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Cucked again

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what the fuck man
is this common?

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yes. our oshi is very lazy, and suffers from burnout very often, please understand

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>Due to permissions I can only play it 4 days later
That doesn't make any fucking sense.

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nigga do your Reflect reps

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Could be the music.

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Permissions? It's less common than when she cancels a stream, promises us another alternative stream then ghosts us.

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She could just stream a different game, but of course she won't.

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No problem. They can play it just fine if they just turn off monetization
Oh wait.

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Holy fuck that artist can't draw feet for shit.

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shes lying to you chumcucks.
she despises you.

Why wouldn't she work harder for you if she cared about you?
After everything you've done, shes just grown to hate you? Why bother with her?

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Watch this


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It's ironic and funny that Gura has the biggest normie fanbase...knowing her history. She fucking HATES normies.

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3 million subs vtuber has to monetize every single thing otherwise will die of hunger

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Yeah, permissions are the problem, not the fact she hates streaming, hates video games, hates her fans, and hates living.

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she's getting good BBC tonight cause Jenma failed to translate permissions

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I hope she doesn't hate taco bell shilling

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Vague reasoning. If you can't get it now, how'd it be possible on Friday?

and no replacement?

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Your oshi is lying to you AGAIN, chumbabies!


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possible by friday probably cause that's the time they'll get the EN perms from SEGA, no replacement? Gura barely replaces streams, her fans know this a lot, she'll just use this for her day off

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Korone gets more permissions than everyone else because publishers like her the most.

>> No.7427476

holoEN ayame hehe

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Yeah, probable. And I forgot to add "again". This lazy shark seriously..

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Thats not how perms work....

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Not to mention they don't let you announce the stream without getting permissions first in Hololive. This is just a blatant lie. Just say you're tired or something ffs

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Every once in a while I'll stop by /vt/ and get yet another reminder of why I stopped watching Gura. Sad!

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Permissions? Ko'one played it just fine, or what?

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1) Permissions for JP and EN are different.

2) Permissions can be for a set amount of time, or even for 1 chuuba. For all we know only Korone had permission to play crazy taxi on that 1 day.

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What? Korone played the EN version, just about 4 months ago

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Incorrect, some permissions specifically allow you to play, but not monetize with superchats. That's why you can only buy membership during GTA or Uncharted streams.
The permissions aren't just to monetize, they're to stream at all.
Maybe their contract with SEGA is expiring this week and they're in the process of getting another one, and Gura's stream just had unfortunate timing.

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>Burns out every single week

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Just play RE4 even if you don't have English permissions HAHAHAHA

Selen did it

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Can't she just play Minecraft or something instead?

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god I want her to smother me with her farts

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This dumb dragon is pretty hilarious.
>We only have permissions to play in Japanese? I can only get it in English? Fuck it I'll play it anyways

>> No.7427964

Somehow Nui said she can only play RE4 in English.
What the hell is this process

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Over the course of those 9000 years she was alive, Gura probabaly has sex enough times to put Ayame to shame, yes, you heard me, Gura probably sucks dicks better than the pakoyo herself.
How does chumbuds cope with that?

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Kiara has basically lived for eternity. how do eggs deal with that?

>> No.7428089

I think they are still in denial and think Kiara is still a virgin or something.
When will they accept the truth?

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>dont have permissions
>just play it anyways and to let manager-san figure this shit out because she really wants to stream the game

>dont have permissions
>time for a break day!

>> No.7428190

Does EN have to get permissions for games that the JPs already play? Whats up with that?

>> No.7428235

Will it be the offspring?

>> No.7428302

Unless someone snitches on her she has nothing to fear since she barely get like 2k viewers on average.

>> No.7428325

Yeah very different licenses. More complicated for publishers with EN branch. Gura's access to rhythm games from different companies are pretty much self-explanatory what goes b-t-s.

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Secs are famously dicks about permission, that and they hate Taco Bell.

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You don't even watch her, Apex is her main game and she got 5k despite 80k subs only.

>> No.7428357

and people support this?

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Also it wasn't monetized

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based, you're a gigantic faggot for even looking at feet

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>Oops I "accidentally" picked a game I don't have permissions for, teehee. Looks like I get a free break!

>> No.7428497

>She rescheduled a stream
That's it? That's what the fuss is about? Seriously?

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Can I join to the thread?

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Now this brings me back. Please do for nostalgia's sake

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ofc and she couldn't stream any other stupid game.
lmao, what an excuse.

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Feel free to deflect, cuckbud

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Not that anon but this is a girl's foot we're talking about, how is he gay for looking at a girl's body?

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Rrat: SEGA is currently in total media lockdown due to CWC's arrest.

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Money is the one thing wlmen love

>> No.7429067

A rrat so out there I actually believe it.

>> No.7429112

This whole permission thing is so weird to me ever since I knew japan has to send some sort of email to these company to have a green light to play their games.
The thing that confuses me more about this is how Gura added the game in her schedule without having the permissions yet. It would be nice if she played something else instead but mostly likely she wont.

>> No.7429155

this smöl indian company really knows how to make things work, doesn't it?

>> No.7429158

If she were actually Lex Luther she would have just made the schedule as it is now, with monday off and the taxi stream on friday.
How does this master plan you have her pegged on actually help her?

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>forced to wait an additional 4 days to watch a girl pretending to be a cartoon shark play Crazy Taxi
This is objectively worse than Chris Chan fucking his mom.

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Kek imposter sydrom hitting like a truck after seeing Ina getting more live viewers

>> No.7429439

Not a laughing matter.

>> No.7429463

Who are you quoting? the thread was made by someone shitting on gura fanbase without them really saying anything.

>> No.7429498

because she wanted to show off that she can stream for 8 days without a break after so many breaks last week but she wasn't able to because she's lazy

>> No.7429539

It's a 20 year old game. SEGA probably lost the rights to some of the music in it.
Same thing happend to some GTA games.

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>The thing that confuses me more about this is how Gura added the game in her schedule without having the permissions yet
It just means that she's lying. They don't make the schedule on their own and without management approval

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Gura is a nympho? Why she need to get fucked by her bf all the time??
She can't even take a 2 hours break to stream an not being cummed inside??

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what does that mean?

>> No.7430079

Just like me

>> No.7430155

Oh, well it's a good thing they'll have the rights to the music again in 4 days.

>> No.7430260

Minna = Everyone in Japanese
Ya'll = Everyone in several American dialects

>> No.7430490

Thank you

>> No.7430581

Was it not already established EN and JP permissions are different?

>> No.7430582

An average cumbud day

>> No.7430615

That is very sad. Get a new oshi that actually cares for their fanbase.

>> No.7430628

Sorry she's busy this day with me.

>> No.7430662

No one does. Gura just doesn't pretend like everyone else.

>> No.7430870

>couldn't stream readalong because of permissions
>streams a game instead
>her videocard and PCIe slot dies on stream
>the next die she's ready to stream again

>couldn't stream a game because of permissions
>"lol bye"
>PC dies mysteriously, off stream
>takes 4 days to "fix it". Comes back with scuffed audio, resolution and bit rate, games running on low

You can say what you want about Ame and Kiara, but compared to Gura they clearly care about their audience.

>> No.7430901

she is as lazy as average japanese woman so she just lies down and dude finishes inside while she becomes starfish (or just sleeps 20h a day)

>> No.7430986

Gura prays every night that she would keep the money she earns but would need to stream just one time a month for 15min.

>> No.7431000

The music caused a 4 day delay specifically? She's just procrastinating.

>> No.7431025

That would be fucking sweet desu. I would do that too.

>> No.7431047

One stream of Gura shilling nacho fries has more entertainment value than a week's worth of any other girl's streaming.

>> No.7431089

Thats hot. She's my oshi but I love thinking about NTR scenarios where she's getting pumped by another guy.

>> No.7431128

Different tastes anon. I think she's cute, but her solo streams put me to sleep. I like her in collabs though.

>> No.7431216

The perennial answer to any doubt: “This one’s different, I swear!”

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nah it was boring, and shilling that would be effective only for east coast americans and brits (and italians but they don't like it) while 95% of the EOPs doesn't have any taco bell nearby

>> No.7431330

she is too based for this world

>> No.7431374

>I like her in collab though.
Funny because chumbuds think literally the opposite lol
I'm a chumbud myself but I find kinda sad they won't watch her when she collabs with her genmates.
Not really boring but it was literally the only Gura stream that I found cringe. The other shilling streams were funny because she was so fucking bad at doing it and it was cute, so not sure what was the difference this time. Maybe the fact that I'm Italian and you're right, Taco Bell is shit and Mexican food is a meme.

>> No.7431443

I can't beleive she ditched us just to have sex with her bf

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lmao she's fucking her boyfriend instead of streaming again
source: i'm her boyfriend

>> No.7431630

thats not the point. Your oshi is lazy, and depressed, and feels that showing you that she likes you, is a waste of time.

My oshi does it constantly, and even if hers was an ingenuine affection, the commitment almost is almost motherly, and she has everyone fooled, tied around her finger.

>> No.7431639

I made this post

>> No.7431681

>My oshi does it constantly, and even if hers was an ingenuine affection, the commitment almost is almost motherly, and she has everyone fooled, tied around her finger.
I know you're baiting but there's mentally ill people who think like this unironically, let that sink in.

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No I made that post

look heres a pic I just took

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Keep telling your self that chumcuck lmao

>> No.7431778

>shark teeth
enjoy having your dick peeled like cheese on a grater i guess

>> No.7431828

there’s no excuse when ame and moona had to uphaul their entire setups and still found ways to stream, ame’s pc died and moona had to stream out of a car because she moved in with her family for a bit, and both of them still streamed.

seriously gura could play anything else for an hour to fulfill what she promised for her fans and can’t do that.. yeah permissions suck, just play another game.. or even just do a zatsu/sc reading.

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>seriously gura could play anything else for an hour to fulfill what she promised for her fans
No, huhahaha

I wonder how she would react if chumbuds did like teakeks and started going schizo at her.

>> No.7431879

Listen man all the cumbuds know she just wanted a break and is lying.... we dont really give a fuck honestly she just does it so the normies dont get mad.

>> No.7431887

Sorry Anon she's horny tonight got to take care of her

>> No.7431941

There is the difference the Chumbuds actually like Gura. The Teamates are still mad at Ame for having a bf and only watch her because shes not the most popular member and they hate popular things.

>> No.7431943

not really, If she uses this as an excuse to get out of streaming today i'll be annoyed. Permissions prevent you from playing a specific game, they don't prevent you from streaming.

>> No.7432054

I blame Ayame for showing her that is possible.

>> No.7432245

Chumbuds like Gura, teamates are in deep parasocial relationships with Ame. That deleted DOOM after chat is really creepy.

>> No.7432399


>> No.7432467

when the schedule was first revealed with eight straight streaming days, i said "lazy shark posters btfo". an anon replied "one cancellation is guaranteed, maybe two". if you're here anon, i kneel.

>> No.7432510

>Comes back with scuffed audio, resolution and bit rate, games running on low
This only proves the rrats are retarded (as usual) and she really did have a huge pc crysis while also she's not a tech savvy like Ame

>> No.7432551

Ame was unable to end her chat after her PC died in the middle of DOOM stream. Then they keep talking as if Ame is streaming. It even has a Spanish & Korean translator in it.

>> No.7432583

Its not cancellation though, just moved to friday.

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>> No.7432739

either way there’s no stream today so that anon was correct, gura could do anything today and chumnuds would like it but she probably just wants to go do something else

>> No.7432747

Company grants license to play game, but only between times X and Y.

>> No.7432764

If you're mad at someone because of an ex-bf you need urgent help.

>> No.7432780


God forbid someone wants to play hookey from work right?

>> No.7432786

They have to go everything with legal and it should be cleared by then. Quit being stupid.

>> No.7432795

It's the difference between a chuuba who enjoys her job and one that doesn't.

>> No.7432842

Ever since cover got in trouble for it last time, They've been extra anal about permission. It ruined a lot of creativity honestly.

>> No.7432874

So she's gonna substitute that stream, right?...right?

>> No.7432877

>10+ Days of no streaming in July (of which 4 were actually stated as "will not be streaming due to issues" and the rest were ghosted
>Rarely ever 'just streams something else' if original planned stream is a nogo unlike her Senpai in JP branch who will often just switch games
Gee, I wonder why some people might be slightly annoyed slackershark is slacking off yet again. It's not like she doesn't have a bunch of games that she could go back and finish and does have permissions for right?

>> No.7432909

Chumcucks truly are the nakiricuckmins 2.0

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Gura is a lazy fuck, this is nothing new.
300+ hours behind Kiara and Ame, 100 hours behind Ina who has a full time job, only 1 original song produced compared to Mori who has a shit ton so she can't even hide behind that.
Not to mention she doesn't talk to her fanbase at all off-stream, uses twitter / twitch memes like she doesnt give a shit anymore, hide things from chumbabies and can't even buy a fucking splitter to finish games that she promised to finish months ago.

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sleeping with her bf while cumsharts are proud of getting cucked measuring her boyfriend's dick

>> No.7433083


>> No.7433096

ina is also releasing a song (violet) while working full time and streaming more..

>> No.7433170

On friday.

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>she doesn't talk to her fanbase at all off-stream, uses twitter
this part hurts the most
i love seeing holos talk on twitter, even the casual "good morning" posts. why must the shark forsake the easiest method of giving us ez content.

>> No.7433213


Bro I like v-tubers too but maybe you need to touch some grass. Just because someone is a public figure doesn't mean they have to be indebted to entertain you everyday.

Now they probably can't be as transparent about this shit because they are under the thumb of Jap suits.

Don't like it, watch someone else. Or are you just mad you donated your cash and a fake celebrity doesn't wanna play shitty flash games for a bunch of faggots? I WONDER WHY WHEN THEY GET ANAL ABOUT DUMB SHIT LIKE THIS.

Not even simping because being a streamer is literally a non-job to me, so her just blowing off "work" is fucking hilarious because she probably has enough cash to quit pretending she cares about the shrimps. But she won't you all will come lapping back because you are human, and you are weak.

>> No.7433222

Take your meds nigger.

>> No.7433238

In 1 day Kiara streamed more than Gura's whole last week

>> No.7433269


>> No.7433278

>doesn't talk to her fanbase at all off-stream
Based Gura filtering out clipfaggots who don't watch streams.

>> No.7433344

marathon not a sprint. work smart not work hard, nothing new.

>> No.7433383

>More entertaining than Ame
Cumbuds....you can't even talk when your oshi is going to be streaming only once a month at this rate.

>> No.7433405

I do need meds yes, but not for telling losers on a Mongolian basket weaving forum they should go get some fresh air. And stop caring a literal fake person isn't online as much as they want.


>> No.7433458

Based I fucking despise normalfags too.

>> No.7433537

Based fact

>> No.7433682

guras infrequent streams made me concernfag so hard that i actually went to church on sunday. i asked the pastor if he can pray for my oshi gawr gura. i had hoped she would stream more but then she pulls this shit. god isn't real

im seriously not going to make it. maybe i should ask a demon instead...

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File: 2.68 MB, 3235x4096, 1626156876440.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Absolutely this.

>> No.7433991

>8 days of streaming with unplanned break in middle
>Infrequent streaming

>> No.7434345

holy shit, is this for real? i mean it's no secret that ame is the most passionate of EN but for gura to be well over 100+ streams behind her, fucking hell

>> No.7434426

Kiara is the "most passionate" in terms of hours streamed and original songs, but Ame keeps up with her and goes for variety and more streams instead of long ass streams.

>> No.7434733

yes, I think the worst ones are Ina and Mori cause they literally have full time
jobs and still stream more

>> No.7434752

As a massive Gura fan who basically does nothing but work and watch her streams you are 100% correct and anyone who says otherwise is a fucking retard.

>> No.7434793

>acts like a faggot
>n-no you're the fags

>> No.7434803

Are you a woman

>> No.7434985

Quality over quantity

>> No.7435021

She has neither, sadly.

>> No.7435063

Yeah shilling Taco Bell is peak quality

>> No.7435113

Companies get to dictate when, kid.

>> No.7435149

is that why most people prefer to watch ina over her?

>> No.7435210

They dont....

>> No.7435227

>points out collab

>> No.7435286

>points out Gura was shadowbanned

>> No.7435344

>algoblessed shart was shadowbanned
why cumsharts love copium so much?

>> No.7435412
File: 129 KB, 519x235, 2021_08_02_21_05_31_3_Ninomae_Ina_nis_Ch._hololive_EN_YouTube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related where Gura has more views
It was you retarded nigger stop being such a fucking number fag and kill yourself. If you get enjoyment out of hating an anime girl online because she gets more numbers than your e-whore than you dont deserve to live.

>> No.7435431


>> No.7435468

This is your standard reminder that all engagement is positive feedback, when you respond to someone, you are implicitly telling them that they made a good post and they should keep making more posts like it. If you dislike a post you should ignore it and reply to a post you like instead, this is the only means you have of discouraging bad posts.

>> No.7435486

>easy (you)s
good job anon kek

>> No.7435529

The port does not contain the licensed music. So unless she's playing it on a PS2 or has modded the PC version to restore the music and is somehow getting permission to do so from Sega, The Offspring, and Bad Religion (?????) that makes no sense.

>> No.7435549

shut up reddit nigger ill call as many people a nigger on this site as I want because its basically the only good thing about this place anymore after the discord Teamates took over.

>> No.7435553

>Talks about it for days
>Has it on her weekly schedule
>Even tells Ina about it yesterday on wrap up
Must be one hell of a nice cock to keep her away from her stream schedule

>> No.7435579

Nui is eigo jouzu

>> No.7435669
File: 248 KB, 600x900, 8035127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish everyone "suffered" from Burnout once again...

>> No.7435698

>stream ends, shart video gets favoured by the algorithm as always
>newfag tourist clicks cuz of cunnybait, instantly subs, likes and leaves a comment
>gets bored after 1 minute, never comes back again
>m-muh shadowban

>> No.7435717


>> No.7435793

You can and should keep calling people niggers, just do it to people you like.

>> No.7435805

.t teamate

>> No.7435820

t. ironic weeb cumshart

>> No.7435889
File: 258 KB, 450x449, gura lewd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this but unironically

>> No.7435922


>> No.7435979
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>finally being gura bf
>see her daily routine of waking up at 2pm, eating trash food or no eating at all, don't showering, no sleeping for 30 hours, stream 2 hours, vegetate 2 days in the bed doing nothing, repeat.
>all she do is watch shitty memes and short videos
>social outcast, refuses all my invitation to go outside.
>can't even meet her leech family, who predates 70% of her income because they are dirt poor retards.
>sex is not fun, she never reply me back when i say i love her
>when i have enough of her shit i told her she is like a black hole, sucking all the good in me, i try, i try but never is enough, i made the chores, made healty food, i try to make her meet friends outside, but she never let me in.
>the few moments she seems to react at anything is when i treat her like shit, saying she is a lazy depressed, egotistical asshole and i'm moving out
>she tell me with tears and her saddest voice i ever hear "ok, is better like this, go with you friends, i will be fine..."
>in the end can't leave her alone because she probably be dead in a week if i don't suppport her, probably i'm fucked in the head too.
Being gura bf will be hell

>> No.7436124

Just beat her and she’ll listen, she’s too much of a pussy to tell anyone

>> No.7436136

how big is his boyfriend's penis?

>> No.7436137

God should punish me by making me Gura's bf.

>> No.7436157


>> No.7436187

Last time I checked it was 17.3cm, but I really don't know give me a minute

>> No.7436216

You know what, i'd cork (his) bunghole at this point, feel like the legend of Gura is so great i can be homo for the night

>> No.7436319

In nijisanji no matter who does it or which branch, all of them get permissions at the same time. Just saying...

>> No.7436374

Based nigger <3

>> No.7436417

poopystinycumfuckshatbrapshitbuds have such a baby since of humor amirite fellow teamate?

>> No.7436459

I always find it funny how much people will talk about a vtuber they don’t watch and clearly hate

>> No.7436467

>due to permissions

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