon grade cringe though

>> No.7699369

Try to make it 6/10.

>> No.7699392

Petra is based for destroying that monstrosity Selen made and making her own house

>> No.7699447

Just you wait till Selen improves her soulless normie house

>> No.7699603

>Elira: I'm so happy
I hope once Pomu is truly back we get much more of them collabing together. Without Finana anywhere near, sorry fish but you're ruining their dynamic.

>> No.7699671

You know what, I also want the fish to not collab with them, but for another whole reason: Pomu is boring as fuck. I'd rather fish collab with Selen or with no one at all. But you know that's not gonna happen, right? Unfortunately for us.

>> No.7699699

redpill me on Obsydia
are they any good? I have not watched a single stream made by them

>> No.7699749

I just hope that Selen doesn't mess it all up again. It was funny the first time but it'd be pretty lame if she does the same shit again...

>> No.7699774

I like Finana's collabs with Pomu, they are good

>> No.7699801

Well, now that Pomu is back to work they will have like 2 hours a day when they are both awake and not busy. Hopefully it will encourage fish to pester someone else for collabs and the dynamic dies down.

>> No.7699826

No, it wouldn't. A house "war" would be at least something new on this boring as fuck game.

Good for you, buddy. At least someone likes it and that's fine, it's just not my cup of tea.

We can only hope.

>> No.7699850

It's surprising this isn't common knowledge. Do people not realize their comments get drowned out basically instantly because chat's going at 100m/s? Do they just don't care? I don't get it.

>> No.7699882

Have not watched enough Selen or Petra to give you a good analysis of them but I can with Rosemi

She is or plays a lovable idiot who acts like a pro gamer but is really bad at most games. She has a cute ESL accent and is pretty memeable with what she says sometimes. Also apparently loves games like Age of Empires II which I am keenly looking forward to. Watch her cooking stream, she breaks a can opener and a knife trying to open a can.

>> No.7699895

Anons were talking about twitter replies.

>> No.7699907

Chima singing

>> No.7699936

Listen I know it's unrelated, but I've realized that I'm instinctively pretending to cast Force Choke when I'm taking a really hard shit.

>> No.7699937

Is elira's catboy stream worth watching?

>> No.7699954

Eh the same principle still kinda applies. Any bigger chuuba gets hundreds of not thousands of tweets every day.

>> No.7699967

>A house "war"
That would get old pretty fast tbqh.

>> No.7699979

Wrong senpai, Pomu has shit taste as usual

>> No.7699985

From the same bunch of people, yeah.

>> No.7699988

Yes, it's a mix of Pomu and Elira zatsudan and them getting wet about catboys.

>> No.7699994

delete this

>> No.7700002

It would, I got forgot to add "as long as they stopped after maybe 1 or 2 streams". But let's be honest, as most thing on the internet, people never know top stop a joke before it becomes stale.

>> No.7700013

If you're a straight red bloded male, no. It's extremely faggy and straight up uncomfortable to watch. I had to turn it off about half an in.

>> No.7700014

Agreed, those two are just so funny together. I tried watching fish's Observation Duty stream, and it's very much apparent that she needs someone to bounce things off of.

>> No.7700016

Oh no...

>> No.7700030

One of the best NijiEN streams for a while.

>> No.7700040

How long are you going to keep posting it?

>> No.7700046

5th? 6th? time this has been brought up. Watch the video in the Twitter thread.

>> No.7700130

Have (You) done your archive reps? Last chance to catch up before we go into another busy week!






(Elira's POV of the Mahjong collab was unlisted due to ISP issues though she still stayed and played for the full collab)


>> No.7700136

Yes it is fun, it is a mix of Pomu and Elira shitting on the game and Elira getting really into it.

>> No.7700158

Yes, I didn't expect getting so invested into an Otome game but Elira and Pomu's commentary is amazing

>> No.7700249


>> No.7700251


>> No.7700319

Pomu and fish has collabed a lot since debut, and will continue to do so. And Pomu goes part time in september so there will be less time issues

>> No.7700330

Holy shit they have permissions for TMS#FE? I thought they would be impossible to get considering it's a mix of Nintendo, Atlus and Sony Music who have the rights to different parts of the game.

>> No.7700386

Anon stop being a closet fag, true straight people still watch it and laugh at the faggotry because we can't be tainted by the dicks, you on the other hand seem to pop a fat one when watching fujo shit and have to evade it in order to make everyone else think you're not a fag

>> No.7700458

I should watch it for research purposes, I need to know what kind of stuff my future weeb gf is into.

>> No.7700542

Age play and shota if she is of the Elira kind, and buff dudes if she is more of a Pomu

>> No.7700681

imagine how big they'll get after she gets pregnant

>> No.7700785

Why is she wearing a thong over her shorts

>> No.7700849

nice work

>> No.7700855

I want her to laugh at me for cumming prematurely between her tits

>> No.7701090

There were no other collab partners for Finana until Obsydia debuts. I don't know if they are just autistic around each other but Elira and her didn't collab much. This lead to a dynamic where Pomu and fish collabed every week and sometimes a few times a week. Now fish can collab with Selen and Rosemi, which she does. Pomu too is likely to diversify her collab partners, e.g. she already talked Selen into doing a VR horror collab.
Pomu going part time likely won't stop Finana from going to bed when Pomu usually wakes up, she would need to go full nocturnal NEET mode for that. There is only so much connection you can keep up with someone who effectively lives in a different timezone when there are other people around to keep you company at most times.

>> No.7701092

Pomu showing Petra the ropes in Minecraft was cute. Also Petra got no chill with Selen's house, oof.

>> No.7701252

God willing, this is the last Finana Pomu collab this year

>> No.7701310


>> No.7701315

>There is only so much connection you can keep up with someone who effectively lives in a different timezone
Elira has for most of lazulights time been in the same NEET sleep schedule as fish, so I don't think Pomu and fish will have any problem maintaining a connection lol

>> No.7701371

Finana's streams this week all look to be at 6PM ET, which is after Pomu is home from work, so I don't think there will be any issue with a "timezone" difference. And once Pomu goes part-time, she'll probably sleep in later and stay up later, bringing their schedules a bit more in-sync. So I could see them actually collabing more in the future.

>> No.7701375

Smite 'em Pom

>> No.7701389

Can pomu defeat Madara?

>> No.7701641

and then along came zeus

>> No.7701702

God willing, there will be more Finana Pomu collabs this year

>> No.7701802

So is this kind of autistic overanalyzing going to be the norm going forward? Seems like these kind of posts have gotten worse compared to a month ago.

>> No.7701822

Pomu didn't exactly have many other options for most of LazuLight's time. Elira has also been her friend for at least a year since before NijiEN was a thing.

If Finana is streaming when Pomu just gets back from work they can't drop by discord and just shoot shit or play Minecraft off stream together. Then after that Pomu has her own evening streams. Pomu waking up later by a couple of hours would just mean that fish would be asleep for a few hours at that point.
I'm not saying that they will slap each other in front of Tazumi and never collab again or something. Just that I don't see why Pomu and fish would collab with each other more than with literally anybody else now that they have more options. Finana certainly doesn't seem to be reluctant to jump onto Obsydia collabs.

>> No.7701830

normal thread phase, it will subside

>> No.7701876

Fish is comfortable collabing with Pomu and vice versa. There will be no shortage of their collabs for sure.

>> No.7701900


>> No.7701927

Is it just me or does she look better in that thumbnail?

>> No.7701937

I will brotect you Rosemi.

>> No.7701939

What do you mean by better?

>> No.7701953

Dead hours please understand.

I am doing my vod reps, listening to Elira while working helps so much

>> No.7701957

The lighting. You don't see it?

>> No.7702013

It's The Night Way Home so she tuned the brightness down a bit.

>> No.7702014

It is because of the crying, it gets your dick hard

>> No.7702020

You mean how her hair is a darker pink? Yea I see it. Looks nice.

>> No.7702065

>Also Petra got no chill with Selen's house, oof
And thank fucking god for that. Someone has to play the role of tsukkomi and since Rosemi is, well Wosemi, it had to be Petra. She pulled it off pretty well too

>> No.7702098

Her and fish plays the same type of games on overlaps pretty often. Both played genshin at the same time, both played micra at the same time, that turned into a collab so that was alright. And now they play a kusoge horror game with probably overlapping streams

>> No.7702161

stick to your cakes Petra, the house was perfect

>> No.7702184

I wouldn't be surprised if every NijiEN plays that game in one way or another. Everybody would have played their last game if Selen didn't miss the collab.

>> No.7702231

Why is the rose so buff?

>> No.7702246

>lol so random xd = good

>> No.7702247

Hope people keep making puffy cheeks Petra pics

>> No.7702259

She did her reps.

>> No.7702284

Why are you faggots so obsessed with collabs? That's not even common on NijiJP, where people only collab for specific games or events at most. Who are you guys and where are you coming from? Are you holofags or some shit?

>> No.7702301

kys :)

>> No.7702335

Just seems like bored people trying to read things into nothing.

>> No.7702349

Some collab basically every stream, some have three in a year

>> No.7702376

t. newfag

>> No.7702383

Collab beggars are a vtuber problem in general. Every fanbase gets people obsessed with them.

>> No.7702398

Collabs are pretty common in the EN indiesphere, which is where 5/6 of NijiEN is from.

>> No.7702430

Pomu just told me that her second stream back is a 5h lazulight zatsudan on Twitch

>> No.7702431

Because it's poggers when I can watch both my vtuber gfs in the same stream.

>> No.7702458


>> No.7702465

i wonder if they will ever do some lore shit about their character design

>> No.7702467

I mean this shit isn't collab beggars its people baiting by using some members to shit on others and then people taking it too seriously and writing paragraphs about nothing iinstead of just ignoring it or telling them to fuck off.

>> No.7702471

Some of the epe nerds have like 4 collabs a week

>> No.7702554


>> No.7702599

Now I'm imagining that stupid Gintama bit done by the girls.
>Pomu "Isn't that the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon?"

>> No.7702605 [SPOILER] 

Spartan Rosemi. How unexpected.

>> No.7702664

Uh did anyone archive Rosemi's League stream? I don't even get why it was unarchived in the first place...

>> No.7702668

It's too early in my life to feel nostalgic about this game LOL.

>> No.7702697

See >>7690437

>> No.7702700


>> No.7702753 [SPOILER] 

It's fine

>> No.7702789

Is this achievable natty?

>> No.7702865

Careful—achievable and effective are two different matters.

>> No.7702886

Will they ever stream in Twitch again outside of outages?

>> No.7702923


>> No.7702929

will anyone in ninisani ever get rocket league perms. i need my selen-tier gfe playing the only competitive game i care about.

>> No.7702969 [SPOILER] 

No you will need extensive surgery to look like this

>> No.7703015

JP played it.

>> No.7703017


>> No.7703035

Theres perms, it's where the Kuzuha gay flag clip came from.

>> No.7703083

I'm EOP so JP branch still who-tier for me. please andastando

>> No.7703136

i hate it

>> No.7703169


>> No.7703182

Good clips for you

>> No.7703186

The new ID generation seems like they are, maybe it'll cause some others to follow suit. Rosemi & the dragons have all mentioned lore stuff so maybe.
I'm mostly curious how much the Satan angle they actually committed to Rosemi's character. She's mentioned it a couple times but she seems to forget a lot or flipflop between that and just being a plant.

>> No.7703195

t. newfag who never watch nijiJP minecraft
NijiJP minecraft at its height would shit on all of the other agencies minecraft, it is literally filled with kino moments

>> No.7703253

poor bastard never realize you are probably the one who watch the most of holo here to actually not know one of the biggest reason Nijisanji gets popular is because of the collab chemistry

>> No.7703262

Is that Kuzuha's stream sponsor? if so then the perms will be easy

>> No.7703274

Who is the strongest vtuber?

>> No.7703288

It doesn't seem to be part of her character at all, the MV is the only source she started joking about after. Not sure why it was there in the first place. Maybe that NijiScenario manga thing wasn't scrapped and will come out at some point with epic tweests to Rosemi and potentially Pomu characters.

>> No.7703306

She half-committed to it in the cooking stream but she hasn't really mentioned it much since

>> No.7703309

I only watched when it Dola was managing the server, but never watched after management took over. So yeah.

I don't even watch holojp, let alone the en branch.

>> No.7703324

yeah you know who it is

>> No.7703336

I wonder if Rosemi expected Brosemi contept to get so popular among fans

>> No.7703376 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7703428

okay i kneel to this one. Wosemi sama please survive

>> No.7703825

Now Pomu hasn't posted anything on her channel in a week, and many anons have said that is very bad for the algo. Is that anything confirmed or just rumours? And what is it supposed to do? Is her streams not going to get recommended to non-subscribed or something?

>> No.7703830


>> No.7703866


>> No.7703876


>> No.7703936

Did he puke at the end or something

>> No.7703944

>ywn be this close to Pomu unless you're Elira or a cat
why even live bros?

>> No.7703946

Pomu could probably do a collab on her channel or something but not use her model. Although she might get swamped with SC. She's been in plenty of impromptu VCs last week.

>> No.7704021

She can post shorts or something. Youtube doesn't care as long as there are regular uploads. There is a different angle where it likes consistent video lengths but for streamers it's hard to maintain anyway. It's all pretty irrelevant in the long run though, she might get recommended less for a couple of weeks.

>> No.7704146

Yeah, just post >>7703830 one in every three days to keep the algorithm going

>> No.7704241

more like rosemi loves cock lmao

>> No.7704273

I sure hope so

>> No.7704288

>Petra likes peach juice

>> No.7704294

Yeah but only mine and Pomu's strap-on

>> No.7704336

selen more like semen haha

>> No.7704337

She is boring

>> No.7704363

I really really want some one to really play games outside of apex and minecraft fuck

selen really really wants to go away from that but number slaving is part of the job.

>> No.7704370

Pomusuke = Girlfriend

>> No.7704385

Pomu better fucking do it

>> No.7704392

Table = Son

>> No.7704421

Wh*te women fuck dogs. Is it the same with cats? And Selen with ember... do the chinks fuck dogs too?

>> No.7704432

Boss = Father

>> No.7704439

Never thought I'd see that image posted again

>> No.7704453

Can Petra fly? She's a bird, right?

>> No.7704464

Yes anon, she's into bestiality

>> No.7704492

She can't even swim.

>> No.7704493

>female idolfag
>likes anime girls
>likes crossick and sanbaka
>female vtuber oshi

>> No.7704508

She learned from the best

>> No.7704609

I wish I was born as a girl so I could date weeb girls.

>> No.7704642

I'm just noticing the amount of NijiEN clips has increased by double since last month. Have the girls finally made it? was the incline worth it?

>> No.7704665

Twice as many girls, twice as many clips.

>> No.7704672

We also have an increase of anti threads too, so it’s safe to say that they’ve made it.

>> No.7704778

>all weeb girls are lesbians
How's life like in a dimension without fujos and yumejoshis?

>> No.7704879

I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that ever since that one retarded started making Rosemi bait threads instead of Pomu bait threads they slowed down significantly. There was also some Selen numberfagging but it mostly calmed down. Even the general is kinda nice and slow the last couple of days. I guess some schizo got range banned or hopefully got into a car crash or something.

>> No.7704924

>NijiEN is flat central for the most part.

>Elira claims to be stacked and all her fanart backs this up
>Pomu is flat, but all the fanart ignores this
>Finana, despite apparently claiming that "flat is justice", is obviously not flat herself
>Fanart is all over the place concerning Rosemi's tits, despite them being right there on her model and reasonably small
You sure?
I've never seen any erotic Selen art, and Petra's pretty bluntly a loli, but calling one (possibly two) out of six "flat central" is really annoying to read.

>> No.7705078

>league of legends

>> No.7705098

To be fair half of the western vtuber market just has G cups cause of course so NijiEN looks flatter than the average

>> No.7705148


>> No.7705178


>> No.7705214


>> No.7705219

What about the males? Would it take longer because it's their first wave? Or maybe they'll just come as a wave 4 or so?

>> No.7705259

>half of the western vtuber market just has G cups cause of course
I don't know if this is Australia's, Canada's, or France's fault, but fuck all three. I demand cutting boards, goddammit.

>> No.7705271

I think that's the first NijiEN genderbend I like signifigantly less than the original. It doesn't really fit Rosemi (especially knowing the type of boy her mama draws). She's more of a pretty boy type than a handsome boy type.

>> No.7705286


>> No.7705290

it's just majority of western Vtubers being chubby or straight up architect level fat.

>> No.7705294

Father (actually daddy dom)

>> No.7705295

They need to fire their marketing department or something I literally had no idea any of these people existed despite being an enjoyer of English vtubers

>> No.7705296

Still can't believe Australia banned flat chested girls lmfao.

>> No.7705310

can we start using a short title in the OP, please
something like /NiEN/
im so sick of have to pick through the forty chink and gook nijisanji threads to find my English girls

>> No.7705337

no, go back to your containment thread fishfag

>> No.7705349

>tries to copy scanlines for the thumbnail

>> No.7705366

Turn off adblock

>> No.7705369

Just filter "ji en" or one of the unit names, 4head.

>> No.7705407

Anime website

>> No.7705422

>AHHHH I mean to hit continue NOOOOOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I was going to hit continue and hit no by accident I'M SO SORRY HAHAHAHAHA Let's do it again haha...

This is happening, screenshot this

>> No.7705429

Ending pedophilia for good by guilting girls with A-cups into getting breast implants.

What, do police officers just walk up to them and say "yeah, sure, I bet you're actually a thousand-year-old dragon or some shit" to them?

>> No.7705451

>enjoyer of English vtubers
I bet you don't even know about the Prism girls

>> No.7705480

If I do this none of you fags will use the thread

>> No.7705529

whatcha doing, anon?

>> No.7705537

you poor soul

>> No.7705545

Don't touch the OP until the new wave, it will just trigger schizo debates. Everyone with >75 IQ knows how to find a fucking thread in the catalog.

>> No.7705548

i promise i will

>> No.7705569

If you're an enjoyer of EN vtubers, chances are good that there's even more obscure people with less subs than NijiEN. They're probably on track to top Vshoujo already.

>> No.7705570


>> No.7705580

reading voynich hotel while doing vsinger reps

>> No.7705596

Waiting for for the collab with Pomu!

>> No.7705602

It's too late

>> No.7705604

She doesn't even have a thread up retard.

>> No.7705626

Based, fuck all bugwomen
I only watch white women

>> No.7705631

They put out actual paid ads as well as plastering EN all over every Nijisanji account. Not much else they can do.

>> No.7705637

watching Ame's stream from last night while playing Minecraft

>> No.7705676


>> No.7705681

Just finished working out.

>> No.7705706

waiting for selen stream

>> No.7705727


>> No.7705729

thinking about what I should be doing and not doing it.

>> No.7705753

It was only part of the country, but basically women of legal age who looked too young (with breast size being a factor) legally couldn't be in porn (at least in theory) because it would "encourage pedophilia". I don't know how much it was enforced, but it was there.

>> No.7705754

Rewatching the second day of the AR stage show. https://streamable.com/hqi14u

>> No.7705755

apex reps got revenants heirloom

>> No.7705782

Kino incoming

>> No.7705789

>chii-chan crying again
>another 10+ hour APEX stream

>> No.7705808

I'm not much of a bishie connoiseur but I think this one works better.

>> No.7705835

living the dream

>> No.7705885

In a meeting, wishing I could be doing my vod reps.

>> No.7705918

I hope Selen doesn't start fucking with Petra's house. It was really funny once when she built this dadaism shack but if she just keeps pulling this ocean law character regulary it would get old real fast.

>> No.7705930

I'm not sure if I'm following, her teammates died and she was ready to get killed and lose, but it turned out the enemy team was streamsniping her and let chiichan kill them, and now she's crying because she's happy?

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