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Is she trying to give us crippling depression, or is she just a normie in disguise?

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You have any doubt that she's a normalfag?

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I certainly experienced negative emotions watching those but "crippling depression" is a bit far.

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I had my suspicions

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Sometimes I do wonder if women really think its that simple. Maybe for them, sure. For many of the men watching her, things are already over.

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ok, I may have said it a bit strongly, but do get some bad vibes from her, like she wants me to feel pain, when she is hardly different

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>Being outside trying to get laid
I gave up on that 20 years ago. And now I donate my shitcoin fortune to only the purest of vtubers.

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are you sure about that?

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she's a whore

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dude, she retired, get over her

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They don't see how fast the incel population is growing. They really think "have sex" works. I wonder what they'll do once the population of angry males reaches critical levels.

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said she is still a virgin

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idk, im not a prophet

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ho so?

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ok, so maybe I am dum

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gonna be honest, those videos hurt, especially the 1st one

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Think about the kind of person that is lonely enough to try to form a parasocial relationship? Less and less men are getting laid, shouldn't be a surprise many end up in a vtubers chat.>>7195762

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People form parasocial relationships all the time with musicials, movie stars, etc. Just cant see how it will bring about the end of modern society

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Alot of Mcdonalds shootings.

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I suck cocks

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Her voice makes her sound like such a cracked out whore why do people even watch this bitch lmfao

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not me

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Parasocial relationships are a symptom not a cause.

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cause her voice is pretty hot sounding

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I thought Vshojo did try to be parasocial with their chat?

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what is the cause then?

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Did not*

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did not know that
you know she is talking about you too, right

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oh, so parasocial is more of a hololive thing?

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Iron Mouse tries to be an "anime waifu"

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well she is an obnoxious shrew so she is pretty close

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>is she just a normie

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Lots of indies do it to get super chat money

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not working for me, she is unbearable, no idea how connor puts up with her

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oh, ok

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Sexual revolution, which grants women way too much power in relationship dynamics. Theres no longer a reason for them to settle so they all go for the same type of men, while others are excluded out of the game altogether.

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>way too much power in relationship dynamics
what power is that? Enlighten me
>he same type of men
what type is that?

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Society. Humanity. Evolution. Darwinism.
My good friend has been desperately trying to get laid for 29 years of his life. Going to bars, parties, meet ups, dating online. Using apps. Hitting on girls every chance he got. But because he is deformed and in a wheelchair no girl will touch him. They'll all be nice. Treat him like a cute puppy. But when it's time to get serious they ran. Every single time. So how does one cope with that? A parasocial relationship sounds really sunny compared to that crippling loneliness.

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I suppose so, but he is not a usual case mind you

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i'm a tourist anon, i only watch mio and holofightz because i'm not a faggot

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tourism still counts, so am i btw

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The power to choose partners. Dating options. Sexual options.
Nearly all women want the same type of man, tall, full head of hair, strong jaw, assertive, dominant, well-off, high hygiene, strong. Men's tastes vary a lot more.

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>to choose partners. Dating options. Sexual options
everyone should have that, otherwise its really one-sided
>Men's tastes vary a lot more
does not apply to any of my friends really

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Then you have the ugly, the sick, the deranged, the strange, the eccentric. The outcasts. For them it's not merely self improvement or just a matter of lack of effort. Many have conditions and/or interests that put them outside the norm no matter what they do. Tbf there are also plenty of losers who want but won't try as well.

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congrats, you just described society in general, that is correct for both genders btw

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Do people unironically fall in love with this time of woman?

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You don't know what if feels like to be a true outcast then. Another normalfag pushing his perceptions of reality without understanding the reality of those less fortunate...

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perhaps some, im not one of them

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trust me, i know, been that most of life in one way or another. I understand the reality just fine, i've lived it/continue to live it.

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>everyone should have that
Should, but it's not really how things work anymore.
I'll give you an example.
Say, theres a lot of males here that like tall, mommy types, but theres also a lot that prefer younger, short girls. Some like extroverted girls, while others are really into the quiet, shy types.
But very rarely, if ever, will a woman want a short, introverted man. In fact, liking short men is so rare, it borders fetishistic, Mori was made fun of when she talked about it. These type of men have nearly no option or dating power, unlike tall women, or short women, or extroverted, introverted women, etc.

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i see your point, but all of my friends just happen to have nearly the same taste, so that is why i said it does not apply to any men that i know of

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Just buy a fucking hooker lmao

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she has no filter, isn't particularly smart and doubles down on her hot takes
she's great

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sometimes hurst like a bitch tho, like vid related

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I guess when I said he has been trying to get laid, what I meant to say was he is trying to find a relationship. He wants love. He wants kids and a family.

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>is she just a normie
thats what vshojo is so yeah, just add a dash of ironic weeb

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He doesn't and has to force himself, that's the funny part.

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>Just risk jailtime lmao

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perhaps not all are meant to have a family

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i never caught that

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She pretends to be a normalfag by saying her viewers are weebs, but the reality is that she's just as a loser as them.

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Some pretty accurate takes too:

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What a pussy. Man up and accept that jerking of to chuubas is better than getting HIV from a bitch

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I want to fuck Veibae (without all that make up caked on).

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Dude fat ass and ugly bitches get cocks anyway, on the other hand a fat ass and ugly dude doesn't get pussy. Chuubas and parasocial relatioships are a good way to cope with the loneliness

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This board is so fucking sad, worse even than Pol, just take a bath and talk to girls is that simple. You guy's can make it just believe in yourselves

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Only fags get AIDS. Look up transmission rate statistics.

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>dude just take a bath and have sex LMAO who cares if you tried for 3 decades

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I'm sorry you got AIDS anon. Next time more vtubers less used whores

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>prostitution isn't legal in his country

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You literally only have yourself to blame

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she's based beyond belief

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good take, I do wonder why it's like that though
If anything it should be the opposite with how much social media warp the reality of men with nothing but photoshopped, full make up and good pose 10/10 3DPD

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Don't care I still love her.

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i know we are on vt but man everytime women are brought up i cringe so much reading the replies

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She's live btw

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live and high off her ass. its weird how you can smoke weed on twitch even when its illegal where you are

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I always watch her

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>high as fuck
no wonder she seemed strangely annoying today with these horror vids. Laughing a bit too hard at unfunny moments.

I've been wondering about this. Wasn't smoking weed on twitch not allowed?

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idk, there used to be a drug use report option but i think they removed that

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If so, maybe because enough of the population does it and it's legal in enough places. also if allowing hot tub streams...

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She is high as fuck

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Did you not see her tweet a couple years ago about her boyfriend coming down to visit for "some fun"? Or the clip of her talking about having cum in her mouth? Like, she's not even hiding it. It's on her twitter.
She might not be in a relationship at the moment, but she's still a habitual liar that is taking advantage of mentally ill men through their extremely painful loneliness. Women lie about their virginity like this to assure their targets that they're one of them. But women like her will never let an opportunity slip by to remind her audience of their failures and self hatred and that only she can understand them. It's a tactic used to make sure they keep coming back.

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You’re overthinking it. That girl is actually quite naive behind the slut shell.

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>clip of her talking about having cum in her mouth
Are you talking about the time where she was talking about a dream?

This. She's hilariously endearing as fuck desu.

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Keep coping, she sucked cocks and she will surely do it again

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her and all other vtubers, you're the one that is butthurt about this fact

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>she's still a habitual liar that is taking advantage of mentally ill men through their extremely painful loneliness
If this is how you think you shouldn't really watch any VTuber
Maybe try therapy

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She called me cute once for a message and I knew I was gonna turn into a simp...

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I don't care if she's sucked cocks or not. She's a succubus, what do you expect? I watch her for her degeneracy, cute rig and interesting voice.

Cute AND lucky.

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That isn't even that bad, that's just normal for Vei. Her chat likes to get bullied by her, it's her thing. And she often calls herself a loser too.

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twitter is ass cancer

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You literally can't cope with the fact this bitch eats cum and flex on you nerds about it kek

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>a habitual liar that is taking advantage of mentally ill men through their extremely painful loneliness
Holy shit dude, she's just fucking around with people for laughs. If you think anything other than that, you're obviously looking way too far into what she says.

>I watch her for her degeneracy, cute rig and interesting voice.

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Meanwhile in the east VTubers are contractually obliged to pretend they don't

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cope retard. female virginity in japan is 30% at age 30.

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Fucking around or not, she's still taking advantage of mentally ill men through their extremely painful loneliness but then again, you could say that of any vtuber, so what the hell

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>or is she a normie in disguise?
You're seriously coming to that conclusion now? She's just another whore who chose an even easier way to make money off lonely boys and men. She clearly just jumped on the train of v-tubers, much like others have tried. She probably wouldn't make as much money if she did irl stream or just chatting streams with a camera pointed at her. She clearly doesn't care about being a v-tuber if she's not enjoying it or complains about shit like this.

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Not him but holy cope

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You could say that of a huge amount of the entertainment industry. And it's not just limited to men, lonely women are also catered to in the erotica industry. I would wager that most of the population consumes entertainment for vicarious reasons. It's nice to escape your shitty boring undignified life and live in a fantasy world for a bit. Vtubers, if you're using them as a friendship/gf simulator, are just a very specific version of that.

But of course, it's your fault if you do this. You could be reading Houllebecq novels or attending the opera or seeking out art that is more enriching and challenging. But you seek cheap escapism every time. They can't sell if you're not buying.

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Vei enjoys being a virtual anime girl for lonely simps, otherwise she wouldn't put so much money into model updates and countless art commissions of herself. Don't misunderstand her self-deprecating sarcasm as being unhappy with vtubing.

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They carry out hymen inspections?

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Every first world country is facing declining populations and atomized young people not fucking. Japan is hit particularly bad. Even if you think at least half the women are lying whores or whatever that's still a shitton of virgins compared to previous generations.

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god I hate veibae

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god I love veibae

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This exactly. She reeks of failed camgirl material, so she has to resort to hopping on this bandwagon and horny kids/lonely men suck it up. That is her shtick, nothing more.

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It's the same for jp vtubers, anon, they are failed voice actress material.

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>normies can not make Animese mean

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My wife Veibae....

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I don't care, all I know is that I want to make this bitch moan.

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