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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7499732

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>drops mic

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She do be dying

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Pit moles are the best moles and are 100% not cancerous.

>> No.7510051

Thanks for the image. It's got a special atmosphere.

>> No.7510052

I love my fairy wife Pomu!

>> No.7510071

does Elira like terraria?

>> No.7510100

Why couldn't Rosemi be single, this whole "D&D" shit just ruined my view on her

>> No.7510114

Very pretty Pomu

>> No.7510117

Elira is still cute though!

>> No.7510118

Takodachis are too excited. Chill guys.

>> No.7510124

>Elira as of yet unannounced collab Friday 11 EDT
Huh, wonder what it is

>> No.7510133

That timing. What a funny glitch this website has.

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>> No.7510143

Don't actually think Selen is suited to a story heavy game like that. The game play is like RTS lite which also doesn't sound like Selen's forte despite what she says.

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>> No.7510197

Petra love!

>> No.7510209

She is getting turned out by a whole gaggle of fat nerds

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>> No.7510214

Elira LOVE

>> No.7510246

She also said it's not with EN members and apparently doesn't have to do with Gwelu's APEX thing but she might be lying, who knows

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Cool girls are usually taken unless they strike this very fragile niche of being cool and shut in. Which is extremely rare so don't think you will ever find one.

>> No.7510298

>elira consistently sub 2k despite not having competing streams
Dragonbros...did we get too cocky?

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>> No.7510328

Valorant with the captain?

>> No.7510356

Explain, I just slept for 28 hours

>> No.7510397

13 Sentinels is just a VN though. Selen will get bored.

>> No.7510407

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

Reposting from last thread:
Sweet innocent voice, relatively good singer, good artist, good at games and willing to try new ones.
For interactions she reads every superchat and usually shares more personal stuff. There’s a reason why Ryuguards at times prefer the superchat reading over the games.
On Twitter she likes most art and memes of her, I’ve had some of my works and memes liked and retweeted by her not even a minute of posting. She comments appreciation for her fan art and at times her r-18 works. She likes every reply to her tweets and responds to some at times. If tagged theres a 99% chance she will respond. And as a final seller she sends her fans off with a smooch at the end of every stream.

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No Pom today, so not a very good day

>> No.7510428

She's playing D&D tonight with her BF instead of streaming with us

>> No.7510473

Elira and Hana collab

>> No.7510478

Pom will 100% jump on Fish's Micra this weekend

>> No.7510497

>this whole "D&D" shit just ruined my view on her
on the other hand im more excited for possible their own dnd campaign

>> No.7510520

How dare you not put the XD in the title so I could tell you to fuck off?

>> No.7510554

People get lonely. Just like you do.

>> No.7510566

I love Elira

>> No.7510568

Pomu spent the day digging a hole in the ground. Why are you this productive?

>> No.7510578

She said she had D&D with her "rosebro"
she took the entire day off as a break day for this, which is really sus
even in my D&D group people will just say they can't make it and we'll just play their character since it's not a big deal
but the fact that she is taking her one day off for this means its more than just a game of D&D

>> No.7510593

You hat game I want to see all of them at least try?


I want to see them slam their faces in Muton May with just ballistics and base armor. The roster should be preloaded with other Niji tubers so they are constantly sending their senpais to their deaths on half-assed flanks. God please let that stream happen.

>> No.7510617

Wait what?

>> No.7510646

Anon... I don't think she's actually playing the game tonight...
it was just an excuse...

>> No.7510652

I feel like Finana would have the best chance of liking that, or maybe Elira but she might be too autistic to understand it

>> No.7510661

If this makes goslings go away then good, those faggots are insufferable.

>> No.7510678

Pomu is probably bored out of her mind. And lovely too

>> No.7510708

Metal Wolf Chaos

>> No.7510732

For any newfreinds
>see schizo/bait post
>pic related
Now, you have a clean thread
Enjoy the guaranteed quality experience.

>> No.7510740

Lonely is what I meant. But Pomu is pretty lovely

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>> No.7510783

now THIS could work

>> No.7510805

>You hat game I want to see all of them at least try?
I want Elira to play mass effect trilogy

>> No.7510812

Pretty based, but where does her horny and zoomer humor fits in, should I give her a chance?

>> No.7510822

stop encouraging the dadfags, please
fuck you Petra

>> No.7510827

It's true.

>> No.7510843

Goslings never go away. They either come crawling back or morph into antis.

>> No.7510846

She's constantly replying to her lewds and isn't afraid to make lewd jokes on stream

>> No.7510848

maybe, but you see, i dont give a shit. shes actively doing dnd sessions and expressed interest in doing a ttrpg collab. that sounds like fun content and thats all i care about.

>> No.7510888

nowhere near as bad in streams as it might come off from clips/the way people talk about her

>> No.7510905

Sounds like a lot of speculation with zero evidence to me

>> No.7510944

I wouldn't mind X-COM one bit. They might very well play Exilium when it comes out if it's decent. Guns, gals and Japanese voice over.
As for your initial question, I don't think Jak & Daxter or Sly Cooper would be such good games for streams. Would like to get their thoughts on it if they ever play it sometime.

>> No.7511013

Yeah, that would be solid.

>> No.7511014

I want to pat Pomu's bald head

>> No.7511019

How many kills will Fish get today?

>> No.7511026

I'd mind, no one wants to watch those ugly games

>> No.7511027

its just schizos, most people play D&D on the same day every week, if she didn’t take today off that means she would miss it every week

>> No.7511036

Deez schmeat? Is this some zoomer lingo I'm not aware of?

>> No.7511053

69 hehe haha

>> No.7511064

Single digits

>> No.7511066

I want some boomer that gets into Battletech instead and then rants about how Harmony Gold sucks ass.

>> No.7511076

Elira is the cutest dragon

>> No.7511123

She will have trained, she will be almost as good as Selen, she is a gaming savant

>> No.7511149

>we'll play their character
What a shit D&D group. The whole point is people role playing their own characters and you're co-opting someone else's character instead of rescheduling to when you all can make it.

>> No.7511150

We're definitely not blessed to get a vtuber into battletech, would be sweet though.

>> No.7511175

WTF? Petra got COVID?

>> No.7511187

He obviously doesn't play DnD, no one plays someone else's character.

>> No.7511198

This thread really don't like Terraria. Not a single mention in the thread of the ongoing stream

>> No.7511200

She will mog that little sheet Selena and retake her spot as the number 1 game autist in NijiEN. Lizardfags do not reply.

>> No.7511206

She makes me feel safe and comfy. I might aka her for the first time so she knows how she makes me feel.

>> No.7511209

Also, why even give a fake excuse? They don't have to explain their days off. None of them have any reason to drop boyfriend hints, yet every shitposter wants to think they're just happily dropping cryptic hints for whatever reason.

>> No.7511251

I don't. I have bad eyesight and everything is too small.

>> No.7511253

Finana is the only girl that's single, because of her parent's overbearing-ness. None of the girls are shut-ins. Elira easily has hundreds of guys interested in her and wouldn't be surprised if she uses tinder.

>> No.7511282

It's a pretty bad stream game due to the autistic back seaters and the slow nature of the game.

>> No.7511291

She's dumb, please understand

>> No.7511294

Fuck me just when I started my Rosereps.
I was always wondering why everyone, even outside these threads, was always saying she's fake and I guess I have an idea now.

Not gonna lie but you fags spamming the whole betrayal thing fucked me over and made me ignore her until now that I decided to give her a try. Reading this kind of shit makes me feel it's all true and she's completely fake and I don't want to get invested into a whole bunch of lies and fake stories.
Time to watch the penguin instead and I hope you guys were lying about the whole JP only stuff.

>> No.7511318

Manager-san has to stop finana at some point.

>> No.7511332

I'm not usually crazy about blondes, but

>> No.7511341

Why would it be an excuse? She doesn't need an excuse not to stream, even less so if it's something that specific

>> No.7511345

false, I'm dating her right now

>> No.7511350

Based COVID hates penguin for being a JOP streamer in an EN branch.

>> No.7511353

When Pomu finally goes fulltime streamer she will drop her limiters and go full battletech autist

>> No.7511355

She just said the other day that she left the house for the first time in forever to get groceries. She's not going on a lot of dates, unless her "little bro" is helping her out.

>> No.7511363

It’s cute Elira background noises

>> No.7511372

Where in the world did you get this from?

>> No.7511387

>Harmony Gold
And there I thought it was referring to a machine in the game. Wild.

>> No.7511391

maybe its better this way and they will finally fuck off because some entertainer dared to have private life or be a lesbian or whatever.

>> No.7511402

>rosemi super embarrassed at finding out people she knows IRL watch her
This is too much for my heart.

>> No.7511405

You just play it in combat like an NPC, with basic plot armor so the character doesn't die or something. Basically it's the same as if they weren't there at all except with some contributions in any fights.

>> No.7511413

Just shut the fuck up, no one fucking cares.

>> No.7511416

Elira LOVE

>> No.7511440

man, he started replying to his own posts now
please save us, Fish

>> No.7511442

Sweet mother of fuck why do we have to have rrats about this shit. It's not even been two months. She probably has a bf but this is way too fucking specific to be that.

>> No.7511447

Source: trust me bro

>> No.7511457

Elira is a total NEET, awkward, and very shy. She also spends hundreds of dollars on hubandos in gacha games.

>> No.7511468

Elira is more of a highlight than the game itself. It's more a game of progress than big stand-out moments. You either have the stats to reasonably take on something or you don't, you know?

>> No.7511469

>actually falling for /vt/ shitposting
You're beyond saving my man, and I mean this seriously, just jump ship to reddit or discord if you're unable to filter reality from fiction.

>> No.7511470

Ina is probably the most corpo vtuber. She doesn't acknowledge nijiEN exists.

>> No.7511472

nice doritos you got there, anon.

>> No.7511490

Why? She actually got Mori to reply to her already. Ina obviously won't but it's still cute.

>> No.7511493

Petra's day old pantsu!

>> No.7511496

>she will have trained
>she will be almost as good as Selen

Is Fish playing it on controller? (I honestly can't remember). Cause her mouse grip makes tracking an angular momentum fiesta.

>> No.7511500

>lives in a gamer hovel
>spends most of her free time either wageslaving or with us
>insanely strict & overprotective parents controlling most of her life until 2 weeks ago
Yep, she's probably dating someone.

>> No.7511515

>You hat game I want to see all of them at least try?
If it's not 2 that might be fun.

>> No.7511524

>pressured to do gay shit
They don’t have to. It’s better to actually refuse.

>> No.7511552

On one hand that seems kind of dorky, but on the other it gives her an ancient feeling, like she's existed long enough to see seas manifest and vanish.

>> No.7511554

Petra put someone's username with hearts on her past life so go away and watch some other company

>> No.7511559

>Cute interaction
Take your meds.

>> No.7511560

Just ignore them, hopefully they'll fuck off if they think she has a bf

>> No.7511568

Seriously like where do people get this shit from it's like they want to be mad for no reason lol

>> No.7511573

Elira flat out said she was a wizard on Twitter when the issue of her virginity was brought up in a cursed Marshmallow.

>> No.7511586

Is Petra the 1st corp vtuber with crap PC specs?

>> No.7511591

>actually getting filtered by rrats
Good riddance. Sweet lord.

>> No.7511605

Everyone seem so weirdly sure Finana is a pure virgin, that I'm beginning to think she gets absolutely railed att the local Hmong youth gatherings her parents lets her go to. By Johnny Khang and Jimmy Soung

>> No.7511608

She's not bro. She talked about her exBF during the cookie clicker stream

>> No.7511609

>anon isn't aware of the airplane cat

>> No.7511612

>If it's not 2
Why do people hate 2 again? Too much micromanagement bullshit added and the ticking clock objective?

>> No.7511614

Fish is into mecha, well, mostly Gundam. So maaaaybe

>> No.7511615

Well, most of them do, do a lot of things they wouldn't otherwise because bringing the character to life grants them a form of boldness.

>> No.7511621

no and not the last

>> No.7511635

She was but then she met me huehue

>> No.7511657

Pomu needs to rape her into submission.

>> No.7511658

Xcom 2 would need mods to be bearable to watch so that's probably out; yeah, I mean Enemy Within.

>> No.7511660

Elira's PL she collabed with a couple guys that would do awkward light flirting. She knows how to deal with guys that are interested in her and knows how to respond to let them down without tearing them up inside. Only a girl who has been hit-on a lot knows how to do this.
I want you guys to know this so that if it ever comes out that she has a bf we don't have goslings and unicorns shitting up the place.

>> No.7511664

no several of the holos got hired with absolutely garbage PCs.

>> No.7511674

But fucking why? Why is the group so engrossed in progressing whatever story line the DM is producing to not just wait until everyone can get together again?
Or better yet, why hasn't the group scheduled a timeslot for D&D so time conflicts only happen rarely and only from unexpected circumstances?
Either they don't actually play or their group is shit.

>> No.7511679

What did she say about him? This is the black guy right?

>> No.7511682

But what does it fucking matter? Is she actively telling everyone on stream about the relationship she's in? No? Then for all intents and purposes she's not in a relationship and you can continue to idolize her. This is how this shit works and anyone who is constantly trying to come up with rrats about this shit are either really into cuckoldry or don't understand chuubas at all

>> No.7511721

You're all faggots. Absolutely worthless faggots. Talk about the stream currently happening or go make another shitty drama thread.

>> No.7511726

Pomu has already fucked your oshi so I don't know why you're worried about any of them being virgins.

>> No.7511730

Ignoring all the older livers who have shit PCs/stream from laptops, Leos streams from an iPad, and Lain's PC completely broke on her first few days

>> No.7511731


>> No.7511769


>> No.7511791

>Rosemi bf posters start up and then retards question about all of the girls and fucking “Novafags” of all people crawl out of the woodwork
You faggots are insufferable

>> No.7511795

Then the character has no explanation for his input in the scenes he missed, his DnD members will have continued plot threads without him, it'd be the same as playing a session and ducttaping a guy and rolling for him and continuing to talk. If you play like this you are braindamaged.

>> No.7511808

in what world are r9 and 2060 crap specs? i know that they are mobile parts but still...

>> No.7511816

it's not a corpo thing (niji/holo are on good terms) it's an Ina thing. If you watched her more than a few times you would know she is the most rabid tribalfag brand loyalist

>> No.7511818

What does Rosemi's nectar taste like?

>> No.7511821

>pomu fucked your oshi
Pomu fucked herself? Duh, everyone knows masturbation.

>> No.7511824

Surprise collab?

>> No.7511827

>Maybe I should take a nap before tonights stream
inb4 she oversleeps

>> No.7511838

Stop pretending like you give a shit about "Goslings and unicorns" when you're here trying to stir shit up. Go back to your holobrony thread or wherever the fuck you came from.

>> No.7511839

I don't get the obsession over the chuubas' romantic lives. They're not idols. I don't know them, I'm not gonna fuck them. I tune into their streams to watch them like I watch moeblob anime.

>> No.7511842

You just described one person

>> No.7511846

Is that so? I didn't know that. Neat. Was about to watch Char's Counterattack the other day since they officially put it up on the tube.

>> No.7511856

Was hoping for Pomu to join

>> No.7511864

The character is a virgin. The voice actress is just their soul.

>> No.7511870

Probably not cuz Rose's busy tonight but that would be sick if it happened

>> No.7511877

Yeah him

>> No.7511882

>hoping for Pomu to play Apex
Why do you hate Pomu?

>> No.7511885

Oh no, didn't Selen say going in with a three stack just means the lobbies get insanely hard, and with dead weight teammates it will be even worse......

>> No.7511892

Lightly sweet, not cloying, slightly sticky. hints of citrus and bitters

>> No.7511893

This isn't minecraft.

>> No.7511916

For real? She did say she was a normie at one point.

>> No.7511918

She has to get her first kill

>> No.7511925

Who cares content is content

>> No.7511933

I'll be amazed if ina actually replies

>> No.7511939

What's your favourite thing about your oshi?

>> No.7511956

Shits on the lower end if its a laptop

>> No.7511963

Her first kill was herself.

>> No.7511964

Even though I thought I would be fine with the girls having boyfriends, the thought of Rosemi having a BF does actually frustrate me. And I hate that it frustrates me. Fuck this shit, I'm stupid as hell.

>> No.7511968

You can stop samefagging already you retard

>> No.7511984

She's Pomu!

>> No.7511992

The way she speaks makes me feel warm and alive.

>> No.7511994

That's in the evenings, it's 3PM PST

>> No.7511998

>Every thread

>> No.7512003

>watch nijis
>get mad that they have bfs or flirt and stream with men
why, isn't that the point of nijisanji?

>> No.7512014

It'll will always be harder with Wosemi getting killed from behind.

>> No.7512019

>Just ignore them, hopefully they'll fuck off if they think she has a bf
I really, really, REALLY hope, man.
But I know they won't.
Hold up.
Who, and when was that said?
She said she'd see us 'tomorrow' in her morning stream. Is she not on the American continent after all, or is this in an older one?
Either way. Props on her on not roping immediately. I know I would.
2 is a big reason why too close an interaction between developer and fanbase is a bad idea. It uses a bunch of grind-you-down tactics like the one you mentioned as well as arbitrary level design to be ''''''''''''hard'''''''''' when in reality it's just tedious.
But man it's kind of a shame.
I absolutely ADORE the premise of X-Com II.
Guess I'll go watch Earth: Final Conflict for a bit now to numb the pain if I can't find a stream I like.
You might like it too; It's about an underground resistance group fighting an alien invasion after they stage a peaceful takeover of the world. Hella fun because while it's heavily action-packed the main game is about winning hearts and minds.
Which is pretty heart when a bunch of ayys show up and successfully cure cancer.
Except whenever they don't cure cancer, the person turns into toxic goo and their PR team hushes it up.

>> No.7512020

Is their purple asian Canadian pro artist not as friendly as our purple asian Canadian amateur artist?

>> No.7512034

Selen's stream with Finana was super cute even if they ended up running into high ranks. The point isn't to win it's to have fun.

>> No.7512035

Go get a gf of your own

>> No.7512037

Her ability to talk about anything and sound interesting while having the most soothing voice in the world. I love that she does really long streams and is essentially keeping me company through this really lonely lockdown. She's the best.

>> No.7512039

I would rather have that every thread than the same two samefags shitting up the thread all day and not being banned while the occasional retard bites their bait.

>> No.7512065

No the point is that I am gonna come in with the fourth wave and Then fuck em. Wtf how can I now fuck dumb whores?

>> No.7512069

Her laugh.

>> No.7512079

I like it when she plays minecraft and says her signature catchphrase, "I'm Pomu"

>> No.7512081

I just wanna lick the sweat from every inch of elira's body I don't even care if her bf watches

>> No.7512084

They don't realize this.

>> No.7512091

She's not going to make it.

>> No.7512099

shes pomu

>> No.7512101

Nijisanji EN seems dialed back on the flirting. All of the girls' interactions with males up till now have been safe and platonic.

>> No.7512112

NijiEN wants the holo audience.

>> No.7512116

I kinda fazed out for the past 30 minutes. What was Elira beed up to this whole time?

>> No.7512120

She almost never interacts with anyone outside of her company.

>> No.7512133

Canadians hate each other

>> No.7512134

god you're pathetic

>> No.7512138

shit why didnt i think of that

>> No.7512158

>wosemi is downloading apex rn

>> No.7512165

Can a copy beat the original?

>> No.7512166

From what I remember, her and Gura don't seem to use twitter more than the bare minimum they are probably required to do. I've heard that she does some interacting in DMs. No real need to respond to a random supportive comment, though.

>> No.7512171

>I don't get the obsession over the chuubas' romantic lives. They're not idols. I don't know them, I'm not gonna fuck them. I tune into their streams to watch them like I watch moeblob anime.
This. Also, most importantly, even if you were to date a chuuba you wouldn't be dating the chuuba, you'd be dating the person giving their voice and movements to the chuuba.
Nobody purityfags over seiyuus, not even in Japan.

>> No.7512172

yeah me

>> No.7512176

No one in the thread watches the stream so that knowledge is lost

>> No.7512211

of course not, she's got D&D with her bf tonight, you really think she'll follow through?

>> No.7512219

It's good that you recognize your weakness.

>> No.7512220

I think we're missing the real news here:

What should the punishment be? I vote for ASMR stream

>> No.7512223

>hates all other vtubers outside of hololive
>avoided interacting with coco because she kneels to zhang
>has zero singing ability but released a song anyways

Fuck Ina. If you like her you should go suck on that CCP teet

>> No.7512225

>bf posts start at the same time as people discussing holos
Damn... that's crazy... what a coincidence...

>> No.7512230

>nurse doesn't put out
>calls her a bitch and makes her move out

>> No.7512240

>Nobody purityfags over seiyuus, not even in Japan.
i have heard stories...

>> No.7512241

>Both into vidya, drawing, and singing
>ocean themed 3D models
It's like fish is her little sister.

>> No.7512251

The most I saw was gossiping amongst the villagers and bitching about Walter while being a PGA pro.

>> No.7512252

kek, imagine supporting someone who has a bf

>> No.7512281

Sweet lord no.
Resist, girl. Resist!

>> No.7512310

Holy based Elira

>> No.7512317

>week 1
oh Tim can't make it we'll just meet on week 2
>week 2
oh Jim can't make it haha, sorry guys see you next week
and then a precedent is set for not having games

>> No.7512320

>Nobody purityfags over seiyuus, not even in Japan.
Holy shit you could not be more wrong, even chuubas open their streams to cry over their seiyuu oshi getting married

>> No.7512329

Shes not my GF fag, she can take all the dicks and eat all the tacos she wants.

>> No.7512330

Reject oshi-ism, embrace the faith of the old, waifu-ism. Object-oriented theory ensures your waifu only lusts after (you).

>> No.7512334

I hate that newfags like this are invading this board and just believe whatever the fuck they read. Kys.

>> No.7512348

Wait, she didn't bring up her ex?

>> No.7512359

Dragon dildo reviews

>> No.7512360

I wonder if holo dox would summon the jannies to clean this thread up.

>> No.7512364

That's only retarded if you have feelings for the person too.

>> No.7512381

Elira LOVE

>> No.7512385

Ok but why do you give money to a woman that doesn't at least pretend to be your online anime gf

>> No.7512392

Definitely not. There's only one general that gets moderated.

>> No.7512393

hey guys its me, your oshi's secret bf. gonna fuck her brains out and tell how much i love and appreciate her later, but if you want i can tell her something from you before i do so. any requests?

>> No.7512402

Thanks for the suggestion bro. I'll have to check that game out.

I also really like Xcom2 premise. I just think it's easier that 1, and so 1 would be more fun to watch our favorite bunch to agonize over.

>> No.7512409

keep paying for those condoms and birth control cuck

>> No.7512427

They'll just delete a few completely random posts and then close the thread

>> No.7512443

Your containment thread must really suck dick if you people keep visiting us and making split threads. You're not welcome, go the fuck back.

>> No.7512444

Tell her to play No More Heroes

>> No.7512445

Don't post dox you faggot.

>> No.7512453

go tell Pomu that sh needs to eat well, not just fucking carrots post-op, Elira.

>> No.7512459

She has a heart of gold and works so hard to bring fun and entertaining times to everyone, even when life constantly shits on her.

>> No.7512461

for the same reason you give money to a male you faggot

>> No.7512463

>Nobody purityfags over seiyuus, not even in Japan
Anon do you really? Are you fucking serious? There's fucking paparazzi shit whenever two seiyuus are found dating or are suspected to be in a relationship. They even public apologize when the public finds out.
Kanata literally had a stream where she cried over her oshi getting married.
Take your (you) if you're baiting and if you're not, god have mercy on your retarded soul.

>> No.7512465

I don't give them a single cent.

>> No.7512468

Christ is this the worst day in weeks or what? Only potentially good ones are the morning stream from Rosemi and the cake stream from Petra, but I couldn't/can't catch any of them live

>> No.7512474


>> No.7512485

But I don't?

>> No.7512517

We have to come up with funny things to superchat at Selen so she loses faster

>> No.7512518

Then shut the fuck up, nobody cares. Post your suicide livestream room, bitch.

>> No.7512519

Boyfriend rrats btfo

>> No.7512536

her voice

>> No.7512545

Don't expect common sense when replying to obvious bait. Also, tacos, kekw

>> No.7512547

3 minutes until feesh stream,, lock n load: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLtLXJ8vHzM

>> No.7512551

don't hold your breath, its already 6PM for Rosemi she's gotta get ready for her "D&D" session

>> No.7512560

>Play a few rounds before she leaves

>> No.7512566

Pretty sure that's why they always make grand announcements whenever VAs get married, as if they're coming out of the closet or retiring.

>> No.7512567

I feel like just posting a single word would break her instantly

>> No.7512578

I'm Pomu

>> No.7512581


>> No.7512585

Finana is about t stream with Selen which makes me very happy!

>> No.7512591

yeah with me

>> No.7512597

>Nobody purityfags over seiyuus, not even in Japan.
*marries your oshi*

>> No.7512599

Who here loves Niji EN?

>> No.7512604

Reminder that it's always possible to give feedback about how shitty the jannies are here. https://www.4channel.org/feedback

>> No.7512607


>> No.7512629

this BITCH stole okada from us

>> No.7512632

I do!

>> No.7512643

Newfriend. How commonly do NijiEN threads get shit up with obsessive schizo posts like right now?

>> No.7512660

literally who
i dont watch anime

>> No.7512685


>> No.7512716

I already have it ready, and I won't even need to superchat it. Overall, it's gonna be such a cringe fest though

>> No.7512719

The meidos generally don't care about any other thread other than hlg so we're often raided with shit like this since nothing's ever done about it

>> No.7512720

everyday 24/7 so you better leave even if it's just one guy

>> No.7512722

here to watch my giggle dragon giggle at dumb stinky fish

>> No.7512728

All the damn time

>> No.7512740

First art I've personally seen of one of the dragons breathing fire. Pretty cool how it stands out.

>> No.7512743

At least twice a day. Today went for a little too long because retards can't stop replying.

>> No.7512747

Pretty often, not always bf stuff though, but anti Pomu schizos or Elira schizos or just general anti NijiEN schizos comes around every once in a while

>> No.7512751

no Selen POV?

>> No.7512754

Unironically yes, I barely watch holoEN anymore. Not touching NijiJP except for crossick though.

>> No.7512769

I love how Finana's dorito munching is in sync with the beat.

>> No.7512770

It's a tradition

>> No.7512779

Since the very first thread, unironically. The only schizo free Nijisanji zone is the spoonfeed thread when there's no 5ch drama being dug up by outsiders, or the gay thread but then again all they do is gaypost in there.

>> No.7512783

you think they care?
this is a containment board, the irc mods literally fucked with people asking for this board before it was made and consistently went out of their way to mess with people
also the only mod that does any moderation here is a tribalfag that only cares about the shark

>> No.7512789

75% of this stream will be Selen POV when Fish dies and spectates her.

>> No.7512793

It's her "day" off, she did this last week as well

>> No.7512803

I don't understand why anyone still watches Genshin. I almost said "streams" but clearly there is an audience or it'd have died out long ago.
I used to be a hardline Honkai Impact fan and still think Mihoyo has really sweet ideas but overall Genshin is just really sloppily put together and nobody ever plays the game for long enough to get to what passes for its, ahem.
Endgame, such as it is.
NGL I honestly feel like this is the first board I ever saw constant proactive and semi-competence maintenance on after /a/'s kinomod got his fingers stepped on by the administration.
Mind you, I post on /tg/ so that might skew my perspective.
>Thanks for the suggestion bro. I'll have to check that game out.
It's a show, but you're welcome.
> I also really like Xcom2 premise. I just think it's easier that 1, and so 1 would be more fun to watch our favorite bunch to agonize over.
Easier in some ways, more arbitrary in others.
Going by her Little Nightmares II stream Selen is the best candidate.

>> No.7512809

i'm only here for Rosemi so i'll see you in 30 minutes

>> No.7512813

Never hurts to give them more shit to dig through in their trash pile of complaints

>> No.7512816

Rosemi does NOT have a boyfriend. No girl living like this would be able to get herself a man

>> No.7512817

did they say anything about rosemi joining them? i couldnt care less about apex but if rosemi joins them i might watch for a bit.

>> No.7512840

That's bullshit. It was nowhere near this bad until very recently. Threads were generally comfy until wave 2

>> No.7512865

I thought there was actual audio of her munching and was disappointed when I click in and realized.

>> No.7512882

Yeah, the only issues that ever happened were Pomudachi getting too excited over some shit and flooding the fuck out of the thread with gosling trash

>> No.7512886

rosemi has to download the game but she said if she could get in before she has to leave she'll play for a bit

>> No.7512889

the moment she gets a boyfriend he'll exploit her money and submissiveness, i really dont think she's ready for a relationship just from how little she understands of the world

>> No.7512900

>responding to cuckposts
you people are retarded

>> No.7512914

The contrast in their voices is nice

>> No.7512920

Ember... don't die...

>> No.7512923

There is no point in complaining about meidos. Whatever is happening in this thread can be easily ignored, this is nowhere near as bad as some other threads we've had.
Dragon and Fish are on right now, so let's just watch the stream.

>> No.7512954

I miss pomu

>> No.7512956

Selen's "Noooo!" are so cute

>> No.7512972

Did you miss the anti Finana shit week one and two? And for like a month every thread has anti Pomu schizos talking about how ville and detestable the cancer fairy was for 400 posts

>> No.7512973

>she's already laughing
there's no way she could win the no laugh challenge.

>> No.7512976

>Selen is so cute
yes, I agree

>> No.7512983

This nigger dog goes to the vet every week smdh

>> No.7512999

Then those people shouldn't be doing something cooperative that requires multiple people in the first place. I have no sympathy for people who supposedly lead busy lives but don't organize their lives with schedules.
If you're truly are that busy and get called to work / business you need to attend to asap often, you're just tough out of luck, especially if your "friends" can't be bothered to wait and play with you.

This will be my last post on this, I'm off to play Terraria since Elira got me in the mood for it.

>> No.7513014

I still don't know what kinda fucking animal Selen is using Ember to use as her actual pet. Or she's just using that as a good lore excuse for why she has to leave.

>> No.7513016

Thanks. But I'm staying for the stream.

>> No.7513020

Pomu is hanging out in Bobon's chat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt0pqWJua8s

>> No.7513031


>> No.7513032

whats this 10 minute meme?
is there something im not getting?

>> No.7513035

>an excuse to snuggle up close more often
But you're right that the entity known as Rosemi does not have a boyfriend

>> No.7513036

She obviously has a dog. There's been pictures posted here from her past life.

>> No.7513046

I want to cum inside Elira's breast pussy.

>> No.7513052

It's an daschund dog lol

>> No.7513054

Elira and Pomu are watching the Bonnivier and Ironmouse collab.

>> No.7513064

was this all during dead hours? i honestly dont really remember finana or pomu hate much, but i only really visit this thread when im watching something.

>> No.7513065

Niji bullying...

>> No.7513071

Based Selen

>> No.7513078

Selen's mind is in the fucking gutter god damn

>> No.7513080

Apex = gay african simulator

Japan should make their own better Apex with good character designs instead of pozzed ones.

>> No.7513085

>How commonly do NijiEN threads get shit up with obsessive schizo posts like right now?
It used to be far better. Don't believe the revisionists who either are addicted to shitposting or overblow past drama.

>> No.7513090

Fish seems kinda speechless

>> No.7513102

Finana like to vibe

>> No.7513109

they need to be seiso for 10 minutes or else youtube demonetizes. i dont know.

>> No.7513111

Supposedly Youtube only checks for cursing in the first 10 minutes of the video

>> No.7513120

Oh nice, thanks for the spoonfeeding anon. I appreciate you.

>> No.7513131

If it wasn't phasmo I would watch this.

>> No.7513147

God these two are great together

>> No.7513152

Now this is a fucking collab. Selen and Fish, what a pair.

>> No.7513155

Because who the fuck takes "I'm vibin!" to "I am currently using a vibrator egg against my clitoris for relaxation purposes"

>> No.7513160

Selen is too much of a kusogaki

>> No.7513164

I love this duo

>> No.7513181

Finana vibing...

>> No.7513189

Oh the bright side, it's usually just one thing at a time, so it's easier to ignore.

>> No.7513192

>there's no way she could win the no laugh challenge.
This is the perfect time to get her to do the spicy noodle challenge as punishment.

>> No.7513216

Traitorous Pomu

>> No.7513228

I thought Bon would keep his cool but he spilling his spaghetti

>> No.7513229

Those weren't that frequent though, and it was mostly during dead hours

>> No.7513248

>Petra wears pantsu

>> No.7513271

All will kneel in time.

>> No.7513272

I can't watch this, his nervousness is making me nervous.
At least Mousey is having fun cooming to his voice.

>> No.7513275

She's still on the fucking words holy shit LMAO this is great

>> No.7513282

she is ten times his size of course he is

>> No.7513284

Hey I'm looking for a vtuber agency that'll give me the following experience
>superchat the girl 100 bucks
>she says "Aww thank you I love you! You mean so much to me. What would I do without you guys?~"
>5 minutes later the stream ends, she puts down her headset and her boyfriend walks up to her, slapping her ass
>"Well, did they pay you enough for our trip to the bahamas?"
>she turns around and kisses him
>"They did! They really open their wallets when I act sweet and all lovey-dovey"
>"Great. Bless those nerds" as he throws her on the nearby bed and starts fucking her

That's what I'm looking for. Should I watch Nijisanji?

>> No.7513312

Bon has such a nice voice, hope one of the EN males has a voice like that

>> No.7513316


>> No.7513327

You should kill yourself!

>> No.7513332

I don't think it is only in the first ten, but they are supposedly way harsher for swearing in the first ten, but Pomu and I think Petra has said fuck during the first ten and nothing happened

>> No.7513338

Why are males so obsessed with cucks

>> No.7513380

Finana already buying Seer vs Selen refusing to is poetic

>> No.7513398

Is Pomu a shipfag?

>> No.7513399

Id describe 13 sentinels as atb turn based more than rts honestly. Outside of infinite mode theres very little tactical positioning shit

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