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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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Fuck yea! Selen!

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>> No.7548715

I love Pomu!

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>> No.7548735

Slapping Finana until her egg falls off!

>> No.7548738

That has nothing to with with their personality. Streaming with/without an avatar/cam and having a stream persona are two independent issues.

>> No.7548740

What the hell? I think I love Pomu

>> No.7548743

I love all 5 members of NijiEN!

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Reading comprehension is hard I see.

>> No.7548759

Lazulight LOVE!

>> No.7548765

For any newfreinds
>see schizo/bait post
>pic related
Now, you have a clean thread
Enjoy the guaranteed quality experience.

>> No.7548767

Selen's down for the count

>> No.7548771

Urya! Oi!

>> No.7548804

You either hate Petra or Finana.

>> No.7548805

Anon you know Pomu didn't graduate right? She is coming back from her vacation.

>> No.7548810

Is that french?!

>> No.7548816

I feel like the most realistic scenario for that would be Finana in the middle, held by Pomu so Elira can finally have her way with the fish.

>> No.7548824

Elira is further trying to STOP THE COUNT

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>> No.7548886

They audition for pre-made characters this time so I have high hope for her, also this time will have more candidates because people know NijiEN is also a profitable place

>> No.7548887

She lost it

>> No.7548901

She would use it like this in theory, but this early on and without a 3D model it's only in theory.

>> No.7548907

Realistically, Selen will probably be the most subbed soon and definitely when she starts doing vtuber tournaments.

>> No.7548911

I WILL UNSUB...when the stream starts.

>> No.7548931

5K more subs and Finana reveals a new tag
I wonder what it could be

>> No.7548948

Yes I made 12 accounts to sub to Selen

>> No.7548954

Dix neuf

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>> No.7548963

People who say vtubers are just voice actors for a character are pretty dumb honestly. A vtuber carries many of the same traits across multiple personas no matter how different the avatar and lore is. A vtuber can also not be replaced with a different "actor" like any anime character can. Try to pull that and her fans will riot and call the new person an imposter. See also the Coco/Kson business where everyone knows the character and the person behind them are one and the same.

>> No.7548980

>Elira gets Selen banned

>> No.7548985

Selen...just start it

>> No.7548989

You are right. This is the truth.

>> No.7548996

Im so happy for Selen

>> No.7549001

Man, fuck this bitch.

>> No.7549003

Say that to Kizuna ai desu

>> No.7549009

If I'm being honest, I'm more curious about the bird. She also seems like she could be a loli and her design looks pretty cool too

>> No.7549014

I mean where is the lie?

>> No.7549015

>> No.7549024

>this time
Anon, they all were pre-made characters.

>> No.7549026

I agree to a degree, Finana isn't an e-girl who is faking it, she's being 100% real.

>> No.7549036

Bruh it's a game of pretend. You don't roll up to a funeral and shout out that the dude is dead.

>> No.7549038

That proves what I am saying. The company tried it and it backfired. big time.

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>> No.7549042

>A vtuber can also not be replaced with a different "actor" like any anime character can. Try to pull that and her fans will riot and call the new person an imposter.
Anon. You need to actual read what he said before you act like a retard.

>> No.7549053

Vtubers are just wrestler that doesn't fight, is 2d, and play videogames. Nothing more, nothing less.

>> No.7549055

Hana sure likes to state the most obvious shit.

>> No.7549063

You guys are particular gullible today

>> No.7549077

Niggers seething because she spoke the truth.

>> No.7549078

What you don't?

>> No.7549087

Selen is streaming so the thread is full of /v/ermin right now. Those retards always take the bait.

>> No.7549093

Multiple people seem to be in the shitposting mood.

>> No.7549096

Yes, but they were showing the design this time so everyone will know what they need to show their talent to fit the character

>> No.7549101

Rosemi right now:

>> No.7549109

Just teaching the lurkers what the schizo opinions are.

>> No.7549125

Kizuna Ai is the alpha. She’s from a completely different era of Vtubing. She’s fine the way she is.

>> No.7549135

Is Rosemi a numberfag?

>> No.7549141

I'm gonna send The Gweat Wosemi-Sama a cake.

>> No.7549156

No she's the third wheel in any 3 girl collab.

>> No.7549157

>Only NijiEN to NOT be 100k

>> No.7549180

More fuel for the saviorfags

>> No.7549190

Graduation incoming

>> No.7549196

>The only Japs who like Fish are the ones who can't understand a damn thing she says
Radiation still working it's magic years later

>> No.7549198

I will save her

>> No.7549203

to be fair, Selen is super fun and Petra had a design buff.

>> No.7549219

>very, very neat mermaid. The voice is cute and really neat...

>> No.7549220

Is Pomu's character in the baseball thing any good?

>> No.7549222

What? She's got a lot of Japanese tl clips they have quite an accurate idea of the things she says

>> No.7549228

I only want to watch 1(one) chuuba play Little Nightmares 2, so how is Finanna's playthrough?

>> No.7549230

Wasnt there a clip of people telling ange about how dangerous fish is?

>> No.7549245

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T036xQAu-cM Live

>> No.7549254

She has her fans on 5ch here and there that know a bit of English. Hence the エロ魚 nickname.

>> No.7549264

I don't dislike [your oshi] but i think she's garbage according to my headcanons and she should graduate. I'm not trying to be a shitposter or an anti or anything and if you think that you're just paranoid. This is just my opinion as an innocent anon and genuine fan

>> No.7549270

Fuck you guys. Selen is live

>> No.7549271

Even the egg clip is translated in Japanese. Fish is exposed

>> No.7549275

honestly, i kinda agreed. they are weirdly similar in many ways.

>> No.7549277

Have (You) done your archive reps? It's been a busy week!



>> No.7549284

Seems pretty good. Powerful

>> No.7549285

She is pretty good. Not the best but she will be in the tournament. Any other EN will have to pull bullshit starting stats to make it.

>> No.7549289

How Genewous of the Gweat Wosemi sama, helping her genmates get to 100k. I think we should all sub and superchat to Wosemi to show our apweaciation for such a wonderful person.

>> No.7549291

lol where

>> No.7549303

I unsubbed...

>> No.7549304


>> No.7549310

Jesus Christ it's like she gets louder every stream

>> No.7549321


>> No.7549325

S-She's fast!

>> No.7549328

almost everyone...

>> No.7549334

Those aren't fans at all. That one guy that did artwork is a fan but the moment someone tells him what she is really about, that's it.

>> No.7549336

cute JOP

>> No.7549341

Isn't Ange's team kind of shit? Isn't it possible she'll sub in Finana and Elira when she's sure lost?

>> No.7549343

100K RTA

>> No.7549354

Finana got more invested in the game, while Selen was making fun of it, for example calling the long necked monster Selen everytime. Just choose whichever of those seems more appealing to you

>> No.7549356

I thought rosemi is supposed to be the gfe? Why the lowest sub?

>> No.7549359

This is war crime

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>> No.7549386

>Isn't Ange's team kind of shit?
>Isn't it possible she'll sub in Finana and Elira when she's sure lost?
She's screwed one way or the other, she can't possibly handle the sheer OP bullshit of Shiina's defense or Haruka's offense

>> No.7549400


>> No.7549404

Where the Selen spicy noods!?

>> No.7549407

Niji fans don't like GFE. She'd fit into Hololive much better.

>> No.7549411

She got so invested in the story had to google the secret ending and showed it onstream, also full of reactions especially on the scary parts. Very very cute.

>> No.7549412

Dragoonbros we can't stop winning

>> No.7549415

What about Hayato's team?
Is Pomu gonna make it?

>> No.7549421

Is Shiina's team the best of them all?

>> No.7549432


>> No.7549439

>100k countdown
>started streaming 6 minutes ago
>already 100k

>> No.7549441

>next week a try not to laugh stream
she is not gonna make it

>> No.7549445

I believe in Kagami Shachou

>> No.7549448

This is the wrong company for gfe. But it's not really a problem. She knows Japanese and it will only take one collab with ange to break through

>> No.7549451

Why would she use them instead of literally anyone else? I imagine she wouldn't make both of them first years if she wanted an EN representative. I mean, she is screwed anyway in her group but there are plenty of others she might want in the field.

>> No.7549454

It doesn't matter how good Shiina's team is, she's gonna luckshit her way to winning 3rd year in a row. Nijikoshien is a fight for 2nd place for everyone except the biggest luckshitter in Nijisanji.

>> No.7549462

Very good & cute. Finana's timing with a lot of her reactions and one-liners was on point.

>> No.7549463

>Niji fans don't like GFE
Depends, some Nijis do do the schtick. Notably Lulu leaned into it. Amamiya avoids collabing with males herself.

>> No.7549472

Is there any NijiJP that admitted to something as degenerate as being an exhibitionist?

>> No.7549480

I put a fucking brickwall limiter on my sound output and somehow it's still too loud with Selen. I shouldn't have tested it with Ars only.

>> No.7549484


>> No.7549498

Oh boy. Youre in for a ride

>> No.7549516

Heavy kayfabe but she's a shitty actor so it filters anyone that isn't retarded

>> No.7549525

>what should I do for 100k guys
>chat spams apex
I hate her viewers.

>> No.7549532

>Bento box

Selen please no, I can't handle this level of gfe

>> No.7549535

don't worry Pom will be last again in a month or so

>> No.7549537

Hoshikawa admitted to enjoying being choked during sex. That stream got nuked from orbit, though.

>> No.7549546


>> No.7549549

Coomer hada....

>> No.7549554


>> No.7549555

>Notably Lulu leaned into it
Anon....she almost never read superchats on stream and most of the times forgot to even thank them...

>> No.7549561

Is Selen the first that has hit 100k on stream?

>> No.7549566

The most tomboyish is the one who can cook. This is real life comedy.

>> No.7549576

The contrast between her voice and what she talks about is nothing sort of amazing. Same goes for EOP's who might find Mea's voice cute, but have no idea what kind of vile shit she's spewing.

>> No.7549577

99%. She is currently a regular in his games and the only ones left are Hada and Rosemi who will have less time to train than the rest. If one of them gets a retardedly strong starting character like Kanae they might replace someone but I'm pretty sure Pomu would still not be the first on the chopping block there.

>> No.7549580

>forgot to even thank them
Are you supposed to thank them?

>> No.7549590

I'm not talking about just as a fetish but actually doing something
>being choked
That's basic bitch shit

>> No.7549596

They don't like it much in Hololive either. Rushia is not among the most viewed members. it only brings superchats because it's boring

>> No.7549603

If she knew she was going to lose anyway she could let her benchwarmers get some play time.

>> No.7549609


>> No.7549611

Selen... you're doxxing Wosemi...

>> No.7549615

No, she is the first that have crossed 100k on stream with supas on though

>> No.7549631

No, all of Lazulight did

>> No.7549633

thank you superchattu arigato gozaimasssssss

>> No.7549639

Messing up Fahrenheit and Celsius during cooking sounds like a very Candian problem

>> No.7549643

I don't want to share her with too many people

>> No.7549647

I put a curse on you /NijiEN/

>> No.7549662

Wait, our Rosemi is in the team? I thought she wasn't in the draft.

>> No.7549663

she can just borrow a gag from Finana

>> No.7549667

how do you even burn nuggets, you put them in an oven and wait

>> No.7549669

Pomu not being last in subs while mogging everyone in donos just doesn't feel right. Like it's not a true NijiEn experience.

>> No.7549676

As in "supacha arigatou", yeah most vtubers do that. Lulu didn't even acknowledge their existence most of the time, not even akasupa.

>> No.7549678

This should be our distorted Pekor face

>> No.7549687

It's not that easy ok.

>> No.7549693

More ways to act like a girlfriend than reading out a sucker's name.

>> No.7549696

>not amogus

>> No.7549700

Selen's a little bitch but she's our little bitch.

>> No.7549701

Selen is weak to horror!

>> No.7549702

>500k for Horror stream

>> No.7549704

I'm Pomu so add it to the pile bud

>> No.7549713

pls andastand lulu was bad with technology and streaming she even accidentally forgot to monetize several of her streams

>> No.7549720

I mean, oven settings or stuff you put them on when you are cooking is going to change how they cook. Maybe they would cook oddly if you didn't turn them over?

>> No.7549724

Selen is weak to _____!

>> No.7549726

that's not how you pronounce visage, Selen...

>> No.7549727

Playing games drunk with Selen!

>> No.7549728


>> No.7549729

Good 'ol liquid courage

>> No.7549732

Is there a place I can submit marshmallows or do I have to wait until they tweet out a link?

>> No.7549738

>liquid courage

>> No.7549740

By losing track of time? It's really easy unless you set an alarm.

>> No.7549745

drunk horror stream soon, can't wait

>> No.7549749

Stop with the saviorfag shit with Rosemi. Dont be fucking numberfags, she will get their eventually. This isn’t HololiveEN

>> No.7549757

Lulu sold gfe voice instead

>> No.7549760

They added Obsydia in last minute

>> No.7549767

>before the aka... before... fuck!

>> No.7549768

selen said rosemi couldn't figure out the dif between fahrenheit or celsius and set the air fryer to like 400 c instead of 400 f

>> No.7549769

My man, she has a fucking air fryer.

>> No.7549772

oh but the audience here sure looks like it, they're the same numberfags we see out there

>> No.7549774

Obsydia and Eden were drafted several days ago. Selen - Deron, Petra - Haruka, Rosemi - Kagami.

>> No.7549796

>Selen says fuck
>Chat starts spamming faq

>> No.7549799

Pomu in chat everybody shut the fuck up

>> No.7549802

Almost everybody does that though.

>> No.7549803


>> No.7549805


>> No.7549814

every oven in existence has a timer

>> No.7549820

>This isn’t HololiveEN
Except this is. The audience is HoloEN and this thread is inches away from turning into hlg

>> No.7549823

I hate that no one realizes that "FAQ" is meant to be read as "fuck you".

>> No.7549833


>> No.7549834

When the fuck did this happen?

>> No.7549837


>> No.7549843


>> No.7549847

Of course, the best always go unappreciated!

>> No.7549852

IDK what that is

>> No.7549858

GFE vtubers always lag behind on subs, they come out ahead in donations.

>> No.7549859

it's not stop falseflagging

>> No.7549860

based protoss gigachad

>> No.7549865

why is a 1 mil sub channel simping for selen lmao

>> No.7549884

This only happens in her voice packs not her actual streams to the point that in Lulu's prechat people were discussing about how completely different "stream" Lulu and "voice pack" Lulu are. A normal Lulu stream doesn't have GFE at all unless you think her cute noises fanservice is GFE.

>> No.7549886

Pomu has a buddy now!

>> No.7549890

Selen will be #1 in a few weeks at this rate

>> No.7549891

who the fuck is that even

>> No.7549897

The stream or here?

>> No.7549904

Because once it's over you can at least say you did what you could to see the show go on.

>> No.7549907

>> No.7549909


>> No.7549912

isn't that taiwanese money?

>> No.7549921


>> No.7549925

Griffith, NO!

>> No.7549930

Yeah, Rosemi will be fine as long as she has dedicated fans. She's also had a rough start with streams getting cut short, so she has plenty of time to make up any ground she lost.

>> No.7549936

No, thanks.

>> No.7549937

Long story short. He was in a sex scandal and had to take a break from making content for months. During this time he apparently became a DD.

>> No.7549943

You heard the dragon

>> No.7549944

>> No.7549949


>> No.7549957

Is that some taiwanese pop artist or something?

>> No.7549960

>Metal Slug

>> No.7549963


>> No.7549967

>metal slug
Selen is actually the best, Apex pro and retro games

>> No.7549968

>metal slug

>> No.7549972

>Metal Slug

>> No.7549974

Because we anime now.

>> No.7549975


>> No.7549983

Oh yeah, it's all coming together. Publicly saying someone else is going to play something so they can't say no without being seen as an ass. Based fairy.

>> No.7549988

900 likes already.

>> No.7549993

>I'm not sure yet
Bitch don't tease me

>> No.7549998

Based Korean friend

>> No.7550011

I will be a Pomumama hater and say that Pomu's design is the most bland shit out of the whole group and I think a lot of people don't even bother giving her a chance because of it.

>> No.7550019

Do you actually click into every superchatter's channel...? That's creepy anon.

>> No.7550025

Pomu has been getting more than 5k likes on her tweets since her hiatus started, that is basically done. She's really good at making her own dercisions into entertainment for others. She was gonna buy a VR headset anyway after losing a bet with Elira, now she made it into entertainment and a little shilling for Selen. No fucking wonder everyone in nijien loves her, she always puts others before herself.

>> No.7550027

EN Okayu

>> No.7550028

who the fuck is Louis?

>> No.7550034

God I wish I was Ember

>> No.7550035

>Hehe, Selen we can't play this game together unless you come over to my house
She is going to rape her.

>> No.7550043

Oh my grandma died that day, so I wasn't here.

>> No.7550044

This will make up for no RE4. Selen has the best game taste.

>> No.7550047

Real grinder

>> No.7550048


>> No.7550051

>Metal Slug
Can we convince her to drag another one of the girls to play with her?

>> No.7550056


>> No.7550060

>Kanade daki

>> No.7550082

Selen's indestructible ass...

>> No.7550084

Selen is the nijiEN who curses the most right?

>> No.7550090

he had a checkmark so i wanted to see who the fuck he was + he send more than 1 rainbow
its good selen is getting money but like why the fuck is he there lmao

>> No.7550094

Looks like a huge youtuber from... Taiwan? I have no idea why he's simping for Selen though

>> No.7550110

Her laughs and apex

>> No.7550115

It's just me or this Selen girl sounds like a young boy

>> No.7550117

I have a suspicion that she's just talking about her real dog when she talks about Ember

>> No.7550118

I honestly don't think anyone was excited about it, especially people that knew her before. I wouldn't blame the artist as much as Nijisanji for approving it. A new outfit might help a lot, so I hope those come relatively soon.

>> No.7550127


>> No.7550135

>I have no idea why he's simping for Selen though
Because he's a fan. What's so hard to get?

>> No.7550136 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7550144

He had Amelia Watson as a story on his instagram. I guess it's his new hobby. Perhaps he is trying to gauge the market for Vtubing

>> No.7550147

>Slaps your oshi's ass

>> No.7550149


>> No.7550150

Why didn't he type a single message then? Rainbow superchat looks more like leeching.

>> No.7550165

Wow this is good

>> No.7550174

Oh you're being a schizo. Nevermind then

>> No.7550177


>> No.7550179

Why are rainbows more leeching? It is standard for niji milestones

>> No.7550184

Agreed. We like Pomu despite the design. Actually I found all of Lazulight's designs to be kind of offputting at first, and it took time for them to grow on me. Petra and Rosemi on the other hand look more normal for vtuber standards

>> No.7550192


>> No.7550196

Anyone who does not give someone a chance over their design is a moron. I dont watch someone because of their design as much as I do because of the person behind it. No doubt that a good design is a buff, even if I do not take that into account as much.

>> No.7550200

How can you be a fan of a chuuba who's language you don't even speak?

>> No.7550227

>Perhaps he is trying to gauge the market for Vtubing
I'm not sure about the relationship between BiliBili/VirtuaReal and Taiwanese vtubers, but I believe that's where the market for people streaming in Chinese is.
So it begins. But Selen said Pomu would play and she would watch...

>> No.7550231

Because whole chat is filled with his name when he does it? And as i am typing this he did it 3rd time without a single word.

>> No.7550235

>3 times
nice coin for Selen but now he is just attention whoring

>> No.7550236

The designs are decided by Anycolor, so blame them for wanting what Pomu ended up with. That's why many people in Nijisanji tend to make their 2nd outfit the default one and forget about their OG costume.

>> No.7550238

>rainbow supa again
It's starting to get creepy

>> No.7550242

Who is this Louis guy?

>> No.7550244

That's basically the majority of EOP vtuber fans before western branches were made

>> No.7550245

Selen trying to act cute feels so out of character.

>> No.7550250

Damn this Louis a high roller

>> No.7550269

放火 Louis
1.25M subscribers

EHHH?!? Based Taiwan bro.

>> No.7550277

He got betrayed by irl women so only into 2d girls now.

t. taiwanese

>> No.7550283

>poorfags getting jealous because they can never be supportive of their oshi to any noticeable degre

>> No.7550293

>take my money and don't shut up

>> No.7550306

Doesn't yt also limit how much you can donate at once?

>> No.7550313


>> No.7550314

At least he sends a fucking rainbow instead of 10 $1 superchats with a paragraph each

>> No.7550318


>> No.7550327

Stfu newfag. I will love Aki Rose until I die.

>> No.7550333

Was he #metoo'd?

>> No.7550339

Different accounts.

>> No.7550344

Ah, explains everything. The guy better not expect Selen to say anything about that chinese colony, niji is deep in bilibili's pocket.

>> No.7550345

Selen was too ahead of her time, art is whatever the fuck it wants to be these days

>> No.7550348

holy based

>> No.7550353

it's the flip attentionwhores who spam 1$ superchats that are getting upset about this

>> No.7550355

or 30 something $10 supas each carrying part of a poem

>> No.7550362

I'm holdin' out for wave three bros. Surely, one of them will end up my oshi.

>> No.7550369

real gigachads just donate red supachas with little to no text (see Mori leaf paypigs)... not 3 rounds of rainbow supacha to seek attention

>> No.7550371

Her house in Minecraft showed as much

>> No.7550377

nijis have the t-word pass

>> No.7550387

>t. poorfag

>> No.7550405

As celebration I will begin playing apex

>> No.7550406

He's a rich top youtuber in tw so probably doesn't care. I see him in a lot of Holo's chat too.

>> No.7550409

gigachads donate anonymously through streamlabs, faggot.

>> No.7550413

Have you ever seen a niji milestone stream before?

>> No.7550418

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

>> No.7550429


>> No.7550430

The way to do big supachas/donos is like this ID chad has been doing to nijiID https://youtu.be/I9B80IFGkXo?t=4652

>> No.7550446

not only burning a nugget, but burn it with an air frier

>> No.7550447

>these days
"Artist's Shit" is from 1961. Dadaism is a century old.

>> No.7550469

This stream must be pretty bad if you're talking about some fag SCing more than about the stream itself.

>> No.7550480

holy based

>> No.7550484

public domain...

>> No.7550490

Will vtubers be public domain in 100 years? Can I be selen in 2121?

>> No.7550500

This. Be glad he's not trying to groom her

>> No.7550520


>> No.7550524

what is Selen's accent and why does it make me DIAMONDS??

>> No.7550526

It's an countdown stream where the goal has already been reached, what do you expect

>> No.7550527


>> No.7550531


>> No.7550539

I expect the thread to not circlejerk some random fag.

>> No.7550546

Uh oh stinky

>> No.7550547


>> No.7550555

The goal was reached few minutes into the stream, what else do you want her to do?

>> No.7550556

I know you're a schizo. No need to signal it any further

>> No.7550562


>> No.7550566

So he met some girl, went to her house and got captures by 5 dudes who forced him to film naked and made him pay a ransom?

>> No.7550584

She said Taiwan and the world is still intact is this Niji’s b-built different?

>> No.7550586

Lmao based

>> No.7550593

Says a schizo assuming that unrelated taiwanese e-celeb is a fan.

>> No.7550595

smol plant neurobiology please understand

>> No.7550608


>> No.7550610

It's not bad there's just nothing to talk about. Plus, this is not a chatroom anyway so there's really no need to talk about everything that happens in the stream.

>> No.7550613

>no u

>> No.7550620


>> No.7550636

Why is Selena so funny

>> No.7550652

Unless she says Taiwan is a country, nothing is going to happen.

>> No.7550667

>> No.7550678

Do it Selen I believe in you.

>> No.7550679

Isnt that implied? I dont understand bug mentality.

>> No.7550686

Why is Petra doing multiple 100k subs celebration streams? That's really pathetic.

>> No.7550688


>> No.7550695

Damn why didn't she buy a good one? Valve makes shit hardware.

>> No.7550697

oh no

>> No.7550705

It's a two day recipe....

>> No.7550714

One thousand dollaridoos
God damn it I'll never be able to afford that.

>> No.7550718

Taiwan is just a region of China to them. It's like saying a city name.

>> No.7550719

>Selen stops laughing when talking about food

>> No.7550720

I also though Tiramisu was japanese.....

>> No.7550726

>Tiramisu is Japanese

>> No.7550728

wow shit's expesive

>> No.7550734

I hope they collab soon

>> No.7550752

I thought it too for some time

>> No.7550756

another rrat slain

>> No.7550757

damn you should kill yourself before anything bad happens

>> No.7550759

Good on Ironmouse. Honestly Pomu's sperging was endearing, it really shows how much she loves vtubers.

>> No.7550761


>> No.7550765

Go back.

>> No.7550772

Is Wosemi going to get fired? She is 20k behind Selen...

>> No.7550775

But Index is the best VR headset

>> No.7550777


>> No.7550779

>1k for a meme technology that will have new hardware updates as it's still being developed
VR is such a bad investment for the average gamer

>> No.7550794

Is Selen fat?

>> No.7550799

But this would be her third 100k stream... Her spicy noodle stream was also a 100k celebration.

>> No.7550809

>for the average gamer
Good thing Pomu is buying it for her work then. She will make that 1k without even using it, during her comeback stream.

>> No.7550810

God I hope so

>> No.7550811

That collab was cute as fuck.

>> No.7550812

Petra is Nijisanji JP but at least she isn't vshojo like Pomu.

>> No.7550815

That's a possibility, yes.

>> No.7550816

>American (((pizza)))

>> No.7550820

why? it's not a negative oh no

>> No.7550825

She was but she lost the weight by having constant sex with me

>> No.7550827

Come on Selen read your fanfic for the 100k celebration

>> No.7550846

Shut up Mario. American pizza overwrote the definition of pizza.

>> No.7550847

All the Holobronies who thought the bad collab meant NijiEN will no longer interact and collaborate with their friends in VShojo are about to have a stroke.

>> No.7550849

Do they put ketchup on pizza in Asia?

>> No.7550854

new Ina in the making

>> No.7550860

Argentinian here, half the population has italian relatives and i'm sure they'll be disappointed if they read this

>> No.7550863

>with my ah ah ah, some relatives
Eh bros?

>> No.7550866


>> No.7550867

Go back.

>> No.7550878


>> No.7550880

She nearly said the B-word..

>> No.7550884

Which is it

>> No.7550888

They do wild shit to pizza in Korea and Japan

>> No.7550891

Depends on the place and the person.

>> No.7550893

I believe they use mayonnaise as a "topping" over there

>> No.7550900

I hope you didnt look at the people Finana and Selen plays apex with

>> No.7550901

fuck off vshoujo grifter, go be a tribalnigger somewhere else
this is the nijisanji en thread, not the vwhores astroturf thread
you faggots spend more time trying to validate your group in other threads than your own

>> No.7550907

she doesn't know how to say wurst... do new continent people really

>> No.7550917

t. holobrony

>> No.7550918

>we're talking about sausages
then say "sausages"

>> No.7550919

No. She was in track and field and won medals, She doesn't eat junk food, and watches streams while running in the treadmill.

>> No.7550929

Dunno if this is awesome or horrifying.

>> No.7550933

Why were people trying to convince me that Selen wasn't fat?

>> No.7550934


>> No.7550936

All of them have interacted on Twitter after, and Finana's friends list in apex was mostly vshojo

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