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Four More Years! Edition

Yesterday was pretty solid as far as stream days go! From Vei playing the absurdly bizarre Harvester, to Silver diving deep underwater with more Subnautica, it was a day thankfully filled with streams to fill in for the the pink cat's day off. But perhaps the most notable was a diabetes-inducingly cute collaboration between Bonnivier of NijiID and Mousey where the two hunted ghosts. For like, an hour. Then it devolved into talking about food and just hanging out after Bon proved to be too terrified of ghosts to be of much use. Topics ranged from Bobon's incredible ability to mimic the predator's clicking noises, to the realization of just how short Mouse is when standing next to most anyone else. Special consideration should also be given to NijiEN's Pomu, who livetweeted much of the event while still on break from recent medical procedures and sounded like a tween getting to see her favorite boy band live. Just an all-around fun collaboration.

Speaking of Mouse, she continues to be the woman of the hour as today marks another huge milestone in her streaming career. She's been vtubing for four long years now and while nothing survives of her time before Twitch we still have over a year on record to have seen her grow and evolve from a small streamer to one of the absolute biggest vtubers on all of Twitch right now. It's been a long, crazy road for Mousey and we wish her nothing but the best as she celebrates today with what is likely to be the debut of Bubi, her demon attendant, as well as a fresh merch drop you bet your ass I already bought the fucking mug.

It's not likely to be a stream on the same level as a birthday one but there will almost certainly be a lot of singing and emotions to come out when reminiscing over how much one's life can change over the course of four years. So brace yourself for some feels, get comfy, and make sure the thread stays comfy with you by ignoring bait, and being excellent to each other.

VShojo is:
Nyan- https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Silver - https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale
Froot - https://www.twitch.tv/apricot
Mouse - https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Zen - https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Mel - https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody
Hime - https://www.twitch.tv/hajime
Vei - https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

Previous thread: >>7515878

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Second image at the link https://twitter.com/69JustCasey69/status/1423231663044141065

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Mouse said Melody was a Digimon so someone replaced all the text on Mel's outfit with the Digimon script.

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Just in case people missed it from the last thread, your High Crown Princess Veibaeya is online!

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Shoutouts to...

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Zen recorded herself drumming to Mousey and Caleb's "Omae wa mou..." cover.

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Anyway schedule time. Currently live:

Vei - The plan is supposedly reacting, Apex, then Harvester. Maybe with Nun Massacre round 2 mixed in. Aka it's likely to be reacting then Apex then stream over. https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

And later today:

Nyan - Schedule says just catting / games. The game is likely to be Outlast as it won the poll on Twitter earlier but that could change if the heart monitor doesn't arrive.
Silver - More Subnautica! We're all learning a lot about what it means to live underwater and there'll be more tonight.
Mouse - 4 year anniversary party! We've got a special guest probably Bubi and the debut of a new outfit the idol one So you can probably expect singing, crying, and Bubi time.

Froot and Hime are mysteries. Zen usually would have streamed by now so probably took the day off. Mel's a maybe but lean more towards no until she says she's covid-free again.

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Oh and as mentioned in the OP there's new Mouse merch for her anniversary. https://sharkrobot.com/collections/vshojo-store if you haven't used the code yet then SHARK10 will take 10% off an order to save a dollar or two or more if you buy a ton at once.

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Pink cat live

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Pink cat dies

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>nyan had 4 hours of sleep
>i had 4 hours of sleep
We are?!

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Zen did a pretty good job with the drums.
Isn't she fairly new to them?
Also I like that art she had commissioned for it, especially with Gecko Zen blowing bubbles

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number one

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Guys, she's literally here...

>> No.7550120

Yup. There was a great moment during Zen's birthday stream where she asked Froot on recommendations of songs to drum too and Froot picked something that was like 30 billion BPM and Zen just laughed it saying she was glad Froot thought she was that talented but she's not there yet.

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Lazy town is not that zoomer, expecially if i watched it as a teen(because there were nothing else to watch).
Its aired in 2004.

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>Im' giongt lean howt type

>> No.7550228

HotD Overkill is one of the best games on Wii and I'm hyped to see Nyan play it. I don't know how it wound up on her list of scary games to play but I'm just glad the typing version is happening.

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>another nogaems day

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>> No.7550394

For who?

>> No.7550431

>I get the zoomies like a cat
>like a cat
What did she mean by this...

>> No.7550455

>Nyan talking about how she feels hollow
>the only emotion she feels is adrenaline
>loves Patrick Bateman

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did Zen say if she'd learn and play more Yu-Gi-Oh? I'd watch TTS dragon for that regularly 100%. Seeing some fellow boomer who messed with it back in the day get back into it would be super nostalgic.

>> No.7550578

I'm so glad she's doing this, inspirobot is perfect for her

>> No.7550658

Mousey read all the Pomu tweets from yesterday.

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>> No.7550690

B...but /vt/ told me that Mouse hates Pomu!

>> No.7550710

Thinking back to someone trying to say Mousey hated Pomu yesterday and smiling fondly.

And literally just appeared on my timeline seconds ago: The artist who did that piece was epebe who's been doing a lot of VShojo art recently. https://twitter.com/epebe_/status/1423378471561146372

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Did they really though? Nijifans have always seemed chill

>> No.7550729

i agree with this one

>> No.7550743

Forgot the image if anyone wanted a full sized version. It's cute.

>> No.7550748

Sounds more like depression than sociopathy

>> No.7550758

I could watch AI content literally all day long. Thank you female, cat Vinny.

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>that seductive lean

>> No.7550813

Pretty sure it was just one autist but it was definitely a thing in the last thread.

>> No.7550814

Nyan seems to be using the long hair more lately, wonder if she's decided to grow it out again.

>> No.7550835

Nobody said it was nijis

>> No.7550848

This is my first time hearing the Nyan WatchMojo voice that people have mentioned, and it turns me on

>> No.7550905

Deep Nyan is a quick nut

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>> No.7550978

This segment a clip goldmine

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Nyan is a white girl, after all

>> No.7551079

Oh fuck this wasn't my first time hearing it.
I definitely remember hearing that live on stream now that you've reminded me.

>> No.7551150

Allow your pelvis to flow aimlessly.

>> No.7551159

If nyan can't read some of these weird sayings out loud, what the fuck IS allowed in a mature-audiences stream on twitch?

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>> No.7551181

Allow your pelvis to drift aimlessly.

>> No.7551183

she can, she just doesn't want to

>> No.7551187

>Society without felching freaks people out
>What is felching?
O-Oh boy.

>> No.7551229

>gets scared of a plane passing overhead
confirmed for being a Skitty

What the fuck. I feel like I read the definition for that word last week and it wasnt that nor at urbandictionary.

>> No.7551257

That's nasty

>> No.7551263

I can only hope that she misread "fletching" or something which is something completely different and worksafe.

>> No.7551266

>close link between originality and loneliness
I always thought Nyan was the most original chuuba...

>> No.7551302

If Nyan ever read the script of Alan Watts guided meditation with her soft voice i will transcend immediately

>> No.7551335

>horror vids
nyan, no...

>> No.7551358

She should do this more often

>> No.7551399

I can't believe you got baited by my low tier bait yesterday that other anons blew out of proportions.

>> No.7551412

"DID YOU SEE IT"posting gets me every time

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>> No.7551484

sorry I hehe so many bugs lol

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>> No.7551529

These ghost videos are such garbage.

>> No.7551558

literally river twygz from spm

>> No.7551581

>a Reddit user
That's the scariest part

>> No.7551649

Yeah I see it

>> No.7551742

This kind of content absolutely brings out the basic bitch in Nyanners, I bet she's like this watching crappy reality shows

>> No.7551802

no leaking

I want more shitty movie watchalongs, it's always a good time

>> No.7551831

>Nyan mentions that she should wear diapers because she's scared of bathrooms
She knows exactly what she's doing

>> No.7551846

>skipping over what might be the better part of one of these shitty vids
come the fuck on. the cat might've survived

>> No.7551964

knotbros rise up

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>> No.7552534

This is chilling and hilarious.

>> No.7552628

I want vei to fucking torture and kill me with this bat, this is my only dream and ambition in my life

>> No.7552733

Jesus fucking christ, nyanners

>> No.7552741

Well, that broke the nyanners

>> No.7552747

DiD yOu SeE iT?

>> No.7552748

nyan is being MURDERED on stream by a HUGE FART

>> No.7552750

I got in a fight two weeks ago and half my teeth are still numb, I want her to smack the other side to even it out

>> No.7552796

I was going to call you fags out for not clipping a good moment but uh...
Yeah no, good call

>> No.7552799

Nyan's finally starting Typing of the Dead and she's already liking it.

>> No.7552864

My dad knocked out his brother's teeth with a bat when they were kids.
They were estranged as adults, but every morning until he died my uncle would have to think about my dad when he put in his veneers

>> No.7552933

Isn't there a mod for actual HotD where you type?

>> No.7552959

nyan typed 'quickie' pretty fast. like it's a common word for her

>> No.7553053

>not laughing because handicapped person on screen

>> No.7553069


Here's the collab part of yesterday's VOD from Mousey.

>> No.7553071

Saw a chat message get deleted for using the word 'cripple'

>> No.7553186

oh no. she's retarded.

>> No.7553200


Well, here's why we didn't get Zen today

>> No.7553217


>> No.7553234

nyan's reaction to this game is pretty lukewarm. I hope it gets better.

>> No.7553302

I don't know, she seems to be enjoying it. if you were expecting her to absolutely love the game that's another story then, I guess. maybe on-rail shooters aren't her thing

>> No.7553307

Would be different if she was letting herself react to the disabled jokes

>> No.7553323

The game or her reaction?

>> No.7553332

but then she'd be canceled on twitter anon

>> No.7553346

she's not reacting to some of the scenes and words as much as I expected.

That's what I'm thinking. She seems to be holding back quite a bit.

>> No.7553483

Oh god it's Rosie O'Donnel.

>> No.7553496

Seems like this is the game we should have waited for the heartrate monitor for.

>> No.7553505

Did I just see one of those girls holding an H&K XM8 in that cutscene from Nyan's stream?

>> No.7553553

How much you gonna react when you have to type all the time?

>> No.7553575

yeah and?

>> No.7553640

I literally type all the time and would like to try this game.
I'm not ridiculing her btw.

>> No.7553690

I just didn't like playing it, probably because I'm shit at typing
Watching's better though

>> No.7553702

They actually bothered to cut out Connor saying Hime's real name in mouse's last video.

>> No.7553781

Hang out in slow, but live chats (or just have a text convo with friends) and your typing speed will increase quite a bit. Before you know it, you'll be able to keep up with friends in voice chats as the only "mute".

>> No.7553817

this thing came out around the same time that gun did/was being considered for adoption. games and movies saw it, thought it looked cool and sci-fi and put it in a bunch of things. same as the P90.

>> No.7553914

>I'm just going to start pressing tab everytime I enter a new room.
Nyan's learning the secret tech. Easy as fuck to get all collectibles in typing of the dead by just mashing tab anytime there's no enemies on screen since that's how you collect them.

>> No.7553960

My Nyanners microwave mug has a black line down the part where they drew the door.

>> No.7554078

The only thing I don't like about Typing of the Dead is every port after the original Wii version added the Varla levels and I just don't think they're as good and kind of ruin the pacing of the much better Agent G + Isaac Washington story.

>> No.7554103

SharkRobot is shit. They sent me a Zen hoodie when I ordered Vei

>> No.7554105

cutscenes were funny but game was boring to watch
simple as

>> No.7554118

According to Nyan assuming all goes well she'll be on Mousey's stream playing Man of Medan tomorrow.

>> No.7554135

Would be a good game to attach punishments to.

>> No.7554201

Nyan raided Vei and I see my earlier prediction >>7549592 may have been correct.

>> No.7554359

I remember seeing it in 'Mail Call' with Gunny and thought it was pretty SciFi that the US military was thinking of adopting it.
Wish he was still around

>> No.7554540


Some of Nyan's low energy to the game might have been because of this.

>> No.7554714

Did all the Vshojo girls have an IRL meetup and pass covid around or something?

>> No.7554755

Wonder if it's that time of the nyanth. I'm sure period tracker anon would gleefully inform us if true.

>> No.7554759

Oh yeah, forgot she said she'd only had 4 hours at the start of the stream

>> No.7554802

Mousey time

>> No.7554805

Just got a positive test result back today after I made out with all 8 of them last week....

>> No.7554915

I hope you did that before Mel was already confirmed to have covid. THINK, ANON.

>> No.7554918

This new intro song bangs

>> No.7554997

That sample HAS to be from 'Who Let the Dogs Out'

>> No.7555015

Oh shit. Mouse has a new MAD intro lmao it's great.

>> No.7555047

I prefer the old one but this one is pretty good too.

>> No.7555059

Going for a high score!

>> No.7555099

intro finishes and already at $1K.

>> No.7555125

How high do you think it'll get before she actually shows up?

>> No.7555129

make that 2k

>> No.7555160

its at 4k already, jesus

>> No.7555167

Showed up at $4k

>> No.7555202

Off to a great fucking start, mouse was muted the whole time.

>> No.7555211

lol 5k right now She pulled a Nyan again and set her goals way too fucking low. Why would she ever think she wasn't going to break 10k?

Anyway first look at the new model. Only difference visible here is the hair clips.

>> No.7555227

literally more than 50% of the goal reached and it's been 20 minutes

>> No.7555237

got to $5K while being muted.

>> No.7555244

Small streamer just for fun, please understand.

>> No.7555289

>Why would she ever think she wasn't going to break 10k?
It looks cute

>> No.7555292

Guys, my dad told me AGAIN that Snuffy isn't my girlfriend. Why is he like this? He's just mad because he found out I've been sending his insulin money to Snuffy and giving him syringes of Mountain Dew.

>> No.7555298

She just pointed out that there's also tiny black horns next to the white ones. The hair also looks a little more high quality overall. Anyway slightly more visible now and at 7k now

>> No.7555317

I'm sure she has other goals set up

>> No.7555320

I think maybe 70k, but she might actually hit 100k

>> No.7555353

She did mention having more stretch goals but the 10k is laughable at her size lol.Anyway 8.7k now and more visible.

>> No.7555357

Looks like she paid extra for the jiggle physics.

>> No.7555375

ugh her knees bend inwards...

>> No.7555376

Somebody send Mouse's new outfit to Pomu, she got a cosmic boner for maids.

>> No.7555377

>Tummy window

>> No.7555379


>> No.7555382

holy FUCK this outfit is hot

>> No.7555397

currently at 10.7k and here's the full body shot.

>> No.7555404

Goal hit In less than half an hour

>> No.7555409

Didn't know Mouse had such thicc thighs

>> No.7555412

I used to be a Snuffy virgin like you but now I'm a Girl_DM chad and live a happy shitpost free life.

>> No.7555424

Head looks a bit tiny desu

>> No.7555449

Its a push-up bra. She is still flat.

>> No.7555455

>Why would she ever think she wasn't going to break 10k?

those fucking brain goblins.

>> No.7555458

lol She's already overwhelmed. Just short of 12k now while not even half an hour in with a goal of 10k

>> No.7555466

I categorically refuse to believe that she doesn't understand how huge of a following she has.

>> No.7555469


>> No.7555474

>He doesn't know I'm about to donate my 10k in saving alone

>> No.7555477

Remember the bed goal?

>> No.7555491

Which of you faggots made mousey cry?

>> No.7555498

its called acting

>> No.7555499

Flat is justice. And mouse is not a loli.

>> No.7555543

Out of 4 years of streaming, she was popular for only small portion of time, less than 20%.

>> No.7555564

Well those are true

>> No.7555584

to be fair, if she hadn't done this charity stream on the same day as her anniversary, I don't think she would've met the goal as fast

>> No.7555600

Mama mia...

>> No.7555629

Donate your plasma to the mouse. Do it now. If you're still alive, you can give more.

>> No.7555631

It's a wonderful thing she's not a retard like you, I guess

>> No.7555702

If i lived in the US i would

>> No.7555715

i already did

>> No.7555727

She's only been "big" for a little over a year. Looking at Twitch tracker this is the very first stream she ever did that had more than 100 average viewers and she's just been growing ever since. And I'm sure the time she streamed on whatever site it was before Twitch didn't bring her tons of viewers either.

Also 19k on the charity so far and she's only just finished trying to explain what the IDF does and how it helps.

>> No.7555729

But is the vaccine safe? Do your own research

>> No.7555771

I'm very confused about what kind of stance you're trying to take, Trackeranon

>> No.7555808

I dont realy see a point now that the effectiveness has been downgraded to < 40%, the CDC said vaccinated people can still transmit it, and the mortality for my age group is 0.01%.

>> No.7555829

What was the site Mousey used to stream at?

>> No.7555868


>> No.7555880

holy fuck, haven't heard of this in forever

>> No.7555921

Should I send my sister a link to Mouse's stream, with an explanation?
She has an immunodeficient disorder, but she is a sorority girl that is the opposite of a weeb.
I'd like to connect with her more while also having her open up more about her condition/health.

>> No.7555934

It's no more dangerous than a typical flu vaccine. For what it's worth but the hospital I work at in the ICU the only covid patients are under 30 who are unvaccinated. It isn't perfect but trains your immune system to fight it and prevent you passing it on so much.

>> No.7555968

Any immune deficiency anons? I don't know what the chances are of anyone else here having it

>> No.7555973

welp i made it 40 minutes without crying

>> No.7555977

Mention her in a conversation, don't just randomly send her a link out of the blue. And if she doesn't care for it then don't.

>> No.7555997

I haven't cried since 9 years ago when my dog died

>> No.7556014


>> No.7556017

I snuck this picture out of a vaccination center.

>> No.7556023

Aw heck, I started to tear up too. Hope its not too simptastic to say mouse is one of the best people on the internet.

>> No.7556027

how time flies, that wasnt even a full year ago.

>> No.7556029

might be better to just try to talk with her about her immunodeficient disorder first and connect with her in that regard first. might seem a bit odd to her to say hey look at this other person with a similar problem, idk

>> No.7556041

Do it again.

>> No.7556063

No, if you're going to share this with her i think it'd be best to just show a clip.

>> No.7556167

>Just show your normie family VTuber clips
I am drunk, and I have followed some bad advice in my time, but this really takes the cake

>> No.7556175

Guest probably isn't Connor since he's watching and she mentioned they aren't there yet.

>> No.7556225

no ffs this is like if she showed you Love Island tiktoks or something

>> No.7556237

NTA, I think he probably meant THE clip. You know, the CVID one. That would make some sense.

>> No.7556262

I will shit myself if it's C-chan.

>> No.7556270

Compared to just sending her the stream link out of nowhere? It's best to just show the CVID and IDF part.

>> No.7556324

I doubt the guest is someone big.

>> No.7556326

I'm gonna fuckin lose it. Mouse is bringing out all the emotions.

Really just that it's interesting for how short of her total time she's been short. A little over a year but compared to the four she's been doing it now it makes sense that she's still got that small streamer mindset. From that first stream with over 100 viewers it was only a month until she first broke 1k and now we're where we are. Plus, being Hispanic, I relate to her mindset of "Just don't expect anything" as being part of why she can still be overwhelmed with her popularity.

>> No.7556350

Donator bringing the galaxy brain plays. Donate to the charity now, then make the money back by donating plasma lol.

>> No.7556355

>how short of her total time she's been short
she's been short her entire life

>> No.7556377

ffs turn off the text to speech when you're saying something important...

>> No.7556402

He'll show up at some point. He's got the cosplay and Bubi reveal, if they went ahead with it

>> No.7556414

>thinking mouse is going to turn off her money printing machine

>> No.7556441

They will literally never learn.

>> No.7556453

The CSL Plasma site says you can get $1000 in the first month so it's very worthwhile.

>> No.7556467

>"Just do whatever you want"
Mousey has already given me my answer

>> No.7556481

I hate messagefaggots and everyone who's using those sound alerts
Read the room and choose the right time ffs

>> No.7556483

>life is cringe
Words of wisdom.

>> No.7556529

There are a lot of new donator bonuses, it quickly drops off though

>> No.7556562

>can I fuck my mom now

>> No.7556645

having the streamer hear my message is more important than the 10K watching

>> No.7556886

Just got in whatd i miss, does she look diff other than clothes?

>> No.7556892

$30k in an hour.

>> No.7556997

She has tiny black horns next to her normal ones and the hair is a little higher quality. Other than that it's entirely outfit-based and she's got a bunch more bells on the outfit other than the normal ones.

>> No.7557056

More boing boing

>> No.7557229

Mousey said she was was planning a semi-long stream, so assuming that means somewhere around 6 to 8 hours, what are the odds she'll make it to 100k?

>> No.7557293

Muting the alerts.

>> No.7557368

About damn time
Self important assholes just kept interrupting her when she was trying to talk

>> No.7557431

Depends on how many late comers there are. I think she caps at $60k

>> No.7557454

Not great. Nyan made it to 80k.

>> No.7557523

but nyan didn't have the sick girl angle.

>> No.7557612

I think nyan is pretty sick

>> No.7557653

If Nyan had set 100k goals I think she would've reached them, same for Mousey
Hopefully she comes up with some goals soon

>> No.7557668

she's basically raising money at the same rate and nyan streamed for 10 hours

>> No.7557801

You did the right thing.

>> No.7557822

Messages are delayed from when people post them, so you may send something in and it won't actually show up til 5 minutes after you send it. That's how twitch handles streamers with large viewer counts and lots of donaters. They lags massively. You also have to realize how much people geniunely love mouse, people genuinely want to tell her how much they appreciate her. That's the whole reason she just went on for 20 minutes about how much she loves her community and the nice things they say about her.

>> No.7557856

Say what you want about Roxyy, but she and Mouse love each other dearly.

>> No.7557866

This is the big thing. Stretch goals are an easy way to get more donations. The higher up they go the more people will be incentivized to continue donating to see the rewards come to fruition. It's better to have stretch goals you don't reach because you had absurdly huge numbers than it is to try and be conservative with your approach.

Also wow Roxy met Mouse while streaming. I always thought they might have been IRL friends of some kind given how close they are and how far they go back.

>> No.7558116

The tweet that just made Mouse break down.

>> No.7558188

That is true.

>> No.7558330

It definitely is

>> No.7558557

Mouse has always said she prefers it on, and I can see she wants to hear what people have to say, but FFS some folks write their entire college thesis in the dono box.

>> No.7558570

>18k viewers
I know it's raid padded and those drop off quick but that makes me happy

>> No.7558593

>Mouse shouts out everyone she loves in VShojo
>Says everyone is great. Even Hime
>Throws Snuffy in too

>> No.7558612


>> No.7558629


>> No.7558644

Raids from other vshojo girls tend to not drop off as much

>> No.7558653


>> No.7558757


>> No.7558778

at 50k mouse has to tweet a compliment to MONKE.

>> No.7558823

[inb4 samefag] MONKE compliment stream at 100k

>> No.7558839

100k for a 1 hour Monke compliment stream. She doesn't know what she's done.

>> No.7558869

lol another space and bird stream at 70k.

>> No.7558996

I forgot what the amount is but one of the stretch goals is teaching Connor Spanish. at 80k She'll do a concert where chat picks all the songs. And a Connor hugging emote at 90k was just suggested lmao

>> No.7559005

I'm really looking forward to that WAP cover.
I'd love more rowdy/ghetto music from pink cat in general.

>> No.7559047

Anyone keep track of the confirmed goals?

>> No.7559136

I hope it has a music video

>> No.7559164

its one thing I really miss from her is rap. She sung some songs like Bad Touch and Shawty Wanna Fuck in a recent stream and it was kind of similar to those old vibes.

I'm not sure if its a case of her distancing herself from old songs by leaving the genre alone, or was it a case of her liking rap at the time and not now?

>> No.7559165

You've donated, haven't you anon?
I've given $40 already over 3 donations

>> No.7559167

She's loading up these stretch goals like crazy.

>> No.7559197

All the goals she just agreed to:

50k - Tweet a compliment to Connor
55k - Chess stream with Connor
60k - Spanish teaching stream
69k - WAP cover with Nyanners
70k - Space and bird stream part 2
75k - Spooky game with VShojo (Vei suggested, but in case she's not available it can be anyone else in VShojo)
80k - Concert where chat chooses all the songs
85k - Tekken stream
90k - Connor hug emote
95k - Bee Movie script reading
100k - Connor compliment stream.

Thing that's going to happen regardless: Another tiktok stream with Snuffy! Seriously if you guys missed the first one she did with Nyan and Snuffy back in like January or February it's one of my favorite streams ever.

>> No.7559214

Connor is live, it's happening. Bubi reveal incoming.

>> No.7559215

She probably would have put more in the earlier tiers if they didn't blow by so fast

>> No.7559364

At last, I received a gifted sub

>> No.7559398


>> No.7559417

Well. It's not quite Bubi, but it's definitely something.

>> No.7559424

He totally fucking did it lmao

>> No.7559428


>> No.7559433

Mouse looks kinda hot irl ngl.

>> No.7559437

kinda disappointed at the cosplay desu.
by the way he talked about it I thought he'd put actual effort into it but I don't know if having to rush it for today had to do with it

>> No.7559446

oh my fucking god

>> No.7559480


>> No.7559496

He has an on going series of slowly lowering budget cosplays from china. You shouldn't have had high expectations.

>> No.7559505

>When are you going to dress up as me?
>I'm getting a genderbent version of me and one of the outfits is you
Miguel confirmed.

>> No.7559507

>genderbent ironmouse
i'm not prepared

>> No.7559536

Get ready for 12" demon cock.

>> No.7559567

I love those two.

>> No.7559610

>what are your viewers called
So this faggot doesn't even watch her? Why do I keep hearing "no anon you don't get it, their relationship is cute" and shit like that? Can't stand him man.

>> No.7559655

I am sure he has nothing to do but watch Ironmouse all day.

>> No.7559664

I bet next he is gonna tell that santa isnt real.

>> No.7559703

Mouse only has 10" pp. Considering she thought 20" was big but not massive her judgment of cock size is probably a bit off.

>> No.7559720

I'm aware, but the way he talked about it every time the cosplay was mentioned made me think he'd put genuine effort into this one

>> No.7559773

Connor's impression of Mouse is fucking spot on lmao. That weird bouncing back and forth thing she always does.

>> No.7559805

Well good news, the second one is apparently much better.

>> No.7559874

Snuffy is late tonight because she forgot she ordered pizza. I know this because I'm in her paypigs Discord room. So never fear. The raccoon will be here.

>> No.7559895

this is based on mouse old form so its simple as fuck

>> No.7559903

I mean , she calls us precious family , which is not very fan base sounding

>> No.7559911

This is the shittiest streamer relationship of all time then.

>> No.7559967


>> No.7559969


>> No.7560008

this is only half true, stop making shit up

>> No.7560018

>mouse brings up knowing vtubers with buttplugs
>entire chat is "coco" or "zen"

>> No.7560039

nyan is also buttplug i think

>> No.7560068

So he's missing the ahoge, heart hair pins, no bow& bell choker, he's not showing shoulder, and no hearts on the skirt.

>> No.7560075

no shit?

>> No.7560077


>> No.7560110

Nyanners explicitly stated that her tail is not a buttplug.

>> No.7560139

>nyan is also buttplug i think
no no nyan is the buttplug anon, not her tail, all of nyan

>> No.7560141


>> No.7560142

She got that peach

>> No.7560214

Okay, that one got me good

>> No.7560407

Sonos have slowed down, none of these stretch goals will be met.

>> No.7560465

Just as she planned...

>> No.7560512

We aren't even reaching the tweet, what the hell happened to the sick girl angle?

>> No.7560527

Ehh she'll probably get 70k

>> No.7560532

Fuck, I wish I could watch this stream but mr sandman is too strong...

>> No.7560557

People only budgeted so much

>> No.7560595

Donate your plasma, get paid, then give both the plasma and the money to idol mouse.

>> No.7560609

Where are Mousey's goals? Did she post them anywhere?
Is it for subs or donations?

>> No.7560656

Right here >>7559197

>> No.7560721

Where's she at, Snuffyposter?

The VRC vod is up!

>> No.7560773

Vei has one

>> No.7560885

We can only assume the model imitates the real person

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