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So...that's Nijisanji's 'live'? What's this shit? Why are vtubers doing this cringe shit with real people?

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Vocaloid concerts have done that shit for years, dumbass.
t. holobrony

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Its a concernt? Its too darkness for me

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real band is pure sovl. of course
hololive fans don't understand this your "idols" don't even sing live.

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Yes, I too remember Hatsune Miku interacting with David Letterman.

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Well,despite this is a such dumb bait

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Holobronies are a few years behind in tech and standard practices in the industry, plz understand.

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How come you guys can't just enjoy some kino along with us? Why do you have to nitpick everything?

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How was the nijizhangji concert?

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The 3D quality is shit, so much for billion yen fund.

Vocaloid has been doing this type of concert way before.

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Because Nijisanji is shit and has to hire outside talent to male their show even somewhat passable on a quality level.

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el bump casado

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If I wanted to watch a fags in dresses and make up I would just watch a twitch streamer.

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It was pretty cringe. Luckily we had the kino Suisei concert to watch instead.

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Oh no no no Holobronies coping again
Can't even do something like this kek, vocaloid is better

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Nijisanji can't stand on their own merit. I still remember when their guest basically overshadowed them on their own concert. I think it was the band Flow if I remember correctly. Promptly stopped watching them after that.
I think this anon >>7317671 gets it.

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That ain't coping. If you fags haven't been bragging their "3D" being superior, only for us to find out they can only do this much, we won't be shitting them.

Holostars beat them in quality with less funding.

And now you are using Vocaloid since it's shameful to brag Niji 3D right?

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Yes, all karaokes are fake.

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such a small pathetic stage

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hololive could do tokyo dome at this point

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Chaichai is based, please kill yourself.

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Are the holobronies coping since anykara know how to reinvest their revenue and further develop their tech? Because the AR Tech as said by their tweet is made a produced completely in house.

Cover is just wasting their fucking money on holo alternative.


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Yeah it looks pretty small. I can't believe Nijifags were bragging about this and some Holofags probably believed them too. I do think people who shit on smaller company are assholes but Nijifags just can't stop picking a fight with other people so I don't really feel bad for them that much.

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>Nijifags were bragging about this
literally quote one

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replying to copes so it's ok

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How are the size of the stage and the source of the AR tech related?

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That's really impressive

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Holobronies are still coping that their 3D is fucking trash, hell nijifag 3D is great.


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holobronies are sad pathetic creatures. "tech company" constantly mogged by the small start up competition and also mogged in singing and dancing despite branding themselves as an idol group, kek.

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Speaking of holo alternative, anything new?

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>cringe shit with real people

Do Holos watch their own Vtubers they’ve been doing shit with real people for the past 3 months what are you even complaining about?

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Seriously, I was actually impressed by holo alternative at first because I thought it was going to be some animated story but it’s just a multimedia project that’s gone fucking no where.

I also expected cover to focus on their tech but I was dead wrong yet again.

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I saw this live and the real-time lighting with the AR tech was a sight to behold

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Niji3D isn't even top tier for vtubers (although it's consistently improving), which makes it even more sad. It's just that Hololive's is THAT far behind.

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Also the fact that NIJI3D is constantly improving their tech in house is impressive since in the future they can run their own shit and cut down costs and rely less on renting.

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why are you guys always whining and playing victim. You mfs cry over the smallest shit “they talked about tech I can’t believe it Hololive has to have the best tech” grow some balls.

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Holobronies are now quiet since they got BTFO and got proven wrong by a single fucking tweet.

I hope cover steps up their 3D game since the money they’re getting from EN and their large fanbase must be massive. They should really focus on reinvesting their tech which will save them costs in the long term.

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To be fair, theyre top on terms of doing live events like this. And their studio 3D is probably the best.
Their models aren't the best and their home stations are a little lackluster but as a whole they're top in the vtuber 3D realm because of things like these concerts.

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>holo alternative.

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The phone niji3d has also seen some improvements if we go by the tracking seen in recent streams when they’re at home. I do agree though

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It’s like holobronies shafted that shitshow from their memory

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Nijicord the thread

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Maintenance is much more expensive if they build their own in-house tech. I don't get why they build it anyway since it won't be used that much aside from concerts and events.

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It depends on the amount of times you rent tech and use it, if the maintenance is lower than the cost to rent the tech then it’s better, before they had to rent a 3D studio and the 3D at the time was garbage, that was until they bought vicon and the rest is history.

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Vtubers are a sample, they want to sell the tech itself. It has other practical benefits beyond just vtubing.

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Hey if you try to spout the wrong shit and get shat on for being wrong, you faggots deserve it.

Also how’s holo alternative going by the way?

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You paid to watch a stream online
For fuck sake stop calling it a concert
Its like buying a dvd and watching the """concert""" in your room

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no one gives a fuck as long as you faggots stay in this containment split thread. go elsewhere threads and you'll be told to fuck off and spammed with how Niggersanji lost the top Vtuber spot to Hololive, just stay here and continue with your cope

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VLivers can't be the end all be all of VTubers; you have to advance the tech so virtual talents can expand into other areas of the entertainment industry. You don't want the VTuber industry to stagnate into becoming "just streamers" because that's a waste of the whole concept.

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God lize I'd so cute. I want to lick her delicate dainty thighs while she squirms in disgusting.

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Bait is a thing you retard, holos are are busy with shion returning and vark, but go on and keep biting and pump each other dick nigger.

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>A concert is a live music performance in front of an audience. The performance may be by a single musician, sometimes then called a recital, or by a musical ensemble, such as an orchestra, choir, or band. Concerts are held in a wide variety and size of settings, from private houses and small nightclubs, dedicated concert halls, amphitheatres and parks, to large multipurpose buildings, such as arenas and stadiums. Indoor concerts held in the largest venues are sometimes called arena concerts or amphitheatre concerts. Informal names for a concert include show and gig.
Dear virtual idol enthutiast, please educate yourself and stop calling this shit concert.
Maybe you should go out and attend a real concert instead.

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A lot of the girls have been posting from a new 3D recording studio this month, we'll probably see in August if they get better tracking there.

>> No.7319276

What part of this doesn't meet the definition?
>performed on a dedicated stage
>performed for a large audience

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I don't really see the point of the AR stuff at all. If you're going to do a concert with a bunch of mocapped 3D characters, why constrain it to a real stage when doing it on a virtual one would allow for more creative set design and camerawork?
If you go to one of these in person it doesn't look anywhere near as good as the streamed version, either, since you're seeing the characters projected on a transparent screen in front of the stage.

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The point is actually, Vtuber is part of company Anycolor tech advertisement.
Stream like >>7318644 here is basically. "Hey Chaika we have some new tech to test/promote, would you like to try it?"

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this had people watching irl

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How’s that holo alt project going wasting money on retarded mass media shit?


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Twap did with a band tho.
But not AR like this.

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damn why was she doing cringe shit with real people?

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>I also expected cover to focus on their tech but I was dead wrong yet again.
They've finally developed moving arms/torsos for home3D so they are improving on their tech.

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Like I said, the AR stuff isn't great in person. I've been to one of these AR concerts, and it all looks very flat and washed out. The audience also all have to be in line with the screen for it to work, so they're very constrained in what venues and stage layouts they can use.

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By that definition Beyond the Stage and Bloom aren't concerts either. Are you retarded?

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How devilish of her to make you seethe

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well yeah i don't disagree with you that going virtual makes for nicer stages overall but for concerts with an audience this is as good as it gets i think.

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Holobrony who didn't even watch detected

>> No.7320404

Sure, doesn't mean they're focusing on it especially when that's the only real advancement they've made in years.

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This and Kizuna interviewed Christoph Waltz was peek kino. Niji and holo would never

>> No.7320473

Iphones didn't even exist until a few years ago, naturally development is slow.

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You want Kino, I'll show you Kino

>> No.7320549

Dont talk like niji is ahead when they only did AR today.

>> No.7320561

i want to go back to this time

>> No.7320645

Idk nigga rent it or something!? There's literal fews studio for AR stuff especially for concerts. And they are quite smart to build their own for others to use

>> No.7320710

I rememba!

>> No.7321064

They did another one during NijiFes.

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File: 2.92 MB, 836x468, 2434 nijifes2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when they only did AR today
Nijifes 2021 in February*
They went with the AR solution as a response to tightened Covid restrictions to public gatherings, and it turned out to be pretty great. AR has applications beyond what VR can do and is much more likely to penetrate the mainstream as headsets mature, so if they come up with a way to perfect 3D tracking in smaller scale/in home environments, AR could easily be the future of vtubing in general.

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Honestly, I can see Holo going VR and Niji going AR in the future.

>> No.7321497

>top in vtuber 3D realm
And you Nijiniggers wonder why nobody likes you. This isn't even remotely true. Nijisanji is still far behind Kizuna Ai, Fuji Aoi, HimeHina, Kamitsubaki, and I'm sure more.

>> No.7321737

>AR could easily be the future of vtubing in general.
It definetly will but not in near future until it's affordable enough for public purchase. But man if AR and VR advanced more and get cheaper i can see the future will be like Ready Player One or Vtuber will sure be huge part of it

>> No.7321771

AI maybe, the others? not really. I like himehina, but they don't really do shit with their 3D tracking that you couldn't just do in VRChat.

>> No.7321856

AR concerts in general have been a thing since at least 2016, and AR on consumer devices like phones since 2018. You can get near-perfect tracking on the LIDAR-equipped iPhones and iPads right now (Cover even have an AR app that lets you ogle a 3D Miko in your house using it).
I have no idea what you mean by 'applications beyond VR' in the context of vtubers though. You're either looking at an anime girl dance around on a real stage, or looking at an anime girl dance around on a 3D rendered stage. The content is the same.

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Do nijiniggers really? I cant with this nijicope

>> No.7321918

>doesn't even have finger and tongue tracking
lol okay.

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I will give you the honor to upload a side by side screenshots of Niji's 3D & AR models with Holofes 2 and Holostars. See how much anycolor is truly underspending, and that you are blindly supporting, not giving critic to a company.

We holobronies openly shit on Cover, but a Nijifag like you won't. How blind.

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How is the pizza industry in japan? Still expensive right?

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>theyre top on terms of doing live events like this
>their studio 3D is probably the best
Say that to our face nijiniggers!

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That Kaf looks like my old sex doll...

>> No.7322152

Link? that actually looks good

>> No.7322207

Nijifag here yeah that looks fantastic

>> No.7322328

It was unarchieve anon.. you can still find it on nya tho. Just search for KAF one man live Q2

>> No.7322340

Same problem as vocaloid with the models looking like creepy dolls.

>> No.7322380

>one man live
>5 VSingers in screenshot

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I know. They pointed that out too lol

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Ah shit..

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The fuck is this shit. Stickman AR?

>> No.7322586

I'd like to see how you'd present this, because I watched both and tbqh it's not even a contest.

Holo's aren't even trying to invest in their live aspects aside from the bare minimum, tickets sell regardless.

>> No.7322733

>I have no idea what you mean by 'applications beyond VR' in the context of vtubers though
The audience perspective. The ideal AR headset lets you remain more aware of your surroundings and anchor the performer into whatever space you are in. You could be looking at an anime girl dancing in your living room, or a meadow somewhere while you have a picnic. You could be watching an AR vtuber game literally over their shoulder. If there are 3D props, such as a rendered stage, you could opt to display them as well. The content is the same, but the experience could be user-dependent.

A VR headset doesn't provide you the same kind of mobility and flexibility. In a general sense, the "applications beyond VR" line refers to our current state of AR/VR tech and AR having the ability to mesh with the real world in real time, thus being more marketable to the general population, and having more appeal in the corporate world as a result.

>> No.7322756

holofags don't get a proper concert for a long time and got mad huh, why do you people even bother watching nijisanji concert?

>> No.7322764

I don't watch niji so I didn't watch this, but half the screenshots in this thread look like PS2 graphics. I don't understand nijiniggers defending this shit, holofags would rightly crucify cover for this garbage.

>> No.7322794

Does Cover lease it's tech to other companies? i know Niji does to 774 it's bilibili contractor VR.
It baffles me why they stick to inferior quality when they could just ask Cover an substantial upgrade. Perhaps it's too high end and pricey to afford?

>> No.7322822

I thought I found the right video. Reliase there's no band behind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rOruuCxY7k

Glad to know they got million views though

>> No.7322867

>I don't watch
your opinion definitely should have weight mhm

>> No.7322890

That one also from the concert.

>> No.7322892

You show you aren't watching much Cover. They still aren't on Niji's level but a lot of the recent 3D lives (starting with Okayu's) and 3D debuts (Oga, Shien), are massive improvments from even where they were last year with Holofes up to Nene's 3D debut. A very clear improvement.

>> No.7322915

Pretty good graphically, outside of the uncanny plastic look. It looks better in motion though.

Unrelated but I'm really not a huge fan of most of their voices, Koko is pretty good, and haru is just raping most the time so its fine she sounds bad. But Kaf, ise and the other girl i can never remember always just sound super scratchy and i can never get over it.

>> No.7322923

>your opinion definitely should have weight
Glad we agree, so respond to it instead of evading it retard.

>> No.7322945

AR stuff is different from regular 3D, retard. Vocaloid and Kamitsubaki don't look much better either, at least Niji avoids the uncanny valley effect.

>> No.7322971

I didn't watch that Niji shit

>> No.7322981

I think what that anon pointed out is not the tech but on the model itself. Tbh the old ones look really weird especially when they are on AR compared to the recent 3D models like chima's and co

>> No.7323014

>I don't watch niji
The audacity of this double nigger thinking his opinions have any weight when you know jack shit.

At least watch both groups to make valid arguments.

>> No.7323060

Anon.. idk what to say about your hearing especially when you said
>haru is just raping most the time so its fine she sounds bad

>> No.7323087

Ah, the one who brags for 'them' being superior should do just that. Don't go passing your burden.

You talk about investments? just look at both stages on their YoutubeMusicWeekend

>> No.7323105

Have you seen her song with KMNZ?
If that wasn't rape I don't know what is.
cmon its the morning cut me some slack

>> No.7323106

>uncanny valley effect.
This >>7322577
Yea nah

>> No.7323141

That's like one among tens of kino shit she did anon

>> No.7323161

There's a clip of Coco's roommate talking shit about it. A large pizza is like $40 USD and it's about the size of a medium in the US, if you're being really generous.

>> No.7323172

It works cause she's a rapper. And she sounds like a rapper.

>> No.7323186

Nijiniggers focus a lot on their tech. I can't wait until Sony gets their vtuber project started and pulls their funding. See how Nijo does without a giant corporation backing them.

For as much as it has become a meme, Cover is very much still a small indie company in a lot of ways. The fact that they have bitten into Niji's market share so much despite not having near the resources is very similar to David slaying Goliath and just as inspirational.

>> No.7323197

You’re being tricked by covers lighting system. In that aspect cover has an edge in lighting back then and 3D model a quality but they still have issues that happened during marines live.

However going by anycolors AR live it seems they’re trying to improve on the lighting aspect and it has been confirmed that they’re upgrading models. Heck they’ve been doing so after mito, lease and rin got upgraded.

Kanae is getting a new model tomorrow but I do kinda agree that cover improved somewhat but not leaps and bounds.

>> No.7323247

>niji is goliath
they're a smaller startup than cover was though...

>> No.7323303

Cover is a tech company that had way more resources and funding than what Anykara did in the beginning. Cope holobrony.

>> No.7323337

>I can't wait until Sony gets their vtuber project started and pulls their funding.

You have no idea how this shit works, they’re not being funded by Sony but a huge ass bank in Japan and one Japan/Taiwan studio, Sony only invested for their music branch and deals.

> Cover is very much still a small indie company

This clearly isn’t the case anymore since they’re getting large sponserships from redbull, Taco Bell, Lawson etc. That indie company excuse no longer applies.

>The fact that they have bitten into Niji's market share

Again nope, they’ve conquered the western landscape by leaps and bounds. Refer to the whole sponsorship garbage. NijiEN has none so far.

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>> No.7323365

Marine also has a notoriously jank model. What I'm really looking forward to seeing is Miko's 3D live tomorrow. Miko's model is super new and the home version of it is a gorgeous site to behold. Really looking forward to seeing it in action during this 3D live.

>> No.7323444

Yeah miko has the best model and I’m excited too but I also expect the usual cover scuff.

>> No.7323591

>I can't wait until Sony gets their vtuber project started and pulls their funding
Christ, why do holofags constantly parrot this Sony shit. Niji is involved with Sony music. That's it. They aren't owned by Sony or whatever you dumbasses spout this week.

>> No.7323596

>Cover Corporation (カバー株式会社, Kabā Kabushiki-gaisha) was founded on 13 June 2016 by Motoaki "Yagoo" Tanigo,[a] an entrepreneur who had developed video game characters in collaboration with Sanrio at the content company Imagineer, and founded various startup companies.[2][3] Cover at first focused on augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) software,[2] and received funding from incubator firms Tokyo VR Startups[4] and Recruit.
Holobrony bandwagoners don't even know the history of their own company. Sad. Imagine being mogged by a rival company in the area you're supposed to excel at kek;

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File: 103 KB, 1920x1080, 20210731_225813.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Uhmm no

>> No.7323670

That's not a trick anon, it's part of producing better quality models and stage. They aren't anime, don't forget the R or AR. You don't simply skip shadows and lighting on "concerts" where it matters. The main point here is which company is spending and underspending. Anycolor deserves to be shit on with the amount of private funding they get versus what they give to fans. Awful models, I can see that they focused on the head, and went "come what may" on the body.

And which Marine live, her 3D anniversary? it was just a corrupted medial file being played on OBS.

>> No.7323685

And here does it said it has more fund than enikara?

>> No.7323712

>why isn't there a literal number for me to compare!
holobronies in a nutshell.

>> No.7323744

Cover is a reasonably big tech company that specializes in AR, VR and other 3D related things and Ichikara/Anycolor isn't. Cope.

>> No.7323748

You shouldn’t have posted that >>7323596

>> No.7323757

Honestly I think with this concert they got the aspect of the AR rendered stuff actually looking like it belongs in the environment down better than the Kizuna AI AR concerts have. Although there wasn't much in the way of flashy effects for this one, they had some of that in their NijiFes.

>> No.7323785

anikara always goes cheap unless the audience throws hissy fits.

>> No.7323809

If anything, nijisanji was the underdog in japan, they started without 3D model which is only high budget companies like Cover, Appland and Kizuna Ai

>> No.7323818

Are we forgetting all the garbage 3D that cover did or something? The only thing I agree with is nijisanji having garbage live2D but lets not joke around and try and shove roberus 3D garbage before that got fixed

>> No.7323835

AR doesn't translate well to larger-scale experiences outside of pre-arranged spaces. You're not going to fit a 1:1 scale stage concert in your living room.
I also don't think I'd have a better time watching Kuzuha play Apex if I had to virtually stand behind him and watch over his shoulder.
There's definitely really cool things you can do with AR, but it has its own unique limitations, it's not just an "upgrade" over VR.

>> No.7323850

Thanks for posting this, cover being a small indie company is a fat fucking lie

>> No.7323867

>Are we forgetting all the garbage 3D that cover did or something?
This thread is half Holofags trying to change history and pretend Cover actually has competent 3D tech, so yes.

>> No.7323890
File: 15 KB, 297x331, 944ff56abbfd43d9a1e3e782c9e36486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holofags really aint lying about the legendary nijicope

>> No.7323906

Its more of an upgrade because of the lack of immersion or set-up like anon was saying.
With VR you need full VR equipment. Which even with a lighter form of it, is still a full headset that takes you out of the world. Most people aren't wanting to be immersed 100% in only 1 thing at a time these days, AR is where that would shine. You have the AR thing going on and can focus on that, but you're still aware and doing stuff with your surroundings. You can eat that bowl of ramen while watching the concert or be doing your reps.

>> No.7323924

Should be 90% holofags, half is not enough

>> No.7323963

> Cover is a reasonably big tech company

How reasonably big? They only had 50 employees last year. What a shit take.

>> No.7323986

Did you actually watch both concerts? I remember several times watching the Kizuna AI one that it looked very much like she wasn't actually touching the stage at all when they showed full body. I didn't really notice that same effect at all with the Nijisanji concert they seemed solidly on the ground. It was the same with the big concert recently that the TV company did as well the models there looked firmly planted to the space and I noticed it was better done than the Kizuna AI one.

>> No.7324009

And the other half is nijiniggers act like they got the best 3D and do the most inovative stuff

>> No.7324011
File: 192 KB, 1160x1168, muh small company.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7324055

>b-but the numbers
I don't think you realize how company size works. employee count is irrelevant, company size is more about investments and who supports them.

>> No.7324072

Nah, I'm one of the ones who already acknowledged that Nijisanji is far from the best in the biz. The only reason their better than Hololive is that Hololive's 3D is shit.

>> No.7324083

Legendary Nijicope

>> No.7324121

So this shows cover was the larger startup until 2019, until they got out-funded by a 3x margin
This is also reflected on their IPO market cap estimates lol

>> No.7324159

Blind ass niggers can't read how much anykara diluted their shares to triple Cover's size, and Cover already caught up with half of the funding.

>> No.7324169

Because 2019 was when nijisanji took the japan market duh

>> No.7324315

They already have the JP market by late 2018 and have even ventured to CN and TW market already. It just show their incompetence when their competitor catch up with them lol.

>> No.7324323

It does beg the question, why hasn't Cover received further funding after blowing up post 2020?

>> No.7324343

Having to fit the thing you're watching into the real world is also the big downside of AR. Like I said, you're not going to fit a concert stage in your living room at 1:1 scale. You'll have to shrink it or project it onto a virtual screen or some other kludge that compromises the experience.
Microsoft and Apple have been trying to make consumer AR entertainment a thing for years and it's mostly gone nowhere.

>> No.7324365

It's kind of weird to see people shitting on it here, even when I go look at all those JP matome blogs that normally take any opportunity to shit on Niji the coverage is positive praising the performances, the quality, the reinvestment in technology and value for money.

>> No.7324368

How many splits did they do?

>> No.7324400

Cover: JP, TW, Pajeet
nijiniggers are bug apologists. They already have a bilibili streamer in their youtube platform, and you can expect more bilibli streamers and zhang language normalizations in their future youtube generations.

>> No.7324409

JP is Niji territory, of course they'd take any opportunity to praise them
We on the other hand have the luxury of being able to reference the golden standard of Hololive, which they're unaware of

>> No.7324439

We are talking about who was the smaller startup here, learn to read SEAnigger

>> No.7324465

You wouldn't even know what hololive was if not for chink clippers, holobrony. China is literally the reason why hololive got popular.

>> No.7324471

Cope zhangnigger

>> No.7324478

This board is holo circlejerk duh

>> No.7324486

Of course its hard, but that's why they need someone to work on it.
In concept its not that bad though. Especially if you can work it something like how projects work, so as long as you have some decent sized space you can set it up and take it down as needed. It also opens it up for allowing it to be displayed in public like billboards or ads, so rather than a TV you can actually have a full-sized concert and clips out in public just on the side of a building or such.
Personally my AR desire would be able to set up walls in my house as triggers and being able to interact with that as a large scale monitor as needed. It would be much easier to translate that to a VR "room" as well rather than actually using VR.

Personally I don't think we'll see it for another decade at least, but someone needs to put in the investment to make it happen first.

>> No.7324488

But it clearly shows Cover was the larger startup for the first few?

>> No.7324493


Yes and Cover was criticized for that and it's fixed and history. We are talking about the present anons. Holofags can simply use Shien and Oga's 3D to disprove the superiority Nijifag brags.

Those Niji AR models are shit.

>> No.7324520

I don't know what you're talking about. Most of these blogs are full of negativity and doom posts about Nijisanji the majority of the time.

>> No.7324539

Then where is Niji popular?

>> No.7324590

they were but holobronies always want to twist history with lies to fit their narrative about cover and anycolor

>> No.7324604

>You're not going to fit a 1:1 scale stage concert in your living room
But you could fit one on a meadow. Ideally it would be a user option. Same goes for the Apex example, just do what you want. Position Kuzuha on your living room couch, blow up an 80" screen of his gameplay on the wall, sit next to him and crack open a cold one. With some hassle you could do something similar in VR as well, but--
>it's not just an "upgrade" over VR
Ultimately it would be. A sufficiently advanced AR headset could also output visuals complex and encompassing enough to allow it to double as a VR headset when needed. VR headsets as we understand them right now are a bit of a technological dead-end, anyway. Positional tracking aside, you just have a screen plastered to your face. Combination AR/VR is where the tech is currently headed, at least until BCIs, full dive VR etc. are cracked much later (and society somehow hasn't collapsed on itself yet).

Hypothetical future tech, granted, but I'm sure you recognize the limitations of vtubing today, how little mobility and interactivity L2D models have, how studio space limits 3D shows, and how companies would be researching ways to push beyond.

>> No.7324638

I don't think anyone has bragged about the quality of Niji models ever Hololive has always had the upper hand there besides that one time they did an absolute disgrace to Roberu but the quality of the tracking Nijisanji has is by far superior and remains as such.

>> No.7324683

3 each.

>> No.7324771

Where can I read up on this?
Also, I didn't know companies can simply split shares to multiply their worth! Why doesn't cover triple up too?

>> No.7324799

You wouldn't know if not for yagoo
You wouldn't know if not for the christmas event
You wouldn't know if not for the clips
You wouldn't know if not for the shark
You wouldn't know if not for
You wouldn't know
You wouldn't

>> No.7324907

Yeah at some point the distinction between AR and VR becomes sort of academic. Microsoft's "mixed reality" system already does the hybrid AR/VR thing pretty respectably.
What I mean is if you're watching something like a concert at home, you're going to have a better time watching it in fully immersive VR. If it's just one person standing there singing or playing an instrument, you could render that in your living room in AR no problem. Each presentation is suited to different scopes of content and provides a different experience.

>> No.7324922
File: 1.88 MB, 1341x750, oga3d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice free unity assets there, holobro. Great 3D indeed... there's nothing special about his model either. Fuwa's model looks better. Model quality varies for both companies.

>> No.7324974

Only thing I like is how they used arc system works typology to do that anime like shading on olgas face but it makes look off compared to the rest of his body.

Still a high quality 3D model though.
The asset store stage however is fucking funny though.

>> No.7325003

I think people would like the option, but I think its just that still, an option.
One thing I've gotten to realize with my VR headset is 90% of the time I just don't want to be shoved into VR. I want to sit at my computer and relax with some whiskey and coke while fucking around on my phone.

I'd be perfectly fine watching a video on a screen while doing that even if it is miniaturized as opposed to being fully immersed in an actual "concert", especially since the concert isn't real anyways so you don't get any of the actual fan interaction or 'event' hype.

>> No.7325022

Now for a side by side video of Shien, Oga's 3D and your best bet of Niji 3D/AR tracking.

>> No.7325045

Kaede continues to be based, her practice learning that part with the trumpet paid off. Easily the most memorable part of the AR live


>> No.7325089

leave holostars out of this you faggots

>> No.7325107

They aren't as numberfag as Anycolor.

>> No.7325121

There is a pretty vast difference between Niji's home 3D and studio 3D, though. I remember watching Ange doing a home 3D stream where the tracking was so unreliable and jumpy that it was seriously distracting.
Their studio 3D is clearly based on much more expensive professional equipment, which is why it looks better than Cover, who have always been using consumer-grade gear (Vive/Index tracking and Unity).

>> No.7325139
File: 1.42 MB, 1175x650, nijisanji bullying culture.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can Holo3D manage basic object tracking like this?
That's half a genuine question, because last I saw the answer was "absolutely not", but I'd love to hear they improved.

>> No.7325150

Read. We are comparing models and companies here, not the talents themselves.

>> No.7325224

>nijisanji allows bullying like this to be shown on live stream
what if the children start thinking this is normal?
what if the children start kicking each other and punching each other as jokes because their role models are doing this too?
how is this okay? why are the girls okay with being bullied like this?
god i wish that was me.

>> No.7325266

>get BTFO
>move goal
sasuga nijibronie

>> No.7325300

>what if the children start kicking each other and punching each other
if they're anything like the kids in my hometown were, someone else will just yell WORLDSTAAAAR and more kids will gather around to watch

>> No.7325317
File: 2.94 MB, 800x450, 1626333723330.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck them kids.

>> No.7325327

They were already on the wrong path if their role models are Sasaki or Shiina.

>> No.7325342

since we're at it can someone post chaika punching kazaki and joe

>> No.7325375
File: 2.37 MB, 602x566, 2434 riri chair5.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All the object tracking they've been doing lately in their streams has been neat. The jump rope was particularly impressive to me, but all the fuckery with chairs and such is cool too.

The home solution basically relies on a single infrared sensor in an iPhone camera to read depth information. It's jumpy and glitchy because the environments it's used in are often noisy, and there are gaps in the motion data (as in, limbs going off-frame) the app can't really interpolate. It's not bad for what it is, though. The finger tracking is especially neat.

>> No.7325405

this is actually pretty impressive.

>> No.7325478

I think they actually both use the same professional grade solution VICON system in their studios. Although sometime early last year Nijisanji started heavily investing into theirs with repeated in house upgrades and software improvements and they didn't stop improving since.

>> No.7325479

just like nijiniggers acting like they got good 3D since the beginning when it was actually sony the one who gave them the tech to improve

>> No.7325539

>nijisanji buys better tech from sony
>this is a bad thing
even if it was true, how is this a negative? they invested in better tech so now they have better tech. cover doesn't and cover still has terrible 3D

>> No.7325540

>just like nijiniggers acting like they got good 3D since the beginning
Has anyone said that? I've only seen people talk about current Niji3D tech.
>when it was actually sony the one who gave them the tech to improve
Provide a source.

>> No.7325641

Or Bilibili. Don't forget that Bilibili owns Nijisanji.

>> No.7325671

Holy shit that’s still wrong, bili bili and anycolour share virtual real where bili bili has a large stake.

What’s with it with retards and misinformation?

>> No.7325699

Nijisanji's primary owner is actually Satan. They sold their souls to the literal devil.

>> No.7325724
File: 118 KB, 1250x701, cope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The audacity of holobronies to imply this when hololive was LITERALLY more popular on bilibili than youtube at one point. Aqua still has almost a million followers there.

>> No.7325732

Yeah I guess it's too basic they skip that part. You can literally yeet another living model after all

>> No.7325734

my uncle's bus driver's life coach's son works for nijisanji he said they're owned by bofa

>> No.7325778

If Cover did actually switch to VICON motion capture gear it would explain why their more recent output has improved so much. They just need to keep working on the rendering side and sort out object tracking (which they've never done well despite the tech always supporting it for some reason).

I do wonder what Cover are using for home 3D these days. I know Sora always used to be wearing a bunch of Vive trackers (and they would sometimes fall off her head to amusing/horrifying effect).

>> No.7325836

>at one point

>> No.7325868

OH NO NO NO how do nijiniggers recover

>> No.7325914
File: 2.61 MB, 1280x720, CHADka beats up a child and the Joker.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what if the children start thinking this is normal?
Good. The weak should fear the strong.

>> No.7325925

What's updog?

>> No.7325948


>> No.7325958

Hololive owes its success to chinks. Nijisanji does not. Cope.

>> No.7326044

A lot of their 3D exclusive talents, like Sora, Miko, and AZKi all recieved Home 3D upgrades in the last 6 months and they are all really good. Especially Miko. I don't know if its just Miko being really talented with the model or if its just a better model but she really shines with it.

>> No.7326072

Nijisanji has no success but they do owe their continued miserable existence to chinks

>> No.7326093

Hololive used the chinks' money and hard work to propel themselves to success, then dropped them as soon as they made demands, which is pretty great in my book

>> No.7326098

>Literally funded by chinks
>Nijisanji does not own its success to chinks

>> No.7326131

Disney karaoke stream btw

>> No.7326140

Coco and Aqua realized their mistakes
They gave them a middle finger and marched out of the room proudly to make a point.
Amirite Holobros?

>> No.7326159

It's very funny how Holofags have started trying to attack Chaika and call him a fag in a dress and stuff in threads recently. Like, of all people do you really think people who watch someone with a design like THAT are going to be upset by that? Really?
(Not to mention that Chaika is straight, but that's just a bonus)

>> No.7326178


>> No.7326207

Does japanese disney have different license than normal disney?
I know toko's covers have been up forever, but Selen mentioned she can't sing disney songs.

>> No.7326228

>then dropped them as soon as they made demands
Lol. Everyone who was there at the time remembers Cover groveling like dogs when the Taiwan shit happened. Cover only left after that still wasn't enough, and you just KNOW if it wasn't someone who made more than the CN branch on her own they would've just graduated her.
Cover went with the option that kept them more money, there were no principles involved.

>> No.7326233

Judging by the amount of (you)s that are farmed whenever its posted I'd say you do get pretty upset. I don't think he is a fag, I just think its disgusting and repulsive.

>> No.7326277

It's all so tiring.

>> No.7326278
File: 253 KB, 292x626, Miko - AR express on point.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Niji have yet to repay the chinese investment anon. But this thread isn't about that part. Why is it always a nijifag that derails a topic

I believe she's good at it. Knows when, and quick to utilize the expressions. The rigger did a good job for that quality. Even the AR's expression is on point to her character, her smile shines all the more.

>> No.7326283

I respond because it's comical. You call Chaika a freak and the response is "Yeah, no shit. but he's great anyway."

>> No.7326294

Doesn't Coco stream on Mildom that is controlled by Tencent?

>> No.7326313

>Why is it always a nijifag that derails a topic
>Started with someone claiming Bilibili owns Anycolor

>> No.7326382
File: 110 KB, 1228x647, cope2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They didn't drop them. Bilibili blacklisted them first, so they were forced to drop the CN branch as a result. They would still be there if they could. Your CEO was flying to China to do business with them all the time.

>> No.7326486

>he's great
I beg to differ

>> No.7326497

Anon, the times they're in their idol outfits are prerendered prerecorded VFX. There's a reason they can only show it at events and the gloss has a perfect sheen of post rendering.

>> No.7326547

Unfortunately this won't happen with nijisanji since they enjoy sucking off zhangs' dicks, and promoting bilibli offsprings. And their fanbase is a big china-apologist.

>> No.7326555

You don't even watch him.
Which is fair, but I'm not going to comment on Polka because I don't watch her either.

>> No.7326576

Sucks for you

>> No.7326683

>you don't even watch him
No shit. I just got done saying he is repulsive and he disgusts me. Why would I watch him?

>> No.7326745

What's up with this theatre between an obvious tribalfag and a falseflagger?

>> No.7327046
File: 526 KB, 1920x1080, holocucks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He has collabed with one of your leeching sluts before. How do you cope?

>> No.7327106

please do not call yashiro a slut he is a very honest man

>> No.7327288

Chaika is a clown too

>> No.7327816

you're on /vt/ and dont even know who hatsune miku is?

>> No.7328310

I went to bed and this thread had 7 replies
I don't get why people have to fight as if they're getting paid by the respective companies to defend their name.

>> No.7328678

Anon yo, we do it for free. Corporate contracts are far too restrictive and take the fun out of everything.

>> No.7328843

But why can't you fags JUST ENJOY
It's entertainment not sports. I hate that Holostars is now being used for tribal shitflinging considering I'm the one who was posting Shien (and Mashiro) webms when they debuted. Every other day you fags (Hololive) are shitting on Holostars for their numbers but now they're the pinnacle of Holo3D? Bunch of hypocrites

>> No.7329319
File: 254 KB, 1516x1179, hololive roboco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I come to these bait threads solely to try and start up polite conversations about various tangentially related topics, such as the tech aspect of vtubing. I enjoy having a friendly back-and-forth, but when a topic actually catches on, I also get a wonderful sense of superiority over the tribalfags and falseflaggers. It just feels really good being above the filth.

>> No.7329341

based male unitychad

>> No.7329837

Holostars is only a tool for them to use and drop whenever convenient. They'll disown Holostars and say they aren't part of Hololive when people use Holostars as an example of how Hololive is not a "big happy family" or an example of Cover's abusive treatment of its talents, but they'll bring up Astel's FPS skills or singing, or the high quality of Holostars 3D if they want to make Hololive look good.

>> No.7330760 [SPOILER] 
File: 549 KB, 872x1112, 1627757045215.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a Holofag, Holo has better talent and marketing strategy, but I agree that Niji has better tech and production. Honestly, quite amazed at what they've been putting out in 3D and AR tech; their camerawork and object tracking is way more engaging, and I hope Cover would eventually move to do these things in the future.

I don't understand the collective [[cope]] of fellow Holobronies trying to drag other people's shit down to justify that their team is better in all aspects; can't we just recognize that shit's cool? (except whatever VShojo is doing with those 3d models that don't even look remotely like their 2d ones, that's just objectively bad, picrel)

>> No.7330967

Fag, go backread. Nijisanji is not an indie, they have billion funding to be producing shit. You don't simply pay a concert twice to be presented with bad models from a large company. that's not enjoyable, unless you actually paid for it and just decided to go along to make it worth it.

>> No.7331157

Where in my post did I say Nijisanji is an indie or better? Kys

>> No.7331185

She probably streams on a computer made in China too.

>> No.7331212

"Just enjoy"

>> No.7331307

This. I don't really have a preference for whichever company in the east to root for, I usually just follow the talents. Fuck the west, tho, their tech is just uncanny valley material, and their talent is just peepeepoopoosex shit.

>> No.7331568

>Joey Wheeler

>> No.7331799

As a Nijifag, I would politely ask, what do you mean by "better talent and marketing strategy"?

>> No.7332001

If you simply count 'Hololive blew up huge in the west and now a large portion of them have bigger numbers than any Niji simply by association' as a marketing strategy then Hololive's is definitely better.

>> No.7332089

Not really. Hololive has nothing to do with them blowing up in the west. This happened because of youtube algo + big youtubers constantly hyping hololive up.

>> No.7332130

That's the joke I was making, there is no marketing strategy, they simply blew up off the back of clips and now the large majority of them are bigger than most Nijis simply by association.

>> No.7332161

Kaf goated but baked in shading on the models looks so weird. Same thing happened with Suisei Billi Love and Holofes 2. Makes them look like an in between of SFM and MMD

>> No.7332231

For me, I feel like their strategy of acquiring talent more selectively and with more scrutiny lends itself to a more cohesive talent pool that can draw audiences in to all of them, hence why their subs are already in the 100ks even before they debut.

Marketing-wise, they've played the YT algo well when they started blowing up, and starting their company as a "virtual idol" group first before pivoting to "virtual entertainment" was good for them in grounding who they were initially. Currently, their tie-in strategy like Nissin and Taco Bell have started putting their talent in the mainstream, piggybacking off major brands in order to reach a larger audience.

>> No.7332277

And I just explained the real situation for people who don't understand jocks (like me).

>> No.7332338

I think it looks better in motion. The issue with the simplified models like nijisanji has for example is that while they work with the janky rigging they have now, when it comes to the smooth rigging kaf has it starts to look uncanny. the plastic look makes it look more like a disney animation which is a little more 'natural' even though the models themselves are more plastic.

idk i like it.

>> No.7332346
File: 333 KB, 1600x2700, 20210731_153020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>except whatever VShojo is doing with those 3d models that don't even look remotely like their 2d ones
The issue is that they're using the same 3D modeler for everyone, and she's seemingly swamped with vtuber model gigs (picrel is all the kids). She did a great job on Snuffy's initial 3D and clearly has skill with rigging, but Nyanners is super phoned in.

>> No.7332477

This >>7322577
Yeah right

>> No.7332487

To be honest, as nijifan, Vshoujo's fans are more bearable than holobronies

>> No.7332497

Yes, HoloEn and Jp have different permissions for songs and games as well

>> No.7332546

When Selen was talking about it she explicitly stated that if 1 of the groups got permission for a game/song all of them get the permission for it. So because KR got starcraft permission so does she.

But since Toko's song was in Japanese and I've heard other girls sing Japanese Disney songs, I'm assuming its that the Disney songs themselves are falling under the normal Japanese licenses . And Selen can't sing Japanese.

>> No.7332558
File: 371 KB, 456x685, 1627760028302.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's a good rigger, but not a good model sculptor/maker unfortunately.

>> No.7332585

Very nice insight, I agree with almost everything, except for reason of them getting 100ks before debut. That has nothing to do (almost) with talent's previous identity. That is an effect of cumulative holo western audience, whose logic is to subscribe to each and every agency member.

>> No.7332729
File: 543 KB, 959x959, 1627760505829.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't really say it was from previous identities, but rather similar from what you said, since their talent pool is smaller and sorted into gens (which are just 3-5 members per gen), it's easier for fans to follow all of them and see the progression in how their talent pool grows, and to bandwagon in once new ones arrive.

picrel, kek

>> No.7332853

We just have eyeballs that work. Ai's lighting and presentation is on the same level as Hatsune Miku, but not as natural looking as Niji.

>> No.7332939

this, i'm subscribed to nearly all holo members, but i'm only subscribed to just 4 or 5 nijis, there's way too many of 'em.
also, that image is gonna give me nightmares, thanks anon

>> No.7332986

hahaha shuba is even doing the double peace, holy shit, holos cucked forever

>> No.7333299

You're a faggot.

>> No.7333312

>there's way too many of 'em.
So the reason for not subscribing for all niji's is being physically difficult to click through all subscribe buttons or it's because you can't possibly follow all of them?

If it's first then you are quite lazy.
If it's second then you are lying, because when agency has more than 5 vtubers, it becomes impossible to completely follow all of them, and you are forced to follow them partially. Both Holo and Niji already past that point, so it's strange for people to say that they follow entire hololive, but cannot follow entire nijisanji.

>> No.7333703

when I started following vtuber stuff, it was around holo gen 4 (so there were around 30 of them at the time), so it was easy to go to the wiki and see what they were like one by one, five per gen, etc. niji at that point was nearing 100 members, and it didn't help that I found out about them later, after finding out about holo. I decided to just follow the ones that i felt interested in instead, like Ange, Ars, and Tamaki.

>> No.7333862

>nearing 100 members
I can't remember if it was nearing 100 or if it was already slightly past that, but I recall it was around 3-4x larger than hololive's members

>> No.7334863
File: 830 KB, 2000x1352, Nijisanji_AR_Live_2021_Day_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's try putting the Virtual and Real closer together instead of putting one in a pedestal by worshipping them with tribalism or numbers.

>> No.7335860

Just enjoy the shitflinging bro. You don't have to get your panties twisted over some anime boys' numbers.

>> No.7335986

>call me a fag
>you are the one that watches a man in a dress

>> No.7336349

Wait what? I don't get the criticism here.
What's so bad about AR? The tech alone is impressive.

>> No.7336642


its a holoretard seething because holo concerts are still in the stone age

>> No.7336778

Pretty good actually

>> No.7336850

Keep telling yourself that, even the AIfag noticed that you retards just blame the holofags for everything.

>> No.7337002

The concert was shitty

>> No.7342964

>Holo has better talent
I don't think that's quite true, or rather, that it's a bit of a difficult comparison. Note that I'm not a very dedicated follower of either company/brand, and aren't trying to incite tribalism with this.

Both companies obviously try to hire good entertainers. The difference is in how they hire; Hololive seems to want career vtubers specifically, and takes special care to comb through the applicants, narrowing their hires down to only the proven top few. Nijisanji, while also seeking out high quality hires, likes to take chances on unproven yet promising applicants for some of their auditions, and lets them work part-time or even just as a hobby. Their waves are thus larger, and they seem quite comfortable with letting the newbies grow into the job over time. I'd argue that there's just as much raw talent among the top ranks of both companies (and I think the success of cross-company groups like NASS are evidence of this), but the larger overall amount and the types of vtubers Nijisanji employs dilute that image, especially in the eyes of those who don't follow the company closely.

Mind you that I don't believe most vtubers of any company or description are exactly brimming with talent, otherwise they'd be working to build careers elsewhere in the entertainment industry. It's because they're oddballs, social outcasts, familiarly flawed people, that we feel drawn to them and their personalities. We end up (over)valuing their talent, even when it's not truly what draws us to them.

Something I understand is that people feel overwhelmed by Nijisanji's roster. The idea is that you're not supposed to follow them all, but obviously it's going to be harder to find the right one for you when there's so many to wade through, and some of the hidden gems you may stumble upon stream irregularly. Hololive, especially in the west, has a massive edge in accessibility in this, and several other, regards.

TL;DR both company bretty gud imo

>> No.7347622

Well holobronies after that shitshow of a prelude I don’t think you can say jack shit about how nijisanji spends their money lmfao

>> No.7347954

Wrong. We can and will shit on nijisanji funding the Communist Party of China.

>> No.7352624
File: 134 KB, 1080x1080, huh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey friends what did I miss? Is this another Nijifes?

>> No.7353728

You missed day 1 of 2 of a new AR concert, day 2 preshow is in roughly 3 hours at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgdFOtsQV4U while the actual concert (the free part) is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j4WQs4oBec in about 4 hours

>> No.7360599

oh no no no however another company are not just getting funds from the chink but actually has chink in their management running their company.

>> No.7360649

Why are you obsessed with bumping this thread? Don't think I'm not noticing you.

>> No.7361611

She likes being accompanied by live music like every singer should.

>> No.7365928

Watch the first part here: https://nyaa.si/view/1415546

>> No.7369626


>> No.7369984

fun fact: the admin of nijicord is an EOP holofag

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