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come on down to lily hops general and be her big bro today!


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That was a chill stream, just looking at memes with our sister

>> No.7208722

I loved it, it was nothing but just cute little sister giggles the whole way <3

>> No.7208874

It was really nice, got to hear even more blessed giggles than usual

>> No.7208926

I know it's just voice acting but her love feels so genuine...am I just being suckered because somebody designed a concept that would work on me? Does it even matter?

>> No.7208950

Did anyone ever end up making any lewds using that Koikatsu model?

>> No.7209044

if they have, they didn't post it anywhere where you can find it

>> No.7209075

That's a shame

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Dude just give in. Life gets so much better after you let Lily in.

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mhm this guy is right. I got those thoughts too when I first found her and over time she rubbed off on me and I learned to really love and appreciate her. Be her big bro already! You'll thank yourself later.

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>tfw 2 of my memes got shown on stream
Felt so good. I'm glad I could make her laugh

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I keep seeing people subscription for double digit months and feeling a little sad that I wasn't there that long and about all the Lily I've missed. Since I've started watching her I've been a lot happier, and she's motivated me to be productive.

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I know how you feel bro, I've been watching for 7 months now and still feel like I missed out on a lot of lily content

>> No.7210268

I'm only at 3 months but it feels a lot longer due to the impact she's had in my life.

>> No.7210697

I know that feel. I regret so much that I didn't think to archive her VODs when I found her in mid-March. I remember going back and watching a VOD or two but if I knew then how much I would love her now I would have saved everything I could

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With so many roastie voices out there, I'm surprised she isn't bigger. Is it because her design isn't anime enough?

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gutsy here

I've got some streams from January 18 to march 11th here, who do i hand these to?

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I'd love to have those, I run the "cute" archive.

>> No.7210988

Pog Frog!

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okay...... how?
These are like.... around 10GB each

>> No.7211156

Do you know how to use FTP?
If so I can make you an account to upload directly to the server.
I can hit you up on discord to figure it out if you'd like.

>> No.7211234

sure but.... which archive are you maintaining again? the one on youtube?

>> No.7211341

The other one, I host the files directly so the YouTube archivist can download them off my server afterwards too.

>> No.7211395

that's two birds with one stone! OK Please do add me on discord then.

>> No.7211467

I'll send you a friend request, I'll be setting up the account and hit you up when it's ready.

>> No.7211513

Lily... that's not how you stretch your hamstrings...

>> No.7211527

guy what archive channel are you talking about?
is it lilyhops library or is there a better one?

>> No.7211586

that sounded unintentionally rude lol sry

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I hope Lily can buy herself something nice with my donations...

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How long was today's stream? I feel asleep while watching and when I woke up she was still going. It felt longer than usual.

>> No.7212598

they're the same

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does this mean we get to see the fabled drunk lily birthday stream?

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uh huh! that's a part of it

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That's the YouTube archive.
They're not really "better" than each other, they just serve different purposes.
For now the YouTube one is the one to go to if you just want to watch probably. YouTube webdev is definitely better than my own.
However mine hosts the files directly, and has the chatlog as softsubs using a WebAssembly ass renderer. Some people might like that, but my main reason for doing it this way is that I can process the chat logs and search through them. I want to make that available on the website, so that might become an appeal of my archive over the YouTube one, but for now there isn't much difference other than UI.

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It was only 4 and a half hours. Pretty average stream time.

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You're a really cool dude, I appreciate it

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File: 645 KB, 1280x720, lily n alice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll draw more lily too...

>> No.7217623

Seriously, I thought you were cool before, but I'm pogging out of my mind after hearing about those vods. You're an absolute legend.

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just found her out recently and from someone whose had 0 interest in vtubers until recently, I really enjoy watching her the most.

For anyone else new, I'd recommend checking out her vampire costume / october VODs while theyre still accessible on twitch. Incredibly cute

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I always thought you were a cool dude gutsy based on your tastes, but you also saved vods that far back? freakin poggers. and also more lily arts in the world are a blessing too. you are quite based my man!

>> No.7218693

man the noises she made during her costume reveal were the absolute cutest.

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thanks guys but.... this is gonna take AWHILE at this rate, I'm warning you now... i'm not even halfway through uploading the first VOD of diablo II

I'll keep it running though.

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File: 179 KB, 960x720, Mo~tto! Ojamajo Doremi - 20 - Hajimete-au classmate [WinxBloom1980][RAW-720p][19986881].mp4_snapshot_19.20_[2017.11.02_13.39.35].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1% DONE!!!!!

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I had a lucid dream tonight.
The moment I realized I was dreaming I spawned a loli in front of me to fuck.
For some reason she looked like Lily.
So yeah I just had consensual sex with Lily.
What does that mean because I don't even watch her.

>> No.7221059

that means you should watch her more to try and cure your twisted mind

>> No.7221285

I just wanna have a gf like her. To be honest, I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

>> No.7223684

A gf like Lily would be pure Bliss. Every day would be soft and fun...

>> No.7224121

Can you draw Lily holding hands with her big bro? Or Lily going on a date with her big bro? I think that would be cute.

>> No.7224728

Is she doing kisses and getting more into the role recently? Or is it just me?

>> No.7224860

she has been very affectionate for the past few streams I've noticed too. not that I'm complainin'. it just shows that she really enjoys spending time with us!

>> No.7226523

>started going to the gym again so I can carry Lily around
>started practicing cooking again so I can feed Lily better
I will become a good big bro, in this life or the next...

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>> No.7231239

I've really been enjoying the zoom in kisses and chat chomping that she's been doing. The "Welcome home big bro" melts my heart every time as well

>> No.7231853

God... Every time I hear that my heart breaks because I'll never have this in reality... All I want is a cute little sister or gf like her that I could spoil and who loves me... I don't think that's too much to ask for...

>> No.7232538

OOOOOOOoooooooh, Will Lily play Elden Ring

>> No.7232634

if I recall correctly from her E3 streams, she has said she will be playing elden ring when it's out

>> No.7232698

I actually watched that with her lmao I completely forgot.
I'd be interesting what kinda stuff she gravitates towards, from DaS3 she seemed like a dex enjoyer idk

>> No.7233132

can't wait for her to stream Das3 again. she said the next time she plays it she's gonna do an ultra greatsword run. it'll be fun to see lil sis destroy all the bosses with one

>> No.7234096

Everyone and their mother will play it.

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What could it mean?

>> No.7234704

The damn moon crickets are chirping again

>> No.7234806

Big bro... you have Lily...

>> No.7234820

She is experiencing An Epic Tale of Man's Journey to Find Himself.swf in real life.

>> No.7235039

I finished my song about lily and the bros...
but i'm having second thoughts about posting it now.
why am i like this

>> No.7235074

it's okay bro. it's not like we're gonna hate it! just the fact you even considered making a song about lily is pog!

>> No.7235077

If you dont make art in some form for your favorite streamer, are you really a fan?

>> No.7235137

i put alot of love into it and there's this underlying sincerity to the whole thing, but it makes me worry that i've come full circle and created pure cringe

>> No.7235240

Post it on her discord make stuff channel so she sees it.

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oh god oh geez

>> No.7235570

Your song can't be worse than that art of the guy draws like he is 10

>> No.7235598

I'm sure she'll like it. Even if it's a bit cringe, what counts is the love you put into it.

>> No.7235708

Lily loves sincerity and loves people who love her. You don't have to post it here, but definitely post it in the make-stuff channel

>> No.7235726

he honestly probably is...

>> No.7235728

This >>7235708, she will be very flattered

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Are you kidding, she will love that song.

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Come on, the song is absolutely adorable. How could you be insecure about posting that?

>> No.7235927

i hope so
dude i don't know why i'm like this, i regret like 90% of the shit i post on the internet when it's not anonymous

>> No.7236009

stuff jams, bro
you did goode based anon

>> No.7236044

it's a really good song bro, and you can just hear that you put a lot of love into it. lily is gonna cherish it forever!

>> No.7236074

It's really good, anon, Lily is going to love the frick out of it I'm sure

>> No.7236956

That. Would be. Cool.

>> No.7237857

Lily... I'm NGMI... Sorry...

>> No.7237896

I stayed until 4 am yesterday its hard iktf

>> No.7237949

Must be cozy living in a timezone that allows you to fall asleep with lilys stream

>> No.7238212

Just post it anonymously if you want. Lily is still going to feel your love and appreciate it even if it's anonymous.

>> No.7238807

I listened to the anons here and posted it in the discord

>> No.7239014

You're very pog.

>> No.7239668

Now sing it again but every word is "pog"

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Would Lily be open to dating someone even if they're 5 foot 9? Also wow, rude captcha.

>> No.7240449

Anon asked and the universe answered.
LMAO sorry dude

>> No.7241424

Lily wouldn't care about stuff like that. She would still love me because compared to her I'm huge.

>> No.7242223

Lily is a child!

>> No.7242277

shes a lil sister yes

>> No.7245425

Of course, she's my cute little sister

>> No.7245527

The way she sometimes closes her eyes and tilts her head upwards while speaking is really cute.

>> No.7246182

Thats when her boyfriend kisses her from behind

>> No.7246281

10% DONE!!!!!!!

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Did the drawanon ever finish this? or do I have to commission

>> No.7246508

I'm her boyfriend. Ask me anything if you want.

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File: 8 KB, 335x108, future sex with anon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Woo woo, rah rah, let's go Gutsy!!

>> No.7247251

You made her really happy, anon! This should definitely be part of the 10% you don't regret

>> No.7247611

feels real gud bros...
i'm honestly overwhelmed by all the positivity,
feel free to roast me at any point.

>> No.7247731

no way.
You should try to make more songs and be more open about yourself. You could make alot of people happy.

>> No.7247749

Stop doubting yourself so much, ya big dummy!

Get roasted

>> No.7247778

Roast you for what?
You swallowed your pride and faced your insecurities to make Lily happy.

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An erotic child!

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If she stands like that in front of you... what would happen?

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I think you did a great job facing your insecurities to make Lily happy. I'm just proud of you, big bro.

>> No.7248769

Grab her a water bottle, she's obviously really hot if she has her shirt unbuttoned like that

>> No.7254998

She's so cute, imagine how much fun it would be if you could "play" with her.

>> No.7255482

I'd pat her head.

>> No.7256758

11% DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.7256770

are you T-dude or another archiver?

>> No.7256978

T-dude? I'm not sure if I'm missing the reference but I don't think so.
I only knew of one other archivist, the YouTube one.

>> No.7257190

i guess there are 3(?) archivers in total, some dude in another Discord server i am in mentioned scraping twitch VOD's for his own archive

>> No.7257721

that really means a lot, thanks
and i'm going to try and take your advice

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I would love to play some "wrestling" with lily

>> No.7258258

I love Lily so much, I've never smiled as much as I do watching her

>> No.7258393

There might be more private archives. My archive was private, and I only made it public because I happened to catch the YouTube archivist asking in chat if they could have an archive, so after seeing Lily was supportive of archival efforts I shared it.
If they'd like to populate their archive with the content of mine they can hit me up and I'll help out. I personally support other archives because I don't feel we're competing, and it adds more redundancy in case something happens.

>> No.7260938

12% DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.7261465

Why is Lily so big here, yet has almost no clips on Youtube? What gives?

>> No.7263053


>> No.7263059

there should be more clips to show off to the world.

>> No.7263238

Twitch has its own built in clip feature,

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I want to pick Lily up and kiss her right on her cute little nose!

>> No.7268302


>> No.7269993

She says all those affectionate things, but I wonder if she'd get embarrassed being on the receiving end?

>> No.7270228

I think she does sometimes

>> No.7270269

I want to carry lily on my shoulders

>> No.7270395

I want to watch nature documentaries with her on the couch under a plaid blanket during rainy November.

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I want to pin Lily down and whisper whisper really embarrassing and heartfelt things in her ears

>> No.7278324

Such as?

>> No.7279616

Stuff like "You're an amazing person, you make so many people happy just by being yourself" and "You make me so happy I can't help but smile every time I think about you, I'm so blessed to have you as a little sister"

>> No.7280054

I wish she would drop the pedobait voice and just speak with her normal pitch

>> No.7280321

those old clips that people keep posting was actually her making an effort to lower the pitch of her voice, she literally talked about this on-stream. She said that's why there used to be so much dead air, 'cuz she was straining herself voice acting.

>> No.7280558

>I wish she would drop the pedobait voice and just speak with her normal pitch
oh fuck off

>> No.7281097

I want Lily to have fun and do whatever voice she wants to do

>> No.7283909

You can definitely hear her voice bottoming out in the clips. I'm glad she switched to a voice that's more comfy for her

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File: 106 KB, 448x666, 1627038069692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7286856


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File: 1.41 MB, 1235x695, ApplicationFrameHost_BOfI9v58Kv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love falling asleep to lily's asmr. her voice is so soothing, I sleep like a baby afterwards. not only that, I get to have nice dreams of lily too.
she wasnt lying bros. shes with us at all times, in our hearts <3

>> No.7288901

Bro... that's so heartwarming.

>> No.7289378

Fucking love all the Lily appreciation. She's just such a treat.

>> No.7290441


>> No.7291881

I downloaded all of her ASMRs off Twitch so I can fall asleep to her forever. I might just pull the audio and put it on my phone so I can sleep to it when I'm out of town too

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File: 154 KB, 266x441, BETTER RUN!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7292930

I did the same and I was considering extracting the audio and broadcast it as internet radio so I could listen to it anywhere.

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File: 396 KB, 935x729, 1626745419340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lily is a devilish, dynamic, delicious dessert (because she's so sweet!)

>> No.7301278

I've seen this posted several times but could never find the sauce (please help!)

>> No.7302738

It's not in any of the usual places because it was drawn by one of our awesome drawbros. Here is the full

>> No.7307333

I feel like it takes a bit to actually fully understand her

>> No.7309849

No please Lily! You know I'd do anything for you, p-p-please don'tt shoot me. I only horny-posted about you as a joke

>> No.7310761 [SPOILER] 
File: 116 KB, 339x585, 1627710189807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is the "finished" pic, it was never meant to be more than a rough sketch with color.

>> No.7312266

I actually enjoy watching her friends too, they got pretty good tastes

>> No.7316140

take lilyhops to the zoo

>> No.7316292

Lily has friends other than goki?

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