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Enjoying the View from Behind Edition

Not a whole lot's happened since the last thread but it's just enough to be worth summarizing! Last night was unusually quiet as the lack of DND to fill in the afternoon made everything just a little weird. Thankfully late into the evening Mouse showed up to talk about her charity stream some more. She mostly brought up the weird things that happened after the stream ended, like how it was around the time her mother woke up, and how the donation link is technically still active so she raised another 4k after the stream ended! She also mentioned that her sister will be coming to visit soon, which normally wouldn't be worth mentioning but apparently IronSis could show up on stream! Hopefully that means embarrassing stories about a young Mouse that we don't already know like the chicken nugget closet. or getting her ears pierced without permission. She mentioned she even came up with a design for her sister as something of an angel secretary which sounds cute! If we're lucky there could be a PNG made to represent her in much the same way Silver does her mother, but we won't know for certain so we'll just have to find out when or if it happens!

As for today we've got Froot and Zen playing Apex for the hundredth time while we learn more about how not-handy Froot is when it comes to DIY projects. If you saw the Uno stream last week then just know that she still has not replaced the batteries on her fire alarm and is too scared to do so. We've also got Melody getting absolutely sloshed on "apple juice" while hanging out with her botox-frozen face. Possibly best of all is an impromptu collab between Snuffy and Vei in AI Dungeon, and finally later tonight we'll have more scary games with Mouse. All in all a much busier day than yesterday!

But keep in mind that tomorrow's Sunday so it's likely to be the slowest of the week! Brace yourself, get comfy, and bring that comfiness to your fellow anon by ignoring bait, and being excellent to each other.

VShojo is:
Nyan- https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Silver - https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale
Froot - https://www.twitch.tv/apricot
Mouse - https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Zen - https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Mel - https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody
Hime - https://www.twitch.tv/hajime
Vei - https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

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Snuffybros, looks like there's no stream tonight! She's playing AI Dungeon with Vaybay.

They're currently collecting Jessica Rabbit's poop.

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Anyway thread time. Currently live:

Vei - Getting drunk and collabing with Snuffy in AI Dungeon. This post is not a lie >>7637167 that is what is currently happening https://www.twitch.tv/veibae
Mel - Karen Day! That means getting drunk on wine like a white mom in her 30's and doing stream of consciousness hanging out. It's fun. https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody
Zen - Playing Apex Froot. Haruka's still on vacation so it's just Dragonfroot this time instead of Dragonfrootcock https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Momo - Making a model in blender and just chatting. Simple as. https://www.twitch.tv/momo

Later tonight:

Mouse - Something spooky. She mentioned a lot of horror games she'd picked up last night so it'll likely be one of those.

Silver and Nyan are off. Hime's an unknown. Tomorrow's Sunday so I don't even know what to expect then.

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i want to impregnate snuffy

>> No.7637407

They definitely miss DND

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>Snuffy calling Roger Rabbit a rodent

>> No.7637446

>Vei doesn't know what Roger Rabbit looks like
>looks him up

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Well, we asked for this.

>> No.7637754

is this ai dungeon master arcadum?

>> No.7637920

Snuffy is half raccoon. Why do you want quarter raccoon kids? They'll eat a quarter of all your trash.

>> No.7637941

If they're mid-20s there's actually a pretty good chance by the time they knew the concept of playing something on the TV, it was all DVD.

The other day someone also mentioned tracking, but that really wasn't needed on a good working VHS player and new professionally produced VHS so even if their parents put in a copy of The Lion King, it wouldn't look weird.

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lmfao Luxury Dark is influencing Vei. She wants to order a girlfriend off the dark web and now she's introducing Snuffy to it.

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I fucking hate this shit react content Vei you stupid bitch stop ruining the collab

>> No.7638033

wtf vei dumping snuffy and chat into LuxuryDark vids.

mildly surprised snuffy didn't react to vei saying she was going to pee and telling her "you watch".

>> No.7638082

she has to go smoke some weed please understand

>> No.7638161

vei being a disaster

>> No.7638233

>vei managed to ruin a good collab by forcing snuffy to react to shitty videos

>> No.7638298

this silly succubus incredible-hulked a chunk of ice into her glass and broke it then lied about her strength.

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>> No.7638330

Scouting Vei was a fucking mistake, she's ruining everything and that fucking BBC interview ! it should've been Froot speaking the most.

>> No.7638371

I just realized this stream is likely a bad idea after the BBC interview aired.

>> No.7638498

What started as a fun night has been irredeemably ruin. Thank you, Vei.

>> No.7638568

Stop being so overdramatic goddamn

>> No.7638590

lets be honest, the colab wasn't that great from the start

>> No.7638593

vei talks about lack of content, but it is she who does away with the content.
Let's see how things go from here.

>> No.7638618

I mean the reacting to videos is just shit tier content anon this is undeniable

Anyways they're back to AI Dungeon.

>> No.7638671

Don't reply to shitters.

>> No.7638687

vei with the bangin' pick-up lines. All is restored.

>> No.7638697

>anyone criticizing your perfect and flawless vtuber is a shitter

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>> No.7638709

AI Dungeon is using the same Amazon Polly Zentreya uses and if they put in Amy as a custom voice they could have her be reading it out instead of the chat alert.

>> No.7638812

>Average 9 inch penis

>> No.7638831

Mouse live and I'm sorry to her but I'm not leaving Vei until this stream is over https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse

>> No.7638839

>not being average
You'll never satisfy a woman.

>> No.7638908

>less than 3k viewers
looks like you're not alone

>> No.7638990

Vei will never be toxic to you on a dating site

>> No.7639035

B-but the average size is 5.4

>> No.7639047

This really picked up once they turned off safe mode lmao.

>> No.7639058

Keep telling yourself that.

>> No.7639071

yeah, safe mode is kind of useful only if you're legitimately trying to play an RPG or whatever.
if you're trying to get funny shit, safe mode will just ruin your fun

>> No.7639129

Vienna thinks trap is a slur, guess I'm done watching this bitch.

>> No.7639138

Everyone knows that when Mouse goes live, they've got at least 15 minutes before they actually miss anything.

>> No.7639143

oh she did turn it off? I was wondering why some of this stuff was happening despite last hearing that vei turned on safety. fucking motorcyles blaring up and down the street, I'm missing bits of the stream

>> No.7639173

These responses are so good

>> No.7639295

Typically Jeff Besos has a D20 with only 20s on it.

>> No.7639407

Damn Mouse for making me want to donate plasma.

>> No.7639421

Damn you for not already doing so.

>> No.7639455

>mutts actually believe this

>> No.7639474

>Jeffy Bengalz
vei is too good at this

>> No.7639494

I'll never understand how you vei cucks actually enjoy current vei. You get at the very least 2 hours of reaction content followed by most likely isaac or apex for the rest of the stream with the same type of jokes every time. She's trash now. I want old vei back.

>> No.7639499

>Jeff Bezos's fursona, Jeffy Bengalz

>> No.7639525

Damn toxic femcels

>> No.7639539

the sad part is that was old vei too except for 2 months

>> No.7639561

Don't be upset that you have a tiny 7" cock.

>> No.7639609

>Why aren't you into furrys?

>> No.7639655

Yeah I mean pre vshojo vei. She used to be my favorite but she's so stale now.

>> No.7639701

girls don't know the difference between 4 inches and 10 so don't worry

>> No.7639705

DVDs were already widespread in the 2000s, with VHS barely having any staying power
I'm a zoomer as well, but I still grew up with VHS for a few years thanks to the Balkans being behind a decade culturally and technologically compared to the west.
Our TV stations were still largely airing 90s cartoons and TV shows, even in the late 2000s.

>> No.7639714

>Vei has Army of the Pharaohs on her playlist
okay, i'm officially in love.

>> No.7639733

The global average. Mind you Asians are bringing the average down by a lot.

>> No.7639743

I have a huge 3 incher suck it.

>> No.7639774

>Vei acts more furfag than Snuffy

>> No.7639800

girl inches =/= real inches
I've heard of cases where some woman thought her boyfriend had an 8'' cock while in actuality he was barely below 6''

>> No.7639830

Snuffy said she had tapes, which checks out I think, most people had tapes until the mid 00s, especially if their parents didn't want to re-buy their stuff, or just record stuff since DVD recorders were pretty pricy.

I remember my mum had a dual DVD/VHS player

>> No.7639896 [SPOILER] 

Has Vei started to deal with the problem of oversized toys?

>> No.7639922

It's not that toys are too big, it's that her asshole is too small. She's working on it.

>> No.7639936

Sometimes, when I'm trying to sleep at night, I think about the time Snuffy said she can't fart because she's afraid she'll shart.

>> No.7639986

>Ja Rule

>> No.7640000

Same here. I used to watch her every stream, but now I only watch her when no one else is on, not just vtubers, but streamers as a whole.

>> No.7640069

>people doing nothing but criticizing anybody for no fucking reason is a shitter
Glad we understand one another, shitter.

>> No.7640080

>I remember my mum had a dual DVD/VHS player
Jesus christ this thread is full of children isn't it?

>> No.7640087

she's as popular as ever cope more

>> No.7640101

Or maybe we're just old, man. Time doesn't stop.

>> No.7640129

Where is Melody right now? Ahe stream earlyr. Where she go?

>> No.7640155

I'm in my mid twenties and i had to google what a VHS was anon.

>> No.7640165

That time when Mousey was saying that a big but not massive cock is 20 inches.

>> No.7640199

She finished already and raided Vei. I'd assume the VOD is up but I haven't checked.

>> No.7640213

>posting censored picture as a spoiler
Why you do this?

>> No.7640218

the combination of her not streaming for EU anymore, and even when she starts relatively early it takes 3h before the real non react stream starts at like 1am made me drop her. I happen to be awake today but im going to bed now anyway.

>> No.7640240

/vt/ allows for uncensored porn to be posted when spoilered?

>> No.7640272

>she's as popular as ever cope more
you know whos also very popular, sodapopin. why dont we all go watch him if popularity somehow means good

>> No.7640278

Blue board rules have always generally been understood to be "no nips no vag00" then it's okay. Fuck look in some of the "horny" threads on /vt/ to find what barriers people will push that doesn't get jannied.

>> No.7640318

Why does everyone let mouse off the hook for just chatting and react content, but dogpile on the other girls for doing it? When was the last time Mouse even touched a game in a non-collab stream?

>> No.7640383

Cope, Vei is the third most popular soon to be second. She will carry Vshojo super hard

>> No.7640385

You might want to get checked for autism. I'm in my mid twenties as well and remember them clearly.

>> No.7640396

mouse has always done that, so her audience are people who like it, vei got popular playing games then switched to this shit after in her words she "got big enough that she can stream anything and people will watch it", so now she has a bunch of viewers who dont like it who left or are still watching hoping shell go back.

>> No.7640406

I assume people give her a pass because of her carpal tunnel business. I don't really give much of a shit that Vei does it, I only got pissed because she interrupted a collab to play a random video for no reason

>> No.7640431

ok, 5 iq reaction enjoyer.

>> No.7640484

WBut where is at now? Home? school

>> No.7640488

>Mouse shitting all over Steven Universe

>> No.7640491

Mouse played more games than Vei in the last 3 months. That's just sad.

>> No.7640496

Is this pendrive? You're never gonna fuck her. Just stop.

>> No.7640519

fucking based and taste pilled

>> No.7640556

Snuffy seething

>> No.7640593

what kinda argument is this, shit content is shit content

you don't even watch Mousey do you, take a look at her recent vods, barely any react content

>> No.7640596

How to effectively make it bigger without hurting.
I don’t want the roommate to be unable to stream because she can’t sit for a long time

>> No.7640619

lol cause those vods keep going down for DMCA reasons.

>> No.7640634

that anon was being critical of vei not supporting her, can you read?

>> No.7640657

Bruh, literally watching her right now. I said react and just chatting to cover my bases.

>> No.7640725

As other anons said, Mouse was always like that, whereas Vei heavily changed this year.

>> No.7640741


>> No.7640762

no one shits on just chatting though, its the react shit people dislike

>> No.7640797

>I only got pissed because she interrupted a collab to play a random video for no reason
She was going to pee so she put a video she likes for Snuffy. Are you okay?

>> No.7640839

I shit on (pure) just chatting. by pure I mean nothing else going on except 1 person monologing for hours.

>> No.7640843

I meant to reply to >>7640383 misclicked. My bad.

>> No.7640870

that kinda shit derails the stream then, could have easily turned into a react stream after that, just want it to stay the fuck away
I like 1 on 1 just chatting if the person is entertaining enough, which most of the girls are. Like I'd rather just chatting vei than react andy vei

>> No.7640891

>it should've been Froot speaking the most
I have a feeling that BBC decided what veibae said was better than what froot said. her story is probably more interesting. dropped out of college, appendix exploded, helped recover from social anxiety. froot doesn't really have those.

>> No.7640995

>or are still watching hoping shell go back.
I return every so often when she DOEs play a good game for once, only for her to drop the game and going back to react+Apex and me not watching her for a week or two, then rinse and repeat.

>> No.7641071

>Like I'd rather just chatting vei than react andy vei
yeah, it was way better when she just did her 1 hour Just Chatting section with news from her life, upcoming stream content and a bit of banter with chat, then segwaying into a game
man, I miss old Vei

>> No.7641074

I enjoyed the harvester and scary game streams, she can still do fun streams, but its exhausting having to check in constantly to see if shes done farming viewers reacting or playing apex, so its easier to just say fuck it and watch the vod.

>> No.7641082

oh fair enough yeah that guys being a retard

>> No.7641153

5 minutes of a video playing in a, then, hour-and-a-half stream to placate chat and Snuffy while Vei steps out to use the bathroom makes it a react stream?

>> No.7641161

I think the big thing is to not whine like a fucking baby when something you don't like happens. Just change the channel because get this, there are people who like shit you don't like. I'd take 10 hours of Vei reacting to dumb youtube vids over more Apex and BoI but I just change to something else when that happens. Mouse is on if you're upset enough to shit the thread up with complaints.

>> No.7641223

that would be what people do if it was a once of thing

>> No.7641230

Did nyanners finish until dawn?

>> No.7641249

in 1 stream

>> No.7641283

>5 minutes

>> No.7641290

Shitting up the thread and playing holier than thou over people who like it is still being a whiny fucking bitch about things though.

>> No.7641308

sorry, ill be sure to submit future topics to you so you can approve them

>> No.7641321

I know what im doing the rest of my night

>> No.7641343

I'll be sure not to complain about anything anymore so cunt, no problem

>> No.7641410

Surprise! Not all of us are fucking speds. 10 hours of the same shit doesn't entertain a normal person.

>> No.7641429

>did her 1 hour Just Chatting section with news from her life
That comfiness isn't coming back due to her no longer being a small streamer. Sad I missed out.

>> No.7641515

god I wish I had vods from last year

>> No.7641710

>the autist complaining on a mongolian basket weaving community center about a vtuber for no fucking reason is criticizing someone else's intelligence quotient
You just shit up the threads, remove the cozy and comfy atmosphere, and for what? Just some weakass (you) farming? Fuck off.

>> No.7641780

>complaining that a 4chan thread isnt "cozy"
how about you go back to discord

>> No.7641836

>Snuffy runs face first into a knife on the floor

>> No.7641883

How many fingers are in my ass?

>> No.7641884

This whole story where Snuffy is Vei's pet better bring some good femdom fanart

>> No.7642151

They're basically ERP'ing at this point.

>> No.7642338

fucking destroyed

>> No.7642397

>When was the last time Mouse even touched a game in a non-collab stream?
Was it One Hand Clapping? That was two weeks ago I think, to be fair she's been taking it easy with her hand and wearing a brace. She completed RE7 and RE8 in recent months so it's not like she doesn't play games.
>Why does everyone let mouse off the hook for just chatting and react content, but dogpile on the other girls for doing it?
She does catch shit in other threads for it.. But honestly, she's just really good at it. She often tells her stories while doing so or derails herself and does something like the Super Sentai sing along or talk about Puerto Rican culture.

>> No.7642417

Why is Vei grooming Snuffy for vshojo?

>> No.7642483

Accurate depiction of vtuber fans.

>> No.7642495

she's just doing regular grooming

>> No.7642638

The whole story is a masterpeace

>> No.7642643

>this AI dungeon stream

>> No.7642887

I swear I've seen an anti actually say this about Snuffy.

>> No.7642919

They're right, it's not fucking Steve and she knows it

>> No.7642936

the fact it called her a whore is way too fitting considering thats the go to insult on /vt/

>> No.7643056

if Snuffy joins Vshojo I'm dropping the whole thing and will only watch and support Mousey.

>> No.7643125

what makes snuffy the line you don't want crossed because she's basically just more of the same

>> No.7643137

What's the test Muse is taking right now? I think I've taken it before but I can't remember what it is.

>> No.7643196

hate stoners with zero self-control who get supported on their indulgences

>> No.7643257

Personality test. Myers-Briggs.

>> No.7643265

listen to nyan, anon

>> No.7643317

Snuffy's doesn't get high nearly as much as this thread makes her out to be. Unless you're a prude who hates it all the time in which case sucks to be you.

>> No.7643320

I think when she's complained about it fucking up her sleep and motivation and stuff people have generally supported her stopping

>> No.7643329

Based Nyan.

>> No.7643342

that's how Hitler got to power. Everyone just jerked off when they got angry with him until it was too late.

>> No.7643368

>Snuffy's doesn't get high nearly as much as this thread makes her out to be
sure thing buddy

>> No.7643400

maybe if hitler had jerked off more he wouldn't have been so angry in the first place

>> No.7643411

Good. Will she stop? Time will tell. Stoner is the new nicotine addict meme.

>> No.7643477

Snuffy antis logging on to talk about how being a stoner is a sin.

>> No.7643487

Hitler jerked off to yabe tags so it didn't help

>> No.7643517

Average /vt/ thread

>> No.7643548

as much of a sin as being an alcoholic, anon. Nobody likes alcoholics. But cope harder.

>> No.7643772

These two are basically playing out what I assume the self-destructive Snuffyposter is like.

>> No.7643806

I would agree if for 3 years I didn't have to deal with stoner customers at Home Depot being major annoyances and making life hard for everybody. Fuck those faggots.

>> No.7643979

>new age feminist
>"What a bitch..."
based AI dungeon

>> No.7644026

The stream has gone full meta with someone named JeffyBengals showing up in Vei's chat lmfao

>> No.7644078

>Stoner is the new nicotine addict meme.
I thought that was vaping

>> No.7644111

>> No.7644181

Just gotta get a weed patch bro

>> No.7644278

Probably the best Vei stream in a while, man, normally I'd have switched to Mousie, but damn. This got so stupid.

>> No.7644304

So Oppai's visiting Silver irl and tried on her bra and now you have an idea of how big Silver's boobs are irl. https://twitter.com/OppaiPantsuu/status/1424190297198653446/photo/1

>> No.7644377

I'm pretty sure Silver's boobs are far from big considering she keeps hitting her model's boobs way too often, which wouldn't happen if they were anything but small

>> No.7644413

Silver and oppai have the hugest irl boobs out of any chuuba I’ve ever seen.

>> No.7644428

she used to post her irl pictures on her instagram

>> No.7644474

fair enough then, I believe it. how the fuck does she keep hitting her model's tits though? it literally happens way too often, and it's not like her tracking is fucked

>> No.7644489

Silver’s boobs are likely even bigger because that bra looks a little too big for her

>> No.7644525

Maybe she loves copping a feel

>> No.7644544

holy fuck how can these girls so fucking perfect. fuck those lying fucking brain goblins.

>> No.7644546

her models tits are fucking massive though, SIlver's are big but not that big. Also tits don't stick out like that irl

>> No.7644558

She can still have big boobs irl, her model just has enormous boobs

>> No.7644560

violently hitting your breasts with the back of your wrist doesn't really count as copping a feel

>> No.7644586

with a melonpatch like that who could blame her.

>> No.7644595

Is this what women do? Try on each other's bras?

Snuffy apparently has big boob, but all of her models except for the full furry have A cups at most. Albeit with a dumptruck ass.

>> No.7644646

I'm not saying that she's supposed to have giant breasts like her model, but I do find it weird how her arm travels when she goes from like, scratching her face to a neutral position and it hits the model's breasts directly. If her tits were even half as big as her model's, this wouldn't happen because of obvious spatial awareness

>> No.7644660

Girls are weird. They go to the bathroom together and feel each others boobs.

>> No.7644706

Oh man, as a brit Vei not knowing what Woolworths is is kinda weird. They went bust in 2009.

>> No.7644717

Snuffy is obese of course she has big tits. She wishes she looked like her model.

>> No.7644720

You'd be surprised. Both Silver and Mouse have mentioned their boobs just falling out of their clothes while streaming.

>> No.7644767

they're the second largest in australia

>> No.7644781

Okay tit sperg. Silver has the biggest irl tits out of any vtuber kek

>> No.7644826

They are so fucking wasted.

>> No.7644842

>Sees something labeled "AU" on a truck

>> No.7644843

I mean anon we know she has big tits I'm not sure what kind of tit conspiracy you think might be going on. Her IRL tits just don't perfectly line up with her models thats all

>> No.7644849

She's morbidly o-BASED.

>> No.7644871

the more i hear Vei talk, the more i wonder if English isn't her first language.

>> No.7644943

>Snuffy: What do they speak in Singapore besides English?
>Vei, not missing a beat: Asian

>> No.7644950

I think she's half English, but lives with her polish mom in England? So she's basically a 2nd gen migrant who probably speaks polish to he mom a lot?

>> No.7645002

Mousey is from Puerto Rico, which is an american territory. However English is her 2nd language. Maybe the same is true of Vei, her mom first taught her Polish, then she learned English later.
She has said the phrase 'i forget the english word for this' more than once, and that is NOT something that learned english as a first language would say.

>> No.7645031

Woah. Kinda messed up to make fun of a retard because of the way she talks. Have some self control.

>> No.7645069

>being a foreigner automatically makes her retarded

>> No.7645187

I wish more vtubers had cute accents like vei

>> No.7645262

>It's not Scotland it's gotta be like a European country
Vei is truly the smartest vtuber.

>> No.7645273

Bunny's might be bigger. It's kind of a pointless discussion tho because being surrounded by Oppai, Silver, and Bunny's tits would anybody give a fuck which ones were the biggest? Every boob man's dream.

>> No.7645304

Imagine if that happened while they were chatting with friends. Like Silver with Vei or Mouse with Connor. Shit would be funny

>> No.7645349

I'm guessing mouse pretty much only ever wears pyjamas and wardrobe malfunctions are way easier with those with no bra, maybe silver does the same.

>> No.7645357

Mouse is kinda weird. She's said that Spanish is her first language, but also says her Spanish is bad and generally acts as if English is her first language. Maybe she's spoken exclusively English for so long that Spanish just kinda atrophied? Can that happen with language?

>> No.7645393

English father, polish mother, born and raised in england.

that would actually make sense, learned polish before going to school as a child.

>> No.7645409

She is fascinating to me, she's clearly quick witted and has a good comedic mind but then she says shit that makes me second guess myself and wonder if she's borderline retarded

>> No.7645429

English really common now so yeah they can forget if they spend too long on the internet

>> No.7645443

>Can that happen with language?
yes, it's really common, same thing happened to me

>> No.7645481

I think she grew up learning both She speaks some polish shown in this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5oHkhe7XUY

>> No.7645487

From what I understand, it's definitely possible, since language use is a skill like any other.

>> No.7645536

I figured your first language or any language learned in youth was like riding a bike. You just don't really forget how to do it if learned at the right time.

>> No.7645690

Doesn’t count if they are implants/push up bra.

>> No.7645719

I'm convinced she has some mild form of asperger's.

>> No.7645850

Imagine becoming a vtuber if you are neurotypical

>> No.7645952

>Vei sees written russian
>"It looks like a minecraft enchanting table"

>> No.7645956

She's rhubarbed

>> No.7645960

You've not seen Noel's roommate than

>> No.7645991


You think her tits are implants? Have you never watched her ring fit streams? Fake tits dont move like that.

>> No.7646038

NTA but Bunny’s breasts look way different on her ring fit streams than in her pics. They look a lot smaller and saggier.

>> No.7646039

She's perfect

>> No.7646216

Why is that unusual? Is it that surprising that girls use tricks and techniques to make themselves look hotter when the point of the picture is to make themselves look hot for a picture? Her tits are plenty big and plenty real. Who gives a fuck if she uses a push-up bra and camera angles to make them look even bigger?

>> No.7646248

Would Vei date a schlubby guy? I wonder what her standards are. I wonder if she would date an average dude

>> No.7646294

she allegedly dated pokelawls

>> No.7646310

Vei just wants to suck some dick

>> No.7646327

Because that proves the whole point that bunny’s tits aren’t that big. Why are you choosing such a sad hill to die on? Other women have bigger tits without resorting to padding and angles. Silver and Oppai have bigger boobs and you interjected to insert Bunny and claim hers are larger when it’s mostly padding and angles, which you just admitted.

>> No.7646392

Okay faggot

>> No.7646456

not the anon you've been replying to, but i think that bunny's tits are big, but really saggy. You can tell as much from her gravure image sets.

>> No.7646467

Mouse is Puerto Rican.
Does she need to pay federal income tax?

>> No.7646473

A lot of them do claim some sort of mental instability. I always assumed it was for pity points. But maybe most vtubers are actually mentally ill. It would kind of make sense.

>> No.7646489

>shills for bunny putting her against silver and oppai’s big natural tits
>gets proven wrong
>”s-so what if it’s p-push up bras and angles and tricks to make a sad pair of saggers look big for attention from simps?”

>proceeds to cope pathetically after making a fool of themselves

Bunnyfags are truly embarrassing.

>> No.7646518

How many times have you been banned for this exact shit now sperg

>> No.7646556

she lives in the states so i would believe so.

>> No.7646714

You're just mad because he's right and makes you look like a retard. Go to wvt. Bunny hasn't been relevant to vshojo for months now.

>> No.7646828

Vei would getting railed by gigachad if she didn't have problems

>> No.7647082

When will she just make her own thread or go to wvt? These attempts to grasp for relevance are getting sad.

>> No.7647176

It's impossible to tell if people shitting on bunny are bunnysperg or others, because I've seen the samefagging and shit bunnysperg does here and in the other thread. I'm willing to assume its bunnysperg though because no one else really gives a shit about bunny here otherwise.

>> No.7647298

My own fault for bringing her up in a discussion about vtubers with huge tits. It will always invoke Bunnysperg. He waits for Bunny to be mentioned and when she isn't he'll bring her up himself. It's amazing. What's even more amazing is how he tries to deny it when anybody who's been either in this thread or the other for a few months can spot him in a heartbeat.

>> No.7647386

>> No.7647429

>> No.7647467

>no one else really gives a shit about bunny here
Exactly. No one gives a shit about her here so why bring her up? You're just as bad as your boogeyman bunnyspurg. Go make your own thread.

>> No.7647556

>no one else really gives a shit about bunny here
so you finally realize.

>> No.7647563

Not even kiara had this type of overly involved defenders trying to claim samefagging any time someone didnt like their waifu. It’s more annoying that the people who don’t like bunny because even when no one says anything negative about bunny, you show up to talk about “spegs” or to drag on discussion about her when everyone else ignored the negative comments.

>> No.7647654

You did all this because people said bunny’s tits weren’t that big. Someone said the exact same thing about Silver earlier in the thread and no one started going on about “silver sperg” or anything. This type of white knighting only happens when bunny is brought up in a way that doesn't claim she is the best. Really makes you think, huh?

>> No.7647732

>> No.7647872

Just like RPG characters, people have different intentions for their vtuber designs. Some want to be themselves/an idealized version of themselves, others are tired of irl and want to go in the complete opposite direction.

>> No.7647932

If there is a VSHOJO 1:1 silicone doll, would you have the intention to buy it?

>> No.7647994

Just like a sexbot, I'd be interested but have nowhere to really put it. Or hit it, for guests.

>> No.7648087

I'd buy a froot one and have my friend fuck it so I could get the full experience of being a cuck.

>> No.7648108

it would be low on my priorities compared to some others i would want
that and i am worried a mousie one would break after the first use

>> No.7648230

>> No.7648390


>> No.7648492

Sure, I'll buy a gecko Zen cause it's most compact

>> No.7648824

>> No.7648940

She certainly puts on a convincing act.

>> No.7649493

>> No.7650249

>> No.7650376

mouse is singing.

>> No.7650593

Probably not for very long tho, she has to go soon and only wanted to push to 6 hours.

>> No.7651433

Good thread starter image.

>> No.7651534

I like that Silvers way in the back because she's the least memorable.

>> No.7651818

Meanwhile Nyanners is practically hidden behind Mousey.

>> No.7651872

She wants a daddy

She needs a daddy
>Silver and Oppai have bigger boobs
We need visual proof
I always assumed that they had something, or a somewhat shitty life situation

>> No.7652053

>We need visual proof
Well, Oppai put her own booba out on her twitter here:


Bunny can be found on her own twitter with plenty of booba pics:


For Silver, can't do that without violating rules.

>> No.7652081

>For Silver, can't do that without violating rules.
It's not rule breaking to link to a image hosting site and then link it

>> No.7652228


remember thats silvers bra oppai is wearing in that tweet and it looks a little loose on oppai.

>> No.7652309

I've tried so hard to like Oppai as a streamer, and I don't want to be mean, cuz she seems like a nice person, but let's just say she's not much of an entertainer. and Silver seems to care for her a lot, like a sister.

>> No.7652579

Be my guest, Mr. Semantics. Enjoy your vacation.

>> No.7652664

Harvester stream was crazy good. i hope she finishes the game. I may be in the minority but I think the Luxury Dark marathons, though very low effort, are oddly entertaining. but then again, I am a Vei simp who would happily listen to a 10 hour YouTube loop of her saying "WHAT-uh?"

>> No.7652719

I don't understand the people saying they like her just chatting but don't like her reacting. Like they're almost literally the same thing but one has a video she's talking about. She says ridiculous shit all the time and that's what makes her fun to watch for me as long as she's not playing a game I think is super boring and repetitive to watch like BoI or Apex.

>> No.7652782

If i knew where to find images of silver's IRL boobs then we wouldn't be having this conversation

>> No.7652840

Kek what the fuck is with Bunny’s poses? She is always contorting herself and folding her arm all the way behind her back and lurching forward.

>> No.7652925

same, anon. I usually bail after 30-60 mins or so of Ape Sex or Eye Sack but am happy to watch her do just about anything else. When she did that 12 hour FF14 stream or however long it was, I kept it on in the background all day, listening to MLR (my little raisin) read in that crazy accent.

>> No.7652926

I like the boi streams when shes making progress, the last 2 streams, except for the greed run, she just did the same thing over again which was kind of boring, but theres still more levels and bosses to unlock that chat needs to tell her about. Or she needs to do chalanges

>> No.7652980

she is short, not skinny and, to a certain degree, self-conscious. when you are those things and you must make a living posting pix of yourself, you are obsessive about picking the right angles. and if u dont liek the booba pix she posts on twitter ur no kind of man.

>> No.7652982

The density of talking when she watches videos is way lower than when she just talks, the luxury dark reacting is some of the best reacting because she talks and laughes during it, the last 2 or 3 streams shes been talking more overall but last month there were streams where she put on some food videos for 3 hours and went up to 5 minutes between saying anything. That's the worst kind of "reacting" there is.

>> No.7653071

But she doesn’t make a living off her photos. She streams Vtubing. Most vtubers dont post a bunch of warped and edited photos of their irl selves. They don’t need to do that to get noticed. Look at all of Vshojo. They never post irl pics anymore and make a living off streams.

>> No.7653085

back to /hlgg/ with this shit

>> No.7653115

true enough. the food video react marathons are more of a "vibe" than the Luxury Dark hilarity. i just like how mesmerized she becomes by the food videos and gets really mad when they don't try the food. but i fucking hate that amazon euro guy with the big knife who cooks everything outside. His knife looks dull, and he always overcooks the eggs. he's a fraud!

>> No.7653132

What’s wrong? Hit a nerve there? He’s right. She doesnt get paid to post pics, she gets paid to stream.

>> No.7653145

Does anyone have vei's vod from yesterday? It got deleted, so it's got to be good.

>> No.7653160

>m-muh precious sanctity of staying in character and never revealing anything
Guess we better tell Lumi and Momo that they're not allowed to post rl pics either. Fuck off with this dumb bullshit.

>> No.7653172

wat i meant is that, although she doesn't do the fetish modeling for income like she used to in the old days, posting IRL pix of her boobs is a huge part of her brand and part of what keep people coming back to her stream. it's not the main thing, but it's an important thing

>> No.7653189

The point being argued against was that bunny has to post pics to “make a living” which isn’t true. Why are you strawmanning this hard when you’re wrong?

>> No.7653237

Oh that's the point you were making? Goddamn that's fucking retarded then who cares if she's not getting paid for it people can do whatever the fuck they want. This thread's also full of pics of Oppai and she's not getting paid for them either. Somehow it's always someone coming out to complain about Bunny to argue semantics and then whine when they get called retarded.

>> No.7653242

Bunny was a regular streamer before becoming a Vtuber, even now she does Bunny GIF streams and no Virtual streaming

>> No.7653276

Nayrt but you are the one saying she needs to use her boobs for income which doesnt make sense since her money coems from twitch where she hardly even shows her irl self. Also Oppai does get paid to show boobs, she does chaturbate.

>> No.7653287

It isn't that I am not sympathetic towards your plight, anon, but I don't want a vacation either. Had enough of those.

>> No.7653324

I'm not saying that I'm saying people can do whatever the fuck they want. If she wants to take titty pics and post them then what's the fuckin problem? And Oppai does CB under a model not her real self so her titty pics are equally "useless" but some people just like taking pics of themselves and you're the one who pissing and shitting himself in anger over someone having the audacity to do that when it's not part of their income. Are you ESL or something it's not that hard to understand.

>> No.7653330

It’s bunny selfposting hours

>> No.7653335

Sometimes there's only so much shit you can say about what's going on at the time on screen. I'd be a terrible reactor because practically nothing impresses me with YouTube videos. You really need someone like Mouse doing it where the shit she says elicits an honest reaction out of her. Vei just wants to watch the shit for her own sake because she finds it entertaining.

>> No.7653338

so i was in vei's discord and her mods say she nukes the mod whenever they do AI dungeon. i assume it's cuz some of the responses that she rerolls tend to be uncomfy/offensive (stuff about school shootings, go kill yourself, etc.). but vei herself said in discord that she believes an edited or unedited VOD of the collab will surface on YouTube soon.

>> No.7653397

The worst is when vei goes "just 30 minutes of lazily watching a food video then the interesting content", so I leave the stream open and 3h later that's all that she did and she ends stream. Theres so many other people I want to watch, especially now that she gave up streaming in EU time and she overlaps with a lot of the others, that this just makes it feel like a waste of time and like she doesnt care about my time, which is why I completely stopped watching her live. I dont mind some reacting, or full react streams of we know its going to be that, but she goes overboard while at the same time keeping people who dont like it in limbo watching her stream with the promise of other content in just a couple of minutes.

>> No.7653411

Oppai does Chatturbate on her avatar.

>> No.7653466


Poor Mousey.

>> No.7653481

Yeah, that's true, but sometimes if vei says she will delete the vod at the start of the stream people record it themselves anyway. I remember her talking about posting vods separately in YouTube, but whenever she promises something, it's often that you need to wait several months for it to actually happen LULW

>> No.7653485

I have the Vei vod but it's late for me if it hasn't been posted by someone else I can put it up on Mega or something tomorrow. I download vods in 720p to save space but it's fucking AI dungeon you don't need 1080.

>> No.7653492

Do you think it's the same Bunnysperg/MikeZ guy as usual? this one seems more weirdly focused on just her tit pix than the usual posts

>> No.7653506

Noticed how we all were moving on? But of course you can’t have that, huh bunny shill? Make your own thread already.

>> No.7653510

Of course it is. He's the same idiot who makes this complaint literally every time he gets called an idiot by anyone. >>7653330

>> No.7653512

Of course it is.

>> No.7653531


I'm kind of conflicted on this artstyle.

>> No.7653533

ur a gentleman & a scholar

>> No.7653551

What is it about Apex that draws all the Vtubers? Why not Rainbow Six or Warzone, I remember the V-shoujo girls playing halo somewhat regularly why did tbag stop?

>> No.7653585

Ironic that the guy who hasn't moved on since being exposed for his abject thirst messages to Bunny like a year ago is telling people to move on

>> No.7653647

Free game, can be run on potatoes, company doesn't really block anybody streaming it (free advertising), generally balanced gameplay that's forgiving, fairly decent matching system until you get to the higher levels. The game isn't the problem, it just got too proliferated with Hololive and Nijisanji so it became a meme to hate it which infected everybody even if VShojofags had no reason to, even if most of us are also HL / Niji watchers in addition to the VShojo girls. So, the issue is we're just sick of seeing it played. It also seems to be a game that can be used for cross pollination and collabs since everybody can play it without restrictions.

I don't personally think any FPS is fun to watch play. The only reason I'm not sick of watching them play it is that they seem to have a lot of fun doing it. We also get some weirdo impromptu collabs like DragonFrootCock and sometimes Mousey Nyan and Vei. The girls make it fun because of their interactions, like always. That's the only reason I watch those streams.

>> No.7653649

I come here for vei and try to stay out of bunny drama but this is getting to scizo tier. Just make a thread about bunny and stop shitting up our vshojo threads ith your psychotic tantrums whenever someone doesn’t like bunny. You’re only helping to create more antis with how annoying you are.

>> No.7653675

Nobody gets to decide who gets talked about in here or doesn't. You're the only one trying to be non-inclusive. We already took the non-VShojo names out of the OP, which was partially to shut you the fuck up. Obviously, that was a mistake. Time to put them back in there.

>> No.7653688

Take a deep breath, Mike. Take several deep breaths. It will pass.

>> No.7653702


He's making more synthwave for Mousey.

>> No.7653706

I'm not hating on Apex, I just wonder why everyone is so into it.

Warzone, world of tanks, War Thunder, Warframe and Fortnite is also free but who the hell plays that? I think I only seen Botan play Warzone

>> No.7653730

It's actually the opposite. The sperging faggot creates more empathy towards her because all that anyone else sees is a psycho freak who won't stop shitting on her when literally no one else is talking about her. The sperg Streisands her for free and is too fucking stupid to realize it.

>> No.7653776

That boi is a LEGEND. i love her new BGM. there was a stream a couple weeks ago where Mousey talked at length about all the things she could do if she wasn't suffering from her illness. She talked about seeing the stars and the grass and the ocean and then she faded in the dreamy mousey synthwave music (one of the first times she ever played it) and it was so fucking MOVING.

I also like the creepy "Little Kaysers Pikza" song Aethelstan did.

He did a synthwave song for Nyan too but she only played it a couple times then went back to her old music "Blast Off". I wonder if she didn't care for it.

>> No.7653782

Sorry, wasn't trying to make it sound like you hated on the game, just that the general vibe is a lot of us are sick of seeing it played. The cross pollination is partially why you see a lot of them play it, I think, and the lack of required permissions for the more company based vtuber groups (esp. HL and Niji, where permissions are a constant problem). Those guys are also the most popular vtubers, so other people get influenced. It also comes along with the developing friendships, like Ollie and Zentreya both being into it and bonding over it. Zen of course spread that to Froot and Haruka. Vei kind of spread it to Nyan and Mousey, etc. So, yeah, just kind of a social evolution that started from a easy common denominator factor (IE no permissions required) I think.

>> No.7653818

You're still talking to him. Please just ignore him.

>> No.7653891

I hope no one attacks me but it has been brought up multiple times that bunny should have her own thread. The vshojo girls and snuffy have their own threads so why not one for bunny? She doesnt do a lot with vshojo so why dont her fans make her own thread?

>> No.7653940

>vshojo girls... have their own threads

>> No.7653979

I agree the Zen-Froot-Haruka team can be entertaining in and of itself. But I kinda wish they would just play UNO like they did the other night when Froot was memorably plastered. love how she can go to posh lich waifu to like a howling sorority girl on spring break after a few drinks.

>> No.7654003

Also, holy shit something just happened. Post happy Mouseys.

>> No.7654014

Speaking of samefag, bunnyshill must have gotten banned. A bunch of posts were just purged.

>> No.7654028

I would also love for DragonFrootCock to do a few other things besides Apex. The UNO game was amazing to watch as their drunk asses were having a good time learning a new game. Momo was also delightful and she really needs to be asked to do more things, too.

>> No.7654039


what happened?

>> No.7654105

See >>7654014. We were at autoprune limit on posts and now we're back under 290. We also lost two unique IPs. Some of the deleted were mine, but I have not yet received a vacation so I don't know what is with the sudden purge.

>> No.7654132

Posts that are replies to banned posters that get nuked also get auto deleted since they have no post they are replying to anymore. Glad the shill is gone.

>> No.7654157

Wait, "Bunnyshill" got banned? There is no Bunnyshill, just a Bunnysperg. The fuck?

>> No.7654186

>there is no bunnyshill

Theres someone who comes in and attacks everyone who says anything they don’t like about bunny all while accusing anyone who replis to them of samefagging. It’s clear who the real samefag was all along kek.

>> No.7654222

Uh, I'm one of the people pointing out who Bunnysperg is every time and I'm still here. Not sure who got banned or why at this point.

>> No.7654235

>openly admitting to shitting up the thread and taking bait

>> No.7654245

its not taking bait when you point out the person is retarded and it leads to a better thread in the long run

>> No.7654252

Bunnysperg is still here.

>> No.7654268

Well someone got banned and it wasn't me. This is a weird twist.

>> No.7654327

a few posts that got into person stuff between bunny and sperg were removed, but i am still here, and the same bunnysperg guy is still here. see his trademark voice on No.7654014, No.7654132, No.7654186
i think just the posts were removed, not the users.

>> No.7654337

Well whatever, back to posting Mouseys.

>> No.7654359

Yeah, Momo is a joy.

>> No.7654467

Would be healthy to play something else for a change, I think Froot might have an actual problem with apex. Maybe something like golf with friends would be good with a couple more people.

Though Barotrauma would be my first choice for a "oh shit everything is going wrong" stream

>> No.7654469

Hm. Well, next time I make the OP I'm putting all the previous names back in there. Might even add a few just for the fuck of it. Hell yeah.

>> No.7654506

Froot's addiction to Apex is kind of cute actually. She's a total loot gremlin and seems to be getting really good at the game overall. Variety would definitely be a spice of life tho.

>> No.7654668

Ah, feel kinda sad I missed mouse, but Vei+Snuffy being dumbasses was pretty good too.

>> No.7654774

vei has also asked how to say things in Polish.

nothing wrong with 720p.
.t comfy 480p viewer

>> No.7654776

It does feel like she's blowing off streaming to play Apex, though she might also just be self conscious about the fire alarm. Her house sounds honestly shocking though, even by UK rental standards.
Pretty obvious her landlord is just buying old ladies houses and does nothing to them before renting it out and is only using a couple of his cowboy mates (bong term for not exactly licensed professionals) to do all the maintenance and odd jobs.

>> No.7654831

Looks like thread was cleaned again. Based jannies.

>> No.7654911

I didn't realize it was that bad. Poor Froot. Wasn't she super excited only a few months ago that she was moving to a better place?

>> No.7655027

It's only a shame that Froot plays the game at low settings

>> No.7655099

It was pretty funny in a sad way, Froot & Zen spent nearly an hour trying to sort out her fire alarm. Froot going "it's not that bad really, the last place was worse" while talking about her buggered pipes, dangerously leaking roof and broken bath, and that wasn't even all the problems.

>> No.7655104

I don't consider that an issue, but I'm the kind of player who tries to max fps rather than graphics.

>> No.7655132

Yeah, her talking about the roof caving in on her somehow still makes this place better? Jesus.

>> No.7655210

Zen's reactions were pretty good too, she seemed genuinely shocked. Both at froot being useless and the place.

>> No.7655227

Bunnyshills BTFO. Make your own thread

>> No.7655374

Why? you would just hijack the thread with your usual spergery just like you do in this thread.

>> No.7655526

I think most online content creators are in general. You have to be pretty mad to try and make it as a streamer given the odds. I don't think it's unique to choobas

>> No.7655780

Like how you hijack vshojo threads to shit it up about someone no one likes?

>> No.7656232

Zen is great

>> No.7656265

>tfw Snuffy says she wants to buy her parents a house and live with them 5ever
That's very seiso.

>> No.7656638

I want to fuck Silver in the ass while her mom watches and then finish on her fat tiddies

>> No.7656673

>live with them 5ever
a disfunctional adult who can't even take care of their pets wanting to coddle to their parents as much as possible. Figures.

>> No.7657412

are you gay??? Don't you want to experience the tightness of her chubby pussy???

>> No.7658649

>can't even take care of their pets
How? when she got big, the first thong she did was order them a $500 litter box.

>> No.7658819

>throwing expensive items at your pet
>taking good care of your pet
She admitted to feeding them McD scraps and "skin" from chicken nuggies. Didn't know chocolate is poisonous to cats until chat told her.

>> No.7659454

>Didn't know chocolate is poisonous to cats until chat told her.
Never tried feeding that to mine, but you're the first person to tell me this.

>> No.7659844

its a fucking meme, chocolate is "poisonous" to humans too in large quantities, dogs and cats have a lower threshold per lb body-weight, but the main reason is that small dogs are small, so they can die from small doses. a big dog can eat up to a pound of chocolate a day and not have an effect (humans can eat up to 2 pounds before they start getting tremors and headaches). Its one of those I fucking love science! things where people hear something and repeat it to sound smart.

>> No.7659972

it's not a meme, theobromine is extremely dangerous to dogs and cats. Even in small quantities it can cause lasting damage.
> a big dog can eat up to a pound of chocolate a day and not have an effect
Not it can't. I know this is 4ch but stop spreading blatant uneducated dribble. It's because of people like you I have to deal with easily avoidable cases every day.
t. vet

>> No.7660266

>Its one of those I fucking love science! things
How come whenever I see this the answer is just to make shit up to be contrarian
Hurr you like space well I don't like space

>> No.7660633

28 grams of chocolate has 60 milligrams of theobromine and theobromine and has a LD50 of 300mg/kg. Do the math. For a large dog thats an LD50 of 5kg of chocolate

If were talkng about damage due to long term exposure, thats still 20g of chocolate per kg of dog per day, thats almost a kg of chocolate for a large dog every day.

Lets be even more anal and go with Merck Veterinary Manual that gives 1.5g of chocolate per kg body weight for *mild* symptoms to start, thats 2 chocolate bars, for mild symptoms, that doesn't require treatment.

youre a shit vet.

>> No.7660652

Snuffy is pure sex and I would throw away my pilot medical to smoke a bowl with her

>> No.7660922

I won't even go over all the shit you just pulled out of your ass while referencing MVM out of all things.

>> No.7660953

lol sure

>> No.7661195

>giving your cats mcds scraps and nuggie skins means you're not taking care of your pet
what kinda silver spoon shite is this

can confirm my post about bunnysperg got deleted, thanks for unsperging the thread once again mods. maybe he'll give up this time (he won't)

>> No.7661434


mikey lore post
mikey extremely wants the Power Rangers Universe to be real

>> No.7661485

your must have slept through toxicity classes because your math and information is at least two decades old. Merck? You're a first year vet tech school drop out? Quote better sources.
Either way, in felines it's as little as 7-9 grams of chocolate that can can cause severe issues.

>> No.7661756

Did he say anything about the Vei collab?

>> No.7661804

With Snuffy?
No, he didn't say anything in her chat.
I've only seen him in Vei's chat like one time in the past month.

>> No.7661843

Have you never been in a male only locker room?
Shit can get gay very fast

>> No.7662071

He stopped watching her months ago, then only came back because she DMed him asking where he was, after that he was in her stream again a couple of times and left again

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