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A thread dedicated to Nijisanji’s pure gamer mermaid

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She's a good fish

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Jesus christ that Nekopara stream was really something else

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I didn't expect Finana of all people to become my favorite vtuber this year, but all her streams have been pure gold so far.

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This Feesh combination of seiso and seison't has been the best thing that could happen in Western Vtubing.

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu-J8uIXuLZh16gG-cT1naw

Favourite Moments:

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Feesh love!

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I love this feesh

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obligatory fishcore content for fish appreciators

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this really made me double take a bit. Seriously, Finana pls chill...

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I love this fish, bros.

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We might get more of what we got last night bros, we just keep winning

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>this thread
Dang it, I frickin' love this little horny feesh gremlin

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What games will you recommend Finana to play?

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As a modded minecraft fag I will always keep on recommending Finana to play more minecraft modpacks.

... otherwise she'd probably have some fun in Terraria.

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Not sure about permissions regarding Falcom games because I never saw a VTuber play them, but I'll recommend Ys VIII. She likes listening to game/anime soundtracks so I'm 100% sure she's going to love the OST. Not only is the music good, but the game is fun and the story is nice too.

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This thread is gonna die again. You guys should join the Finana discord instead.

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Finamu teetee was the first and greatest of LL

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Nijisanji discord or just fish?

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Dumb feesh can't carry a thread

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Yeah no thanks I don't browse radioactive waste.

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Just Fish. I could care less for the rest besides Selen only for today since she's playing Resident Evil today.

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Not just Resident Evil, RE fucking 4

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So you would rather stay here where the majority of this board ignores or dislikes her? You're not a real Ryuguard.

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sometimes you have to defend your oshi

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Defending her will just fuel more shitposting and hate for Finana. Ignore it and they will get bored.

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More like ignores
I remember when anons were trying to spread she as the kiara of nijisanji and it quickly failed, and everytime they try something new it also fails. Now at most they just ignore her

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Alright, but it's still not the optimal place to be if you like Finana. The Nijisanji EN general she has less of a presence than some Japs for fucks sake and this thread will be archived by tomorrow.

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Actually I’m on all three
I’m the anon who always post fish love in each new thread

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Truly a dedicated Ryuguard.

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I want to see her play Silent Hill or Persona.

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Oh boy the board is gonna be real fast soon and nijiEN general is still pretty shit and. I hope we can keep this thread last a while

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Anything in particular happened?

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I will now proceed to pleasure myself with this fish.

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Nothing yet as of now.

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Oh I see what you meant, if Hololive en 2 gets announced and this thread dies. Ima post finana porn in general till I get banned

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Its a mixed feeling of relief and sadness knowing that the fish is not that popular.

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I think Long Live the Queen would be great vtubing material, especially for fish.

If Darktide doesn't suck on release, that's arguably free real feeshtate, given her target audience. She likes zombies/horror/survival 'n mechas anyway.

Sim Brothel modded with nijimembers eating fries and stuff (drawn by feesh) as a (demonetization speedrun) seison't wildcard. very-wild card; kinda a huge bet.

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Tonight, I'm just gonna close every tab except Finana's stream and be comfy
This website can burn for all I care

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Based horny anon.

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Can't believe the main thread turned to shit so fast. i do hope finana increases her game variety a bit.

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Anything by FromSoft, except for Cookie and Cream.

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sex with the fish!

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>bad dragon obsessed zoomer
No thanks.

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Jive, the most popular fighting game of all time.

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Bad Dragon makes high quality products. It's better than she goes for quality rather than some 20 dollar shit from Amazon.

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It's mostly a good thing.

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It’s good that she is not shitted most if the time, meanwhile pomu…

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Where was you when she came out as a fag who should be shot dead

>> No.7340279

It's because a few shitposters can get attention with Pomu but not much with her.

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Finana love

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Cute feesh

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To think she used to stream two hours at most

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holy fuck that yawn was so cute

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Wonder what new game will be in next week's schedule

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she makes me uncontrolibly horny.

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same typoanon

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I just realized that Nekopara stream was practically a hentai watchalong. you think we might get that in the future ? if so what would you watch with the fish ?

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literally made for sex

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I'd watch her presenting her Koikatsu character to us.

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Does fish reply almost every thing on Twitter?

>> No.7360706

Puffy fish lips!

>> No.7361626

Pretty much. Also likes nearly every comment on her posts

>> No.7361790

I wonder if fish browses this thread.

>> No.7361980

She's not a pussy by her own admission
She at least peaks every once in a while

>> No.7362856

She found warosu on a Google search one time, so there is a possibility.

>> No.7363888

Finana in the background playing papers please in some video about aim assist.

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Is this image on pixiv?

>> No.7365849

Most of the art gets posted on Twitter instead, and she interacted more there

>> No.7365931

Thanks for the info. I found my answer in the other thread.

>> No.7367059

Fish might be overextending to cover for the 2 injured too. It's both a chance and a burden, since one of lazu's strong selling points is their impromptu collabs.
I hope she'll go back to streaming earlier in the day afterwards though.

>> No.7367152

If she does I hope she read my comment about more game variety.

>> No.7369740

She's gonna play VA-11 Hall-A!!!

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Let’s goooooo

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The Sex game with me.

>> No.7374237

Go play koikatsu

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Week’s schedule

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Finana is leeching from Manet

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Apparently, Nekopara Vol. 2 has a piss related sex scene. I wonder how she's gonna react to it when she gets there

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I love this Fish

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Wonder if the fish will love Dorothy

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I want a Dorito all of a sudden

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Why is she so smug?

>> No.7384827

Seriously the same games she just played. sorry fish i just can't watch the same games over and over again.

>> No.7385417

I actually like it that she is consistent with Genshin every week since I play the game, but I'm sick of Minecraft and all these weird indie games, I want her to play some older games or more AAA games.

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She's a rich, famous ABG doing what she loves in a first world country

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Will she continue playing Miitopia or is the demo done until where she got?

>> No.7400323

She'll call it lemonade, 100%

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What other eroge should she go through when she's done with Nekopara?

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asian baby girl

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Sex with Fish

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what do you think finana will do for membership content?

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Honestly at most she will be a bit more lewd, and share some more personal yabae stuff. But that's about it, she still lives with her parents which is probably the reason why she doesn't do karaoke streams.

>> No.7407512

I thought it's because she can't sing very well in character voice? Her parents would know about her "job" so doing a singing stream at daytime with notice shouldn't be a problem...

>> No.7407727


>> No.7411495

I'm thinking either zatsudans or games with viewers like mario kart, ARAM, apex, garctic phone

>> No.7411521

>140 cm

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I wanna bend finana over various furniture while getting sweet kisses from her male version

>> No.7414730

And me.

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>> No.7416355

This stupid horny fish is dumb enough to negate my libido abilities.
What do?

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I'm having trouble figuring out her mouse holding method. I actually hold my mouse pretty much exactly how she described, where it's sideways most of the time. Except my fingers reach the other side of the mouse, obviously. Has she ever elaborated on it past that diagram? Is the diagram just drawn poorly? This seems completely normal to me.

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You know what you must do anon, you must pay your daily tribute

>> No.7418657

>completely normal to me
That grip is like a telltale game: you most likely start from a comfy tip grip and buy an oversized mmo mouse (let's say a logitech g600 mmo). Since you don't want to feel like you wasted money on the side buttons you then proceed to prioritize the thumb's position, rotating the mouse counterclockwise. The middle finger is bent out of shape to rmb since you don't have enough str+dex to use your ring finger. The pinkie is most likely drawn slightly out of position and actually ends up following the mouse's back curvature, acting as a pseudo palm. Truly feeshinating.

>> No.7418679 [DELETED] 

Fuck you Nijisanji faggots. Stay in your goddamn Nijisanji EN threads

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File: 922 KB, 992x1403, __finana_ryugu_nijisanji_and_1_more_drawn_by_zeradok__5b06398a3a6b145d4ef134497c61deca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7424235

I tried it and it was incredibly uncomfortable. Not sure how anyone uses a mouse like that.

>> No.7426172

Usually people with small hands, I asked a friend and he also uses the mouse that way

>> No.7427835

>will abandon the others if they get overrun tonight

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>> No.7430777

>small hands

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>> No.7433941

Am I the only who likes her old intro music better?
New one sounds generic, the old one had soul

>> No.7434048

The old one fit her model more.

>> No.7434417

I guess this one of those cases of a vtuber´s initial gimmick being set aside over time.

>> No.7434666

The older one was great, sounded like cracking software music

>> No.7434995

>sounded like cracking software music
Holy shit you are correct.
I always wondered why it gave me a nostalgic feeling.
Anyone knows where that song is called?

>> No.7435319

idk, she's pretty popular outside of here, which is better than her just being popular here lmao

>> No.7435387

she has the most popular clips, so I think it is only a matter of time before she is the second most popular after Selen

>> No.7435467

These are recordings, much easier to do than live stream.

>> No.7435478


Fish probably selected underwater themed dova track

>> No.7436428

Thanks dude, been looking for this for ages.

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>> No.7446648

I hope Finana and Pomu have a horror collab the first week she's back

>> No.7448485

Man now I wanna try GTFO. Finana is just a walking ad for games.

>> No.7448676

Yeah, same. It's acutally first time I've heard of this game, surprised it's not more popular.

>> No.7450319


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>finana is a hahaposter

>> No.7453500

wonder how she'll react to Ingram
I wish I could watch it live but >work

>> No.7454274

I can't believe I've let myself be deceived on the internet again.
That place looks kinda on life support atm, which is actually pretty worrying. I understand why you are fishing even in muddy ponds

>> No.7456453
File: 73 KB, 213x184, 47D06AF3-553C-42D7-ABDD-888A4E1F06B7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7457080

>no loli/shotacon
I'm not a huge lolicon/shotacon, but that's a big red flag for me when it comes the moderation, especially knowing that Finana would have been a lewd loli if she got her way

>> No.7461170

Why is it worrying? What is on life support, her discord server?

>> No.7461895
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Having loli/shotacon is against discord's community guidelines.

>> No.7462012

That’s mostly a discord issue, where they prohibit lolis and shotas. You get many servers that allows those only for one user to report them and get those servers shut down

>> No.7462478

I think the majority of Finana's fans are on Twitter, that might be why discussion for her is low here and the discord is a ghost town.

>> No.7463151

I see. That's unfortunate.

>> No.7465180

Ye. It is worrying (imo) cause having a stable, active and situated community goes a long way towards ensuring fan engagement/retention and (sometimes) even diminish the workload on the streamer, among other things.
In here you can build something resembling a community, but it's highly volatile. On twitter, you can have 1-to-x engagement, however you can hardly build a community.

>> No.7466120

I see your point. Are the other fan discords extremely acitve compared to hers?

>> No.7467522

Am I Vadim Radtchenko now?
Selen's is arguably in a better position atm. Then again it seems like Finana's wasn't a killing floor server weeks ago, so there is that. I don't know about the others.

>> No.7476150


>> No.7476393

Based fish calling out 4channel users on stream.

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