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Hoshimachi Suisei Thread

Original Songs Playlist
Now on Space (Acoustic Version)
Now on Space (Trio Version)


Stream or Purchase 『駆けろ』(Kakero)

Upcoming Events
(August 21st) Original Song release and Important Announcement
(September 29th) Still Still Stellar: Hoshimachi Suisei 1st Album Release.

You can purchase tickets to the archive of TUBEOUT with Hanabasami Kyou (Re:ACT) here:

Physical CD Pre-purchase


Hoshimachi Suisei and Azusa Tadokoro: Heikousen Scramble
(Radio Show with Bunka Housou every Sunday 17:00)

For any questions you may have and older threads, check the FAQ:

Last Thread: >>7523291

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Tokomachi supremacy is hijacking this thread!!!

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Have a nice thread everyone. Remember, don't reply to bait and don't misbehave.

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So is it confirmed that Suityan is /here/?

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I want this Christmas tree

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Okayu really loves suityan's songs.

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They should have a singing collab for deep voice unity.

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Suityan chest drum was superior

>> No.7634742

Okayu sang Bluerose again yesterday.

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God I just want to hug Suichan, bet she smells really nice and is very soft too

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Imaginary Kakero Sui-Chan…

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The song about overcoming challenges and moving forward will be remembered as "that funny MV with distorted suityan faces".

>> No.7636932

This theme is what comes first to my mind when I saw those stop signs

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Who is not to say that Suisei and her MV maker didn't have a sense of humor? This probably was deliberate.

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Is it bad that I like her as a streamer instead of as a musician? Not that I disliked her works or anything, I'm just not that much of a music enthusiasts, just the type to like a a music because it sounds good to me.

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Why would that be bad? She’s a great streamer.

>> No.7645863

Eh. Everybody has preferences but you are going to have a hard time now, she is more focused on her music career than never before. At least you don't hate her. Tell me where did you get that gif and you have my blessings

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i like suityan more as a musician than a streamer..

>> No.7646508

Anyone who appreciates Suityan is a friend to me, whatever their reason.

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D****rd. Also on the contrary, I'm actually okay with her streaming frequency, since that means I have time to watch her archives or spend more time on other stuff, plus she always put effort even on the few time she streams. Just wish she would play Thief Sim again, its one of her best contents

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I can definitely relate. I used to complain about her lack of stream hours because I figured it was a detriment to her growth, but actually I can barely keep up with her as is. There’s not enough time in the day to watch all the content some of these girls pump out, so I appreciate Suityan “measured” pace much more now.

>> No.7647198

Another thing to consider is that Suityan spends much more time on music than other holos. As much as I'd enjoy 5 hours of Suistream every day, it would impede her ability to release music.

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>I used to complain about her lack of stream hours because I figured it was a detriment to her growth
I think this is one of the things that hold her back when she was an indie. After joining INNK she started to stream more frequently and she started to grow. No joke, the "3 streams a week" rule that hololive has works in keeping you relevant and also justifies the salary the give you. Except on the fucking bitch Ayame, she's an outlier.

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Didnt she had like 6k subs with >100 max viewers even as an indie back then? I'll say she did made it decent as an indie, especially when back then vtubing is still a niche, but she wants to go bigger that

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Only if you're a shitposter

>> No.7648622

liking suichan for any reason is good

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pic related

>> No.7649204

I rarely see bait nowadays fortunately. Usually the bait is in the other threads, but here it's really comfy

>> No.7649367 [SPOILER] 

kyou mou chiisai

>> No.7649890

We have two antis that sometimes come here trying to bait
One that says that she's a leech, he's a brute and kinda dumb and childish.
The other one talks about how boring GHOST is, for example. This one is more reserved.

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If it makes you feel better, the only reason he came here is because making a Suisei anti thread here never ends well, and in /jp/ they dont get much (You)s anymore

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thots on shiranui kensetsu?

>> No.7650432

do your Sensuku reps

>> No.7650506

Who arr you calling thots?

>> No.7650544

Don’t lie who liked her old model more?

>> No.7650594

Not me. Her old model has no direction.

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Pls don’t whip her sir she’s doing her best!

>> No.7652897

her old model is the smuggest

>> No.7653157

Only second place. Not enough reps...

>> No.7653365

Like Subaru I think Suisei long with Miko has inclined most in 2021, I think GHOST was a hard catalyst for it, Great song, long waited follow up original or both? But everything seems to be pointing in the right direction this year. I thought her music was stagnating a little last year after Mori came and dropped a full EP and more but I'm glad she's putting the grind in and it's paying off tenfold.
I'm just a wizard ranting so don't mind me.

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>Suityan chest drum

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>> No.7654316

From their ASMR at the hotel

>> No.7654481

CHAD Hoshiyomi

>> No.7654502

>the only reason he came here is because making a Suisei anti thread here never ends well
and here's the proof

>> No.7654516

What's the significance of the Tiger here?

There was also one during Hoshi no Kanata day and/or the stream before it.

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Suityan you can't just post that on the internet...

>> No.7654949

Why are nips so ignorant to ww2

>> No.7655125

hahahah so funny nazi symbol hahahaha never been done before.
fuck off.

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>> No.7655273


It's not the same anon. It's a Buddhism word.

>> No.7655355

Weeks ago someone made a thread spreading rrats from 5ch about Suisei and Kanata. The post reached bump limit because people didn't know how to stop giving (You)s or sage. The fact that the fucking wojakposter jumped in didn't help either. That thread worked apparently but it worked one time. It will not work again probably.

>> No.7655381

The three of Aqua, Ayame, Shion is called 卍組(Manji gumi), and it's not nazi.

>> No.7655431

Yeah but the wojakposters are just nonsensical spams instead of siding with anyone, so the OP's goal weren't really achieved there. But yeah if you see Suisei anti/bait threads just spam images or sage if you can't ignore.

>> No.7655695

The wojakposters don't sage and keep bumping threads, that's the problem.

>> No.7655801

or BTFO the faggot OP like that one based hoshiyomi

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what other holomems/vtubers do you guys like watching? i'm p curious if hoshiyomis have a clear #2 or if it's all over the place

>> No.7655850

I'm an autist who only watches Suityan

>> No.7655892

>i'm p curious if hoshiyomis have a clear #2
we're not all robots who think the same, what a dumb take, Of course it's gonna be different.

>> No.7655893

For me, Luna, Haato(if she play games), Towa(non FPS streams) and Ame if i feel like not doing anything, also theres these two indies I watch sometimes(Hayate and Beatani).

>> No.7655911

Haachama. I don't watch her as religiously as Suityan though. Amelia is in a far 3rd position, everytime I watch her I'm reminded of GFE and I hate GFE

>> No.7655921

AZKi, Ayame, Flare. At least those are the ones I am subscribed to. I like watching several others, but I don't feel the need to keep up with whatever they are doing.

>> No.7655939

Suisei is my number 2, she was my intro to Holo but she's not my 最推し

>> No.7655962

i mean suityan's personality appeals to her fans for a reason. if you're really into her dorkiness you'll probably look for that in general, which is gonna influence your other favorites

if anything it'd make sense for the second, third, etc spots among hoshiyomis to have some noticeable overlap

>> No.7655981

you gonna spill the beans on who number one is or what

>> No.7656067


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>> No.7656140

Used to be Lamy but she streams too much for me to keep up

>> No.7656389

I'm sorry Yukimins, I swear I was just joking back then in /jp/ when I said I will convert Yukimins into Hoshiyomis

>> No.7656462

No, Suisei was always my favorite. I wanted to check out Lamy because her design and personality were nice
I still like her but I don't keep up with her as much

>> No.7657631

Suisei in Towa's live right now

>> No.7657668

Watch Suisei on Towa's live right now:

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>> No.7657885

so fucking cute.

>> No.7658563

That was nice Stardust. I believe they sang it on original key, not lowered.

>> No.7659051

"Why didn't you eat your vegetables, anon-kun?"

>> No.7659644


Looks like it.

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>> No.7659823

That's impressive with that lineup. Also, for once my ears didn't lie.

>> No.7659870

Ui-mama. I love bitches.

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>> No.7660259

Don't have any, really. I'm rarely able to catch up her livestream (or any holo livestream, for that matter), so song reps and utawaku VODs are my main food.

>> No.7660850

Miko, Toko, Flare, Polka. I watch chubas around suityan.

>> No.7662021

Suisei is defo #1 in my books, she's earned it.
Live: Aqua, Gura
Vods: Ina
Aqua has also won me over with her work ethic and just how goddamn adorable this stupid onion is. It's honestly pretty close for 1st/2nd. Gura for singing, but.....so lazy. Oh so lazy.

>> No.7662201

Suisei you better call in.

>> No.7662204

Outside of Suisei's streams it's basically just random clips involving whoever in jp, especially if they happen to involve Suisei.

>> No.7662270

>> No.7662369

Hope you know what you're getting into, but glad you're a member all the same

>> No.7662387

She's probably busy listening to Fling Posse.

>> No.7662412

You make it sound like a bad thing?

>> No.7662433

I find in general, the Hololive mems I watch outside of Suisei fluctuate over time. A few months back, I watched many Rushia streams, but now of days, I find myself watching Miko, especially her Hardcore Minecraft series.

Other than Suisei, Moona's unarchived Utas definitely on top of my priority list, I really hope Suisei could get in contact with Moona for EN Uta ideas, because Moona's setlist choices are just outright incredible, and also the type of songs Suisei would excel in.

>> No.7662447

Just setting expectations. If they expected a ton of member's only content, then they'd be in for a surprise. Didn't mean it as a bad thing

>> No.7662520

Just wanted to support Suichan!

>> No.7662528


>> No.7662679

membership only cover when...

>> No.7662685

Then you're doing it right.

>> No.7663072

>Why didn't you eat yours, Suityan?

>> No.7663533

Suityan's the only holo I still follow these days, but I drop by AZKi's karaoke streams sometimes. I used to watch Haachama's kikaku streams but her content isn't really for me anymore. Outside of hololive, I watch Mito (my niji oshi), then a bunch of vsingers and some indies.

>> No.7664124

The other holos I actively watch are Okayu, Miko, Pekora and Moona (especially for karaoke). Outside of hololive, I watch all of Sanbaka, Mito, Ars and recently Selen.

>> No.7664243

Yeah but I dont like putting effort for schizos

>> No.7664444

i havent been watching many vtubers as of late, depresso's got me good for a while. But if you want a #2 then i would go for Matsuri. She used to be my first then I watched one of Suisei's concerts and oshiswitched

>> No.7664668

What does Suityan smell like? Would she get mad if you tried to sniff her during a hug?

>> No.7664697

Miko was the one I watched the most before I had watched a single Suisei clip, but never to an oshi level really. For obvious reasons I picked her up again recently, so she'd probably be closest to my number two, but even then it's more like I'm doing some MiComet extracurriculars. Honestly I mostly just watch Suisei, but I try to keep up with Toko's and Chigusa's karaokes at least and tend to catch a stream from them if Suisei hasn't been streaming. Which hasn't really been the case lately, and like I said, I find myself watching more Miko recently. Very occasionally I also watch Lupinus and Ran. Used to watch a little of Korone and Coco too before I really discovered Suisei, (as well as Kizuna AI way back when, but that was so long ago it seriously feels like a different scene especially since I didn't know there was a scene at the time).

In fact thinking about it, rather than any single chuuba, I mostly tend to watch the events and streams Suisei shills on Twitter, which mostly enforces the fact that I'm really just watching Suisei even when I'm not watching her. I also tend to listen to stuff on autoplay when the mood strikes, so mostly Holo stuff, because that's what algorithm recommends, but I do once in a while seek out Joe or some of those indies I picked up from those AZKi streams. Towa is probably the Holo I specifically seek out the most for music.

>> No.7664927

Suichan probably smells like flowers or fruits

>> No.7665119

I imagine her smelling like roses in spring, maybe with a hint of cigarette smoke.

>> No.7665198

DYRBI Don't joke about those things, this board is underage and believes anything

>> No.7665742

boiz 300k for 10mln. I'm sure it will reach 10mln this month.

>> No.7667410

>> No.7667920


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>> No.7670738


>> No.7671489

I'm waiting for Cry Baby cover.

>> No.7671611

What KK card was used here?

>> No.7671699

The mixer should've increased Okayu's volume a bit.

>> No.7671882

Same, the karaoke version is too good

>> No.7672323

Watching Tubeout right now, was Suisei okay that night? Her performance was wild and messy as fuck compared to Kyo's. Like, just take NCP was an example, it's all over the place.

>> No.7672344

Isn't one problem with Shoujo Rei cover that the utawaku version is better?

>> No.7672954

It depends on your opinion. For me the Shoujo Rei cover is better. She sang the karaoke version with an acoustic guitar, I wouldn't compare both versions.
I want Cry Baby as a cover because I want a clean version of her singing it.

>> No.7673537

I think the cover version is better because the way she sang fits better to the meaning of the lyrics. It's a bit like a horror song.

suityan says NCP is the 2nd difficult song in her original songs, so I think it doesn't have so much differences between other lives.

>> No.7673973

dorky suityan.

>> No.7674200

Hmm, maybe it's just the new dances she was rehearsing tiring her out. She did a whole load of choreography compared to Kyo simply Idol-Stepping though the set list. Most of Suisei's songs aren't really designed to be danced to.

>> No.7674597

She sounds so tired after NCP, so it might be. In the other hand, I think Kakero was so good that it was way better than the one she sang in her stream first time.

>> No.7674772

Suichan is so cute bros...

>> No.7675197

She's so cute!

>> No.7675362

im sleepy...

>> No.7675912

Suityan should do more RFA streams to increase her stamina.

>> No.7676569

I've seen through your play, Hornyomi.
and i agree

>> No.7678879


>> No.7679946


>> No.7683436

Someone in the comment section of Kakero commented the lyrics but I have my doubts about them. How truthful are they?

>> No.7683688

>commented the lyrics
I meant translated

>> No.7684821

My Japanese isn't very good, but I don't see any obvious errors.

>> No.7685948

>> No.7686571

She’s a loud one

>> No.7688625

I want to make her scream like that.

>> No.7689611 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7689980

suityan... Puyo2 Tetris when...

>> No.7691255

blessed picture. blessed. i can now die in peace.

>> No.7691585

i can't tell if this is bait or you honestly haven't even once caught that this is not the same symbol

>> No.7693053

Enstars added new swipe mechanics

Now I'm imagining Suityan seething and smashing her phone.

>> No.7693262

Care to expound on this?

>> No.7693357


Check QRT for salt.

>> No.7694268

KING 4mln

>> No.7694561

Suityan disemboweled a watamelon and is wearing its skin

>> No.7695111

I'm gonna gosling

>> No.7695147


>> No.7695184

>suityan says NCP is the 2nd difficult song in her original songs
whats the first most diffiuclt

>> No.7695224

Maybe it's because I'm ESL but I feel like the translated lyrics don't go with the song sometimes. Other words could be used to make it feel more natural

>> No.7695299


>> No.7695445


>> No.7695625


>> No.7697758

suistream aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

>> No.7697898

nope, not today
Unless she makes an appearance at Aqua's live, which I severely doubt.

>> No.7698954


>> No.7699034

Do your reps: https://files.catbox.moe/cu26fj.mp4

>> No.7699849


>> No.7700212

first time?

>> No.7700441

announce the digital version

>> No.7701032

INOTAC's about to bring out the biggest banger in existence

>> No.7701039

While booking my order for her album on CDjapan, I realized I don't actually have a cd player at home anymore. Yes, I'm a zoomer. Still bought it though

>> No.7701358

I bought it for my car stereo. Also my laptop still has a disc tray, and my karaoke machine.

>> No.7701501

I don't superchat or membership cause they're rich enough and I don't have any use for a physical release other than to own a copy of it for the sake of it, I'll be buying the digital though whenever it gets announced.

>> No.7701572

only dirtpoor underground indies don't do digital releases these days anon. they don't even need to announce it, the album will be out on the usual digital stores/streaming places on the day of the release.

>> No.7702702

>only dirtpoor underground indies don't do digital releases these days anon.
Why would a dirtpoor underground indie release something only on physical? It's cheaper to release them digitally, isn't it?

>> No.7702790


>> No.7702801

licensing costs more than buying CDs. CDs are basically close to obsolete so they're cheaper to produce in small quantities, and normally underground indies just produce like a hundred copies, which is cheaper than paying licensing for digital services since they don't really put things there for free.

>> No.7702919

I'm gonna buy both of them. I just wanna have a physical CD.

>> No.7703042

Where is this from?

The source video linked in the description has been privated.

>> No.7703156

She finally wore it... I wanna see...

>> No.7703187

White day karaoke stream apparently https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV11E41137ak/

>> No.7703424

That link is filthy

>> No.7703902

Sasuga Suichan's biggest fan

>> No.7704200

Imagine if the camera was moved just slightly to the right.

>> No.7704326

We'd see less of Nana-mama's hair though if that were the case and we'd just see more of the background?

>> No.7704989

How much of a Hoshiyomi is Nana?

>> No.7705046

She's a >1 year member

>> No.7705467

since innk. you can see her in the comment.

>> No.7705644


>> No.7705836

Suityan is struggling to find time to stream, but it seems like we might get a cover to make up for it.

>> No.7706956

I'm down for that honestly

>> No.7707300

It hurts, so much time without Suityan.

>> No.7707898

More time to do your Kakero reps

>> No.7708043

Damn, the 14th eh. Well, do what you gotta do to make your dreams could true. I can wait.

>> No.7709728

As far as streams go, I exclusively watch Suityan and a small chuuba that gets no more than 20 viewers. Am EOP but I think Suityan made me feel like being just a number to a small chuuba is good enough.

>> No.7710902

Reminds me of a Suichan cosplayer I met at a con. She was cute

>> No.7711819

Not surprised it's this popular, One of the best covers.

>> No.7712061

Potential of up to 6 days with no suistream...

>> No.7712387

Good thing I have backlogs. Her old voice is still grating though

>> No.7712460

I don't think it's grating, but it does feel really weird watching old Suityan vods/clips and hearing her previous voice.

>> No.7712668

watching old micomet would be nice

>> No.7713405

nice choice

>> No.7714088

Is Kakero available in lossless format?

>> No.7714212

By that, I mean streaming lossless, not downloading.

>> No.7714320

Check Apple Music maybe

>> No.7714982

It seems only for JP accounts. F

>> No.7717986

Suityan wa~?

>> No.7718028

You know that feeling that your comet is more of a fan of orange juice than Ringo juice?

>> No.7718040

sn't streaming last night.

>> No.7718340

It doesn't really matter. Even if she prefers orange, ringo is a part of her image now.

>> No.7720341


>> No.7720430

Why does Suisei consider herself as both a diamond and a comet?

Is she a diamond comet or does she call herself that for whatever reason.

Asking the suisei fans out there.

>> No.7720581

do you mean "diamond in the rough"?
that's a figure of speech

>> No.7720755

really want a Kirby playthrough

>> No.7722427


>> No.7722527


>> No.7722593

TL Note: Suisei means comet

>> No.7722974

Oh. I thought it was, like, a Comet the reindeer reference.

>> No.7723791

Which Kirby game would be good for Suityan to play?

>> No.7724398 [SPOILER] 

Suityan face reveal

>> No.7724438

Any, but since I doubt Suisei would emulate, so Star Allies would be her best option right now. I think she mentioned she in her last Twitter Space that she isn’t looking to do any retro content on her channel yet, else I would have preferred Super Star.

>> No.7724444

just an announcement, Suisei Train arriving at 2mln

>> No.7724860

Would you be her friend...

>> No.7724965

Suisei literally means comet, but calling herself as a Diamond is based on her billing herself as a Diamond in a Rough - someone who has immense potential, but will continually work towards fulfilling it.

>> No.7725130

imagine if suityan did a kirby air ride off collab

swerve star is my guess for her vehicle of choice

>> No.7725134

Yes, without a doubt. Suityan seems like a great friend, as long as you can stand the occasional gushing about Ensta.

>> No.7725522

Being a friend is probably the way you'd most enjoy her company, even if I'm still half gosling for her.

>> No.7725616

Fat girl angle, yes. Suityan is probably one of the more fit holos though.

>> No.7726659

kyou mo chisaiii

>> No.7729148

What does Sui-chan represent to you?

>> No.7729259


>> No.7729330

forgive me if this is cringe but she sorta fills me with a sense of hope

it's nice being reminded that there's massive dorks out there like suityan, as well as being reminded that some people out there do get rewarded for trying their ass off

makes me feel a little bit better about things. it's also just nice having something you feel very positively towards to keep you afloat or inspire you

>> No.7729680

Its cringe as hell.

But its true though. Suisei is a hell of a worker to get to where she is.

>> No.7729773

Cringe and truth. Suisei's story is one of perseverance, the power of SPITE, and a bit of luck.
It's great to see her efforts rewarded.

>> No.7730203

cringe but dangerously based

>> No.7730371

I've made this long before when I tried encapsulating what I felt about Suityan. I'd try to make some updates to it but I'm not sure where I can fit more (or less), it feels like it gets a lot of what I liked about her and what I still like about her.

She's living the dream yet she's very approachable. Her personality is both the ideal yet you can also say that she's someone like (You). Even then, she's the embodiment of living by doing what you love. She puts up one of the least facades in hololive, she is quite literally her character, making it easier to get to know her. Her humor is crude, but that only serves to elevate her cute side even more when she shows it off. Her competitive nature makes her one of the holos that are very tolerable to watch because most of the time she's not acting like a headless chicken. Her never give up attitude is really inspiring and isn't particularly overbearing. The contrast of being a cool idol in her performances while being a massive dork in her streams is something she does very well at balancing. She's one of the holos who work their hardest to put on a show for her fans because she wants to, not because she wants to get money out of it. She makes her 3D lives free so everyone can see it and talk about it, and only asks that people give her more work to do rather than making people purchase it. She has simple tastes and loves in life, and she doesn't let anything get between her and achieving them.

She is simultaneously the "Otaku Idol" that you cheer for on the stage, and the "Idol Otaku" that cheers for her beside you. HOSIMATI_SUISEI.

>> No.7731549

You asked that in June so I'll quote >>4555043

>> No.7731665

Good thing I have this saved from the last time
Comet. Jokes aside, Suisei means a source on inspiration, a light that kept on fighting even though all odds were against her. And even when she got what she wanted she had to deal things out of her control, making her a message to all of her fans of what happens when you don't give up. Honestly, saying that she's one of the things in life that makes me want to keep fighting in life, even when I'm depressed, is short. I don't love her to the point of obsession but I feel a deep respect and admiration for her, probably a respect and admiration that I didn't feel for anyone in my life. I'm here for the ride of what goes next in her future and I can't wait to see her in ten years, I hope she can keep shining in all of our lives for many many years. She deserves that for inspiring so much people.

>> No.7733741

Tetris and chat

>> No.7733754

22 JST

>> No.7733799


>> No.7733809

in 50 minutes, sweet

>> No.7733899


>> No.7733939

Suityan will bless us today

>> No.7734408


>> No.7735224


>> No.7735567

>The song is generally about the youth of a young girl, dashing through the various stages of youth. therefore Kakero(Dash)

>> No.7735679

I feel like this is the most natural Suisei voice we've ever heard.

>> No.7735939


>> No.7736493

>> No.7736510

Suisei....you're a Bakugo fag?!

>> No.7736848

new cover on friday?
what do you think it's
gonna be?

>> No.7736879

goodbye sengen

>> No.7736961


>> No.7736986

New song on the 21st

>> No.7737202

ReadyMade onegai

>> No.7737235


>> No.7737371

>me also a bakugofag
we are...

>> No.7737392

What did she say about gachikois? I don't have enough nihongo reps to know what she was talking about other than the "I'm sorry gachikois" at the end.

>> No.7737396

08/13 - New Cover (Maybe)
08/16 - Interesting Announcement
08/21 - Announcement + New Original

>> No.7737402

I swear Suisei always has the best endings.

>> No.7737886

Here's what someone posted on /jp/
>Suisei is the type that does NOT want gachikois at all and actively avoids it
>Asked the scriptwriters specifically to not give out anything that feels personal or invites gachikois for her previous voice packs

>> No.7737918


>> No.7737969

Seems she will hate this place if she sees it.

>> No.7737991

the one suityan was talking about. this girl already retired though.

>> No.7738390

Scriptwriters of what? Kakero?

>> No.7738417

voicepacks and shit, anonchama
possibly hologra too but I don't think there's much risk of hologra turning people into gachikois in the first place

>> No.7738466

Must be different guy who wrote Bluerose. If you stroll around Shinano River, you may find his head floating up.

>> No.7738632

Oh right, it says right there. I'm dumb. How many voicepacks did she release? I thought that one of those was released on February 14th, did she hurt the feelings of people on February 14th?

>> No.7738676

The guy who wrote Bluerose is the composer.

>> No.7738917

She didn't hurt anyone's feelings, but it just wasn't anything romantic. I think the voicepack was about her being the listener's school friend and hanging out.

>> No.7739183

Honestly with how quirky and expensive she can be, I think a friendship is enough

>> No.7739893

Freudian slip?

>> No.7739970

I never knew nari followed suityan again...

>> No.7740064

I was exaggerating but I wouldn't want anyone who spends so much money on gacha as partner, her friendship is more valuable to me, it was a good pick as voicepack.

>> No.7740114

Please please, 3D alternative outfit

>> No.7740151

somethings happening....

>> No.7740217

Maybe the announcement on the 16th is a new outfit?

>> No.7740468


>> No.7740566

it already passed 9mln. Maybe GHOST would reach 10mln faster than Tenkyu.

>> No.7740732

Who are those two above Suityan?

>> No.7741041

That's pretty cool... Nari...

>> No.7741278

The dream will finally be realised

>> No.7741583

Did he ever unfollow her?

>> No.7741632

Yeah, for quite a while now

>> No.7741787

Keep dreaming anons. You know what happens when you don't stop believing, Suityan is proof of that.I wouldn't bet any money on that though, good luck

>> No.7742160

What website is this?

>> No.7743242


>> No.7743246

Seeing how based she is just makes me gosling harder

>> No.7743349

Very based, and also a very healthy mindset to have if you want to avoid needless drama.

>> No.7743950

Suityan said she got a new PC!
Hoshimachi & Shishiro PC building stream please.

>> No.7744946

I hope Suichan played Mario Party with Anemachi again soon...

>> No.7746178

I need that collab.

>> No.7746791

Didn't Anemachi bugger off permanently because she's "afraid of gachikois"?

>> No.7747717

I don't know if it was permanent, but Anemachi did reduce her stream appearances because she was scared of getting obsessive fans.

>> No.7748040


Looking at all those people Suisei did MV work for is just sad. This one seemed to be a big deal at the time, or at least they tried to make it be a big deal. Suisei had to win a competition with 10k as the prize to have this become the official video and it has less total views than Suisei had viewers today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7yiOtZcAOI

>> No.7748243

Suisei made these MVs...holy damn, she can even do video editing. She's amazing.

>> No.7748333

Atleast the last MV she made got more than 5M views

>> No.7748625

Hoshi no Kanata...

>> No.7748718

It's like when someone found that old TTRPG stream with a bunch of other indies. None of the others have even reached 5k. It's a reminder of how lucky we are that Suityan didn't give up.

>> No.7749165

Dont forget about the most viewed MV which suityan made.

>> No.7749573

Can we have these added as a mention in the OP? Would be cool to acknowledge her editing skills too, at the risk of making the OP too crowded.

>> No.7749777

It's already too crowded plus i don't think anyone made the playlist of them yet

>> No.7750029

I can add a question to the FAQ if you know how to express it in a meaningful way but it's not really something that people asks.
The mini-documentary that Aburage115 made briefly covers the topic and it doesn't need more attention than that imo. Those videos are more like fun facts, after all.

>> No.7750765

Suisei did TTRPG?

>> No.7751292

From November 2018

>> No.7753677

>> No.7754852


>> No.7756379


>> No.7757436

They’re her charm point!

>> No.7757651

Every point is a charm point for Suityan

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