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Bricked Chuuba Edition

>What is /wvt/?
/wvt/ is a thread for viewers to find, share, and discuss English-speaking VTubers.

>Shilling your oshi?
Include a picture and a link so we know who they are and how to watch!

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Inferior gori

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIr5DBd76Z8 [Embed]
corpse will be continuing DQ8 in about 4 minutes

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>put the thread title in the name field

>> No.7597162

>title in the wrong field

Hello Africat glad to see you here I love you

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>> No.7597309

im confused..

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Cute bear is streaming, come watch and play checkers against her!

>> No.7597374

Attention all Vtubers! This is your new manager speaking!
Join Tsunderia. This is a threat.
Minimum qualifications:
>Asian heritage
>Mentally unstable
>Ability to go on hiatus minimum three times a month
>Ability to break containment within 24 hours of debuting
That is my advice. Just throw away your pride and join Tsunderia.
Auditions close tomorrow at 11:59PM PDT.
Thank you for your attention.

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I missed you please stream more
I'll make art of you

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She looks like Luna and Nina fused together

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My filter picks it up anyway but I laugh at you regardless.

>Crime cat modded Minecraft
>Based bear daughter Cooking Simulator
>Dead lady Dragon Quest VIII
>Drunk cyber cat refuses to go to sleep
>Bat at new outfit and randomized Hollow Knight
>h0I!!!! Dark Souls
>bort Skyrim
>Orchid mantis Ace Attorney Chronicles
>Magical boy Slime Rancher
>Monster girl group drawing collab
>Motherland chicken World of Tanks
>OL demon and friend Ranch Simulator
>Sheep in a knitted sweater Back 4 Blood
>One-eyed bara Control
>Tiefling debut
>Glasses cat ASMR
>Not a supervillain Warzone

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Is Cuphead really this overdone by vtubers already?

On one hand, why do corpos even push vtubers to play catchup to games that have been done to death months and months ago already?

>> No.7597829

I don't think its as forced as you think.
>see a game being streamed
>hey they looked pretty fun I wanna stream it too

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Am I insane for saying that there aren't any games on the Switch that I want to play? God forbid you force me to play Animal Crossing

>> No.7597936

Last thread I asked about which indie gives GFE, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it didn't matter.
The only way I'd have a chance is if they stayed small but then they'd just give up from lack of interest in them.
Or they become big and join a brand and I just become another face in the crowd.
Everything's changed.

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Nina (forma de ArgeNINA)

>> No.7597970

There's not many good games on the switch.
Pokemon united looks pretty fun for what it is, but other than that I can count on my fingers the number of games I want to play on the switch.

>> No.7597974

idk why but i think that i like her. possibly found from one of the previous threads if i don't remember wrong.. then followed when she was not streaming and forgot that i did so

>> No.7598072

So, how many chuubas got pressured into buying a Switch by their fans?

>> No.7598132

>Or they become big and join a brand and I just become another face in the crowd.


>> No.7598140

most chuubas are also women and retarded so naturally they're okay with the rpgmaker tier games of the switch.

>> No.7598444

live in 5 minutes!

>> No.7598544

you're gonna need bigger superchats than that anon.

>> No.7598600

should i watch this bug

>> No.7598667

google does not deserve any support

>> No.7598692

Ina doesn't read superchats
She doesn't care about numbers either
She only demands reps

>> No.7598748

>black mouth
>those eyebrows
>big boobs
>forced dolphin laugh

>> No.7598784

Yuri still playing Portal 2

>> No.7598873

>doesn't like bean eyebrows
I'm going to have to dismiss all your opinions from here on.

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why were those horrible things even invented

>> No.7599095

The png doesn't even move

I expected more with that appearance

>> No.7599104

very cute tiny cat..

>> No.7599173

maybe its just me but i actually prefer that over the blinking thing that most pngtubers use

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>> No.7599237

she has very nice ears.. i wish more vtubers had that kind of movement on their ears

>> No.7599570

Dandelion shoots for the moon in Paper Mario: TTYD!

>> No.7599690

hello ant anon

>> No.7599858

Watched some of her stream the other day, very relaxing. Her Toadette voice in Paper Mario was great

>> No.7600011

Former VR cat here! I talked about it on today's post-squat zatsudan, but I wanted to get some clearer feedback. I was planning on getting the XBar Fitness set to work in some external resistance training and plan to stream some VR workouts with it. However, given the popularity of Ring Fit Adventure, I was contemplating on purchasing a Switch just for a more pleasurable streaming experience, though I wouldn't be building up as much strength as I could have with XBar. What do you all think?

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>> No.7600177


>> No.7600359

Ultra based!

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>> No.7600979

this is some kind of distorted hell

>> No.7601172

Gonna read an issue of New Frontier then play Slay the Spire

>> No.7601478

I know this was probably posted last thread, but I just woke up to this before work and it made my day. God bless Moriko, she's the fucking cutest.

>> No.7601500

Charzu playing Apex

>> No.7601553

Anyone else disappointed she's openly revealed she's DFC? I enjoyed the mystery.

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>> No.7601586

i like cute fox girls too.. https://www.twitch.tv/vixvt

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>> No.7601617

it means she's a tranny anon

>> No.7601670

how FUCKING new

>> No.7601770

]Everyone knows her roommate from her Twitter, anon. She's cute btw. Doesn't always choose the best haircut, but she could easily cosplay her own character. Also pls no ban meido-san, dispelling rrats is a service, otherwise anons will keep talking about this irrelevant shit.

>> No.7602108

that is cute

>> No.7602453

fffffriday night mothafucka. Time to sing songs:

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here come the rrats.

>> No.7602717

a bear would eat the rats

>> No.7602797

>constantly in coqui's shadow
>outdone by someone not even in the group
>literally fucking replaced by cockmeat
>wants to prove themselves
>hag aura


>> No.7603031


>baby bump


>> No.7603565

late neko stream..

>> No.7603597


>> No.7603779

for me its the bat

streaming now: https://www.twitch.tv/batatvideogames

>> No.7604093

>>outdone by someone not even in the group
What does that even mean? Lots of huge vtubers not 'in the group'. Rummy is also doing pretty well for herself.

All said she is probably an excellent partner to seek after.

>> No.7604208

>is leader of gang
>her henchman, the guy she hates in-lore and a random cave woman all vastly overshadow her

>> No.7604244

i think this bug is cute

>> No.7604331

Gang bosses remain in the shadows while their cronies do all the work.

>> No.7604397

ok coqmeat

>> No.7604614

Arypies karaoke announcement tomorrow. Its the last day of her festival so give her lots of love

>> No.7604663

I fucking forgot the fucking link

>> No.7604949

i love the front desk, bros

>> No.7605299

fuck off you only come here when back alley is filled with porn

>> No.7605342

i have never seen the furry thread. i wonder if its better to keep things this way

>> No.7605464

no i live here, the back alley is a bad place for bad people

>> No.7605467

With how you-know-who has been schizoing out? Yeah this is comfy

>> No.7605493

Just search your name and your oshi's name in the archive.

>> No.7605744

feels like a bad idea

>> No.7605813

I was pleasantly surprised to see people saying nice things about me the other day.

>> No.7605964

Alley table is too intimidating. I don't want to go back there...

>> No.7606052

I refuse to believe I'm well-known enough to show up there.

>> No.7606171

i literally never post my streams there and they still namedrop me with an asterisk where my second letter is.

>> No.7606213


ass is playing ds3 for the first time

>> No.7606296

I love doing this and seeing all the false flags by true fags. Cracks me up every time.

>> No.7607576

There are no furryposts in that thread, I'll say that much.

>> No.7608638

but can they be as comfy as this one

>> No.7608801

With comfy, do you mean dead?
I certainly have a laundry list of issues with that thread, but I wouldn't describe this one as "comfy" either.

>> No.7609226

just got back from the grind. Recc me some fresh chuubas watch.

>> No.7609480

Aight tonights setlist, might do another karaoke on weekend to celebrate 200 follows.
Raided a dude who sounds like an add announcer, he playan' Back 4 Blood:

>> No.7609529

I'm sorry I missed it! Will you keep the VOD up?

>> No.7609535

>check out Bunzel today
>1 viewer

it looked like he was having fun with his collab buddy though

>> No.7609965

>have never subscribed to any twitch streamer
>have never membered to any YouTuber
>have never donated
>have never done a superchat
>have never done anything more than make random comments in live chat
>never had an oshi
>from 2014 to now, I have not spent a cent on anyone
>Cyber Lumi is likely going to change this
I don't know how to say it. My indecisive nature keeps me thinking about what admitting this will do...This is probably the best place for it, but it is still just pathetic blogposting.

>> No.7610140

why? your donations just go to the company owner

>> No.7610159

I'm getting interviewd by Neon and he told me to bring my ghost stories, so I'm going to be rambling about the ghosts I've been dealing with all my life. You're gonna get a full dose of esotericism and haunting.


>> No.7610538

Cute Chimera Playing Genshin Impact

>> No.7610549

what's the percentage? or is it 100%?

>> No.7610600

It's ok. I always leave my VODs up. At least for the 15 days that twitch allows me

>> No.7610692

Does she even sing?

>> No.7610707

krimbo's on!

>> No.7610809

you bet your sweet ass she does.

>> No.7610976

her original song is releasing tomorrow


>> No.7610992

I'll be his biggest simp if he switches over to twitch

>> No.7611169

My favorite retro vtuber Macaw is playing an old retro game called Metal Mutant, they use a hyper-realistic 3D rig with best-in-the-world facial tracking so you're in for a treat!

>> No.7611253

Sister thread >>>/trash/wvt
Thank you

>> No.7611401

why do 2-3 views do 24 hours streams?

>> No.7611509

ask bat why she did them when she was a literalwho

>> No.7611919

thank you to anyone who came to the stream!
it was fun!! hopefully we'll have fun again tomorrow!!


>> No.7611928

seriously what is going on with the inside of your mouth

>> No.7611942

those are my mandibles >:(

>> No.7611961

i like them

>> No.7612028

thank you!!

>> No.7612081

guys i need more cute animated emotes help

>> No.7612836

I like Zet.

>> No.7612856

And Zet likes you back.

>> No.7613079

Slay the spire is such a fun game thanks eggryone!

>> No.7613156

I like the bat

>> No.7613392

why is she grilling lasagna? Is she batarded?

>> No.7613401

She has batism

>> No.7613623

if im remembering correctly archive says talent gets 85% or something

>> No.7613861

sounds reasonable.

>> No.7614728

you get a $100 superchat
youtube takes 30% of that, no matter what
so you're left with $70 leftover from that chat
from what we know about Hololive from various snippets of Hololive talents talking about it, the estimated amount that Cover Corp takes is ~30% too. so they are taking $21.

that leaves $49 for the talent to pocket per $100 superchat.

>> No.7614842

>Polyglot time girl
>Baka aussie Phasmo
>Drunk ghost sis Path of Exile
>Bag Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
>Forest midget Project Winter
>Moon girl Back 4 Blood
>Unearthed diglett drawing
>Napping nip Back 4 Blood
>Shota admiral Super Mario Odyssey
>Space bun Minecraft
>Swiss fennec League of Legends
>Sleepy bear redebut Apex
>Scarf girl Tears of Themis
>Robo Alien Isolation

>> No.7614879

when is halo_sweety gonna become our wife instead of gf? I want to have vtuber children with her.

>> No.7614967

what about streamlabs?

>> No.7616179

Quick search says 32 cents plus 2.9% of the total value.

>> No.7616648

Hal0 is talking about Krimbo - timestamp 1:59:00 ish

Is she /here/?

>> No.7616814

>Hal0 is talking about Krimbo
Hal0 is RAIDING krimbo

>> No.7617766

I'm indifferent about Zet

>> No.7618406

She's also grilling grapes.

>> No.7619180

Would you boys be interested if I had weekly videos where I have sex with my cutest viewers on stream?

>> No.7619220

Yes, I'd fap to that.

>> No.7619232

Only if you're a dolphin and only if it's underwater snuff-rape.

>> No.7619509

Krimbo? More like Cringebo. I have no idea how he is as popular as he is

>> No.7619801

Chicks dig dads.

>> No.7619860

I'm not sure if they genuinely like him or just ironically following

>> No.7619893

Do chicks dig chinstrap... beards?

>> No.7619899

I genuinely like Krimbo. Why wouldn't you?

>> No.7619919

He has over 3k followers on both twitch and twitter... they genuinely like him.

Only if you drive a copper cab.

>> No.7619951

Artist buff, simple as

>> No.7620439

Velcord is now no fun allowed. Only talk about the streamer who never streams or ELSE!!!

>> No.7620570

Take your bait to the other thread thanks.

>> No.7620723

Not being serious. I like that kot. I thought it was intendet to be a hangout for vtubers without their own channel

>> No.7620725

Sounds like an untapped market, go for it since you like to talk about it so much.

>> No.7620789

You fell for a meme.

>> No.7620810

Behind every meme there is a fraction of truth

>> No.7621037

It was not, I'm glad she managed to clear that misunderstanding up.

>> No.7621918

I think a few people have the market cornered. There's a lot of nsfw va turned vtubers that do weird shit like that.

>> No.7622985

Moe is streaming for the Hyper Japan Online event on YouTube:

First hour is a vtuber panel with Shirayuki Pro and Tori Thaiga. (11am EST)

Second stream is just Moe herself with a chatting stream. (12pm EST)

>> No.7623366

What makes japanese indies have so much SOUL and passion and how can I give that experience to my viewers? Is it just a genuine interest in greater otaku subculture?

>> No.7623444

They know that they're competing with ten thousand other chuubas and they'll never make it so have completely resigned themselves to purely doing it as a hobby.

>> No.7623505

from my N2 japanese, it also seems like most vtubers in the japanese scene aren't there just so they can revitalize their stagnant following online, and are just doing it to have fun. there are SO many washed up western artists or 'content creators' who are trying to become vtubers to stave off a collapse in interest and it shows in all of their content

>> No.7624454

Thats why i basically only watch new chuuba accounts and not ones that try to convert their old viewerbase.
sure they are absolutely scuff and shit most of the time since they are completely new to streaming, but they do it for fun and/or out of passion.

>> No.7624984

Karaoke party to celebrate hitting affiliate in 10 minutes! I'm going to sing until I can't anymore! Let's party!


>> No.7625169


>> No.7625551

Moe is streaming:

>> No.7625713

Spike + AllBonesJones Desert Bus is live!
Spike side:
Jones side:

>> No.7627277

kot art stream

>> No.7627577

She looks like she spanks 15 year olds

>> No.7627676

She wishes

>> No.7627753

I had a long nap.

>Cat witch and fairy dragon Hunt Showdown
>Tavern goblin Sekiro
>Napping nip still playing Back 4 Blood after 9 hours
>Fighting anya Mahjong Soul
>Ditz chimera cat Guilty Gear Strive
>Killing intent reading A Much Too Silent Sea
>spooky ASMRchuuba drawing
>Blue potato RE7
>Angel bun drawing
>Rocker ayy City Guesser
>Green cat Ori and the Blind Forest
>a cloud Assassin's Creed Odyssey
>Legally blind bee
>Lamia Pokemon
>Ghost png Bloodborne
>Literally junkrat Animal Crossing New Horizon
>Italian dog artist
>Pink lalafell FFXIV
>Orc salaryman zatsudan
>Youkai png endurance stream

>> No.7627818

People like him. The strongest buff for any chuuba, especially male, is just being genuinely likeable. Most people here can't pull it off because at their core they're just awkward weirdos.

>> No.7628236

i must have been really tired.. went to sleep a bit before the previous stream ended and when i wake up the next stream is already on..

>> No.7628798

Did /wfg/ start a recruitment drive or why are the /here/ chuubas talking about warframe?

>> No.7628821


>> No.7628882

if warframe replaces apex i will literally kill myself.

>> No.7628921

Doing some quick progress on No More Heroes, come check it out!

>> No.7628976

carmine's on with more windwaker!

>> No.7629002


>> No.7629388

Man, Bloom is really only held back by his microphone.

>> No.7629456

She's debuting as vtuber now

>> No.7629607

I dislike female vtubers who have a clear disdain for their audience.

>> No.7629608

Established streamers now going vtuber is the biggest shit there is. Literally grabbing money wherever they can

>> No.7629738

Nice to see that Shimada is still sniping people even though she's taking a break.

>> No.7629791

some are into that

not the first, not the last. Some holos were "established streamers" too, you know

>> No.7629820


>> No.7629822

Yeah but playful sexual disdain and actual disdain are different things.

>> No.7629871

>A-chan and Mori are already following her

>> No.7629880


>> No.7629917

she looks cute

>> No.7629935

"Hentai artist" is her nickname on twitch, she drew mori's daki

>> No.7629980

I think of her and the chickens everytime i hear my neighbors cluckers.

>> No.7630029

You do know that some people just genuinely like to do this, right? Just like there's 2views who do this as a hooby, there's content creators who moved over to vtubing because they like it.

>> No.7630092

aw shit she's on the hunt again

>> No.7630173

definitely not my money

>> No.7630319

ah, really? maybe it's my untrained ear but i haven't heard any mic issues

>> No.7630779

It's mainly just peaking and lower quality, definitely nothing to do with his voice. You just need a good audio setup when you're singing at that level

>> No.7630849

acrius is up with METOID PRIME 2

>> No.7631000

twitch is evil. apparently you won't get the channel point reward if you gift things anonymously

>> No.7631234

>Dango cat is drawing
>Slavbuns Genshin Impact
>Loud shibe Pokemon Unite
>Orchid mantis Layers of Fear 2
>Foodie goblin Hades

>> No.7631327

That's the price you have to pay if you don't want to show the streamer that you actually care.

>> No.7631434

but why... twitch absolutely knows who did it so they could give the points too. it does not compromise anonymity either since point balances aren't public. do they not understand that i just don't want so much attention sometimes

>> No.7631835

This gob used to be stuck as a 2view. So glad to see her at 80 now.
Everyone is going to make it. I beleeb this.

>> No.7632006


>> No.7632040

>check email
>see I have two new followers
>manolia_uwu and manolia_kitkat
damn, I got excited for a minute

>> No.7632206

why do you get emails of follows?

>> No.7632369

I thought this was normal? I don't have it turned off since I'm not big enough for it to be spam

>> No.7632459

must be youtube. i never got any kind of notification for my twitch follows

>> No.7632510

the too cute cat live

>> No.7632533

She's sexy and lewd!

>> No.7632555

No, it is Twitch. You must have turned them off or something

>> No.7632574

but that does not make her any less cute

>> No.7632577

ok pikselikissa

>> No.7632738

I've never actually watched her desu

>> No.7632785

i don't really watch her that much but if i see the start notification i usually go check

>> No.7632804

I heard she was coomer and fetish shit so I never bothered to check her out

>> No.7632818

now I wanna click

>> No.7632888

>surprise birthday party for one of her viewers
Holy shit that's cute

>> No.7632933

i was just very confused because she used his irl name instead of the username so i had no idea who she talked about

>> No.7632964

Neko and her Discord are very... close

>> No.7632998

Groomer close or wholesome close?

>> No.7633012

now you are making me worried

>> No.7633021

ZET couldn't find the thread today for some reason so I will link him for him!

>> No.7633029

Wholesome close. There's a guy who likes to shitpost about it though. Pay him no mind.

>> No.7633034

From what i've seen, it's mostly her trying to groom her viewers and them shooting her down

>> No.7633066


>> No.7633081

i feel like this is bait

>> No.7633286

Oof, Carmine just decapitating a poor dude without a word because he doesn't want to deal with his shit.

>> No.7633303

sounds like he deserved it

>> No.7633334

Yeah, I saw it coming, still didn't expect that he'd just wordlessly murder him.

>> No.7633378

thats how everyone should be doing it

>> No.7633386

She's not, apparently just a bit perverted in her discord, but I've only heard about it from /vt/

>> No.7633434

true. shes nothing compared to other streamers i have seen

>> No.7633445

what happened? did he just ban some random viewer saying dumb shit?

>> No.7633674

Basically. The dude acted like a kid but what broke the camels back was probably the 1 bit message just saying "poop"

>> No.7634000


>> No.7634151

look at this dumb turtle touching grass and playing RE8

>> No.7634311

>implying Nina will actually go to sleep now and you won't see her in other streams for the next few hours

>> No.7634560

Rare Slugma Twitch stream

>> No.7634649

finally a chance to check her

>> No.7634684

She'd be cuter with a flat chest.

>> No.7634710

idk.. i like this too

>> No.7634715

Can't have that, the most common denominator is big tiddy and we can't have her model not appeal to the largest possible audience

>> No.7634724

vampoyo and wolffia are doing some LoZ

>> No.7634754

That would be inaccurate

>> No.7634819

People like pink hair and flat chests with bit thick tails.

>> No.7634864

flat can be nice too but people should not do such massive changes to their already existing model/branding

>> No.7634967

Goodnight/day sweet dream/have fun /wvt/ love (you)

>> No.7634983

g'night shimabed!

>> No.7634996

Sweet dreams, Shimabed!

>> No.7635114


>> No.7635118

oyasumi, shimabed

>> No.7635175


>> No.7635192

Since I haven't seen it mentioned, Jhonen Vasquez (The creator of Invader Zim) is a Vtuber now.

>> No.7635256


>> No.7635296

everyone's a fucking vtuber now. even Junji Ito is becoming a vtuber. https://comicbook.com/anime/news/junji-ito-becomes-vtuber-crunchyroll-expo/

Ren and Stimpy vtubers when?

>> No.7635380

She is just a lonely hag please adnastand anonsama

>> No.7635387

ao oni in 5 minutes...

>> No.7635402

she has cock roaches on her face.

>> No.7635441


>> No.7635446

clau's doing a chatting stream

>> No.7635471

She's about to have my roach-like cock on her face if she keeps lookin' cute.

>> No.7635672

It's a great avenue for artists looking to have fun, I'm glad it's picking up

>> No.7635897


>Oh right. Today I am eating 100 Chicken McNuggets only this time it is being streamed.

>Not showing my POV but you can watch the pain and suffering on Haruka’s YouTube channel.

>Loser plays a horror game.

>This is why I asked about horror games so much lately.


>> No.7636135

guess Skyler saw Randon's tiktok about eating 100 chicken nuggest

>> No.7636314

It's just the content trickle down. "real" content creators do something, then the larger ones copy it, then the vtubers finally catch on at the tail end when no one cares any more except for other vtubers and viewers who only watch vtubers. Look at power washer simulator.

>> No.7636340

alium is...

>> No.7636366

>Look at power washer simulator.
this is why chuubas need to stop watching other vtubers and start watching the real movers and shakers in traditional face cam streamers. they're constantly trying to innovate to outcompete each other and do so at much faster rates than vtubers do. only vtuber i can think of breaking new ground is Ame.

>> No.7636452

Thank you to everyone who came to the karaoke party today! Blown away by everyone's support and enthusiasm. It was so much fun!

Yeah, I did my best to try to get it set up so that it captures a wide dynamic range, but I really need to pony up the big bucks for a professional dynamic studio mic. Anything less is going to always have peaking or clipping when I start getting loud. Hopefully it didn't get unpleasant!

>> No.7636486

nice boomer meme overlays

>> No.7636543

It was an awesome stream! It really made my whole weekend. Thanks a lot, and I hope you rest your voice.

>> No.7636935

You absolutely killed it, man. I did not expect you to be able to sing metal so well but you fuckin did it. 10/10

>> No.7637117

>> No.7637294

Exactly, take the trends from the source, because by the time vtubers get to them they're dead in the water and only fresh to the viewers who only watch vtubers.

>> No.7637330


>> No.7637372

Do it yourself, old man.

>> No.7637390

I'm kinda sick of Vtubers doing the same games. I don't want anymore Minecraft or Apex, I want something like a Vinesauce stream with a cute girl

>> No.7637391

My metalhead friends are always shocked by my classical singing, and my classical friends are always shocked by my metal singing. It's one of my favorite things to surprise people with. Working on learning Cemetery Gates for next time, so look forward to it!

Hearing you say that makes my weekend! I didn't push myself too hard, so I should be fine for the rest of the day and tomorrow, but I'm gonna take it easy with some water now. Thanks again for coming!

>> No.7637466

It's going to be hard to convince many of them when those two bring the most numbers...

>> No.7637468


>> No.7637524

A luddite witch spending the evening hand-sewing.


>> No.7637543

I sure am glad I watch vtubers who don't just play those two on repeat.

>> No.7637552

neko's stream just died let's goooo

>> No.7637809

how do people keep enjoying such repetitive content

>> No.7637957


>> No.7638026

Can't connect to relays.
Hopefully once she gets a private one this won't be a problem anymore.
This does make me concern for Tanya's birthday stream tomorrow, though.

>> No.7638049

>deep, husky voice alium


>> No.7638057

why do they use those

>> No.7638134

Relays? Twitch has no South African servers. None at all. South African streamers literally can't stream on twitch without relays. Somehow YouTube is still a bigger debuff even with that nonsense going on.

>> No.7638170

>2 viewers only on Skyler's eating contest


>> No.7638258

and that matters because? you can pick any of the available servers

>> No.7638361

Fuck if I know. In either case it seems to be an ISP issue.

>> No.7638550

Distance + weak direct connection, you get constant disconnects and dropped frames out of the ass. The relay acts like a "boost" and increases the reliability of the connection.

And YouTube has servers in South Africa so it's easier to stream there.

>> No.7638589

really? would have thought that some of those servers is close enough to work decently

>> No.7638642

My shitty internet usually dies out around my afternoon so I missed out after that Hajime no Chuu cover, but I'm going to check the vods now!

I'm looking forward to your next karaoke!

>> No.7638645

Watch Bat, Koragi, Maroony, Arypie, and Charlotte. None of them play Mineshit or fotm.

>> No.7638667

Is the megaman battle network arc over?

>> No.7638734

It isn't, but her schedule this week has a bit more variety at least.

>> No.7638929

is vtubing dying now? its weekend and barely anyone is streaming

>> No.7639060

After yesterday I welcome at least one day of relative peace.

>> No.7639073

the great vtuber extinction is upon us.
your oshi will not survive.
make your time.

>> No.7639122

>Baldr Sky is literally Hades but with mechs and more weapon customizations

How did anyone sleep on this?

>> No.7639159

it might actually be good for all of us. once the covid shit is over all the friend seekers should fuck off and the real content creators would stay

>> No.7639542

>japanese (bad advertising)
>no normie appeal

>> No.7639569

it isn't a vn?

>> No.7639976

>hot anime gods

>> No.7640228

>I'm kinda sick of Vtubers doing the same games. I don't want anymore Minecraft or Apex
but those games are kino and are buff games for chuubas to incline though

>> No.7640250

this. female vtubers are coomers and would find that boring. i lost count of how many times i heard someone say that the hades characters are hot

>> No.7640300

fuck. i saw the message before the trip but it explained the content of it immediately

>> No.7640720

Thanks! I'm glad you got to hear the Hajimete no Chuu cover, at least! Can't remember if it was you who asked, but I know someone wants me to learn LoGH stuff, and I'm working on it!

>> No.7641080

>so many songs the setlist is for ants
Nice, will have to check the VOD later

>> No.7641197

It wasn't me but I have a fair idea of who might have been. I'm listening to it right now while doing some left over work.

Also, sorry to ask, but what resources do you recommend yourself if you want to learn to sing?
I know most of the recommendations of on the sources but I want to know your opinion. I wanted to try some years ago but I was worried I would annoy my neighbors, but hearing you today really wanted to make me try again.

>> No.7641485

Some of it's getting muted and it got split into three parts because of brief internet outages, but 90% of it should be there.

Well, breathing is probably the #1 thing. My background before singing was in trombone, so I'd recommend any breathing exercises meant to develop good habits and lung power in brass players.

I would also recommend doing some ear training, but I don't actually know what good online resources there are for that, so I'll look into that a bit.

>> No.7641508

That's fucking cool i hope he acts as a turbo edgelord like in his blog

>> No.7641657

Not true, that didn't help dokibird with her four partner pushes that failed.

>> No.7641720

He was having dad talk with another dude last night.

>> No.7642076

corpse will be doing more piano practice in about 15 minutes!

>> No.7642102

Never watched dokibird. What's her story?
How's she going to deal with Bullysanji?

>> No.7642135


>> No.7642149

calavera will be doing a rigging stream if you're curious about L2D and stuff

>> No.7642183

I forget, which troopa turned chuuba is this one?

>> No.7642249

malacara, i think

>> No.7642290

>also a trombone player
very interesting that not only are we both teacher vtubers but also that we both played the trombone and enjoy singing
small world out there

>> No.7642292

Oh one of those herd's clique pricks, I'll pass

>> No.7642432

I've found most trombone players are of a type, you know? Plus, most trombonists can sing, because you won't get very far in trombone without a decent ear. But yeah, very small world.

>> No.7642493

they're called tromboners

>> No.7642542

There's no way but trying multiple paths

1) Draw several paths in paint
2) cut the lines and rotate
3) compare to see which one is larger after placing them one after the other

>> No.7642554

All trombone players call the bit at the end of their slide with a rubber nub the "nipple" because we're all 5 years old, mentally. And yes, 99% of trombone players chose the instrument to go BAAAOOOOOAAAAA in a big glissando, and to poke the people in front of them.

Maybe I'll do a trombone playing stream, that could be fun.

>> No.7642598

>trombone stream
instrument streams are so much fun

>> No.7642663

I played trombone during one of my karaokes a few months back and honestly every time I pick it back up I remember how much I missed playing it
I don't think I have enough of a repertoire to play a full stream but that does sound like a fun idea!
Also don't forget the obligatory "seven positions" joke!

>> No.7642704

Why're they pricks? Haven't followed anything with Herd.

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