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Nijisanji new wave just killed holostars

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Looking forward to watching this archive later.

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they always had this kind of numbers, doesn't matter
Now kys

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Wow, what a massive upser!!! I never saw this coming.....

Swriously, fuck off

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These are good numbers for the boys. Since I know there are a few Niji fans that discovered Holostars through collabs, its possible that some people came to watch them for the first time after seeing the new arrivals in Niji

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No, not yet. Those are typical Homo numbers.
NijiEN's first male wave next year will be what kills Holostars. Holostars get no Japanese clips and have no relevancy outside of EOP saviorfags, save for maybe Roberu. But for the rest of the Stars, this is the last year that they'll be relevant.

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The only thing that killed the Holostars was cover themselves, its a miracle they survived to this point considering how badly Cover fucked them.

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fuck off falseflagger and leave holostars out of this they are based and starschads are nice

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Atleast it aint big collab with vshojo

>> No.7504295

how did cover fucked them? care to explain? im missing some pieces of lore

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Restrictive management on par of common idol manager just like their girls counter part won't work on a male vtubers

>> No.7504515

Something something making them seem like a different division as oppose to niji which has males in the same division, dosent really matter since most of the males have been inclining a bit recently

>> No.7504533

Don't care, I would rather watch Holostars rather than the company that killed Aloe

>> No.7504539

You need to be somewhat relevant to be killed, that ain't their case.

>> No.7504540

Exactly, you can't kill that which was already dead in the first place.

>> No.7504546

>just killed
they never had good numbers in first place

>> No.7504549

Just like NijiEN is irrelevent compared to HoloEN and how EN2 will dab on them?


>> No.7504554

Aloe loves Nijisanji. Cope.

>> No.7504626

Yeah. Don't know why you're butthurt over the comparison of 2 groups you don't watch though.

>> No.7504647

I mean, the OP is saying the same thing in reverse.

>> No.7504681

No, not really. HoloEN and Holostars are two separate beasts. I don't think you care about Holostars at all so it's strange how you feel the need to defend them.

>> No.7504788

Not the company, cope.

>> No.7504822

>N-not the company

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Not sure what you're getting at since that is better numbers relative to what they usually get. They are lucky to get 1,000 live viewers.on a good day. Astel is more consistent and pulls that off by just playing Apex. They won't be able to compete with male JP but even at their lowest live viewer count, they still trounce most of Niji ID and Niji KR. Only Hana Machia, Bora Nun & Yuya Shin beat them more often with live viewers.

Though, I think you might have forgotten one other factor. Comparing Superchats, 6 of the 9 still get more than the top superchatted between ID and KR Bora Nun. Izuru is slightly under her mostly because that guy only streams once or twice a week. Even Miyabi, who is the lowest superchatted of the group still beats Hana Machia in accumulated superchats.

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