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Stop mocking the fish by saying she's a Hololive reject. Do you know who else was a reject? Hitler was a art school reject. Ben Shapiro was a Hollywood reject. Hong Xiuquan was rejected by the Chinese imperial exams and started a rebellion that killed millions. Steve Bannon was a Hollywood reject. Mike Pence was a comic artist reject.
Never underestimate the power of rejects!!!

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Whos ?

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So she is a reject?

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She will commit genocide against some minority? Based

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But she's already a hmongus minority

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If fish can kill all the "I hate long posts/blog posts" and "how dare you reply to posts that call out my need for goodthink" and even ">normie" I will simp for fish.

I would even simp for trannyshark if they somehow made nu/vt/ into /jp+chuuba/. Well, maybe. It'd be extremely painful but I'd do it.

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wasn't it Pomu? Also good that she's not idolshit

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What the fuck is this? What the fuck are you on about?

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is this a zetsubou sensei bit?

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They are all losers, your point?

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God, I want to fuck that fish

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Fish literally said on her past account "I failed the Hololive audition so I guess I will try Nijisanji next"

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Is it actually easier to audition for Nijisanji?

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Fish was literally a Vtweeter who never debuted ....

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