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Every single NijiEN members have 100k subs, except her. Why is she the failure of NijiEN ?

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greatness can not be measured or quantified, it can only be experienced

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Because having a lack of lewd fanarts of a character this cute is criminal. I still need to see her riding them BBC's for fuck sake.

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Bait thread by a numberfag.

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Blah blah blah she's a traitor because she had the audacity to move to a different job blah blah blah
With that out of the way, she just has a lack of clips. She has more popular Japanese clips than English ones at the moment, and as we can see with Holostars having more clips aimed outside of your domestic audience than within it isn't exactly a recipe for success. She'll get there eventually.

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Plant girl isn't as appealing. I think she's a pretty good streamer.

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You know you're on your way up when antis start making threads about you.

Congrats Rosemi! I'll see you soon.

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no fuck you. I need Rosemi lewds. A lot of it.

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This is now Rosemi General

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I want her to stay the lowest so she's motivated to do cool things

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Rosemi Leglock

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Rosemi Longneck

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at her cur
yeah. look what happened to the most subscribed vtuber atm. a lazy unmotivated shark.

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Between penguin's design and dragon's loudness, she kinda just fades into the background. She'll grow more in time if you just water her.

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Sonemi has always been more popular than Rosemi. Poor thing...

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Is Selen’s roommate fat? She sounds fat

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>Every single NijiEN members have 100k subs, except her. Why is she the failure of NijiEN ?
I've said this before but I'll say it again. Because her appeal is more on the hardline weeb side.

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>abandoned her most popular persona
>cucked her first company before the one year mark
>is largely low energy and uninteresting
>generic gfe streamer doing by the book content like everyone else
What does she bring to the table that other chubas don't.

Moe yo, how many times do I have to teach you this lesson?

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I don’t mind a lil thicc

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she's not a "lil" anything

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LOVECOCK is a funny flower. I like her.

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QRD about Rosemi being a traitor? I still watch her no matter how evil she is anyway.

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She left Tsunderia for Nijisanji is the whole story we know. Anything people try to spin beyond this is a narrative.

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Next level copium.

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she left Tsunderia for Nijisanji
that's literally all it is
some mentally ill Tsunderia fan/staffer has been on a solo crusader to smear her on here because of it

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I like her so I don't really care.
if it make you feel any better she will hit 100k soon enough.

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>penguin has the loli design
>dragon has the mad skillz

Plant is still doing fine. Also Petra already has a ton of dead subs.

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Why are burger like this...

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Tsunderiafags still mad that she found a better place than their black company.

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Not even sure Tsunderiafags even care. It is just one or two schizos.

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It's really kind of a mystery; I was about to say "her meeker subtler nature isn't as conducive to loud zany Western tastes; many Westerners aren't moefags and don't see the appeal" - but Petra is actually way more meek/tame than Rosemi and leads her sub-gen.

Her design is also definitely the best of the gen too IMO. Recall however, that Petra was ahead when the gen debuted by doing ... absolutely nothing at all, so apparently the masses disagree with me. I think Petra's JP leaning and most importantly, timezone, have her actually managing to be both JP/EN catering at the same time so her subs are probably boosted a lot by Japanese fans, more than Rosemi's (who does have a bit of their attention too but not as much). In other words Petra is doing what Kiara had intended to be. Then again this is the early days; HoloEN had a lot of JP interest when it started too but within a few months Japanese in their chats became a rarity. So what's currently a buff on Petra might become a debuff later. Considering her views are actually rather low compared to subs etc that may be the case.

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yeah it's clearly one person

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it's her old manager bitter about her leaving i'm sure
her manager goes on 4chan regularly and likes based/edgy shit

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Huh, very interesting. I used to watch her, and now I'm watching her. Thanks for the QRD.

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I mean who cares she'll be gone in a few months when she moves on to greener pastures.

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Found him. Hi Manager-san, how is Tsunderia treating you. Must not have a lot of work since you post here so often

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I seriously hope she doesn't do that, if you're talking about Slugma.

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>Done ASMR
>Played skyrim
>Panders to gfe cucks IIT when the moment is needed
>Still lowest subs
Really weird, her design and voice are nice enough. Would expect an Ina/Kiara situation where they basically bumble over each other so much it's not worth counting.

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It's 100% her manager. Most complaints involve her "not returning the investment company has done to her" how the hell would fans know how much they spent on songs or her model and how much she earned for the company?

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Regardless I mean, there is a coincidence here of a giant smear campaign against her and her lagging for no explainable reason, and Petra being way overhyped here as "THE GURA KILLER!!!" etc and also having a buff in subs for no explainable reason. Maybe we do have more influence than we think, especially considering I feel like /vt/ has a lot of attention trained on NijiEN, although I think the truth is somewhere in between where it may swing a couple K but not explain all the factors.

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To be fair, remember that Gura herself has always had more subs than anyone in her gen even before they debuted. I can’t speak to influence. Selen appeals because she is a classic /v/ type streamer and Petra had cunny give her the subs

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She was the only one to have an original song, which probably costs more than just a cover. And her design was made by Nam, a decently big name artist. It makes sense that more was spent on her than the others. Plus there was that tweet about her final donations getting refunded but the company still getting her share to her

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The exact numbers have been brought up before, which is even more convincing that it is a manager

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Didnt she sing some Imagine dragons?

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She's basically in the same place Pomu was in, early on. Whether you consider that an issue or not is up to you.

None of the NijiENs have good lewds, some okay ones at best.

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Join the cult

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This board seems a bit blind to this, but it boils down to every other NijiEN member fills any niche she has better than she does. Any collabs she is in she might as well not be there, she's just a third wheel by nature. You get the sense once the stream is done she drops the fake voice, says, "Fuck this bullshit!" and starts drinking.

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>You get the sense once the stream is done she drops the fake voice, says, "Fuck this bullshit!" and starts drinking.
that's part of the charm
she has the best and the worst keyfabe at once

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>Every single NijiEN members have 100k subs, except her. Why is she the failure of NijiEN ?
Subs are not a valid barometer for success. Only a measure for how many people at one point decided they're interested enough to click a button.
79,600 subscribers and her latest vod which was streamed an entire fucking day ago has 8,600 views.
Her channel started 3 weeks ago and she's been streaming on it, so lack of content is no excuse. Just where the fuck did they all go?
Subscriber counts are nothing more than a cobweb of lies - to believe in the sub count is to believe in nothing.

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Calli is even worse in this regard and she's the 2nd most successful of her gen.

>> No.7554635

The difference is she has 16 songs so far all with her pocket money.
No one gives a fuck about Mori's game streams, Ina and Amelia get more viewers, but she pumps music like crazy, and she's clearly talented / hardworking so she's popular because of that.

>> No.7554855

epic shark, mogs without getting off the couch

>> No.7554883

She's supposed to be a rose, not a pear.

>> No.7554893

grating voice and not very good at faking enthusiasm

>> No.7554991

She has a cool design but I think her weird ESL voice filtered a lot of people instantly.

>> No.7555076

>she drops the fake voice, says, "Fuck this bullshit!" and starts drinking.
im in love

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? that makes no sense. Going by your account, Selen and Rosemi already have many dead subs because the majority aren't watching them. Petra gets more views than Rosemi so your example don't even make much sense.

>> No.7555284

>only one to have an original song
>spent more on her than the others
This is random I don’t even know how you came to this conclusion. Hell Kana’s artist is big too.

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This scammer will hit 100k soon enough. Petra skyrocketed cuz cunny and JP focused. Selen just hit it, Elira deservingly hit it, Pomu is Pomu.
Lack of clips isn't an issue. She's not that interesting.

>> No.7556251

Kallin covered [email protected]
Meru covered Babymetal
Yuuna covered ReoNa
I literally explained the reasons why I assume she cost more to debut, with the original song and Nam as a mama. Kana had no song and a mediocre 3D model from a no-name artist on debut. You really need to do your reading comprehension reps

>> No.7556362

I actually like Rosami but asking her about her money is hilarious, so I keep doing it. Learn to differentiate banter from schizos trying to start tribal wars. I hope she finds happiness and new friends now.

>> No.7556470

I will never watch someone with an ESL voice regardless of the type and quality of their content.

>> No.7556520

She was trying to appeal to Niji viewers that aren't gay. It's a pretty niche market.

>> No.7556589

One who works at Tsunderia

>> No.7556773

Petra has more subs than Selen, but Selen has more views. That's the literal definition of dead subs retard.

>> No.7556774

That's silly, anon. You need to take your meds.

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This is a falseflag and I like it

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>her riding them BBC's
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No HoloEN all had similar subcounts around 70k before debut, it wasn't until Gura's debut that she skyrocketed past everyone else.

>> No.7563162

I love Selen's Extremely Long, and Elegant Neck

>> No.7563376

I love the great Rosemi-sama!!

>> No.7569008

Shitty bait thread.

>> No.7569046

I keep reading selenposting in Selen’s voice and it’s amazing.

>> No.7569082

Her timezone is blasphemous to JP bros.

>> No.7569132

>muh traitors
But seriously, her voice sounds fake as fuck. She sounds like Kana without being natural.

>> No.7569275

I used to think Rosemi was bad but then I watched Petra and holy shit, Petra makes Rosemi look like a quality streamer lol. Embarrassing.

>> No.7569346

So she's kiara of nijien

>> No.7569720

the heck is Nijien? Is that like a new hololive thing?

>> No.7570105

kiara somehow makes everything awkward. wosemi's sperg is restricted to herself.

>> No.7570128

Pika... it's Pomu's group.

>> No.7570152

Finally, a reasonable person on /vt/

>> No.7570295

Everything she has done so far has been generic videos. If she actually started playing RTS games with some regularity I'd be interested since that's uncommon among Vtubers.
Play some Supreme Commander, Zero K, Company of Heroes, Men of War, Steel Division, etc. Maybe some wild stuff like From the Depths or KSP.
If she's actually competent that could make her fairly big and without much overlap with the others.

>> No.7570334

No, that's Pomu.

>> No.7570565

Ina had the most subs pre debut, actually. Gura took the lead after debut, when she sand Ride on Time, which got clipped and made rounds everywhere.

>> No.7570839

She looks like she sucks dick good.

>> No.7570928

>if she plays a game 3 boomers still care about it would make her big

>> No.7570982

I laughed but it's true.
She's basically a holo but has to deal with the niji audience.

>> No.7571128

Lack of clips is due to lack of clippable moments. She's too shy to be a good source of yabai memes and not reactive enough to make the most of goof-ups

>> No.7571264

so EN lulu?

>> No.7571686

I have seen the light. My wife has a tough time ahead of her...

>> No.7571989

Because you touch yourself at night

>> No.7572064

>niji audience
You know Lize, Amyamyamya, Aiba Uiha, Hayama Marin, Suou Sango, Mao, Warabeda, Ars and Shii exist right? Nijisanji is not just Chronoir and Gundou.

>> No.7573832

Never heard of them

>> No.7574531

Then watch them.

>> No.7574886

This is possible but kinda odd when she had so many gachikois in her graduation stream

>> No.7574995

Did you even watch her cooking stream? That alone has at least 6 potential viral clips in it.

>> No.7575080

The manager rrat doesn't make sense when you could explain it as an old fan or anti larping as intern. The old company is clearly focused on the new debuts, outfits, and auditions now and it would be stupid to waste time here making bait and replying to fish. Not everyone is as nolifer as the posters here.

>> No.7575099

Pika... You're friends with half the people in it...

>> No.7575109

Then why didn't you or anyone else clip them, anonchama?

>> No.7575151

I don't have time to do a proper edited clip and I refuse to do lazy "literaly just a segment cut out of a video" ones. I have no clue why someone else hasn't, because shit like "...I broke the can opener" and "should I point the knife away from my face?" were hilarious.

>> No.7575184

I know Lize but c'mon dude. Who the fuck are these people? lol

>> No.7575315

This. Plus, if I was in Slugma's position, I'd stay really close with her to have that contact in Niji and potentially work in future collabs rather than spend my time in this hellhole talking shit about her. There's no money in that

>> No.7575320

>at least 6 potential viral clips in it
I mean it's good to be an optimist and all but bro, this is just too funny lol

>> No.7575381

Holobronies ask for seiso shit. I give them list of seiso chuuba in Nijisanji.

>> No.7580271

I like her more in collabs. She dials the kayfabe back a bit and seems more natural.

>> No.7581975

She barely exists in collabs.

>> No.7582085

not fooling anyone

>> No.7583970

Any post mentioning Hayama is based.

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