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Pic related

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I don't want to tarnish this board with a picture of Art*mis

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I miss Kiara's original voice, minus the shitty mic

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Does this thing count?

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risu's voice is actually cute though. Not like anyone else in this thread's.
I mean, that's technically not his voice, anon.

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Fucking shame because I like her real voice

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Say that to my face, see what will happen.

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Her personality is the part that filters me.

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at least these two are annoying on purpose as a joke

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>as a joke

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her voice is fine, it's the fact she constantly sounds underwater is what filters me.

I can't turn off my autism with audio engineering.

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If you won't, I will

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her laugh is so fake & not even cute, it just plain fake & ugly

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artemis's voice changed dramatically ever since I first heard >her voice, I'm starting to think >she was never he.

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t. Risu

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Convince me, I'm open to changing my opinion. I still think they're a faggot regardless of gender though.

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Kinda ironic that she faked her laugh way more often during her early day in Hololive and it sounds cuter and more bearable than her current "faked" laugh.

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Even on her other channel's birthday stream, she was doing the shitty chicken voice. Good song never ever...

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t. moonfag

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don't hate her but she sounds like she's half asleep most of the time or something

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Ok retard

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At least that can be fixed and it has sounded better in the past before she moved

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she should stream as ayunda more

Luna for me, i can't stand that high pitched voice

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I wouldn't be surprised if she was.

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I watched a pomu clip today for the first time
I won't be watching any more

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Such a shame. Her real voice is perfectly fine. Not sure why she chose to sound like that. I would watch her if her voice wasn’t so grating.

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welcome to HRT

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She did it occasionally, anon. But telling her what to do??? that's impossible. Recently someone asked her to do more karaoke and she just said "Karaoke is meh". If you tell her to do something she would do otherwise, it makes me irritated.

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I’ve seen people say that she hates doing karaoke, why though? I don’t watch her so I don’t know, people keep saying that she’s a great singer but I don’t think I’ve heard her sing aside from her king cover

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You could just search "risu acapella" or "risu sing" there are other cover too, check out on her playlist. As for why she hates karaoke, I don't know someone said she's too lazy to do karaoke, she vaguely said "karaoke is meh" but didn't give any reason why.

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God her design and voice is awful

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Luna, she is pretty funny but god i cant listen to her voice without wanting to throw a baby from a10 floor building which is a shame

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literally this many posts and no-one said Towa yet? pathetic.

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Contrarian without a cause, she really does browse this website.

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I fucking hate or love Towa, I don't know anymore

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her voice doesn't match her avatar

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I can handle her personality, despite its flaws, as she really does bring a lot of good stuff with the bad. But adding in the chimken voice is a bridge too far for me.

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If I'm talking to Ayunda, no problem. If I'm talking to Risu... eh, no thanks.

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No dzont czall me tree rrat

Hololive indonesia's subrance hololive russia

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I hate her old voice, the high-pitched one she used during streaming. I remember when I first started getting into vtubers, I listened so Suisei's music and really loved her voice. Then when I checked out her streams I was so disappointed. I was like "wtf is this shit, you have such a great voice and this is how you ruin it?". It filtered me pretty hard.

Her new voice on the other hand is pure sex holy shit.

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This, I'm sure shes a nice girl but Towa just sounds rotten, not even mature or deep, her voice is just nasty.

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I'm gonna have to sadly agree on this one; her voice hard-filters me. It's nasally to a nearly unbearable degree, plus other things. I still wish her all the best though; her singing's some of the best across holopro.

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HRT and the surgery will do that.

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I couldn't watch her Henry Stickmin playthrough. She obviously played through the main parts all the way through and fake laughed for the entire time.

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you listen too much to /vt/ shitposters and rrats.

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Her new voice made all the difference for me too, brother. I have become Hoshiyomi.

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Hard agree. I couldn't bring myself to watch her streams that often in the early days despite how much I love her design and singing.

Low voice Suisei is incredible though

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She gorges on Dr. Pepper and Doritos daily. Probably tired from sleep apnea due to obesity. I like her but the voice is a bit high.

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But that's the gap moe. She's a sweet person but sounds like a cunt.

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I was shocked to hear her voice in that breast padding cosplay clip it's entirely normal. Why on Earth did she ever decide to go from that to the other one then to THIS as the end point?

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same but i wonder if it would be more bearable if her character would fit her voice more. hearing an anime teenage girl with a deep ba-chan voice weirds me out, but if she'd look like a 30-ish empress type, maybe?

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I like pretty much every girl you guys have listed so far. Do I just like annoying voices?

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all indonesians, i unironically have nothing against indonesians, but the language itself and their ESL accent is very unpleasing for me

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Kiara's voice rattles my brain. I hate when the others stream with her, I can't watch it.

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this here

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don't have any pic but Luna by far has the most annoying voice in all of hololive, Miko comes 2nd and Towa 3rd

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Newfag she doesn't do karaoke because karaoke is meh

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It's so bizzare that I don't think it's fake. My theory is that she's always high when streaming

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t. ESL

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Lily Hopkins. Clearly a talented voice actress but the voice she uses sounds like a literal child, which would be cute if she wasn't pandering to actual pedophiles. It's like as far as you can push loli to the point where it's uncomfortable.

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>t. ESL
More specifically:
>t. seanigge

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You know, now that I think about it, you might be right...

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her voice doesn't filter me, but her lack of english fluency sure as hell does

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isn’t lily a guy?

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Why are you watching an INDONESIAN then?

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Miko, Kanata, Kiara, Towa.

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because she's speaking ENGLISH, you fucktard. the least she could do is speak it well

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Her voice used to be more "normal" in a sense, almost like botan voice. Appareantly she changed it because people complain that her voice should be more cute.

Needless to say they made her fucking ruin it.

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Her and Elira literally sleep like 1-2 hours at best lol.

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The only voice that actually annoys me somewhat is Early Subaru's voice where she speaks in a weird tone and ends every one of her sentence with "ssu!". It felt so forced and unnatural, unlike say, Pekora.

If you find anyone else in hololive's voice annoying however, you're a weakass ironic weeb who haven't heard nothing yet (especially if you hate Luna, Miko or Kiara's voice). The only exception that I can understand is Towa's.

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And it's so disgusting. It should be against policy to mask your gender as a vtuber. Imagine having an actual little girl watching this dude that they think is a girl their age.

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>or Kiara's
Nah, it's a shit voice. Subaru can be grating too when she gets too loud.

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Kanata on a particularly squeaky day is kind of hard on my ears

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Legitimately? Proof?

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I'm pretty sure estrogen doesn't even change your voice that much, it's testosterone that does that. Artemis probably did more voice training reps.

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Subaru, coco, and pretty much all of EN

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Honestly, if this was a holo chubba or just anyone not associated with that trannie roomate, it would have blown up alot more, this is one of the best 2D designs ive seen.

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>incoherent babbling

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the pink catto
and also the maid one
or like succubus

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Probably from too many cigs

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I initially got filtered by a lot of voices but I still watched them in collabs and they all grew on me. Give them a chance

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Yea, test permanently changes your voice. It's why young boys can sing women's parts before puberty. Estrogen apparently does a little but no where near as much as test does.

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damn anon im sorry you are mentally retarded

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Twap's nasally fake voice. I can handle it in collabs but not solo streams.

I like her dorky laugh though.

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Petra's voice brings me vietnam flashbacks from my early weeb days of going to anime cons and seeing all the weebs girls trying to make loli voices

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Ah the sex fish. We're you there for the end of her last Apex stream? Talking about taking an Uber without panties and things?

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Subaru. The worst voice of all of holoJP.

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It wasn't >her voice that was the filter. It was being boring as shit.

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>succubus voice doesn't awaken his breeding instincts

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I was gonna post Miko, but you already did so I'll just reply instead.

I'll never understand how anyone can take listening to this overgrown baby's grating voice for more than a few seconds. I can't even watch collabs with her in them because her voice filters me so much.

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I do everything in my power to avoid this one.

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Luna did filter me for the first week of finding out she exists but after that I can't live without hearing her. It's so strange.

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My gf made me use headphones for this stream, the laughs annoyed her. I admit it gets a bit repetitive but for me she just sounds like a little troll squirrel, it's funny.

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Risu filler laugh is so unpleasant. It screams im dead inside

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Fuck whoever was the first person that described her voice as "anime Sarah Silverman", now I am going to think that every time she collabs with anyone else in NijiEN

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Shit, now you've spread it to me.

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I don't like the weird ESL like, tuber voice - no

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Holy shit, fuck you. Now I can't unsee it.
I'm going to still watch her, but fuck you regardless.

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she has a speech impediment, she tries her best

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Hehehehe jeb_

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