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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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Petra hates Selens Obsydia house....

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Good, it's no fun if nobody does

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my oshi kissed me imperials, can you say the same?

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I love these dragon sisters!

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Dragon superiority!

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Petra love!

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What the fuck Bezos

>> No.7689630

I want to like her but she's being very obnoxious in this stream so far.

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OC comin through

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Pomu Pomu Pomu 12 days Pomu Pomu Pomu
Pomu Pomu Pomu Pomu Pomu Pomu

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>haha league is a kusoge
even having it on your hard drive is unacceptable

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This cute fish makes my dick hard as diamonds with those kisses.

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A singing voice so beautiful it shocks listeners like lightning, beauty so bewitching, even my nihilistic heart finds itself enraptured!
I feel an extreme exhilaration to her cute giggles and radiant smile!
I am in total disbelief that someone like Elira exists, an individual that could only be described as a "pure light".
That’s an honor to be able to witness such a divine being as Elira.
Every time she finishes her streams, I have this lingering excitement inside of my soul...
Ah, what a lovely Dragon who so gracefully entices me to adore her. I have no words to describe the perfection that is Elira.

Eliraaaa!!! I love yoooou! I saaaay, I love yoooou!

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I love this fish.

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uhhhhhhhhhhhhh bros?

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Greatest love story ever told

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Tell me, why do these people do this?

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>graphic designer
>not liking this abomination of a house
Yeah no shit

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Watch the tiktok.

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This is why Petra hates EOPs.

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O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

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I seriously haven't been able to stop fantasizing about fucking the absolute shit out of Finana. She's not even my oshi; she's alright, but she somehow manages to drive me fucking crazy with her horny talk even compared to other slutty chuubas. I think it's because she's the little sister type, but she's so damn open about her sexual interests. I desperate wish she could've been my sister's friend that I end up being secret fuck buddies with. We could've met at a school event or something where I don't think much of her at first. Then one day she comes over to visit my sister and ends up alone with me for a bit. She'd start suddenly asking me questions like if I've ever had sex or what kind of porn I liked. I wouldn't know how to answer because of course I'm just an awkward dude who's gotten caught off guard. She'd keep going though, making me hard as diamonds, maybe not even realizing just how difficult she was making it for me to think straight. Eventually I'd just snap, grab her, and scoop her up in my arms. I'd take her to my room, toss her on to my bed, slam the door shut, and lock it. All the while neither of us say a word and when I look back at her after securing the door she'd just be submissively laying on my bed with a smile. The message would be clear; she's glad to become my toy and I can do whatever I want to her, all I have to do is just take the lead. I would manhandle her incredibly roughly, fucking her in every position I could for as long as I could. Of course I'd finish inside her raw without even asking, but she still wouldn't care. No matter what I did or how rough I was, at the end she'd just be smiling innocently, like she just had a fun time playing a game with me. But it wouldn't be an ignorant smile, no, she knows about sex and what it's about. She just treats it very differently. To her, this would just all be a fun time, and she'd happily let me do it again. I'd still feel guilty every time, but overtime I'd get over it and we would stay fuck buddies until eventually one of us started dating someone else or moved away.

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I don't know why people care about twitter etiquette.

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I am kind of surprised petra doesnt know shit about minecraft considering she is a super niji fan and the jp niji server is filled with insanely awesome structures and things, (and recently the gigantic sky castle) then again she probably was focused on different content like 3D debuts, songs and other kind of streams.

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Elira LOVE

>> No.7689778

What the fuck, I love Pengu now.

>> No.7689781

Petra really shining as she embraces independence

>> No.7689797

Watch the video. Elira and Pomu are quoting lines from it.

>> No.7689802

JOPs are the same if not worse. You only think EOPs are worse because you don’t speak Japanese.

>> No.7689805

Petra embracing anti-Unity. It's beautiful.

>> No.7689833

She always draws me in and keeps me there. No matter what she's streaming or doing. I'm enthralled. I don't watch any other streamers when she's on. I'm down bad.

>> No.7689838

Rosmei gave us some quality tsundere moment at the end of the stream. I feel bad for those who missed it. That was some GOOD GOOD shit right there REAL GOOD stuff.

>> No.7689840

Finana understands Lewdness on a cosmical level that makes me appreciate her the most, she doesnt see it as either something "unpure" or something "Silly" she sees in the most pure way one possibly can, as in "normal"; she is like the 0.001% of vtubers in this aspect, pretty much one half will scream in disgust, while the other 50% will scream in laughter, not Finana though, she will just giggle and be surprised why chat is undergoing meltdown.

This in retrospect, reveals the true purity of Finana, she behaves exactly the way she was born, with no pressure from society over "sex bad" she understands on a cosmical level that lewd things in nature are as natural as eating doritos or watching anime, hence the only time Finana got angry was when chat said she would "corrupt" her genmates, its because she doesnt see it as "corruption" but rather just being yourself, and therefore, is why her profile description makes perfect sense. "Has a heart as clear and pure as the calm and beautiful sea" from her perspective, being Openly Sexual is Seiso, its just society that is not ready and her views as "Not-Seiso".

TL;DR or in the words of Pomu, Finana is my Kami-Oshi.

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Petra going to steal Elira's catbois.

>> No.7689870

Kei you fucking retard control yourself

>> No.7689872

Fine, I'll eat your pasta. I'm hungry for horny girls that want a fun time anyway.

>> No.7689884

her oshis are Ryushen, Akina, Debi who all barely streamed any Minecraft

also motion sickness

>> No.7689886

watching gameplay is half the struggle, it certainly helps but it doesn't mean shit if you haven't played the game yourself and at least understand the fundamentals, which is what Petra is trying to learn here now.

At the very least, minecraft is a piss easy game that even completely new players like Petra and Pomu are able to quickly become an expert at and stuff.

>> No.7689895

Her laugh gets stuck on my head quite easily

>> No.7689898

I wish I was a good writer so I could send my coomfics to finana's maros

>> No.7689906

This tbqh. The more I learn nihongo the less I hate the EOPs.
Now, I understand that lonely saps who are awkward even on social media exist worldwide.

>> No.7689907

She's the graphic designer that made the overlays of your oshi. Why you would think she doesn't like the house lol

>> No.7689908

Niji EN has ruined other Vtubers for me. I used to be happy. Now im only happy when Selen is streaming, or Finana, or Elira, or Pomu...

>> No.7689924

It was adorable. Luckily anons are working on archiving it as we speak. I must relive it.

>> No.7689925

Visit the local writing general and get some inspiration there.

>> No.7689927

>fuck your house and bed

>> No.7689936

holy shit she stole Obsydia's bed wouldn't that reset Selen and Rosemi's spawn point?

>> No.7689938

I think he just really wants a stick so badly

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>> No.7689948

This is over the line Petra. OVER THE LINE

>> No.7689949

Don't get sucked into this too deep anon, you might ruin your life...

>> No.7689952

Selen, don’t look.

>> No.7689957

I've watched a lot of Apex and still have no idea what half the characters do because everyone only ever plays the same few. Playing a game is very different from watching it.

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>> No.7689971

Based Petra rejecting the constructs of Nurgle

>> No.7689976

just. block. retard

>> No.7689981

She did say she wasn't a gamer.

>> No.7689982

Yes. The resulting fallout between them will be fun to watch.

>> No.7689984

wosemi and peter too, right?

>> No.7689989

Can you call it trashing when obsydia house was already trash?

>> No.7689996

That's the point of the house

>> No.7690025

But it's really funny watching her be an autist

>> No.7690026

Kek. This Kei woman really is everywhere.

>> No.7690032

It's called art anon, someone with plebeian tastes like Petra wouldn't be able to appreciate Selen's artistic vision.

>> No.7690035

>petra tearing apart the obsydia house to use as materials to make a new one
Holy shit this is great. What the fuck I love pengin now

>> No.7690039

She's doing the world a favor. It's amazing just how warped their minds have become after just watching a few Selen APEX streams...

>> No.7690042

I'm just glad Petra doesn't have a JP audience. She would have been flamed hard by the autists.

>> No.7690058

it's already a better house...

>> No.7690072

Kek. I didn't even realize there are no JOPs talking in her chat, fuck happened?

>> No.7690085

>i hate Minecraft
>still learns and builds house
fuck that Selen's monstrosity

>> No.7690089

You're picking up on this girl at this point. Her tweet is a nothing burger.

>> No.7690100

>Petra calling obsydia's house colors stupid
>they're the tranny flag colors
Based and redpilled penguin?

>> No.7690104

Spoken like a true philistine, one unable to comprehend the avant garde genius of the Obsydia house. Petra is young, She is impressionable and easily swayed by consensus to reject that which she does not understand.

>> No.7690108

Kinda on the same boat. I still watch a few Vtubers outside of Niji EN but it's not the same. Oh well.

>> No.7690109

They did their English reps

>> No.7690111

sum lazulight clipz

>selen in the op

>> No.7690114

Remember anon

>> No.7690120

JOPs are just as fickle as EOPs in JP Vtuber channels. Nothing new.

>> No.7690121

I actually feel bad for Selen she worked hard on that house and Petra is just destroying it without asking. It's pretty bad MC etiquette to destroy someone else's stuff.

>> No.7690122

>fuck your house

>> No.7690130

It's cute seeing Petra getting better at minecraft

>> No.7690133

look again?

>> No.7690146

Petra is unironically salty about Selen isn't she?

>> No.7690148

Petra is the only EN willing to challenge Selen.

>> No.7690150

they found out about the boyfriend

>> No.7690151

it's 1pm on a monday, anon. they're probably at work

>> No.7690160

Anon selen spent the whole stream talking about how awful it was and how she wanted to see her genmates talk shit about it and improve it. This is the punchline to the whole joke.

>> No.7690161

The new JP wave is incredibly popular and is their FOTM

>> No.7690163

Selen literally don't give a fuck about minecraft and was trolling the entire stream

>> No.7690164

Ask the graphic designer penguin

>> No.7690166

such a convenient source of materials

>> No.7690170

Dragon superiority!

>> No.7690171

Good Petra... let the HATE flow through you...

>> No.7690172

>Selen house
>What Petra is doing

>> No.7690175

>Petra trying to destroy the obsidian on the obsydia house

>> No.7690178

holy shit thanks petra, the "UGLY HOUSE GOOD" meme was getting really fucking stale after so many streams at this point, there needs to be at least ONE straight/tsukkomi in nijiEN for situations like these.

>> No.7690192

Oh I know all too well.

>> No.7690194

>The most normie member of NijiEN is also the most autistic and doesn't even ask permission before destroying people's shit.
She may be based but I hope Selen calls her out for this.

>> No.7690195

Finana's ruined porn for me, I can only get off if I turn off the audio and play her food reviews over it now

>> No.7690203

Butt into other peoples' conversations or just talk to them in general? There's a twitter setting where you can turn off notifs for people you don't follow.

On the other hand, it's mostly pointless to try to interact with them because they won't reply unless it's Finana, probably.

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>> No.7690213

Petra Noot Noot my dick
if you know what i'm saying

>> No.7690214

Not if they did it specifically to troll you

>> No.7690220

Not based

>> No.7690221

>you did this to yourself Selen

>> No.7690224

Well, on the bright side, this pushed Petra to actually learn Minecraft and build a proper house.

>> No.7690230

>I hope Selen calls her out for this.
She's never going to play Minecraft again, anon. Selen actually built that shithole of a house in hopes that her fellow Obsydia members will also follow in her steps and stop playing Minecraft.

>> No.7690232

She had to see the depths of hell before her artistic instincts kick in

>> No.7690239

What do you mean?

>> No.7690243

Her house is just a box, it's fucking soulless compared to the effort Selen put into her house.

>> No.7690254

The inside of the Obsydia house is water, so Petra just invoked Ocean Law. Not seeing the problem here.

>> No.7690259

Selen literally built the shittiest house she possibly could and is planning not to play Minecraft for as long as she can without mane-san getting a stroke. She won't care.

>> No.7690260

Petra is going to learn the sad reality that carpet sucks in this game.

>> No.7690263


>> No.7690264

I never thought for a moment that Petra would be the first EN to be confirmed as menhera and yet here we are. She chinese afterall I guess.

>> No.7690265

she's trying her best.

>> No.7690266

Why do Elira and her brother not speak in person lol

>> No.7690268

Yea tell that to the graphic designer
It's not a troll build I swear

>> No.7690274

Holy shit, this!
Pengu just became the best Obsydia in my book.

>> No.7690280

God i hate tiktok

>> No.7690281

Dumb wosemi
never play LOL again

>> No.7690283

Graphic design and architecture are completely unrelated fields.

>> No.7690284

It didn't even have a fucking roof.

>> No.7690288

still better looking to whatever that "hard work" amounted to

>> No.7690291

Selen's soul rallied Senpais to her cause in the creation of soul and made one of the best MC streams ever.

>> No.7690292

Is Petra 40 years old? She's exhibiting behavior you'd see from an older woman.

>> No.7690300


t. never played Minecraft

>> No.7690309

I haven't watched much NijiEN. Just wondering but what are all the girls' specialties?
Selen is obviously Apex.
And it looks like Finana likes Genshin and playing some Apex herself.

>> No.7690311


>> No.7690312


>> No.7690313

>Petra is 40 years old
God, I wish.

>> No.7690320

You cant place anything on top of it.

>> No.7690326

You sound like a zoomer

>> No.7690332

Anon-chama, your twitter thread reps...

>> No.7690334

>thank you god
Isn't bringing up religion during a stream a yab?

>> No.7690345

All of them specialize in having sex with me

>> No.7690349

For that specific stream, yes
As a running joke, no

>> No.7690358

Which religion was she bringing up? They all have gods.

>> No.7690359

I'm agnostic and i still say omg.

>> No.7690364

Wow that's actually pretty lame.

>> No.7690365

You can't put anything on carpet. Rather than carpet, it's more like a decal.

>> No.7690370

ehhhh it's decent as a starting point I guess. I personally prefer concrete and bricks a lot more but that's more just with the type of shit I build, I hate building shit with wood so I try to avoid it as much as I can, it just looks like shit close up...

>> No.7690374

Which god? She just said god

>> No.7690379

Because they live in different places.
Elira lives somewhere else with roommates and her family lives a different place.

>> No.7690381

she's 21

>> No.7690384


Nah anon. Like, is Selen. She made that shithole as ugly as she could on purpouse to see who would do something about it.

>> No.7690395

spawn point yes but they still log in where they left

>> No.7690397

How does she have such a poor grasp on video games?

>> No.7690412

She talked about living with her brother like a week ago

>> No.7690416

Watch the video, stoopid

>> No.7690418

>someone else's stuff.
It's OBSYDIA house, not Selen house.

>> No.7690420

Finana also does horror game streams too.

>> No.7690431

She's a normie, pls undastan

>> No.7690436

not everyone played video games like us antisocial fucks

>> No.7690437

Rosemi gruella archive done uploading


>> No.7690439

shes a woman

>> No.7690445

Remember the time that Finana tore down the ground floor of the Lazulight house while calling it ugly and cursing Pomu?
Me neither.

>> No.7690467

I honestly don't know if I'm even going to follow the newer waves
Lazulight and Obsydia's unity is something else

>> No.7690473

go back

>> No.7690477


>> No.7690478

Bless you anon

>> No.7690480

she's learning!

>> No.7690482

Brother = boyfriend

>> No.7690483

Is this the new meme now, saying somethng is a 'yab'

>> No.7690486

she's literally improving a garbage house that was made as trolling by selen. don't be autist

>> No.7690488

Elira likes to play games for a long, long time. Hades may be her favorite. And she has amazing zatsudan and karaoke.
Rosemi is willing to try all sorts of games and stream ideas. She's also currently the only ASMR streamer in the branch
Petra is still trying to find her niche but her cooking streams were really good. Her Minecraft stream is happening now and she is mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore
Pomu (hiatus) absolutely loves Minecraft more than any other game. But she also has some fun other streams like her Akihabara tour and her fix-it streams.

>> No.7690500

Dog = Boyfriend

>> No.7690502

I think this is the vibe I've been getting from her but couldn't really put a name to it. She seems the most normie out of any of the girls.

>> No.7690518

Pomu - High otaku power level, her best content is zatsudans and Minecraft.
Elira - Endurance streamer/fujo. She likes all sorts of games as long as they can be played for 8+ hours.
Finana - Coomer fish, plays anything and just zatsudans about sex toys over it anyway.

Rosemi - Kinda /v/-core gamer, she likes Skyrim, Starcraft, Mobas, etc. In true /v/tard fashion she's terrible at all of them.
Selen - ApexApexApexApexApex
Petra - Not really a gamer, her "best" content is her singing but she's only ever done one karaoke stream. Mostly just likes doing zatsudans and mixing in English/Japanese.

>> No.7690519

in Nijisanji we worship the God Moira-sama and Fumi-sama

>> No.7690523

Remember that time when Pomu made a shitty "house"?
Me neither.

>> No.7690524

What meds did she take to make her go that fast!?

>> No.7690527

father = boyfriend

>> No.7690535

Sister = Boyfriend

>> No.7690541

Are you baiting or are you actually this autistic

>> No.7690548

>still doubting pic related
Fool! Wave 3 and especially wave 4 are gonna revolutionize vtubing

>> No.7690553

eating subway = eating cock

>> No.7690554

mother = boyfriend

>> No.7690558

Pomusuke = girlfriend

>> No.7690564

>Selen - ApexApexApexApexApex
Inaccurate. Rosemi is a nu-/v/ shitposter, Selen is genuine oldfag-/v/.

>> No.7690565

learning minecraft out of pure anger with Petra!

>> No.7690573

Me = Boyfriend.

>> No.7690577

This, Selen genuinely loves video games and is willing to give them all a go.

>> No.7690578

She took her medsin!

>> No.7690582

Anger is the strongest motivator

>> No.7690585

Anyone = me

>> No.7690588

All or half?

>> No.7690603

wave 3 will have 4 girls
wave 4, based on the audition image, might have 4 boys. the tsurezure children of vtubing!

>> No.7690608

Thank you anon.

>> No.7690610


>> No.7690617

Probably worth mentioning that Selen feels like she was hired for her Apex skills, so she wants to do that a few times a week. But she's branched out into other stuff that she feels nostalgic for, so she's actually been playing more classic stuff than the rest.

>> No.7690623

Why doesn't she have the minecraft wiki open on the side? Isn't that what everyone does?

>> No.7690624

shes learning!

>> No.7690631

Motion sickness and poor sense of direction

>> No.7690640

She took haf da medsin!

>> No.7690646

>tsurezure children
So they're all gonna fuck?

>> No.7690647

Selen isn't actually an oldfag "retro" gamer though she's just playing games her dad sucked at to mog him when she beats them in a couple hours.
You're right that she fits in better w/ old /v/ where it was just about celebrating all video games tho, but Rosemi isn't that much of a shitposter. Sure she committed the sin of liking Skyrim but she also likes Diablo 2 and Starcraft and Age of Empires which all modern /v/ tourists were too young to enjoy. Hell she even played fucking WC3 which makes her one of the oldest NijiEN girls if she was around at its peak.

>> No.7690651

When chat is giving advice, why bother?

>> No.7690652

Rosemi = your owner

>> No.7690653

I hate this shit so much why the fuck are all of you retards here so goddamn sensitive to this whole "OH NO SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND WHAT DO WE DO BROS?!" like you'd ever fucking have a chance at actually fucking, no, much less even interacting with these vtubers outside of some temporary shit like superchats and donations which hardly even constitutes as a fucking relationship in the first place?
is this place actually completely filled with deranged parasocial schizos? do they not have a fucking life? is the concept of just watching these streamers for their content and just that an impossible thing for you schizos to grasp?
why the fuck am I so pissed off anyways? this is pointless and I'm just adding fuel to the fire but holy fucking shit I am pissed off.

oh hey Petra is actually learning. whoa.

>> No.7690655

Petra's thighs make me think really bad things

>> No.7690657

Rosemi is based for calling pokémon unite a kusoge

>> No.7690660

>Selen made obsydia house so ugly that Petra, who openly hates Minecraft, decided to learn

>> No.7690662

I just made a very low effort shitpost and I'm honestly surprised people fell for it
This thread truly is beyond salvation

>> No.7690667

she took all of it last night and took half today

>> No.7690669

Pikl = boyfriend

>> No.7690702

Sorry Wosemi but Elira-sama made me her bitch today buhi buhi

>> No.7690706

I wonder how low Petra's actual voice is. It slips sometimes.

>> No.7690714

Drinking tea = drinking cum

>> No.7690716

>is this place actually completely filled with deranged parasocial schizos?

>> No.7690722

Here's another (You) *shoves my dick down your greedy throat*

>> No.7690723

childhood friend = boyfriend

>> No.7690737

I love my tsundere owner... God, I really need more Rosemi. She's really cute.

>> No.7690739

I will never doubt you again, Rikkun!

>> No.7690741


>> No.7690788

>tsurezure children
I love that anime so I hope you're right. I am starved for some female/male interactions and couplings

>> No.7690799

Okay but Pomusuke really is Pomu's boyfriend right, she can't be this obsessed with a fucking cat right?

>> No.7690809

She should remove that diamond sword. She doesn't deserve it. It should be a stick.

>> No.7690816

Holy shit you're right bro I never realized that

>> No.7690823

>she can't be this obsessed with a fucking cat right?
You don't know many pet owners do you

>> No.7690824


>> No.7690836

I'm going to get into wave 4 and I will groom a wave 3 girl to be my Taiga and I will be Ryuuji (but the manga dynamic not the anime cause in the manga taiga has a fat ass)

>> No.7690838

I put my trust in you Tazumi-san!

>> No.7690849

Yes anon she's into bestiality, if that's what helps you sleep at night

>> No.7690855

>Tsurezure Children
god, if only. that would be such a godsend.

>> No.7690856

I would say that Rosemi's non-gaming streams were her best (I don't consider Minecraft ones game streams). Gaming can be fun too like with Cuphead but she's not really good and can't commit to something jumping from one game to another. I like Rosemi-sama as a variety streamer.

>> No.7690857


>> No.7690858

I have 2 pets and I don't spend every day talking about their stinky poops.

>> No.7690862


>> No.7690865

When my cat died I couldn't get out of bed for nearly a week due to how attached I was to him. Pets give you the type of love a person never could, they'll love you even if you're the ugliest person or lost your job or suck at talking.

>> No.7690867

Pomusuke = me

>> No.7690879

>she can't be this obsessed with a fucking cat right?
I have a pet turtle and I am so fucking obsessed with it's stupid ass face that keeps looking at me when I arrive home every day for some reason.

Having a pet makes someone insane.

>> No.7690883

when will ceo debut

>> No.7690886

If only you knew

>> No.7690900

I work in home security and I can't tell you how many times I've walked into womens' homes who exclusively live with cats. Half of the time the home smells because cats are gross. Crazy cat lady is not just a meme. For many single women, it is a reality.

>> No.7690914

He already did years ago! Now we're only waiting for his 3D debut...

>> No.7690916

>That giant Amogus
Did fish build it?

>> No.7690925


>> No.7690931

Let me get this straight.
Elira's brother = her boyfriend
Pomu's cat = her boyfiend
Finana's egg = her boyfriend
Selen's dog = her boyfriend
Rosemi's Rosemom = her boyfriend
Petra's genderbent version Peter that she keeps locked up in the kitchen = her boyfriend
Am I correct?

>> No.7690937

Pomu built the big red one, Bobon built the pink on in the Obsydia tree, Rosemi build the dirt one at the bottom of the tree.

>> No.7690940


>> No.7690941

Petra is slaughtering Butamen...

>> No.7690959


>> No.7690962

Finana's parents = people she lives with who spitroast her everyday
Pomu's cat = girlfriend

>> No.7690963

God damn I'm missing so much

>> No.7690970

> Petra committing more warcrimes on the Nijisanji World server
so it has become EN tradition huh...

>> No.7690971

All me

>> No.7690980

>Selen's dog = her boyfriend
Selen's Dad = Daddy

>> No.7690983


>> No.7690985

she's all over that barbed dick

>> No.7690986

you are implying multiple males anon, there is only one boyfriend and he's able to get away with fucking all six of them

>> No.7690988

Rosemi-sama, I may be penguin feed now. But I will still support you from the afterlife...

>> No.7690992

Which NijiENs have that sigma grindset?

>> No.7690994

Elira and Finana with a lot of free time but none of them come to petra's stream

>> No.7691006

The thing im most interested in Selen for is to see if shes actually immune to raging.

>> No.7691021

coomer fish

>> No.7691024

catboy day huh... Finana...

>> No.7691028

Peter is a sigma male for sure

>> No.7691034

Ok guys hear me out.
So lets say Selen is getting new alternative, 2nd design! What if they would capitalize on on her having troubles with keeping human form and make her a monstergirl? Hot!

>> No.7691040

Are Finana's "sex toy" just code word for the different boyfriends she has?

>> No.7691044


>> No.7691047

finally a regular non-lazulight house

>> No.7691048

Be sure to write a maro to Petra asking her why she hates Selen.

>> No.7691054

I may be stupid... but what does this mean?

>> No.7691056

Elira chatted,
2/10 shitpost made me reply

>> No.7691058

I don't want Selen to attract the furfags...

>> No.7691061

>years ago
He debuted together with Kirame tho

>> No.7691062

Give her a Dola-esque alt where she's naked and only wearing scales.

>> No.7691068

Kill yourself dramafag

>> No.7691069

maternity pants

>> No.7691078

... huh, what year is it again?

>> No.7691094

minecraft inmersion is ruined with all those dumb statues XDDD so funny SUS SUS XDD that ugly fucking house inmersion fucking ruined

>> No.7691097

Same desu.
Though I don't have my hopes too high since the waves not being mixed may make that kinda difficult, but who knows honestly, I certainly would like to see it happen and hopefully last.

>> No.7691104

fill me in on the egg thing anons, do women prefer it on their clit or inside them?

>> No.7691105



>> No.7691108

t. pe

>> No.7691121


>> No.7691122

I agree but only if she is like Granberia

>> No.7691135

They need to put her in a sundress and a cute ponytail.

>> No.7691137

Fuck this cunt and fuck Narukami. I still can't believe he was under 18 when he made that video

>> No.7691142

At this point the leading candidate is probably the bear costume

>> No.7691157

You sound like a sussy baka, anon

>> No.7691160

what the fuck


>> No.7691161

Thank you, king! <3

>> No.7691163

you are the minecraft autistic here

>> No.7691169

2nd outfit is obviously her pregnant

>> No.7691176

eggs are boomer toys
there are toys that can do both now

>> No.7691182

It was during Selen's minecraft stream, where she wanted to make a house as ugly as possible so that it'd stand out. So Pomu, Bobon, and Reza helped her by providing materials and building the twin PP towers, bloody and hairy.

>> No.7691188

She should get a cute casual style one like Ryushen

>> No.7691199

Elita is feather dragon, not scaly/furry! Just like me, her boyfriend, Ember!

>> No.7691203

w-woah, technology!

>> No.7691214

i love this retarded dragon...

>> No.7691230

Based Ember

>> No.7691236

I'm getting second-hand autism looking at this

>> No.7691237

BDSM chicken

>> No.7691239

Only if Wosemi gets one where she's just fat but insists she's pregnant too just to not lose to Selen.

>> No.7691254

I want to believe that at least Finana will be willing to interact with them often enough that she'll build a good dynamic with one
She's already trying to get along with Oliver

>> No.7691266

>Petra constantly sucking off Rosemi and cursing Selen
It's like two parents fighting for custody of this young Rose.

>> No.7691280

Rosemi told me she hates this picture

>> No.7691282


>> No.7691293

Shut up nerd! Selen says its for your own good, so shut up!!!

>> No.7691294

>she's a graphic designer
Is this a new way to call someone an autist?

Also, when will this army faggot just go get sodomized by his superiors and stop sending SCs about it?

>> No.7691303

Her normalfag side is leaking out

>> No.7691305

I can sense the minecraft autism growing

>> No.7691309

Boring brutalist cube house
Selen's had way more SOUL

>> No.7691311

she also changed the door to match the wood... truly, an artist ahead of our time...

>> No.7691315

How monstrous are we talking about here?


>> No.7691316

fuck the house looks shittier and boring

>> No.7691318

Who wins a fight between Elira and Selen? No weapons allowed.

>> No.7691328

Brutalism is a great aesthetic

>> No.7691335


>> No.7691340

Elira. Selen would immediately trip due to her untied shoe laces.

>> No.7691343

Fuck your shitty troll house

>> No.7691361

> "I'll do it next time!"
> "I'll finish the house next time!"
I can't wait to see months from now where we'll see her doing 4-6h minecraft streams regularly...

>> No.7691365

you could hear somebody else in Petra's room from her shitty laptop mic....

>> No.7691367


>> No.7691368

fuck off fag you know its boring

>> No.7691370

they'll be defeated by cock

>> No.7691374

sorry bro i have big feet

>> No.7691376

Well, while dragon blood is so strong than even having human parent doesn't reduce your power level, Elira is an old hag, while Selen is young and hot. So I say Selen has more libido and would last longer in bed.

>> No.7691387

actual brutalism would indeed beat what petra's made

>> No.7691388

petra, you dont have silk touch...

>> No.7691392

Thanks for the good laugh

>> No.7691398

She's already envisioning the penguin shaped house

>> No.7691403


>> No.7691404

it had soul for a stream. That's it, her house was good for stream.

>> No.7691408

Why didn't you tell her about the glass, anon...?

>> No.7691422

A good first step! Petra becoming a Minecraft autist soon!

>> No.7691423


>> No.7691424

yeah I sometimes hear clinking

>> No.7691426


>> No.7691429

>shit on SOUL design
>Build plank monoblock cuboid from 2nd ugliest wood.
I know girls are cutest when they are almost retarded but this is not that great.

>> No.7691432

I'm sorry petra... but you have to learn things by feeling the pain firsthand.

Welcome to Minecraft. I hope you learn to love it just as many others have done.

>> No.7691436

She's like Pomu months ago...

>> No.7691442

>a girl that never played minecraft before made a house that is 10x better over 2 pro gamers

>> No.7691449

I tried to man, she just wouldn't listen...

>> No.7691456

Ember would reduce pikl to ash

>> No.7691467

Sometimes I would like to play minecraft with friends. Guess which of the 2 I lack to do that.

>> No.7691471

He's too retarded for that, he'll probably burn himself to death.

>> No.7691472

petra is growing so much!

>> No.7691473

bet Petra minecraft addiction soon

>> No.7691479

My daughterwife is becoming a pro minecraft player!

>> No.7691485

Petra is glowing so much!

>> No.7691496


>> No.7691498

Can we trade Petra for Pina? The amount of JP pandering is really starting to get on my nerves.

>> No.7691499

I hope when Pomu comes back she becomes a sensei for Petra and teaches her about Minecraft. Would be a fun stream.

>> No.7691500

I always wanted A Nijisanji only Minecraft server
The /vt/ one is too Holo focused

>> No.7691506

This, I'm much stronger than this retarded cat-thing with superiority complex! Plus I'm black.

>> No.7691509

She just said to remember to come back later on since she'll be doing more minecraft streams and continuing the house... it has already begun.

>> No.7691527

Lol, I just noticed that army guy. What a tool, lmao.

>> No.7691536

I'm actually quite happy about it. I don't really have much time to watch vtubers anyway and this 6 are perfect so I don't feel the need to search something more

>> No.7691538

"amount of jp"
> 95% of the stream is english
Imagine you anons if Petra was like Hada and Hana and spoke jp 100% of the time instead.

>> No.7691545

>mfw i dissed minecraft as an autistic kids' game
>countless hours building autistic farms
>start watching hima/dola when they first started the niji jp minecraft server
>now i never miss a NijiEN minecraft stream and would play while watching

>> No.7691557

This is bait, right?

>> No.7691562

It's probably the same faggot who was SC'ing Finana yesterday
>I'm about to join the army, please don't you or any of the NijiEN girls forget about me

>> No.7691568

I actually forgot minecraft players are usually spergs. I'm sorry you had to witness Selen's stream the other day, I know your autism requires geometrical designs, symmetry and whatnot or you get triggered.

>> No.7691576

Reminds me of sinking way too much time into an hlgg minecraft server that died, pain

>> No.7691579

why are superchat faggots like this.

>> No.7691580

Is this bait?>>7691429

>> No.7691593


>> No.7691600


>> No.7691602

Normietards probably

>> No.7691603


>> No.7691611

This is a very harmless SC. It's kinda cute actually

>> No.7691616

damn that nigga smooth

>> No.7691620

I can't fucking read this with these colors.

>> No.7691623

Based and saved.

>> No.7691624

you can always just make a Niji town. Someone reserved a forest for NijiEN and made some fairy houses

>> No.7691628

Petra just said rosemi has no standards because she likes the house. The burnnn

>> No.7691632

I'd rather see this, than the guy asking the girls to not forget about him because he's enlisting or whatever.

>> No.7691638

I've seen worse in h*l*EN sc, this is tame

>> No.7691640

It's not that bad. Well, it's a little better than the army guy at least.

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