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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7564663

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That pic reminds me, Pomu still needs to cover Otahen Anthem

>> No.7573278

Vaginas exude a large amount of heat on normal human women, let alone on certain female dragons, whose body temperatures would only naturally be much higher than a normal human's. If one were to approach Selen's bare vagina, especially if she was aroused, you would probably be able to feel the heat of it on your skin. The natural heat is also probably conducive to arousal in its own right. Much like a 15 year old going through puberty and getting erections at random, a side effect of being a dragon breed is probably often, unprovoked arousal. Who knows, it may even be permanent. Selen might literally be "in heat" at all times. On top of what may be almost perpetual wetness between her thighs, her naturally high body temperature probably makes it difficult for her to wear human clothes comfortably. But then again she may get off on the feeling of being wrapped so tightly, so to speak. The sensation of her wet vagina would probably resemble putting your finger into a bath of hot honey. The juices more viscous than normal and just hot enough that you almost risk a burn. Imagine the smell and the taste of her inner thighs after one match. Wet and sticky with a musky odor and all salty-sweet from the combination of her various juices... In addition, Selen's vagina may even be larger than those of human women, or at the very least anatomically different. The vaginal walls of human women only contract significantly during sex if experiencing orgasm. Due to her dragon nature, Selen may resemble some member of the known animal kingdom in that her physical control over her vaginas muscles is much greater. It would not be unreasonable to suggest that Selen could flex and contract the muscles in her vaginal walls to masturbate and in effect "milk" a penis for all it's worth. Her cervix may even be penetrable with little to no pain experienced, a sort of inverse "knot", a way to ensure that not one drop of her mate's semen will escape her.

>> No.7573281

Pomu Pomu Pomu 9 days Pomu Pomu Pomu
Pomu miss Pomu Pomu much Pomu

>> No.7573311

Reminder that flirting between Nijis is literally harmless and only idolfags would see a problem there

>> No.7573321

I want to impregnate this stupid former OL

>> No.7573332

Nijis should have sex on stream

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>> No.7573360

The fuzz, almost plushie-like element is a nice touch. Never thought about a shirt having something like that before.

>> No.7573374


>> No.7573378

I think you are autistic. Allow me to demonstrate

>Niji members talk to eachother
>"Haha holy shit unicorns BTFO this is Nijisanji"
- You.

>> No.7573393

That former OL makes me think about having a girlfriend. It's not good for me.

>> No.7573407

It's bait this time, although sometimes these threads really do look like that.

>> No.7573411

Please understand, some people have no clue what flirting even is.

>> No.7573423

sex with petra!

>> No.7573427

Honestly they're just as annoying as the people that freak out over it and quite possibly the same people depending on the day.

>> No.7573442

The prideful pengu stream was really cute.

>> No.7573467

How small is Pomu's fairy form?

>> No.7573470


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>> No.7573539

Holy shit. This.

>> No.7573558

Who do you think has the most fragrant pee in niji en

>> No.7573610

The Great Rosemi-sama's!!!

>> No.7573632

Elira seems to have fallen asleep right after that last tweet. What are the odds she oversleeps her stream in two hours?

>> No.7573643

Whoever drinks the most caffeine, your piss ends up smelling like coffee.

>> No.7573648

Elira-chan daisuki!

>> No.7573666

>Pomu still away from another 9 days
>Lovecock will STILL be behind subs wise
Bros...why is she so forgetable to english audiences?

>> No.7573685

I have faith

>> No.7573696

Haha imagine if Rosemi started streaming for GMT Haha just a joke... unless?

>> No.7573697

the niji EN shitpost/numberfag split is here >>7571658

>> No.7573714

Why does Petra clear her throat so much?

>> No.7573724

Is it alright to SuperChat her in English for a Japanese only stream?

>> No.7573806

end yourselves gosling fags

>> No.7573811

People just have random refocusing/anti-nervousness tactics. Maybe you can ask her.

>> No.7573816

What kind of JP pandering stream starts at 10PM?

>> No.7573861

Someone already did I just don't remember what her answer was

>> No.7573871

That's when most JP streams are? If anything, the problem is she will probably overlap with at least one koshien stream.

>> No.7573886

JP events start at this timeslot. So everyone can be home and watch.

>> No.7573918

Sorry no, here's your 5 am stream

>> No.7573930

Wait, I thought Elira said she was going to be in a collab today?

>> No.7573932

Can you ever imagine Selen singing
that could have a lot of potential gap cuteness

>> No.7573961

Yes princess, anything for you.

>> No.7574010

Ok Satan, I know you love being a bad guy who shitposts for fun but let me explain.
I might be a little harsh here, but these are the facts:
Rosemi is in a similar situation compared to Pomu, both have time restrictions due to wageslaving, so you'd expect that at the very least saviorfags would flock to her. The thing is, saviorfags like to see effort being made (or at least being implied), and with that the actual difference between them is night and day. Pomu would always go out of her way to interact more, be it watching streams at work, or being on Twitter all day, joining impromptu collabs, and the list goes on...
I'm not saying that Rosemi is doing a bad job, but it's kinda clear that she can't commit as much of her life into it for reasons only god knows (family, bf, whatever), and she will always stay behind because of that.

>> No.7574030

Ange,give us a good Elira and Fish

>> No.7574060

Well, you can look in the last thread if you'd like an idea. Anyway, I'm sure you'll get Selen-proper singing something eventually.

>> No.7574071

Rosemi does not need to be a Pomu clone, let her do whatever she wants.

>> No.7574102

Man, her team is shit.
Post in the thread when she will get to creating ENs, I am watching Kagami.

>> No.7574112

The poster is just answering why people flock to Pomu more. Learning from your senpai's work ethic doesn't mean being a clone.

>> No.7574127


>> No.7574128

I want to use Pomu's fairy form as a living onahole.

what are good fairy onahole doujins

>> No.7574146

Rose has a BF?

>> No.7574147

I want to cuddle with Elira Pendora!

>> No.7574148

It wouldn't make her a Pomu clone. I disagree that her working hard doesn't show though. She is just less outspoken than Pomu, but if you pay attention you see that she is trying.

>> No.7574151

Whatever happened to bros before hoes?

>> No.7574183

Pomu got herself a girlfriend

>> No.7574226

Elira doko?

>> No.7574239

>Work ethic
I disagree. Her work as a liver is to stream, and she streams regularly, does she not?
She does not need to show the same behavior Pomu does, she'll show it in her own way is what I'm saying which you understand.

>> No.7574277


>> No.7574294

Who do you think the girlfriend is?

>> No.7574303


>> No.7574323


>> No.7574337

naruhodo ne...

>> No.7574338

Yes. And I think Rosemi could learn a lot from Pomu since she seems to be in much better control of her life. I mean, juggling all these tasks while being an entertainer is no easy feat.

>> No.7574342


>> No.7574345

But Elira's in a rival school...

>> No.7574367

*furious scribbling*

>> No.7574381

Eliromeo and Pomuliet...

>> No.7574390

the fanfics just write themselves....

>> No.7574399

I know! A real Romeo and Juliet...

>> No.7574406

you don't think...?

>> No.7574418

Elira DID say to make her Pomu's childhood rival if you wrote fanfic about it

>> No.7574455

>> No.7574462


>> No.7574480

> Ange's team
> Finana gets 'ideas' from her
> loves Pomu and Elira
> knows just how much the two love each other and how long they've been going out for already
> one day the distant relationship gets to Elira
> Finana comes to 'save' her
> she knows it's wrong, she knows just how devastated Pomu will be
> but she just can't stop now, can she?
oh god no I need to stop this writefaggotry immediately, this is not good

>> No.7574508

On one hand, my ship...
On the other, imagine the drama!

>> No.7574530

it doesn't even have to end in shitty cuck fetish, it can end in hot steamy threesome fun times...

>> No.7574533

That would just help Pomu guilt trip them into being loyal to her from now on.

>> No.7574535

amyamya doko

>> No.7574536

https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/91766841 woah tits

>> No.7574554


>> No.7574569

Nice dragoncest

>> No.7574575

Turns out the Apex collab that Gwelu was practicing for is hosted by VirtuaReal. It's on the 8th and a big chunk of VR is in it. No EN members, but Hada & Hari are in.

>> No.7574599

what a troll

>> No.7574613

Saki bullies another one to death, huh?

>> No.7574623

Hari apex....

>> No.7574631

So what was the collab Elira was talking about? I thought she said it was today?

>> No.7574635

Calm down theyre posting the other branches still

>> No.7574642

Kuzuha with 140k for Apex...sugoi

>> No.7574650

It was supposed to get announced, but nothing happened. So there's a chance it got cancelled.

>> No.7574659

i'm calling him a troll in an endearing way, it's kinda his thing after all

>> No.7574679

either got cancelled or pushed back to a later date... betting on the latter since syncing up people's timeslots when they're all over the world isn't exactly an easy feat...

>> No.7574703


>> No.7574730

I was gonna say, Elira didn't mention it, but then again when Finana got her PC a day late at no point did she mention on Twitter or YouTube that the Outlast stream had been rescheduled. Communication is not LazuLight's strong point.

>> No.7574747


>> No.7574752

Sounds like Elira fucked up mentioning something that wasn't set in stone yet.

>> No.7574804

actually kinda nice for a little travelling companion kinda character

>> No.7574806

Oh, Elira is awake. She just retweeted.

>> No.7574837

Pomu might be winning Shachou a game.

>> No.7574841

Okay Elira

>> No.7574855


SEAwoman singing boomer english songs. Waiting room until elira streams

>> No.7574875


>> No.7574900

I am so scared of Pomu's doctors visit today, what if she has to prolong her break?

>> No.7574902

that would be an amazing clip...

>> No.7574907

No scouters. 4/10

>> No.7574941


then you gotta deal with it, gosling-san

>> No.7574949

Pomu is powerful

>> No.7574952

Shachou please focus on the game.

But yes<, I agree. Scouters are 100% a must.

>> No.7574953

What did she expect when not taking the painkillers they gave her? Of course she's gonna be in pain if she takes only the over the counter weak shit.

>> No.7574979

Who clips nijikoshien thingies too?
Ganneko still has too much to do since there's a bunch of nijikoshien streams.

>> No.7575000

please please something that spawns fan art by the jps

>> No.7575010

She was on something when she went nuts during the Mouse and BonBon collab.

>> No.7575020

Gwelu is competing with Os and Gar in VR Apex.

>> No.7575023

fuck off

>> No.7575027

don't know, but they occasionally do end up in the somewhat monthly compilations by etherald and mofumofusubs, which are pretty damn popular on their own. if it becomes a big enough moment it could be added there probably.

>> No.7575038

I don't really get people like that. If you got prescribed stronger medicine there's probably a good reason for it. Kind of silly to tough it out or whatever.

>> No.7575041

It probably will. They eat koshien stuff up.

>> No.7575061

Eh, with how easy it is to get addicted to pain meds I get it. That said, she should've asked them for weaker perscription ones rather than just settling for the over the counter stuff.

>> No.7575073

She will be fine, it is not like pain is unsual after bigger surgeries

>> No.7575097

That wasn't good...

>> No.7575125

Here. This is where Amyamya is. She's just messing around in eigo...

>> No.7575135

Mya's at Ojous 3d Live, so she wasn't talking about collabing with elira in that tweet

>> No.7575155

>"B-But that's forbidden love!" said anonymous

>> No.7575159

You're telling me dragonschizos were being delusional yet again? What a surprise.

>> No.7575183

oppai paradise too strong

>> No.7575189

sorry, I might have enabled them lately by posting that random eigo tweet from myamya... I just found it interesting especially since her previous eigo interactions have been fun with lazurite kek

>> No.7575207

But Amamiya, what about playing with lazurite...

>> No.7575216

mya 3d is the cutest thing ever

>> No.7575239

only after Vshojo does it. NijiEN is discount Alibaba Vshojo after all

>> No.7575242

I said it would be rion.

>> No.7575249

holy fuck mya is tiny....

>> No.7575271


>> No.7575275

She is a lazurite unityfag, will only take them as a group

>> No.7575290

Please don't earnestly reply to schizo antis.

>> No.7575297

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

>> No.7575330

Do you think Elira is cute?

>> No.7575336


>> No.7575346

I'll take notes for next time...

>> No.7575356

Fucking doomfag assholes, now I'm worried about Pomu too, completely unnecessary

>> No.7575359


>> No.7575365

>> No.7575392


>> No.7575400

I love Pomu and she will return stronger than ever!

>> No.7575406

You don't need to worry. Pain/healing issues after surgery is most likely stitches so she'll just have to take more medicine. She tweeted that her stomach was killing her in the first few days and painkillers usually do that so she probably wasnt taking them as intended.

>> No.7575409

>completely unnecessary
This, she will be fine. She may be healing slower than she should, but she was mostly fine in VC with Elira and Rosemi. She may have do shorter streams when she returns on 17th for some time, but she's nowhere near some dangerous critical condition.

>> No.7575414

nice art

>> No.7575416

stupid ojou flubbing the lyrics...

>> No.7575421

Pomu can't even reach first base!

>> No.7575427

Yes. I like her pronunciation too.

>> No.7575436

Yes. I used to only merely like her, but the way she fell to pieces when she couldn't stream and stayed on Twitter that whole weekend doting on her followers convinced me that she is legitimately in this to be an entertainer and to be here for her fans.

>> No.7575438

please don't be too rough on her, shachou... she's doing her best...

>> No.7575550

how long is va-11 hall-a? will fish be able to finish it on the next stream?

>> No.7575567

shachou won, yskz carrying the team as always....

>> No.7575610

Rion and Maimoto talk about old days where they never thought of they would be here for 3 years and have 3D.
Nijisanji truly is a miracle

>> No.7575613

She's finished 3 days out of 19 or so, I think.

>> No.7575624

It's burgeristan. They prescribe strong easilly addicting opioids there. If she knew someone that got their life messed up by addiction I totally understand why she would refuse them. However, over the counter stuff is not really safe either in some cases, like if she was taking aspiring for example it hinders normal blood clotting and could cause nasty complications post surgery

>> No.7575641

Rose already mentioned that she got in trouble at work and that she has a quota to fulfill each day. Not everyone's situations are the same retard

>> No.7575649

>Pomu is recovering slowly
>Still have to record a 100 voice packs
>Records them all while in pain and low energy
>With fragile voice she croaks out her lines
>Pomu sells 0 voice packs next time

>> No.7575659

It'll take even longer with her straining to make the Finance voice for every other character.

>> No.7575675

maimoto is hilarious as hell in this stream hahahahah

>> No.7575683

Sonds more like "sells out in a day next time" situation tbqh

>> No.7575717

Who will be the first male brave enough to attempt to hit on Selen?

>> No.7575718

>Records them all while in pain and low energy
>With fragile voice she croaks out her lines
I would buy all the personalized voicepacks whenever they would go on sale again.

>> No.7575743


>> No.7575747

Selen only cares about vidya

>> No.7575753


>> No.7575769

apex pro in CR cup after realizing "oh shit, she's good"

>> No.7575790

All of the epe addicts will try to breed a prime apexbaby if she plays well in any tournament

>> No.7575799

The real question is, how will she respond?

>> No.7575815


>> No.7575818

other than laught?

>> No.7575847

Will Selen have the first Yao Ming type, gaming, planned baby?

>> No.7575854

pls sing Joe

>> No.7575855

Rosebuds our queen is awake

>> No.7575868


>> No.7575880

I know, she just left our frameless mattress.

>> No.7575886

Fuck off

>> No.7575887

what do mean what's a pogo?
you don't know what a pogo is??

>> No.7575917

laughter intensifies

>> No.7575928

I don't remember making this post

>> No.7575957

It's time for kino.

>> No.7576028

'ate petra

luv dragons
luv fish
luv wosemi

simple as

>> No.7576054

nevermind, ojou fucked up yet again, GET ON THE FLOOR AND DOGEZA YOU USELESS IDIOT

>> No.7576059

what if you ask if you can both have sex then she just laughs it off, is it consent?

>> No.7576065

>> No.7576090

Makes sense. In my country you are lucky to get anything stronger than paracetamol unless you're literally on your deathbed.

>> No.7576116

>> No.7576118

>> No.7576123

Grinding Apex on my smurf so Selen will fall in love with me.

>> No.7576124

Rion's stupidity is making them die....

>> No.7576130

You clearly hate all of them if you're taking such poor care of your health.

>> No.7576138

7 minutes til elira (and maybe amamiya?)

>> No.7576155

>(and maybe amamiya?)

>> No.7576156

Oh thank God, I thought she would forget to breath again. I'm glad she managed to wake up fine this time. She almost gave me a scare last time. (She thought she turned blind but forgot to open her eyes)

>> No.7576177

She didn't say no!

>> No.7576183

Ojou on the floor.

>> No.7576186

Seems like she really likes omori.

>> No.7576187

Was Elira's Omori stream any good?

>> No.7576191

>@Finana Ryugu 【NIJISANJI EN】 寝ろ

>> No.7576224

>lives with almost nothing
>uses money on gacha instead

>> No.7576228

pretty good

>> No.7576266

in the butt

>> No.7576270

I always remember iinchou's rendition of this when I hear it.

>> No.7576273


>> No.7576283

ELIRA IS STREAMING JAPANESE-ONLY MINECRAFT IN 1 MINUTE! Since Elira is always cute, she sounds cute when she's speaking in Japanese as well! I love this dragon and I'm sure her Japanese fans appreciate the occasional JP focused stream for them! Even if you don't fully understand Japanese, the sound of Elira's voice is healthy for your heart and soul! She's so cute, she's so lovable, she's so amazing! I LOVE ELIRA! I HOPE YOU LOVE ELIRA! EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE ELIRA! I wonder if she's going to interact with anyone from the Japanese branch this stream, that would be nice! I LOVE ELIRA! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE ELIRA FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

>> No.7576284

holy shit this one is actually really good this time.

>> No.7576288


>> No.7576290

Yes. I got to hear some nice things.

>> No.7576302

Have (You) done your archive reps? It's been a busy week!





>> No.7576304

I liked her voicing the characters

>> No.7576346

Like hell I'm watching all that shit

>> No.7576360

The GTFO collab was a good time. Genuinely considering buying it and playing solo desu.

>> No.7576375

Yes, she was really cute the whole time and did a lot of dorky voice acting. Her ojou voice was particularly good. She really got into the story of it, too

>> No.7576381

aww it's in the world server. I really wanted Elira to tour the JP sad.

>> No.7576395

Petra probably had her best stream yesterday, she should do more piano

>> No.7576419

Do these fags just get a kick out of spamming offtopic shit? This is the EN thread.

>> No.7576423

>Thursday alone is around 22hours worth of vods

>> No.7576456

>> No.7576465

>World Server
Oh, boy, can't wait for every single ID to jump on

>> No.7576470

Goodmorning mr.shitposter!

>> No.7576486

Smiing :)

>> No.7576488

Prone-boning ojou

>> No.7576497

Flirting with Seffyna! Cute!

>> No.7576511


>> No.7576517

>Elira flirting with another fairy.

>> No.7576538

Just a warning you might have a really rough time playing solo its more designed with co-op in mind

>> No.7576546

Isnt that the point of minecraft?

>> No.7576553

Korean branding makes it all the more exotic.

>> No.7576572


>> No.7576583

>Pomu is out of commission one week
>Elira has already moved on

>> No.7576585

I'm aware, but better to have a rough time than completely missing out on playing it because I have no friends.

>> No.7576616


>> No.7576626

The better fairy ;)

>> No.7576628

Hyona is talking about eating pet food... is this hag poor...

>> No.7576649

Finanana doesn't wakaru English

>> No.7576663

I love Nijisanji!

>> No.7576669

>Hello Darling
Include it in next VP pls.

>> No.7576688

Fuck off. ID is cool.

>> No.7576705


>> No.7576723

Just put the GTFO collab in the background and it'll feel like you're playing with friends.

>> No.7576742

maimoto is great

>> No.7576743


>> No.7576753

I was actually just watching it before I took this screenshot lmao

>> No.7576767

>4 cute girls as friends
Not very immersive at all.

>> No.7576775

one day this will be Elira...

>> No.7576783

Shiba's real drunk and on Hima's stream

>> No.7576811

I love Maimoto!

>> No.7576832

This brat is still awake playing Genshin!

>> No.7576844

>that moan

>> No.7576846

Where are (You) in the crowd Anon?

>> No.7576904

Pekora also did this song, good pick ojou

>> No.7576920

Pomu's presence on the world server...

>> No.7576926

A maikura stream without POMU stream is lethargic syndrome..

>> No.7576927

Who made the giant Pomu sign in the sky?

>> No.7576932


>> No.7576935

Here bro

>> No.7576974

Elira's JP voice sounds breathier, closer, sexier, cuter, and basically you are fucking stupid , Elira for not using it for english streams unless it's all because she just woke up

>> No.7577081

>> No.7577133


>> No.7577173

>> No.7577181

Get to work Itiso-sensei, you have a deadline.

>> No.7577210


>> No.7577226



>> No.7577252

it's almost like... I could see a trace of a girl in the sky... someone who once was... Nijisanji.

>> No.7577275

The JOPs are watching other EN streams but not commenting.

>> No.7577293

sounds the same you weirdo

>> No.7577330

Did Elira get shadowbanned or something?

>> No.7577333

Itiso-sensei LOVE

>> No.7577401

Jesus fucking christ, Elira can't shut up about Pomu even during a JP stream. This is really getting out of hand.

>> No.7577410


>> No.7577436

I like how Elira's explaining NijiEN memes.

>> No.7577437

No, it's been a well-known fact that Petra stole good part of Elira's JOPs

>> No.7577438


Oddly enough Finana seems closer to Selen than she ever was with Elira

>> No.7577444


>> No.7577457

Fuck off

>> No.7577470

Pomu is her wife, Finana is just her unruly daughter. Plz understand.

>> No.7577475

I have to say thank you for the schizo that sent that marshmallow asking why they talk about nijisanji, it became a funny talking point at your expense.

>> No.7577514

There are three koshien streams going on right now (18k, 18k, 10k), JOPs eat that stuff up

>> No.7577522

She chose to stream at the same time around 200k Nijisanji fans are already occupied with other streams.

>> No.7577554

typical friday night then.

>> No.7577579

There is also a Godzuha stream with 100k+ viewers. JP prime time is rough.

>> No.7577629

I can't believe that Elira is fucking dead

>> No.7577632

Elira's done streaming. Time to focus on koshien.

>> No.7577637


>> No.7577647

Holy shit I just noticed that. I know stylishnoob but who's the other one?

>> No.7577660

Her ISP sent that creeper as revenge for her Karen antics

>> No.7577673

It's APEX cup right?

>> No.7577674


its cause selen and finana know each other in past lives too

>> No.7577688

some famous japanese actor or something apparently

>> No.7577715

And yet she is really close with Pomu despite not knowing her before joining nijien.

>> No.7577716

I'm watching professor tour the jp server because Elira won't..

>> No.7577718

Yamada from Hey Say Jump. A male idol.

>> No.7577754


are you fucking retarded, why are you bringing these stupid rrats over here, literally everyone on lazulight likes each other

>> No.7577756

Hyona used to be a yankee...

>> No.7577775

but friday night isnt the same in japan considering a good amount still have school and work?

>> No.7577798

Oh damn, Elira streaming at good EU hours?
>JP only

Well back to watching vods, I guess.

>> No.7577811

JP Only Micra on World Server is retarded but ok Elira you do you, I'll watch.

>> No.7577812

You are like a baby with a lack of object permanence. Selen and Finana collab recently and you forget all the cute moments Elira and Finana had.

>> No.7577826

it's summer vacation right now so no school

>> No.7577847

Time for your JP reps

>> No.7577869

Why are JOPs so stingy with supachats? Elira would make more money pandering to almost every other language.

>> No.7577876

Elira... there are many more things you can do in Maikura than aimless wandering...

>> No.7577886

There's translation in chat if you need it

>> No.7577887

damn first time catching Elira's JP stream and her jap is really archaic in places. Did she learn it from her parents or something?

>> No.7577915

This. Finana has never been treated like an outsider and has always clicked extremely well with both girls. They only time they're at odds with her is when they're absolutely dumbfounded at the yabe shit she says and even then, their reactions are pure art.

>> No.7577943

Zeroblade has been translating every single JP stream NijiEN did except for Petra's. He was even helping with JP terms Pomu was using during her Akihabara stream.

>> No.7577949

Seffyna proposed to Elira with diamonds

>> No.7577957

>All fairies are addicted to minecraft

>> No.7577966

NEETs don't have much money...

>> No.7577967

Seffy was rejected...

>> No.7577977

Seffyna got rejected...

>> No.7577992

Yeah probably

>> No.7578002

Eli Conifer...

>> No.7578005


>> No.7578006

Have you seen Ibrahim or shacho's paypigs?

>> No.7578032

Elira made seffyna sad.

>> No.7578039

Elira already has enough Phairy Pussy

>> No.7578089

Did Elira notice the sign saying her room is Selen's yet?

>> No.7578131

Elira is the worst tour guide ever but her voice makes up for it lol

>> No.7578139

attention ange is about to create Finana and Elira

>> No.7578164


>> No.7578165

Yes. She stared at it and said nothing before walking in lol

>> No.7578170

Ange's team is so shit...

>> No.7578179

Fuck JOP pandering streams, when are they doing Arabian Oil Prince pandering streams?

>> No.7578196

Let's hope the newcomers help

>> No.7578206

Elira makes more money from her regular paypigs

>> No.7578211

Thanks for the heads up

>> No.7578232

They aren't, but they will not donate if they only watch once every two weeks, and especially not on a regular maikura stream. If she holds some event stream in nihongo she will probably get good jp supas. When Pomu did her Akiba stream she got a lot of JOPs on it and got pretty good JPY supas

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