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The only reason you hate VShojo is because they remind you of yourself. They're just a bunch of degenerate losers and watching them makes you self conscious of your own failings. The difference is, they've leveraged their cringe for entertainment while you're still an embarrassment to everyone who knows you.

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i hate them because /vt/ hates them

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>because they remind you of yourself.

I wish I had as much sex as melody does.

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No. Psychoanalysis is bullshit and insecurity isn’t a real thing.
I don’t like them because they’re not good entertainment.

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no, they're just boring lol
i can't believe vt made me watch 4 full streams, they're all shit

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I've disliked them ever since Zentreya had a political meltdown on Twitter.

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i'm neutral on the rest of vshoujo,i literally only dislike nyanners lol

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Cope harder, Blumpftard.

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I... don't even... how the fuck...
This gave me brainrot, are you sure you are not the one aspiring to be like them?
Their humor and content just puts me off except for the one that is into NTR

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Now this is projection

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who would have guessed, the troon cant keep his mouth shut about politics despite no one giving a fuck

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I don't hate them. In fact I think some of them are great entertainers. I just feel like I'm losing brain cells watching their retarded antics so I stopped watching them. If you still watch them, that's great man. You do you.

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I don't hate them, I just hate the pink cat

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I don't go on Twitch so the only ones I hear about are Iron Mouse (who seems fine), Melody (who seems surprisingly wholesome), Veibae (dat voice), and Nyanners (who became a vtuber after her fame started to dwindle to try to stay relevant but failed).

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>but failed
Nyanners is more popular now than she has been for the last half decade.

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She used to be a household name for people that frequented the internet. Now any time she comes up it's "oh yeah I remember her I used to watch her videos awhile ago."

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The thing that cracks me up about vshojo hate is that the same people who complain about holoclippers 100% think that clips of the vshojo girls accurately sum up the average stream experience. I'm not gonna say some dumb shit like "everyone would like these girls if they gave them a chance," but >>7264877 is right that most of them are more talented and entertaining that /vt/ would have you think. And yes, that includes the pink cat.

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Based women respecter.

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I hate them because they do not say nigger, not like my holos.

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What's with all this I'm going to inject fakeccine shit? Do they wish an large volume injected superinfection Shitvax tm on themselves and others?
Have they all infiltrated Twitch on 00 difficulty together?

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What the fuck is this post?

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But I don't hate Vshojo

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Actually this, I don't like them cuz /vt/. I havent even watch their streams to justify the dislike.

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no i just don't like ironmouse because she is a filthy spic

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>not hitting it with a tax free donation

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No theyre not, the reason why I hate VShojo is the bunch of thot twitch that begs money but this time they tried another tactic by disguising themself as vtuber

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They aren't baiting donations like the actual twitch thots though.
No Vshojo stream has shit like "X subs and I will do Y" like the thots do, they're closer to normal twitch streamers like Vinesauce or CohhCarnage, but with an anime avatar.

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I don't hate them but I hate the people talking about them, both sides.

People who like them think they're based when they're shameless shills as well as being closet pedophiles pretending to be sjw's, but those who hate them are pretty much as you describe them, they're insecure.

Sadly they're all on twitch and I have my own gripes with that, and their clips just bore me, and out of them all it's just ironmouse because she's cute and a survivor who understands people don't have to think alike (there was a topic about some potentially triggering artwork featuring her and while it made her uncomfortable she acknowledge it might make someone else happy since she knew the intention wasn't hate, I respect this train of thought).

TLDR I'm indifferent to the girls but everyone who talks about them need to shut their damn mouths

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You know, in most societies, acting like a whore is seen as terrible and unsightly. Nobody should be admiring sluts as role models, despite there being a big push to glamorize sex workers. Also, just because they are popular doesn't automatically make them good. If that were true, we'd be having non-stop discussions about the quality of storytelling and filmmaking of Avatar and Avengers: Endgame like we did for Citizen Kane and Scarface of old.

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>pretending to be sjw's
Nobody pretends to be or is a sjw here, that's just shitposting. Vshojo has its own problems with that crowd. A few weeks ago the twitter sjws tried to cancel Vei for her "rhubarbed" hat.

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Even if that were all true, which it isn't, it would be a very valid reason to dislike them. Nobody watches inherently escapist forms of entertainment like vtubers to have the shitty aspects of reality, or their own miserable existence, rammed back in their face.

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that shit show at the US capitol at the begging of this year and of course being on twitter you know dam well wat the troon said

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Only trannies can be mad when faggots try to overthrow MY country? I wish all you nignogs were gunned down on that day.

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Ask Nyanners about loli you sjw cuck :)

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Wrong. I don't sit around with my friends talking about piss,shit, and how much of a slut I am. These women are disgusting.

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This is one of the reasons I stuck to watching hololive. Female streamers in the west have an awful reputation for not being able to get by as entertainers without using sexuality as a massive crutch. I do wish more western vtubers tried to find a personality beyond constant sexual references or jokes when they feel like they've run out of things to say, even if it makes them uncomfortable.

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The aggressive stage is the final stage before a company goes under. Seen it a million times.

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I honestly wish they did remind me of myself desu

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Idc. Whatever s/he said about those klan fucks was too kind.

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asserting that the people at the capital were trying to overthrow the country is intellectually dishonest at best and proof that we need to bring back literacy tests to determine of Vshojo is shit or not at worst.

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But I am not a loser and I still dislike them

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>I wish I had as much sex as melody does.
but she is a virgin

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>klan fucks
The democrats?

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>Female streamers in the west have an awful reputation for not being able to get by as entertainers without using sexuality as a massive crutch.

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Rent free. Nyanners hasn't said anything about loli in years.

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You really are just a contrarian chink aren't you?

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Nta, and this is getting into very autistic territory, but I am sure that faggot would defend his stance by saying something gay like,
>hurr but Vshojo girls talk about cocks, holos talk about their bodies and getting lewd with each other
Basically, it's /u/ and seiso autism, and there's no way to actually have a decent, productive conversation with a person like that. And it's not like it's Amy Schumer tier, muh cunt jokes, the girls in VShojo at worst express their sexual desires, yet ironically most are actual virgins or don't see much action. I have never seen one actually talk about a sexual encounter or whatever.
Meanwhile in Hololive, Amelia has a boyfriend and Mori admitted to liking Asian manlets. And the JP talent gets a pass because of what I discussed previously.
Finally, I want to get Senchou pregnant.

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You are an eop, and your only exposure to marine is clips of her saying im horny

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>your only exposure is clips of her saying im horny

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>The only reason you hate VShojo is because they remind you of yourself. They're just a bunch of degenerate losers and watching them makes you self conscious of your own failings. The difference is, they've leveraged their cringe for entertainment while you're still an embarrassment to everyone who knows you.

What confuses me about this post is the implication that people who get into vtubing aren't degenerate losers no matter the company.

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Wrong. I dislike them because I've known mentally ill SJWs (the "all men are rapists, whites are nazis" kind) who openly support them, while antagonizing, harassing and disrespecting indies they don't like. They don't do a very good job at gatekeeping those mentally ill freaks. They would be more obliged to pander to their bullshit instead (zen being political, nyanners cancelling Nekopara, etc.). They remind me of spineless western corporations, especially the ones who pretend to be gay for lefty propaganda money.

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You have very weak reasons to not like them. To each their own, but I think a simple
>their content doesn't interest me
Is a much better reason than complaining about their fans and 2 instances of doing shit you don't agree with. I don't, you come across as a whiny faggot, but that's just me.

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>A few weeks ago the twitter sjws tried to cancel Vei
No surprise there. That's the crowd they're aiming for and they are perpetually triggered no matter what. They get offended for the most trivial shit and backstab you in a heartbeat. Hmmm somehow reminds me of a certain someone...

It's not just because their content is shit. It's more like they're trying to spread disease pandering to those people. If they ignored SJWs or told them to shove it, I wouldn't have cared. But they had made their stances clear and so will I. Hololive, and many other indie corpos had been doing so well auto-gatekeeping themselves, while Vshojo is doing the total opposite and even pandering to them.

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I haven't watched that much of them, but they seem pretty chill. They talk about literally anything without getting triggered by one another. People are fucking sensitive these days, so I appreciate their existence at least.

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>Psychoanalysis is bullshit and insecurity isn’t a real thing.
You mind explaining further? You might as well be saying psychology itself is bullshit with this statement, with either makes you a hardcore empiricist, religious zealot or a troll.

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I've hated Nyanners for so many years now.
Vei is an absolutely disgusting roastie whore, the worst kind.
Hime is absolute garbage, it's not even funny.
Zen should be obvious.
Silvervale's model is ugly as fuck.

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I don't hate them, I love them like I do holos and nijis and tsundarias and indies. People hate things because they're brainwashed into feeling threatened by "other teams"

>> No.7283251

What the fuck are you doing on /vt/?

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Except I hate 80% of vshojos for good reasons, individually, not just because they are part of vshojo.

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I hate them because they're flanderizations of themselves whose wit and humor don't extend beyond lolsex and coomerbait.

Granted, I like Snuffy using a variety of avatars (grey pone and rabid furfag are a fun change of pace) because creative variety is a breath of fresh air compared to the overly stale nature of assembly line content that currently dominates the ecosystem. But even that isn't enough to keep me around if the personality is "generic western frat girl." As a male anime fan, I don't find frat bros to be the pinnacle of otaku humor.

And if your argument is that 3d anime girls aren't for unironic anime fans, then who exactly is their core demo? Ironic anime fans? They're the biggest fedora-tipping cowards of all time. It's like being an ironic gamer in the 90s.

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I saw this thread on the front page and hopped in

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I dont care about seiso shit, i dont watch non-vtuber male streamers who talk about juvenile shit because i dont find that entertaining. When you are unrestrained in what you say, it becomes about what you dont say

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Psychology is bullshit, yeah.
t. physicist

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Nah. Hating people is hard. It costs me time and energy and my shitty life is hard enough.

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>muh sjws
I honestly don't think vtubers are for you if your ego is this fragile.

>> No.7284103

>Oh, you want to be a great person and accomplish incredible things? Nah, what you really want is to get your dick wet.
Psychologists reduce the sum of humanity and all its feats to a sex joke. Genghis Khan was a conqueror first and an anime harem protagonist second. He would've gladly given up pussy if it meant conquering even more lands. And he definitely wasn't raping the world because he was insecure.

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Vtubers are doing just fine. It's Vshojo sjw pandering and certain Western Vtweeters that are ruining it for everyone.

>> No.7284316

>that are ruining it for everyone.
What's happening?

>> No.7284491

But Gura pandering to fucking taco bell is okay.

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Nah m8, it's your little ego and looking at mind-numbing shit like twitter and SJW bullshit ruining just for you. Ironmouse Vei and Nyanners are still entertaining to me just as much as other indies and Holos.
Psychoanalysis is bullshit, the ONLY reason Freud's name will go down in history is because he thought of including children to psychological studies.

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Marine herself hates the fact her whole persona became the coomer woman, tard.

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Ok Nyanners get the fuck off the site again

>> No.7285571

It's a fast food chain. Both companies are in it for the money. At least It ain't no woke activist group.

>> No.7285578

glorified ads streams > glorified sjw speechs streams

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That's literally untrue.

>> No.7285692

Ego is not even relevant in the conversation, nor the topic. Vshojo being good or trash isn't about ego, it's about trust, impression, mutual respect and consistency of principles. You can be delusional as much as you like, but at the end of the day they are what they are, and they don't live in a fantasy bubble based on your misrepresentations.

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The irony in this post is palpable. Please consider what you said here to yourself.

>> No.7286034

So? Where is the irony?

Your fantasy: They can do no wrong
Actuality: Tried to pander way too many times to SJWs and a lot of them have drama baggage.

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>Where is the irony?
>they don't live in a fantasy bubble based on our misrepresentations.

>> No.7286866

Are you retarded? Im literally saying she is only flanderized by clips.

>> No.7286919

>Vshojo being good or trash isn't about ego, it's about entertainment

>> No.7287045

I like them because they're really based.

Their reading of the room was fantastic.

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based on my love for you marine, please marry me.

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Are you guys still trying to convince people that the capitol attackers were antifa disguised in fat suits and neo-nazi apparel? Doesn't that contradict your narrative that the dumb bitch they shot there was a hero?

>> No.7290820

i mean you got a point, they are boring, im boring.

>> No.7290832

nah he means historically the klan were the democrat party
so they're the REAL racists kind of thing

>> No.7290910


The thing is even if true that's kind of the point. I don't watch other people to see something that just reminds me of me and do things that I can do with no effort.

I watch streamers who can do things I can't. Like be funny and charismatic, make art, sing, etc. Anyone can sit there and play a game while talking about the color of their shit.

>> No.7294634

The only chadette I watch is Yocci
I like to hang out with shitposters besides that
Though Mousey and Nyanners are nice to listen to singing

>> No.7294914

Why would you care about a racist oppressive country being overthrown?

>> No.7294993

Kinda CRINGE that you guys pretend to give a shit about some faggy politicians getting brained just because it was Trump supporters doing it.

>> No.7295053

>Though Mousey and Nyanners are nice to listen to singing
Mousey's operatic cover of When I Look At You truly moved me
As did Nyanner's rendition of Shawty Wanna Fuck

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>You have to pick a side

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You SHOULDN'T have to pick a side, but tell that to the tankies you're pretending not to be cozy with

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Both can fuck off

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>uh im an expert on psychology

>i say you think theyre trash becus ur trash and theyre the saem as u hehelol

>> No.7299272

You must be 18 to post here

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The only members of VShojo I actively hate are Hajime and Zentranny. The rest are fine, maybe not my cup of tea, but they aren't offensively awful like those two.

>> No.7304376

Where's the misrepresentation? Facts are they tried to pander to SJWs, and they have drama behind them. That is NOT a misrepresentation, that's just telling it as it is. Who do you think went on a political rant? Who do you think virtue signalled with the rainbow flag? And what about cancelling Nekopara collab because SJWs said so? Don't even get me even started with the Nyanners hypocrisy shit. YOU are the one living in your own fantasy by ignoring all those things. Fuck off retard.

>> No.7304887

>And what about cancelling Nekopara collab because SJWs said so?
The so called SJWs that went after her were mostly angry lolicons from here

>> No.7304994

They don’t pander to SJW, from my understanding that was only nyanners. The pander to Ironic weebs end of story, look at any of their comment sections its embarrassing

>> No.7305060

>The only members of VShojo I actively hate are Hajime and Zentranny. The rest are fine, maybe not my cup of tea, but they aren't offensively awful like those two.
Precisely my thoughts as well as a longtime viewer. I wish those two would go and stay go.

>> No.7305211

>Psychoanalysis is bullshit and insecurity isn’t a real thing.
armchair expert anon undermining an entire field of study as well as a well-known emotion, all from his mother's basement

>> No.7305240

You very well know that is false and you're fucking dishonest. If you actually watched her streams, you'd know she admitted that she cancelled it because "muhh triggering and offensive" reasons, which is the complete opposite of what her fans wanted. In fact, she cares and panders more towards SJWs than to her actual fans. She's a political sellout, the identity politics kind.

Nope. A lot of them are political as fuck, like especially with the SJW rainbow flag shit and talking about the US capitol or whatever that is. They say they hate corporations but they sure do act like one, and what's worse is that they act like a retarded western corpo. Hypocrites, the lot of them.

>> No.7305333

>You very well know that is false and you're fucking dishonest
Fuck you
Find me a quote from anyone complaining about it that's not a lolicon

>> No.7305509

>They say they hate corporations but they sure do act like one
This is basically what every company does or tries to do, telling their consumers that they arent consoomers and that they’re actually smart and independent

>> No.7305515

Her own discord? She literally said it herself. You can literally just go to her streams, like that one with the train-watching where she explained it and see for yourself. If Nyanners ever listened to lolicons then the Kiara collab would've never happened, but it did.

>> No.7305682

So that's a no?
You have no evidence of anyone complaining about it even once that's not a lolicon?
She didn't give in to SJWs.
She gave in to people like you.

>> No.7305728

I hate them because i hate the pink cat. Mouse is great tho.

>> No.7305781

>SJW rainbow flag
It's not an SJW flag you dumb fuck

>> No.7305797

You have evidence of that bud? She never gave in to lolicons, in fact she's doing the very opposite, cancelling nekopara and Holo collab out of spite. Lolicons would've absolutely loved Nekopara, but NO, because 1 SJW who are perpetually triggered said so, now she has to cancel it.

>> No.7305804

Incels are a very sad creature, honestly.

>> No.7305862

>The pander to Ironic weebs end of story, look at any of their comment sections its embarrassing
Please fuck off to reddit. All EN vtubers pander to ironic weebs. Hololive is not exception.

>> No.7305893

Marinefags don't help the matter get better. Almost every images of Marine I see on the board are coomerbaits anyway. No wonder EOP get impression that Marine is vshojo-tier.

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>and Holo
doing the collab**

They sure do go on a massive mental gymnastics to defend Nyanner's bullshit

>> No.7305988

Twitter's full of lolicons complaining about it
Just search Nyanners nekopara on there and all you'll find is lolicons faking outrage
And she did the holo collab because Vei and Kiara convinced her to despite the bullshit from a minority of gatekeeping whiners

>> No.7306091

Why wouldn't they use the pride flag in pride month when one of them's supposed to be a tranny?

>> No.7306099

It's no different from someone labelling themselves with a "super straight" flag. At the end of the day, it's all just political nonsense. Gender and sexuality should never be politicized, that's SJW behaviour.

There are more people who wanted Nekopara and she listened to ONE SJW who was triggered by it. There are many lolicons, Hololivers and others who never wanted the Kiara collab, but then ignored it. There is no incentive for SJW incentive for cancelling the Holo collab, but SJWs would very much love Nekopara cancelled. She's basically following what SJWs do and say.

>> No.7306161 [DELETED] 

>no incentive for SJW incentive for cancelling
no incentive but*

>> No.7306259

>There is no incentive for SJW incentive
no incentive for SJWs to cancel*

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I dislike VShojo because they would definitely make fun of me for being a virgin. At least Holomembers would suppress their laughter.

>> No.7306405

vei backed out of that though, and nyanners should have as well

nyanners doesn't listen to lolicons or holo fans, out rage or not
she listens to her own discord

>> No.7306418

Give it up arguing with people watching v-shojo. There's no reasoning with. What's the point? The people at v-shojo might have jumped on the vtuber bandwagon despite not liking lolis and sexy women, but they will get bored of the whole vtuber culture later because they don't have much passion for it maybe except Melody and Ironmouse.

>> No.7306546

This is what I keep asking for
Just 1 quote from an actual non lolicon SJW against the Nekopara collab
Only ONE
Can't be that hard

>> No.7306649

Bruh she said it herself in her stream. I DON'T KNOW where she gets her sources from. How would I know which one person in her discord got her to cancel Nekopara? I'm not in her discord and never will be.

>> No.7306741

You have the entire internet at your disposal and you can't find one quote from a person who doesn't get off to 2D kids
Speaks volumes

>> No.7306792

Because I'm not in contact with the SJW who told her to cancel Nekopara? AFAIK everyone wanted her to play it.

>> No.7306796
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>> No.7306800

She actually did back out. She said she didn't want to do it if her friend couldn't but then Kiara and Veibae talked her round. I could find the vid if you want.

>> No.7306855

No. I've just had my fill of peepeepoopoo.

>> No.7306870

I never said they didn’t faggot, just because I insult your precious e-whores does’t mean im defending others. YOU need to go back

>> No.7307028

But Vshojo do like lolis, especially Melody and Ironmouse. It's just Nyanners ruining it for everyone, which is why I hate her. Ironmouse would very much admit loli this loli that, but once in collab with Nyanners it all gets ignored and suddenly she goes sjw mode. If there's one thing Nyanners is right, it's that she'd be better off gone from Vshojo. I'm not even a lolicon, I just don't like hypocrisy and the culture they're trying to cultivate. Replace loli with horror or any other genres of interest and it's the same thing by principle. From what I've seen the only ones to support Nyanners are actually brainded lolicons who think she can do no wrong and ignore hypocrisy, especially that greekfaggot who needs a bullet lodged in his skull immediately.

>> No.7307267

/vt/ (4chan) only hates pink cat

>> No.7307407

Greekfaggot said he didn't like her either

>> No.7307432

I've been in enough Nyanner threads to know it's always that faggot who defends her and conflates 2D with 3D.

>> No.7307468

I like vshojo partially because everyone here hates them, they're the vtuber equivalent of heels.

>> No.7307487

I don't watch them because they're boring. lol

>> No.7307492

if you think it's bad a virtual youtuber said that you're creepy for jacking off to kids, i have terrible news to you about all women

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Nothing against Nyanners, but that's false

>> No.7307608

You should blow your head off with a shotgun, greekfag

>> No.7307657

>if you think it's bad a virtual youtuber said that you're creepy
People gatekeep about it, you can thank Hololive and Nijisanji
>jacking off to kids
Okay greek
>i have terrible news to you about all women
Women are also into that shit

>> No.7307679

No, I don't finger my pussy to 10000 people on Chaturbate.

>> No.7308896

This. Politic is radioactive, mentioning it at all is abhorrent, especially when you're an entertainer.

>> No.7309163
File: 2.54 MB, 640x360, watachips.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigga what? Anon didn't even mention supporting any political side whatsoever. He just said that he didn't appreciate the Zentreya getting brownie points by mentioning politics on Twitter lmao.
A lot of people like Anon just don't like chuubas getting into politics in general because it's fucking stupid.

>> No.7309277

>bootleg 99 cent store gura
harsh but true

>> No.7309335

Unless you're a greek noble right? :^)

>> No.7310463

I haven't any particular dislike for them as a group, but I don't watch a lot of them.
Ironmouse clips are fun, Melody is chill and she introduced Tsumino to me which is nice.
Don't like Vei because of sex jokes going FAR beyond the line of "funny", and becoming kinda cringe. Plus her opinions on Hololive which she still hasn't apologized for.
TTS is weird but I don't watch her so, eh.
Nyanners.. have a bad impression due to the loli flipflopping, but I don't watch her anyway so, eh.
Rest are literal whos to me.

>> No.7310611

I know this is bait, but Marine has more personality than the entirety of VShojo combined and just the right amount of horniness that doesn't veer too much into cringe territory, which is why people find her so attractive.
I would call you a clipfag, but if you even watched ONE of shabby's clips you would know this.

>> No.7310703

Even if Vshojo removes horniness, all of them are still just cringe as fuck. In fact, them being horny is their only selling point. I'm not going to be watching Tik Tok garbage with them all day, no they can fuck off.

>> No.7311757

It isn't like globohomo can lay claim to even loli.
And when loli is locked down by the muscular, bright with life and naturally rich to no end 1776 USA boy, she loves nothing more.
And the spreading of her sacred legs exhalted is where she always dreams. And she has more time with her healthy children. It's the way she love love loves it organic all naturally.
At 14 15 16 she goes boy craving for the reason. USA is her resonance frequency. Let her live forever, do no harm.

>> No.7311942

I like Snuffy a lot, probably my favorite western vtuber. I like Melody too, I don't watch her but have watched clips and later decided to seek out her porn and came pretty hard to it, she's a loveable dork on twitch. You know Vei is some sort massive gigantic whore in real life which is offputting but she can be pretty funny sometimes and her voice is killer. Also her Oblivion gameplay blew Ame's out of the water if I'm being truthful. She can also be uniquely and distinctly revolting. Silvervale seems like a sweet girl for a western girl, can be funny. I've read all the hypocrisy stuff about Nyanners but I'm the roughly the same age and grew up on the chans like her so there's a sort of misguided loyalty that keeps me occasionally watching her. Ironmouse is cute and very talented but I can't stand that fucking faggot leech average-looking-but-somehow-lusted-over welsh faggot and he's basically synonymous with her at this point.

To be honest, I don't really hate any of them. It's really disappointing that nyanners has chosen to be how she is, though. And her new model is just a reskin of Snuffy's with the same charm, she should honestly ask for at least a partial refund that guy isn't fucking cheap. Speaking of models Vei's new model is lame and doesn't suit her compared to her older one.

>> No.7312415

>Female streamers in the west have an awful reputation for not being able to get by as entertainers without using sexuality as a massive crutch.
A certain HoloEN member who had been streaming for a long time just doing normal innocent gamer stuff trying to get by on gameplay and personality alone started resorting to wearing titty-streamer cleavage revealing tops and whatnot to try and get viewership (admitting as much to be the case) before finally deciding on becoming an indie vtuber (and subsequently being signed for hololive). I'm glad she made it.

>> No.7312822
File: 972 KB, 2706x4096, 1623506894639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Veibabe is great, and it's hard not to root for Ironmouse. Nyanners is pretty cute too. Haven't checked out the others yet.

>> No.7313266


>> No.7313290


>> No.7313349

Veibabe is peak "yeah I'd fuck her but I still hate everything sbour her" and only coomers in denial will dispute this.

>> No.7313405

I like about half of vshoujo and I'm mostly indifferent to the other half. I honestly don't hate any vtuber these days. Vei is kind of annoying, I've never watched Silver or Hime and Zen should never be allowed to organize a collab ever again, but I genuinely think Nyanners and Ironmouse are funny and whilst Mel and Fruit will never be vtubers that I prioritize watching, when I do check them out I have a decent enough time.


Honestly, I appreciate the honesty.

>> No.7313451

Vei is prime annoying young mistress an ageing white collar criminal material. Like the chick from Uncut Gems if they were a streamer instead of a socialite.

>> No.7313575

what's there to hate though. she's so chill

>> No.7313680
File: 159 KB, 1280x720, ..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean you don't know?
That "experimental" "vaccine" that is in truth neither is the same depopulant that the Rockefeller Foundation of NWO quietly but publicly said they were going to use on the gentile and Christian USA public for the last 50 years. The RFF itself one with the NWO, and just a piece of what an actual government military dad that escaped working for NWO at the time would have you master in by age 10 in 1997. But don't take my word for it, You can continue watch and save to gamer drive an entire world of verified government and military decompartmentalize together and add to the same composite image of the absolute of actuality unfakeable at infowars.com and banned.video. Your Texas grade master course on the new world order every night with 25 years of celebrated constancy.

In actuality the human immune system is miraculously strong and so the first purpose of all vaccine is to do that harm. Always has been.

>> No.7313707

Usually I'd tell you to take your meds, but I guess it's kind of redundant in this case.

>> No.7313814
File: 273 KB, 905x679, based black cat cluster (20).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Possessed and unnutraceutical.
So will you double down on the lies then and relish in the certain obliteration. We all know.
And the 4chan will be only successful in offensive home defense of the anime with me.

>> No.7313848

Someone post it

>> No.7314149

But I don't watch them I hate everything about twitch and Vshojo is molded by it (they're close with anitubers and donate to woke charities all the time), not to the core perhaps because at least some of their members are inspired by proper Japanese chuubas I'm thinking mostly about Ironmouse who seem to be a fan but on the other hand Veibae is known from shitting on pretty much every aspect of the culture.

Also their whole marketing is absolute cringe for people 15+ it's like Vtuber version of twitch thots at least if you listen to their fans it's all about being lewd because lewdness means creativity and freedom and that's what makes Vshojo the best company in the world although it's not really a company but more like a help-group for Vtubers and Gunrun or his friends don't care about the profits it's pretty much charity also support pride month this is how you know they care.

>> No.7314301

Zentreya is not trans that's a rrat based on nothing other than him voiving a female avatar but we know he actually have a girlfriend because he tried to pass her as himself at one point and that ended with a minor scandal like 2 yeaars ago because people noticed he's full of shit and honestly hiding it is the biggest issue I have with Zentreya, Japanese Vtubers don't try to hide it when they are babiniku because they don't want people to have the wrong idea especially when they're simping for them, quite the opposite with Zentreya.

>> No.7314323

No they just sucks. One of them is a literal dude which solo content is TTS and annoying sounds how in the fuck am I supposed to enjoy that

>> No.7314507

But in case of Vslutjo it's pretty much their whole branding in fact it started before vshojo was even a thing with LEWDcast and fanbase can't shut up about how lewd they are, they're not talking about the gameplay or songs or even relations between the members it's mostly porn porn porn not much to even gossip about it seems.

>> No.7314933

I don't think all of them are SJWs but Vshojo does pander to identity politics bullshit as a company, they changed their logo for a pride month and pretty sure donated to quite a few woke "charities", wonder if veibae got bonked due to that rhubarb thingy I highly doubt if Vshojo would protect her from a social justice mob because media get involved we know how it goes.

>> No.7315393

1(0)= 0

>> No.7321167
File: 2.78 MB, 1920x1080, froooooooot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7321258

I don't care much for them and am too lazy to check them out but they are pretty funny from the clips I've seen. I've got my time full with the current chuubas I follow.

>> No.7321338

you're just mad we hate vshojo because it sucks so bad

>> No.7321455

>the capitol attackers were antifa disguised in fat suits and neo-nazi apparel
nobody ever said that retard

>> No.7322055

>pretty sure donated to quite a few woke >>7314149
>donate to woke charities all the time
All the charity stuff I've seen has been for kids
Toys for tots, St Jude's hospital and childs play charity
Doesn't really strike me as woke

>> No.7322388
File: 278 KB, 364x385, 1621816717768.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

>> No.7322452

we dont want them

>> No.7322498

Stop projecting
I know you already bought the rope
Don't pussy out now

>> No.7322661

I don’t really care, I just want to know if there are any semi-conservative western vtubers I can watch. If I wanted thots talking about problematic dude bro culture I’d just watch regular women on twitch. Just because you hide behind an anime avatar doesn’t make you a unique snowflake.

>> No.7323789
File: 265 KB, 617x720, 1618265509761.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not a tranny dude I'm a racist and a virulent anti-semite. Note I do not capitalize "semite" or "jew" just as I would not arbitrarily capitalize "rat" or "parasite" in a sentence.

>> No.7326605

>I'm not a tranny
>dude I'm a racist and a virulent anti-semite
How are these statements in any way mutually exclusive? The board that is most obsessed with trannies and interracial sex is the one that is full of people like you. /pol/dittors spend more time babbling about that shit than even /d/ does.

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